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WITHDRAWAL NOTICE RG: 148 Box: 00014 Folder: 0039 + Document: 2 Series: Team 1A Files Copies: 1 Pages: 34 2 ACCESS RESTRICTED The item identified below has been withdrawn from this file Folder Title: Omar Al-Bayoumi Document Date: Document Type:-MiseeHaneeus— F ar Report Special Media: From: To: Subject FBI PENTTBOM documents re: San Diego In the review of this file this item was removed because access to it is restricted. Restrictions on records in the National Archives are stated in general and specific record group restriction statements which are available for examination NND: 341 Withdrawn: 07-14-2008 by: few RETRIEVAL #: 341 00014 0039 2 System DoclD: 3571 Laer vvfercener pnact bie enfromenl Pg 10/23/2003 ‘To: Dianna Campagna Fm: Quinn John Tamm, Jr. Subj: FBI Document Furnished Based on Informal Request Attached to this memorandum is a document provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBD based on an informal request by staff members Hyon Kim and Quinn Jobn Tamm, Jr.: The rental application and supporting paperwork for the Parkwood Apartments, ‘San Diego, California for hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, dated 02/04/2000. The document contains the applications for both al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar, a deposit slip for the Bank of America as proof of a $9,900.00 cash deposit, security deposit, a credit report for co-signer Omar al-Bayoumi, account statements, a handwritten notice to vacate, a hand drawn map to 8451 Mt. Vernon Street, Lemon Grove, CA, with telephone number 619-697-8808, and a rental agreement. cc: Dietrich Snell, Hyon Kim, Rajesh De PENTTBOM TEAM 10/16/03 1A-1A87970 The 9/11 Commission request for copies of above-referenced 1A has been approved by AUSA. Rob Spencer. This 1A will be used as an exhibit for the trial. The Commission is free to use the records for their review and interviews, but cannot publish this in any form. “| AZIVIO senumter 205A - NV -ZPOBSO~ [AL Field Office Acquiring Evidence Universal Cas Seria) ir of Originating Document Date Received oy cem-sis# ioe he From 0 aa Evo uly Parstant to Rule 6 (2) D X wo eit note f hea { hte. ht til dbs rerview of bab Apolrcarfren, fate feral y- Laws hourt : APPLIC *TION TO RENT ct are i : caLte9 To Mein f DATE Back, TIME BACK, YesINo (cremanptee mon ‘Yesno YeeNo mee ae Sa a \, i? wets cul of? ee ee prea BeBe eater nee os wo Mem eneearaerenae : \ Weleversoncever Soe? ———— \Wad's Sphinn = ok TH. Pde Be oe Adactss? Toe aT eY co (pees oars a _ eopeuriaets ari come - Came aee pie ne 5 SS ae ERT ae ere es 7 San —c————.° ag Se = = = ———— fete = eee = meee ——— eee ee ee Filla eee a 2 a ee —— ane eae egy ced Fara a eae eee creme ‘er wnt py ol Socal Geuy, Cally Panto Sata Pataca ie pail perc Texans orimesnent ‘Wns Enviyel sas Oa ‘Genmants