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klro.d,lE b, cdlr.sarlrc
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Rr LlL Po!q@,

6&$tsnLd.,n dh!
Before@barking o your a<lvohrE, yotr mcl trst
ddenbe yN oM sttntths md wealmM. You
e .lie io dis@q your hitial sE on pas6 r,f
Ij ln@ is an ,r'@rrlE Sr&r, whi.h ye may le io
lKrd the deraiLsot ydr rdvmtlF On yotr wi!
rind bo fo! @!din8 th <G oI you ablut6.
You e advisd ither tb re.ord you sco6 on the
, d@,!re sr4r in pncil or to mate photocopisof
therhftt for 6e in futrE advenhG.

Skill, St.mina rd Lu.k

Evd if yd ruve Ea.t . Fi8htinB Fdtaly Bdebmk
beioE, pl@ frd the ioll*ins s6tid tuGrlt d
yd win s dEt ytu athibub aF h,ndled difd.
6dy in ihE advatE !o h@ rhey m in m6st olhr

Roll one drce Dvide lhe nubr rclled by z tuud-

int rractioN up Add 7, Cvlng you a rotat ofbtw.en
3 and 10 Enter this total in r.hesrlr bor m lie

RoU hao dice Add @ to the nhber olled, giving

you a tol2l oI bfws :2 ad 2. lnter rhh lotal in rhe

Roll m dic. Add 6 lo 0E nmbc., givin8 yN a total

oI btw@ ? and 12.Frkr rhtutotal in th LUs bor.
For I11r5@ 6at wil be dplained below all your
koe will dhg .oclolly duing the advmhr lo
come. Y@ mst keep d acculate @rd of OEse
I. il tbu Atta& Shengthis higher tha your opp&
soes/ dd for dis pason you are advisd to Mite nd(r yd have woDndedit prcced ro slep 4. If
sall in the boxes or to k@p fl erarer nddy. But you oppolEtk Atta& shenSth b hiSher than
neve! rub out you l"rli?l ssres. Althou8n you nay yoE, it has wonndd yd. pdeed io srep 5 II
be awtudcd addihonal smL? srNrN! dd LUG both Aitack Shgth hotar!d tlE sft, you have
ponts, totals may never eKed OFn Lrid avoided or paried achothd'3 hlows: start a new
sores" excEpi on those ccdioft whe OE bexr Attack Round6om st! 1 above.
+ lou have wouded yod oppondt, e subtraci 2
You sdrl relle..ts ydr e+!i$e in combat, you poinrs lrm iE srAMrN! soF. You nay ue ruc(
dextqity dd agility Your sraMrNAK rne.ts how h@ bodo addihmal dmage (w Lxd *ction).
nealthy ad physicaly fii you aE You Dc( s.oE 5 lo{ oppmt has wouded you/ so $bha.t 2
indrates hov lucky you aE. poin|: lrm ym sdNA scoreYounaywLU.(
to ftdu.e thelos of 5IMNA Ge ruc( *cnon).
6 BgintLenit Attack Romq srartingagu * shp
1. Ihis sequn.e.ontinues dtil Lhesr MINAre
Durng you advenbre you wiil oftd dcomtq ol eidtd you or yotr oppmmt m.hes ze, which
hNt e cahfts L\atwill attackyou, md you yourFli mm deafi. If yM opponat di6, you @ fFe
may .hoGe t draw your sword aAaitrt m enemy to contiqqe wid| you adventuft. If you die, you
you .h&.e a(ss. In somesu.h sihEtioru you may advrtuE mds ad you mnst slart al1ovd again
begivo specialoptionsallowinF lou to deal wjr! rie by q@tog a new chdada.
encohhi in m unusud mtue4 bur in most c6s
tor wil nave to resolvebattlesasd6cnbed below Fidting Moft Thn Oh opponent
lnier you opponentt sclr and
the first vacaniEncouberBor on ttu Ahenture h sne situatioN you hay fFd youEelf more
Shsf You should rls nake a not ol my spectal r.hanone pdson o. cmtG a combal Sometime
ab ities or inshuchons/ which m miqu b fiat you will trdt thn as a single opponen! sometime
Palhcuraropponent.ThenIolLowfiis sequm.el you wil be able to lighr edr in tum; ad at other
tins you wiu have to 68ht then aUat the eme timl
L Roll both dice Jor y@ opponent. Add irs sml ff thyde tuatd6 a si4gleopponent,the combati!
sor. [o tie iotal roled, to find its Afiack SrrenSrh. ffilved nornaly. wlcn you ar itutructed to lignt
2. Ron both di@ lor yo6e4 tlm add you @r
snLL scor to tnd you Aftack sEengrh tou oppolEtt @e at a time th .onbat is eolved
nofrally - eept drat on yd defeatd eneml, r.\e
E d, titr yd l}d tw &d, y@ sulr rubF.d r
Firt hm you @r luc !<G Thu yd wiu
.iaE riethat,thenoEy@rdydrurL!d,lh
Ety hbP|,
rofighj:Arbd y4r.lDq 'l@
tar8.t e in r llm.] b.nle. AgairEi ey addni@il
UsnS Lu.l tn Bthl6
ln certaln pragaphs will b. iol.l io T6r !d,
L!.i, 6.1 you wil rhfl 'ufind dr rhe.d.qumc6 ot
being Lu.l9 or Unlucty, HoweEr, ln b.m6, y@
.le.F h!@ dE .pdm of Ehg yd !uc4 .ithe. ro
ilrnidn@si6dtu.F.o mcppotbt tohrv.
irst wMd.d, d to nininj* rlE .t e$ ol . w@!d
l,oF rl.thouk@.t idr fth addftidrd.dv@ry
It ya havejue wowded e .'pFiEr, you my 16l
!.rt la.t a .leibd .bov- { yd E L!.ky you
h:v. in lkLd a w* rcun4 d.dur & dtr. 2
Lq<I fr6 y@ oPF|hr's irtq 6c. Il you
ar varioB tlne duing ytu advmhli, .ither in e Udu.ey, h@e4 yru bld dny @tch6
bartld or wh6 y@ w ac odEr Eitu.tioc in you oPponmE md y@ d.d{ct only r po[f 6od
which yd 6urd b eilhd q UrJudy (.i.r.& you oppddrs srMA (i.e., irde.d or ering th.
or dE R gv6 i. tlE Flevar paEghphs), }!u .(ful2 Fints of d,nate, t@ t@ se o y|).
tuy w LU.r lo F.t tlr. outc@e noF f.v@bt. whawn y@ yNEIt aE wmd.d in .mb.r, ,bu
to yd. But bwaErUsingLUcr ir a nd<ybush6s dd may lbl yo* rrct to Ey ro minihir. dE wo6d. It
if you e, th Eeulrscodd bedilrskous you de Luk, yru oppon nfrbl@ or y Br,a6 you,
The pfteduE td l6rint ydur I/t worlr s iouowr dcdu.t 1 polnt 6dr the ddate you rubln. It tou
& Ur udy, ytu woud is a siou om ,nd you
h6l&dul1dinreN poi du y@ yornd

R.ll@b6 yd musr subn*i 1 point non you ruq

<@ och tllEiaT6, wlr t!d.
Md About You Atiiil'utei You cm rcslore lost srNrN! by .ating meals or
PrcqsioN lou srari the gane with enough fo! 10
sl Meals,dd duing your advmtu you will be ableto
You sml tuF my dEge (@srdElly duin6 obtain nore You must t? ha.k of now mdy
the cou* of you advghN Frm time !o time a PovisiN you have lelt by 6lJng ihe detailsin tl
PdaSraph nay give irehuctios !o in@ase d PNvisioN boi oi you /d@,rr 'n shesr.ladr timc
d{re* you eroLL$ore, but it may not eKed ils you at a meal you may restole up io 4 points 01
Jriti.,l valne unls you @ s!{ifically imElded [o nAMrN , but yd nust lmenb4lo deduct r Mar
ftom yor mainin8 ?iovisio6. You nay stop and
eat rrovieios at dy tim qept wh4 you are
At vdioE tmes .luhg adventuft you will b
lold,!!r Shi0 Ihe 'tu
FocedG for thb G ehctly
d\e sme as tha! Ior T6rin8 yo,r t .t rcI t{o die. r
dE nuber reId is equalto d 1e$ thd you (rlrlmt Lu*
snl score/you hav sucdd jn you t6t md OF Additions l,oyou ruc sore may b awardedin the
result will go tn yof lavtu If llE tunber rclled is adve hft whd you hdvebes particulally tortunate
hi8her th6 you cmnt SKLL{oF, y@ will have or cated you oM lu.k by sone action Details aF
failed the testdd wiihave to srJfe. op coequences. give+ wtsF appftpriale, in the lalaglaphs ol the
\lMever, adike Tdtkg youl Lu.& do nor subEad 1 hbk. Rem{$er that, as wiLh snr dd sr MrNA,
point koh you s(Lr.a.h time yotTat your Skitl you ru.( scoE may tuver er@d its httl value,
ur 6 dle iexi speificatly isku.ts you to dre
You st^MrN^ {ore wil .h4g a loi .lumg your
adventure.It will dJop 6 a Fr t oI wouds gained Chmge Points
thmughmbat, orby faung roul oI t aF an.l piitals, as you wil soon discover,you ap about to mderSo
andilwi al$ drop aitd y@ perfom ayparticuldly emetlrin8 oI a trasfomari@ asyou mdertat d
aldu@s tdk. If you srNrNA scoE we! ialls ro zdo, advoture anead oi you Although it wil not med
you nave ben killed od should srop Eding the
dythhg io you just yet, $e late of L\is chesp i6
book imediat\r B.ave advattEs who wtuh io nonitorEd in t(ms of cNcE points Yousrart yod
P6uc dEir questnust rcll up a new.haractd dd advmhrE wiL\ a cMNc! sde oI zerc Howevea
dtring Or advdhft this totalwill inwitably h@ase
bu( n.\ay ale de@a*Nasionally KNp a caPrul
noreol your dt@r numbroI.H^N6E potnli |ne
appmpnate bor on tour,4?nrr/r. sn.d One'n dF
hanslorhllron b8us, your c

Equipm.nt.nd Cold
Youhgin youradr.nlurewirh$mc b.slc.quipmcnt
lhal tou sillne.d lortht.hillcn8.nhead oftou You
ato amtd qith a skord nnd nrc d6d in lcarhi
amou.Youl\iv.rbi.kpmkhhold tour Povi5io6,
Cold tiNcs nnd int ttustrrsororhr itdhsyou mrf
lind alon8 rhc Nty. Yotr ile cirry r lantcm nnd
tindubox. ft nnd out hoB mrny Cold PiRLs wirh
whi.h yo! bcgin your vcnrup, dl No di.c rnd
add 6 io rhc nuhb{r olldi Nor! rhL roit doNn f
Or Cold lllrc boi on rour Airy,nr. Slhi Your
sword and lantcmrhould b noredIn rhc Equpncnr
bo&ir nustrny orheruslul rlensyou nay a.qurr

Tfyou do nor Mv. a pairoi di.. hi^dt drccblls irc
pnnled ihDuShourthe bst ir rhc botromof ttF
pa86 Fli.khBEpid ly throughlhcbok andsloppinS
oni piScwill Biveyouarmdondi.chll. If younftd
loollonlyontdi.e,ftadonlyihc lirsl prinr.ddiccril
two,lotnlth{ lwo di..


BAD MOON RISINC A howl als thrcqgh the.hnl night an, a norhtul
tud ttut lrea the bl@d in ytu reiB. Y@
It ws madnes em b tnink thar you @uLl nalc imedarly sluble !o a halt the dinal qy @ne
tohenxrv ngebropnightfal. As dEk d6qded, fron sonsheF doF bJi lour rat Fcing, you
what p6wsd Fu ro kave rie rud 6d attempt bo bEattug snalow od fast,you s"h rcun4 smuiig
tar a sholtat truouEh the $fio@ting foEst? An ln oppeeire ld6t Id the lelt-tale si8ls that you
erPenaed sod-fodnre yd 6ay b, but tou kDw hst be thft. And tha you se then, a dozh
brd! b&vado hasgot the betterof you this hm rc bhzing-Ed ey*, sndldding lit oale, walchirg
md fo. all, You h@rt b@ts a ta$oo of n@r pdic in
yor cbesr,you nggd bEathbg Esps louruy in
y@ ears Yo\rqucl4 your ste!, just d yd k M Grcwljry t]E mrvr 6link inbothmmli8ht in nbnt
trat th @atures ltEt aF huting yd @ quictaing oI you. IIE mimh hav a leail hungry r@t, their
Ereypelts $abrcus m.l pahht dr.t eaFtipsp$ed
low agast tIE! sklJs, [F GDng bact 6@
You @ hd rhe wolwspantinA d they ftr! esny y.nryed, sla@g lags. Dann ryioDs glanes
*ering pa wi& yd. Thni8ht do*s ir! a shorneF @qd, tEu realse, !o you horcr, that you ft
nt shmud oI ddkns. You kip owd xp6ed he
roots, the m(n - mly a matt* of nighrs away lrom
bein8 tun - .6ting ils si.k1y tight o!u8h naked, You usheathe yM sord, the blade shining 6 it
blackbmch6 above.Toydr agitatedmind dE rt6 shdes lrm it8 oited larhr rabbad You bestlts
sed [o daw aty@ with skehral]'lack fingE rei8hr in yM hd4 howinS that it is oiJy a mtte!
oI n()Mls blo yd wil be iord holi8htlor yN
Suddenly the adFalin run of pai. is replacedby life. In that aoMt, yor mind is saddrnyawnd
thatofdsperatehopeasyouekhsiSht ofa llicrdinS eithmehorisof O lstfewmmths. .
liShtbetus 0E loomu&lenes Es it my bm
md thd a lone guttenng cddlef,ft, but to you it Gmlrhg weary or th .onJortable sffity oI the
i! a b.iurmt bea@nof nop mi.l th bla.kGs. Ihe plnis of Iqp!&y ad rd.lleran4 you vmtued
right is shdrg lron the winrlow of d kolatd hut, Mth nbo that cloud-cappaq nosdtittd Falm of
dd suddenlyyd leel th@ js a .nre you night yet uJoryiving noutan pealG arxl beodiry fd6ts
6ete dre@el labethat thm@.!in8 night *eru dEt is Mauisratia The pettily leudng prinotaliG
oI that dadly ldd have hisbiies as long ,nd d
bl@dy as oEt of the Old World teu Popletalt in 8!ttu.l gEwl liat sFalc of y@ ilrmirEt ddi6e
n!6hed ton6 oI L\e vMpiF tir& of Mdwais ud ris IroF depwithin its chestmd lne wolv6 begnr
lrE ghoulish d@th<dE oi Bathdia, No ldd i! noE t) hove agair Wiih ddth Ei.cled n iE eys,dE
beighd dd a@scd thd that ot l-upEvia, A ch gEat eou PEPsE io Pou@.
pL. ot prineval hoerai$, ddt IoE rd misr
shoudd nodan4 it i, eid to b. hauied bv tlE
spinb oI th Etl6 ddd. The mtchd natiE folt
of that iand stsu8Arc|o .t. out dd th. h.e*r
livin8 Irem its thin sil atd Eaularly su(.r th
pEdatim oI rilrt dimb. Only tp t@lhardy or
i|rff wouH (hG [o willinglt pd bq,ond its
bods dd dtu $ar dtul.le @ln. An<Iyet h.G
you m d dE wry edgeor Lupdvir, and su<lddly
derything yotr hay as h@rd .boui rhal plae
m$ reniryinslyur...
A ffir noF ntucina md bl@drhilrg thd any
ldve yei hedrd 0lis hatetul rutht brhgs yd bxt
'budre plEnr md 0E diE MhrE oI yd pEdi..-
mr. Thewolv6hdt6m PushinEasid.ln. olner
el6 6 it moc Arcoah dre b OE u-
.louhbbl l@de lt is Golht 60r . hm6t in lhe
mshedflt light oI EE mm, whi.h hm8s like .
mohr's dp*wakh dd in th pall ol nighr.
Y@harenwds its lik b6o8.
Thec@tuE is h!ge, . mNtrDur bea3tlwie ote si2r
oI my othd kltl in lh pa.r. Ib Flt u urierly black,
apart fton th onel@t srEat of grey fi.t ls IrDn
the top or ib hea<la[ the way rlon it3 bacl Ihe l@k
of *n int6ti5 in its e', $mthin8wholy lllwtuEl
in a wolt Mething a.lhost inhuhuly huhrn- A

wlih lle wou pa.r srddily dcing in on you, ad op

gEal wolJ t6ed ady boatta.k in a jstdt, you m
goinS!o hav to act f6t ad ue a.[ yN .wing lf
you e eve. BoinS !o 8et out oI this diF sihration

Trny6uba&on0wo andtrytoM
forit? Tmlo4l
Standyou grcmd md pFpe to meet
|lle Bla&Wor's inelitable attacF Tm to 65
SizetlE bitiative md duJge tl wolf? Trm to 47

9Dr?ne$? Silrercs? Shenust be ta&ing about d1e

Silve. Daggq toud on the body of dE Aoblin
L\el Quickly you
'tu t te out the tl@ning blade. The
sprddQuh's ey6 praciically bulgout of her head
6 the eight bla.( orbs carch srghr ol ine &gg{
Surlerinajn the 1i8hrol lhe crystal lomatioN. 'My
sharFesr My prfty snvdes| sneshriek 'Cjve it
ro me, thif. Or shail I hawbolale it Eom you?' She
sh Lls towaJdsy6u ovar the desi.catdhuks ol mm
dd dwarfs tlEt litter the ioor of ner .hdbd. Ii you
wdt hdOmw Op mdste. th Silver Da88er,tum bo
67If youchotretotRpatiShthoLtofit,hmto162.

hexplicabl, some0rmg starfs to claw at you iside
you chest ar l@si thais what it feels lik. Ydu.ry
out in pain as you double up, bui fie cry OEt cdm
tson yd! thrcat is nore Iile a lupim h@1, and that's

nor dll Youcm I*l tur brBtlhg on yod lae dd R wa[5 - what.vr@f theyhi+l @e havesuppord
it api{amg on *E rxct or )Dqr h$dr, while lhe tips long gd - md b@tn brokn aEhe inlo .lirr
o{}@66sElt h an<lBhaFth.nlve. (Add 1ro o@Ed chub4 op6 !o th. set hotr now !o *lrry
you tucr koF.) Il1e garh.dd dr@s lolr tap hB bcd6, mtipede dd vmin. Who bu this
and b*e a sEp bacb ap.n fis fte Marei 'A[' he place- yo find tolEu woftlerin8 - sd whal wmt
nl|g, ?amltuE v\ihhi{h1 tot ft o, th@.'Y@ @ heE?r4hF lhe ruiN desde loxt'sseoiBhold,
il,F al hm in stmed d4mdti thb B not the a $dE's nid..ea, or $n holy Emple dedicatd you would hav xphd .v\re.,[ hrv N lo. now-Ior8otien dily? TheE is 6e thine yd c
@r5, do ve not?' lhe Mdter syt giqt You a ..rld ot howdd Evil holds dminid hrft now.
ruLd Irin 'Bul I thint we hiEht hav a phe tor Lukbg shadows*6 b chd8c JEF.nd move
yd, within N Canvale - thal E, |' yd would lile fte lqEd you dploE rhe ruiN uE md inh'p dE
tDjoin 6.'rt y4 acpt rhe M,sr6t offr (tum ro r*lilg bRom tnar lh.E i! d evilptulingEin8
r5) ordE[m his invil,atid (tum to 5o9)? withr thi! plae,d.t il i5h.ringtd f..l imingry
q@mlortabl.. Do y@ wat io d.pan dF ruiG wnr}
ot turth{ del.r (tuh ro !a), or win you FFist wirh
Has, tlE ytuB nd tou ftr ar Th. GibD.tTtc, Fu inv6rig.ti6 (tun l,ot49)?
eid thar his siskr Li*l hrd M a*.v to ioin rh
C2hivale It $ftlv d t be . thii hEl 5
b tIE Eavlling dru h. ws t ltinB about. You Ufting the l.rd! y@ p6h opnrheh@vy dod of T'.
lmrntE tl,s'wods de.n': Rird, EmLsqueand 6ib!., TE. Ihe M s'gD vhich depicB e enpty
mbF,'wa hm h. d&ibd it. Ytu hrve b admit 8.llow3 *.fold ad mging l1@, @ls ru5rnyin
that yd ft intriSuad- Do ytu wat to pay lhe lh? nitht-btE@ abov you ShuftirS th d6! yd
ak.ft fedd der 6. Cmiv.l now in tn hope 6tq th bd mh byond.It is rclativly lar8e wilh a
oI findins out moP (hm to rti), or would ylu r.fier nunber oI Lbl6 dd chaic dotd aoud, but, other
wdit dtil 6frd d..t .nd dld tho sd.r @er of th.n you,th@ apFaE !o beonlyftothd sbmc
d.rldre (tum ro 43), o. w@ld you ather hiv . Youg !u with d inlMly trioG xpBim m
norfiing ro do widr ihe prrc (tum to 16)? hstrc Ih ehb6 oi a liE rhoddd in dreErate
Bhidr G sl into a lal8e .hirnne.y bedt. strnding
5 behindthe bar is a blubb.ry, bnd-hddd nm whon
You do not have to walk fff lo @dr lhe lls. Wth you lak to b dle lsdlord, luglbri,.udy rubt'in8 a
lh d8k depming Nud,ou, you b.gin to xploE with Oresrirrs olhis 6thy apd, dd a girl of
rheh by tw'ljght. Ya pa betws tublhg stone no hoE dlan .ichheno! ninetq, whoe blact h.n
F-l Fr-l
ie d dtmpt ms, nd ndt yess|anry inboure
dyin8 ceb of dle iirc No me spals, nuljng fie reain8 Stri8oiva, you 6.le yod way [own& rhe
whhingof thewind intneave denmoF unFtdrg. ddt spu oI ksthat delireabestlE @tdct dt il
Anight at m im su.h tu dlis shoddn't st moE tld oI th IoL Gdld and h*istd tE6 arh <'E dE
. dpl ol Gold Pie.s, but you cd im8ine tou parn bfi{en ther', iorndng a loliated hmer that
would rceive a wmer $rl.on r6n a pa.l oI ldds into th. dePttu of the woods letRs d1e
snry wolvs n 0E clodep MMtaitu in mid- ftwded hu&t and dukhinAlrdctB, dE IoEt is
whter Do you wat to spmd what remitu of ttle d ddl a6at dEk. o.dionally you hed dre tuittd
ni8ht at Tla Gritbs,?'e (tum to r3r), d w6!rd you olbi.dsong o. d disr.nt shtiek oi l loEs{ ainal, but
pFf. b nsk a night out m the n@is udd d\e stds you F rcthhg. Thefost ntu s ucamy quarity ho
it tlat re /ou. It hs all th ahrosph@ ol 0F
w@dlandsof fairy tarsdd Io&-1ore.IlE diming
7 of ilE halt-light rhat Fftha[e5 did lar bamth the
Bhg hindnn not to Fhrm !o dtrheE you h:ve hesteusyou thai rotht js on iteway.AdennS oPss
alrdyben, which n@r wil you now er?loE? tefore yd ad you find yoUer looking .t the
hiror black eudaceoI a w@dlmd p@1.Trac* of
vateFwed tral lne surfae anid pahns or tlti.k,
slime@ algae.The pool is a goo.l hudEd yards
acss but in the twiliSht you 6 *e tlEt tlE sha8gly
parh you d lolowing whds iE way Nud th
edgeo1th. rake to the ld side As you pFp@ to set
o( again,the eud ol singingdrins to your eF over
lhe waher.It i5 a ritin& wordles hrre that sp@ksto
you of mbn.holi. ldeliGs dd a dep, dalk
$@w RoUtwo die. r dE hotslrcled is l$ thd o.
eqDarhotDu @t (]t,Nc ffi, tum !o 64,II it is

9 rid. ThSilve D.Bq wiI .L hm dE Und6d
Follwirts th. h4!d thFuSh rtE Far @E ro hr eX rny aE tu urd I ruN
a srr- ov. It6r uhidr . roi.l of 'd
EQ tub
Fin6 oa
l6d dwrrd' fiow wiu yd orca6 w? W l @
60lLw N@ go,' dEC@Et@da6ttFq k6ElE
Lwe P6ing thtuth lvLo h..d ndrh inb rh
'Ih. nrwl ton whcl maB a
suly !r!6d ull? 's
Tq b.r.
Tt. cobw.tsphltaEd p.$gw.y? Th!o;;
rk'turequrEhmd? TM ioTo 8y tE tiN F! hlw ftLr.d tuth inr! rtE tulls io the
ddrL fdtelil! .huct@, nttht h! FoFrly 6Jn
sd rhe n@ holdr ddirud ow fi la.d mo
hoE The p.lh brw@ th. F.t6 cUmbsa Nky

Fint d 8.b16 .nd squl toy6 of lnorhd skr.rur

within dF .bpL* Yd .E lrindbS in ft@r ot .
tiu(t, and seutd, o.I rld. To ft rid. a tallow,Lt

wiU $fia iEls.d b rdN poinEhrh* Arrq h.r 6 I&r o, Erdin& $d yilh Dds oa
dEn trE Eud r) d rlp p@ neal i! ininiGt to dEir tuqish s6t pri.lljrg Fu bw d6pit rIE 6ld,

Ulrich ruddenly o6 @i,'ova h*l I've loud ill'
Youhurry !o rhespotwhe dE w@dslfu b sranding Youspnd a esd4s niaht in your tuom, kept awakc
b6ide the bole ol m aging oar. Grcwina lheE ie the bystangeanddisturbngnoi&s Oratfil you wilh a
plani hoM ar beladoNa, or deadlynighlslude the rnse or dEad. thep F drc dattcrinB of hooveson
hft you have ba so derFrately *ljns. Qxictly 6bbles,shrill whinqnna,crazcd.a.klin8 lauBhtet,
you pick a nddi ol spli8s ad pop rhen Dto you! rd the noaning of an unearthlygald.Con. the
heth, But beladm js posonous and eating ehe mornin& you I*l just as iiEd as you did on otirin8
halcs you sicl (lose2 srMrNA poinLt).By doing s, ro bed dd in your weake.ed state,your intr wolf
howevr you hnve also slowed tne advace of the gamsa 8ftater hold on tour body (add r to yolr
lycdthJopy thbugnout you sFten (subEactr poht cs^NcEs.ore).You leave?r Cibb.lTr.r without
fDn your clrNc! mre). Yet,dFpite this,somesitth qing motld e ad Fi off agair alongihd road
s6c tcusyou trt it iN't leen mouSh to rid you of northa.rcs drnoos. Tum to 69
you! rmicbon artoBEthd.Unl6 you 6nd dothe!
mor eff&tive l]]F, yoD ft still 8oin8 ro hrm into a
sou $e npxt time OF mln t tuL WiI you now *t EmerSinSfron dre tmel, you ente! a vasr chanbcr
olf aftr th wor pa& (hm io 423)or go in *arch ol i natural stone caordril dep wiLhin tne Gl of
Crddmorhr&kova (tn [o rd)? SundEd Peak Hnnsing did th stalachtca
.usFnded rrcm rheImr of dr.avm ac pendulous,
ilk-wnppd egg-sG, lilo L\F made by spidc6,
llrhouSn eachof rheF E e bt asa keisur .hesr.As
\ou crcs the .hanbei you detd movemntabove
!ou Lookin8up inroihegl@n you R *veral or lhc
i$ split opm dd theSEni spidrlElchlings dmerSo.
Er.h hasa distinctivesetof marLin8son its ab.lom..,
m thc lom oI a grimhg Deal{s Hcad, and d..h
hit hcs wilh the hstincrive dsre to hNt Rdll on.
JR and add 1. ftis is the hrt:l nmber of spidcr
llt hlings rharattackyou Eachof ih hatchlinS! his
.hcsanc strtistics.Iight theemeBins spiderhrgsone


you MaSe to baftle tou way thrugh lne harch-
ery whi.h rcute will you tale out ol the v6t cavem b rying in a otd stonecell llt by a single
dicksin8 oil-rrfrp. Awffies rehls me qui.dy
a you hea a dirdertin8 chimping sourd. Youft
A hlml wifi its kair l:lmin8 witi not alorc n the &1. Betwm yd dd lhe celr dod
wate.? Tm[o4os htde tuo golesqnely dergftm @ckrach6, SaP
Asteply indined clft in d wall? Tm !o 31 nlg thei! anleMae togethd dEy move tMards yd
Amw, hrjsting passge? Tm[o415 Youaregoing !o have to fight Ord at Elme time.

Youspendthe next h{o .lays h theplea$i conprny 5ondGIANTCOCKROACE 6 7
oI the Cmivale lolt as they bEak camp md set otr U you &feat dr calmache tou Baag to bal
along rhe md e6r oui oI Balci lou lel Ered and EE ruted loc! 6f th cell d@r dd, opdg it, lind
lefteshed, dd noF pcitive about your whole stu- yoURlf in a sbberra@ pasagewat To tEu nght
ation Tte llmttlhg trmfdmanon you undeMot EE rcEido. (@6 to a dead od, You @ eitner
alsoEv4ed ilse[ mme dah the next day.(Rsror 6l@ ii left (tum to +1), o. rale dothq pdsge Oat
!! to 4 srM^ polnts dd 1 L!c( point.) Another N Frysdicnra to rhis ore skaiSht alEad of you
day o^ tneroad brin8s you LoL\e iown oI va+dhoi
As th citu io]l start etting dp Io. dothd serisol
shows,you tllank tlr Cdivale M6tr lor his Bmd-
o6iry of spint but [en him you m6t be m you
way, dd soweder offinb tl|e tom. Tm !o 50o.

BrddGhrg the holy symbolin front ot theva mpE!

6us hq ro o'1, duowina hr heds up s i.ont or
hr fa@,sptting like a w dat Thro 245


Irle eva8e Shuckis upon you. This dpnd doEhas

tsturisd would'b. pilSrihs m.Ljns tne joumcy ro
dp lPaling shrinc oI SaintCru.ius fo.lmg enou6h.
Tmighi, ts Eign oI [.rcr must .om to m 6d.
U ihe Shuck witu the .osecuhve Atra& Rounds,
hm ar onceto ro. r yM battle with the hell-hound
Fads the s6tn atb.l R@d wthoui, @lu-
tim, hh ro I. If you k op bas.befoE rhen,luh

Itc pople of Wutrtrtcin have lcked md baEd

thcir d@rs and windows, hiding fron wlDbver it is
dut E nakinS LhcdFadful, Srowlhg you can hcd
rho'ng alonS the vilag. skftrs. Your hacu6 ris{,
rcur wolfish sensesR.iling ir the pBence oI
smethingbeslialandmali8n.As you.ep through
d'e erily mpty stuts, you hc peting and thc
rape oI .laws on cobblsrones.Shadows l6n
eoudashetomr. soncthinSisomhS . Iris
at rhatmodenrthara gamt old nn stick his wild-
h:rcd headout fon an auelaay and b.kons lo you
lith a lonS-naibdnnCei 'shan8.4 ir you wanr to
lNe,.omcwith me 'Wll you,
FouowdE danSy bg8ar?
PftPm to fae whateverir is thatt

TR to hide wrtlout thebe88a1shelp?

