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Editorial Draft #1

As I walk on the roads of my campus, I see stories everywhere. Some old, some new, some withered
away, and some evident. I can sense them in the crosswinds as they take me back in the past to
touch, feel and hear these stories long lost. For once, I stopped and decided to flow with them.And I
am home today.

This documentation is a journey that leads us to our roots, our history, and our stories. We walk, we
run, we fly towards our dreams and aspirations in hope of finding some solace in life but very few
know that the true peace and tranquillity lie inside you, in your roots, where you belong. This is
where you belong. Your college. LD.

We spend the four most crucial years of our lives deciding on what to become and how to become.
Some have found their lifelong companion right in this premise and some still come back every
Sunday for that Ek Chuski Chai. But despite all that the college has given us, we hardly know
anything about its origins, its existence, the way it has been shaped into what is today known as a
legacy, a pride of Gujarat.

This edition of the Vox Populi magazine is a rendition of all the events that have happened in the
past 66 years of our college. It brings us stories which began during independence and continue
even today. Its a journey through the pages of time thatll solve mysteries that you might have
never wondered. It presents us the true LD, the way it has shaped lives of thousands of people, this
state and in turn this country. This voyage will prove how LD is truly a microcosm of India and that its
glory is unprecedented.

We present you our roots, our home, and our stories that deserve to be heard.
The Idea behind editorial:

It's about finding our roots. From where we've come. Our history, our story. We walk, we run, we
strive hard to fulfil our hopes and aspiration, to be at a place where we feel safe, a place where we
feel content.. We spend our life searching for true happiness, which lies in our roots. Our existence.
The strength of a man is not in his achievements, the fruits that life presents. It's in his roots, his
values. Stronger the roots, higher a tree grows. In today's life we spend our lives not
knowing what we have, not respecting it. And it's only when an earthquake comes that we realise
the importance of our roots.

This college is our home, our roots, our everything. We come, spend 4 years of our lives. 4 years that
decide everything. How much do we know about the place where we spend the most crucial years of
our life. From past 66 years, it has been closely observing life of thousands of students, shaping
them into the leaders and engineers of tomorrow. It has seen everything from the independence era
to the emergency movement, all times. There are signs everywhere, stories in every corner. No it
never demands anything from us but we need to and have to acknowledge recognize its importance.

This edition is our attempt to rediscover our past, our roots, our college. We had to do it.
it is a documentation of our college's history since its inception. The way it has changed lives,
people, future of the entire country. The way it is the microcosm of India. It is a tribute to our
college, the only thing that we can offer it is its due recognition. It's our responsibility, our duty. We
feel enlightened today. Today we're truly LDites.