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1984 Partner Presentations Names: ______________________________________ Per__________

As you read George Orwells novel, 1984, consider the predictions he made about the future of society. Many things that
he included in his book are now closer to, or an active part of, our reality than he may have ever thought possible in 1949.
With your partner, select one prediction Orwell made which has in fact become part of our society, culture, technology, or
government. You and your partner will be responsible for presenting and explaining to the rest of the class that prediction
and why it is important to the novel and to our current society. You will collaborate to create a shared PowerPoint in
Google Docs and be equally responsible for presenting the information in a 3-5minute presentation.
You must include:

Quotes from the text which describe your selected prediction

Sources from reliable and credible modern texts to show the current manifestation and importance.
Clear and correct citations all quoted or paraphrased material in the PPT.
An MLA works cited with no less than 3 sources in addition to the novel.
Notes for what each student presenter is to cover for each slide.
At least one visual that relates (with citation and entry on MLA works cited).
*The notes for each slide will be especially important as they should contain the bulk of the explanation or warrant
material you will present to the class. These explanations should NOT appear on the slides your audience (classmates)
will see, only in the notes. Instruction will be given on both the Google Docs application and the use of the notes
*Students should divide the burden of work evenly and be completely knowledgeable about all the information contained
in the PPT in order to answer any questions their classmates might pose.

Rubric/Grade Sheet: Above Meets Approaching Below Total

standard Standard Standard Standard
4 3 2 1
Quotes from the text are thoughtfully chosen and given a 20 17 14 10 or
thorough representation of how the prediction is shown in the 19 16 13 less
novel. 18 15 12
Quotes from modern source material are relevant to prediction. 15 13 11 8 or less
14 12 10
Quotes from modern source material are timely and selected from 15 13 11 8 or less
reputable publications. 14 12 10
Explanation in notes clearly explain and demonstrate the 30 26 22 18 or
importance of the information contained in that slide 29 25 21 less
28 24 20
27 23 19
Citations present for each quote or image 10 9 7 5 or less
8 6
Citations accurately match MLA works cited list 10 9 7 5 or less
8 6
Visual selected is relevant and interesting 10 9 7 5 or less
8 6
Both students speak in a clear voice at a natural pace and 20 17 14 10 or
appropriate volume; avoid mumbling, filler words and informal 19 16 13 less
language. 18 15 12
Both students keep eye contact with audience reflecting 20 17 14 10 or
confidence in knowledge and preparation; avoid distracting 19 16 13 less
gestures or movements 18 15 12
* Keep this page, you will hand it in the day you present to receive your grade.