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Adems de tener en cuenta los conocimientos previos del ingls

Balotario de Ingls Bsico bsico, debern tener en cuenta los contenidos enumerados a
continuacin, los cuales se evaluarn a travs de los siguientes
Se tendrn en cuenta los siguientes contenidos, los cuales aspectos:
sern evaluados a travs de los siguientes aspectos: Gramtica
Gramtica Reading
Reading Writing
Writing Listening
Listening Vocabulary
Contents: 1. Imperatives
1. Personal Pronouns Object Pronouns - Demonstrative 2. Simple Past vs. Present Continuous
Pronouns 3. Be + going to
2. Prepositions of Time place IN ON AT 4. Future with WILL
3. Possessive Adjectives Nouns 5. Present Perfect Tense
4. Definite and indefinite articles 6. Adjectives ending in ing and ed
5. There is - are 7. Comparative adjectives: as as/ like
6. The Adjectives 8. Comparative and Superlative of Adverbs
7. Adverbs of Frequency 9. Verbs of perception
8. Plural of nouns 10. Modal Verbs
9. Countable and Uncountable nouns 11. Passive voice in Present, Past and Future Simple
10. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives 12. Expressions of Purpose: to, in order to, so that, for.
11. Verb to be: Present and Past Simple 13. Compound nouns
12. Present and Past Continuous 14. Collective nouns
13. Simple Present Tense 15. Quantifiers: some, any, few, little, etc.
14. Simple Past tense
15. Information questions: what where when how how Atentamente,
much how many how often why who for subject Coordinacin Acadmica
and object. IDUPT

Coordinacin Acadmica

Balotario de Ingls Intermedio