Uoo.l-Ed liF Fedrin8 th poinb oI elonB.rdfdgs
Th. ly.60uopy b sF.dny s?Edilg thDughoul &d sh FaNfE y@ oft me wi|n her Irfrd-
yoq bo<lysd chmgs m heina @ght at lh. @E irint srare,lou mot help yolal. a, onpelld by
or y@ b.in8. ln hd, Fnrxly th .llE of tE . Prsusivevoiceiside y@ h.d, you stPloflaid,
rcrewou i! h*ing youphysi@lly ston8d {d noE @n tie pindw, fld nvite th Coote$ lnro dre
.dept LRe you (]lqt md l,ih,?l snl &oE by ber.hdbd 'we[ done, ny Pet she PuB. 'You
I Point ert yd! .1ll@t ad Litial sr MN dcoEby hve *rd me weu. Eversi(e $ <laysot the CadE
I Poirt!, You m6t ale ill@* you cIlNGE ffi hlehal I have sougnl pryq over theselands, but,
ii4ks !o the ritual we enachd th.t nitht, $ nany
FaG a8o, Cout vdolac ot fie luling UouF or
wulth hashad pMer over me dd die otheE For as
bB 6shelived, md th dmon pFte<d hitr! I @uld
a.t a8aimt him. nor could Srpsa th widow
-t o. rh Abbot But now thar vd, onc oI his
or linc, rEve dgpGd him, I an ftE lD bt up th
Es of pdd .nd *i2 dEDl of a[ LuFvia You
& in the dlrrll of dE vdpiric bdy of Mau, dd
Lv. b6 de sina dE bwikhd you in h{ towd
3 50 il G ODt tl@ js mtlrinS d do to siop rE,
F! aF utterly uds hd.onkol.
'ou Cout vamlm may
5 b 8o@,but Lupravn w l main in th 8.ip of dil,
.r v now under the rule of rh House of Mau md
|nvanpies Isolde.Youw sede her loyallyi tu hr
rolf+tual when it wnd oEt, aS.inst .ll lhe odds,
FU had beatsnthe Cue oi the weEwolt the Cc.
d tle VUDiE has thwdted vd at the last.Youhave
bned in your nision. You advdhE B ovei

to se a rtriling, platinu haird {6m, with sljr

a while r! lvory wEpped in a bl,.k ddrh sEph&rl nith sucha largtarAtdd atsucl i .l@ raige th@
in tlE @ld niEh an beymd th Fl,s - th Coutes @ ncvc.ey qu6ridolyou n'ssirg.Ih rcd bui6
Isold. ol Mru' A @el rmil spnads ac her Glf depituide the hoe of th hurkjng golh but it
Lit Eil EE
doesnot evenslow t\e brute.With clankiiBsteF I
shlks towdds you lt is at thatmoment thatlightning Takhg a liln hold ol the stonesat the li! oi the pri
srikes the whdmll agai.. Scintjllathg tashs oI rou .aretully lowcr yourFu over ureed89 down hro
elenental energy explode aromd the laboiatory rhedarknes IhG N plenly oJhdd mdiool holds
shafterhg diab dd Ftting tuc to bar*s of 1obe fomd bur oE stDn6 lining L\epit ft slick with
equipnent. All oJ this raw slod-fo.e finds its way slime. Thc air in the shaft smells of damp, fmgal
ro the IEnE|jlg rod Lhattou hald just plm8cd into hntter ?sJ yorr Lr.k. lf you arc, you rca.h the
the golcm, with devastating efiect. Tlr mm-mnde botton or dre pit sare\ (lxm to :2t. lr yon are
monstershrddc6 wncrc it stdds, as dr tull Joi. oI
the slon p$ses through ils metallic components.Its
dead ncsh cooks to n lln.lcncd cirder whle rts
metalic prts melt md tuse bAether Eventually ihc
whold ruin.d crcati.n bpples over btr.kwards and It is no good, the ly.andrrepy has your body wifih
.rashcsonb thc lloor of rhe lrb.raiory Add I L!.( ,6 .lawed grjp Nw Wth a yorvl of ntense, bonc-
point lor dclating such a dangemnseneny UOFUI \rnchnrg pan, your physicl fom reshaFs itsltt
havingkr rcsoittophyscalmnbrr andhm io 169. {own8 n herghr,linbs be.onnt longer,you pah'
ror tortedlealues Eivnrgrvay ro a hpne muzzle.You
\trve becone rhe thin8 you have fonght so hard md
23 'or solon8 to thwtut You clothesand leatherarnou
To youf leli rr ihe basp ol rhe aall, wheie ir merges :an no lon8er .ontaln you cnd8n8 bodt and ap
with L\e natuDl ro.k fa.e, is a Srilled.ulverr,rhe Jhedalongwith you hunm skin, as rhelairy wolf s
nst.d baE dad x h moss An unfleasmtodou, a 1de rips through from i$id. (Lose2 LUc( ponir,
blend oI raw elfluent and dmp rct, rlses lron the ldease you .urrent andr,,r4l s{rL scoreby 1 Pont
llnnel. Elen without you. lycmthJopyheignhed rnd you cunenl dd lrrlrtrl srAMrNAs.ore by 2
*n+5 rhesiinkwouldnakeyoueyeswaterYou test roinh.) Diopping the weapon you wielded as :
rhe Esistarce of the bars ad, wlth lttLe efiort, thc luman bcing, howling with bestiatraBe,still vaguely
Sxlle i1v6ls nr the hole You do not ld.y $1in8 thc lvare thnt it is thc Coht Va!.ola. who has uLtimatelv
high, sheerrvall jn tont oI you h Or pit h ddktuss, rronght theCusc of L\e Weiew.lf upon yor! in your
nor,astne Emperaturedmps, do you fh.y spcnding futr lycmtlope lorm you spring at the Varolac
anodrerni8ht h thc iJ you wmt to onter fin rou, determned b era.t your Fvengc. Recordthe
pla.e you rc 8oi^g hr have to try dr. culve{ (turn to rodeword Dz8,at. on your Adr,lrl. Srtui and hrn
39)or ring thebcl (tum to53).
F-] Trt
23 29 h m attempt to leach thc tut md pull
'Rollup'nou upl' theelfrnCanvaleMastershouts, \rur$ff fte. Roll dre dice.ff L\c total mled b less
hE vore lik a town crier s, s@jngth3t he 6 aboui h) $m or qualio you $eINd Krc, brm to 13. If the
lose a payin8 custone! 'Tane the savageCrendel,
and see the lmatml crossbehv@ Iefrale beauty
and lapaciousreptile tiar is serpensathe Snake
wonan.Visit thehaunun8Halloi Mnrors,madel ai :3
thmagi.ol thePuppetmaste.'s marionettesor..oss As ihe sm !m itr coulF accr the heavos, you
Madanezelda'shfld$ith gold to haveheriocasi Jinb highe! ihlough ihe woodedhilh and tie douds
your future.All the n0 ol rhe fayie is hereai the Joser. Ouring you tEt you seenot hai. nor hde of
Cafnivale!'Youfindyo!6elfd.awn to thelittleman's ne Bast In factyou arebaFly awaE ol ay si8s of
nsnerising 8azL.,unableto tearyour eyesaway.nol iJe ,n Lhisdesolabelatulscapefte sound ot bndmns
Lwo di.e. If the total k less thd or equal to you. caF.l long agoh Lhewoodsot rhelowe! slopa. Yon
cFnNcn s.oie, something makes you .han8e y.u romein sight of m isolatedlarnstead As you take D
mind .rd l,ou d(ide you would like to visit the $ drcoping, nossy rhakh ol |ne larnhouF and L\e
Cainivdlc aftcr aU,hn l,o114.U thc total k gie.tei, aeai delict nahft oi the tmbledonn outbuildngs,
'sunder Mbles a(oss ttre hilltols dd the clouds
iuist. Wlrat starts s a shower b
,lownpou wiL\in mirutes. Do you wdt l,o seek
Yon takeanotherFtupnrn ad md y.u boot abrupdy :helte! at trE m-dorn rm (hn to 53) oi w]l you
sinks into ihe squdFy Eroundup io you L\ign. You ad ba.l dd lphm l,ov&genhol (tuin to 433)?
momdntum.ades you forwad widl your ots foot
dd lEn you aE up to ]our waisi in ihe shnking 29
cluichesof a pearbog.Cra$esmd no$lave groM IL is alnost daM by 6ie time you male it away from
overthF patcholFaEhyground,hd,ng thedangeN 'ne Camivale. Having trded to any womds you
dI ihe bog beneath. Asyou rwrsrand tum, ti}lng to hay haveEeivd ad eatena mcal (ifyou wish),you
seea way to get yourseliout ol Lhebog your body dEide thai it is iime to nove on ftom Balci altogcl\d.
links siju lunhei Youareup to roui ches{{henyou PrsinA on edr, ihep aF hvo rcutes you cm tale. Do
spt th lenSd ol exposedroot FrotrudinSlron a I ou wanr to iravel on L\e open rcad towads tlp town
Lus$ckol grasson pnich a gnanedbush gmws Ji Varge.nof (hm to qj) or would you raiher rollow
'fry nB lo gajn any p uichaseyou .an f.on the giound $e weU won track rbai leads south-easi nto dre
beneathlour leetyou Leanfotuard,strainingevery

to t,
Ulrich d(m btde the mre, sled in ! brU
h font ol yd, Ieelng lor a pul* rt h.r thNt A
homhr latr hc 1143,his hod hdslnS, hb chln on
hb.h6t Beioreh 3P.keyd knw wh.l hb 6otnt
b ey- 'w. ft t@ laie shc i5 8m ' Yd ito rct ne{<l
L *t wr6 lh. old wom wG, enna FDb lh
moh6r yd sw th. otttge and hord Ultt.h uiier
th. |l,ftGddhoth.r yelud a l6rnn PE|lmili@
$rt thj! w* EE hom 6I the wis.wotu Z.tDv!,
ll1eorc p.M who cdld hd! Ft, 6nd rcw dE is
f.he tr..d! dnD, dnp, dnp ol ntr dh6 .tud thc dod. ThE 6 norhhg m w .a do h.E, hY
wate6 oi d; dn'tie .Iubr Yd n@ find hend,' Urricheta 'But m {I .m8e GtednodEr
vMU tn. Fond in a mhrdl ho|lor in a! cky Z.ldrt mudd by hDhg dM rE d|rl
hd b ! wid. pol ol shr?lyold, dFt l<Larw.t r
5owu *t ofi irb dE nidt re lle, d.rmitEd lo
l. *r dxl|6 it loks lila . b[r.I nittq, diltlutrd lo-s-"d ad put & ad ro dE

I1E ttNel tcdible lhrcuth . Pitslike

holb th..avdn@rt Tuhrot p6l5 ol ddks btwd th ts. Bul tN! tim it ir
Thes!@lv it*Iin ddeft 6 lh.eall ol tlrich wio hls Nt to b. ils hrBe! The @.tuF ha3
r'.-i;? rlh ror. FenSed iLshjrd Y@h.d a siclming@*n dd
The l||w6-fl@Ed hrutl wifi a Unch hNIs in a thewoll sinkt it3 tsrhinto his
.lmo6tEEgul{dF,re? Tsior., t|h.t. Thd th w@d!M lis still Y@ wakh,
Thewirdinc @rl.*w tmel? Tuhloug tozen td a nomnt n dGh.livjrl8 hotr, d lhe
IrteBEenctsral-nvmpasage-ay' TMtoTo wou ri.6 Eon L'Lich's Pom lom dd yo! Q.!se
rhat it is now rldndins on its hind let, Onry the
@atue $ a woll no longq lts body is shtPd morc
ll thdt ol a M, althouttr ft i! ititl d.Ed in cN bodle o<l l@ velvet3bts, Nqt .Md rheciEl is
bldcl tur rnd h6 th llMi.b}eble mut ed .M- . PhsDh-hilred youger woM sith sk*inS
tip d of a wor lt ha tqme rch.thing !l@ ttd ailtFrttc feotlE, hr slih 6Bw baath
bdlt .nd ls thd hue. LiF sllrg b.ct tEh ltt dE dt.Fry of d vlv.l..p, IlE third js a non& orny
blmdid lanar, dE BL.l l^lewoll Swb,lt bddn lhewhit! lkin of hi! n md fle visibL oubid.l r
voie ft'llof |l1.l@,{d hfttow.dry@. Y@ hw lEavy.<wLd hdbit lha ^d! lneF ie @tlEr
r.tmg r nidni8hl-blk 8oM qbrideEd 'ot|@ with
lrrF 6d m, She R!6 nll@ durN o
dsiru !F!rd hd Fk $tg6rina slE is a iniriarE
TtE heasrwiu ror M h6 lhir 6thl .n<l y@ hll nor ot tE naic db. FiMUt lnd is a h!, Eyr-lEired
let n. Onevry d thtsh lb.. n$lbde tun, nu$dlny built.rd @ing a gdfi ruftld
d@ill lty@ p|en, nm io tt $in, oFr to dE w.i!t,.rd a @CEd velvel i-tL
ft. ha'r d{t ldb d a ducl hft aFurd his
tt !Aould.r." r wrv. ot whiE lrminB thd8h it
As yo 8u adrd thc ddmh.r, yN vnnm bls nlh uE hirldL ot hB forend<L ErI of rh. p@pl tha Efa|rc, dly nd 4dythjtg it holdiry sernhg in dEr ha s nr eoLdrh
is srtfisd with a da8. gld. luhing tdds [.8 tE jtrt tu holds ! lhinir8 swdil in 6mt ofhjr! is
i!?{d iA 6r im d rh. wdL. lllr ir i6t !p 6ting d ttE l+ ot tn. pil $th ft abnrpt
th ody cn:n8e, yd e rc k 8d.lN.idE Fik h hub th sPqd into dr hh8ry bld mw -don,or
ortEr FopL hrv. irin d }!u in tn. nu'L nE e tu Pil- E*h of tlE od6 in tm tcs ltE rdiG of
adr sr.ft.ring a Gw Lel lrlh OE ed8. ol dr Pl( lEir atu liv into thl piL rhlir .hanrin8 riang
fr.in8 dE gaping hob. IrEy @ chnrint dr Jld n pidr dd inEsity. llEL voiG e joird bt a
prF& ow rnd @.r, eF.i. word! rhrt l|ld boMS beuov, th:t d6 nom [E dePrht or dE pit,
mrhing b yd!but*ori!ofpo-.r tui.lld,Br nE ducl slEdN-blet tur! ha.iG rDri* 6@ rrp
e o'ynrs @r gft }Jnd ot invddd, tn rh@ -rt
.|'rrE SorEthht hs bdn sunoEd fiDn
of llEn dhdngor ot tin. wirh th.lrvol, dtlnt
m wrding |@ oEt lilr th. vruliLrd .p@ glae EbN, ruddo s . dap ot rhudca leaving
N@of lhsn apPnFlob.we ot Fu plw A! dly ihe Rho ol lb patng b.hind ft U,ghtfad6,
they .dlinu lhu nle, you m. ..cI ot th. ttu 8l@h Erlft, . d tou vieid of the vault js
individuals in tuh The fiEr uFn whon yd 8@
lals is d athcrive, woM pnh N
eyebw raisd.Shewea . Evalin& lowdt bLd

trtr trtr
h frusiratior! you hul a wu8htsim dddabh at
ttu Obsidid Mima nopinE to @eal ils reE tlat
way IlE blact glas shattB,sllinl.in8 inhoa lhou
qd rae*ndrp shaftts,d do6 you oM refle.tim
at theffi mmt, you body hasReived a mlili
tudeoi holdtu stabbingwom& dd you dftp l,o
lou kms. Gasping in agon, yd .atch a 3livd of
tou Efl.tion in m obsidid splinler TneF b 8fu
rhin8 hGaringly b6dar about tlle ryresid tt\at
hdb ba.l at you. For rash actid you have
{ifeEd t}F CrlR of E]eMnrd.
'ou RoI m die ard lo
rhatmdy srNN! pointr. ]I ]d m stil ahvq ale
dd 1 t6 you cld.E KF. T}lm 6 nothing left for
!tu to d6 h@ and s you have to Fhm to the Map
lmn dd proceedfrom th@. Tum to l2r

You@ud de! lh body oI rhewewolt lm'm n

ft hand ad swold Eady in the olhei BeIoreyou!
+es the cFalue sderSoes one 6nal tramfomation.
You wak! appaled as the bedt shedsmuch of rts
cj.k blackhair dd theorpF b@n6 tlat oI a pale
rbme.l, wil.l-haiFd ma, missinghii lefrndd.
srddenly awe oI a sndning sudbehind yd, yd
tsi dd @e fa.eto'lace wi6 what loolc lik a
hrous gdzly bear Tlm you see6at it is dEsed i!
r6e tattertd.loths ol ytu woo&M ally. lt tal6
po a mom6t to Fali* o tdibla huttr of wlEt h6
hppddbdore Op W@bea ie m you, tdible stel-
rbSgd claw pady [o td you linb hom limb, dd i^
F-I F-]
tuE. r yd win this batde, the naliCn snhdc
Tlning ba.t, you Etra.e yor sbeps thftugh th holding dE vemh Hct bo8ethdlc6 ote power [o
tumbledoM wffi of dr ruitu. Yon aft within sight man ain a fon md bsls apad like a nP
of dE spoi whe yotr atepd dE tuitu rhd you boil, +ideE, bed6, woim md othq Eig8ling
btu awft of a skjtttu& $urying smd fmn OrinSsraining doM on klp oI y@. But othd tha for
all aDud rou. Lids.nt bla& bed6 httle ad< a bnef shDddsing fdling of ddlsim, y@ suffe! no
tlE packed at you feet, while long-bodied cmli- l4tingefi<t T|nto14l.
peds w.the ftom betsen tlF bn& o{ tie walr
itlEsidof you Pal,alm6tllll]uoumo0snufter ?9
doM lron ou tol dE da.kEss. Ihe opfrsre feelug Trggmg the rushd Iie or dle olvert opdin&
of m all-pewading evLl inhgEifiF as, nghi tll@ in bking a dep bEad! you dawl into the stinting lu-
h@t oi you, betleE, noths, cqhpeder wo@ md nel betmd. YourEve mt sDtu far whm yd leel tlle
spidetsemergefrom theshadows,rutdn& Mithh turelagl domwads &matiarry and, wil\out
and(awling ove! oneoothq to fom a sweling lil any wmin& 6rd J,ouslf slippina on oE wet slime
at you feet.In s(onds this nass oi gatheringvmin c@ring the pipe. UMble to coneol you demt, you
hasbaohe a pulsating momd oi disgusting cdion slide had 66t dom rh tud into 0 fotid
ctum with a suddo upwads thdst the ms oI drkns bymd Tmro 9+
thy living things hkes m a smi-hmdoid f(n, la
ud atinB body held ioged\d by the wil oi tne 'Wehav a little tire bfoF set 'K(@d M'6, 'e
naiefi. psen.e that 1iv6 within th6e roim, the Et awhnhft ad er!:oy your meaL'The headmd
vmin-HGt tu.n6 lo. you with hmd! &ipph8
kps you onpany d you Bdp dM you stedinB
widl wngg[ng mealy bugs m4 somwheE wihin bowl oI st*. svdal thin8s lE netrtidd have
dE tuss of Gahft dht you lake io b a fa.e, a 6ught attdrtio4 dd thN may b othq things
disgx3tinamav opEN, butnules m sdmd. TheorJy on y(u 'dnind a welL of @ As you luish ytu
dring you cm hd L [E incssat slitErin& skitter tuar tlF opportuity to dk KoMd noe
ing lattle of the widmA invEtb.ates.Youm going tlp -iz
about'm houble betting Stri8oiva, i[ ]ou ask
to haweto 6eht this bizre maflf6htion of dE nil

TheHqdls HighwatM? Tm tor79

VERMIN-HOST sxt!16 srMrNAGebelow) Theshuck? tuh lor57
To wo* out the Vemin Hosr's srMrN wre, FU Strigoivatreidbouing*ttlddts? T1nio132
ore dicedd add jr ifyou reUa 6 als add 1 to rtssoLL TheHwlinS? Tml,o1o9
F;'] F-I EE
Arbemativelt you have the codryold n!dk! .i@s that wouLl xhibit ore. (Mare !ft tnat the
Rordad m you ,4dMrns S[ar you hay d@e lo .odeword &m,is is Rorded d you ,4ddtrz
8k Kotuad alout aotha hatler .rbgther by t'h' sleet,) Yd have m nouth. lt is lime t6lrle tie
Cabinetol Cuiciti6. 1!h to r5Z.

Making you way iEid. the gapins mw !enl, yd ctqlicly you appEdr dE <yrhinB blade iudginS
com facFtrfre wilh a fiHatr, wi0r Or rati6 oI a You nonot aFtuUy. 16I WU ski . t yot aE
sinuousEd dragon arcs hb ch6l ftE M sink a su(stuj, tum tjo.06. If y@ ft cu.c6sful, tlh
buming tolch into his tbJoat,pulh it out dd exhales
flane jnb tne ai., [o crles oI wdda ftun the oth.r
Carnivalevisiio$.'v!'elcoheloCrookshz ascnbinet
of Cui6itiesi' he declaes, What curositi6 eEy aEl 1t
As you wddd aFud the tent y@ *e a blhtded Spiming m you hel yot hurl }llElf away fron
shep, a paft of ojohed juSgling twis ed a hrlt- $e ol the prcl a6 6 the noNENs eou
But riq you on !o the ret nuhd sprinEsfotu dr,.lrws baEd But aF yor Eflxs
tid!6 fast r dDn ore 6f r <leadlyFEd atoit T6t yout Skill
nuta t ol all h a lalac ca8ar rh ba.k ot dE ht i!
m of lhe mGt hidous dd teriltin8 @tlE you lryd$ccrd,llnto41 It you fan,tuh !o.54.
have ever ffi. FFh the waist up it appE to be
humdd burfrom thewaist dow[ it is wholly $:].,
md a largesare dt that, Srpdsa dr snatsonan' Y@ IolN th orndor until it ods at an opR
a sign above the .a8e Eads in aaudy ftd ]et1rs.A! ar.hway in dE nght+an<l wall stpping through,
yor approad! sdp.$a hlssesmd ddts ler held you lhd yoD*r in a cloBtEd courtyard.In front of
close to the bd, he! tril ratrling ominouly. You you loom Ele inplsive url yet, at the she tihe,
decide Or@ is $tuL\ing dnatunl ab.ut a snale oppl*ive Iacadeof the Abbey chNh To your lj8ht,
wonan md, d , Eult, 3ohethint sinistcr ab.ut . motlE arr}lmy rerdr bact to the main dtran.e lo
tr|e @piq dvl in tn lft-n n t w.[ of the .loi{er
th@ is a clc.d @& d@r $ yd d[e. th i'ftr
erErm oI dE Ab6.t .huEh (tffi b 156), ky lh.
d@. in the left-h:n l w.[ (tuh to ,56), or lln nght
dd nate tru 6@F from this accursdAbbey (ts
rhat spl wd the bedr 6dl3 you widr m njShty,
paw 0@ 2 erffi^ poinb). You haw tu dd@ but
roliEht you e6h{tnle Inqd
'@I bll o, 5 d 6 tlE @atuE a*rnl! O secondwindow
Ii the w.pbar wouds you thE tus o. noe, De tloo. cm sisr me wot arrack t,tiich wilt be abl
add 1 to you .IINGE soE r you m this bttd., b kin Mo wolv6 befoE my of the bind5 @ tet
t4,r him ard irro the obaj cradhorlE zrrova

The Co6h5t srdt sw@ps dom on yo4 *izing
you dhouldeE n it clawJmtd Srdp Wirh tPo
sEongwht-beab, *!e wftbat haub you up into th
vadt ot 0E dore. wh6 you rF sn hejght abov
the.habber fl@, it lets 80 ol ybu a8ain YoDdash wOLVE'S
doM onro th old n.Ibl with hmEshaEerirg
foE. te 4r^wpoinls Md r smlFint{uds
yon have the O!,ir*dint spRi.l .bili9 h ehidr @
you sihply lose3 rM Poore).ffydswiv th
tull, you camot lert asyou a$t finish you iiShr wLth iEwom tutu to you,n\in8 you wi|n he! nedring
theWereballlyou a hato6e. !ae. Ten m asain abour tne @ahre thar atractd
!ou/'she sF. Ityou hav. a Sigtut ftn& th lo 359.
The cottag shuddd with . e$uding dash d
smlnin8 thrcs iself at the bolhd dd. Indedibly
the wolv6 aF ata*ing rhe ott gE, eying io lre
their w.y in. Yd aE going !o have hohrlp def.nd
GladhodEr zkoE's hohe lrom dE @tu6'

There aE lhe ways into 0F cottag,the dmr by

which you entrcdod tuo windows. Ulrid, Grand-
mother Zcrova dd yu ,I 4,rd one mkam .ach.

other Eack L\at leads back wer $rcu8h the foFst,
Night .ons dd with it a norde oi hle spiddB lving you a drorceor h{o tuuLes.Y@ havhardt@
merSs fron OE.ave mddl Fady to hmt for OEn mny ts16 abourwhat happeN duing lhe wilching
qued The gimt ara.hnids imediat]y pofte on hou to sFnd a night in th opd at a dosroads So,
you Thft ft t6o my of *1.h fo. you to have my wil you head northsst tryard! vargdrhot indl
lope of defendinAyollRu md ]Du soonsualnb to catdin 8o6ic lHenngon a larA.sisn (tum to 49o)
nmes venomousbits-You adrEhE mds heE. o!fo ow thMau path southGi (tum [o 433)?

You .onhnue your way dmugh dE woods mdh- 47

turbed by Mn or bedt, Op sbnds ol beechand eln 'Comt Vfola., I hav not fought ny way a.os
mcmily quer. Ihe sm sinls lower util the day ii a nay leagG to joi^ you h you dehan.hed cele
nmpurple-orange line @ thehonrcrvhalf-glnpset b.ariq oI ure wn tuF that !d L\ls land wihin its
oNugh dE gnalLedmd tangledtrunts. With slret cruelgrup!'],oude.lar Ihavecomeheletok yoq
alact do.e md hoon sewelluderwa,yourea.n to liberareluprawia andEn,6elf koh the Curp df
a cmsrcads r thelolest path Surprisinglt Io! sucha
lorel, jsolated pLae, theE is a si8npGt with lou
pla@ mmes Mtd on tie fou pdeL that point 'Bravewods,' VaEolaccouts, Aut I hav4duEtL
norih west/ s@th-west, north4at md mrth-w6t, lonSmd have lamt now to @ ny Sift !o the bstof
p{tively: Balci, sEl8oiv4 vargdnol dd Mafr. ny ability wheEs you m yet to .mbd@ ils Pwi
Having kaveled 6m tle wst.lFady, ad sing How 6 ytu hope to bst ne, cout vatok., Prine
dEt you path li4 tdwaJdstne ft, you rCnoe 0E oI Lupdwia the Wullm rord?' wid| dDt tlE Cour
mps nis IinE6 dd the huge wolv6 pad towards
yd,ndnsry Id ali[.lly@ havetpcd ofth.INild
sp.ialah i9, tum to 247 r nd you m going to have
to fighi dre @atms liogethq ir you aE to get to


r3 m lrt h&rd! IE bulblilE bE .lGr1 ,en to
TrBting you itutii{b, KnryadiEts rhetsB 6!0 s.! qqiE $.otiG sy he. Do yd wot to:
lhis Bw tbck. You clir6 610 dE 6r ot ltE iotti,rg
@ngc s it bdF rd borc dd dp6d trF L@r at tlE ow's bo.&?
tuts dd dp po0Dl6, deEmind mr lo fa! ofl. s.npL $re oadE dddm.h.
And your ploy rpp@E b nav. worled- T'l esd! webLsabIwirs? Tumtorg
t.av lnkiltnd andt te ulotls
pasgsay readintlom lhe

tfav dd ffid the .rdd dhlrcose$i Tum to 146
you rtrri hothirk you highr havelefi the hub8
pa.r bhind Id Bood.Tum !o rre
1lr O/l 4 nr wdd - Yd h.v grin d . hdl Ll a
wob ehi.h tl@ r@ 6Ehl win 6nd v.rt lmrins.
19 I/trh6 yo r this I@ rb'lfty in b!ft|. t@ my
ln lh. &am ed leneid ol rhe mmr, tin. Ftu redR dE Atrad SllEtd ot yod opFr6t by r
lodMc,ou d{di.rt you ReaF4 rhr&d!.61
.PP.di!g lo r'M b'<Ueap And th6 you pq.ctle Finr. How@q, it w l rDt .lG<r EBiol @.tuE,
idi6.i.l qEEucE d dE urdd. ture of rhD
find5 |t3 bdl .nd lE peBe of rift rh|rc ro lw 3Foal alilfty on ydr /ufirlr
noral. wilh a howl of Ege dd pain dE heEbedt sr.r, .nd tln
bm ro rt FEBhph vith tlE gft nMber c the
d.sh6 down on lhe @I oI lne @.h, daw3 3plinF myd rerdrimtsucr.d fo M edM,
ing the w@d meE inche iroh yod.Td ro 43o

An evilpB.ddoneroI theBla.kAJEri deadal you
t! you wE riahl not to trrEr rhis sdt ot rhe
Ddt PoweF, ror who bow3 whar wilew .h.afi sh.
nj8ht hrv uEd m giva dE dEne. (R6ioF I
luc poinr ) Thm i. 'o{,
litde ihe @has rh,rtou ouid
polibl, wMt, or @, bur ko ltmts inFiSu you:her
bdl.rd th b!b6l$t Mct6 st adnysitu.M8
F;.I F I
E en asthewoM's begunmgpow6 @ bgiming
to take eftu, a pGbbentpart of you. sulrG.ios
<Fam at y@ to bEl yeconlact,theLidy of Mam
6 trying io nasnerbe you with her hnnotic gze.
$sugh sh&! strenSth ol will aloe, you loEe
_vodErto look away,6eingyoGelol theCohtesl
d.lhhnent. Shehiss in ltusEatioo lik a wildcat,
but taksa stepaway hbn yd. 'Very we[,' shespils,
1tt *e what mama of ftahft you hary u.' She
Gsls a daggerglmce at h.r mmanmt. 'Kill the
inhude. Pur rie aninal down,' sh sys ,i0r i.y

fte Countes'ndserumt shps btuen you dd hjr

trGire$ He opens his nouth md drie6 a dltrill,
pdinB cry Yd ey6 tued on the gaurtsfacedrrrm
in appal]ed wmdd, you watch as he undees a
lnds6 md trrfyhg trdsiomarion His lmbs
warp md diston, his am contrachnSinto hjs body
Nm 6 his lingd bon6 ld8the& nenbrdes of
Fadery skin uturlingbetwm thm. flEhd'seaF
b.omepointed ad pronofted 6 hjr noseb(om6
a ngly $oui. His bod, now mtnt ovded in
brist\ tui bu6is IE of nis cloties. No lmgd a m
but a monstsousbat witl a wingspm n aring twelve
It, th Countes Isoldc's seNmt div6 for you,
hying to snaichyou up in his clawd f@t. r nfi &e
werebatsuspendedin the ar in hont ofyou, buffeting
you with every beat ol ils wtngs/ you Etaliate widl

Fi.l Fi-l
OE l^r*b.t rN two @tiv. Atla.t llound!,
tuh at oe io ,6. Als, iI th $i@at vourd! y@ Ddn&ir8 dri6poli6 wil EtdE yru rdN m
@e th& hsia, a<id r io tu! b it3 lrr:tirJtevel md Edue flN6 3<@ by t
@tuFt oM stzin ol lYddu.P/ rela.l or 'bu
stFd ol th: di* in you hody lt tou Mtt to
tiI tr sh.F<itnnglng sdat, tum to 63
Thlt Fhd will Ero t@ ffiL sE !o |ts l'riritl
lv.lMdw in@ydAtt.rstsElhby: point
Ihee lr enethin8 d*Ply umding abour$e r.r lor the fiFtbatde you fitlt.ftei .@uninE 0E lixii
\a/h.t hasbenlelt !o ol in the lields dd *erlerEE

wn6 drunk rhis Fd6 6b tou LUq !.ft lo

Inilt leeel TIE rExr tim y@ have !o Lrr yolr
- dE porio y@ do .ot nled to r!0
whaL6eld to ydr lefi (t'd L 16), 6 a<rs EE &y die s ya wil b. Ludy aulotuti@lly md wil
nuddy to lhe ridrt oi dP o.d (nh to r9): Etn .d ro[c.1lDdpoinr.iEE.
Oi tlE ooE h,td you uy tuw ptttd to tuh btx
ad l.v. rhj! pl,a (hh to aar.
YN 6 pud|4 sir lad bulleE fd @ with !
!t4 tlntlek Pisbl rq a a$mble prie It yd tlR.dy
PlhbE Gelr's shll j! dayd with all m.M oi lev. sucha Distolvou wtll know how to Ee thd
.olouFd slde porion bo*16 ed thE othe! .(ou_
rEmenb 6enHinga woik+day aldtut TheE E t
crucible s* above a rhaU, smouldsing bldter, t
I you have d fid of slvd (ruh d a Silvd b8g4
tlvcrCtsdsilvqcandLld.r6) EJdmisrdn
ftlr dou rh mi@ tutrl to ml iir rilvq
hrtlB Flub6 wil tElt dom . [uihun ol two
alvd it rE fd yd Al th! is, elrtiEly lrboriru
ffi th@ wiU not b. tire (o. hia k' h& aoF
any orhersPed naleiid. Egdiftd). aun hrclve bdlls in tot l,

l!!t tiJ Etr

tu deibed, thir is 5 trrye,
so6 with i|! @n *r of teyt

Fu ner nu.rinB on md. CDsg ttE bridF -

rtod sp's a .h@nn in lh. clilf h lrdr ot rh

hownwidDur My turtrEr d.Ly (hh rioto?).

rrE MtDrrd 5lD<r@di;p or snulEd norland

hommt *Ey btud lodard |o at cl. r vou

Cttt E thc wilA spe<Ll abl)lty ed wisn 6 uF i! now
nlh boz. U not you $dll have ro ner the do$
.l^rdfd lrd cr,s s'th rh. km dEEot yo;


Th. TMq oI M.!4 todiddinr hj6.d or
th Coqress tetde s|ards on ; bbEd eserpmor

97 549
you. arae <ore, Alm/ if you sufr moF t\m tlu@ 53
woundsaddr loyouf cH^NcEsP. As you hrg on the mp, a beu rlngs somewheEiside
dE complx.Whh ever.l 6inur6 h,ve passd and
bthin8 hs happerd, you Fy atan. ThE tim the
'And it wd thn th.r th wdG ab.ked,' you slapor tu<tals d shon apptude the d@r fom the
explairl <mhg io lh end of your srory'Thn hder dhd sids rtft ir th. ratle dd gEle ol bolls bin8
wd a mckoa brrck bastthe lil of which I hav. draM bacledd thm rh cak of hing6 d dE dmr
neversd bcfft, er do I wjsh tjoa8aro 60rit bit m? <T]s. A bla&-Fbd hon.k srands there, his face
heF,' you artd p6inting ro you shouldd. Withoul otiftly hiddq by tlE rcwl he we{s. 'Well ner,
even a by you leave, the hd suddenly rips op.n Eavene,' the nd& says, 'What b.in8s you to lhe
yru tuni. to !e lhe wolf.bit 60rhimer. lte 6sF in rrbbeyot the Blact Monts this ni8ht? How wil you
homr dd Roils. Glancing siddays, you ced
.ontain you 6M appauedcry ol djsSut 6 you w
th sl@udin6 the spot wh@ the Bln& Woll Tllthemo!} thal you aE a lonetravelld
bit you noe hrotling with bl..k han (Ad.t I (rlNcE in n<d ol shellerfo! lhe ni8ht? Tlm to u9
Adnt that you N travllin8 rhlsd
skin6 a .W lor lh ly.anthEpy you
Ger away trDmheEt' dE vilags dmds, his rten havecmFa.ed? T'm b75
voie dgedwith wavrin8 tea 'bave Shigo'va rcy
WiUyou do as lhe m.n sys 0um lo :a), or wiu you This wat' tnebeggd sa/s s you lolow him inio th
try to explain lhat you de as mu.h the viclim as arlerTay. He *dpe$ ircm you alonE the
tuxow spa@brweenclose ^way
bu din8s. At the end ol
anyone, the circuNlan@, dd t y !o
peBuade him 0rl you ned him and the other rheaDet he sweepsasidea raggedpieceol ectcloth
viuags no hdm (turn to 45)? to tovpala g.are.He ymls this open and dsps down
hlo Op da.hes 'Cona m, !e .als irom
blow The uea.thly trcwlinS is nerinA tne md ot
rht allyway $ you drep thbuBh th hore after fie
old nan, pulinS thegral shul aboveyou.
-Ihs wat' the b8Bd caur and kols away along dE
$nlng ssd tumeLyou tind youseuir Seingthat
!.u haveliltle option othe! OEn lo keepajte. nim, as
you Favl thFugh tte serer, bnralmostdouble,you PoinE.)Th. thcdy ridd raer awry rh@d or y@
ask 1Vh.E aE ve toing? Hd nudr tuIrhr is it?' dM theE t md tha is Bone,lile tnirt @ rhenighF
'This should b. rar en@gh; the han chkkle .rd bEk, th. .h6 6f hughEr lhgshs td a
brcrolacyou tu hede e, you s thathis body hon6t .lr.r dF appditid ha vdlislEd Pic*ut farestFtch6 inioa prcnoM<ert FIEI up, y@ hobbrlh. r.!l hu<lEd ydds !o the
snout, his eG 3hrch tio poin6, 6n8e6 dd t6
becohe tarotu and claws,erl a hairless tail xhuder
Lon thebaf oI h! spine You suppoF.l svioq w6 6L
Fst afte! you ,or himell Wth a shriekhS .ry aL4ost CoMid.rinA tlp stzriling storiesGrandnothd Zekova
like a luio$ squaling, thwetrat atta.Ic. told you, wirl y@ Gk op headnan if he lnows

