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Emotional Intelligence for

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2 Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Why Emotional Intelligence?
The Corporate world became enamored with Emotional Intelligence post Daniel Goleman’s seminal
work “Emotional Intelligence” was published. It was largely realized and validated through scientific
research that Emotional Intelligence (EI) makes the difference between average and star performers in
leadership positions. A great level of self-awareness was identified as one of the key qualities amongst
exceptional leaders, who not only are able to manage themselves but also able to understand and work
effectively with others.

About the Program
This interactive 8 Hour long program is perfect for existing and future leaders- who want to hone their
leadership skills through application and practice of Emotional Intelligence. By the end of this program,
the participant would be able to:

→ Understand the meaning and dynamics of Emotional Intelligence along with application in
organizational scenario
→ Learn to have a positive influence on the emotion and motivation of others
→ Discover the benefits of Emotional Intelligence to the leader, the team and the organization
→ Identify strategies and opportunities to apply EI in their leadership roles
→ Learn how to build relationships with others which enable them to lead more effectively and
with lasting impact
→ Develop cohesive- emotionally intelligent teams | Confidential
3 Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

What will the day cover?
 What is Emotional Intelligence?
 Outlining the core EI competencies and a framework to establish EI leadership competencies
 The importance of self-awareness for a leader’s development
 Understanding your personal style of leadership with key strengths and weaknesses
 Understanding your emotional responses/reactions and their impact on the team
 Recognize and address the negative consequences of unrecognized emotions in the workplace
 Importance of On-going feedback in the life of a self-aware leader
 How to manage one’s own emotions
 The benefits of managing and controlling one’s emotions
 Staying focused and calm under pressing situations
 Self-motivation to achieve goals
 The Social side of Emotional Intelligence
 Building rapport and empathy with others
 Managing and engaging emotions within your team
 Leadership strategies for building cohesive and emotionally intelligent teams
 The role and importance of building and managing –internal and external relationships
 Communicating- keeping others in mind
 Managing conflicts and resolving them
 Developing others through Coaching

Price Conditions
Delivery Mode: In-House

Pricing Model: Per-Seminar

Duration: 8 Hours

Total Cost: INR 45,000/- for the entire program

Number of Participants: 40 Included in the above cost

Facilitator T & L: Need to be provided by the client | Confidential
4 Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Contact Details:
Contact Number: (91)-9740556805, (91)-9873232023



Terms and Conditions
1. This program is available only for “In-house” delivery on the per seminar pricing model.
2. As per the payment terms- 50% advance would be required to confirm the order- the balance
would be required as cleared 3 days before the program date.
3. If in case, the client decides to make 100% payment as advance- a discount of 5% would be
applicable on the total outstanding.
4. A service tax @ 10.3% would be applicable on the net outstanding amount.
5. Any changes in schedule need to be communicated at least 10 days in advance
6. This is not a certification program – however, printed certificates can be provided subject to
additional cost as per request
7. The T & L arrangements for the facilitator are not inclusive in the program cost and the client
would be required to manage them for one facilitator.
8. All training aids- handouts would be arranged by Adept. However, the client would be required
to arrange for basic logistics like a ventilated room with proper seating arrangement, projector
and sound system, drinking water, etc | Confidential