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intertape polymer group Product Code 51596 IPG # 51596 Polyester Film / Polyester Non-Woven Electrical Tape Product Description: The combination of polyester film and polyester non wovsn materials joan be used on a wide variety of electrical applications. Multi purpose tape for applications ‘which require a eomhination tear and puncture resistance, hie tensile sreasth with elongation and excellent dielectric strength. Applications: Tdesl for high volume coil wrapping applivations, ground and barrier insulation, outer protective wrap for hobhin applications, coil end insulation anchoring leads and terminal board pads. Technical Data: Bee eT we [coer Natural Backing Thickness: 35 mil (0,088 mm) Adhesive: Rubber Thermosetting Total Thickness: 50 (0-127 mm) Dielectric Strenath: 4200 Volts TempiClss: 13000/B Insulation Resistance: 108 megahms Tensile Strength: 31.5 Ibefin (138 NI25mm) | Adhesion to Steel: 60 ozin (18.4 NI25mm} Elongation: 60% Storage Stability: Excellent pee —— Solvent Resistance: Excellent Flammability BU Moisture Resistance: Excellent UL File # £20780 CSA File # LRe4980 "VDE 0340 Fighres shown are averages anc should net be sed for writing specitications. Similar zest condoctecl on any’ ind:videal sample nay Vary in resulis, Tests are ocidacted in aooaudace with ASTM 2 600 where applicable. NOTICH: While we believe teust9beselible, te stata ud sfomation Laren are sly Ze gene aidan and ace aot amas cr ‘uaantars for ecvaroy aed con fetens The uss wus by eo thew ie darn subi fx ie pirpove, THERE NO WARRANTY OF TMIMESE OIA SARTICULARD DOSE, Ooe stander tr ans sondbioas of sale apy escunsvcvto all drs, wee ACL LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES OF ARY KIND, INCLUDING CONSEQUENTIAL, ENCEEDING PURCHASE PRICE IS EXCLUDED No wie wait v6 ‘ke ol weranties We reserve te eat mncs chr get witha ose o abliznion in Lr products and publicaiors. 1207 PRODUCT DATA SHEET 3647 Cortez Road West, Suite 102 + Bradenton, Florida, U.S.A, 34210