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Executive Summary:

Now Bangladesh becomes a role model of developing country. With high economic growth
business are also expanded in various sectors. New project, challenges, meeting are taken daily
as a normal basis. To carry on the developing in this country at present Bangladesh government
have been take many new projects. Some projects in are already have been launch and some
projects are waiting for launching. The projects which have been launch are outside of city.
Those place don`t have any hotel for business travelers like high official people or foreigners
who frequently visit those projects.

In our report we try to meet the need of those business travels by make a marketing plan on hotel
service for business travelers in government projects area. For this reason we create a partnership
business proposal of hotel. Our target customers are high class business people and we will
position as high price, high quality.

At first, we analysis our external environment. To analysis external we use 5 force model and
PESTEL. By 5 force model we check how much powerful our supplier and customs. Also we
analysis our rivals and competitors. Side by side what is the situation of our subsidiary hotel
service? PESTEL analysis helps us to know the political economical social and technological
situation of our country to launch the hotel service in government project area. Environment and
legal situation also analysis by PESTEL analysis tool as extended.

To analysis internal environment we use SWOT analysis and value chain model. The SWOT
analysis we come to know the strength and weakness of our service. Side by side what is the
opportunity for us and the threat we have to face? By value chain analysis we check the primary
and secondary activities of our service.

Our plan also includes some strategy which is the part of our market mix 4p. On product or
service strategy on unique type hotel service only for business travelers, promotion strategy on
billboard, business newspapers and others business virtual sides, place strategy on government
mega projects area price strategy is that premium price . All of those will help us to establish our
plan success & we can make best use of this opportunity.


Nowadays internal business travelers are growing in Bangladesh. For business purposes they
have to go out of city. Side by side my foreigner business person has to visit in our Gov. Project.
They must seek for staying in the hotel. Bangladesh has inadequate numbers of hotel but the
services of hotels can`t satisfy them precisely. General view of hotel services shows that service
is not good enough. It is a common conception among people that hotels cannot meet the
satisfaction level of their potential customers. We generally do not expect the hotel service as
like the developed countries hotel yet we expect to have least amount of good service. The
satisfaction level of services depends on man to man living standard. Need and want of business
people is different from general people. They need conference room, good wifi speed, meeting
place, neat and clean canting, coffee shop/bar, and large dinning space for official dinner etc.
Hotel should set a standard for the business. We see that in normal hotel is no segmentation for
business people. So our marketing plan is to satisfy those business travelers by hotel service.

Now a day, there are some mega project is ongoing such as Padma Bridge, Kaliakoir hi-tech
park: This is the first ever hi-tech park in Bangladesh and the proposed Kaliakoir Hi-Tech Park is
situated at Gazipur alongside Dhaka-Tangail expressway. The park will be considered as
specialized economic zone (SEZ) to attract foreign and local investors provide necessary
administrative support service to the potential entrepreneurs. Rampal Coal Power Station: The
Rampal power station is a proposed 1320 megawatt coal-fired power station at Rampal Upazila
of Bagerhat District in Khulna, Bangladesh. It is a joint venture project with India and
Bangladesh. Generally making of a coal power station takes 1 to 2 years approximately. Rooppur
Nuclear Power Plant: The nuclear power plant will be built at Ruppur, in the Ishwardi sub-
district of pabna. The organization is named Russian, Us, France and china is involved to make
the nuclear power plant. Generally making a big nuclear power plant takes 5 to 7 years. On 29
May 2013 Bangladesh's prime minister declared that a second nuclear power plant will be
constructed in an inland river island in southern region of the country. When all the construction
work will be completed and opened for public service then many small and big business will be
developed and communication will be much easier. Business travelers are supposed to visit those
different places to run their business so that they will have to need to stay in hotels which will be
able to meet their expectation.
According to their need we make a plan, to meet their expectation through business travelers
hotel service in those mega projects area.


It is a partnership business to provide hotel service only for business travelers at the GOV project
area. This project is consisting of 5 partners, who are willing to share the capital, profits, and
losses of the business equally.

