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© U.S, Department of Justice Criminal Division Washington, BC 20830.0001 1 October 23, 2017 Law Offices of J. Whitfield Larrabee 251 Harvard Street, Suite 9 Brookline, Massachusetts 02445 Dear Mr, Larrabee: ‘Thank you for writing the Attorney General. We have been asked to respond on his behalf. To ensure that your concerns are addressed, your letter is being forwarded to the US Office of Special Counsel for review and any appropriate action, Please understand that it may take some time to look thoroughly into the issues you have raised. Should you wish to contact that office dircetly, you may write to: -OSC:Headquarters 1730 M Street NW Suite 218 Washington, DC 20036 202-804-7000 202-254-3711 Again, thank you for writing the Attomey General. We hope this information is helpful. Sincerely, Correspondence Management Staff Office of Administration Reference Number: TC300613466 For further correspondence please email criminal, Should you wish to speak t0 a representative please call (202) 353-4641 and provide the reference number.

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