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The manuscripts of these reports are well written and readable.

It is consistent
with the TOR given by the ministry of Water Resources and we found it consistent
with the strategy and policy of the government which help to materialize the
development efforts at grass root. In this regard we have some general comments
that help to improve the document.

• There are some abbreviation that are in the body of the document
but not appear in the Abbreviation and Acronym section of the report.
For Example: MGF and SME- should be SMEs in page one of the Main
Report; MGT, MGP and CGS on page 12, 17 and 18 of the main report
respectively. If the documents are going to produced in different
volumes it should have their own complete list of abbreviations.

• With regards to the style and formatting if the report uses consistent
referencing style and the same font sizes for the same topic it will
improve the readability and understandability.

• We also believe the reliability of the report will be improved if

literatures and tables used in the report cited from which the information
was taken by standard citation.

• There are some grammatical errors for example in the main report
the last paragraph on page 4 the first sentences should be corrected.

• From the potential “non public operators” the consultant mentioned

ample of potential firms that can be participate in the management of
matching grant fund, among these the private consultant seem lucking
the institutional capacity and sustainability. Farther more the consultant
should indicate the other private institutions that can participate in the
management of this fund if any including their strengths and weakness.
• Regarding the study area the last sentences of the second
paragraph on page one it says something about the study area in the
same way the first paragraph on page 4 also says something which is
confusing. It lucks clarity probably it one is the town and other is the
woreda name. In my opinion it should be supported by appropriate map
which indicate the study area and project sites.

• Valid recommendations have been forwarded by the consultant.

However it only provides the advantage and disadvantage with a kind of
strategy to be adopted for the fund administration. It should give the
magnitude of the advantage and disadvantage of adopting any type or
method of fund administration in clear manner which will be easy to
understand by decision makers.

In general the report is important in making available the benefit of the fund for the
local community in particular and where it has high multiplier effect for the
economic growth in general. The rest of the comments will be provided in the time
of discussion.