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Award winning Irish meat, fresh from our family farm.

Our Story The Process

Good, Our story goes back over 100 years when Tom Gilligan built
the family farmhouse and started farming the land. Ever
since then, we’ve been passionate about rearing beef, and in
Happy 1. Producing quality meat is all about caring for your animals.
We grow a range of crops on our family farm and work with
dietitian, Gerry Giggins, to ensure that our animals have the

honest, animals
1990, Tom’s grandson, Padraic Gilligan, opened our first farm nutritious and balanced diet that they require.
shop on Church Street Roscommon! The shop had one simple
idea – all of the meat was fresh from the family farm. 2. They lead stress-free lives and sleep in comfortable fresh

quality equals
bedding where we play music to keep them relaxed. The same
We haven’t looked back since! And are proud to say that songs are played in the abattoir, next to the farm, giving the
we now have a state of the art, custom built abattoir right animals a sense of the same environment.

meat... good
next to our family farm. Cutting edge machinery ensures
consistency and speed and our family of craft butchers are 3. All of our meat is butchered and assembled in our own
always on hand to create bespoke cuts for your business. facilities, right next door to the family farm.

Within this brochure you’ll find some of our most popular
fresh cuts and products.
meat... 4. Our animals are happy and healthy, and the process can’t be

Please get in touch for more information about our range and 5. All of these components are the secret to our award
to discuss your specific requirements on +353 86 8974315.  winning, evenly marbled and succulent beef.
Beef Burgers Beef

Code Product Unit
VPSTR Striploin 6+ Kgs
VPSTR2 Striploin ShoRt Loin Kgs
VBCR Cube Roll Kgs
Code Product Unit VPFI Beef Fillet 2.1kg - 2.8kg Kgs
BUR15 Award Winning Rib Eye Burger 8Oz (15 Box) Each VPFIL3 Beef Fillet 1.3kg - 2.0kg Kgs
BUR71 Award Winning Rib Eye Burger 6Oz (20 Box) Each GJPFIL1 8Oz Fillet Steak (2 per Bag) Each
BUR25 Gourmet Steak Burger 8Oz (15 Box) Each VPSTR10 8oz Striploin Steak (5 per Bag) Each
BUR34 Gourmet Steak Burger 6Oz (20 Box) Each VPSTR11 10Oz Striploin Steak (5 per Bag) Each
BUR2 Gourmet Steak Burger 4oz (24 Box) Each VPTBO1 14Oz T Bone Steak (3 per Bag) Each
Beef Beef

Code Product Unit
CHEEK Beef Cheek Kgs Code Product Unit
Code Product Unit VPSOBB1 Jacob Ladder (5 rib) Kgs VBFSRIB French Trimed Rib Roast Kgs
VPRBSTK2 10oz Rib Eye Steak (5 Pack) Each VPSHIN1 Ossoboco Kgs VBRRST Rib Roast Boneless Kgs
VPCOW1 Rib eye Steak on Bone Each VPPRE2 Beef Mince 98% Lean Kgs VBHKRL Housekeeper Rolled (LMC) Kgs
GJPSIR2 Rump Heart Steak 6oz (5 Pack) Each VPPRMIN Premium Mince 95 vl Kgs VPRMPR Sirloin Rump Roll Kgs
GJPSIR8 Rump Heart Steak 8oz (5 pack) Each VPDIC99 Diced Beef 99 VL Kgs VPTSR Top Side Rolled Kgs
6oz Steak Sandwitch 10 Pack VPBFSTR Beef Julienne Kgs VPSLVRL Silverside Rolled Kgs
(marinated in Rapeseed oil & Lemon) VPCAR Carvery Rib Kgs VPEOR Eye of Round Kgs
Lamb Pork & Bacon

Code Product Unit
VLDIC Diced Lamb Kgs Code Product Unit
VLHSHK Hind Shank Kgs SVPRAS3 Streaky Rashers Kgs
GJPCEN1 Centerloin Lamb Chops Kgs GTPDEL1 Traditional Dry Cured Rashers Kgs
GJPGIG1 Gigot Lamb Chops Kgs SAU01 Sundried Tomato & Fennel seed Pork Sausage Kgs
VPLAM1 Lamb Mince Kgs SAS01 Gilligan Farm House Sausage Kgs
VLLGBR Leg Lamb Boned & Rolled Kgs VPLOIN Pork Loin Kgs
VLFSTRK French Trimmed Rack Lamb 8 Rib Kgs GJPPRE1 Pork Mince Kgs
AWARD WINNING MEAT What our Customers say about us
Gilligan meats have supplied the
Porterhouse Group with prime
We pride ourselves in Beef for many years. I have visited
a great tasting, quality the farm on many occasions and
product and have won I cannot help but be continually
numerous awards impressed with their quality
products and customer care. Their
including Great Taste, delivery service is always prompt
Blas na hEireann, and compliant. I look forward to
European Angus in many years of working together.”
all Steak Categories
David Morrissey
and Overall Supreme Director
Champions. Porterhouse Brewing Company

I have been using Gilligan
beef for a number of years. I
find it a first class product
and I have had nothing but good
experience of it. The Gilligan
family involvement, from
Dunne & Crescenzi are passionate cattle selection to rearing,
about food and we like to partner slaughtering, butchering and
with passionate people. Alan hanging ensures a first class
Gilligan is a dedicated farmer who product. They only serve to
we enjoy working with. enhance Ireland’s image as a top
A story in every forkful.” class beef producing country.”
Eileen Dunne Ross Lewis
owner Chef / Patron
Dunne & Crescenzi Chapter One
We’re one of the few family-owned and run
farming and butcher operations in Ireland. This
puts us in a unique position to control the quality
and consistency of our award winning meat.

T: +353 90 6629788
M: +353 86 8974315
Derrane Road
Four Mile House
F42 EV61