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From the origin of the Earth, all of animals were following the rules to live

and survive. It seems violent but without it, they can not live with their best
physical and mental. This rule showed that high ranking animals can have
the right to eat the lower ranking animals. After millions and millions years,
it is visible to see clearly the food chain, for example: rabbit eats grass, fox
eats rabbit, and finally fox were pray for lions. The world always have the
hunter and the prays; survivor and death and we can either refuse and
deny it. And of course, human is the top of food chain because of
completely finished brain with thinking is very far from the others animals.
So absolutely human can eat other kinds of animals which below their
position in the food chain and it isn't unethical because of following the
natural rules.

With your theories, I have to say that not human but alien in the top of food
chain; so when you say that all of animals must follow and accept the rules
which means the human kind must accept to be eaten by alien???

If you said that it is natural and ethical for human to eat meat because we
stand higher on the food chain, does that mean when an alien with
advanced knowledge and stronger than us, we will consider them eating us
as ethical?