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Monday/Tuesday Wednesday/Thursday Friday

Even/Odd (8/21-8/22) Even/Odd (8/23-8/24)

Standard W 1, 2, 3 RL2 & 4 RL2 & 4 (possibly SLV 1 &
Essential How can I revise my Why does Coyote in, What characteristics of the
Question argumentative writing Coyote and the Origin trickster archetype does
for organization and of Death want to make Coyote possess in Coyote
clarity? certain that people stay and the Origin of Death?
dead forever?
Character School Pride School Pride School Pride
Activator Copy Vocabulary Words Copy Vocabulary Words Copy Vocabulary Words 9,
5,6 7, 8 10
Learning **If you took home Read Coyote and the Each class is at a different
Goals: your Archetypal Origin of Death. Answer stopping point. For those
1.Standard Elements Handout, ALL of Identifying finishing the Coyote
2.Students turn it in now. I will Facts and Interpreting myth, students will create
will: not accept late work. Meanings questions on a Most Wanted Poster.
Know Return of writing pages 24-25
Understand diagnostic. For those Write in COMPLETE For those having those
Do students who were SENTENCES!! Use some having completed all parts
absent, you will of the words from the of the Coyote
complete the questions to help you!! assignments, students will
assignment now in This is why you do not view A Cinderella Story
Mrs. Leachs room. have to COPY and complete a guided
Read my comments QUESTIONS! reading handout.
and listen as I address REMIND ME TO SHOW
global/universal issues. YOU A COPY OF A
differentiated groups: QUIZ!!
Group 1 -
Group 2

Agenda Tutoring begins next Tutoring begins next Tutoring begins next week!
Message/Key week! Tuesday at 7:45 week! Tuesday at 7:45 Tuesday at 7:45 am,
Term/Concept am, Wednesday after am, Wednesday after Wednesday after school,
school, and by school, and by and by appointment.
appointment. appointment.
Homework Crossword Puzzle Complete any remaining Study for Vocabulary Quiz
(some classes may not classwork not finished in 1. View the website for the
have time to get this class. Kahoot review answers.