Thoughts from a Different perspective

by Cari-Ann Whittaker

I. A teenagers Life II.The Greatest Thing By FAR III. The Rich And The Shameless IV. Seasons Come Seasons Go V. Our hope VI. Teenage Secret VII. Truly a Woman VIII. Timeless IX. Being Human X.Notion XI. Fools XII. Love Eternal XIII. A Friend XIV. Who We Are XV. Two Face XVI. Modern Soliloquy (A Tribute to Shakespeare) XVII. A Witches Curse XVIII. A Hard Not Life XIX. Life is What you Make it XX. The Prospect of Beauty XXI. At the Dock XXII. Smile XXIII. A Whisper XXIV. You are #1 XXV. Just Like Humans XXVI. Loving You More XXVII.Friends Since Forever XXVIII. Senior Citizens or Crippled Criminals XXIX. The Need For Inspiration XXX. Cute or Costly XXXI. Golden Gates

XXXII.Hard Times XXXIII. Angel XXXIV. Comfort XXXV.Observation XXXVI. Lost

A teenagers life
Teenagers like to have fun They think life's all about laying in the sun When push comes to shove and they finish school They'll turn around and say they've run out of fuel They can't seem to find a quirk And they don't want to work The old saying goes:You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink It just goes to show you can't make kids think Life is full of fun, you'll have your own apartment But when you cant pay the rent it'll leave you feeling downhearted If you don't take care of how much you spend It'll be difficult to pretend that you're on your own With no place to call home And then you think to yourself Would things have been the same If I had been a teenager for just one more day

The Greatest Thing by far
You are My sun My moon My star You are the greatest thing by far You pick me up when I am down You make me laugh you make me frown You show me the path That I should take So that I may one day make Something Which is not fake To make life of my own And never to be alone You are my guiding star You are the greatest thing by far You are better than any other You are my mother

The Rich And The Shameless
So you wanna be famous You wanna be cool I think it's a bit dangerous Because you'll end up a fool People wanna know you But they're just playing pretend And when things don't go there way You'll end up with no friends So other than that life's gonna be a breeze? I don't think you're gonna like this so sit down please There's the media The money And you Always getting greedier There's life on t.v On screen and off The, I love you baby Oh, and there's the divorce Him leaving you with the baby And saying, I'll pay maintenance (maybe) So push comes to shove And you end up in the gutter You probably would've been better off singing for your supper

So that's the life of the rich and shameless Now how keen are you on being famous?

Seasons Come Seasons Go
Winter comes and winter goes And out poke those ice cold toes Spring comes and flowers bloom But they always shy away from the moon Summer's here and bees are buzzing It almost sounds like they're humming Autumns here And has no fear Of the winter that is to follow So have sweet dreams of what is to come For winter will soon have come and gone

Our hope
I will fight for what is mine I will show no mercy For freedom is not a crime I will not let it stand Why are we still fighting If there is peace in our land Why are we still hiding If we have freedom in our hands Why do we still see colour if we are equal People can't you see Why are we still fighting if there is democracy

Teenage Secret
Confused young and used You thought it would be fun He says he loves you and you believe him So it's all well said and done And now he leaves you Coz' he says you're not the one So the day after the next something happens You don't know why So you count the patterns and start to cry You go to your sister and confirm your secret Your life's gonna take a turn You don't know what to do about it But you know it's going to burn

The day is here You're filled with fear You're all alone Your secret's gone Would anyone care If your secret was still there

Truly a Woman

When she awakes the earth shall quake The moon will shine in her wake She will talk to the animals of land and sea She will fear no fear for fear be she When she departs All will know she is a world apart For she s a woman A woman of heart

Everybody says The world's a scary place You best have some mace Nobody wants a taste Of what the world has to offer They all make haste While trying to act proper People are always Walking around looking dull and glum But have they ever Taken a moment to stare at the bright shinning sun Life passes you by tick tock tick tock

Goes your old pacemaker in time with the clock

Being Human
You're feeling angry and you wanna cry Sometimes you just wanna lay down and die The situation is a sad one And no one understands You're sitting on your bed with your head in your hands You wanna hit something You wanna scream Everyone's just being so mean Life's not fair that's so true Life's what you make it So what you gonna do You're gonna Get up Walk tall And not care what others think You're gonna

Smile Take things in your stride Take criticism without so much as a blink You'll walk around wth pride Because you're doing what makes you happy despite what others may think

I am me can you see Tall and wide like a tree I am me can you see I have emotions like the sea I am me can you see I am as different as day and night I am me can you see I am a bird about to take flight I am me can you see

I'm as bright as a star I am me can you see You need not look from afar...


