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AGIFNA conference in Arizona

May 2010 AGIFNA – Assemblies of God India Fellowship of North America
The AGIFNA conference was held at Arizona from July 22-25, 2010. Pastor Roy Cheriyan – the founder and president of Mizpah GoodNews Ministries – was the National Convener for the Conference. Mizpah GoodNews Ministries arranged special prayer meetings in all Mizpah churches, as well as in Mizpah Centre, during the four days of the Conference. On the first day of the prayer at Mizpah Centre, Pastor Saji M George (RBC faculty), Pastor. John P P (Agra), Pastor Lijo George (RBC Registrar), Pastor Philip K Samuel (Mizpah Director), Pastor Viswanathan, and the students of RBC and Mizpah Mercy Home attended. Pastor Saji M George has exhorted from his personal experience that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever; therefore He will answer our prayers even today. Therefore, when we pray here, He will send blessings in the Conference at Arizona.

Whole night prayer at Rawathur

Mizpah Prayer Church - Rawathur
Mizpah Prayer Church at Rawathur (Tamil Nadu) has conducted a whole night prayer on July 31. The meeting was held at ‘Samadhana Thottam’, and all the believers attended the prayer meeting. Pastors Philip K Samuel (Director), Lijo M George, Samuel Ganesh (DP Tamil Nadu) etc. attended. Joseph Iyya Samy (formerly a sorcerer) is the pastor for this church.
The Front door and windows of Mizpah Church at Rasipalayam, burned/damaged by a fanatic.

Mizpah Church– Rasipalayam
On July 28, 2010, at midnight, someone broke the windows and burned the front door. One man from the village claiming to be an eyewitness of the fire reported the matter to one of the church families staying close to the church hall. They came running, fetched water and put out the fire. Picture on the left shows the burned door and broken windows. Immediately, the matter was reported to the police and they came to the spot and arrested the fanatic who had reported the matter to our church family. Initially, he denied any knowledge of the incident, but later confessed that he had done the crime. Though we have expressed our willingness to pardon the culprit, the police department is proceeding with the issue in the legal way. Special prayer is appreciated on this matter.

Gospel Convention
Arrangements are on its way for the upcoming convention at Thadiyampadu (Cheruthoni) on September 3-4, 2010. Pastor Thomas Mammen (Kottayam) is the main speaker. The theme of the convention is focusing on the endtime events based on scientific evidences.

Rhema Bible College (RBC)
Cheruthoni Convention – Jan 2010

Midterm examinations for RBC is scheduled from August 2, 2010. The exams will continue for one week, and the students are preparing for the exams. M. Div. courses, affiliated with AIT, will be starting shortly. Br. Immanuel has been working for Mizpah as a driver. Recently, he got a chance to go to Kuwait on a secular job. He is planned to fly on August 3, 2010. RBC students and faculties held a farewell prayer in the Mizpah Centre in connection with Br Immanuel’s journey.

RBC students in exam hall


Mizpah English Medium School
Mizpah English Medium School (MEMS) is proceeding with strength of 33 students. This year, as the parents have suggested for uniforms better than last year, we have made a change in the uniforms. Now, there are four teachers teaching in pre-school, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarten and first grade. Out of the 33 students, 21 students have registered their names for a Talent Test, which will be held in October, by Nettikadan Publications.

Farewell prayer for Bro. Immanuel

Mizpah Mercy Home (MMH)
Mizpah Mercy Home students, along with students from MEMS and RBC, will be celebrating the 64th Independence Day of India on August 15, 2010, at Mizpah Centre. The Indian Flag will be hoisted in the morning and a special meeting will be held thereafter.

MEMS students & Teachers