ThcHouF of Wqren dd Marl Prirce

lf the w@rar wohds yd moF Ord twi@ add : ro Gaml?
you l:ffcr Tm lo 233
sm, If yd .tefatit, tou k tEying lh. villat of Wdtsle'nl Tmtoj
sty tnough modEr Brinad dpaing above you wbEwolE Ening the@uEFid.? Tmtoj3g
Clisbing rutcd Mgs b 6ris gBte you ptrsh oFn
dd whft you aft mw Tum rojt .
'ls 6'
Rcvaledd ll| r^@eart al ldt, BurSo'6E shaub
uderyG a tEifying E"trlomatio. HL .loth6 d
Depire all you! erertionr over rhelasi day you puh sl@dddashis het horphosin8 body swensbey@rd
you body into a 3print. Leg nuscles bhing in .ll FckoninF Th AuBonaste! n$l have ha.l his
protest,you hae alon8 rhe rud, lati8u Bivin8 way dolh6 hidda cloF by s thal when you and Katya
to an a.lrendin{qelled bst ol sFed. But you can Pursuedhim back !o vd8ennof he just had hme io
st l hear lhe hoover pouding aftd you, Bettln8 dothe hiNeu so as not to mue dy furrher suspr
cloF! aU the lime, and the despelabepntinS oi thc dms. Butnowhb [edib]e,murdeouds<Etpealed,
hose joined by the laughte. oI iL, .idr lhs tte Wftbeast of Valghhof h6 nothln8 ro lose md
rheh.in8 phdtoh hoe ts next [o you md tne .idq a erything to sain, if he d e<rpe. lgrdh8 you, L\e
ki.ks out eith a har.y b6rrd hel, pldtmg noGt r bars tlp Butl]mstr'3 LUow toEM6
4uaftly in the niddle or you bel You m sr 't 6ide in ib bid ror frEdm Fighlhg its way tlmuEh
sFawlinE o the 6rrh of dp rud and rhe stardd, rcming orJ@leF, the v\r@tut
dt yor lq opnon d cxp@d aift (Itr a sdrN^ buGE frm dE mehg h,I wirh you h hot puFuit
iunmnS onax fa!e. thehultjnS Beasteanl, ouPs appr betweh the kesio you leit. Thewolves
you. It n6 inro thenighr.:lm6 thercad tnat lea rumin8 again: d1e hulea have b@he the
tuJther norrh ad easl lnbo th Osov MosEi ied. Bnindthe Dac*vou cd R tne bla& shaE
Thft is thr crrfier oI iM.hod hm6 and band rhe weFbedr 6 it trs with u\e wolv6, Suiding
wh&b d cobbl6, lhe dtde ol ham, dE 3h. bwaids dFir t rSer- 0Est 8@.hl
whimy of rbs, ard thm Krtya i5 Fxt lo you Ei torl in dF tud apF!6, ClFirg slBrply ,way to
Fs in tuo hols puUing a Equisitiond sta86@ ri8ht. W\X you ur8 K.rya ro bke Ois divGid
bhnd then. Quicklt gel on hotrdl shesh@E Yo ro 43) or wix yd l.t her lrep to hs orsi
sr.nd thm sbring dl hd D dMbfouded daz alon8th min hiSlw.y (tum to 165)?
nent, 'Ils the only way w havemy chm@ oI cal.l}
ing up wirh tiat dGter and b.inging BurSohaste 5t
H.I ol Mircrs isn't veryinpGsive irs not very
'Hi vahl'(atE shoub as she aacks dt FiG, ad th p fo. a sran,ud *in8 youFli norphd to b
stsa8@cn tu6 @t ot the toh 8a6 Th n@n i d md thiMer, or shorlered tattr thd you Ealy
risir6, i(y whlre bet@d lhe bqbn6 ktya ug6 .d orly be tu fidy lot e lm8. Th lmgs you
th hols mrar<k.ld8 dE md *Ei lads ftDd y@U starinA ar tE distodi.E niM 0E
Varamhof l,o lh turlhsr iniabitd Point h .[ c ucohlorrable you b.gin lo l1,util tou
Lup6via wulfsreh. TowerinBddk pin6 pt6 i n Moid that othe6 cm s vd for how vou
ftbn ithe! side o( lhe otd ad yN 6nd you6e v a IlE cra6EoDhobiccoind cad bv the
seird by doubt. Whd you lelt valBohof tou .nd ts is.lso sbning to getto you RollhvodiG.If
dE weE hhte. had b*n .hasins doM the we tolatroled b lessth& or equ'r b you.EdcE
beastbut now ,!u aR out in dE wilds, you get th. re, hn l,o92.If it i3 SEater,hrr! lo 73.
rerinstlEl thtableshavebenhme4 asnFiad ed

wddl6 voi spak to you in a lmgxas $al

elhhA d*p itride you, and $.t
'atity awardinA wilhin yd Eponds to its carl.
in a .lran, y@ .ppn.I the @dy bant of lh.
'Il,nd mdDut a nooolt heitahd drve had-
bB into Ed<Jloked depths,rn thedark w.te6 ot
aE p@1,'ts y@ q stjll * the way totrald thdks to

d ene, all lewadDg emeFld lurueffie. Th Iyou riluc dE witd's sraMrN score102 point6 or workhere,aprirl roA. dEt sFeaks
vou oI thewild- uEned Dlac6 ot dE wo.ld. Frcn&
of swaybeforeyou,but you bruh pa
$em .s you sih deper anddepq. on toweds I dE rmitid. Essuin8 wigni of the bladein
eure of the douhlul singin& whicn you cr sti h.rd. you tale d.ep. lnaued bEarls !o calm
nerdspt beinAfar baath d\e surfae ot the? 4 ad eEode to hdt lhe beast'satrdck.wlth
And dlel\ behrM thespnallin8 fo]de. you se tul,the@tw ironyou.
- tlre beauhi mid4. then bng grg hai
stuE out mud thm lile pondwed an aacKworF
vilng {llir fish-whi!. n l.LEs. Tne dlge of . two turths attack Rouds, q if you reddceo
Daughtersor the Dmwned iilG you wrth a he ck WoU'ssrmA to 7 or less,whicnde. d6
Ending piry thrl is hard to re5bl T?5ryer Ski
adding 2 io ihe total tul]ed. lfyou s(.eed, hrm !o 3
but if }!u fail, hm to ti3.
tos tlE daggq acrcs the chanbr, wh@ it
ne6 io dp gmsd at the noEtrr's hr. n,t, prefty
Amed ed wrth )'ou n up. y@ lap at tre cml io6 ehec@s My snvery d&bg, ny tlllMg
ln6 old wikh who shnb while kying to s !s.' As tlE sp'ddftatuft tuser over the
you with hd uaclding wod. ]ou have tihe l,oa.t wlna rhe 5 drtraded.
En ro hd webs(il you lEwa latern
Uth e w i th m f tB sto h i tyo u ,b yw i n rueanAtta
Ro6d, rol ore dicedd mult the tablebl@ !o
e ihe sPrdeFmotuter w weaPon

5 tnse z srdM pohls d.l 1 sKr point shapshjfting sedmt da4 wili a bmhee
tnse 2 srMr poinb, r LU( point dd d the C(Mbe$ throwsh6plJ at you/ clawsdd
add l tolou cNG rce. rngs sealed IIF deeptive masr or appaHtly
E'] F-I trtr
rrbring beaury is gone, with d lady of Mam
Evealednow in her !!e bat-like ndead fom. You
@ goinS bohave !o deGnd youEelt If yoD have a
silE Gos dd wdl to use it, or a Pan of snve!
Can[$ti.ts witn which you cd inprcvEe, hh [o

Youwah for ur bstpart oi the mmin& you wel-

Fced footsteF crying you to the villa8e oI Balci
llE arhiichE of lhe bundings minds you oI the
distinctivesttrlof Shigoiva,alllsharplypoinbedmfs
pable-sdr WlBt Mk$ Balci so rtiffMl is the
d.Ie of mdticoloNd tenls pit hed oubide it The
Camivalis in toM. The somd of a..ordim mut
Eachesyou eds alongm& the'oohs'dd'rnnr'of a
aptivaled audihce A fq ulagus ap &ifting in
ad out oI the {tr6ce. A boardbaeath tie nhm.e
ramd .tales thal the enrryfee 6 2 Cold ?iec8 dd
sndinS nexr io tharis a ErotesqDe litde mm - aimost
D{d6sh in his proponiN. B@ly a meh tal, wior
: ld8 Briming Ia and spindly limbs, he is dEsed
n the nost outran lish dd briShdy colowd dod16
lou thintr(you hnv evd s@n,crcMed with a bla&
bp hat. ]J yod have the codeword xets6 wlrtren on
\ot AdMtut sheei,brm 6 4 If nol, a vjsit to lhe
Cdivare night bejust what you ned to give you s
Lu's rspiie frcn tle ngous oi ytr mi$im. Do
!tu 4ant ro pay 0E 2 Gold md mter the
Gmivale (hm to 1r4), o. will you pa$ by dd ^ter
tE v,Uageol BalciiEelf (tum to :6)?
Adwntne sh..t, tn 6 e9. 1t Nt, yd aF able ho
nE tumel that lis beyond the eve mtrre wirtlt app@ch lhe towd unhindered(tm ro 1D).
ils way up ituide the pdt, l /hfl the daylight drt
Feps in ftom oulside i! but the her Slihnr, yo
emae fiob the h{Gtin8 p6e8flay and stePdom Ihe rdble ald chan dattd io the noor, now jDst
inl,oa b6ad, lowrilinSd 8allery.Not including choppe.tfiwood. YouEeze,yru hearthcin& your
hmel vou dterd bv thft a rour tunh.r llmc beathirt shalw, Sond nst have heard th
l6din to lsewhE vithin the ov netwolk, fiEht od you tmain ela.dy wnee you e, halr
rough FaI! of ea.n is shot lnsu8h with ditfE etp*ting the ladlord to b6t in ar dy mmt. Bur
.olound sam or quiJtz cttsbrg 0{hne you r node@66 wth thepoltergpista.tiwity aPPaEnlly
explorina dr.ave nerklrk ituide the SsdEd P.rl doe with, you try ro Ftne doh again. As you Ue
mat a cNtul notr of tn. pM8raph numbe. of e .wate, uable !o slep, thaks to th adM.lin still
nw Glm you ob.r ff yd 6nd yoNlf ftumi .ou6hg lhN6h your sysEm,you hear dt 5md of
lo edPwl|n lBvr altudy ben, ur * tr a dq oFnin8 foll@ed by the @k or d@rb6,rdr
e sFcifically 'ubld ortlfui*, y6u n.y lkip 4 $heHy mk6 rtEi. Ey dM lt @rirtd [o
|rurs dsihEd ar dBtpragnph e<l 8o sEaig tlE staiE. But vho wo'Jd be n@ing areud the im
ro tlp qii oprirc lisd at dp sd). Whid way d in lh. nid.Ie oI the nj8hf W[ you erisry y@
Ni6ity ad inv6rigat turrls (tum io +9), or win
)ou st y wn@ ye e lor the 6. of rh nighr (tuh

IE rffiwd yeUN cryst l hljwh

The Cadavq doF lo 6e fl@! ed is hotiols
IE widd tuml wilh rh tuour of
a8ain,asDoktor Kafl<asits up, rubbing his hdd. 'She
tnM e aF (@ing| Vd Ri.htn hiss, his
.xpcssion asdark 6 ever'Th Eituationb evd moE
dia $n I had inagind.' l^/hile you ft hmting
Thhowl riss io6 de, iside vou. .hst.nd we doM the VmpGs, shewil b p!tuing Ior your
bht.s dund trE wa& oI the.orrry.rd, H.dn8 $. .rnval keptract ol h@ tud advde wdinS she
3om4 tlp Fmg Hoddr bral otr thei! attack$d M hasby neam ot d dNM rating. wnte doM m you
whimpqing back to thn dm bna6 the walb. If A4Mtcte Sh6.trharyou nting is .]ffidy 1.
you lEve OF codsord N.rtutl written on you ^LAAM
Any @nbats you raclle iron now on, atil y@ N
F-I E?
74. 7516
iilomed othetui.e you will face Vd Fjchtm decide tlEt drde dbSeons have noihnA moE bo
EShtilg at yoc side.Whdfa.ed 'ifi h{o oppolrmts, oller yd anl $ rttm to where you lirsr erhrd dE
you needonly light tu ftut ore -ifi
[o vin t]Et bahlq as .astle will you nw takethe other pasageway dEt
the vmpip Hutea who is a coreumate sword} leadslrom theharl (t1n io 34, o. clmb the siaircas
ma, will do away wi0r tlp oiiei HG arrrtburesaF io rhesecondsetof doubldmrs (tun to 146)?
SKLL 10, yerNA 9. If you lac ody one opponmt
you win gain two Attack, both oI whrch ca njm
that opPonent.I! tbs car, injuis are sustahed It is a ddingly hmest move,t[t onewhich Pa,6 ofi
tney w r ody efi4t you on a dice rcll ol I j Keepa Thn I think we cd help y@,' the mor ets m
.aftnn note oi Vm Richren'ssraMrN^ soE as well 6ponF l,oyu blave adnission. 'cde wjth me.'
If ne dies m baitle you will have to cmtinue alone He leds you imid the conplex, lal.jnB you tio rhe
cros oil the codewod Nrrrrt lro yot AdMtuft Abbey'sherbalist Thjs monkis obed like the fi6 t, his
facehiddm, but he welcones you into lrn workshoP
sheE he quid<ry sets lo work. In no time at . it
'It is dne we weE Bone,'Vd Ri.hta saF, ea8erhlb
away. The h{o ol you st oil ior the home ol th snr hc haspepaEd you a @nction mada rrom
dE di6tiled e$ms of vaious plnlts. You Sive ]t a
Couresr L{lde, the lorbiddin8 Towa of Mam. Tffi
mifi: dE pMa snIs strcngly of nmt. Thi! clnir
n mefiing ol my own making the! s a little
rabnd in Ore, md a drcp o. bo of beladom
dhact, arongwidr other ingftdienls, bui it shoDlddo
D6cendjng dE steps,yd find youseu in fte ddp, rhe tri.l. Now, .Link rl*ply dd fi.ish all of the
musiy tulmk oJ th .asues dhgd lavls.It is as rLaught.'rMth nedou dcitement you takeih elixir
you de explodng dse .hdbe6 ad coridors that Irom theherbalEt.Codd tniBeal]y betheend io you
you hed a wailing howl, dE like of wntd you have quest?Could it @Iy be d1i6simple?Do you want io
heardbelorein thertalm oJdreLords of Lup.aua. As down the draught b otu 8o, a the monl<instmcied?
youplepare to defdd yomer, snetlung Fsembtng r so,tum !o 9r il not, hrm [o tu3.
a .L.onposing wou erupis fton ttE dartness.
sdlhg with iNme nunger,the weEwarB atfacks. 76
Wth a wailhg.ry lron rhe HaadlpssHiBnwatmn,
dE phmLon horF lamches itselr s(}{.d. Meg
If you aE wounded more thd twice, add 1 to you vrems as she loo ts cafied olf/ OE hose galoPing
oIANct soE Il you kiu rhe udead werewol yor away towards the cold orb of dF moon md into tlre

EE Fi-lF-l
nextworld.Me8andtheHi+waymm wercloveisin
lile dd aller [is deathsheFco"ered his evered head.
Tulorhg hcGell in the Dart Arrs, sheusedthe\kdl to
sumon hisspirt bactio iheEarthlyPlae tobcwil\
her By you actionsyou haveboken her evil spcl
md banishedthe glost ol Lord 'lnrhy' LucF ba.k io
thdnoll he belongs.(Re8ain1 rlci poini.) nr
lastdis.erniblcwordsyou hearareMeg's.'Nq not
like L\isl'snektums 'lt wasn'tmeanitobel,keihisl'
And men 6r ghostly rider and 1\]sso(eresslovpr are
goneTheonlysoundthatremainsis thaiof rheund
whistlingorer thcmoo6.
C.roidcringh htrtl,.u hav.lccn pdty toal r/ eCibr?t 79
Tra Orrc s no wry ih.t you .a shy nere a monent ,inrtchinAthe .rofe s Cook Book fr.m yonr pa.k you
longci It nll bea nighton dr moos lor you alte!aU :li.k to the .orre.t pa8e and b+'n ,nLonnSihe
T.sryorr Lk.* If y.u m Luck)r moming .omes cold TransfiAurahon Spell.As Lhewords of power hke
ard BEy andy.n arcor Fur rvnyrgain(th to 69) :dcctyou waLchasVr(olac doublerup in Fin, hF
lfy.n,tum t.466 rody wra.ked by aldher changesHh ran8sand
Jawslengthenlunher,asdo his a.msand legs Th
Transngurarion Spellhas certajnly'vo.(e{l on th
77 a.nnt, but it \as madhim evenmorelike th. savage
Takhg a trn hold of thejrc. Rod)rouhurl it nt Lhr
constru.t.reahft is il it wer a spea.lisayokrSkJt. '.Lr he is steadily becominSrit has not had tlr
rppling innum.! you had hopGt. llrhe you come
II you aie suc.esstul,
tur^ lo2r llyou la,l,in.redibly 'o nght tie Anh'Ly.tuttropc y.u mst add 1 snLL
louhEsyour target{turn ro152) rorntmd:l srlMrN pohts tohissatGdcsbefoicyou
solve Lhc.odbat Wifi a ior of rag., the Var.dlac
73 xou l.apsat you,teefibardd.Ld* 1LU.(pointmd
On thc vcryc of scr.amhg, you d,n our ol ihe l+ll
of Vir.$, ovcB hclmod bt thd fdclings oi paruora
and.lausbophob,r. Add 1 to you.HNGE scoremd
make sure that the od.w.rd Egrr/rs is Nordcd on
I'onr,4d,.irr,.Shrr bcfde tuhing to167
trE tr E
druIlrlMg ]1E sohd bekays the pade oI your
wou.ld bedbsh6 nvo obd monll derg non
eroE sid oI th pilad arcnway They are dEsed
b theme aladosirt blackmbesbut, a thyhove
to atack theho.d oI @ oI th h6k ials bact trcn
his head,with a sh"F int le of bEarh vou G thar
his hadi! hafway bttw6 that oi . .odixa.h .nd a
md, asbla* md naid .s obsidis. As lh handibl.d
nmr niss at narfom.d Fws <lackin& tne you day Ed@ his s&rl $@ by l poinr Regain1
seod monl advd,
'd, aa.hin8 lor you lom within (ufl Point lor h.win8 thc adwetaae dd tlm b r5d
the volminoG slesof hir habit. nE de6 tall
ba.t [o dea.l mdtielile daws wheP Up h6l's
alft sho'nd b. Yd have no.hoie bur b riShr $? wand.ring th harkt sque you 6nd arl ma|rM or
Fddlm ard hd6 *Iing dEn g@ds But ft stan
attEcts ydr pdrioLr.tkntid. It is hua wjrh a
MANDIBLED MONK SarishbaMd d.ddina th,t it b.l@!s ro 'Pluhb6
MANTISMONK Glt - ALhhisr and MtalurgG/ Do you @l ro
r tou nmge io deGar borh nutaterl donks, iu Tod a liRl dno pduing rhalchm'sts srau(tuh
ro5r) q wouLt you athd *N thelEket squaE lor
4oE PE.tic.r iEc of equpmot (tun to r?DP
Altemiively, if you wish, you nay Fin the huting
Pdty in t! of the mering hall (tuh bDd) or
As you urshethe lh wulen swod you F w lihply quit rh. toen (tum to 5o7)
thjn6 like EoAnition ir tre r rhEwo[ s ey6 dd lhe
@ahre reils lrm tou, alowint you to glt in.n 3,
mmb6d skil( bfoE it rdaliater A5 with ey Retracing you ebeF, you hate you way ba&
other wttftrhlft, tne wulln Swod wil cct rhe rhelth ole Lbyrthine ruic. Y& pas thogh a
Ar.h rycdthspE J sr.m points oI damt bbkn colmrle of gaBoyleinlsd 6lDlm. Th
(rather tnm dE suar 2) with dery suGtul slrit. sm.ll et@ @rin$ oI lhe dddi. inF glwe.
However,th swod ss l,ohol.t sme other powa doh rt you with hdvolady @d ey6 and
ovd he hmfomd var@la. md lor the duratio ot letr& tdg.filed bniles- A sinisie4 high-pitclEd
you battreaSaiEt tne n@ho6 of Lupravh .huckle e.I@r rroh the bmln wall3 r6er side of
trtr trtr
yon, followed by the abrisn c sound of stonc sdaping nothin8 but mothenng ddkness as the bo8 draws
on stone. In fie encroacnina darloes you glinpse rou dNn in[o its loetid depths. You involhtuny
movemenr,burwharyou Ormkyou sR causesyou io gasplor ai., swdp wate! rushhg jn toILI yd! lb8s.
donbi your oM ey4. lt must be r hi.k oI Op failng Youdrown ln thc dePttu oi tnebo8.You lile dd ydr
befoP were .lin8ing ro the rops ol ihe shatreEd 35
columns, aE s..:mbling doM ion thei! perches and CuttinA dr bodic fru of Or wcbs, you arc not
advancng iowards you, predatory shiles wide/ stone luaprised to 6nd OEt Lheyap Orse of two dcrd
claws oursiEtcned The malelic preFnce naunting Soblim lhey ar weannA rcugh hide cloLhs md
L\E pla.e las raten physical lorn, mailesrinS h the ha!. small leadrerba.kpacks.In oneyou 6nd a pouch
rnnde.l sto.e imps. OnG again you find yo6eli rontaining a roralof 3 Gold Pi{es and in ih odrerno
fghting lor you LiJe.Fjght the Cilmygogs at the honey,but a finely craited SilwerDaggerinstead.]ln
hvogoblinspere obvionslyL\ievesbut jt l@k lit
ficy got their comeuppan.e Wher they shrle th
daggerlrom,youhaveno ide:.
56 tuvou takethesilvr DaSger,addit toyour Equipmnt
irn and write the.odeword s,i/lDa on your,4ddrrrE
65 jr.zr You nay also u* the daggerin ombat, if you
NEh/ but be.auseit is not ns long as you swoid/
lf yon wh, the malicious rentiene mimathg tle
nor balan.edin fie eme way; if you do soyotr dust
sione mps is lorced ro qujt statues.nre Grimy- i$ht wifi your AttackSftng$ Fdu.ed by l point
gogs shattcr,now jut so hdy 'he shtuds of splhtercd
Ioruriesyou cEe ay cratur with dr word 'WcF'
stone.UnabL torid yousell ol thc tngcrh8 fceiing or t^ ih name,lmwdet will suJferincreaseddmaSe (r
uede you hriy away lrom thc tuitu as qui.ny .s
sr MIN! poinb rad]e. drm the usual r). Tne Silver
Daggerwill alsolEm Undead md demoE but o.]y
rau*s sudr .reatures the uual 2 s.lMNa poinb
Unablot. haul y.urseu.nt of t\. bogyou cdtinue to
sint. S.on ihe clmB,ngmud is np to you. ne.k. Fnaut fteres nothingelsehereihatisof inberesto!valueto
with a dFguFL'ng suchnBbel.h,rhebo8 closesower ,ou so,beforetheweaveBoI rhewebsretum,you
your hcad rnd swalows you up. your eyesse hrve thecave.Retum l,o363to .hooe your way out
F:] EI]
'rhe Oider ol dF Ala& Rce,'you shte coiJiddtlt
Ine old lrrm lo6lrr yd up dd dom one more &d
dEn hriedly ushes yd inside, searing tlE door

'lVeU het, fiiqd,' .ons a lmilid voice liom a

tb.koed omer oI theI(M dd thevampire HDter,
vu nichte$ me.ges iion lne shadowe He is
obviouslypleard bore youbdt ht erpFsid is stiu
a dffk tmk Having lolmlry inhoduced you !o
Doklor Kalka the the of you r*i to th.esurgeon's
@de opdatin8 L\etrc You are tard aba& to se
rhat the surgeo^ appe6 to be pa!t-{ay trtu8h an
:uropsy thep.rtially disded body ries@ a blood-
saainedtable drapd with a 6lrhy sheet.You find
you!*]J wondahg what sort of lFple you havegot

h,nn fie $fte ol you sdeted away in the DoktDrh

bb, van Richte. teu! yd oI thquestthathasbrousht
i6u heE 'As you rnow I m a rmoMed VanPm
Huter, md dre I d @tly tsaling
rRps the Fople or {tds p1a.e h ha ttuall.' Ve
tuchtncertainlyhd you in his thralnow
,lvho is this lifelech?'you ask.

The onewhok Breatestconcemshouldbe thewUare

ol the Fople who owe hq fealty, d| noblsonatr
sho claift authdityde! thisvillage dd ils mviro6,
dF Lady of Mad hesell Coutes holde. I have
taried too long dd bd delayed by dGhacti@ oi
her rEljng eough al@dy but with your hlp I .m

pui an end 10hei Let 6 ady ff*lves dd drn bc ,AJterthat vd Ri.hten is able to joh the fiBlt, so you
on our wa, 10! umeb very mu.h of tl 6m.e.' elidtively have two AHack to tne Cadavert one.
Itre vdpird Hdter h6 a snLL scoE ol 10 but any
Ths is a movchent Ibm uda tlp sheetcovenng succsstul stiks made by tie .orpse de
thecorPse.AI yeshm to th autopsytable.'Wehaw fiom you sr MN scoE, d you ft th me il it
beenoverheardl'KaRacries.An arm, grey-areenwith tryinA b knl. Alsq if Or Cadaver wins h4o Attact
rct thftws op sheetdide ad thesu.geon'sdi${bon Romds in a rcw, t Arabs you by L\e ttuoat dd
subje.t sits up. You aag in ho.rcr at the s,ght ot the L\mtrlesyou lor m exha 2 srAMrNApoints of ddage.
diBdboweled co.pseasit ;s6 boiis feet.A clay like I you vm you. fight wifi L\e Doktort disfttim
filt lashs out and Dokto. Ka&a is mt crashhg to the
floor u.onsciou. vm tu.hren Eads innediately,
uslpatiing his.apier bhde witi a practird noutsh
but you aE the onellosest to the reainated cadaver
You am youseu as the udead cadave!beffi down PulInS you lhveXing doa-ktignF! about you, ]Du
on you widr thmttlrE hdds outsket.ned. et off ams the baren beat! wiL\ only a chill, clo*
CADAWR snLL 3 (seebelow) srNrNA 9 Ge below) sind io! .odpdt Younad hoped you could rudr
ihe shrift before mother night psrd but/ rfler m
Doll,or Kalka na aiJeadybeef to diss{t the co.pse houls hudging a.oss Fmoot a miasmalises lrcm
&d I a @sdt ih perJormce may be affe.ied. Roll rhepatygronnd,limitin8 you visibilily eventu!tller
onedi to se whi.h tudd pa.t, or partr, of thebodji StiJtedby fie cloying mi6t you prc.eed with Brcale!
thc sugeon hasmoved andalte! theCadavels srats cuti@. the da.k hiJts oi loed-bedsat yotr leet dd
'fte spongyI@l oI rhe tuf dde! you bootsindi.ahs
lhrt thf sttch of moorland is b{.hing dd mde
Fntl Rmn?d Efnt boS8y{d treachelous.Aiso, it is not long bfoft y@
(fuoL evenaccuately judge whid dipction you de
r-2 Brajn Redue lls snl by l point.
j-4 Heart Redue ils srrMNr by 2 points. baveuing ir the sual narkeF you would n* to
Braindd Rdue both ik attributosa Ehnale conpasspmis aE ali snoLheEdby the fog.
5 Youarenot dtain you could ev{ Fhae your stups
Heart desdibdabov. qc6sfu Lly.IleE is a very Eal lisl ol you beconnE
6 Intstin4 Noefl.t.
ompretely lost on Imod. Roll lwo di lf the iotal
ln the sdped ofres ol th lab, yd mlst 6ght DUed b l$ tlh or equal l,oy
dretust h{o AHac( Romd6 agaitut th olP* alore. rore, tum to ,6r, if jt b gEaler, hrm to 55
II''] F::I
33. ll you defat tlre VmpiF Hmter los I L!c( point,
Sain1 ^L^RMpoint dd thd ddide how you wdt to
poeed. Itill you @titue wiL\ Vm tuchten's
tusion to put a end to lhvdpiEs (hrn to 10, or
wiUgive up on thb .offie ol a.tion md Fhm to you
and stp thmugh.Tum to 156.

'What is this?'!a ftchtd almostrreams 'Whit
Leavingop bnght tmis or tie Canvale behind you
lind oi a .cat!re aF you tlat you ca comnand thc enle! the vilage of Balci.IheE appeaF to bnorNng
beastsse(mts ot a cEatue of $c n$ht, unle$ yoo
aF a drhE of darkne$ vouel? And iI that i5 th Frrti.ddly speial about tr\s place. Ir has a niu, a
|aveh ad a dd you would tudSethat nost of
.a*, how;ee you ab[ b lool mc?' fte vempire ' Lrspopdac make a lMng eithe! faming the lad
Huter tal6 a stp away frDmyoq mshearhrg his I h.ftaboDtso. hrough foEstF/ h thew@ds ihat Ie ro
eEty rapier You may havel6ld nc once,but you thc $nrh ad eart ot the Ftlenal y@ wish to,
hnv reveald you he nabp to mc nov, and I ud you can afior.l ir, you hay $joy a baic mral or
cmot aIM yd l,oliv ' Vantuchten m willing
hcat and poktG aloS with a n+on of ire ior 2
ro hL qusrlo dsboy the bdv oI Maun I Cdld Prec, whjch wil Etorc up [o 4 srrvNA
ubl anrheh6 deallEth lou Youhavcno chore
but to defod yollflf agaist tour eEhrhile ally !.hrs whethe! you 6t h@ d not, with oE sm
Jt zenr$ a8ain,yo! drid that it; time to ppss on.
VAMPIREHIINTER Incre aE two outes yor ca tal oDrof fie v agc:
$c road easl,siBnpGted towdd! Vargelrhof(tun to
rtt), or r.hewel-wom ha& that leads southasr
\r,rds lne foFst (hm to 5d3).

\iru kndk bnck Or ontenc of L\e .up in one go dd
ir.llow dmply. You feel rhe etteds oJ the potion
rm.diatply, as rhe sleping drau8ht you havc just
I .t.sumed snds you iDb a mcoN.jos stupor h

Etr trtr
91 rs ctushha hmves BfoE you can defend yourFlr
You tum, .ntchin8 one ol what sms like a mrllDn rou lel d icy siab of pah h you! ba.k as the cold
Eflrtions in the mi.io6 suroundinByou: but thc rcn of a baskeLldred sabreskewersyour heart on irs
En{lion l@kinebackrr you is thdtolahaLihumaf !p. You drop to rhe cold. hard .obbles of the stable
wollnin Youdy out in leiio! and loo( dom at your fdd, you heait's blood poolng on the ground
hards lo s@ that your iinSc'nailshave 8rown lo doud you,and thc lisl Oftg y@ everhcar $ rhe
becomrcru.l, sicueedBeri .lrws. You lok ba.k jnlo ulhe grggbnBot lhc bimnid-wit h md tlp wolds
rhclupinEcy6oltiehonnerren{r.d in ftonlolyou oI the headlN 8host. Lito I alwats $t your h6ey
andbln.koutin shdt (add , to your clNcr {oft)
Whcn you cone to again,tou stunble out of th.
Hall of Mimrs b tind thatnight hasfallcnand lhr 94
Carnivalehas.losedto thr pubhcfor fie night Bui In ihe nameol $int Cruc,us,I wouH n.t thc MhoLy
YouJtu.oralone.Tnmto:3r Md Lhemcleanlroh thGremplei'you decl e,.alling
on the spirit oI the long depaitedholy man. ftc
rag8otemiha sldll, {'qh'ngcry [sbody writhing
r romdt. You havedeali LhehoNrer a Sricvour
:lo$ RegainI LUcxpomt md tho tum to 416to ti8ht
.he@ahre, but beloreyou do e redue both ils sxrl
ud srrvNA s.oresby hali

CoNldering hesh hunm llcsh prelerable to Dring

dl heai, tie beetleslcap Iron tnc ldlledlcn carcass
ntoyourpath,Eadt to taketou on lignt ficursects

Sp.inting our of the siablcyou cone faceio fac with TNd DEAIH'S HIAD BEETLE 6
thelliAhwaymanlphantdmstccd.nre ghosdyhd*. TOUTIhDEAIH'STIEADBEEILE 7
rearsup on irsh,nd le8s,trying to rrampleyou bencath .r\ou liI thc.arion (cderr rui,rLo136.
t I
Ya h,.t ud slalh at 6le gh.dly eou bul yod Y@6t r . dunba ttEt is Fa]ly a Mtu.] .hime,
sw6rd sihply pas sbasht ttm8h it. Howver EnB into tie gI(M abore eoh whi.h tou .& lel
th. diE sFdF hneno &tfiarrty in hminS y@, TL e\ omst in OF .o14 moist an of |'1r...v. .o6pler
phdl4m ev.te you with klh dd.ltws befoE ard the ble is not all $nt is novinS i^ lhc.rve
ledvinSyou lor dadon the cold allrud and novlnt TRo zebErr.iFd spidds lap our ol $e sh6dows
onto , ndt victin. (Los 6 5r^MNApoinls.)lt you Il.h ol then F ovr four reetlong, their shorl Power
eudivo lhc rtt.cb you slowly lop .oMiousnes tul legs hurlhS theF h'gh Dto the cavem to dftP
lhrdi.g to tho desperatecr6 of dre Strigoivdns! down on you lrom above.Fight L\e Cimt JmpinB
thy$truS8leagairot wningly odd!
h nd rhcnPlvrsol |ne sp.lral pa&. .
You .on ro th nxt dat lyin8 on tho .old, tEtd iFrChNIIL\TPD.IGSPjDER 7 4
grcund wheE 0p village6 left you, having bM 9{ondGIANUUM?INCSPIDER 6 j
driven back whne fmding olf Ele S!6dy wolv6.a
rheHowlint. FEm tlk pcitim ol ihe s's whiic di< I c,6r oI dE s!d6 wiE rc 1i6r Ad.cI Roud, rb
h lh ladF sl, rd iudge rhat y@ have w.0 Lrpng asdt kElt you b rhe n@i This meas
inro tlE loloqng tltarMa .rthough y@ tel tu tu' yN spnd dE next Att ck Rolrd 8ebg up
btt* for it Eyond dp acd houndary ol tlr rsan (ur!6younave ttEQri.bnnnspeoal ah rry
vilr8c you aE cmfrqd by a Parting of tlP BrF . $hch .e tou jhp !o your tet strarSh aw,y).
wll you lollow th rud 4 it divirtesto tlE nonh (bh Irlr heffi trDt yd m6t 68h' thc ncxl rcund oI
to 15o)or thc cast(tum io r73)?or wil you tale 0r Lolc with you Atia* Ska8th Edud by r point If
l6s wcllued lra.k inio the fo@t, which lies a h . lou dIearthe h{o spidE, whi.h w.y wlll you rake
or m to thc north{asl of StriSeiva(ium lo 3)?

A runnelthroughwhich themoist breczc

A tN.gsay shelr with rcugh,

A pillite hole in the n@ of the cav?

IT'']FI Et r
93 I yd itf.,t you .silanr you slod th Ei of th
Anod|d nidt hdr dE stas b.tG, $ ldwing 0E right eidldt dy turrlEr disluboc an4 in dE
ed mrle a bd ror FleU .hma the fall6 lning@ on you way a8air Trd to 5@,
l@v6'ddDt hrv. @n{r.d hn@th . stand of bcdr
tu. FatiSu.d by travatu, you .e j6t drbppirg
olf io sl.ep when'our
a nappinS 6o@d in th bd.h6 you bardeo 68aitut drtulilt dmonic hou d,
abovemu43 you agan. FdIy awala, y@ rc[.n noE door oI ttE op4 ud a wil.l-hai.t nm,
cafttuny to the rcud: it is lit the beatingoI winSt ding a woh . d patdpd Ebe dd sporting s
md - hon th. gusrsof an rwepht doM ovd yd ally u*npt bsrd..Lsh6 out ot tne building
and stiuinA th l@v6 within tlE holl@ - lar8. lc ishing a Le tilvs G h ft h. d. Tsft,
at thar Ih6 yN s ir, silh@ette<lfo. a nmd il!' he shoub, ephr flymg lrch hir tiF Tsm,
asaiGt rh nod Ir l@lc eni-hutuoid hut ld. d of HeI, b(k lo tlre pit th.t spawnedyou!'At
hugepair of wngs. So6dlsl, dle niBhr- I dE Shucl btuk ofi iE atiack mrb svasely ar
hmtr descdd' You se log, Ieathery antenn.e nar! wh6 0!urs 0E sjlvd cbe! *.n cl6ei and
laryenultitacebedeyee,a 8tey tuNd body ad a sltsl' tum lail, nebt into the mblae or njgnl Tm
oI nouth 6lled with nedlshalP teth Withon
na*in8 dy nob, this dioE ndtumal hutd

MOTH.MAN bc rEve opqr the hu8e bor turd rkrr ro oict

ugh s paSE tu )d do e, a sEor8 mll oI
phur tills rhe liblary and a thict blacr doud
@le*6 in iront oI you. Yo! jDnp lsck sraftld,
kin8 the b6t hom ih l<beh, bul he& nodin8
it qaslE to th. rDud- The cloud sliditrd into a
- ely nelil. uth sEu& d,wed ffi,
rety blad stin ad - n6r hniblv of arl-@ fa@l
ppd within the demn's oI silme you
Fpare bodelen t yolelf agaisr rhesil4r Dearh
Erg a <td6, the S 6t .m only be hamd
b weapG d oG .dt liod s'lvei |I ya
trtr E'] FN
hlv rci(hs, th. il.n6 w slay Fu wh )@ opql Yd q0.r i Lt8., dEuLrqtr.G hrll, lt3
6l.nd. Il you @ defhd yo|lFr, ad y@ l|r@te r polishdwhftedrbL lnlld wi'h d.rter rron
ki! the SrlntD..tlt hn to a59. p6dre rlE h4ldic @r of rlE ndle le* dul
dE Fopbof Mrh Bsr what r lEe ir dulr b.,
[E osr b dEtof a ht|m ltull Mred by r
Th. be stdr. e.!! ol tlE <hrmlE .lriP wilh b wirh winAs o!r*id!d. A axldd tulr of wird
3litu ed Fkn6 ol tEy mld blm i^ hw ndrEE, $Fpht thNgh dE hll .d
Mbling @iG Th. !n $dk ol ror .nd d ii8 dE .lq rnut b.hind y@. TddE h w.X.
erth. Th@ k nothirg of ru|. in di. vault, olhr 5 t'urst ,^to nlm in ltd w.t , Yd rry ilE
th gaping bl,ck nouth ot ! nd., stdewilled Ptt but they @ now lek d, md no mour of
the nddle ot the p.cld dth fld. onG aSdn y gglir8 m you prrl cd iorc ord olm lB6in,
find youell vondeins whrt happened hft. R shudd* at thp-odF.t o, wharnighr you
rwo die li the told b l$ 0n, d equ.r t6, yo th Towr oI M.!r! blt thG i! ro 8oing b4t
c@nr cIrNcB sE, hs ro 9i if it i! tr.i.r, On Er. othr slde of th. 6Eue h!! . bqd,
i*d stdE shn@ lplr.b up to itE iop ot
iow &d doq to . a!! ld.l .rd b.vqd. ott
nu?<ic it .pFE rhrr $. rt itte $E
Yd clin! . bdi nighl ol st 16 up to dE ro rc t6d &ov., ! vr{ a r ellr.rn ot th! ro@. T6tin8 th d@ble dd! yd Lvl bd4 Yd h.E E dEiE blr to q @
fird thlt tE/ @ tut le|.d and s, GuEourty Pqlf .tir! doDin 6!ttE wlra wil t@ .41@

Eosd nd (whrE you @ now)?

