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Breast Cancer Awareness

Janvi Sandhu

For my Capstone project I will be doing research on breast cancer and raising money for the
Canadian Breast Cancer foundation. My goal is to raise three hundred dollars towards research
for breast cancer. I am planning on doing a door to door fundraiser and also a fundraiser
during lunch at school. This is an important issue because a lot of people know what breast
cancer is but not many of them actually take the time to schedule themselves for a
Mammogram appointment and I think the door to door fundraiser would be a great way to
explain to people the importance of a yearly breast screening. I also think this is an important
issue because my goal is to spread awareness among men and women and I think thats
important because breast cancer awareness is more commonly spread among women. I am
to complete this project by researching about breast cancer and having enough information to
educate someone else while asking for donations. I am also going to talk to Ms. Kermode about
setting up a fundraiser in the school during lunch time for students to be able to donate to the
cause. The research should take me about two weeks and the door to door fundraising should
take about a week because im planning to go to a few different neighbourhoods where I have
friends or family living. The school fundraiser will take about a week to plan and one day to
carry it out. The results that Im expecting are at least three hundred dollars in donations and
people being familiar with the idea of yearly checkups. I would also like to make a scrapbook
that follows everything that I did to complete the project. I would like to see that my project
made a small difference in raising awareness about such an important topic. I hope to not only
raise awareness among women but men as well because even though breast cancer rates in
men are significantly lower than breast cancer rates in women I think that getting a checkup
can do no harm.
Capstone Project
1. Reason for choosing this career or area of interest (briefly explain why you chose
this career/interest and what you hope to learn from completing this project).

I chose this area of interest because my mom had breast cancer so this is a topic that
is very important to me and I would love to fundraise money to donate to the breast
cancer society so that they can further research for a cure. I would like to research on
the kinds of treatments they currently have and the signs and symptoms of breast
cancer. What I would also hope to learn about is if they found what causes breast
cancer and if not how close they are to finding the cause. I would also like to do
research on the process of mammograms and spread awareness to women about the
importance of breast screening. Another thing I would like to learn about is if there is
any research on reducing the risk of breast cancer and prevention of breast cancer. I
would also like to do some research on is reconstructive surgery and the pros and cons
of it.

2. What prior knowledge (if any) do you already have which relates to this project? (Explain how
this project will help you gain new knowledge or information)

I have some prior knowledge on the kinds of treatments and stages of breast cancer but I am hoping
to go into the depths of kinds of treatments and how far the research has gotten. I would also like to
learn more about mammograms and the minimum age you have to be to get a breast screening done
and why there is a minimum age to get a mammogram done. This project will help me gain new
knowledge about reconstructive surgery and the kinds of risks and costs associated with it. This project
will help me learn new information because I will be going into the depths of my research topics.

3. How will completing this project help make a connection between your academic and career

This project will help make a connection between my career goals because for post-
secondary my current plans are to go into the medical field. Im not sure what area I want to
go in but studying medicine is something that Im interested in and wish to pursue that as a
career. Doing a research project on breast cancer will help me decide if I want to go into
something cancer related or a different area. Im hoping this project will give me an
understanding of what the cancer agency is like and help me decide if thats something Im
interested in enough to pursue as a career.
4. List any other related information that you feel should be included in the Proposal.

I am planning on doing a door to door fundraiser for the Canadian breast cancer
association and my goal is to raise at least three hundred dollars to go towards research. My
goal is to spread awareness about breast cancer and raise awareness about getting yearly
mammograms done for men and women because breast cancer is usually seen as an issue
for women and not men I think its important that men should also be getting regular
checkups done. I am also hoping to discuss the preventative measures we can take to reduce
the risk of breast cancer with the people donating.

Expected Completion Project or Assignment Date Completed
Sept,14,2017 Capstone Formal Proposal Sept,14,2017
Application Form
Sept,25- Oct,5, 2017 Research the topic
Oct,10- Oct, 20,2017 Door to door fundraising
Oct, 30, 2017 Plan the school fundraiser
Nov, 7, 2017 Have the school

Nov,20,2017 Make Poster Board

Dec,5,2017 Put together Scrapbook

Dec,20,2017 Donate the money

Jan,17,2017 Present the Project

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