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Grammar unit 2

1 Correct the mistakes. a I / get / a new job / in a school last year

1 Holly knows Luke since two years. 8 b they / be / together / that night
__________________________________________ c I / not meet / my fianc
2 Have you finish your homework still? 8 d he / finish / with me last night
__________________________________________ 1 ______________________________________
3 Has you ever visited Paris? 8 __________________________________________
__________________________________________ __________________________________________
4 Mrs Jones just have arrived. 8 2 __________________________________________
__________________________________________ __________________________________________
5 Tom doesnt spoken yet to Paula. 8 __________________________________________
__________________________________________ 3 __________________________________________
2 Complete the dialogue. Use the present perfect
form of the verbs and the words in the boxes. __________________________________________
4 __________________________________________
be fancy tell text not text

already for just since yet __________________________________________

Sarah Matt has just texted me about the party. 4 Complete the text with the past simple, present
Molly Really? He (1)_______________ me perfect or present perfect continuous form of
the verbs in the box.
_______________! I dont know why he
texts you but not me. Matt and I avoid be (x2) decide have
know not arrive sit start wait
(2)_______________ friends
Its nine oclock. I (1)____________________
_______________ we were in primary
for Kirsty for two hours, but she
(2)____________________ yet. I
Sarah I dont understand it either!
(3)____________________ to finish with
Molly Oh, perhaps he fancies you.
her. I dont want to, but Im fed up. I
Sarah But I (3)_______________ him that Ive got
(4)____________________ Kirsty for a long time
a boyfriend. Oh, listen, thats your phone.
since our first day in secondary school and
Is it a message from Matt?
we (5)____________________ good friends since
Molly Yes! He says oh Hi Molly, Dont
then. We (6)____________________ going out
forget my party on Saturday. Do you think
three months ago and in the first few weeks it
Sarah will come? I (4)_______________ her
(7)____________________ great. But about two
___________ ages!
weeks ago, Kirsty and I (8)____________________
3 Match 14 with ad on the right. Then write an argument and she (9)____________________ me
sentences. Use the past simple or present perfect
since then. I like Kirsty a lot, but Im not an idiot. I
form of the verbs and for, since, yet or just.
(10)____________________ here for too long. Ill
1 they / meet / at a party / 2007
finish with her tomorrow.
2 I / be / a teacher / three years
3 my boyfriend and I / split up
4 my parents / arrange / my marriage /
last month


Vocabulary unit 2
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of 3 Match 19 with extreme adjectives ai.
the phrases in the box.
1 ugly a filthy
ask out chat up fall out with 2 good-looking b tiny
go on a date make up meet split up
3 angry c hideous
1 Max and Ellen have decided to ______________. 4 dirty d boiling
They werent getting on very well. 5 hot e gorgeous
2 John is very bad at ______________ girls. 6 clean f furious
He isnt very confident and never knows what 7 big g awful
to say to them! 8 bad h spotless
3 Chris ______________ Peter because they 9 small i enormous
fancied the same girl.
4 Complete the sentences with extreme adjectives
4 Lucas and Anna had a huge argument last week from exercise 3.
but they ______________ and theyre friends
1 You really need to clean this kitchen.
again now.
Its ______________!
5 Katie finally _____________ Paul _____________
2 My cousins boyfriend is a basketball player.
last week. Shed fancied him for ages but shes
Hes really tall and hes got ______________ feet!
so shy.
3 My aunt cleans her house every day. Its always
6 Freddie ______________ Laura at a party last
weekend. They ______________ to the beach
4 Be careful when you go out in the sun today.
Its ______________ outside.
2 Look at the pictures and write the story. 5 My brothers apartment is ______________.
He hasnt got enough room for everything.
At a party Two days later
6 My mum has just bought a really ugly sofa. In
fact, its ______________.

5 Write sentences with the same meaning. Use

two extreme adjectives from exercise 3 in each
1 Ive just seen my cousins boyfriend in a photo.
The following week The next day
Hes very good-looking, but his clothes are from
the 1970s!
2 My parents were extremely angry because
nobody had cleaned the house while they were
Tim and Lucy ________________________________ away.
_____________________________________________ __________________________________________
_____________________________________________ __________________________________________
_____________________________________________ 3 The house wasnt big enough for one person,
_____________________________________________ but the garden was about a kilometre long!
_____________________________________________ __________________________________________
_____________________________________________ __________________________________________


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