Teding you yes away from tne .old g* of dE
moon/yd pdl you! cloak wm n+[er about you in
tu anmpt io kep out the irezing clnll Ddding it
would b besi !o kep nnng tor lear of suaDnbin8
to hr?othmia, y@ continue onwards thrcugh the
i9 ni8ht. And ltun yd .akh si8nl oI somelhhg
dartin8 thJoud thewinFy w@ds. But whmyou tuln
you ndd b08tt a clea6 wlewoI the Elitlerin8 iiSue
,t is 8ore again.Folllft hasit that thewild, stamed
plas ol lhis a.dsed lmd aie habd by eldatal
spi.ils, not evil 6 su.h but.apliciour their intentiom
unloowablc md OErcfor jut asdark ed uFttling
with anoricr sharp dDp in dr tempcrahm ammd
yoq Orcbfina Eveals itsclt laping onto Or pa0lIl
is no moE tlw tbne feetiall md ]mks like it is mde
entiEly out of ice.Ib lEn consGtsofspiky rpstmdinA
i.icl6, its nG and cnin ae ponhd md sharp, ib
aG md le8s stick{hir. The .reabErs hands and
rcet ad in glinting ralons ot ice and nouih is
sp@.l leaturally wide in a shart lile 'rs grin. Irre
spnte o.ks iE head o^ onside, ad ins you wjrh
its potrating i-bluc gde. Ils teetn aE rever slil,
chatterin8otutdtLy arl thc whne u gibbcrsboihell:
.:,1 'Iciclcnoe md lrozen t@s,shurt.ld md! .one
&e mows. Sliv6 of i.e md Jrostft ni, loav the
herd| dd pay the pn@r The
co tinn6 its 6Fer abouton dE Eoh pa& in ftunt of
voq trchvelyblocking you. way. If you drinl( you
know the re spnte'sname,tum to fl3. If not how wil
vou pFced fon here?Il you want to threater tho
@abE io ruke leaveyou alone,bm to :r3. Ii you
F;l Ell
*ourd raL\er ey mother/ le$ aggtssive, rPProa.n harpsichord. nodr. dmr leads our of the Music
Roomon Or oppcite sideof Lhe.hanberYoustart
to .rcs trc Imn bui aE baEly hauway acrcsswhen
104 aSreatcacophonousnoieeruplsfromtheinstTment
Ar.hels Arcr is a skaiShtfo$dd game of skill aoud you, a jmglmg of bens, hvmging ol hrp
Ar.her foi t is he wio rss ihe stall and his nin'gs, jinslmg of keys, crashing ol .hords dd
a$istdt, an arhactive youS womd, have seLuP tmpcting of homs As thespetraLm6i. .onthuos,
dle ta$ets at tne back ol hE boodr: I Gold ?i{e \.u ru for the Fcond door Roll hro dice.If dE t6tal
buys you threerrrows witn which you tnve b njr the E les tlm, o. equal to, you c
tarSets,onejn eadr.lf you do noLwant to Play tur to 25 lf it is greater,you matc it out of Op dm
162now)jlyou do,Fad on. suffcringno alter II{ts (tum to 3r)
Younmd over yon. monoy lo AEhe. who saysl,ohk
assi6tdt, 'Cone on, r.iscl, Slve our dElenger his
tuee drcws' (ll you ha1 the codeword Rdtstton u'nlnhndLvtgort You continuedbmfo.mahon
you,4dhtre Srd/ aftcr yd have inished PlayinS, rto a Wetuolf hN Aratd you an m@ased
reiabolism md ftsistmce to danage Atrer a baEle
iou nay restoF up to naI the nunbr ol s'AMrN^
To hit dr tust hrBer uidr tlt tu6t axow you mu.h
?sr Vor Srtrl: you succeedif you mal a succcstul lb'nts you lost duing d]efighl Also, if you sufier ay
ilu.ies outsid a conbat situaiion you nay reduce
nll. Do Or sde jor the Fqnd tdget and trrbw bnt ne damagesuhined by 1 po,nt. Mat a note of this
add r to 6r nhber you rcI when lisrng yor Sftil/, ren spo.ialabiliryon your,Adp,rkr sfitrrmd then
andon thedrndgoadd2 to ihenmler rclled lfyou an to dp paragraphwith the sde nubcr as the
su.ceadwrth all firee rclls you win 5 Gold lziees and Jn. tou weE lasi Niructed lo wite doM.
then have io leavc the stal (tum (r 157).rl yon rrrl
my of the rclls yor los You may have uP io $Pe
eo;sberoreyou haveto moveon hon nere(tulning r07
lnu hufry over to ulrich. At Iirst you are thritled t
a that he 6 not dead he les thcrewith d hand
105 ilmped over the woMd l,ohis tnml - but then you
You find yourseli in a lLddly decoEted chmber rahse thar the.eis soncrhing elst!.ibly won8. By
Or displaytue aU m:mu oJ musial ne lght oi you lmtcm you se. that LI..h's eyeF
lutcs, viols, horns, a harp dd an omaiely :ive hrned blood rNt ad his fac. F pulsahng, as
Fn r-n
ubugh otbon6 bhe01 aF ledr$girg rrmelvs
Tte woDded woo<leru 616 yd widr that sde Sinc ny Fndf.rhd's time rhm h6 bM rrtk of the
rd{yd staE. Rur' is the ft dr*hible md he {ld w@ds Furd tlE partl b.in8 hrmd. Evcry
neg6 to utld bef@ his voie bffi d dimal ore in . whjlc . wrdnina b.ABd d a .hild would
b*. Backing away n hmi6d di$li.l you..not *ay lEm lh p.lfi md AelI6i in rhr w@dI, nevd r,o
t..! ysawry d Ulrich sull6 his oM n6h- bt sq agalr. whs4ei that happerod rhe v li8e
'our FdEfo.nation, His body eweUs,hffiting ttr woulddlw.y5l@lkrowinRlyato morhe!and
hb cloihs ar the seas, bemming coveEd in thic} e, "Th Howling cdnedthen dd lneywar ,,,
bown hail Ar th se line lh whole duE of ris
iut whai 6 theHwlingl yd 4L
hodchaSe Saining, mout 6d la8-flred mw -
whne his heds chdBe into h@!y p.k He r@ i5 r Tom ey it is the 6ll of lhe wild. SomerlEt k rfi
stjn<hegd bul $. pcond sljn he wed bftath th6ts ol .ll the einab lhar h.v ben huted to n
his hmd oneir lhat or a *ild bdarrRiiins on its hind violent dd h the wild w@dr' Konnd gos on. ,Brr
legs,belowing leecioulr 0 weebdr ;ftactsl You *ha!eve! it Ir ovo thelat yer theE havebeendor
haveno .noic b!fto ,i+t you fiiqd. dd noE strhBe effi.6, util last nonth eh@
t'e atta& bege. art ytu,l] * to. yotreU sn
Slow io dgd ad yerhidy dmgebE re dosd,
\one dF eisr, but fling a lot t* crrai4 you do
Ulrid the weEb.r is a lomidable opponent r he
what you can to pftpe [o tae wharder ft is that is
wosde yo! nore ola h{ice, add 1 to yod CE^NGE
soF. Eyou win thb bafde,hm !o roo, thftatning slriSoiva.Tlm to 195,

Arler *qdug you haveba bld or dirored $
far, you really do begin boina8ine th.t t}lis is ar] too
eas). Lowering the cup tou tale .3i.p towads L\e
nonl, nying to pet hdr hL owl ]lE urFipstd
blM om6 iroh b.hind a a blut isrrusi daclc
actc th b..* ol ),our had- You u.Nio6 ro
lh nd or thehe6.nun t@ 2 rdh^ poinE and

F-'] F;I
adventueendsvidlyoubodysmahedtopi*es on Not fan/ surewhele you are,who theme is, or why
the rocksat thebotom of fie gorgefr below. hc s .hGen to tale cre oi you, yod mdblc your
thanks.'Come,sit. fteE's sdethhg I havc to sh6w
you' Cauhously you rise lrom U. bcd and j6in tho
You wal@ircF a feverish and tcnifyhgly rc.listi. ma at rhe rable 'l'n LrLi.h, md I mak. mv litin( as
dFan, in whi.h a polf is snappingit yo( wilh niftster in rhek wild woods,' h. sys, p-iLi"ilG
slayeringlaws You open you eyesand 6nd youreoll hind asyou a On the tiblc in fontof rhc
lookhg up at the cobwebbedrtrften of a woodcn woodsnanis a bmdle of ceM, bloodsia'ned cloth,
sha.l Youare suddoly bought back to thc ptucnt and you find you6.lf wondc.ingwhy a sen'ngly
witha starl,arushol unbiddmandunplasmtnch. dccmt nan would wdt io livc our herenr snclrt
orics whlrling $Jou8h your nind. You rncnbc! wild, islaf rd anddanacmus Pla.c.
cilchln8 si8ht of tie hut beF'een the rFes, a bcacon 'Whathepened?'you as*,uable io rateyour cycs
oi nopo in or cold,wolJhauted d8h'. Your rdl olt lhc..imson bundlethai lcs bebven thc iwo ol
nrol(tionis apainhlone lie ev,8e atrac!byihc vou.And s Ul.'.h Elar6 hF raFion ol ddnts.I l.
Blick Wolf - dd drd vou Fdl rhe lace ol iho Nas insidh'5 shackwhen he heird ihe wol\cc
rvodsnd perinE down at you, his :!e Snpped horrlin8andvour cne! Takin8up his arc,he rushdd
limly in his neatt hmds, ils shaJpedSeruddvrsirh
'l Magd rolav a svaSevo6d on tlEt bla.k'
Bur now you aF lying on lhe mcomfortabk, nraw. hccxpl3ms'Scntit pacth& lnc rstofiBsdry pn.k
rtufed mathes oI a pallet bed You foi.e your$lf t. kurynt after,onccthcysaw tn.irL orbstd'
sit up andgaspn pair fmm tlp savagewolibiteyoo
eerved to your shoulde.'Youwmt to tate.ard ol 'You wantd to show me $mL\in&' you Fhin.l
thar,'you hea! a gruf voicesay md you tuh in
surprise s incing againasthe woud smarts- lo sdo
a tlx.kser. beardednar $idng ai a table ncrt to i
sronccnimey brasi, snoking a pipe. His canwoii
Idccis Litby the dull olmge glow of a fiE, cracklingin
thc hcirth. 'I vc .leded ad die$ed the vound .s I .in but its goh8 lo take time ro lEal.' A candlc
bums in thc whdow dd oulside all is shrondedin

'I^ded I do,'he mutrae ard b.Bc io mm! th Do/@ ent io thrw th. chdgbg hind inb rlE fft
budle in tont o1hin 'l rold you I dalt the wou a imdiatly (hrh tD .9o), or d6 you want ro a
eva8 bloF. wen, in fad, I cut oil itr paw At ledt, ir .lM l6k at n fi$t (hrm to r39)?
wasa pEw io beginwidl . . .' Ulrich peersba.t the last
strip oi bloodstaineddotb'Sut tell m,d@stharl@k

Youslilli ly hl onrol of rhehotg ad th siage

Lying on the taue n frmr of y@ is a gnfftert blftk- o.h.n6,mitul*tBsudder yflatinB,'Duhr
IurEd claw,el]rryh@ betwen A h'llrd hnd ad : tdibl @ frch h.lind and felyour blo.d tE to
a wou's paw Ho@r ei3ls yo( hean in its chilint
gnp. BetorcUlffh evm rE a chece to explair! you
.leady kmw wha' lF ts soing to et 'TlEt easn t a
wolf thrt atta.ked yon out tiE in the woods tonight

'Wffiolll'you 6nis1l Yd lnow whnt tnis ffi, ll

woddlplainy.[f evaish|6. dhoribleh.llkir'
alory d@h. Fo. thebiie of . w@or- a lm clrsi f3
lo lale on the loq ofa goU whfi ndr iSht barlB al rinht blor the dmm d% slups ro rhe
lhe vorl<l - ca; th dead dlseaF or lrdtnrop, '1u orbultrg nilky db oI it3 blind eysrrl
Dr *u3de atfliction drat is apoNible fd ils 6wn 3hnn8 up at you, As you wat h, rhe shuct,s body
bgN to blbble and smot di$otving into a foul
SlD6tly htrfomatior. It ts .s good d a .lath
blac! slin. util all that is lIt d a fw boni rnd ik
st6ce, io! widDur cue, the only futue you .d
yeuMed f:ngs, You lot up ro se oEr the door ro rlE
lool foMard lo is one or nadnes ad nude., 4 thc
wor side you rtrutale to fre iEU dd $tist ib .hapel+hriro E oFa. A wild-haiEd hd, dEsd in

You slare .' ih gDbesq* obj<r lyins m dr bbl.

Evdn aB you wahn, it aPPed t6 noE
nman and lssaimal in lod, seingyou rea.tim,
Ulich says, 'This h o evu th$t and should be
d*hoyed. Throw it into the fire dd be dm wiL\ it'

F;.1Fr-l EE
whit does nol lvcr rhe Headle$ HiShvalhd
At you ilnal, lillins strcke, rhe gidt naSgot 8oe dc.laFs tlihphddy Baiely controlring your .ising
irto ifs death LhJo6. Conwlstng violentl, il thrashe *nsc oI pdic, you .hoc. a di(crht ouM of aclion.
about in the djct h6s of ow. yclow i.hoFbl@d. Nill you try to dcskoy thesldbol marlcd out m dr
Its $Bmdted Fail h s one 'b of the indM'buhing noorof rhe stabl.(tuh to ,41),salch up Or skull
brzies, sendhg the brass sbnd .rashing lo thc n6or lrum to 295) or run for it {hilc you siill ce (tum
md lbt coals .dading acro$ rhe t.gstdnes of th.
hchrary. S.v.ral of L\ets cone ro Esi aoon8 tho
gafiaPd swatli6 oI .hurch vesrnents. ln neF
mommls dp fabnc G ali8hr and wonds later tE has saking your way btuan the blt, shuply Pli.hed
pizd hold oI tie Abbey buildinS. lt ionehow srm5 bu'ldinSs,you a;ve at they lagesquaE/wheE an
6hg dEt the conption thal was at work here mpbmpu nedng .ppeas ro be talcngplaceThe
shodd now bp puged wilh fiF. (Re8a'n r LUcx ullaScEplwnr ae all carryn8prrchfo.k/ rythes
:nd other obj(6, wh'ch n,Bht well b inprcrised
irrpons As @n as rhey b(ohe awe ol you
Talmg noLhDg hom this dffiated lehple, you ne
rh Abhey No one b6 to stop you as you M back
f rrknc, a hDshfalls over the asmbled thMB dd
r I cysI'i on you,naling you lel in.rdibly
$rcu8h rhe @urtyad to $e dain mtrance, and lbn n dable A lem, niddleaSd ntu, wiul rhiming Brty
rheF you follo\v ilp vnding ha.k ba.k rhbu8h thc hJr and wcaring . chah Milrovdd leadrr tuni.,
.!a8s By lhe t'me you Etum b |nc hi8lwit th niShl Jrrach6 hilull lrom thc dowd md apprccn6 you.
sryro theeastislitnplorn s aomd by $c blazinS
bea.on ol lhe bming Abbey.
Erenhlarly you .an 80 no turther wiL\out stoppbg ro
Est. You slep lithrlly, in a drich besdc dp rcad, md
cohe the nomhB you aF on your w.y .aain. Tuh

You dehver what you would have ihought wat a
tn[ng blow aAaitrt lne HiShwayman's body. Bur
whaCsft stl]remdeadcdmifr lstillslands,lauShrg
ar you van arempb to dsh.y hin.'You cannotkill
E'] FI t: n L 1 l
H. holds hi. han& opd b slFw dEt h naN @ iI, 13
but tlE <abbarded sE rd bu.tled to his belt and lh. Conv.rr h. btteE of dp winld .ldatal'r dft
sEely l@t in his 9 scg6t dus M F no o h. hfo nmb6, ain8 rh..d.a=1,b=2,c1 E26.
loole<lkith. 'Ho, frieni,'rE caib.'W don't 8el nan/ Add th numnE togthd and thR tuh !o th
s! vkir us in the Farb. I{hm e you hon par.Fap\ wruh i5 oF !3ft 6 tn. tolal It th
ed what .e we do lo! you?' How w you Mswer ParngraPhrDks tu 9e you havegot the @ahE's
th. hu! quesrion?will tI him the trulh, thal .a@ krcn8 dd you aE toinS to hav to Ey a
you were travellint th@ugh 'ou Op ba.ld@ds who dilleMt appm.h W l you hreatn th @atuF to
you weF attackedby a pack or wolve (tum to 57)? kt you pas (hm to :r3), or wtu you hy sonerhing
WI you tU hjh tlDt you wF krveuin8 rmn
PriEb.d lo Soflen whq you left tn. tud dd
bede lost in the loEl (nh !o ar5)?or wirl tou reu
hih ih.t you @ a wandringsvord-loFhiE in r.Fn
Br.vely - or f6[shly - you sp up she of op
ot d .nplotr who hignt appl@b your gNi.6
nudSy EH b6ln ih a ldle ad Fis it ro yN LiF.
In one bol.l a<tim you g p .lom ib ont6b. You
3!ep at tlE loul lash and it t all y@ 6 do ro 3top
rau 8or8. risinS. slowlt aE Foti6 ia}6 etilcr. A
a,rin8 Sloe 9d.b thtughout you bod,
You bkd AdE's aislant to ft side. OrEe ell Evihrirhg *6y 6hF 6r ttu beiry. You h,ve jEr
has6nlin.d oEt her @ is lrisl you rell he' ho$ $rllw.d erc tind oI h.rlinE potim, R6!oE
q^MN^ poinE equ.r ro h,lf you lrrltrl sr^M!^
you set her EEther Hatu at ?'t. Gtbtu 7N AE yo!
teUhr of hh heanbrcto Fdd ror hd, in o'dr ro <ore, tudirt Facri@ up, drl Educe you.lhc!
<oE by 4 pohE (noting that * @ot drop below t
bring her hone again,shebrte into te,E. 'I was too
FtalinE that there hop yet tor your .ause, will
hiEry,' she saysbetuq eb' 'I should not hav lefr
hohe $ sudddly. Oh hy p@r HN. I mst retuh lo 's
hh Tha* you, sE6ger,Io! bringh8 m nwsoi hy
brcther May the gods bl6s yoD.' YN r@l tha warm Ira" lhe kitchs dd lale theother
glow ot a Soodjob weU dme and I@l tntt you hrre PassrSwayleadinSfrom the
achievedshething to help Fpatr thebEkm Flation'
ships oi M unhappy hde Rai^ : LUcxpoint tnd Larc .nd p6s thn8h thedoubled@6
ar rherop of drSrandstai(e? Td ro {6
trtr F_:tF;.1
ln a bust of briliat bluewlule lht liShhhg s
.hnlerl thm6h the vdios conductinSrcds dd
wie to lne raDe,m whichlis thescjentisfsugodly
@atim, Ih pan-negl! pan-mclire mtrud jolE
violmtly with the ubridled eldmt l powd or the
stom co$ing lhnugh iL And tr.m the violeme oI
3E lenpEr pas6, ils echoMbli.g ov& th dist nl
ooutain peal6. For a momdt all is stil, tLe ai!
loud you hot witn the rml olbffit ozom, but th
olh is short-livd. l,ifi . Ii$ of steaning pblotu
ad lhe da'* of neddi.,r join6, dle
@atim strgg6 to its fet.Ib jaw dsF opd\ 'l1@hoc
dl a tenible nNg wail. 'ft! alivel' the $iJ i5t
shouts wid| shridld gle. 1J@ again win dpy
&(@ Po6o. AGnm of bint a nadmel' and
hd h bcls nro a fit of htsbical ktrghEi 'And bo
hi^k, you hav had {E hmur ol wit6ing ny
dtt with lurntsinA, dantinA sleF adre on
Fu, ams oubtrer.-hed You knw you nusl at lsr
atlenpl lo stop 0us thjn& pbich should nvr hav
bntlvo life at a-Ll.Ih only suitable weapon you
might hzv at yN .lisposr is a Ircn Rod. L you
h:vesuchdobjed,tuhtoz. not,youe 8oin8!o
h!"e to Ely m old st*i onceagain(tum io 42).

with nl you weight hdginE Eo m hdd, as you

*i!cn for your nqt tootlrold, ihe bn& yor e
holdhg comes lo6e. I$thctivly you let go md
E.h tor $oth.i but ln your h.ste ydr .lukhin8
fi!84 sLip m rhe w.l moul.l ed 6ndr no pEhe You notie dDt the mm ;.6 veioE dErltr d
Unb.Lftd, y6u Ie y6u lmting dd plun8. inro daiN rud tus cL On. of the sbrE ro pulj
lhe pit Yd Nt tli. boatoa with a spb$! landjnS h t widl a wam yerbw uthr &d h. tEts hold ot ir, G it
f6l of ioul w.lrr, mon8 h..F o{ hnlLd slft, ror lcl|@ 'J6t c sFr.d,'lE eF drxj/'
jding sh6urdE .rd tuntng yN kR. (Iff l 'dx wbE is upon yoq nitht' cMtwr' YM fel tnat ,
sm '@pointr md 1 snl point.) Paintullt you pul] brnle is inwitabl,6d draw vru swod in Rdits.
youn lf t6 y6u fer.Tuh td !i. Tuh to465.

Yor find youEelf lollowin8 r dope downwa.ds into a
sidding Grddmothd zekovo . h6ty lftwelL you
.avd, whicn G little inoE rhan a wi& hlmj, witi h{o
lEd into th. night me hoF, Ltl.h at you sid.
hrtha hDle lead ing off it. Gold gl@ n th darl-
You d detdind r,o M UE iMe l@ti. to
ns, a 9M of tE tlitierint yllow mral @uJsina lrcud and ?ut m ad to lhn lvhg nightdd. Il ir
dKugh ore *a! whm il @n6 to rhe surfae. Lyint ml hird lo @t tn. wolv6' paing. You 5@ 6rd
rndM o ttE 8Md, t@th tlE sd of gold, is Fus.rv6 d@ding . prth .l . rt@bling ii! 3E
th b.dy ota Dw.rl FM th relhl @dl tud 0o Elil srft*n qrh qpc.d @b. Yout<@e asN ol
hEhrnetand ln.pi.lrr.lFsathissid,dweua dirbnr ylF ad howb. Behrd yN @mG a flddn,
thepa.k still on hi! ba.k,you t.r@theDwarl !o b. $dlins !w yo! tum ro s th Dla<l WoUleucit
pFsF.toi Yo! ..utio$ly fru<h dom rext lo thc trDn the dep darbs b*en rhe Es. But
ais hme ts Ulrid eho to the iaret the .Eahrre
body dd leL lor a pul6e.flE Dwad is dead bul what
tiled him? nM you soethe h{o pm.t@ hol8nr h$ Even8eon ils mjnd, Youhe aiicrmirg tuch
hb nect nEy look U(e tnGo that miBht have hNn bd Uldch howls in pain is the wolt sinks ils teelh
nade by a vnpie - o. r very LJg spider. II you inro his thtuL Thn the woodsnn lies slill. You
wat to earh tle Ddl'r hody, tuh to 166.If mr, warch,Ir.26 ror a hom6l in disbe[evinBhom., as
you w r rDve lo l6v. lhit dividing of dr p.t!: but th woll ri hom Uki.h'3 DFn. fom md vou
E.lik t9t it i mw sr.rxtnS o^ ib hind legs. Oiiy
rt @tun is a wou no 1n8.. IE body i5 stEFd
Aldlg dEI@ 6wl.paco{M qit? Tlm ro97 ho lilc iIBt of . .lrh.ugh il ir still @ysEd ir
Aldg a wid ciNLr luNl2 Tutor{ @ 'M,
bL.l tur md lBt llE llmtt ]eable $@r &.t
r{dg a slalact ehung pegryay? Tuh lo rar .mv-tip @ oI a woll. Il has bone $nerhin8

tr"t F;l
Eorc lhm bd*t md les dln hMm. lips drlin8 flM, Yd 6nd kilths dd sruate @tr (m.l IM-
back6on blodied 6ngs, the Bla& wwdr Bsls .ge !o lind a@8h dly Boods !o bate up 3 Medd
m@.in8ly md tll1G tMa.ds you. Yot har no worth ol Prcviiim) l,ur the nGt impesiv loon id
a l,Ia b6nquetinBhall, IXe table,wnich ii set io4o
diMerSuests,hasbedlaidlorslppd buthowlong
BL"ACKWIREWOTF sKLrT srAMrNAT ago?The plales, dd dlty goblels @
Thebeastwil not rm fron ih$ Iigh. and you wiu not aI @vEd in th lin go$md vensoI spiderwebs,
let i. Ore way o. @ther, ihis will be a fight to ihe Youmy t lc a pan of Silvr Cddlesti*3 jlm the
dcaih. If you pEvail, tln !o 29. tablebut th G Farly nooting elsoi Ge to you her.

ThiNbnt ih expoed flde of you ldtem touches
th han8in8 obwebs, th silkd sFards bNr inio 'Mi@ mircr, her ne sFdL Trp Silwr Da88eris
nde The liF spFads hpi.Iy 66u8nout lnc chrh- whar| rck.' As @ asyou lDve +oko, dE glN h
br,with the mdsrr rnppd at its c6kt r^ith the l'onr of yd apFaE b npph md you En$on
Spid.rQms bLdd{hiling mam ehoing in lad6. Ir G EpracEdby rhe imAe of a 6nely daffed
your ea6, ye ne uE beiftnd ove. Ih cavm silver Dagger, s hilt lomrds (Regain r LUci
onsmd by Em6, dri.lbla.t troke poG inlo th. '@.
.eh{ork 6f undrgrund ftllfuli yon wiu not bablc Add th SilwerIhBg6 ro th Equipnor L$r d yout
to adter dr ave IlN- If y@ aft going to qtinu. ldwrrz sra!. Yd fry E lhe ombal, lr
*.rding tlE.av6 bmsth SundEd Pah n.rr . }'ou wish, but b.i@ it b not b..laed in the s.h
note tfat if you are ser giwm the option ol lisirinS a ay .s you sword, you n6t n8ht with yM Anack
Pfagraph 4rr tou nay rct chooF that path. Tlletr Strengthdu.ed by I poht. Howevei injuries you
aE only hro ents fion ihis plae. U/ill you tollow th. causemy cahF widr the word'W*' jn iB nme
bmel of stalactites(hm io G) or the stalAgmits
tuftI (tum to {o5), or will tu quir rhe spider
infestdcavesalbo8ether(tuh l,or31)?

The of the ToweroI Mau b ld8er thd you

had at 66t orought.The mh towd k@p obviously
ris6 abde OF mo xtetuiv layout of the gftud
w'n suffrhcsed dmage O r^MN^ poink rdth.. rt!h.gtcd.Rturecdbn d.dbytheold!r*l
th$ UE Effir 2) as the pE netal is inini.dl fo ol tie blde tlu wild butit EShL!b.d w h 3izllit
kjnd, The Silve. Dagtr wll alrc h.m Undea.l ed hol6 ot aryy. Everyrin. it n td a sc6ful hlt
DenG but n oris@ wll ause thc sull 2 ar^MrNr rtril$t you, the n.ldoldt M.NiSht slU .a@
rcu , rr^MrN^poinb of damte. ff you Lil th. wtl-
o.tFwrp the ur ooh 6016 hdldtng its iod
bgeth{ .llslFte inro tE air, leaung be-hlndore
.lErp rh.U oI o@rc, as 0E @ahe fuE aw.y ro

P$ rhNgh thods dd- IG to t.t.

n. m* .d!nE yu ro dE A!hy, lc.dh8 Fu
tlteth dE turpler of sluE buidhgs to lhe d@i
Fing*dF bnah againsr er fibl@ 16{ .nd rh4 bry |gaed id wandding pilgriG. llE h@l
wirt a lurd\ yd n&ge to e!+ hold a yo! nnt tDe. y@ lD. dnpl. p.llel b.n dd dE dep.,r3 A
6oths few irdE into th Fart oto6. lt is . tlow Uhl.LErFlhEnd - his lac bv rlp @l
.nd tirirE pn6 but in dE dd yq h.MA. to pdl ol h!' lit ltE tEt - brh8s td . borl or
yNrdf dn of th. *.np, uril Fu li. p.nrinS tt tt.!6int '!b.b'!.tr ad..up of der s.t r.Doy@ wdt
b@th d ttE gEsy mdnrd As Fu li. ttR, |(ilh8 itltllt odrh!rbnrh6btuAhlye(tuhtoqj),
stmgrh Frlm b rur erlin8 linb6, t@ L<ft d wodd y@ EtlE 6t y@ M prceiliE (d
awe of. pulsrin8 lght d@ bJ. tdEn8 up tou Fdfi8.t.X) bd@ sdding doM btr dE night (tuh
d F nidqing rEr:hlighrs hdairg dd rh! b.Btt
8Md, glrying wirh a *inrilLtinS gH ldlrF
(tm. Th mov@r of lh bobbing b6!s ol li8hr ll
ht?noti..nd y@ aE qFan.d by tlF str.n8e d.ntns On iipte tou @dr up ed u yN 6ng4 @.r th.
movftnrr oI m in pamdbr Th. tlowint n.Eh- ha8. ol C.!rb Wtllen,6 the old wikn advi*d, Th.
LiShtis surAin8 tiopads you, ad i5 now plhlng r or& t t ! t .l digndy asd ad, @nfid6r th.r rhi!
h.levolni silmn You bftly have tine to Bet ro i lh ophlnE nEhaih lor lhe ret d@r, you
you dd ursheatheyou sod bioe ihe Will, .pply pEs@ at fiis point With a clct, a door
olthe-Wsp is upm yo|a i^tmt on ,ee<llnt otl your hj.ldd wlthin tlE paintinB oI the fr! oI LupFvi. -
dEl ytu wodd mvq havbm abl1o6nd otheMile
- rwtnF opa, Bydd is a mw rhore dt4iEa., Do
WILLO'.THI.WISP you wbt ro cthb thjs tw shi@. (tus bo5a) or

114 435
would you rather lcavc thc Map Room tircngh thc 414
door n lhe itu wall (1m to 311)? jtep thb iat'0 sinisterCmivaleMasl,er sayswith
r Fvinklt ir hn.f6. Y@ h*6 him 2 Gold PieGs,which
131 re .atchesh hn bp nat. 'Stayd hou or stayaI dat'
Takn8 a deep bFaLh you approach the bd ed !.hnnps, but djoy you stnt cone lvlut nat/.'
mqunc as ro rhe costot a room lor the nighl 'Three ?.sring beneath tlp 'Canivale' t:mer you explot
Soldpie.s,\alf board,'hesays,'onegold pir.e for ic fan beyond.Ilrer aresi dfferent sp{tacler OEt
just lhe roo'n.' lr you are wiuing to pay tlr I Gold
npture you. nieFsi. The lirst 6 a mdnighr+lue tent
Pi.ccs,you find that half boardh.hd.s a ttulrd oI :nbellNhed wrrh r ver m@c and stars,beaDngihe
ile anda cold,spit roast.hick.n,shi.h rstdFs up td :ame.: 'MadameZelda MEtre$ of Mystery'. The
4 srAM'N^ Pornts.If you or y pay for tlr rdom ydu a$nd $ a gaudily puted wagon $ irh the le8end
w l harc to eat one worfi of Proyisidns to HaUol Mjftrs' painbedon the side.Ne\t comesrhe
rstoe any ener8y.r4'hatcvcryou decide,) ou nay Jn,nous soudinS 'caBe' and alter thal a stal called
now erher redie to you ioon (tu to :53), or siay n \Ehe1s A(ows'. Then there is a one ne puppet
ihe bar dd ky spcilinB to the lmdl.rd (tum io r55), :now, 'Master oJ MtuionetteJ, which is attacting
ure barnnid (hm to 133)or dle ntense young man
turrea.rowd. ljst oi all thereis a 1tu8etentat lhe
:enhe oI the Cmivale, whicn has a threatdlng pair
n gloweringeys md fanA-nlkd openmonfi pahted
'Bal.i lies to Lhemrrh rnd turthar easrof heris Mau, rn the thi& cavas. oubide tie drnwn ba.l entmnce
but tials a goodday's lonmey away.And on tie otlei iap is thesi8n'Cmolsha s Cabhetof Cunosilics'.
side of the fopsr you'll nnd the l,own of V&ge.nof, i\hich of drp erhibib would you tike rovisir 6nr?
dlthouahword hasii ihat thatpla.etoohasfalrd or \hdane lda,MfrressofMysrery?
hardhmes.Now trrn to,95.
ll you l,jUcd Or Arh-Lycanthrcpe with ihe wulien
Srrord.tum bt64.Ifnoi,you do not hare rheneans
to stopthc demonhon resurdring Countvr.olac, Cr.okshanks'
Md th.!e h noway youwill beabLetoprevailagaitut
drWcEwa.g l+inceofl.upravia.Your advdtuFwill
ed hcp, ar LhedEad clawsol rhe fi6r oI L\e wulfL.n Lost,you say?'Th.mnt stcclycycncvL'rsavcs as
.e considcA you! story.ln an cfiort to .onvh.c hjm
t ea37
rou begin [o balbl, mbelishing you r.le with
priilmt .ltails. You e not lying exa.dy; yod ft
n6t behg a little wi$ th. hdr. Tdstyorl
l/.ft. r you ar Lncky, tuh to 263.r Fu aft,

fte pasageway eventually al a small, oKnd
dDmbr,redly no noE thm d ertsded alcove lbe
lar of the spacehas ben holowed out to lorm a
stonebowl, dd inside tlis is a writhin8 nds oJ
Slisleningblack reehwoms You aE about to tun
ad 8o bact |1leway you havcme who you notice
snat bok Like the hddle oi a daSigd ptuttudin8
6on the Epulsiv, .ipplh8 ms. You .ould aL.nost
telieve sondne wasbrtedhg vemin doM in Or*
du86ns. Do you want [o Fach into dE pit to take
holdol tle hilt md pun it out (tum td 432)orvould
,routrer Fhm to L\ejmction (hm to r31)?

orce the famer md his qle aE out oI the way you
oake you. nove a8aiNt theChangeling Thec@LuE
hi$er md spifsai you, baring clawsad needle{harp
tPthYou,in tum, trust in cold srel/ folk lore having
it rbatilon is inimical !o suchastheChagelinB
U ihe Chdgdling wo6ds you noF thd onc, add I
to you (:Ncx $oft. A6 soon 6 yd fic imp,
133 bbodin8 .asde thai standsat O lip of t]le cliff, nigh
The candljft lla. hous6 m extsive wine colec atbve wuffqstein, ih boken batlments foming a
F88ed line againrt the sly Dul( s sprcading rrs
Puple-gEy nanile over tie sow.apped mou rans
tl dE nolil, whrch n tum casrtheir shadowsaGs
|he@fs oi the villag Yourlirst impEssion is that
table, howevs, you lind a Nnbd of dNry bottlB of ir a feral placa nole hone l,ominals than nunns.'t
pd wire Md sme of a .lea. sDirft, a nlnbq of rlem \langy cus pick ovd deF.itusin the rtreetsand th@
already hco.ked Do you w;t b &ink some oI *!e ir no on ro check ydr plo8es. li you have the
red wiie (tum bo153),sone of the deu spnn (tum ro creword ,4yrat 6o.ded on you Adtenturc,
lF) or wodd you raoE leave the @Id ad un !o 196.lfnot/ tuh ro19,
look elswhere (tuh to ,? -ire
\j9 ff you ar able b n8ht with a silver Dasger tum to
Talh8 dF hdd in you om, by the tuct@me hber
ry2.Ii you do not havesucha weapd, tum to 173.
l'8ht of the fue you era'm ir TIE hdd ts now
rrrnosf.onpletelv h4an. erept $ai rt still sPorrs
parti.ularly long dd hdrdod .lah L!e naits. Bur Creepingalong OF pasagsay you mter a *ction
lneE is smerhing e1*. on the middle tnsa oEp F a thatis dr sizeof a tuI M, whF severaltuel8
ldgE sold signet nns bedtns a ffil<tbh .Est on heet within drehdt ofSmdeEd Peal ?styo!/ 5*t,/.
U you suc@ed,tum to :9:. If you fail, tum to 331.
IU you lEve bq hee befoe, hm to 236 sildght

sdll leeling ueasy, tryhg to shake pdeoid
iplngs of malicious intent, you Etm l,o the Gd
-\waE that h{ilight is rapidly givhg way !o nj8ht,
hU you nN nake Io! thesdctury adong thepdks
b the east (hn to fl) or p6s on north towardg knowing that you wiU have to tuke .dp
uder thest s(tumio96)?
r4l .rchd Firh rhe *o!ds nt p Rom' A 6imiLr mel,l
D.ihin d ro .@plei. you srh fd dr. Ar}! pl.r. @ $e dd to tha n8h mds 'MEic R@c'. A.
LyoduoP. {'d fre Fu!.lI &on iE oed, Fu 6 s rc odE w.y d, wil yd 6Er ih. Mrp
y@ P!6 stA169 ih. dd hril welr{ra !@r. l@h(tuhto o)or th. Muic Rm (106l?

