Nama: Putri Dinda Utami

Kelas: CCIT-6

Article Review
Internet is based upon the idea that only relevant information to the user not the
universal and what should we know, then we have a problem, Eli likes to call a “Filter
Bubble” Internet information is “depends on who you are, and what you do” that’s the
problem because we don’t know the other view point. He found was that websites were able
to take your personal data and use your data to learn about you and then using that for filter
your result search.

Personal Opinion:
In my opinion I don’t like how to filter bubble works. I don’t like the idea if we all
has very different result of what we search is different than everyone else, why I just got the
information what relevant to me? I don’t know the important information, uncomfortable,
challenging, and other points of view. So, I always miss a crucial piece of information when
I use Google? I don’t know what the other think and the truth I see the information what I
want to see. I hope this problem can be fixed soon. They should changing the Algorithm.