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of the mark sheet.

will be the title.
The duration, start and end dates must be accurate to the detail, and must be the same as on
the internship certificate. (Start Date an Guidelines for Resume Filling
Area of Interest This area may be filled in by the student according to his/her choices and
fields of interest.

The CGPA of all the semesters attended must be filled in accurately.

The original ma will not be considered as proof. The column for Grade 12 must be filled
in as a percentage (%). If needed, authority).
The description may be filled in by other columns may be filled in as a grade out of 10 or
as percentage.
rk sheets must be shown during resume an extra sheet must be attached for calculation
of percentage, to be attached to the photocopy d End Date should be mentioned on the
certificate or on the photocopy of the mail certifies by a verified verification.
Photocopies Internships

Projects at email certified by the professor (Mail from his/her Institute e Packages will
not be verified. All the audit courses k, ranks from other recognized examinations will be
considered under this category of the project as mentioned in the email. If no title is
mentioned, the title must be Project or an equivalent.
The description may be filled in by the student mentioning relevant details.
Achievements and Positions of Responsibility

Scholarships, JEE ran Additional Courses, Softw under professors at IIT Roorkee will be
verified by showing a photocopy of the.
A certificate must be shown for all mentioned fields for verification, or it will be
removed from the resume. Department rank, IR will not be considered as achievements.
Extracurricular activities Proper certificates must be shown during verification. Unacceptable
and fake documents might result in disciplinary action.
Note will come in the field of Additional courses only not in minors/honors field. In
minors/honors field only write the courses ar

Any internship mentioned must have been a minimum of 21 days. Other activities of
less than 21 days will be considered workshops and not be put under this category.
The title must be as mentioned in the internship certificate. If no title is mentioned, then
Summer Internship/Summer Training the student mentioning relevant details.
Projects taken as minors/honors any discrepancy might result in disciplinary action