Drawng d aI Fur tm6 or d6F6F, adm.lF
tu.U.d Cmge, with ybur $od tu*d .bov your
ll.4 you charSth wou !n ar it lrunchs hFU at
you eyr,you tel6 dsnte *omng qd$ wery Fu, Bqt h.vin8 sei4d lhe lr tiative, it is yd who
tibF oryou b.lng M.k Ercr ot thenubr r756 h<b the li6t bltr The wolf squedL in pdin, nd
yd! /ir'rdhd stuelmd brn io:o, rnen?iE tum.t ro 6ter, lt is upon you,

rJld two tddEArr.t Rtuds or i, t@ Educ th.

E&t r/l&)'s rrlu to 7d k$, efijdwdhl,p.tu

Yd tum lrDh dE na88or '4i^ hdi6.d har, inbdin8

ra5 b run froa lh Abhey Bul d yd do e, the repllnt
Y6q hrk into lie harty bFrh w h gEar gEto &d in noNkosiry cmwrs6, voditing .oploB anosts or
cime ovr you,which b ot a highly acLdicMtuF. Ron
6e dice, divide rhe bot.l by 2 (@rdiit halvd up)
ud add I to thnubr (6i!ing you. iotal oI berwen
I tnd 6)i rduc yM sr MrN se by thjr nany
tohts II]bu N3r auve,y@ dE goirg !o havc !o
45 6tht th. hdsrtr. Tm lo at6.
Pei$ lhdth rh d@F .r ltE tlp of rlE sraire,
tm fild yowu in a aqch sEEIr, walnut-tn.U.d 119
dle<ndber E loE you @ E{o hc w.lnut, PullinS 6id dp ortdr hu8 affi th.,
paFlH d@8. A brd ptaqE m rheft !o rtE l,fti! tou stp inio trp tqt of hm.nd st 6. A tug ol
F-t F-l El FN
incN smol aseils you Sitting behind a crular st olJ [o the sene of the ftime but by the tihe you
rabldJapedwith a blue relvet cloth ts a hiddleaged
woM, overly Fadeup and wedjng lattr upon 8.t theE the Bdst long son. {Ins r L!c( Point
.nd add 1 to your 'scr^NcE scdE.) Retuming dce
layd 6I colouredve s {d shawls.On hd hedd j! a not to dE town meetinghall, you sPEndthe Esi ot
oituon turban, held logethd by a spphir pin, A lhe night cmped iNide fie bu ding, almg with 01e
crystal ball 6is in ns cawed ebonydadl in iront o, orher nnleE. Whe yd wale ii is wel] Fast n@tr
her 'Welcone, stragq,' Madme zelda says, hd atrdtire yor we on you way.Tum to 5a7.
accenisrrongandprcbably ovddone lor etrct.'CGs
hy palh wjih gold and I wil rev.1l,oyou a! th3t $? 492
tuture has in s!o!e.' li you wdt to pay for this The hulkirg nm-nade mGtEr advancesd you
pnvile8e, deduct the gold 6om yot AnMtuft Shdt wlth hary, lunhrinB skps, tiny blue spar*6
and ih lo 224. If y@ do not wet to spnd m] nnrcring rh siom ragin8 accs the heavens -
bu6tin6 in its ey6 The @atmCs mouth oPc in a
bakd h6 d its tat, d{aying IhE6 Each tor your
A vicio6 bdljn8 sful epjng fDn beks the
Ithtwolr'sslavsins jaws,the ieribly dugd Cou' COLEMHIJLK
E\rry tine lh Cdm w'ns an Attack Rou4 Fll one
dio. on a bll oI 5 o. 6, the cmshct gnbs you wr$
b6th hm& md delivm a shckDg buFt of eidual
If th Welwou wosds ya at all, add r to your .l(hnal mryy, for I rrMrN^ poDrs of dmagc, II
cllNcr &oE. If you Edue the Ar.h ]-ycethrpe's you @Be to dreatthe shamblingbehmoth, tuh
sreN rcF !o 6 pojnls or les, or after *ven
Rounds f you last thar lonS tum imediately to
Youlale a swig frcm de of the bottlsand ae)ou flcl
451 $e thi(l lqud hi&re dM vour broai you @lls
The huntin8 party make6it back b lne ldwn wllhoul rour hoiiific mEhre. red wlft in a suPP.fd
turthe! ado,only to dbcover that t\e Beasthassrtuck vampire's .asde! l4lar wd you thinlinS? Ii i, nol
a8ain, thh tim to tie soufi of vargmhot bFaling winc that 6Is there botrles brt hdm bL@dl Yo!
inlo a mil, slaughterhg dr miller md njs fanily fton a8hdt, spitting !o der dE fod lalie lrom yolr
Wilhout pasing to pst, you od rhe Est oi the hui nouth, but tf.e dffi8e na aLedy b@n done,The

wouiNide you ltuiates at dF tastof tt blood and
lakesa strongq hold d yor body. (add 1 to you
cNoE score and lose 1 LUc( point.) Huling *!e
bottleof blood to the noo., you {]amot leaved celld

You asent of the pit shafi, although tirm& do6 not
cone eith my noF resry surpns and you haul
youFerintolhe subtrmedchambdwithoutsuf lq-
ing any uplasdt acci.lents Still un.ertdii as to
what happnedhre,you know that rhreis nothinE
el lor you h@ dd somale you way bact thrcugh

An unholy ntual was.add dt ner ymrs a8o,a rite

e bldphemous ODtit htu lft ils mark d Ore*orld.
'Ihe f&ling of a linAeringmaliAnme is its lgacyand
lhe longer you have spmt ir tie ruitu, OE moF that
ituidiN pEence hasfed on you oM farr mtil it
has bcone sbong dou+ to neifEt m physical
fom. Ii appeaF before yon rcw, a leering dmonic
lace coal6cin8 out ot the ai. in lrur of you It is a
rhing of nighhlares, an aFdgan ot everything you
h e od ldred. V e wnihin8 bodi6 and hairy
spider legsbEal thsugn learsin the lealhery slin of
$e BrotesqueEd8oyrela.e. And thd the rhing grows
wrongly joinbe.trimbs oi ils owr lhe black holows
ol its ey* drippin8 with m8Bols, the Malice scuttles
rowaits yd like a spide. m l83that mi8ht b ans
md grabslor you with hand! dat mi8ht be fet, alr
lhe time bsing like a sauration of.ekroachcs.
TIIEM LICE ippingtoihesha.lowsbetueend]eplaE,youcpep
rlong rhe nave towards the mcmse-sh.oudedsac'
If you defeat fie Malicq d]e eql eni y sefrs to nelt aary llsl !o!r L,.k. Il you ale LucL, tum to 30.If yon
lil<ew& md ic pw blackesenceMs awayhro lhe
niShLdeqened shadoas. You ned' poudinB h
yd chcai,you M ine Esi of rhe way ro the rcad
Theshu.t is a td.ible beast,aphanronhobd, sent
:o rex FatherCoran, uropriest who tends the shrhe
Jl Saint Cflrius and the healing well that li6 ther.
'Quiei nBht,' you say conveEationalt, dslerately Itre stuinc lics north dd west ol here a.tuss the
hying io jhplove the p(ading mood oI the bd md
na.heous lcnmoor The Shuckis said to have only
yer not wbhinS lo mal mention oI your rt.ent.
.ie q/q whi.h is ascold and white as the moon, and
usettln8 xperienceon theroad. 'rngs like knives. Aldrough hdrv anyotu .M know
'What do you erpect?'them sats grufly. 'Fnst trt :u.h thinBs,I know not, for it is al$ said dEt L\os
t'rehhed cu oI a hlShwaynm kopt Op .ustomer trholookuponthefa.eof trc bcasidic oI friahr.' dd
al ay thanls to his one'mm .rime wav, md rc* nc codsod Exirtu ad tum to 195.
let deadhjs ghostis eding popleofi. I'm thinkin8
ol *lrln8 up dd tiljng ny daughter to tt ou.luck 153
n Bathorjr not Snt dtone would want to buy ihN :urtheron alongthe passageway yon ro comero a
-rdrof. TnleeshortcoddorsleadaNayto rlE leit,
:J rheright d.l straightahead,all endingat dooG
Embanased, you male your er.uF and decide ro
speakro the bamaid, whom you tate to be $e lmd "hrch,youpr.sms lead b orherroons Therere
ao Lndi.ato6asto what les behindth6e doorssowill
lord's danehre.(bm to 3)?o! the you8 na (tum
to 22o),or yon canrehrc to you rcon (tun to 253)

You f'nd youiself in a colomaded mve A pLnght,
s,ckly sweet smell fills the mote-shotait L\ick widl
hoke, illlminated by smoulderingcnmoal r59
brazieF. The mumu oJplaiBonA {hs hom L\e lou have ro crcu.h low to ke.p hom crachng your
barelvaLnt of the choii DraM by L\eechoin8.nmL :ud .n LherouBhock ofihe cc,lingonlyanattcr of

ldr.bok y@, E&Eing 66 rh5 r@d yq 6td
ydlg d . @jd eve rh,t i, LmGo@ r'r.n aird,E
djraEh& or rll w.F ryhi<h w.y witr'rb

a wirdina d|(h, tu@tt

Foliok . yUowqurriz sh.n;





Etr Ft f.a
!6a duoutl th boj8filtd Abbet hoPnBb mJ@rou
D6?i!e feling faligled by tou tEvels )ou tin4 a way b.d b th.6Ede dd @t .9.1n, b6oE th
yd lie raing dd hhinS q lh hrd paler b.d, hdbd6dri*ydc8ft Y@t ri*.ycfu
slep dc nor Edily m. TheF i! $ned |g tut rDb. todg to pl'n utiL hdfway ,ro\g I flrgston d
qurle ri8ht lbout rhis pLe, no mtEr how w.m trle doisbr r ltoE slnb tilu b@th you md hin86
nodc' wdm h,s b..n, ed dE wou iN'd yd dohw.rdr dDppmB ytu iiio a ft.Ply skPhg
Hs thdffi rs. UEble tjoskp, you h.w to tud dut, UmbL rodl yddmr, Fu rlrdedoh
oul moE. CRping thuth rh d.rle* of the dlepiF blo ! t@dd d.tkr6s below Turn ro194
conplex - swod at your !tde, pact on you back
you mke y6u w.y out of dE dorilory ar rh. top ol r5t
the ndl(! nidr.taiE yd FE, hE inS vde ll
B the No mdb frDh .{lid ad th.y .E ralkinS
abolttbul Thd you har @ of thd e,'Th. Abtot
w r 6ioy hls audime wllh M pilErin.' ThE is a underlyin8 th monrt wor&, a picr@ o, ! da8ger hB ben .ham sd it l@k'
'Com,' sF dr odtr, 'bl c tut lRe hE bldhd dcriy lile th. m y@ haE i^ yru P$ton
@im witing 6y lont r IrE de?i$ dr.ught ac.djud' h. d.hnrB. 'Ard you ry that this
will tut ldr for duch lont6. disAq wa in th. fd6ih of asn ldme? Thm
lhe nul h.v ba St@ the 5o@!. ol SnN6. I
Thft is no tihe io l@ - th. DlackMonkr ac oning hlieve h wr. 3h. eho led the ..rud Sumi^g
fq you md cenor b @din h@ hdy th.E Cerddy A.ide,how frEl, y@ syr SdPde the
@. Youdeid 'u !o @ ih. flct thar ihe ndke pob.bly Snatsotu? Or, hd lhe niShty hrvc 6rrd WbU,
think tou ac aslepio your arkanL8., ad hury they do by rhlr arEohi. powd mpb d.olut ly,
ed Fd hs it han noE FE,' Nq Fbh b 16.

Ar th. ddr rc aron. dF Ed to wulr@Eil, 0E

rolv6 de in, spiir'8 .t the lEvF or tlE
whiMyin8 hoE md $.rrht a thy ,EuggL lo
sein tne .(E8e lo lEre . haP tor thecei28e 'l3.ll.
16llexr!!.t. UloueL(ky,tMtottg If yd,E

trtr F-I F-']

16, u y@ win rhb ddht wld rgorii 6v. Anrcl RM.b
q 16.' tuh lo r9- U it t*6 longE thm fiE Attet

(tum lo |a), or dtsnalivelt Fill you |lM L:v. rt At EioE sr.tlt .s!rd tlE squ@ you nnd tlE srrs
orlhhtr yo tr'idt h. boling 16.
SrhiE+nt r yd.rrll TIE @tuFt 6<ti6 js ro
pb.riolly juhp olt of il! horry 6tin. Ir* ir porr D"tCd
in tiowina th. hD 11@ of thintt, ,rd io ll.ft ol
m denat l @rurc suh 6 fiir ir b h. b
Cr6D@ andlir qurftb

In dility ot th! fia! rillld do rci nd .ny

.rplNdd. lha N r i.w thiry3 you shodd be
\q .w@ ot, IFW.E TrE dr8tsa i! LghEi .d ls
Thesrm b wId aa frEiN b.arl. IrgnEnn8$ik6 qp4dve rh.n dE swqd, but it yo 6d$ wfth lhis
dr top ot tlr low again.Wro eid ltet lithldrg younotirEdueyqAtt ctstEgthbytFi^LYou
naer rtrrl8 in rh 54. pl@ h,ice? Elercntat my @ th. @show @e n elch baHrrou funr
b.iot rEeina to h hdd,leh.rd drbrt (6
lo$ ! yd stul h.v quftl5 to rt@i)j ftrt you, 5*,lr
&d it succd you qG$@ bolt .ors you
oPPdal'u a r^Jd pohE On a reI oi 1-,0E
BEasrpLt wlll nde ey rladte d*.t nEtyd
by r point Y@ dry bly 6s lNy Mdle' worth of
PwieiG d wu ce ord. a.h M.,l wtll BbE
uP ro4 lcl siyrM poh6-
HTArcHBACK V.k wh,teva puFlt.$ you d.@ (s bn8 s you

a?r q2
h:ve emugh noney, ot ous) md ihen decidewhat
Fu would like 10do nexi wiuyou:
VEit uE al.hdbtrm metalu.Aist!
stdd? Tmto54
Jointhenhting pdryldore 0E toM

kaYc VdBennof altogethd?

Ilie vodka buru yonr mdtll dd d\roatasyou hle a
si& bui rt is son filling you w]Dle body wi|'h a
Edia.t glow lou Fay restoP up to I srAMrNApoinls
6r dtnting the spmi, bur the ndt time tou e
instructal 10 lerl 1ou 5&ll you must EduG ydr
frLL by 1 poi^t. That said, *E vodka also 6Is yd
vith mryed.oua8q fo. the duation of Or ftit
battle hca* yru Atta.k Shngih by 1 Foint Do
you now wdt i0 dint someot the red wDe (brm to
r5r) or w you now leare fie celd (ium ro z)?

sndlh8 nd smppjng at each ot]rd, tuo hideous

kolish folfu apper flom Nud the od of dt
skert. At tust you talG $en !o be wollmen. It is only
6 fiy pa$ fm th deepershadowsmio a pool of
ii ing daylight that y@ nate out nps jn iheir
rabtu@ hids, thbu8h which h be sq barebone,
SPen-g.eyinfetul orgm and exPced ribs sore
tines they move o then hind l8s like ha, sme
timeson all louls - dd they have ytu sml. IheE
_y6 bunulg baleliPs, fi Werewdgs - udead
welPwdv6 kapped h a de.aying sni-lupire fon 475 Fight theseevage mmters togptlE IIE vojcs oI the spdlral datues tlead'ly o{er
rnehl your s46 mtil it is the only sou.l you .m
hed ft is as iI the +osdy howlin8 is s?eakng to lhe
Nlf i6ide yor lt shitr to tare .onkol oI tru body
&d d you try [o 68lrt ihe Il{t you musclesgo inbo
If you ae wouded noE tha rwie, add 1 l,oyod +asn. (Add 1 csNcE point.) carght h a fii, you
cFANcEs.oF. If you swive you battle, tum !o 39o. polo-e onto the 8rcud, hotlinA at the mouth And
rn EEE you min while the Seigoivm do aI they
As theVampiFsssldh6 at you with the taloft ofhr a b nd d1etrelves ot the specbal pa.l9 but to no
barehands,you figni ba.k with cold steel Ar0$ugn
the rounds yon lay a8atst tie hded Cohtes You wake rcxt dat lyhg on $e cold ltud SroNd
appearto nrjnE her/ they closebloodl6sly no.urs utsde Sbigoiva wheE lhe village6 dmPd you
Iater Convmbonalweaponscmothld this@atuE .ller ihen halmati. nighr igiling dp EhosdyHowl
of drp night md in rhe end hr scdhgly lih lst Il3. Fron the position of the whjle disc of the tu in
imn stamina himphs as you baftle-latigued 5e leaden sty abo' yoq you judge that you have
evntually Eivesin. Mthout a blsed weap6 to use .!eprwell,nro$e rouown8 aftehoon alihougbyou
agairot her, the vdpiress tetusyou body to shreds. Fl no bette!for t. Beyondthe easlernboudary of
You advotue endsierc. $e vila8e you ale co.tdted by a palling ol dt
\74 xays. W_ you ioUow dle tuad as lt divides to dt
At your killing blow, L\e monshous .reature sinls {dh (tum to 160)or the east(trh l,o4?3),o! will you
back unde. the water Wifi L\e ho.or slain, you tum 5t fie 1sswel-uFd ha& into the fo8t that lies a
your attendonbackto dp Silve.Spo.d. Youlel dnwn nile or so bothenorth-eastor stisoiva (hh to 3)?
to ihe weapo4 you skin goosepinpling in excib6l
anti.ipation. But somedrinBD theserutns is thc .ads
of tlre oppEsive, almostoveMhelning, atdosphcrc
of evil that perads the plae Lil<ea lesterin8.anler
Do you wmt to reachintiothewaberad tale tlebladd
(tum to 267)oi will you spod no longe h ore dark
md danp, an.l climb out of thc wel'pit ome nore

Et r
176 dE desiEd eft<t &d" dllo{8h it h.5 mt.cirdly
D*dt thurde olli tlE lky ard Lghhnl6 you of tlu lyonthrcpy, rt ha $gllntudy
flashe ow dp D@triro to tl* mrdl A sbnn it uc.d iE .ftu [d@ ytu GING g@ by a
ming dd y@ would do w.U 'ar to fird Mh.E b ilts (but tuE it @r!Dt drop bl@ 1) and Elin r
eit oul. x ie tha th.t y@ okn sidt of dr d poinr. v@tiG rrl! ylu th.t, nudt a he wodd
dibpid.ted windni! rr.ndina d . hiu mr @ td5 ro o(r y@ ! H lor dE night he leb thAt y@
up a Eek o{ the @d. Th hSgEd eils rpin, tund d pB d in yu s!.h Ior ihe Adts
by t'e d!i^t witl, and yd d * th. 6ttul tli.Lr d dtlwF 6, wilh lh. lpptwh oI dc dxt lull
a li8ht.r. high wind@. 1^,i! yq Rk dElrer w|rhin l! tllE ElIy i5 of the M, tha*ht tE
tl d@[cr Bin<lmiU(nn b t35) d wil y@ bfrv. olrr tor atl h! hdp, yd k6E the tdble<lom
uE LEmte dt ir dE opan(tuh to !94)? t! - but rorbfoF r4,etioh.! giv6 yd t Mob

Ent gng lh prist in cdwFton s@ td io

ri!!t . ,lt3 tn
tlE iopic ot th. d@lict sr.le ol rh'ou liie h. e6t by 0E te. ol Ld "Fillhy" Lu.r.'
Lldy of M.u,!' h @f.16. 'l @a tlFotl JE h.d .d mlaic, 1|i! cldE @c mv - rroh
tube$inre6E h6nb (@ l'nnot$.e.llt id dd amcd dbb.ry, ro h@reding .nd
why I'h siil hei I wdt ro do rI I d ro h.lp, r dnl@d.d bude - .n<l lu. Fput bd lpEd hr
th@'s ql at eort in lhit oLa, its $|@ li.. within wid. th@tlut rlt! @rEy .nd b9dd. Ttat
M.u Torer Whal re n.d i! . bEv. .dv6hEr to i odl the Mdwards
-d m hh to gDur'd al Ttt
cn lal8e rhe@el C@ies in h.r l,ii wiu you trL GrL{ Te iM. He rPr hie ad th4 dd rhdl' dE
upth.tqu6r7 y@ wdl, y@ frcl k.p F*r oI how Edwad6'3 oprrin b.hladed rh. highwaFm
nuch a.tlre wdiry th. CouEs hE thal you e bLy.doItlF|mButit
@nin8 6y ljrc ot e Eting, Write doM E rct long beloE P6Pl. EPdied *eitr6 hd
m yru ildrh4 srrdr ^l.^u
th.r y@ Edry i5 l4F ab@d .g.ln. Th6 ihe di.apF6|?I@ beS.[
ffintlyo.nd ^llM
rh6rthror5 Ityddonorw6rio wlr sid lhar Lu@ ws @ lmga .llerpople'3
t L op th. qEl yd deid. ii i5 rihe ro qdr rhe -<l 'rand ridE, but wa 3teding rw.y tlEir $uls in
villa8e.ltoetlE (ts !o 3ro). Fag ld hir oM 4d.'Nd tuh to 395,

\73 o
Y@ gdp doq th. Eirtu {d iluedlrt ly letsict lhe M.p Ro@ t 16 yu bdlh aw.y-Th@ .E m
lo th. p't ot yd stomclr Hwdq, lh Ftid hle sll h.F6 d .d.s n E lNrerd, eachwan, ard
1- 2

evn dE ceiling, has bs painted with inr cately

detailednaps. TheE E a map oi all theprovincesdd Ine pasa8say ads at dother w6dd d@r Yod
prbcipal,ties oI Maurisktia dd one that snows the Pgs lhbugh hio m abmd@ed iryuisitorial toture
enftty ot the old world TheE is evd a huSeglob. dEmber, thi& wid| @bwebs F@ thee you pas
shding in onecomer,asraUsam.r! aFpFsdtadm imuSh a s{ond door md .linb a flight oI rbone
or the whole oI Tihn. CoverinSthc broaddpaN oa rePs mtil you aEive ar dothei Ihjs plain woodn
the wall l,oyou lcft i6 a de.orative mp oI the rando( .lmr i! are udocked rc, tuhrnC thehddle, you sbep
rup.avia ircn ShiSoiva in th euth-wst ho tlE
toq oi VarScnhot wulJeNth shown balan.ed
pRariously on dr llp of the G@u Cor8e to it* 13:
nortlrdt. An eSgdated pi.lxP of Catle Wulfo va Ridter! ll]e na you kjle4 m8ht nave beena
has bem painted above the FpFFniation of th. IEanod bolitdline psychotic, but ulrihdbely he
vila8a ]t wat h6 ove. lik $me forbid.ling sentinel 6u8ht on the side ol Good, intmt on saving th
Althdgh o tun itslf is a won.le!, theE is nothng Ihple olluphvia frcm theirwkhed late.Arthou8h
hereof practicalu* to you and m you passthrcugha Fr only lut d nd !o him in sdkIence you have
door in the far wau, and inio the coridor beyond Elped Old Night n8htd its Brip on oris world. (In6e
r LUc( point.) A hastyear.h ol th vdpiF Hmtr'8
foty hove6 a p6e dtahhg 10Gold PiRs md
. S,lve.Chafr N{*la. Ol lfus, dreP @ al$ t}F
loly weapm oI his nghteoc .aling: nis rapis blade
theFlhddk Pi![ol, alongwith a?ouchconianjng
i\-d Silvd Bulleis. The npiq is lighrer dd e6ier tc)
neH L\m y@r <nmswo.d.llyou chooseto qchmge
lou weaPontor this you my add 1 b you Attack
Stragthinbattl6 R(ordayiteNyoutalemyou
Ir'lelrr 5,@t (r ]ou wmt !o iind out nore about
Lw Lo se the Flindck ?istol, tnu nay tuh h]
ItuSraph 4oo at ay time, mking a note of the
Fragraph ,Tu e on at lh time iiEt.) Youspmd the
Et oI Lhe night with Vm Pi.htd's ory* for
@pant ahd h the mi.ty 8fty haz of momina ae
q y ioo teen to beon you way again.TM to 25o.
Fi-lFi-l F;'] FN
3 nd this d@r h6 ot da8ar'slilg?lace lt G
Ten m wnat you lGow,' you ddan4 tbur voi d io beBlalded but by whnt r do not klow'Thie
baEly nw tha a Bmwl, Erubb inlomtion nded. (R.8ain 1 Luq Fint)
'Coqr Velac was not always 4 h is .ow' [t lou 4r lind yowlf in tlE Mnp Rmm, ro l@k lor
k ffil dmi dedu.r 50 6oh ttu pd.8!.ph you aE
@ne explaiN 'One he wasa ordimry nonal ha
but rcw his $mthin8 nu.n 8p.l*, {d muchls .r .h. rim dd tuh to dc nw ftloe 'N@,
For alt his sEhSih dd inhlftRbility thE ls or . m. in p.ael th old .r@ ffilg wil YoD
, 6 3h. dmdr (rum to 167),d 6nish rEr trst,
thut h fd, lh ld.n of sil@r, sd one qapon it
parldrar - a offife.t Silwr Drtgei so iuch 5a
n lact, that he hd gm ro Erat lotthr ro lude n
eithin lh..dlr, while al$ re?49 it ftar hfr, td
le2r or dyon. eL ddcint upon n 6nd Gnlg it! lhe hdchtld f.[s !o the n@r dead, flffi li.l
ac rhbaits olguipmt aFud yq 0tugh a
1vll@ d I6nd di. daggq? ,@ defud rirA heriha yd R thepds pun botde
lund g|g liquid &om a sheu rd dom ' ils
'Nor F.r rrom heE,'ln qkh staM. Ieartul bloE t6E ir d y a tew gasPing8dF H turu io rft
ydb6tial mgs-'Retum to dE min h.ll wlEE yor t@ wrth tury r hb y5. A5 y4 b.dy
ddbd6 mhEd the @de dd clinb th. n iB tE tjoxpand. Hts lat@t riF aldg tlE grd 6
Bydd rhedoqbld6 you wdt th Map R@m.ln L shdld.s qell, his ac bul8ina with cords or
fiis Imn theE is a sEr dd, tlE hes of openinS .el. Th. han's fae dd h.nds quickly t@e
it is hiddq within the pidw oI Catl Wu[en i6lt 6cEd with thick han SnortinB lil@ d dn8d

bdr, the hftfomed prf6$! lub6 towa s yoa
kuckl6 dngging on the grcud. You aE no lolgE l.nd aoin&' you say flarhing oe bmaid yor
hcing rhe dqagd gai6 Prctusor AnaM, blr rFt wimin8 mile Horr's irade?'
nEt rcw rale on tt Fgn arimal sde of hit
peEonauty AJ6u Unboudr tlE bamid mtinus to stare ai dE fire od says
The lddlord is watchhg you edgily 6on
TNBOUN'D -rhing md olrh bd. Thenthe gi.l spelc, h.wor.e
It other
II yo! ovdone the cnanSdprcfsor, with yoE Evhg a leaway qu.lity 'Fle stil @mesto ne, yotr
lnlilg blow you deliver him d .rmighly dour thd Lbw? Thcy ey hc's Bme, but he's not. A love like
s& him Rling (tuh lio47). tuver bebrcke. Not we deathca keepus
. 135 angl'smps ihe ladlord, silnchg tie gnl. That's
As y@ thought, tle ddk watr oI tnep@1js i.e old tuugh, daughter.Cet back [o the l.jtchm. TheE re
dd, a a ftsDlt, wo^ddtuily n$hing. In ia.t it c &ns towashad dp JlaorncedsscrubbinAl'
better Ord fiaL d|e e minrals di$olvd in dE
wate. that vitalise yoE bod, re+nergising yor &g hur !o go an.l O6 ba& ovd hd
(Regain3 srAMN points.)Retum to Jr aql cn@e . thoulder, 6xing you with he. stony derhtt gare
b ihe ii6t tine 'Not wm deatb' she Epeats drl
l5q she is goe, The girl'r l@k unnen6 you. You
6 leel that tou would pFG! lur y@. own
r you have the codryod Rets6or ESdrts reolded -ddenly io! the restof the wnin8 dd so you Etie
d your Adddt!re slEel tum to 2o9 Ii not, hrm to 90 Tlhro253.

fi? a69
On the fht noor tou one upm a cddlelit coEidd TheAr.h-Ly.dthrcpe holls in betial delighl as the
lined with arhaic suits ol dhou. Veious weapos - mnlight.dtinu6 to worl its magi. on hjm, Add 4
swolds andm.esfrir y - ft momted on the w.lL Fhts to L\ellhEwou's srluNA mle and cmtinue
as wel d shields bding v/ids hd.ldic de6iBG Fu batde Mth tlr moon-.hmged mcter If you
Do you wdl to tal a m, seeing 6 how you hage to defeatcNtvdola., tum to rod
a-Lrmdyhave a sword (hm [o :73), ore or lne shirdr
(hm to 2o3)d will tou .dlinue to r?loF tlp tows

I cupiedwirh thoughtsor hN lonEyou havereft
til the nexi ful n@n, yoo bmly pdis drt ot
h6 *r dd that the last splasha of 6lou
erlithtirg the cloudsis radng to dnsky methFt.
moon is ridnB dd, wirh no shelter s si8ht, it
k lik you aE Boin8 [o nave to cahp ir the opn
lha* ddt hooE. Iut rhen you she in sight of a
chjn6 im. A [8ht njclels in a windw, like a
con bftkmin8 yd m. Ea8rlyyou qui.ko your
, dtemined not to be ou8hr out or rh*
late h@6 ane. what )b! have had abour th
6 thal shlk lh lrnd ofl-upavit
$wl, ov. the unetditrs kdins of dE win4 you
tode awaF ot lrE j:nsre or lffi bhind you
&anng h@vs pording the rud yd t|n to s
rho F tolowinC you, bur lhN is no m Artr; n6
be, rc rid! nothmg But you cm still hd th
.rumjng batol rheh(rc pouding dp rcad. You
Fr thm8! lh dark6, bact the way yu have
qe. Ard thm yd dow snrhint. MzErialjsing
of drc dm, in a hde ol g@y-yelow ltt|ru-
-r hdty pnc irm you i6 the68@ oI a phd-
Er rido o. ho*ba.k. A p siratr out bhind
6e .idcr dd you se h is wdin8 linely worked,
EFl.nBrh bla.k lath!bmls. H lash6 th EiN of
Es hoe d it teaF almg s.e mad towddr you,
:l bhing at 0E nouth, ih elE bming wit h-ri8hLs.
* il that weE not hoFilyin8 qougb dE;dd hasno
hd, and yer frcm sm@h@ you cm hear th.ry
d,'YaahlYaah!On,Barushka. On hll nomingl'

TtE phston rids dd tE rtc d e ct@tnt 6 yo! P|Rass
fdut.wI you th tril dd M, r.yi^p ro F.dr tL
s.Ity or theiM b.tdE 0E ridd c.rch6 you (tum It rh. VupEc e@ rwo cotlfurive hits.tltdt
60),d wintou rt nd &d lR dE (hm to a6r)? ,rh [ozl,ff y@reductlEVmpi6'r^IdA
to a Fints d 166?hd inmdinrely 60t t5.