Name of the Partners:

1. Tanjina Mustafa

2. Munshi abu Masrik

3. Snaha sunjee Alan

4. Mst. Mithila Frahana

5. Chironjane Debnath


To be the best Hotel service for business people in the country"


We will provide hotel service in the prime location where government has decided to make
biggest project of the country. We will provide those services that business men need for them
professional activities in a travel.


The objectives of this study are

To provide unique services to the foreign and high class business travelers in a
professional manner.
Help to the Gov. activity through provide hotel service to their project related persons.
Bring a new kind of hotel service in this country.

USP of our service:

Its a unique service that our service is design according to the need and want of business
travelers only.

Segmentation, Target and Positioning:


High class
High class
class general
Middle Middle
Middle class class
class business general
travelers travelers
Business General
travelers travelers

Target: Our target market is high class business travelers.

Positioning: It will be unique and premium service. That positioning will be ``high quality
and high service. ``

Situation Analysis:
As we all know, there are two types of situations- internal and external situation. We are going to
analyze the external situation through 5 force models and PESTLE analysis. We are going to
analyze the internal situation through SWOT analysis and Value chain analysis

Extremal environment analysis:

5 force model:

Bargain power of buyers: As we plan our service in the rear area, there official facility and
quality hotel are not in present but business person and the foreigner have to visit and work on
those area so the bargain power of the buyers are low.

Bargaining power of suppliers: To maintain the qualities of the food, well decoration and
furniture our hotel need standard quality suppliers this is few in number. As this kind of supplier
is rear in number so the suppliers have a high bargaining power.

Competitive rivalry among competitors: The market is new and we are the first member in this
market who will provide service to one and only business travelers. So there are no competitors
in this market and we have a low competitive rivalry

The threat of substitute products: we have high threat of substitute service because there are
many 3 stars or 4 stars hotel and motel is those Gov. Projects areas.

The threat of new entrants: the market is new and very big to serve the business travelers
uniquely at the government project area. So many new candidates can easily come to this market
and become our threats. So we have high threat of new entrants.

The competitive scenario from of 5 force model analysis of our business travels hotel service:

Bargaining power of buyers Low

Bargaining power of suppliers High
Competitive rivalry among competitors Low
The threat of substitute products High
The threat of new entrants High


External Analysis is analyzed through the PESTEL analysis. The full PESTEL analysis is given

Political Analysis: The political condition of Bangladesh is stable. The law and order is
established. The law is favorable for establishing the services only for growing business
travelers, so we are decided to open business class hotel services.
Economic Analysis: Bangladesh is in the digital booms stage. There are many five star
hotels who are offer different kinds of services, but there are very few hotels services that
is offered to only business travelers. The target customer also busy person who is take our

exclusive services. The tax law is favorable and the government is encouraging the
investors to make investment in this sector.
Social Analysis: This sector is booming in the Bangladesh. There are many
hotel/restaurants who offer different kinds of services. The people are getting busy and
choosy. They didnt time to go meeting or other conference by face the traffic jam, so
they prefer to go high facilities hotel which will offer them exclusive facilities for time
Technological Analysis: The infrastructure is developing the catering services which is
based on the business people. There is introduction of new facilities services like, high
speed internet, video conference system etc. The communication is easy to interact with
their pertness the technological environment is favorable for establishing the new
business person base hotel.
Environment Analysis: This sector is booming in the Bangladesh and our unique service
is go for present environment of Bangladesh. Because Bangladesh are doing lots of
international projects.
Legal Analysis: Laws and legislation will exert influence on the style the business is
carried out and its favorable to our project.

Internal environment analysis:

SWOT analysis:

Strength: Our hotel will be high class standard only for the business men. Inside the hotel
all the stuffs are well trained, smart and educated. As our targeted customers are high
class businessman, they can easily handle them politely. We created a high class
environment and put almost all the facilities they want. We have different place for
meeting, seminar etc that the businessmen can do their business related works very
easily. We have several hotels in important areas like beside the Padma bridge project,
gazipur high-tech Park, ruppur nuclear project etc where high class businessmen are often
come and visit for their business purpose.

