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Electric Grass Vehicle Cutter

Students: Filipe de Castilho, Alex Urzedo, Alex Soraggi
EGEE 415 - Design of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle

The following project is based on an electric vehicle that cut grass and uses the organic material
(grass) to generate energy.
In our modern society the technology has a role to make our lives more confortable. Following
this idea, the EV developed has the objective to save time by cutting the grass of our homes,
parks or even sports center fields automatically.
The project also covers environmental issues, once it uses the grass to generate energy to its
system and to other devices, such smartphones and tablets.
The details of the project will be present on the following topis.

Cutting and storage
Eletricity source

Energy generation

Energy Generation

Electric Vehicle The part modeling of the EV and its specifications is presented above: .

Electric and Eletronic System .Control.

Energy Generation .