Y@ thry ydtElt dl oatlE w,y s th. wou hr

hufth.d d rh. 3?orwheP t@ ww sr.tding dJy to! will d dtpt ny h.lp, 8ira hdy ad wfth-
no'Et hefoE. Eut @ @ .dn 3llftud.d bv dP6btid of cip@rin, I dtnl yotr hadb.fier
t of dE pocl( You lbnptly ,ind y@U f.c+ v.,'Youmw*hwi|1@id6re ed uFtdul
f* qth teo pddoldly Mgy-loohr& rLwn hlEben,bnni!t6bEtft aIDt 16 Th,nt.
eP*iffi th.t E/.b Rle y@ with dEir bSgrd cL \tElic 6r tlE @ of hi5 lib.d, m l.v hti
while d!ir 6uow hwl gtouagEHt Fighl i. Dd dF p@rly frinbined 6fi8, ErrhinS to
wolE b.'dr.l lh! em tlde rorEl p.rh 6 tIE M rinl ew lorei T@ ro aa.

dE? 66 dE 6d of tu piF mro. pnoadrd6t

.r. {td sdrE' 8 d.r.ih4. Y@ e in wftrr rpD6n
Ana you h4 i ttu leo A[a.r R@di tr Lftle m $:n . dtual ava trut h;; han
th. {olE lh. !@Eou Bl&t wbu - tlinr inro d uda8tuld dmgd Md4
wlitjn8 fc iE fellow! ro finlh yd - jolE lh. b.nle. c.vedEhhr i! lil by . dull g6 lll!|rlffi
BLACKWOLF I mB fim p.kha of n6 dsing rhc ru8a.d
L Ey rhis bilitu g|!a gld te F dEt th. n6r
Yourcw ffrd fi8hlint d thR wolvd .t nE .hamb.r i! flood.d wiln llu.tgy Ht6 Hdlin8
m dae And tuo nltlEAtt cr Roun<b,or ll ?lt!h you e . t ll,ld. lippl. ar lhe dge ot rlE
Fdre th Blad l^/olf'r rdN io 7 c la!, w Fl. You mr idEE thar rtie E ayrtrjl8 dur
! ould p@ tt wut o! rEd down IEE $ y@!
tuft io findrg . wry @L Two pipeule
86 k6d dt ot th. ch.n!s, m diE dy .h..d
Stuieldng with inil|!6 firy, dE vdpiric Ldy Fu (um to rt sd @rhs b YN letr (hm b
Mau 1li6 at toq, hd d@l lF@ditrg out b.hltd , Bulll you wmr io e'(Ploethisdve turrtr{ !rr,
lik hiilou, ov.6lz.d bat wincs,
..n sws hcr lhat, 'Ite @sde,'y@ ey. 'A lord
W.*ing no tim, you 5t !p d you lword-blt woukl let Nl dffirc beconea tlace l o y lor
hove you pact mlo y@ b.cl9 both oI whlo\ 3 and wld .nln b nst at ledt have { inkling
b.6 lynl8 b6id th H. Lithting you lot h/ b whai b h.pp6in8 neE 'Katya ages and sorhe
lrp ourof thehurmd bact inrorh. d{ll nlght, of you llar you wsry nosls t@ads rhe
buow yd, putting on a Ulcl wolbtln ddr iddlng .dlfie ol catle wullm Yountle.fto Ell
c.rryin8 dJy hi. e ior prc!..d6, Soony@ rhlr your hcight.n.d dihal ms cd .nell the
ledlowd up btw6 rhebb<l 16 6E n@ of th. l /.8 .l|l.fur4 Im tlE dir6ri6 ol tlE
by . d$imtid oI lrntern-lltht .nd nd itl , ing lofta. lt E d if mthin8 b ounla to llE
ru lhe baighld lqd BLd 6d tlE dudv.
16l ,@ Ir*. Il y@ a l!*y, nrn io D. U yd
8.t.sof rh.c.srle @ wid. oFr ande, tlE<6t
soU hot h ydr ncrrd!, t@ ps tsrath tn.
io. &rd t6 your lupiE g' eMing
min8. YoudEw you *@?on wlEt lF&s like\c by KatF, to du$th t|l vi - srBdffi of tE
llE laF at you Ircn @toI dP
bnitdEd.,ithout sentsarEdE hl|!u 6ll. , b.nin8 aEy th dEbE'3 tnitiJ .tt .L
i^leDit&E oa IEE ldLd drd y. Riv6 D sldr Emirg {d L puld hd
ilEit .tds {d Iud@E M .tod ro htd. hoeby.n dswdtr4 his ont 6 dp cllF
elEbvd it is thal b bal.nla dE.trEdnrl 8@li All..t <t y@ @m.tyq agu Er)@ br.
th.t tu |Eg beh6!4.dDhg.16g dE iltht 6 tutd ebtu hirle ed SUIF qP@d
'E, grd-trey int@l or8N, dd houq rib6.The
rlEc. Yd FdvelnB @panm tn5 b yo.
don'r Et tlE l@& of rhis pL.a' lhe {t1' ltr warase urMy @tur.5, und@deetl@lv,
tucdby ddksupidc. 1t i3too wld tob. F{ ina d@yingm upireiorn ardpG*d
whd dEr hl|m rnorld oll hoR. IIE i, & ille hqger tr lidnA 06h. Yd oStge in
hqch of rhe "$&c" abo{r ft.' slp b nght thr i! e wirh m ot rh4 nr@hd 6 5rflggl6 to
endh@ll dgaitur thPodrr
Pl@ whe you wil6nt tlE h{d of t}r. w
bkFdlDe you nave t'a hDring, y@ krow itl '
SbauEwFbeat w6 tryrt to e.p. [o h.E, K.
cdtiru6, 'dd I codd wll b!*. thlt filr plr lh rVEw.rE wosds y@
holdr a vditsablw@olt's lair W. h.w nud wo Yolr c^Ncs soE r YoD
to do h*. But wh@ to stalt?'

$tun hir oh p.ii.d h@l of h8e dd trsb.

dE lEd pDt6s lrqDL. dr of dE r.!,
dwh . r@d6 bdst d. ard pt6g6 ro I
dah o dE sFud .t tr. f6r d dE wirdmilt Y
i@ wix hlE b DL tbu om h6ty dit it yd
not b b. E pFd in t! bEnng building Nd
lh. s8cq|lm. H@d.! s yd r@l d. w
out, you 3py. rh.ll, 4 yt s[ou.hd hy rhen F6t UCHTNINCSPRnE
o whl.n d.nd wh.! lool liL vdi@ bottledpodo Sk6dUCIITNNGSPRITE 6 4
U yd wut to br r clo6* l@t<ar fi6e bonl; b, U you .nm hontht the lpnter wifi ! rword or
flelng, hh to:r,, orleei*, hh io zgr drggq, dery tine y@ hate n 3ucce$tuIsElL
t ist m of did yo{ elv d durp dftric,lEl
n Erurt lfuina y@ b lG 2 rsM Finl!.
Caitillg ofi th. @d, yfl nE q dM in . dl riowevE ir yo 6ghtdedmd lwrlFd
ud^tyu h.dtnla.Idl X&eahrFuth. En Fu w r rd $tu tlu .1.d8., .lthd8h t6 wiu
yo s t ll &L.P, d6Pft. dE irdtrr bv. lo rdE yu Atbd 56ttA !y 1poinrrorr@
Yo & rcla riE laE wrE dE tult tury de&n ot dE tdtt|. ll F! @8E ro d.l{ dr
!E stom bHtr '*ov?had. TIE @ophoru tu @i@.rd @P|@ dutlE, y4 sFd rhe r
thuddlharsth.l .b@F,h{demgEttG d'h.dgl borErd by hnln'8 wlnd!.rd L.hed by
to 3h.ih 6.!ky, M/Ih qpt6iv. 6R, . botrofFfi brMdd ru Wh6 Min8d6 {6tu.rt w,
sdring llthE ns 3rELe doh ftbn th. lud Fq to on,@ wa, eodd6.nd w..ry (td bo5@),
hcav4 6d etrit th. top of tp dftLict wb
ThE i! .3econ.trry ndh filn ituide 0E buil r99
dnd h th. tilft. thlt foUowr rh rludrd.D v You blad dtl inlo dE Houd MdEr'r L. dd h
Iu<t y@ hdr d |r!e hia dy, rlr r!;r i lDwb nr pai[ At oG hl! loysl rutifi i.-m rbu,
whrraq Dy b Aohg d iNi.i. rhe alsrd6.d dr*r8 its h.dr inlo y@ lwont-hdrd b.6oE yd on
yd hrv. Fu oM &nty b wdry ahouL Urhh lik it.wayfr@Fq. te r rrIN
*r 6 dE win.ldu rdi4 the siuctw .l FinE, r rm
Poirt. d l LUspolrr Il. hdtifioddd yb..dr6
md Edhg srld.ry bolb ?arrh8 drh to . quling tu a . d!.dnir hrwl dt' rh@rh ttt
8roud. Iko ot de bolb lur tlF sound Htby EE rtn@IEe ot dr hdl Th. Er h&t!64{ it
6thr tE drrh thdelc haE 66ly in tn. Falie ibdt Th b 6a
Etr trEt
d1e sky. You earn fd tlc tEd oI tl\e w@wolf
Wnn a eror'tujheart you gazedoM at Op dyil8 bloodline l:atrot wait my longer The mt lull mln
ULi.n, who has egained his human fom 'Do not donlybeadaitrof daysawat Somedinginyou
blme youseu, ny himd,' he nanages.'We all have blood tells }!u dEt fte EolntiM to you qudt lies
oui s{Els. I should rhankyou lor releasngme hon nnewhft viihin the land of Lnpravia.
my oan dreadedcuse.'Thenheis EoneAitere"eD- rva&ing sst you desqd out ot the chil roEt d.l
rhmB rhat fie ldndlrearled woodsmd did lor you qerE on the westmost boudary of the princi
,n the short time that you loa hin, at rhe end all palty I1EE ie a noticeable abs@ of birdsong,
you could oiier h retun was deathby cold stel Bur whjch lmen6 you CmssinggoFcoveEd neath-
thereis still o.e more thinS tou cd do lor hin non land, h the far dislane you 6 se the hazy purple
No longe. troubledby wolvs,you spmd the restol palc of the momtah wal that holds the dcFnt
rhe night digging Un.hh g.ave. As the sh linally principality o1 rupravla within its cry mbrae.
rises over the fosls, drawhg a grobd mist fron .\head of you li6 a lmd oI mcinS Ioresls,boggy
th hollows of the kedt you lay the w@dsman to
hoorlmd dd abysel river Sorge
rest, his axe .n the eardrd m.und that
marks his fitul resting place.Youleave the spot with \:6dd at tlle ba6e of l|a dlow valley you de
a heivy hcart md not only bccauscyon have had to d6.ddbg is a vir]nge of glet steeply pit.h{ooH
bu.y a good mm, vhaicvcr dark KEts might }[ve buildings, dustered bogetier as if for mltuaL pro-
ttuublcd his sonl. Drspilc having slain the wcrewou ts 6on fiom 0E bleak wildemss a1l mhd Ord.
that infecied you, it is clear rhe affliction stiU has a sron),mpl6s freldssuround oE etdqlent na!.in8

Exbnusted, you lie down to sleepas a warerysun

draSsrtseljnrrotheskybehindaveil olgre) cloud.Ii
hasbeena ha.rcwingdghr, and in spiteol aU the
wodiesrunninClhrou8hyourmind,you still slp,
althoughyour drems aie besetby visionsoi ULich
clanging into i savagebeai. rcarin8 in bone

t4rh.n yd wako, stiff dd sor from d the

r@t-knotted f.rtst ndo., thc sun is agah sinhnS in

trtr E:t F-l

oE whol placeapps. hdy minviErg. As you get .r vanou slEp dd cattlead alsofor drdisPPd
naft still/ a watheEd @ad s'gn ir{oms you that 4e oI a slEpherd6s, d agug w@dfd, dd evd
Jbu aE appDading dE vilage of SEigoiva Byond r cluld fte Bdt F sad to be hrr a big as a mm,
dt huddle or hou*s, you mke out a rud that Lea.b ad walts on its hind lesF, but hd dEnctridtica
awayfrcm ShgojE belorefolking in thF diRti(m aoE be6ttinA a bed or woU Pqhaps op Bmt oi
r y@ wdt to eler L\e nltage, tuh io fl6 Al6er' var8ohol is rh ach-lycdduope Fu aE seaJch-
mhvely Lfyou wodd pEld to pFs m dd avoid d
@utr with the native popltac oi lupEvia, you
may skilt dm.l Strigoivadd lal@rh ftd hadin8 Dugod6trr shaul t'tu dddd that wh@e! caF (bm !o fio), the onhadinAedt (tuh bo473) ulB or tilb rlE Bmsrwillbe o60rd wfth a Fward
6oh th tdM's o6rs. Ta]l oI a b(Mtv hs .lraM
or theN l6swel-trawe]led thatleadr ndthadtinto
the forert, the mbby btud/i6 .11mtu orhmt$ md haoDds &oh lhe sumud-
oi whi.h lie a mil
hg h b &d foElB md it js dong th6e nard bitts
or solron thevilla8e (r!m to 3)-
h tlEfyouind you*rnow D$pile thir outwdd
bravado,tlF hutE e orgmbinS themelv6 inlo
. bmd, 0@by to m dB Bast[o 8rcdnd - they
Conhg within .aEhot 01thBurgonster, you lEien
obviously beliae 0@ i5 efety i^ nu$e6. If you
intmtly to what h h6 to satr Filing in tie gaF tor
youself it soon bdom6 appaqt ihat the luds rdt ro toin ihis B@t Hut ym may either do so
.rone (hh to ,156)or 6 pdt of dE latgd party (hm
sllroding th town aE being tedorsd by a mon-
ster that loll lEve naned fte Be6t oavargq DtThis b:j9) AltEmahvelyyou m, iJ you wish [o md you
bvent ahady dore s, expl@ 0e ndlet squm
ftahft is suppcedly Esposlble fo. the slaughter (th l,o32) or, ii yd are done here, leave the toM

Bcyond the limits of Sbigoiva once m66, wil you rlhe out therotngs on thenoor?
follow L\e mad as ir splits to Op no h (hrn to add,
to L\e emt (tum to 473), o. will you iake the le$
wcll-upd hrcle nto ihe forst, to the norL\-east (tun 206
Reledin8 tne reitu you dm youseli. fte creatue's
toweE of trdsJormtion hnve 6toEd its stren8th
n thatlt k d deadly a f@ as thetust tjme yod fou8ht
ReachDS up, you lilt me oi rhe shields down lron iE
place on the wa Ll NoL{in8 mtowdd happms ejthei
which js a ftliel. There dre dilfeEnt desigs Ii you do not nave OE Qki.k"rirg sp(ia] abilily, you
bul aI ol fie shields .arry rhe same benelils. For d
lonS as yor are .aiiying the shield in battl yor mt
redu.e & eneny's Atta.k Stftn8{h by 1 point. R(ord
I ast Fduce your Attack Strengfi by 1 point for the
3ra6on of your battle wifi the Werbeast atop OF
dthg stag{u.h. r OE Beast wouds yoq roll otu
the shield on you,4d"drrr S/rda.Will you now take n.c ad il you roll a 6, M to l5a. If you survive six
one.f dr nac.s down hom the wall (hm to 273) u Itta.k Rounds o! Educe the WeFbeasds sraMrNA to
leave thG floor and look el*whep (hm to 7)? a points or less, hrm io {3. at once.

Ducking nto the d@pe. rhadows of a sunlen doo.
war feeling your heart pouding in your chest, you
try to calm you accelerated breathing You play rhaI I
wharever it is ihat is apprcaching will pass bl, wi'hour 207
eve. knowin8 you are rhere RoLl h4o dice Il dE tolal rbu rca.h dotier jdction in L\e never-mding hm
Iessihan o! equal to your CEAN6! scoE, tum bo122;
\ pasegewaywifi puddles of waber
.ole.d on tie floo.? Tnrn to 163
105 lpassagewaywrti rougl! brokenstones
McB sMks as you buAt inho the stable dd junps to oYqmg rrsrocky Uoo!? 'rurn to 97
ncr lot. But what wll you d6 nd? Will you: .\ elndy flooled p a$ageway? 'lurn to 4r3
F:I F;'1

Onceyou @ past the axeblade, yo! nEd a Srind-

ing oI e6 dd the pendulun stops swn8in8.
Openingthe door at lhe qd ot ttE coEid@you enie.
a circuld tffit mn the .hanbe! nas no windows
but iE lit by hddreds of cddl6, son fixed to
wdght-itu .ddelaha my sluck on iop of tl
neld lnaitu of otl|ds The gutterh8 candlel'ght
k also rpfl{ted fm a cirdld black mi!rc! on ttP
oppositeside of tlF rcom. Howder d sod asyou
ater tlp rcom, sotuting lalc a sbeplomdds thai
sropsyou in you ha&. A gEat ffi oI wd, rcugNy
hMoid in slaF, heavesit elf lowardr you wjcks
(in buing a! ove. jr, liqnid tanow fat l:lming iror
ib nrchsidt sufa@. r you d qrick, you w be
.ble to erape the rum ard its gnardid, slalmhg
rhedoor bhind you ud Ehming io tlP Map Rod
having !o li8hi (tum to 3a) Ir you wal to
stat how4d, yd d going to have to fiehl d me
@&i.arly dimd cmhE reachs lor you widl

II you win o Atta& Rosd against the Crld fld

Fu ap fi+ting it using a bladed wapon,su.h as a
*ord o. a daggei mI .tu di.e. On a rcI of 6 you
t ladesitclc h the wart, body of he @hft md you
rEt Iight the nexi rcmd of combatwith yM Attack
s|Ength reducedby 2 ponrb 6 y@ ky [o fR you you ddeat lhe mn's onous 8!a.dim, tum

209 dEyhadu easlEd,miil at l6t h{o DIthdnad lcr
Ihre is mething 6hdge going on wfthir L\e hore lha they ha.l evr gainedby lakin8 pan in rhe
cdivale, of that yd de sft, bur whar exactly?Yd eFnony MoE L\o that I do not lm4'ff yd have
fel that oF orJy way you ft Boingto beablto fnd . Slver Daggs, tum to r6j. ff tut, you should mw
out moE is if you seal ba.l thc evding ddd LIE tm backto 260dd @ntnue padins dtPdaBraPh.
.ovd of ddll@ to investigatnlftei II yod wdt to
do this,hm io:J3 Iftut, hm to 90.
Yor initial asmptim was @r@t, ihere ts no0ring
.a vahe at ar1in this emuentsunp, Bur a[ the whne
'TheCadEIntmal?Why yes,Ila bllyou @fiing Fu lEv bd wading aroud in the lon p@l tl
of the cultt eurgence I invehtated tlld wlh I n at or you body hs rEd snerhing ever clo*i As
wG a nenber oi aodE. *.ret society,*1at went Fu m @idering how [o leave the chamber,tlE
udei tlE tlde oI the Order oI rhe Black R@' rliidng srudgedpB in rront oI you ad a sn lqg
Velencs' h]re is both oNpiraborial dd excitEdar Fnid whibe foF tues nom tlE pool. Ar eyeles,
having $neme with whom l,o she his caretullt hn+ke nead sways hon 6ide io side in ful ot
Sleaed knowled8e.'Twmty y@6 ago, the mmb6 Fu, s lech-Lle nouth opding md dGing nm
oi the nsly ftfimd Cadft su8ht !o incr* dE .Dgly Suddm as a shiljng @bra, th. overBmM
iempo.arpowd in thisworld ne.B
I havlede.L that therewft live oi thn alio8tns,
but I have not yet bM aue to di..ovr the iddtiti6
of *!em all. I do know that on of them was the hrty U you slay thvile tapry(m, you aE free to leavtie
AJmea, who had beg mried md vidowed live iltrihE chrdrtu w Fu rate the hrel diR_dy
tines by the tine she jobed o,e group. An oI lE or you (hm ho2?) o! the oneto tou left (tu has die.l uder n],s[e
eamin8 her the ni&En 'Black wido/. But I
digress ItE gmup ehehow managedto e.ry oDia
Sunnohg Cem6, cauingup a Gll denon Ircn Ille inren* h@rof the @rhg flm6 alftady sor.h
the lntumal Pir !o Srdt them aI therrselfishushes I ng you. e],brcrc, }!u pi.k oul thft potios that
havealsolomd out that the nhral involved the us ot pnicularly phlre your nteEst. Will you d.inl a
tive spe.ially mdratd silver dagaeE.At IiBi aI polion that is a deepEd n @lou ad uoking (hm
the CadJ'smdbrs beane mc powerfin but tney r,231), onethatis alu d gtg, slnpy lquid (hm to
sbeadilyhgd [o chage, .oEupterl by th evil powe! I5r) or aNn the bubblng cmtents ol a hotlte dDt
FN T;]
ontinually.hanSsiLl hue (tlm to2z)?Alh@tivelt syesadjust to tle gjm, lomething ldge cmtes out
you could leave aI of dEm ad ne the buming ol theshad@, ben6th OEhayloft,@dy to EdPle
lou into the 8rcud lou sd the inPrestion of bony
pbtruiffi &d a wluppnE. *aly hi. Wrth r 4il
213 $tuling whimy, ihe rud)d ho6emuldt atta.ks
Unablto rsist tne .aU or the DauShleb you join the
wfthnd maidens in their spilallin8 dare, then HAVOCttOtSE
tuhdhnenr tighroing about you mtil y@ Iorgd r you lmg l,ok rhe aazed stallim, you stuble
even dp @d io bEth And so it is that yod ft out of dr bd and e trer jnto dre frnhtue (tum tc,
evd f.on tie cuse of Lycudiftly s you m lurd ,:4) o. away rl@ thb lrdkish fam (tuh to 244)
to a watry Fave. You! bon6 will bepicld dd by
Op catuE thatcallsthedepthsof th. f)roMins Po.l
itsdoruin Y@radv{tuft isovei Beforethe demonpos6sirE lhe Comt cd ftdldt

'Ihe silenceoi hewault is sweptawayby a susuEating
wind, whi.h brinBs widl it a disquiehng feelin8 ot
nnpodinS doon At 6e edge oI hering you cd uearthly h$l heaks non th A(n LycatlmP's
alnost beliwe that the win.l rs wh'spering !o you drcat as somethin8like bla& sok pours lDm il8
In iact, the ndf-heard mumur seds lo cone iion nourh, only to disipate into dr chill atr of the
iiside th pit. You edte clGer ad per in[o the ddbd. r yon have the coddord Dri,3e, reco.ded
depthressda.L Wtn a lull in th wind you htu e 6yav AdMtuft sh@t,rtmto 2a.rnot, toh !o 5r5.
distmt splashdd slurp of sonrhing noving wiftin
watery dep0ls. Do you w6t to dimb down hto Lh
pit to fhd out what is luking at dF bolion (hm to
24)or would you rathd leaveth6e nalign rui6 (tum

Heving open tlF ubmed bam doo. you d
inmediately asailed by tlE musrt snI oi aimals
and dampshaw lli3 ddk iside thebam and,asyou
F-t t-l Btr
On OE econd noor lo m omately dc.ornt d :ou have no idea what the da4d s?idcr womM js
chanbe! that ii iilled with a!! ol ston. statues f,lkingabout.'No? Then{hy aE youhct? Hnvcyou
'Itey rarBe tom s.dphns of l<nighh in monr md ome to stealmy pretries,I thai it? You would hke
weepng m8eb to fmdcal .Jfigi$ and thc bush .t f,v be.sms fiom me) How drre you?,shc kraN.
notable hdivitunls from Luprayia's pa*. one of ihe ;\lth a sped md agil y you would not hawee9.ct d
fur6t exahplcs of tlr st.necaruels ait F ihe sirLue bl@redN she,iheSpidcr
of a Erlfih stmdin8 ncxt to a wall length m,ror hung leaps hon hei wet ready Lopunish you ro!
on the fr sidc of L\c rcon. LrShi fon a flictering ha laii But how areyou 8oin8 to fight bact?
crystal chmdclier cash dF.onced'ng rhadovs : vou wmt to dennd yomself usi.E your swold, tum
Nhd dr .hamber so thai you could alnost believe :52. If you wmt to q using your lanhernro ri ht
tht t}r staher are nov'ng. You caMot help thinrlng - her webs (rf you have a ldtem and lt canPut it io
tht tr\is is a *range plrce Lo have a mlxor Do you -+ lere), bm to 3oa.If ydu wor d iather rur lor it,
closely (tum to 2r2)
or mll you leave the room and ure second floor

\ you sit.lown opposrre ihe sdiorEyomg mm he

{ikcs himsclf lrom his rcrene ard appeG to lighten
Yon have baely usheathed yoLr weapon when ihe re too,it wo{1d seem,G glad of the compay in this
elenEnial .rdature scFcches lil<e a wildcat md leaps :rang. tuns outhe isNia nativeof
at yol! teet\ and .laws bared Yox have Jorce.l ihe
to defcnd youseu aEisi your .api.rols opponent
Ifold Mm Wmter,smimon wouds you ro! onedi.c,
on a nll of 5 or 6 d elenenral'slreezingtou.h ndbs
you to the bone, duung your sedes tcdu.c your
Atack sirengtn by 1 poht) aic ablc to rcducc
tl'e sprte s srAMN^ to 2 points 'ou lcss,hrm at.n.e

Etr trtr
th.F landsbut on6 lron fr oEs.add inAratand, Sul6melling warei then you se iL ihe glitte. oI
Hb l@ jsHM sd, sdth rhutuarb@d disveE4 $dething silvery bqeath
^nd the su.faceof the ware.,
@ught in *E ar}jot liAl of your Imtem. ti E ,
$ od that shires w'th a silvery glao, wq ihrcugh
aF shrEd uD filth As vd Ectr out a h:nd rowade
rh tubnr8ed blade;omthin8 @cn6 for yN, A
thck, rubbry rentaclbsE lron thwaler, 6Eing
Fc !o imp ba.t as $heuinB parenehed and
notrEDs havesits hasive bulk iow&ds you lrcn
at ol ils shadowy lair You 8t the inpEsion of
lrabbhg tenra.les and pseudopods,huge watery
des/ a cavemousmourh pacled wid| teo! a nucu*
@zing bldhole, an.l white albino-nsh.This luting
h.rbr hasbd lyin8 in wait for i6 uual pPy - rats,
sal (rutacem and 0E like - but ssing Orhot
blod plnping in tN veitu hG ucited its unnoly
to @ r@e' tls srory inEh4 a afrt w@iIB .Pptire-You l:amot hoF lo esF without a 69fit,
@m (,@ HaN He .pologt Id hjr .urtql6 bot
sF OBth mEt EiiF tud gei m etp,e you bU
him Bood n'dt, wBhins hih w.U with lus sRh. LURKINCHORROR
(Add &e co<tewordnddn to yov Aadture Shct.) I you narug to slay this foul fiend, tum !o r74

Hol.ling yM ratrFh .rofi, you tat jn dF 3uts

lemd crenbq in whid yd ft srrnding tr
op6 up away nm y@ lit. a 6ve, all mrty gl@n
dd a rguld choinS.kip. Ite orny oilrr eud is
the splah dd npph as you nov rhmsh a I@t of
tiT tr"l
,\h yeF,' ihe forhnc-tcncr begins theatn@ll, 'I se
Anll Lhen th. devils ap Sone a8:in, rhen bodie manypedls ahead,but alsoErcat.oua8e and a gdal
disslving back into &e m'st. You breathea sigh ot a.nieved' This munds likc thc sort oI dbbrsh she
lelief at naving oye.comeyoui grotesqdeas6a ME. prcbably bellsaUhe. puteb But Madam
But any sen* of a Eplieve lrom the holors ot &ldas voice charges drnmati.alt drcpping by
Iemoor are shoit I'wedasyet moL\er nodbb no{ l *veral o.tavs, and hr eyes loll !P jnto her head,
rcsonnts ihFugh Lhe.loyiognists.ThL L no wou
bur something ehe, yet mistakeably cmnE
somc0ringdenonic. Roll hro dicd.II L\e btal rcIed E 'Bewm dr storm nade nonste. and shm the
lcssoranor equalto you cENcE scoE,lrn to 25l Ir rastemhjls. Noding but dealnawa,tsyou thcrc,' she
iotu. 'H.ed d1ewords oI a mouming fathcr dd
rr* out dle rcck oJwolves And on.e you arewi0rin
221 dp bely of the beast,w.le not the nan of brassbut
,{nd then one of tie wolves does inded jind lhe ek out tlP iiJerul cadrt.'
bmzenbravadoit nedG to dsauli dresrag4oach Iie
lithe, grey-lelted credtue mdag6 a gEvrry' de4,ing \ladane Zelda slEkes hd tu il stirrin8 fom a
leap onto the ruf of tlE coach {d, havhg lond ,rakmg drean T4 ye!, os m, starshave spoken,'
pnmhasewifi ih lftheatlFd clawr/ goeslor you. :he says, shding as if she .m't quite remember
CREYWOLI s(rl7 srNrN 6 ;rhat has just happened. 'Yes, L\e rutuc is an
udis.overed outry um, but you pnth is deai Co
U.less you haye L\e Q tlatg spe.iaLabilib,, duc ro row, bc o^ you wayr' the forhre-teUe! is .learly
yotr precdious losrbon on the roof ot th. caniage, dLtrcs.d m4 leelin8 a Lftle shaLenyour*lf, you
you must c@ductcombalwith thc wdlf wrth your not to hmB dosd any longe. Add Lhe
Atta& Shgth re.lucedby 1 point r you triunph m .odcwordDlodlo/to you,4d@,lm sh{l md hn

224 t9
You plae the Gold ne. in Madane Zeldat out lle unnatural .a.ophmy .ontinues, setbng you
shtched hmd dd sh. nakesir vanishwirh a sleiShr teetho! edge and working in m cven mor sinster
of hud notrish. Shc beAins mtrking exaggeratud lay upon your lycnL\ropy'nddbd body. The wou
lrmd movL'mcntsover Orecrystal ball dd tou fMcl \ithin howls in di*onfort and struggLcsto beiree of
you cd sc. swnhS cloudsIornjng wftlrin itr depdE. bmenting music. You 6ght to kccp th beast
FiI E']
qrained bul fel dEt OE dinal imide is sleadily
bling MEol (Add I toyM (fucE scoF ad lose
r Lvc( poinl) Howlr8 in dgr, ld dd nustran@,
lou ne the .uFd Munc Roon. Tu to 321

lou h,L you way along dE pasaseay, down the

raiB and into the npry, da.keffd bd tun. A half
aen door leds you ouEde nto Op 6a.hinB im's
rablng yard. The mom hmgs ovd tF bleak moors,
6dng everything in its col4 mmodftme light
You gazeis dEm l,othe s very di{ md something
derp isirte you nowls in joy at the touch of the

But a@s o yaJd mother light beckons,sP ring

tom the cack bh{m the stable d@8. Sidlthily
t6u seak over to dr 6cnbleand Put d eyeto the 8aP.
frEide,the straw 16 tEen .GaEd frcm lhe middle of
lhe nmr dd a cuno6, dd distubing, qrnbol has
ben draM m then@, surodnded by esoFncu5
rd zodia. symbols.The sPa is lit by 6dles stu&
.o barels ad dabespGitioned dsd the solenc
.ir1e At the cmE, Me& dF lditlordh daughte!,is
onducting someldnd oI nhrar.In iront oi her,on fie
ol4 sbre noor oI the siable,is a hmm skdl. YoD
ftt h kffiFxed astheHtch.hmte mderhd breath,
h sone finlelliSibl lsguage, na:!.in8 nystical

As you wahn her.onducting hr unhorynb, you feL

{i vind at yN back md you hactl6 ri.e. Ddk
Fwers aE being diaM i0 this Placeand who knows
wnat might happen ii MeE is alowd ro iinlsh hel ,!.k noNly at thehotblood Suhing fron thewonnd.
spen. will you wail fo! ner to conplete the ritual (hm Los I srsrNA p.inh. Strddedy the vampress
b ro8), or bst in[o the stabLewithout iuuE hei- ao,ls lron you, gagginghotiblt md etch ing bLood.
\bur bloods ta,ntedl'fte Aasps.'Anothefakeadv
ris a clarmon you. cuEed soul 'Hdaring this you leL
5at you must be rruly dmed if cv.n one ol the
Clou.hhg low in the waterloggEd hlmcl you wend rstocra.y ol thniSht will not leodon yor lifeforce
you way lowaJds a baftd .inle of light in tne 1.ld 1 l,oyour cE.NcE soP Howev.!, if you have
dsrdce it m6t be a way outl Ihe hlmel wideN i.Cr^d, 8/mr|re aflrction,yonmayakosdbtra.t:l
dd you se that it ends at a cimljar grine beyond rmts from thevanpnesl saA{rNA.Finishtour fight
ihat lies a tor.h-lit stone-walled cotidoi You aF 1LththeLadyollvlah andfyou reducehersr MIN^
awft of a sinister sdttLnA somd md l@k up ar ilE \.ort to 4 points or le$, turn imnredFtely b 24t.
cwe of fie hmel rcof above you. Antemae ;ppling
cpugrhdt fte huge cmtipede nov6 rowards you 229
on its nFiad, jointed legs. As you prepae ro deferd )\ ith a linal thrust, youi sword enlorsthe Werrtu's
yobe4 a overgrom .enbpede .ajses i6 rcn, si*s np to tlrc hilt, piercing theclcature'sheart,
head from Op .hamel $ead oI you dd wliti6 itil the tip emergdlom its ba.k. The beasidis,
towards you, its body coveEd in touS}, chitinoE riung one last h.rvl N its lnnp body slidesofr
armou. ln the confines ol the tlmefpipe, iiSht the . our blade. Your attcntion immediately tuns to the
^ rut.hedwoodsman,who bessomefeetkom
r herehe wasfelled.Youarc aboutto rush to your
FiNt CIANT CENII?EDE re.ds aid when you suddcnlystop yo(*lf You
Se.o.dCIANTCINIIPEDE iare la.ed the beastlying at you fcrt morc thdn once
i s niBhr,.e you becedaindut thc fiend is realLy
IIyou ndage to deJat!othtno.mivorous creahrEs ied at last?Will you nake a .loser itupe.tion of dre
yon make lt to thc Erlllc wlthout meetinF turhfr Nerc\rolJ'scorpsc(tum hrr5) or so lbaisht t.'s

Ihe cohtess bafres orronShyou! delencewfth her ! you ar fiShiing with a swotd whrh nas becn
bft hads md pounceson yon, sinldng her lonS rngmY.d with a Particul.r nme,
fdgs into you. orreal tener.arjnS your jug!l/, she :nunbciusinBih.codcA:1,8=2,c=1 2=26,ana

trtr EE
then ium to rle Falagraphwith the samenuber L; rucce$Iul/ hrm ho 269 If you fail yor dc lmble to
youdo notlave suchaweapon/hn h)15o hnd anything unusual and so havc hJl.avc 6ls noo!

