Strategic Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

1. Strategic human resource management is based Human resource management is based mainly on a
entirely on a soft HRM approach that views hard HRM approach that views employees as
employees as humans and precious resources. tools of production and headcount resources.

2. Strategic human resource management focuses Human resource management focuses on HR level
on business-level outcomes. outcomes.

3. Strategic human resource management is Human resource management is reactive in nature
proactive in nature and it sets the trend in the and it follows the trend in the market.

4. Strategic human resource management looks to Human resource management aims at developing
develop overall strategic competencies of the functional competencies pertaining to human
organization from the HR perspective. resource aspects.

5. Strategic HR managers operate at the higher HR managers function at relatively lower levels of
levels of management. the organization.

6. Understanding the operational dimensions of Understanding the operational aspects of the
the organization is the basic necessity for strategic organization is not a priority area for HR
HR. managers.

7. In strategic human resource management, HR Human resource management merely
strategies and business strategies effectively accomplishes the HR goals and targets set by
supplement each other in their formulation. business strategy.

8. Gaining competitive advantage out of human Managing employees is the primary aim of human
resources is the basis of strategic human resource resource management.

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