I have been to many schools Where there are few rules There are those that work for their earnings And others that are just burdens When a teacher can't control the bunch He sits behind his desk and grunts Then the kids get confronted They look around the class for excuses

For why they were being such a nuisance I looked to the front and saw a guy He had a smile on his face and looked real sly He then pin-pointed someone from the corner of his eye And said: Thanks a lot you schmuck Next time I'll have better luck

Love Eternal

Love is sweet Love is kind Love is honest ,but also blind Love can see right through you Love may sometimes fool you Love won't always be fair But, love will always be there

So fight your hardest for the one you love And always thank the stars above That you have found your one true love

A friend
Your eyes are as blue as the sky Your voice is as sweet as a birds And no one can deny You have a way with words For lack of beauty you have a charm When one thinks of you and me We'll always be seen arm in arm

You have a heart of gold Though you have mischief in your eyes You're always looking for fun And what's more, you're certainly not dumb No one doubts you You never pretend That is why you are my friend

Who we are
Sometimes we misjudge people And sometimes we are misjudged We only see things we want to see Intern we are blinded and don't see what's really there We miss out on a chance to get to know someone that would Really care

People tend to look at you as though you were a disease But if others take a look at themselves they will see that they are the carrier So look around if you please And break down the barrier

Two Face
Your eyes Are deeper than the pacific ocean And brighter than the sun I tried to find a word best to describe you But there were none

Many hearts you have broken Many people have cried Words went unspoken But the feeling never died You were their best friend A devil in disguise But the day will come When friends you have none And your cries for help will not be heard Your eyes will burn like the Sahara Desert You will not see yourself be measured Your wicked ways will come to an end If you do not make amends

Modern Soliloquy (Tribute to Shakespeare)
To take action or not to take action that is the question Whether its cooler to be common or to fight against the wrong and by dying end all pain To die what does it mean

Is it a sleep in which you do not wake nor dream Is it death we fear Or is it not knowing what happens to those that pass Which frightens us all For we know that no one returns No matter how much you wish it to be Is it the wish to be immortal That makes cowards of us all

A Witches Curse
When I wake You will all make haste To fasten me to the stake

You tied me to a log and threw me in the river Yet I did not sink So therefore fate has brought me here To perish amongst the burning flames But as long as I stand here about to die I look at you laughing at me; I laugh back You can burn me at the stake But I'll come back with hate And condemn you all to hell For a witch I am A witch I was And a witch I shall become

A Hard not Life

People told me life wasn't going to be easy And boy did that leave me feeling extremely queasy I knew life was hard I hoped it wasn't true But here's a little secret from me to you Life is what you make it If opportunity knocks take it Experience is key So wait it out and you will see Doors will open and you'll show Just how much you can grow

Life is what you make it
The happy times in life are the hardest

Co'z you don't want them to end You don't have to be happy or pretend to be sad because not everyday will be that bad Life is what you make it So try to keep it real Don't fake it Acknowledge how you feel Life won't always be perfect But trust me it's worth it

The prospect of beauty

Humans! Peculiar creatures Have specifically defined features No one is ever satisfied They'd rather get electrified Many people follow trends Others just go on shopping bends Most people are addicted to style There's nothing else worth while

At the Dock

It's raining outside And he's at the dock He should have been home an hour ago For it's past eight o'clock The wind is getting sharper The rain is quite cold And outside it's getting darker He shouldn't have to be told He should have been home an hour ago For it's past eight o'clock But, where is he, still at the dock


When life is hard and getting you down No matter what it's okay to frown Don't force a smile it'd look real ugly People would run a mile It's okay to feel down for a little while Living isn't always about blue sky's and sunshine It's not always easy evading a land mine It's always good to have a friend to ease the pressure True friendship is a real treasure Whether it's today or tomorrow Start your day with a smile if you can And remember there is a plan

A whisper
Every morning I get up and look out the window something calls to me... It's out of my reach It frustrates me It compels me forward It finds me continuously Around every corner Jumping out at me It brings me joy It saddens me It's ever changing It is always there It is.......