As lu.k would have it you have .onsded a po6on 113

$at, mmg ih othr healh8 pmperties,is intendd After d hor of searclug you stil lEve not fomd
to Evese d etre.ts of lycmt}[opy Restoreup to 6 lho beladoma plant you so desperatelyned Even
sr MrN^poirts, pgain 1 LU.( point ad pdue you wilh ULi.hs wooasmdt skilh, hamperpdby the
caNcE &ore by 4 (alfiough it .mot drop below r) sdothding ddlne$ he lhds noL\ng. Youm flhg
Will you now lry oneof fie other pohons(irm to ]37) wor$ &m eed. flE lever s eanng you up ad
or t 14 no longer md esape tle blazrng shuctuF you lel tuceous to the pjt of youi siomach.(Add 1
nore cBNcn pojnt to yor total) ulnc! suggsh
ftat it wodd be foolish to wasteaymole tjme lmk-
ing for the herb, cotuideing your wormhg con-
dibon,sowillyontuwsetoliafterthewolf pack(tum
Cronchirg ,. trent of the mirrcr you exanine wheF
Or glassmeeLs theframe.Thesoud ofstonegrhding to 471)or go m sear.h of CrandmotherZelova (hm
on *one sendsa shiver down you sphe. You Fa.i
itrtantlr jnnptrg back non th miror s L\e ston.
Arifhn cones ro life and sleps doen lrom ils plh$. l. time the pain pasps a8aindd you ondnue your
Wi|n a g.mibe grcwl, the statucssipes at you wiL\ a
marblepaw.OnG agah you de fightinS for you lile. tourne, debeJmnred to pFss on tuldrr beforefinding
sonewhereto passthe night. It is ften L\at d1esoud
s]()N[ GRIfFIN of n6ic difts to you dNug} the fonst - voices
If you aE using a bladd weapory such a a sword rai*d h smg ac.ompanied by a lilling a..ordion
or a dagEc4a s!.sstur sh <eagaitut the minated a..ompdimdt. A little turL\e. along dre path you
statuewjl dny calse I srerNA point of damage.Il .atch Slimpss of iirelight nickering behind the
you are6ing a hace, a hit will cause: srlMrNA por!6 sirhoftftes of midnjSht black hes.Do you want to
damgc. If yo! nda8e rodeshoyihesrabe,add 1 to L.rve the road ed travel towa'ds ihe muric and the
light or Op canpJiro(tum to 233),or would you rather
keepon along you ctmnt path ad loot ror a place
With the sione gnardBn Esune you nrsiop well away fiom dy other ocanPmenb (tlm
itupecdon oI the mEo. T6/ yorl Shll II tou are
Fi-l Fi-l
'n tumcl wior walls coveFd wirh in an obvions*ate ofnegle.t,wlth the
door in thr bascof th. iowe. shui behindyou, the thc ptusageshawn with pbbles?
stoncbuildingprovcsio bpwpriheFiighr,sheltering
you tom thc woBi of the dorn ra8i.e outslde,thd
wind soughingthmuab ihe slrreddedsaiGoJ thc 237
lvindmill. FR of rhe rornenr ol rhetempesryon take 'Ihe cEatuF suddenly away from you in a
a moft hca nd lo.k rround you.The bas. of thc flurry of snownakes.'Wintel,s parl and nrst snowial,
lowcr is .luftered wrth bores, .rates, badcL md, warm headsgow old, we claim L\emall. it sinSsn
curiouslt p,ec.soI macNnery. ln fa.t thcr. n its squeakyvoi.e. You suddnly find yousell at tlre
'nehl kuepu?oscof aedrking
nothinghc,eiosu$esiih .ente of a fEzing whirlwind. Yon.d fcel i.e .rack
mill, cctrinLy no bagsoI flour o! g.indston6.A lmg acrcs your skn but.m do nofiing to stoPits
iickdfv w.oden stancaseleadsup to tlr floor above freezhg elfels.Yon find yourplf paralysedby.old,
rnd, gaz'ngup into tlreglood, yotrcm \ee rnother rou body as imovable as a block of ie. By the
levclbey.nd tlut. As you gazoupwdds you f3n.y hne moming .ones/ you have thawed out md are
lrou se dresh3dorvysuggcstion oJm.rement ,n a :bLe to nove a8ah, but ihe winbr sprite's chillhg
nickernrS iasi ol lightning.Wnsthep Fally some enchmtnent hashad a detlinental effe.i upon you
thnrg moving up thctu, or wns it $nply yo!. orts body.(Loscd addiuoml I sraMr\a poinrsrnd 1
wrcuAhtimaghationplathgti.lcof vou?W tou !rLL point.) Ir you ae still alive alter thE ordeal,M
InrcstrSate thisld cl of thcwindm,ll-ioNer
moreca.etullybdorcscftlng downro
sleeP? Turn ro256
C rnb thustcadvstaraseto rhenext
tloor? Tum to 161
S.trledo*n to sleepsbaightawatignoring
whatyouthr* youm,ghthaEsecn? nm to 179

bnt wh,ch

,33 1,0explorelint whm yd hed a noEe.It i. th sMd
You wnib away 0E rest oI the .lay in the vilaBa or oi ugmt voies. 'I lell you, sreone's brcld i4'ole
Baiciihu. Ihere is nothin8 lErticddly speirl about sF.'Ihy r@'t 8t Id,/ sys ro0E. Thevoic m
thepln.: it h6 a nil, ravh dd lorS,6d it8t6ple 8trin8de. yotr re 8ojn8 to comfae-to-fa.e with
spdd th{ daysrndin8 drland d labouing in OE then oME ey nomar lf M you w r
fmt to 0E sdthdl A basic mal of hat md rte6nitlybe spofted,blt th@ mignt 'ou be dothe! way
Pobt@t alor8 with a naSon of ale at dE wilage Nt ol this. Il you wdt [o 6t nd you 8rcsd ad ta@
lavd, wil Gt you 2 Gold Pift6 ed EtoE up io 4 wh@q is appMchin& hm io 257 Ahenatively
STNINA Poinls, As dusk fals you make you way lou ca Ey ro If $, w youhide in thelarEetent
ba.! to 0E a@ oI the Cmival. Ilp .ins s now toyou lett (rDs '!deto 37o)or dE paint.tdawd to you
ded to the publi. for doth! day and mct of dE
plac ts in ddkn6' You slirt OE pe.imer aqin8
thecftus peoplehavesetup mhlyou m D a pGrtion
whereyou ae suEno onecm *ewhat yo! aredoing. the cech sweeF Nud a bnd in tlE tud dd it i5
LoNning a shfttd pml you sup Nide ad male rho that yd Fe rh dEu befop you. Katya lJBes
you way stealdily btween the lents, sralls and rhhor56 !d'ad! tlE wo.d@,l,mphtbrid8e, whi.h
srandingwasotu. You m jDsi bying to deide wher spffi the Sapina8or8 Wftn the stagmach pn!.ing
up sped,it is only when tou are kio dos to evd
aHedpr b sbp th noFs that you EaL* $rrrd -
or s(@dri[g - h6 tanFrcd with tlE hnds. nE
niddle spa is missin8 mtirelt brcken spa6
strer.nins out jnto the pcipftos void lhat Fffi
bn@thit. TrtinC [o ontain h. ising rc oJPeic,
&tya whips ihe hoes inio a hdt uging then at
tne last posDle nonenr b jffip. If you did mi tale
& earlier divdsion trcugh tlt ilGt, tth !o 50: If
you did take thls divesion rol 6e di dd add
eelve, giving you a total ofbetwem 13dd 13:this is
rhe horF ' combined STAMNAs.oe. Thd rcl lou
dice r the iobr oI threiou dice le$ d|a or qual
t dElb6*'s.:mA Kre, tuh to 's 5o2.If it t5gate!

FN E? |--l Fr-l
,4o smoning Sigil, a witch-nart oI ill oma, uscd rd
wtholt l@lin8 bact you ne the Towea nothi.g draw Fsde$ spjrib lo a place HavinS deshoyedit,
rtdnding b.hvm you dd tredm. You aF back o Jou}a!ebEto theSirlspoweroverrheBno.tof rhc
ttu blasted darpmdt, thhking you have nade ir He.d6}nghwayTs tuhro76.
away eleD, when a tedible F..hing crt lEuds
r(:r1E tlF hilltop. swepinS dom dt oI the niShl t4'
sky is a fod, wingrd .Eatup, oughry hmoid YouPFBts along dr tumel tn a haifoD.h, Dnril rt
in shap,with d ugly, ovEikd had dd a lhin, b(on6 moft likd a popr passBeway md you can
stured body.stEtch.d btlven its a6 md le8saE stdd upright lmin6(flt mos d@ nor
vast l&L\ery wings rnd it Fachesfor yd wi0r bild let you eyesight penetrnle vsy fa! duough rhe
like claws.Youhavc no .hoie but to figlt OreHdpy. Sloomryor eds pick !p the approachngdrone lon8
beloreyouse tk two hugeflips.Theyaregrctesquely
overgroM jNcts/ thir bleled bo.l6 black wit\
II you sudive the en.ostei you finally tal@lheltr i I hai6. ThebuzzinSoI t\e cianr Fliesjnte6]fies as
Ior the ni8ht jn th lea ol a huge,h6sy boddei Th they homeir on you, darting foManls ar drey hy to
nxr dat you Ft otf again, ci@qgating th puctft yur t6h wiih $eir lon& nedlshfp,
virh6 oI Maun this tin and joinin8 the @d that

You sclJf away pad ot rhe sigil with the
hcel of your boot, d.awing you sword ready !o
( youkill borhol thei@cts, tuh io 161.
dermd youBelJ at the ehe time. A sudden But of
vind whirh mhd thestable,like a trapped[omado, z4t
and L\e candlese $utred out. At the sde moment
th landlo.d's daughhr lels out a ledbl .ry ol
antuish. Slddoly rheHe.d16 Highwalm is [\d
a6ain, on rhe back of his phantom sred.'And now,
ny love, we shau b r%dnr foEv.|' he deda6 @ng 6 lle hE rc us tor it now, you tffiaSe
over the howling, galcfoKe wind. Wth dut he |nouEh it. You find a iotal oI 3 cold Pie6 end
gathec the younS wikh rn his alN ad ssmss hr enouBh lo.d for z Meals. Bur while you have bftn
onto the saddle in Iront of him. The slmbol wd a rnvesti8atinA ih$ scenei th crcws have bftn.irdin*

cl@r dnd clopr squwlinBloudl, th huds sud.
dnly dbp out of tlr stt bals snapping&d ialong

ll yo! deleat the mB, oEEby drivin8 the nct
away,yoq sel otr eastagain,b.Ioft tne birds become
emboldflert ed Etlm. Tln to q.

Your *,dr tor the Bed rE ben hahatinBly tutile
dd ha bouBht iboM dmg6 In dpsd you h.v.
tu choie but to Etlm ro the ELrivE g,ry ot tne
rom bloe fic nm ris Thesu h6 el tlE wall5
oI vargqnoi a $lid bl{k stEdov ataNr tlE purF
lGg slylue, sdl em way olt, 6 you hil you vay
b:.1 rhrcu8h ur lo6ls bodsing th Sud-
dmly, a sva8. a.l yet mDubfd dy drs thFu8h the
n'8hf cd. hom enwh@ n@rby Ruming h.ll-
lorleath.i you bGt into a duinS be*n tF d.rk
r|c rnd a nch6 sighr g16 you. LyinS d lh
n6r ol OE dadg is a young wM, we.rinB a
ho.d.d cl@k, dFhtting b.di@ dd bews, ht
d isha4ed ccbow falm at ls sid.. L6'MB ovr
her is a monskous@atuE, wnin8ly p.n wo(, parl
beni and vet with mne FmbLn@ oI a hutun.
l.upinc senaesflarin& rhereis no doubr in your nind
lhil rhis is the We!beasrofvargennda Setuingyou!
Prr*nei the .reat!re Sives voi@ to a bcUowing
roir and tum rrcn the delmcele$ wonan to lace
you. It is |nen that you re the cro$bow bolt prc-
kudinglrcm then6h oI ils lightam. Youhavelittle
time to prpare youEelf befoE tie monsftr is upon

If themotute. woDds you moE tha ture, add r io
you! .EANCEsoE. If you suruive five rcuds of
battle againsithe mo.stsouscEahrle, o! you nmee
to Fdu.e its sraMrNAscorero 5 poinls or I6s, hrm at

'Ihe Cosress sMeks dd wh 6 away fion you
wnpping he! cloal ftud her 'You will revd lave
my donain alivel' she wails dd, with thal ner
.o.poreal lom disslves into black mi!t. riave you Fjghr rl\e agitated vilagers as if dEy were one
d4boyed h\o ofiitr whne e\?lding thc tower?IJ opp@ent.Ho{evd this is not a onvstional combat.
sq hrln ro 263. If you have or y datsoyed otu, d Youart not tying to injre thesehaple$ peasmtfolt
altiough they N most deinitely trtuS ro til youl r
the nob wiN m Atta.k Rohd, dedud 5r MNA
potntstrom ]ou total asnomal. IJyou win m Aiiack
Roud, iowevr, you do not .lduct srNrN pojnb
'Be8one,night mahE!' fte mm starb yelbg. cet
a5you would aSaDsta Mvmtional amy. Iretead,
awat fbm neE md leaweE in peace!'At t!is, tie
rl you win tlvo Attack Romd! ir a rcw 04 fanin8 lhat,
asembled villages shufle bwardr you roo,wavinS
afbe.six Attack Rouds (if you d stiLl alive), you
then pihHo.ks md bil]n@ks in the air Th6e people
haveobviosly benuerued by emething ad are nma8e l,o brea-klree of the dgly no! dd escale
tom strigoiva (tum ro ro:).
preparing to vmt their fqE a.d ldstrations on you.
With a suddenshoutot 'KI theniSht cleatrel' jim
L\en mid.llea8ed leadd, the a8ry nob dsh6 you. ,47
If you are Boingto get out ol SEi8oivaalive you are Youslve voic to a telrible baymg cry and wat.h as
tlEnuAewolv6 quail dd quake,whimpqing aty.u
Soingto haveto liEhtyotr way out. dimalisEc hovl, befof lnally turning tail and
ming fDm yo! Tm [o 513.

Etr F;l F-I


)43 290
RedirT@th anaa|tu - as pat al you slow bur steady Bcforyou em .ome in si8hr oI Maun you seeth
eansfomation into a WeEwolfi you Ih8emft hawc tower L\atloons ovd it,lookin8 like a bla.k.lutchhg
hardded into tal@s and you cmine teeth havc .law against the blari( dvas oi the sky Keephg a
len8drened. Ihis meaG you ft now just s wary eye on L\e towr, dd the tiny la8ged shadows
effe.tivc dd deadly n batde'hat mrmed N you aE fliriing about ft hfth, you iollow the load dovn
aded If you eve. have to Iight hamed you may into an mclo*d valt which holds the crmblng
ignob ee perolhesplacedupon you Recod L\isns buildings ol Mau. I}p palefa.ed peasmE you see
spe.ial ability on you! /4d@"rrueSbcr dd dpn tum sbuggling io iil L\e lad appear po$es*d ot a
to the paragraphwith the sme nmber as the one norbjd Lethdgy lhei. homes at h a stabe of
you wcro lasi insLru.bedrowrite down. dErepair, the thatched rcofs saggy md gren prii
mos. nE whole placeseN to lie mder a shadoqy
249 paL evcn houBn dusk F stlu sone hous you
M.ving steadily [owar& ti. hedt of the dusk havctha.o&wordNeir.t@rdedonyou,4dmrxtr
stuoudedruins,you lind yoGelr at drerop ot a ni8hl s/rtrr,tum to191. noi,tumto411.
ot wom stonestepsldadingdoM inro a dome rcofed
udergound .hmber DraM as you are rowadr
this darker gloom, yd wi]l ned to be able l,oLi8ht lncxplicably, you lnd yosell d.aM towaJds the
you lantin to pmgrss fu0re. If you have a tantem dcmonic howling lollowin8 the vailinS 18, you
04 not, the N,t!t cfdrrrrE specialabillt, tum to tu1 itumble over swmpy gsud, mdlul oJwlEt is
't you wil] ]uve io Ehace you stepsdd leavc
ll nor/ happenng underfet. You take dother sEp md
rbrupily sink to you OriSh in trre peary mud.
\lomen tum cain6 you forward md soonyou m up
royour wa6r in a sthlina bo8. As the Ea]liy of you
pi,loussjbarion hib h6me, dE Power the eene
howling had over you is brcken. You lwist and tu,
dng lo 8et youmelf out or tl bog beforeyou si*
dy futler You d already up [o you chestwhe.
r ou spy a h ailing rooi pohding fiom a moud, on
ahi.h a Bnarled bush glows Trlns l,ofe youselt
rm tle clutches oi the bog, you led Jorward,
Erining .vcry n6de asyou ry to reach Lhe.oor.

RoUthR di. It tlP bbl reIed E 16 ilEn or .qu.l l@ oEt my r.w poirts .s the swMing
lo ydr sr^MrN^ sE, lrh [o r:6. ll rh rot l is spdm si.r hn f.n8s hb you tr6h. (How-
car lhis atta.k arsd Gb l,\e SpidrQxen
z srAma Fi^ts.) you od.te lo sby lnr
sPid4ud, tum l,o364.
And then the mochos spideFcreaturis on rop
or you and you have no choi@bur ro fisht
'Tepasserl'3he3hrieke.'Step iniony parlour/would
you? WeU you never lqvl' Aning yourslt Yougulp dom th thick, Bftn liquid, which leavesa
you pEp.F ^ow
to epel th SpidaQuen's 6FUlt. bltlcr aftertastei^ ytu mouth - but theE ji worP to
.one You.d fe.l yru body swellinS.nd changir&
ns the fleh-walPjng Ift.ts or 0r lycanrhFpy aE
SNOERQUEEN cxaerbad. (Add 2 poinb to ydr cts^Nc8 soE.)
Th. SpidrQll$ has * dittuFt nthods or PcdEps rtEE is amtlE poti6 d rh shell that cd
atkk. Elch dhe Alztrea ru d Arbd Rdnd, Dll Fv.R rlE dw&tina lld Do you wanr ro try
om d'e .nd Gult the hble bld to ft whnh Molhd or Lhebotrldp.liG (tuh lo ,'z) or wrll you
athk she us .nd dE dmat it ells. ch(e nor io put Fu laifi in my moE ol lhe mrd
si.ntitt's modi6 ad flR dE burldin8 (tuh 2rr)7

r: Bnrh.d r,l6s - lr 2 $rm poinb 254

] lr.png ane* - you e |arrld ro ttE gbund Evm is yd fth loMyd@ tn. miNhG wou
(l(R z !r^m poinb) md sFnd tne nei Liud I h[o tne air behind you. ThE i n
A acl Rodd haPPd udd ih RoNrer, f,ommt 'Eoi tdible stillffi dd tlEn lne tuU Bel8hl
lirhhnS with you Afra& StqSth Educed by oI thc ftatuft on iop of you, sendins you
sprrwling on lh 8Mrt. You8.5p i^ pah, th bEath
Web{pit - you sufle. no wou& but c.Mol knockcd ort of y@, 6 the woll sinkd lts cruel leeth
dIend yoqr*U tne nqt Atra.k Round inljoyour shoulde!dd ral4 yolr backwith its sreel.
a3you rttuggle ro lEe yoLreu Imm the 3ncty \h p claws.(Loe 4 srM^ points )
\'ou sudder y heu a g.utr voicebeuowingit thebst
5 venosoubite lr4sraNpoint. to ale& you Yd 6*l the wor @ bp oi you ten*.
Spid6wam tint rdd.did sp'd6 buBl The ptsre of the srel gr-E p ot it6 irws dbdd
frcm blBbeBm hd abdm. RoI m de md vour shqndd abrupdy @, a6 yd wdld-b
F-l t-l

bylto! cold, picrcingslarc.Rotltwo dre.If dlc nunb.r 6ca!e mute. r rirl you giv u!, as tr'e shmgrrfu
rollcd is lcs than, or cqual to, you. .nANcx scoE, su88sls(hlm to 41). or prepare to rakeon ar] tlre
llm t6 1d,it t is gPatei tum to 5:. Cmivare .hda.tcc logethd (tum ro

256 256
AmongL\eclufteranddekitus rhathasbeendunped 56ning a ya\m you nale ld thestails that led oui of
ai the baseol the wlndmill, now lying hde! a L\i.k dE bd ad up to th aue6t-ffi. As you leave,you
covering oI dust/ you lind a gleming Ircn Rod, harthelu.Uord malinghis deMds oi tnebarnaid,
polishd to a bluebla.l< rinish, with a sphereor mer.l farhmg wtn, 'And lay a rew nft ln the Brah,
at one end md a gleming spil<eatop that. It is a daughter'To wttrch slp nutters somthjngudoubL
culiouspjecead yd my addit to yom Equipm.nt 'lly diirespecttul n Fhm. Leaving LhediFlable
List ii you wish. Thee i6 nothhg eLe of valu sowin pair lo thei! bj.ldin& you headupstairBlor bed. The
you sdruedown to sloep (tum to 279) or.limb L\e Eom is spffiely Imished a small table a .hair fld
wooden stan ae to theneal lvl (hrm to fir)? a Falet bdl but you do lot care.Youfeel shattcrd
alter you neethg with rhe phantom Highwaymarl
2t7 not to nmtion the wearyin8 narch. You e asleeP
Three tiSues appd, pickjng then way mong the hom dtenondt you! neadhits ihe pillow
guy rcpes oJ the hnts. Ihcy ft tard by suprl* You ware fr.h a drem (ln wnich you ar cnasins
wlen suddcnly .onJrmted by yd. But you rton't tlrough the woods barEloota,rtera stag)du !o you
lnow who is nore sho&d, you or L\ey,Jo! y6u aF bed bemg shaken.You opd yor eyesbLeanly.You
lacedby thrte suty folk. Ihere is tle C.mivale .mrct see anyone cl& in ttlc cndbe! wiih yoq
lire cahr (his nJ@d toBo .oved wifi a rattoo of a by the Lhh rhaft of moonlight ml,ering you Mn
scrpmtjn. dn8on) md tie bald-headed,mousta.h- betueen the shutbes,but th@ is the soud of wood
iocd slrongmd, who is ladinga hulkr& B@n erapng on wood, as tle tumihrc is beinEmoved
s!.imed o8E by a lmgth of.han ath.hed io a sprked across the bare lloo.boa.ds cautiouslt you ease
collar 'we've found thenl'the fieate! gsspi ]o6elf out of rhe bed, which rEs sloppo.Lsha]dng,
'Youshodd rhint abourgrvngyouselt up,' rheEsli and purl you sword fton ris scabbard.You wal.h
voied shongmansays,tugging meaing( y on the dmblomded asthe tableand .har liF inhothc an in
lnnbenng ogret chain, maLing tnc bdreL{hested front ofye. Thyhover ther Ior a mommt, thra fct
bmte Brut wilh amoydce. As hc d@s so, thc rin oll the Arourd, md thm sudderrlyhuil themelves at
eare. moves roud behind you, blo.lin8 ofi you vou. lnftdibly, you find youiFli ti8hhng for you
r-alFl trtr
lile aSai$t a tauc md a .ltr1H F18htthe two pi(es ol not, ?hr yor fu.t. If you de Ln&y, hd to 41o,ii you
Jhihft at th. samctimc.

TABLE 'Her.'says th shoiar prcfferins a steming flask,

CHAIR 'drinl this. You tale LheAaskand f,iff at 6e stem
douding at tlr brim. You instin.tively F.oil in
disSut. You dk vereticus what the eni. is made
Iron. "Ilpre's a liftre wollsbde in rheE,' he otrc$,
49 'tinchr of lilver da o ol mistletoe' Youare going
wiLh op day warin8 on, the hunLingpa.ry *is or n
toluve io hold you me asyou dri*, ii you aF ever
searcnoI t\e B6t The nen who na*e up the band
to stonach this cuios lotior but are you even
are nsed io the hardships oi lile in m even harde!
.eiain you want to drinl it? ll you do, tum to 173.If
land. They aE men ol feu wo.ds, wno value action
over rhetolic Thei! houds skaln at thei! .hains, Fu Polrtelydeclne, hln to 19r.
snarlinS and slaveri!& eaSe![o be alter thet pret
A nunbe! oI velerm kapprs eujde tne party into Furthei on, the passgeway bends to tlre ri8ht $d
$e loresls north oi vdge.noi bcyond the Kag8l opensinb a larS,low-mfed cavem.On dle otner
pastues wh@ fie Bcasttook its most ftmt vi.tim. e oI thecave,dother tuel, simih to op oneyou
Youenter &. pincwoods hdc. a glowerh& ov(ast have just left, continuG inio tlp ddkn6s L\at lies
sly. ed oncebeneathfie overar.hing brd.hes it n bneathdF Abbey lock But beeen you md dE
asd&k asif dusk haslaUe. Ihe path the parry takE onw&d tuml the noor of the caveis lost bmeafi a
wendr this way and oEi thsuSh the foPsr, wolf- pool ol loedd slm, wnthing wilh ih bloabd white
hodds and nashtts being loosed to sniff out ihe b.dias ofcidt MaBgots.Ihjs explairo the ageEsi'c
qua.ry. others amonSthe grcup assureyou thar you attihrde of Op Cimt Fli6 l,owdds your L\e nsects
a@followir8 srSnsIeft by rheBasiol rrspa$,ng. You, (cF prcte.ting dlr brcod. The stenchhele s evd
with your oM hei8htned lupi,re senrs, howevei kone thm trt of fie cmumt plpe dd you cu see
cannot pict up ay RenLor sjgn oI such a monster nubsoJbonepicled clemby dE hmgry mggols Do
anlvhde nl6y As dust Eally d@sbegin ro ta1i,in rou wtr.t io nsk cmssinSthc mg8ot?ool to get io
desperationthe hmbe6 split up ad spreadout h m L\e hnnel on lne othe. side (th to 293),or would
attenpt to find ddr qury. sudderJy ilone you vou lather retraceyour steps to t'heF you mtered
stunble on drmugn Lhedcloa.hing ddloes. lf you ihis stinljng hdeMorld and takethothd path (turn
have lhe Nrgh Cftaturespcialability, um to 410.II

trtr trE

nre mols dead,you shmble in[o the ffitualy dd

comelpm dE ndt of the .omption in this pla
Slching about in a pit .dt ftom ben'M lifhed
na8stores,and 6led didr cloying Brm slim, h a
tu88ot of a nagnitude you would never haveina8
ined.The L\ing must be , fetlong from snout to tail
dd 6 yoDwahh tr shuddeB, its tiny blind-headend
swayingroud, snifiing you out, tie maggofs moi.t
whire body rippling Fpulsively Glutinou slim
dnbbl6 hofr the abomimii@'s nesady working
nouihprE. Ihe sicuy sweersmell 6 at its sLug6t
here md (al6 you gag li ,o tho thai you realie
why ir is so lamilid to you: il is the slenchol decay.
surely evil suchd lhis cmot bepemitted lo live If
you havetheword Srogjd wnften on you,4d@llp
sJret tum lo r55. lf no1, you ould deal with ihe
gobesqueablot-Ma88ot wfih.old steel(tDm !o {26),
or, jI yd lmw oI dothd ms of iightin8 the
m88ot, yd win also (now a pdticdd nde. Tm
dlil im into a nmb! uing tl]e .ode A=1,B=a C=3
. 2=26, add the nmb4 logetid ed hrm to the
PaJa8raphwith the Fme nnmbe. as tlp total.
Arte@tively, you colld jEr u Ircn the nGttuG
mlSgors pr*ne and rneAbbey (hm to !43).

fte cbud oi black mrt moG acoss the palatial
.nanber at spee4 6fi1 it disapped ud* a rapestly
on lhe Itu wal. Hurying alter it you pr aside rhe
val hdgin8 dd iind a hiddd door Beyondit, h a
danped tudet clmbd, you lind the lNt of the
Vanp,mss'.ofhns.ThfMinEba.k thc lid y.u sc. L\c 2=26,md tum io ihe paragraphwhich s rhe sme
rcjofmma body oa th. undead dominahix Withont E the totalyou cone up vth ll thepara8raphna(es
lresfiati.nyou plunSeyour blade into the cmatut'r -n sele rhe mEo. wru not Eive up its s.crersto
.he{, penetraringhe. shrivelled black hcari Th. tou Llhich leaves you only hro options. Wi[ you
Counress'eyLidstl'ck open and an unholy *ash rheDimr (tun to 34)/or lavethe trret roon,
pspes ftom he! gapin8 mouth as she elPires. Belore xM to rheMap Roon fld proceedlron thcrc (hm
youf eys herneshdjssolvesintoslime and her black
ened skeleton.rmbl6 to dLsr You h:ve desboyed
the rampiri. comtess lsolde and lreed the people ol 265
Maun fmn ner ryrmy. Regain 2 LlG poinisr with \ the cuiod bchg darts ovc! the sparklinAground
the mdead Lady of Maun truly dead al lasL,do you :rru despcratclj,14,to sra.k your bnins for any way
wmt to 6pnd dme sar.hhg her .hanbe6 fo. cm po$ibly thi of td rid youcela.f the i.y
hrasLft (trm b 125), or do y.u wdt to qdt this -ru You now need to iest one of your abililies,
plac. of rvil as widDut futh.! d.lay (tm 10346)? .ihei bt T.srirg yorl Strl or I- ngyaut Li.k. tl lan
-.:i yd!/ ski/land apsu.cesstul,rurn b:a? llyour
264 at loar tr.ft andareLukt Lurnro 299 Ilyou fail,
With Op Golem noihinA mop d]m a pudde oI :o nartt. whi.n ability )iou rst,in desperarionyou
melting fat, wdy wlnie chunks and .ui cmdlewi.*!, -,rx your sword from irs scabbard(turn ro n3).
you crcss rhe rooD and exmre dre omat loolinA-
glasshangng on the lar waU. Close io, you Falip dEi
tle nFor has ben larhDnd lrom bla.k volcmi. \!a{ rron the picK the deadDwrf has few p.sses
glass, ils omately wrou8nt irane, bmished gold. As rons sbour his peson, which L probably why ne
you staft jnto the blac( 816s, you orvn shadowyed =ked prcspftting in sucna perilousplace.Howeve4
fa.e stdes lack atyou. An ilMiption has be{ etched r the mlnert pa.k you find a stilkloppercd potion
xttle labeUcd'loituc'. Ihe botde hd one iot lefi in
I Drinldrg tie podor wil FM your LUc( soE io
Iflou lnartd n! scdtts knou,
= Itrridl level. TIN is a lu&y 6nd ndeedl Now you
And r&edll I da b6tau,
: ustrtrln ro12 to d4de whrh way ro 80.
Trkt .aunsc na , stepfunh dhd s.palk
And lell ntuhdl it is lar snk.
ll you tnow what it is you should asl ror, bm ihe nt or L\e foetid pool, the bladeappeffi to shinc.It is
nane jnro a nmber lsing the code A=1, B=2, C=r . . . r nng ncenr weapon ed has not suircnd dy

Etr t rE
tamishinA,ddspil,citsFsii.gpla.e. lumingthcblade StiSoiva - to lead you to tlE v lage's only ravem,
over you sL{ Lngraved Eothic leLtenng flash in tht rfher at his insisien.e, a bowl ol sreming nutton
lmten light. laoy spell out a rane 'Wllfen'. You new is placed belore you. You devou the hcal
hale foud a powcihl na8ica (eapon. lie{ore r hungdly as you hstn ro qhat he has to rcl you.
LL.( point md, for as long as itls your wetrPonoi rReSainnp io4 sraMrNApoints.)
choi.e, inc.eaP you Attack Slrengdr h batrles by I
point.Aswell a5coDtingas weaPo.,whi.h 1Velive n cursedtimes,my Licn.l, dd Shigoivafeel!
,v l hm theudead, demonsmd, this cuse nore st ongly th& oOE places On a
t]re Wuuen SNord has a .ltrm boud into it, whi.h nightly bash wc sullcr thc atticks of a vc.rable army
work aga,nstthe noo*irouShi poweis oI wee hJunes you lay aginst my aeahE wilh
the rvor.t 'r!ere' n ts nme, \lhile wi.ldhg the Chosh?Kdad hasaptuEd you. aik.rion 'whai
i\'uuen S$or.l w l aue I srAMrNA poinh damage
ratLrerthar lhe usual 2 Add ihe Wulten Sword to you
Posse$jo6. StiI manellng at the nagmficml Teffiblo spktEs aU, he g@s on 'Fksr thec is the
$ eapon ,ou hold in yonr handr, yon be8:n to wondd huck, which peys upon bavelleG on the westein
what elsd midt bo lyng beneath the su.fa.e of the {oors md keeps FaLhercotran a virtual pr;oner
pool Do yoh want to extend the seaEh Ior adetacE xithin Op holy sh.ife l,othe goddessof dr h.aling
(tuh to 432)or wil you .linb our ol the pi rqih you lpiing. Thenihereis LheHeadlessHighwaynm, who
lo rousncw 6nd (hh to154)? rtys on lolk who kavel the road norur to Bald, jnst
: hc did jn tus mgodly lifetime. And last, bui most
rmble oi all, thretu dF Howlin8, which assailsN in
' . . And so I 6nd mysclf hdc, a ncr@nary *eking : .ur hones ea.h md evcrynighr.Wehavehadoough.
pb rhat will pay for a .omt rtabl. bcd at r wan ls ,\hen you nived, you fomd us pEpadng to neer
forlhe n,EhL,you salrc.n.ludinA your story. re Bhostlypnck dd s..ndit on iis way back to Hell,
'A sel s$ord, you say?'The man never oncc t*6 hn -r die kying Will ydu helF nd us ol ou speckal
:ormentoA?Wewould Fward you jn ou own modcst
eyesiron you.'Then yon have .ome b the right pla.d
But lefs not ta* here. You nust be hmgry after you
kavcls md Trd sa.tltg r,j has a 6re that * il
:: lou want io staymd help thevllagcis in thdrtattlc
talc thc .hiU lrom your bones.' u ith theHowling rvhatirrthathightbc tumto
You .Iow L\t mm - who is Ko.rad, herdnan oi
F';l F-I | 1t t.1
269 270
Theris a detnile gapbeh"M tlle edgeol ihe nimr ]ltP beng no time lite th prht, tou scizeyou
dd the lade Tapprg the wall dohd the edge ot moment dd lp a! the fiin& sword dravn. seeing
the Eane you iinally fnd vlEt you e lootinE roi wlEr you e plamh& OreChdgaling hiss ad
You apply j6t the i8ht amomt of pressurear the lapsinto the ranes above1ou In dp sme
n8ht spot md fre reflecbng glas swings back nEthl, asiJ .ompeled by fte wil of moihi, lame.
Beyondthe miftr lies a sall chnbu &aPed with Bauer dd his ,ife rurch towards you, aming
black velvet dd lit by a smgleFd lmtd. Stmding |nd*lv6 wid| a sbut loA hom the w@dpile and a
on hestlesis a grdd black colfn with Sleming Sold rouin8 pin, Eady to defend thei. 'child'.
handles.If you evd iad ay doubts tlEt N{ad Tower 'Ihe ChdgelinS giggls s ih old couple try to bane.
s the lair oI a Vampte tiey vffih now. You know you with dEn impmvsed cudgels Youhaveno wish
ilut a VmpiP's cofiin is iLsLastretugemd aslmg as ro han th pair and so liSnt ody !o djsdn
ihe mdead cPahE has su.h a drn.Iamer Bau.lEs a s(LL *o!e ol6 dd Mistre$
can neve. hry b vmquished You sod tlrc .offjn Bauera sdLL or 5. Roll fo. Altack Rouds asnomal,
clashing to the nmr md sm6h it to srnitlEM but Educmg you. Attact Stmgrh by 1 point. You
(Mate a note of rhe fact drt you have deshoyed tlt n*d ro wn trso Atra.k Rouds to disan each
colfin o^ you A&dt!tr sree, dd add r to you oPponmt, md have to liSht thm bodl at tie en
ar.N $ore ) I@Ling noF corLfidentabout the our tine. If the Ime. or his wlie win m Attack Romd
comeol you Fission you leave d1es@nd il@r io youwin sulter damagea6nomal. Kep a hack ofhow
exploE elsewnqe (tum !o 7). nmy Atta.k Rodndsit lal6 [o dsad 0E pair (you
win needto li8ht a minimm of f@). Wh6 you have
di$hd both Fafu dd Mishss Bauer,you de at
bst ablel,otackle6e chan8eling. Bui while you have
beendbha.ted theimplEsbeesreadily h ffilomh8
itseff.It js now much ldgei and morevjcious than it
was h iLs infani fom. Wim you cone to fight the
momhous ihp you musr in@aF ils sr MrN s.oE
by thnunbe. olArhck Rouds it bool(you to disam
the old .oDpl You must also in@* it snl scoE
by dE sm nuhber divided by hro (mudins
th.fims up) Now hm io 137l,oresolvetlrisbat[e.

