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Review Form Paper F6 (UK) Taxation (10/16)

Name: Address:

How have you used this Kit? During the past six months do you recall
(Tick one box only) seeing/receiving any of the following?
(Tick as many boxes as are relevant)
On its own (book only)
On a BPP in-centre course Our advertisement in Student Accountant

On a BPP online course Our advertisement in Pass

On a course with another college Our advertisement in PQ

Other Our brochure with a letter through the post
Our website
Why did you decide to purchase this Kit?
(Tick one box only) Which (if any) aspects of our advertising do you find
Have used the complimentary Study Text useful?
(Tick as many boxes as are relevant)
Have used other BPP products in the past
Prices and publication dates of new editions
Recommendation by friend/colleague
Information on product content
Recommendation by a lecturer at college
Facility to order books
Saw advertising None of the above

Which BPP products have you used?

Study Text Passcards Other
Practice & Revision Kit i-Pass

Your ratings, comments and suggestions would be appreciated on the following areas.
Very useful Useful Not useful
Passing F6 (UK)
Top Tips etc in answers
Content and structure of answers
Mock exam answers

Overall opinion of this Practice & Excellent Good Adequate Poor

Revision Kit

Do you intend to continue using BPP products? Yes No

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Please return this form to: Head of ACCA & FIA Programmes, BPP Learning Media Ltd, FREEPOST, London, W12
Review Form (continued)


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