 She has win the prize.  How many cheese you add in this dish?  We talked when the telephone rang.  How much dollars you spend a week?  Who does play the violin?  I was going to fly to NY next month.  What your telephone number?  We going to play chess this afternoon.  She is wanting to improve her pronunciation.  They doesn’t enjoy loud parties.  She is a bank manager. doesn’t she?  They come in Italy.  I don’t never drink coffee in the morning.  It gets dark. am In’t.  I’ve be waiting you at the station. .  The soup smell really good.  It often raining in Autumn.  Do you ever tried weird food?  She has finished cooking before we came. Correct the mistakes  Have you ever be to London?  They haven’t got dinner at 7 o’clock.  How many it costs?  I’m thinking he is a very intelligent boy.  I’m a busy teacher.  This computer was made by Japan.  What you mean?  I’m not understanding the plan.  Look! The children play outdoors.  I’m preferring to buy clothes in boutiques.


Harris. The land will be used for construction. You don’t agree with that decision. (if you begin Dear Sir or Dear Madam) Your sincerely (if you begin with a name) Your signature Your name .  Ask the local authorities to stop cutting down the trees. I look forward to hearing from you.  Mention the importance of trees for people and the environment.  Describe the situation.printed . Yours faithfully.Letter Writing The trees in the place where you live are being cut down.  Say you disagree. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Smith / Dear Mrs. (if you know the person’s name)  Give some information about you. (if you don’t know the person’s name) Dear Mr. FORMAL LETTER Layout Your address The date The name and address you are writing to Dear Sir / Madam.  Give reasons for writing the letter. Follow the layout and the ideas given below.

11. I _____________________ (play) tennis all afternoon. A) Someone ____________ (leave) the ladder outside.Are you hungry? B. 7. Detectives in Oxford (question)……………………. according to figures which (release) ………………………. He _______________ (clean) windows. I________________ (live) in Sue’s flat and when I find a new house.. He (speak) ……………………. I’m not. 2. 10. look.. Ayse________________ (take) driving lessons and next week she is going to take a driving test. I’m tired.. c) The economic situation (finally begin) ……………………. yesterday. from her home a week ago. Look at the news extracts below and change the verbs in brackets to the simple or continuous form of the Present.No. the order of the words can change. Here is the summary of the news: a) The Prime Minister (just announce) has just announced that there will not be a January election. b) Police (find)…………………… the toddler who (disappear) ……………………. 6. gradually over the last few months and export figures (reach) …………………. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE OR CONTINUOUS Put the verbs in brackets in either the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous. . I ________________ (take) a French course for 5 months and the teacher says I am a fast learner. Present Perfect or Past. 9.people all week in connection with the abduction but so far no one (charge)…………………. 1.their highest level last month. Unemployment has also (fall) …………………. I ________________ (eat) 8 chocolates up to now. A. I __________________ (break) my arms twice within 2 years. B) I expect that’s Brain. 4. at the opening of parliament a few minutes ago. To improve. 3. I _______________ (eat) chocolates all day. I _______ just________ (sweep) the flour. Please don’t go in. In some cases. The young children _________________ (make) a snowman all morning. 8. I will move. His speech (still go on) ……………………. 5. And I don’t think he __________ (finish) yet.

I have.” “What _______________________you _______________________(lose)?” “ I _______________________(lose) my laptop computer. but I _______________________(eat) snake meat!” “Really? _______________________ you _______________________(like) it?” “No. 3.  Exact time is not mentioned  past Simple is used when the details are given Examples:  I’ve never been to Brazil. He _______________________never _______________________(be) to the opera but he _______________________(be) to the theatre a couple of times. “_______________________you _______________________(be) to Spain?” . Life experience Form : to have + past participle Use: A past action that happened / didn’t happen at some point in our lives.” 2. “_______________________you ever _______________________(lose) something valuable?” “Yes. “_______________________you ever _______________________(eat) snails?” “No. A – Complete using the Present perfect or the Past simple.  I have been to Brazil many times. 1. it _______________________(taste) horrible” 4.

last year she almost _______________________(die) in a car crash and last month her house _______________________(burn) down to the ground.” 5. 7.” 6. for instance. She _______________________(never have) any luck at all. “_______________________ your brother ever _______________________(have a job?” “yes. I _______________________(be) there a few times” “When _______________________ you last _______________________(go)there? “We _______________________(go) to Barcelona last year.” “Oh yes? What _______________________they _______________________(do)?” “They _______________________(travel) all over the Europe. “They are so lucky! They _______________________(do) so many exciting things.” . in fact he _______________________(have) two or three. “Yes. they _______________________(swim) with dolphins in the Caribbean and last year they _______________________(go) on a safari in Africa. I feel sorry for her. She _______________________(have) a lot of problems all her life.