You are #1
You gave me a name You gave me a home You were in a lot of pain But you made me your own You gave me your time That's part of the job Now you're in your prime And you're starting to sob You're living on a dime That's how it works You think it's a crime But you always find quirks You're always smiling Ever Happy But every now and then you get real cranky Everyone loves you You're such a star You put all else above you That's wrong,by far!

Just Like Humans
Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans are all apes I have just recently found out that they are fond of grapes They like lying in the sun And just having fun They are closer to humans than you can imagine Just look at the tools that they can fashion They enjoy swinging on the branches And take a lot of chances With the dominant male Who'll soon have you turning pale When he lets you know That this is his place And you have to go So you give him some space And watch him strut his stuff He certainly looks tough Apes are big and scary And they sure are hairy! But they're really just like you and me Trying to protect their family

Loving you More
I love you more than the whole universe I love you more than any old curse I love you more when the sky is blue I love you more when the sky is gray I love you more every day I love you more when I pray I love you more than material things I love you more than a diamond ring I love you although we're as different as day and night I love you more even when we fight I love you more than sand and sea I love you more than you love me...

Friends Since Forever

You were there for me time after time You were my best friend My partner in crime Through those aweful tests And the not so nice teachers From the tiny desks To the motor mouth preachers We had fun times and sad times And some potentially bad times We were friends not enemies And I'm glad that it's true Co'z to this day there is no better friend than you

Senior Citizens or Crippled Criminals
It's not fun getting old This is what I'm always told Tablets this And Tablets that Ouch, there goes my aching back Complaints here complaints there This here life just isn't fair I know some people Who know some people That do pretty well for there age And don't live there lives in a cage I can't afford this I can't afford that I gotta get home to feed my cat

The Need For Inspiration
Inspiration comes from many places Many sounds And many faces Inspiration comes from what you feel Within yourself Things surreal Inspiration comes from what you see from what you hear From what you taste And what you fear Inspiration can be found in the littlest ant Or the tallest tree In a lazy sloth Or a busy bee Inspiration can be found in every nook and cranny It can even be found in your dear old granny Inspiration can be found in every sent Or suggestion You can even find it in one tiny question...

Cute Or Costly
Babies are cute Babies are adorable Babies are small And so unafordable Babies like to laugh Babies like to play Babies are up all night And sleep all day Babies rely on you and me To help them reach maturity

Golden Gates
Feast in all the Glory Behold it with your eyes Feast until contentment Yet swallow all your pride For when the bell of worthy rings You will take it in your stride For if you are found unworthy... The earth shall quake The walls shall shake And death will walk in your wake

Hard Times

People fighting People dying People arguing Constantly Lying People crying People hiding People hurting Constantly Mourning People failing People falling Constantly Calling... Out for help...


It goes without saying You have a heart of Gold you always help others and do things without being told Some abhor you Others adore you Because you put all else before you You never fuss, You never fight And you always seem to do everything right It's always a fact never fiction Though you do tend to make way word predictions


When life is hard and getting you down No matter what they say its okay to frown Don't force a smile it'd look so ugly people would run a mile But it's okay to feel down for a little while Living isn't always about blue sky's and sunshine Sometimes it's not easy evading a land mine It's always good to have a friend to ease the pressure True friendship is a real treasure

The sea is crashing against the rock A seagull has just lost his flock The tide moving in and out People scurrying about Bee's buzzing always busy Whirling winds make me dizzy Clouds forming shapes And changing sizes Around every corner there are surprises!

When you try to find something and it's not there Instead of surveying your surroundings You make a fuss and pull your hair One day when you're day-dreaming, You'll get quite a fright, For that thing you were once looking for, Was well within your site!

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