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● Secrets In Inequalities volume 1 - Basic Inequalities - Pham Kim
● Secrets In Inequalities volume 2 - Advanced Inequalities - Pham Kim
● Algebraic Inequalities - Old And New Methods - Vasile Cirtoaje.
● Old And New inequalities volume 1 - Titu Andreescu, Vasile
Cirtoaje, Gabriel Dospinescu, Mircea Lascu.
● Old And New Inequalities volume 2 - Vo Quoc Ba Can, Cosmin
● The Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class - J. Michael Steele.
● Inequalities: A Mathematical Olympiad Approach - Radmila
Bulajich Manfrino, Jose Antonio Ortega, Rogelio Valdez
● An Introduction to Inequalities - Bellman, Beckenbach.
● Analytic Inequalities - Mitrinovic.
● Inequalities Theorems and Formulas forum.
● Useful Inequalities topic.
● Polynomials and Polynomial Inequalities (Graduate Texts in
Mathematics)- (Springer) - Peter Borwein - Tamas Erdely.
● Geometry of Polynomials - (American Mathematical Society) - Morris
● Polynomials - (Springer) - E.J. Barbeau.
● Solving Polynomial Equations: Foundations, Algorithms, and
Applications- (Springer) - Alicia Dickenstein - Ioannis Z. Emiris.
Functional Equations
● Functional Equations and Inequalities in Several Variables - (World
Scientific Publication) - Stefan Czerwik.
● Lectures on Functional Equations - (Academic Press) - J. Aczel.
● Functional Equations: A Problem Solving Approach - (Prism Books) -
B.J. Venkatchala.
● Functional Equations and How to Solve Them - (Springer) -
Christopher G. Small.

Number Theory

● Number Theory Structures. ● An Introduction to Diophantine Equations .Daniel Shanks - Problem Book. ● Number Theory . ● Number Theory. ● 104 Number Theory Problems .Naoki Sato (nsato) .Theory Book (this book contains computational examples/theorems for number theory). .Ivan Niven.this book is available online for download.Theory Book.Song Y. ● Elementary Number Theory . Arun-Kumar [free online .Franz Lemmermeyer [free online .Titu Andreescu. Burton - It is a nice book for theory building and is low-impact in its approach. ● An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers . Excellent book for Diophantine equations. Concurrency and Quadrilaterals .a Text and Source Book of Problems - Andrew Adler. Examples. Sierpinski .download here] .Both Book (olympiad examples followed by problems).download here] . Dorin Andrica .David M.Titu Andreescu. John E.Both Book (olympiad examples followed by problems). ● A Selection of Problems in Theory of Numbers .Theory book .download here] . Edwin Clark [free online . Dorin Andrica.Edward J. Zuming Feng . Excellent book. Geometry ● 103 Trigonometry Problems .S.Theory Book. Coury .Great book. Gerhard Rosenberger . Yan . ● Algorithmic Number Theory . ● Numbers and Curves . Zuming Feng .Problem Book.[free online .Titu Andreescu.Both Book (lots of theorems with problems at the end of each section).[free online .Theory Book. ● 250 problems in number theory .Problem Book. Sierpinski - Problem Book.W.Titu Andreescu. ● Triangles.Theory Book.Kedlaya . Great book. Ion Cucurezeanu . Herbert S. Barbeau [level is a little above olympiad] - Both Book (olympiad examples followed by problems).W. Dorin Andrica. Zuckerman . ● Solved and Unsolved Problems in Number Theory . ● Pell's Equation .Theory Book.Theory Book. ● Geometry Unbound .Both book (solved examples and approaches + problems). See herel . An Introduction via the Distribution of Primes - Benjamin Fine.Both Book (olympiad examples followed by problems). Excellent book for number theory. ● Number Theory for Computing .William Stein .download here].download here] . ● Elementary Number Theory . ● Elementary Number Theory (Revised Printing) . ● The Theory of Numbers .W. and Problems .

Theory book. ● Geometric Transformations (4 volumes) .Great book.his website has a great number of articles/solved problems that you may use in your Olympiad studying - Great.Luigi Ceremona . ● Problems in Geometry . ● A Course in Combinatorics . ● Geometric Problems on Maxima and Minima . ● Famous Problems of Geometry and How to Solve Them . Combinatorics ● A Path to Combinatorics for Undergraduates . ● Proofs that Really Count (The Art of Combinatorial Proof)' .Yaglom .Theory book.Alfred S.Andreescu.Kutepov. again.Theory book.Great book.Andreescu.Uploaded by Amir Hossein Parvardi.Both book. AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD. ● Challenging Problems in Geometry . Charles T. ○ All Volumes ○ First Volume ○ Second Volume ○ Third Volume ○ Fourth Volume ○ Fifth Volume ○ Sixth Volume ○ Seventh Volume ○ Eighth Volume ○ Ninth Volume ● This note by Darij Grinberg ● Darij Grinberg's whole site download . Posamenter.Problem book - this is a very good book.Both book (solved examples and approaches + problems). M. Feng . Yaglom .Coxeter . Luchezar Stoyanov . ● Forum Geometricorum (A Journal on Classical Euclidean Geometry and Related Areas) .Benjamin and Quinn.Both book.Both book .Both book.I. Rubanov . Sheridan .Jennings . ● Complex Numbers in Geometry .Both book.Posamentier. ● Introduction to Geometry . ● Elements of Projective Geometry . ● Investigations in Geometry (Math Motivators!) . Oleg Mushkarov.Coxeter and Greitzer . ● Japanese Temple Geometry Problems .Problem book .Authors . ● Geometry revisited .San Gaku . ● 103 Trigonometry Problems . Feng.Lint and Wilson. ● Modern Geometry with Applications .Problem book (it contains lots of theorems about circles).Problem book. Salkind .Benjamin Bold . Practice: .Titu Andreescu.