Weakness: maintenance a high quality hotel in those locations is very high in cost so that
it is very hard to maintain the profit margin.
Opportunities: As we are first in this type of plan that only for the business men so it is a
big opportunity for us. We are the first movers in this market also. The government
taking new projects in those place and foreigners and high class business men are often
come to visit those place, so it is our opportunity to serve then uniquely.
Threats: The type of this plan is new. Side by side the market is very big to serve the
business travelers uniquely at the government project area. So many new candidates can
easily come to this market and become our threats.

Value chain model:

Primary Activities:

Primary activities relate directly to the physical creation, sale, maintenance, and support of a
product or services. Primary activities consists the following activities.
Inbound logistic: service for the business travelers, the inbound logistics are high quality
hotel room, meeting and conference room, all the facilities for meeting, high speed wifi
service, dying space, caf, swimming, high quality food and room equipment.
Operation: our operation will be held on the prime location where the biggest projects
have been done by the government. Many foreign and high class officer will be stay on
the hotel so the operation also must be quick and quality full. To take the order, room
service, reservation, service provides, resolve any complain must be quick and timely.
Outbound logistic: Through outbound logistic, present the hotel`s unique service to those
business travelers by tangibly and in tangibly. Its all about the result of the operation.
Marketing and sales: our target market is high class business travelers. So our marketing
is based on that. Outside the city the business travelers have to stay on ordinary hotel and
get some common hotel service but our hotel will provide unique service that all the
business men need and want for these perfect official activities.
Customer service: our hotel will take the feedback from the business customer. Reserve
the feedback as future recommendation. Also ensure those business customers that in
future they will get more service from them.

Secondary activities:

Secondary activities are indirectly related with the products or service. The secondary activities
are given below:

Management: As it is a business travelers hotel the management and control system

must be provide on professional manner. In the hotel room, common space, conference
room, dying, caf all the place must be clean and all the equipment must be ready and
checked when the customers required.
Human resource management: To serve the business travelers the human resource must
be trained up. At the selection of workers based on the knowledge about hotel service.
Technology: as it is for business travelers hotel all the high technology have to remain.
Customers can book the hotel on online. Also customers get sufficient information and
payment method base on online. Hotel management information system, hotel
management software and apps, high speed internet have to use for satisfied those
business customers.
Procurement: To provide a high quality service the procurement department must be
active about all the equipment of the hotel. The equipment must be high quality. All the
things must be check in the room after the customer check out and new customer check in
the hotel.

Price strategy:

We will charge premium pricing here. Our targeted customers are the high class businessmen
and we will provide them the best service here. For that reason we will charge a premium price
for our hotels. As we will give them the best facilities as well as the service equivalent to 3 star
hotels we can charge premium price.

Place strategy:

Our targeted customers are the businessmen who come to our country to visit work in process
constructions. So we will build our hotels near mega projects like Padma bridge, Roop pur
Nuclear Power project, Paira Sea Port, the coal fired large power projects of Matarbari and

Rampal, Metro Rail and LNG terminal. High technician, engineers etc professional people will
come to visit these places continuously. So we can easily grab the opportunity.

Promotion strategy:

We will publish our advertisement to our local newspapers especially in business section. Also
we will show TVC in TV. We will arrange different types of activities like concerts etc. that
people can know about us. Also we will build or rent some billboard for our advertisement.
These billboards will be located in our targeted area. Also we will send formal invitation to the
project managers that they can easily think about accommodation of their foreign delegates


We are the pioneer in our country for this kind of hotel service. As we very specifically focus on
our target people and market so that we think that our strategy will work. We hope that we can
run business very well than other traditional hotel with profit. Our marketing mix is very specific
to catch our potential customer to make profit increase our business area.