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2. B
3. i) C ii)D
4. False
5. C
6. A
7. i) DOS ii) GUI
8. i) Server ii) Star topology
9. NIC (Network Interface Card)
10. i) Fibre optic cable ii) Data transmission
11. D
12. True
13. D
14. Design phase
15. operators
16. i) low ii) symbols
17. True
18. i)program design ii)pseudocode
19. D
20. i) problem analysis phase ii) coding phase
21. i) R ii) S
22. i) Information System ii) Data
23. i) database ii) foreign key
24. i) X=record ii) Y=field
25. Analysis phase

26. a) - sending warning about viruses to other computer users

- asking permission before sending any business advertisements to others

b) - sending a computer virus via e-mail

- hacking into your schools database to change your examination results.
- selling pirated software in a night market

27. a) Topology A (star topology) Topology B (ring topology)

- The data will be transmitted through a central - The data will be transmitted directly to two
host where all the nodes are connected to the neighboring nodes
central host

b) Two advantages of topology B

- The troubleshooting is easy if theres a node fails.
- The maintenance is low as we only replace the failure node.

28. a) Two type of network communication technology used in SCC:

- Extranet
- Intranet

Y (Extranet) Internet

- uses internet and intranet - uses internet technology only


- Serves extended - Serves everybody`

enterprises, including
defined set of customers or
suppliers or other partners

- With firewall - With/without firewall

- Tight security - Low security

*choose any one answer

29. a) constant = exchange_rate (write exactly how it is written in the question)

Reason  it is because the value of exchange_rate will never change and remain constant.

b) control structure used = sequence control

Reason  the statements of the program are executed one by one in consecutive order.

30. a) field CoCu

The result will show the information of
Class Stu_Id Name Position CoCu COMPUTER CLUB only. Refer to Query given
Figure 10(c).
P4A S001 Zulkifli Member Computer Club

P4C - - - -
Leave these two rows empty!
S5A - - - -


31. a) - The bank should set up a firewall to permit limited access from in or outside the network perimeters or
from certain user or certain activities. It will implement security policy as it will prevent some
communication forbidden.

- The bank should do cryptography to hide the information by altering the actual information into different
representation. The cryptosystem depend on a key such as password to encrypt or decrypt the message.

b) - To ensure the privacy and the confidentiality of information of bank clients. The information of all clients
should be classified and only authorized people of the bank and the owner can access the information.

- To give a legal status of online transactions. The bank clients who use online transaction will be facing
many risk especially from hacker. The legal status will make sure only the authorized and verified user can
access the account online.
32. a) Two types of computer network used by Syarikat Kerjasama Sdn Bhd are:-

i) Local Area Network - LAN is a group of computers and network devices connected together usually
within the same building and in Syarikat Kerjasama the computers are connected to each other in a
single building

ii) Wide Area Network - WAN generally covers large distances such as states, countries or continents.
Syarikat Kerjasama is located in Malaysia and Syarikat Maju Pte Ltd is located in Singapore. Therefore
the use WAN to connect with each other.

b) The types of communication technology used between both companies are:

i) Internet - Through the Internet, Syarikat Kerjasama has access to global information and instant
communication with Syarikat Maju Pte Ltd in Singapore and other people around the world.

ii) Extranet It is a private network that uses Internet technology and public telecommunications system
to securely share relevant information with authorized parties. With this technology, only authorized
people from Syarikat Kerjasama and Syarikat Maju in Singapore can access the website of both

33. a) Three data type for the first three data item:

i) integer (for receipt number) ii) string (for cashiers name) iii) double (for date)

Wajib ada
Receipt num: 1

Smart Cab Coupon Kena letak tajuk couponkalau tak takut nnt pemeriksa boleh
tanya apa yg menunjukkan ianya adalah kupon?. Tapi make
sure tengok soalan camneikut nama seperti dalam soalan.
Cashiers name:

Date: Wajib ada


Thank you for your ride! Ni takde pon takpe.

Receipt num + cashiers name = 1 mark
Date + Fare = 1 mark
Tajuk coupon = 1 mark
Gambar rajah keseluruhan yg menunjukkan output kupon = 1 mark

All the best utk SPMsaya tahu semua boleh buat yang terbaiksaya doakan
adik-adik saya berjaya dengan semerlang dunia akhirat
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