● Inequalities From 2007 and 2008 Competitions Around The World - Manh Dung Nguyen. ● Some Own Problems In Number Theory . M.Amir Hossein Parvardi.Nguyễn Duy Tùng. ● Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions (Volume II.Amir Hossein Parvardi. ● Primitive Roots. I. Zhou Yuan Zhe. M.Amir Hossein Parvardi. and Quadratic Residues .Mohammad Jafari. M.Amir Hossein Parvardi. ● Several Things About Sum of Squares . Combinatorial Analysis and Probability Theory) . ● Darij Grinberg's whole site download . ● Trigonometry Problems Collection .lamphong. ● 100 Nice Polynomial Problems (With Solutions) .mathmdmb. Yaglom. ● 102 Combinatorial Problems . . ● Solving Diophantine Equations .A.Amir Hossein Parvardi.Andreescu.Algebra ● 100 Inequality Problems Proposed by Vasc and arqady .Pain rinnegan.mathmdmb.his website has a great number of articles/solved problems that you may use in your Olympiad studying. ● Problems in Combinatorics and Graph Theory . ● 115 Algebra Problems . Yaglom. Problem From Various Branches of Mathematics) . I. Feng.Ioan Tomescu. M.lamphong. Combinatorics ● 100 Combinatorics Problems (With Sources) .M4RI0. ● Technical Analysis of Three Variable Inequalities . Number Theory ● 1220 Number Theory Problems (With Sources) . ● Number Theory Marathon Problems . Yaglom. Geometry ● 150 Nice Geometry Problems (With Solutions) .Nguyen Duy Tung. Yaglom. General Problem Solving ● Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions (Volume I.Amir Hossein Parvardi.A. ● 567 Nice And Hard Inequalities . ● A Collection of Limits . ● 100 Functional Equations Problems (With Solutions) . ● Lifting the Exponent Lemma (LTE) . Order.Amir Hossein Parvardi.Amir Hossein Parvardi.

J. Ivan Matic. Kelly. Posamentier.Dusan Djukic. ● The Art and Craft of Problem Solving . William O. ● The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition (Problems and Solutions 1965-1984) (three volumes) . Chentzov. Ziegler.Edward J. I. ● Techniques of Problem Solving .Dong Suugaku - download here.Alfred S. Yogananda. N. Klamkin. Ravi Vakil. L. Gleason. N. ● Problem Solving Strategies For Efficient And Elegant Solutions (A Resource For The Mathematics Teacher) . Leonard F.Steven G.Arkadii M.Paul Zeitz.(five volumes) . Slinko. Pranesachar. Klosinski. Shklarsky. ● Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiads . Moser. Volume 3: Kiran S. J. ● Mathematics as Problem Solving . Krantz.Murray S. B. Larson. ● Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges . ● Mathematical Problems and Proofs (Combinatorics. Barbeau.Andrei Negut. S. R.Volume 1: A. ● Chinese Mathematics Competitions and Olympiads (two volumes) - Andy Liu.Peter J. ● International Mathematics TOURNAMENT OF THE TOWNS (Questions & Solutions) . ● USA Mathematical Olympiads 1972-1986 (Problems and Solutions) - Murray S.Andy Liu. ● A Primer For Mathematics Competitions . ● Problems From THE BOOK . 1959-2004) .C. Vasile Serdean.Dan Branzei. Stephen Kruli. Yaglom. M. C. Klamkin. Loren C. ● Problem Primer for the Olympiad .Martin Aigner. Taylor. .Michael Doob. Volume 2: Gerald L. M. ● APMO 1989-2009 (Problems & Solutions) . ● International Mathematical Olympiads 1978-1985 and Forty Supplementary Problems . Alexanderson. R. Klamkin. Kedlaya. Murray S.Alexander Zawaira. ● The IMO Compendium (A Collection of Problems Suggested for the Mathematical Olympiads. ● The USSR Olympiad Problem Book (Selected Problems and Theorems of Elementary Mathematics) . O. Bjorn Poonen. M.Branislav Kisacanin. ● Problems for the Mathematical Olympiads (From the First Team Selection Test to the IMO) .Amir Hossein Parvardi. ● Canadian Mathematical Olympiad 1969-1993 (Problems and Solutions) . Nikola Petrovic. Venkatachala. ● Hungarian Problem Book' (three volumes) .D. Vladimir Jankovic. Günter M.● AoPS Resources Page Problems (IMO and ShortLists Added) . loan Serdean. Gavin Hitchcock. E. Number Theory and Geometry) .Alexander Soifer. Greenwood. ● USSR Mathematical Olympiads 1989-1992 .

Titu Andreescu. ● Putnam and Beyond .Shay Gueron. Lee Peng Yee. ● MAA .The Contest Problem Book (Annual High School Contests) . ● 360 Problems for Mathematical Contests . Niel Shell. Anthony M. Bogdan Enescu. ● . 3: Charles T. ● PROBLEMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD . Earl. James M.Xu Jiagu. Volume 4: Ralph A. Dorin Andrica. Artino.Volumes 1. Razvan Gelca. ● Hungary-Israeli Mathematics Competition . Razvan Gelca. ● Mathematical Olympiad in China (2007-2008) (Problems and Solutions) . ● Mathematical Olympiad Treasures .(six volumes) . 2.Titu Andreescu.Titu Andreescu. Kiran S. ● Lecture Notes on Mathematical Olympiad Courses . Salkind.Xiong Bin.Titu Andreescu.(four volumes) . Paul Zeitz. ● What to Solve (Problems and Suggestions For Young Mathematicians) - Judita Cofman. Gaglione. ● Mathematical Olympiad Challenges .Titu Andreescu. Kedlaya.