F ft going. A shril eu.l sdd.nly ob thrcugh
Ae yo{ b.hle lhe Bh.r r /olf yd tE.w itl@rin8l/ r soorhtut mFr, srhin8 liL. lhe ffihing or
.w@ ol ln. rEsror lhe woll pact dtinuhg lo de rhhdred wotv6. AI erts ol t .rtbl. offisrtroN
in .oqd yo\ ad thar moMt y disthdim ls cU &il Irour @mu8ht hh<t 6d you! to lel
It trl6. You3hrmbleon d dpo*d r.ot dd loF you i.l your lar is inesapabl. (Add I io your GINGE
foollng The huge wou seizs the oppdtuilty wiu $e.) Ard thm vou R ahead Shokv
@edlng dlnal clNing. You.wordd nalirt hdrib dde bIo you y3,tleir h{i!li!B cour;
!s you try to nairtain you balmce, th woff m6ho kinSly direchd by sde setalt intelllSnce As
ttEugh yoa cmpFnud def6e 6d hurlt you
F walch, t arBfrre4 you Imcy thlt yd can s*
bodlly to the grcud. Youtel ib gtut wei8nt on lop Drollow las apparing drugh tne fo8 Ar you
ot you, rh. brcath kroded our of y@. You .e sbcI & wondrin8 whEld you om ye dE pLyb8
it! lo.tirl, .mivoE's bsrh, hearits s@l in vru .& m yoa a nighhwi3rr yieg c@l.s6 npm the
Ard thsl with. evage qy ot aiMl sti'f..ti6, uE hpour
wou rinli itl langs irto rtE tlsh of you irD!.ldd. -Eks nudyoL ItlushhingF sd . hld66,
(Le : r^rR IEinR) Y@r agunr.d dy il
$ddcnly jonEd bt . howl ot pqh 6 dE wol, ELE
iE grip. You visid tEyin& td s a b!, rhiL{
ligu etanrftB dd dE Blad WoU r siurdy dtng6 G ir EE66 bacl inb rh. ni!t, Tne
!6 s & hi*d .!.v. his lEd DE arc d@d. @hE dal6 ioiw{d, spir.ldg .Fud
.gain dd trE wou Aivs . 5li.n8led yowl .nd Ft6qu
ir d lton b mnE, but yd do not lEil to tFt
oft you. Tb. wo.dsM swirBs nis de atain ad $. tE
wou n6 yelping dE Et oI th. IEd etu.ltint dtir 'ou appeame of a ffi.t @.ha. Y@ h.v. hld
dl oI rhF mm5te6 H6E but hd th@eh dreh th.
drir L.d.i Den thCrat 68@ is l@nin8 over you. rnrn of las tal6. UnIo.tumtelv ,or rc-u th4 FoE
Derat.d by pain md blood 1o6s,yru dy cmd l\qr' aF air ro E r. Y6uh've ; cho;e bur b flrhi
tate 4y nore dd youbla.k out. Th !o ru ir creatu togtid astheyclo* ir fo! the llll, th;n
ai6 settin8yor ierhm edB.
You ttudte on accs FeMoor rolowin8 the Mrow
P.$s of flmer gFud z'gagging beh4m the a6
nmh thrl hive giv6 th* h@F 6eir m. IE 76
log thit cmtinuB lo thictn a@ud you ad<ii to you
gE ot disoriqtitin util haE rc id@ whea
F1 T;'I t- t F-l
wind dd yd hd the sluilt whimy oI a hGe in the
Ar therery top ol dE spn,r sr.i!@ you pas thsugh yad !nind you. 1Ie .9c,' Mg says,lool.jnSpdt
a dw ad ereF otjo dE bardmenb ot 0re tow4 you,'hy rine 8ntl44/ my brave lrrd Luft.'Yotr
Ddt ra8sof cloud sd i.Ms thh@w whcn hatt' tuh md cme f.cFtef@, 4 it w@, wifi rhe
nu tuil orrcr the lddsaF Strirg up at th bd Heldles Hitltw.,aa de again.T?Esp<ie mte6
ye cd lel its lffi nrgy wortjrg iE way irb th. stlble on foor, dfh sbE in de hmd md his
dery fib oi yM hin& c.lling io the wolt wiAir oh *vE<l n@d ddq the orhq 'Yd would lay a
(A<tdr hoyou (]Nd mE ) Molmt rily4uEd hud dhy Met?'th $ct dclac itsfae.mtlltie(l
by dP n@'s ge yd b.@ awaE of a InElt in r.g. 'Ihd y@ wrl pay witn you lilel And widr
pih.nedsquaLing 6o$d lhat y@ wdld ps hnE
ban able b lE& ai .l hl@ vN tEsfmtid
into a wou hego. leking up, y@ e th nappi,E
fl6} of bals .l@tuting fr@ OE [eop6tu@ sk] |l you dcftot y@ ShGtly oppmL tuft to n5.
Eefop y@ @ Each d d@r dBr b.<ls back don
into th iowr, the bals @ upo yola aX sl.rhtE 275
wingda$ ud nedle.h,rp f&tF. Y@ c tong b AnorlE hilf $ h@r turltE dm tlp padi and
ha@ to fighr the sNflE ol the nigh @.r@ wb tuIe ffD b6Erh tlP dt5hhM bEnclE of'd a
bhhinSiundcd elm EE. Ya may 6t 1 NGal's
ro h ot PreUll@ lI yd wish, befoE *tdug to
3L.P, but a sr a yqrde ydr et slep is not
tuu.t sml ff frDn 15; this is the roEl
nmbr ofAna.*
'or RMds ydwill h.v ro 6ghtbeioE
ye .d tuF Y@@ sk6 fim a drEm (in *:tlichy@ ft baying
dE oct of bats,it do rbi detd
d thhd Fith rhEtoIyNpa*) bym@
E)d in f*d mds. If yd do hNSe 'u !o dliv th.
baB off and r.hh ro lhc Fl.tive eLty ol lh. irldi- stch rl snth ffi, Yd ncd a lathry 0apping
of Or bwa, hr io z fo erploe ekewh*. $urd dinS noh th! bafthB of th. deadrmard
okn lhe shima ol shadowy Nd6t. Th@ G
ite glima of noonridr d gliehin& .Idgated
teSs sd the v.rpiE Bals,which have sqd y@
DEwing you swold, you lrp rt the lddord! ot by th odpted blood pulsing in yN wire, fly
daughter,but befo! 6 ldd a blow at.l$t h{ rloM ro fed, You are goirg !o haye to lighr rlE
thedoos oI thestabl
'ou thFM opd by a tate,oE
e I'lo.dthtcty @hr aUrogthi

trtr F-'] E?
liEI VAMPIREDAT r-r R6r@yout@tsnl $@ bl!! h ,l

Lrp!.via VdpiE ft d6 noF b be t .td ,-a RtoE you cllFt ddE{ ffi !o lb
tla tlDe of olhd l, ili Thyanddbly overbry.
.Rt'E wiih evate, f,nt.d f', tlvht th6 e 5-6 RstoEyou@troq!<@tott'I''rt/
udad appqrtu. Toaddro deir spL.Mt torr!
utj! p{rilcd{ p.n N abofttiUed wtfi 6b16, II tht tlliu yoq n@ drrnt @ of tle othd podN (hh t)
@tetobit t@ d6 i6to@ -y@ d@t idd r 9t)qwddd you prftr !,lcaw dE blhtrtblXdint
point to ytu crud gre. r yd dLp.bdr hodroa
rh. q*l @lu6 yo {ad dE 6t of dE niEil
hi.l .e.r., ri'radng dt tu M of dEn thd. Yd t1a
4 gLd wtrd d.h bErs at lad rd ts e.bL b Y@lifirt!|tEdoq dEr i!|futin6.s.lrd itt
gonyouE Thr.5o *.ithl h yqa hri4Il lrheyr su,ah tDbEL bdE
16 .rE wlth equal @, ouiB o6ddd
,'6 <'PPrFb r,E^ Fhb d d.F8e ad ba4
wha ya phna.d turswqrt int! tlEho*l o{ w.L ot w{tht,' tl t@ *ish b e rtt ttE h b.!t,
dttnd. dE d'idldd.d blildin& yfl 9@ in kr 6!E't' lhrn . tt ded ,r+..r ld ni8tu h.v., yo
ehdng dE bld. wilh hdy sE ioo th. vilL!. nut Ed@ ydu AtEe SEEAth by r pohr tu
Eluip, As . Burl dEnHurrt, y@ G tW .ble to e g.tdlg u.d ro dE 6.d oatIE lrc you lEr d
6r dE sp.dFl woff Ietu (igdn cr poir0, '6r
dh@ tdlng oud bAid Fa Y@ turn b G
bur ir is sril toi$ b E a blhb th.r ' w l El y@ (a of lh! diE oa .M .rinb doh 66 n!
Fdt L tlE im phF drnaing niily 6 it dc d
SPECTRALWOLF ll kF P',Ib. mdM fim rh*dl dd.dv!,6
m yd wttl rlow cr.nkinE .t F3 (Add I iD
Th. .ftcE of th. lotim^nhavechos
you rDrLilt e A!withyqnc,ssytim thesuitoi@@wlt!
not cNbnt, ch,n6i^8 nbh @ lrlnuE ro the Br h AtEcl Ro6d yo wiU sufer I Fhb of r^xdA
RoLl@ die . d mdt th. br'le below l,oe whll rthtq Youdy eF .fE two Anlct RMd! bt
etu tlE diri!h6 m you. tuFIry to Z.Uyd rbytE 6ght&d drroy dE nEtrl
t!t til
mtuce, it .otlapes on the carlebed 0oor of the
.orido4 now jut sorrdy pies oI baheredamour
WiI you now tale doM de of OE shleldsircm ihe
wan (tum to 2o3) or vin you leave io explo elF

PulljnCo old, noth eatm blanlet over you for ext a
wanih, you youseu a nake-do bed fd d1
ght, using you backpacka a pilow You m ldt
asl@! dd snorhg somdLy wnen somelody cPeps
up on you md ho.ks you ove! theheadwith a heavy
.osh.rose 2 srNrNA poinLsdd, il you re still alive,

Ire old woma givesa stardedcry md spjs round.
l}1 $cing you hcr bcady black eyesmmw ad an
ugly EriMc qtons ncr alcady mattracrive lea
hdcs.Shequickly flicks to moticr paBein hd bool
rd. chanting Op bcmtation shc lhds thcre,poinls
her wand ai rhe .patuEs at ha fc.t. R.ilising the
oone/sevil nleriions you pFpaF to defmd your*lf.
ften Ae speLltlles eff{r, one of L\e toadsat hcr fcet
narls to sqell, ratidly in.Easng in size. Havhg
nadedolfasbigasanant fist,rtN s@nOp sizeofa
dog but l<ps on glowin8. lte kansronahon des
not stop util the bloabedtoad is as large ar a pony.
Pushin8ihe foMdd on its huge webbed t@i, Lre
trit n's fdiliar moles lo ann.l</the tit of jls longue
,lartiry in ad out of ih moudl.
If L\e toad wi$ m Atta& Round,it las]Fs you widl hm to 4r3. ff not, sll h{o die dd add 2 [o fi. tot L
its pobmu sticky t ngueion a rcll of 5 o.6 you lose II O totalis equalto @l6s thd you {:ll]:Mt cNcE
4 srMNA points insteadof the sual 2.If you kll dE koP, hm !o 3, rt it is greater,hrm to 5o9.
h!d, you must n@ deal with tlE wich. Tlm to 65

,i! Tte dr4*d sronewalls soongive way !o hard packed

Suddenly surcuded by Cmivale iolt, tou de eettl, within wNch lave bem cut long, low E6s,
*Eed dd y@ weapon talm iron you You de cachlar8e6ou8n to nol(l a cofin. Th6e n6t b lhe
hken Njde thelaJSq,Brimhgmw bentat thecentE caracombsof theAbbell in which tle prede@soF ol
of L\e Fcdpnol You iind youell sLndhS at the L\e !6entnay bFthFn de in[ard nE taomb
.entre oi a circle oi the strdSe Camivale p1ay6. hmds win l thbuBh the Sr(Md tEneath th Abbey
May ol thd bed sone kind oI mrFation. You s comple! lit by flnkerinS tallow-tapeb. Tming a
onenmwith SiL h his ne.! lik a iish, anda wo]ld comr y@ hed a sddo^ skttaring somd, which is
jojned at thehip ioner h{in. Thedihinutive cmiwalc rh4 joined by a shrm squahnB.You d *e dmt a
M6her plshcs his *ay t1m8h Op mwd dd pch nunber of fie cofin-almvs havebendishnbcd, the
up at you ftum bmad| d1eshadowing brim of his sltoud-boud Fnaire being gmwed at by dt
@hlE you arnval hasintnpted. At hnt glma
you takeihen ro be ratsbut asyou hegr to *e mop
?eople e sspici@s of us Cmivare fonq with ou
deely thsugh the gl@n, you gnnpse pa[ch6 or
ffJmilar Camivale ways, bur we do nor m@ ay
baF skin, suppuating sEs and oozinS bubG,
ham. we aE iEt uying io nake our way n theworld
dpse.l ribs?jamdiceyellow eyesad bon, [es] es
rike everybody lse We ofier smctuary !o the dis
tals. Th6e ft no neF rals, 6ey re contminad
Possed, the uwdled ad rhe @t6t. MGt d cariF oI rhereoEl Yllow Deatb dd would nuch
lEppy !o leave u be paying lor the privne8e oI
.auld feastm wam fEsh meat thd ol4 dJy bone
glnpsing a world theye lortlmte dou8h not !o be
Fht tie mdead md6t3 asiI theyw* m drity
part oL But thm sme Fople lik you,' he 3ays,
srabbin8d accusingiin8d at yor chest,'nde! lat c CIIOULRATS
bedd lor.e us l,onove d Em toM to toM, willage
If the rah bit you moe dm hri.e, you becom
tjo vilagc, ncvcr ablc to Et fo. fa. 6f tie fal*
hfrted with the vne dagu drey ca.ry.riF l snl
aruatioc tlut follow u and what kind of pason
e you dywat ro rhink fte wost of us?'If you hawe Point in addnon !o 6y tiNtNA you may lGe/ md
add r ro you daNcr scoE If you swive th!
the odso.d irlit ldtn on yotr Adtdture ShE1, pstilqiial mMter, hrm to 16r.
FI F-'] trE
15 sF md lEl N the @dadd &[.ta& is
'whr.vert@ lnows dE tlfr of Wulia And,.y, ^ls
@dd m you ,/@tuz SL!i,) Unablc to sh.L
tve heard rell ol th. Mad Prire, ibt to m6tio his tl'e teljrg ot l|E* this hd lfi y@ wiln tr! lDsln
brc08, Cout Vdola., who ie had of [E r.mily .way Iren the galry ud Ey anothd nod oI tlE
row Althou8h h@ mu.h i6 fidid and how 6uch G
tdth I wouldn't like io sav.'Kdad waft vou. 1^lhat
lv he*d i! th.t rhti Gmd wd lo&ed up in . to*.i 235
oI CastleWulien and was iLivd nad by h$ incaF Sonehow yod rl1.mge l,omdsterthebeal sFltgling
elation. NN lt h 3aid tnat h wi]l4t @ y raw de.t ro fEe iEell lron ] th neehy..t of llur body
and h@16 rt rh. tull FM, wh@ ri appd ir 0E fo! jst a lew mE ?trbs nonenb. Yo! nttht sdl
havs.'Now nh ro r95 get out oI this alive, and stil hl:lml RegalnMc(

E6lE up dretorr, m dE iouth dor, you 6re to
. long oni<lo. lnEd wfih l,rge pdFdib in hera The r,hd nist rusrE @t of dE chahh.. e h
ftrn6. ney <lpictwiru ndb6 of th. Fn. n'hda sped, teaving arone h dE p6ladal
4ilt(ntc familt thei. sh.Ed rirell6 bin8 . doned m IE wmpinc Couts hs FEEd to
hugry haekiln IoL of the painlings n@t b. @ of lE niddm offrffhEi6 ro RpdaE.
weFl hudEd yd old- TrEy r.n8. frm 8.uL althogh tu hare wq a vi.tdy ovs lEr, il L only
l@krt old na in in-fifting $ils ol a6did bdpmry.IlE vdpirn bdy ot M.u wil Etui! ot
amou to tulllngrh portraiE of a shikin& platins- t'at yd .d b asudl (LF I LUq poini .,'d add
haiEd yosE womn.In fa.t theE m noe painhrgs lhe odeword Dded,/ to you AIMtuE Sret.) Alom
or h.! thrn dy ooEr p4on m display. One repe rt tn. bp of dE towe4 will 3pn.l rche ri4e
Fntltion or tl'e noblewomn n particul grabsyou eaftning th' .1@b6 'ou for v.iubl6 or
atlentton. Reau3d ea.oHred o s and brid or power (hd to 325),d wilt you qu 0ns
brushrtrck*, it shows'n the subjat standing beioE placeor Evnasquicuy 6r you.6 (tun to !46)?
cenelated b.ttlenents, a sromy njghtt sky behind
her .nd the 3ilhouettesof baE dd .aEion bir.b 2a'
flifthg acGE th 8lMin8 orb oI6e noon Youlals Ol ols, it s $ olviN bo you now IlE
rh wodu i6 st dng IM fte dvd rtiEdly inro d.inental is a @nr ot ed @ld, $ hdt would
y@ ey6, &d & rudddny @hdnd by 0E 'e it- Quidd, you pul yM
h. a nahral delaE agaiEt
Gelug th.t yd @ wahdEd. (Add r to yd rinderbox froh you bactpadc Using th. ldrdling
you c,ry with yo!, yd li8hr. s.I nE md a@abl. .hided v.!.yr ol Mludst ti.. A fEwof th.s St. yd
io getd dry tE bEnchlo buh. whvl.t tour humlnt 3idryaF thcd ar yd .pp@d! bul n@ try bo
hBnd in tmnr of you, you tore the rpnie back md ttop you. An<l dl the tihe the hE c d.utu itr way
oul or you way ?Mt lnd srw e<l <n wind. tlNugh you. RoUtwo die.nd add 2 to the nu'ld
bl@, lhc w.di$ (!rc.w!y R to!' rlE @tuE DlH.If llErot l b ls d|{ 6 qud to you clNcr
sruiekr .nd ftd *ft lo inro thin .ir sE,tu6r,ot 6;unbgFt r,nr b!:r. I Lucpoint .n<l hh to ri{

ttdlftIy, d6p .lE rErittL ddol, the old wmo
Cll|^8lng @ yoc p'd y@ w.y thEl4h th. E sbndiE, .ldEuEh t{dt hiurd Thetjnd-lEdrrd
uderawrh towids th. tldng nck .nd fiddin8 t!t6 Gtudmdhd ZADva D ir t'i. .lN
6E!ahr. It dc nor t.l. ldlg ro frch dp lr6p &d cam6 ha r,oh.r bd, wlEE h. d6 hrr bd ro
dml, whlch h4 b6 Md ir r dEIrEFd d.&br. A nale her.onforrabl Her ey6 flicredng, btwm
nubar olbnghdy p.hrd wagonshlve bd dia-M h8sd tapr, dE st$,'(,rid, js dEt you?'
up ln. ough.ftre, 01cho6 ed hul6 tiitbtuueht
tr6 r@ row frrd ol tlEi! trG sd grudq 1t is, GEnlmtlEt' h. Feli6, his voie l@ .nd
Gtby. At dE 6E! ol dE ftB ot Haft . brE! tin
i! b6hE 6eElt .rd decirS 6.Et6r EeroE dE 1o what btug! y@ io Ry ob, s loituiordy, at
nm6 ir i beaubtulyouS em!n, Shtifb hs s}jrE dis lalenN?'sh. wha
,t th dms, as her l.8s kick sd l.ap, b.acelets
.6und her wisE rd Mtle. j.ntll^t, pFwidirs . YoulisEn mxl@ly.r Ullkn FIat6 op senrr thrt
p.Euive a@hp.rimor bo [h rerd'@ ThE havled y@ botl| to thi! poht. IlE old eoB,n rlks
ap oos p6pre pMl t@, sittL8.reurd dE nF, h aI rE rE! b rt wlth coartabb @hl|rg. !{nm
clapphg in tihe ro OE m6n. nE aE drss.d i,r tE is dft rh. tl$ IE had tD l@& at ro!. 'So you
hrighrly olouFd rErrs .nd E %, wajsrEb ard havcba l'tt6 bt r D@dvoF and nry ony dE
lrDw|s All of tt@ .E ollE ol eNn .nd ddk oI han em dF.d di@?'Y@ nod wdily 'Ly.ethtDpy
md all ol thd 6lw thei, we.lh .let rhir pdd a hdribte 6d oppling cte in&{d, but you ae
b .n GLnt ti@ tutridr, tokl.hoop .din8t brttnuE
- to hav. ltr tlncn this night dd dut he
nRUG of mi?Gi@ srd o"d lutB. .i"SF. h.d dE ioelidt robrilg y@ to R &lr if I u ro help
Ih* R h Morte gJpsi6, Mtiv. p6pt ol th. lbu I@, yo! nud dl ne egah abour rh. @t!re
.uFd lm.t oI rupr.via, dkhd.!t! oI th digind d'ar aiaclcd yd,' U you hav. a siBftr Rin8, tuh ro
romd. tdbes?@plewho IiEt !ttled dE nMrai.-
190 I Inos oI h{o curcs lor lycdthrcpy but we wiu hart
Pick'ngup thekansfomedhandyou hur n i'nonfu h n.t quickly' uh.h will help youT But why? 'Lei us
nF with a scan oI rageandthenwat.hasth. li,$e* $t sry rhit we nll hrvc ou! *.rets.' 5o what aE ihc
bla.kenandburn,the flesh.rispir8anLlcra.klingir N'rs? 'lhc supst wit is !o Jhd lhe werewou ital
nfucre.l you wih its bitc, nd lill it. You could also
o( a spng ol $e herb beladoma. il you could frnd
'ThenI amd@med,'yousat in uttcr dcspiir is yor
lime and rheE oneo6er couts ofa.tion we could
Eazeinlo tie firt.'Doomcd l. beomc r.idrh'tu.1 hkc wc .ould sek '5 the assistd.e of Crddmother
bl@lthiGty appetilesI shau bc miblc lo ronln)
l!kov', rhe w6est prsn I knov, wholiv6lunher
when the n@n wdes tuI. I shill b. in dul.rn, rn
rnroihee woods,orer L\e border in Lupravin 8ui t
animal,a nudemu beast.(Add I poinls ro your
up lo tou Whai do you wat to do?'Will you
'M.ybcnot'Ulicn eys,6jng yousiL\ m unn.n ing
I'uFuc lhc won,6 in lne hope of hmhg
nar 'I}lN i3 emcthing old ad forbddmg abour do$'niheflim:l tharb'tlou7
Lh dtuk pib of his cy6, d thcrc F encrhmA cle.
!rrrn lhc i dxls lor thehelb
lokhg oui of Ulnch at you 'ThcF nay sbll bc holr
(0m vnrh oI |ne*Fwomancrand
Th3E G? Thm wlEr E ro be done' You pEs rh.
n m.lsnan to rellrcu noF wlatd6 hknow thal

Eil Lil FI F-]

29r 29r
The starcaseleading to ftc windmillis lowef levek n .\ssoonasyon Nade inrodreslrmypoolrhenaggob'
on Iire m, in a feat oJ couaScous de.iing do, you blindheadshrn rowardryon,drawn to your body-
rhrcw youGell ont of OP top of the building, landing heatUnpeturbed,wiLhonehandon L\epomnel of
on oneoI thera88ed,btuken-battded sails,and alloN \our sword, you take one deteinned step alrer
the sailJ rotation to carry y.n down to the 8rcund moL\e. acrossthe lake of ooze Tle slime sucks at
Dropping the lasl su feet, y.u m heHorleather r our reet,it ieelsjust lil walkjng tfrugh a clinEirg
away rion the blazing struchft as ils dilaPidared :Nanrp A bLoate{ima8gotrols over and bmps into
lranewoik fhally gives,n to theravagcsor L\elaging I ou le8.nakin8 you jmp, but thefly ltuvacdo not
conn.gration andthestom,and.oUaPscs inonitsell rtacL ]ley de or y interestedin consming dead
You spend the resrol the n,8hr being batteredby the nesh You m haltu?y acrosstie disBtrstingcavcrn
lmelentingstormandwhenmominS.on6 you 30 \ hen you fool l<no.ks.Brhst somcthhg hdc! thc
on you way/ weary wiLh sleeP-dPrivadonod :urface of fic slimc. Do you wdt to lonch into thc
sdked b tneskin, but noneLhele$grathn to bc ali!! ]n. to pick up what vcr it is you havc inadvLTtl.ndy
lohd (tum to 3o?),or win ydu l6.P goinA with.ut
noPPin&j$t n caso(tum to 32)?

292 44
Youspot drehAe, nat,.ilcularboulderalnost flush Crdndcl,hll' the sbongmrnshoub, releasnghis
wih ihe noor or Op cavejust in tine to 6capc the iold on thebeasi's.hJn.W h a bellowihe hulkng
ahenpt on your lfe tndt follows. The stone fliPs nF, ain boundsrowardsyon,rheknuckles olts ma$Ne
l&e anopenFg hrtcb md a huge,hairy broM sPidcr nts draggingor the ground,as thesirongnar and
overtenleetn d,amehr- haPsoutottheholenor ireatar arn tlremselves widr LonE hrives and
reyealedh thecarem fl.di TIF dacinidt Powertul, :dmn.e towards you You nust alwaysngnt hvo of
grasping lront lmbs hit OE ftky noor barely a Ioot 1ou opponentsat the sme tine (in whateverconbi
from you bur, realF,ng tlEt its suprjF attack hs rhoD you ch@se).um thercis only oneLeltalive.
failed, the Gint Trapdoorspider fttreak into its hoLe,
pullingtheboulderback nio pla.eovcrihe toPor,6 aRENDEL 3 ro
tumel to pml,ectilself Do you want to heavcthestone :TRONGMAN 3
out or the way md takeLheliEhLto ihe spidd (tun lo 9
54) or would you rarhei 8et away from hcrc as
qui.klyaspossible (tur. to:16)? I th. Cred.l-beast s.ors a hit ngninstyou roll onc

diej on a tull of 6 Or @hrre's ndsiwe club fisE 296
6e you I Poinls of srAimA dmage. If you loe Elldn8 to Op deahn smith do6 not tell Fn dy
twoAtta.kRounds in a re (to anyof youoppolHts) aing about tie nala,s affcbg dp p6ple of Mad
the FireEater bEaL\6 a gout of flane ar you, causing ht you do get on ro th suble.t of you oM quest.
you d additioml 2 srAMrNA poinis' damage. If you Et\out Ev@ling oy or L\e pnilqt - md
ove!6ne all dme opponents, you can either ne fte Ibtentially conrqtious - deh'le you do iel hjn ihat
camivale shahi away (tum io r9), or tsk ontinuinS F could do with she help. 'Then you should ty
you seardr of the (:mp (tum bo23r, but qhaievd |c.mt6s Isolde, the ldy ol Mau Twr She a
you chooF to do, add the odeword Rel/il to you ls I' sue shewould be willinc and able 'sro
Elp you And thd there @ L\e Blask Monls, lhey
risht be able to helD r,oo.You I fbd thm ar fieir
295 , north of hrc Do you wdt l,olale the smith
You $akh up the sldl ad thm, t\eG in lrmt of yo,, on hb advnemd Nl m audimG with thelady
is rhe h@dles ghct on agah. Y@ hav no .ioi@ (tum [o 255),or wi youp6Bmandqdt
but io light as the Headls Hi8hwaFd hie! to


& you de*ad the staiEasethe shadowsdepd, as
II you win, you htrl tle skd onio oE cobbler ot rhe wal-noutd torcherDeterout. Th@t iipu is
stabl yed whe! it s6res into bmy shards. Tun r.h blact md you will reed a lanhm if you aE
pogrs dy nuthei U ,ou have a luten lne
I8,/t Caltrz sp(El ab ty or rhecodsord N.,rdf
ihen on J,ou ,4dmrrR slei, you cd 6be! |ne
lpt sfely (hrm to ,:o) Ii you dm t havedy of the
e. but sd I wmt to risk 6be!u8 L\e.rt?t. tuh ro
. iI yo! .lont wmt boobe! the crypt after a!, lun
bocho@ dothd nor oi therowe. [o exolole
:l! nist rhickensn fronrot you,.oalcrinA inrorhe
snipcorasroresque,phanbsmal.reatua EveryrhinS
it G a macabEeiaBBeration of whar a volf
'r.ut be n lile, hoftifi. daSseFtcngrh
^ould tanBs,
{rrdding ecythehook.laws,bld2inscoal-cycs md
:lrtincessantwailinghowl.Youhavonochoicc burro
irlcnd yourselfaSainst
i\ou d'ppedyourswordin wntu cnrllcr,lMn ro276.

trng lrom &e depL\s6f you. suhcors.jous
.ones a
5!'ne thlt you Fndbr beDgtaughtosi child
'B.rnft th. Shirt'sptit., rry d?at.nfut tht ,tNr

shnrpot.LTxandspi'dle lhird fu $, ntu|.nr,g

WIh iry brantn fnar\torclht b t!: ttt

Rrt Wnr{ hrrg* ull his tttth, nrylni, a

shrryenedah6 ot thtt.
SobaqretheShirdsTnh,mrddt,nrl tht,non
-r. ..\u'ionaryftyne wasmorc dranjusl a .hildt
a\llime tal. it was a warning Ior thosor'ho night
_r\r rhemselvcs at thc mc!ry oI on. oI Gtudfrrhcr
!:nter's minioc. Thc ditty oldn ielh you thc clc
.ital crc.hrc'snno md to *now suchi bcinA!
:trr nmc is io havepowcr ovcr it. 'Shivc6p.irc
.r shout Hcannayou ufrc. rrsnamc,thc cEaiur
4rost jmps out ofrh iry skin $tithouti nomcnfs
hsitationyou dclae the spnte to 'E pn.l'with a rhesilveFmushr dagglsihy have.oMdat d fDr
erpieEiry rMek 0E elMtal apps ro.v.por.b lhen d.!k .iie, Il th gathered CadEt red dd
.xcited eticipatim. And thnyou bnfly gLimpsetlle
lning they stron foih frcn the Infe.nal Pit, a
3m woltuh dmon ils imubstartial n6h blacl a a w
Cout Vrela., Prire oI LuDravia, W@Lord oa lm's dEd, stuling lite. ..8d bdt. Yd K die
WuIen Cdtt ad list oI hie rur*d p@olf bloo4 d.hd pogs ih aioude.t Ciut ard hEls his
line Ii6 dead at you let. You hav Ecltd you t'ftfot@tior inio a wolf ld lh li6t tift . . .
Ev6te m ulil mkods tFet, this bg.ttd oa
woll+paM But whal b lhis?Evm d you e l@fint YouudErad nw what is happding udd you
rppalld ge Th dod the cadft sllmdd,
dM at Vmlaca .dF in kidph you R tlE
khid p6$sd thElish yomgp.iftand wMght
my woDnds you infli.d d him hil .nd ha.l
blmdl*ly- DF wwort ey6 tud opa bul nd iE d686 e dmab@Iy upq him, is Gurft.ring
UEy bum lite tlp 6ay pib of lEll ils U.You lDc*16 CNI v.mlrcs w@oL Hy f@ rhe d6d. But
y a en6 of viti@-mnori6 lnar& *h.t 6 you do to slop 0us dmic BuErtid? r
you rne @deod Dq'r',. @rded o yd
/Ubrlr 5&.t, th to 39 iNrdiarery Ir DL h.ft
You* trv satheEd qrhin stEd@-haMted ruiG - }!u ou<r.d my Silvr DAgs duing y@
a rq'l! a e@l6, a blactshmrld widow, . .dratuE? L t@ hnv olftrd m dagg6 at an,
noblmmd and a yo'hger Cout VNlac - a lh7 tum !o ur. It y@ hrve olftrEd 6wda88s ard
dh6rt upoi soe unholy ritual In you nind's err bow whrt io do widi thd! tuh to dE relht pag
@ F theh et trw1J6 valuall to 4.h, irto. ndb.r yd noied doh 6rria. Iftbu h.v 16 thfl
p't oI dad<r6 Yd hd the .hdd ir@tid, s 6t d.tg6, or you .io not ldow what to do wi[r

Ii@ aE v.rious clBDi6 within GMnk Fo1[-lorc

ud the p.geof wood;hhlprint ; ac.6nphied
bv w@dot ilulE tioN ot subi(E $ch 6 a nm
qErctins the 8ton. Iron a t@d's had md a ha8 plr to 0E dudjng-stml, Much of Grynn s
loowledge rh.r my lasr .hild would ki@ But in

a .haptr dtitled'oi Myths Cftming the Cycl$ ol follded by a cttcked, intable voie 'lvhot OEE?
tlE Yed', th audDr wit.s.bdt belield$ru.Unt
rne.h.neing oI th *.m, .t tin8 |n.t rudr tic
oi ktuition e ehd elMbl foc, tid !o the 'Gredhothrl' th wodffi c,ils.'It is tfti.h with
ditrdt time of th y.e, havtur ,r1'lure in the a frisd in R.l oI ytu help-' a thy hakn in the
wdld. Th P@B thds.lve d gtvo the p+ hiddle oi the door std6 opdr md two 6larad-
trifiGtiN of Mistr6s SprindEF, tr Sffi6 bluEd ey6 ps out bel@ tne opoing .los agah.
Ird, Dame Auhjfl ed Gtudhlhr WbtEr by th. ft4 ir uE tEte of bolb being pu.led back ut:l at
Fatrt fo& of LupEvia, wh@ liv6 rd livUhoodr lat thedq opcs. AhMched fig@ Ehe6 y@ bodl
m dGly bord ro dE *asd .yd6 Th dup|lr into th wrm d@ be(@ ihe d@r E slamd shut
dsib m of rhe el@lals, a ninid of old
Ma wnE, @lld the Shive@r , who h6.l.E
winr.'s Ehm, bringing hard trcE ad {ddq wnpped in. w@[m shawl 6E wib.d old @
bLzidr You @ct ttE end d lh c}taDllr iEt a I@ls you up sd dosr! 3uspi.ituly. She 16 6
VsEtiG Fnlru b th libE4r Ts !o $; h@kd n@ md dri+ drl ldl(s ftr/ pan dE witd!
rtlh a ofsilve chaft runging bud ha rEL
5o itr who n&d! my help,is itZ GladlmdEr
Zekov.'ru$F Yd lilten in rodo6 mticipariq, s
LrLid $rs oft dl6u8h lh niShl al.!dr . pc tlEt, in Ulrid ldls rhe old lrgomm of the faE dBt IB
tou @t dditior! you find it.rlEBting to l4p bL[,4 tlu Th. old womm apFa6 to bt n what
up. You pmting btuth misb h.aoE you in the old Ulri.h eB w h dBDsmarp inreBt. wlF h is
air, but Urridr sho* nd sig! ol 3ldnt: yd done shj tutu b y@, Wtlod eying a wod sh
prdimmt isiBt too diE. Ard e y@ @nbrE, h.u 3|:ns !o prod ed pok you, l@kinB in yu ey6 ard
mins b rep up witn oP w@dno d he hui6
8ttiry yd !o stkk dtyN rong@ SIE also r.16 a
Enongh rh bmding foEl, lerdirg you deFr ed lFr ar th woll-bile m yd shodder
dfrr into thir dtrk dmain.
ay.dlhspy is a tribl and dipprin8 @ indftd,'
You have b@n travelinA in fiir way lor alnGt & she5ys at lcr, 'hut yd &.Iortei. to have net
hour whn y@ cohe sgni oI a slore 6tra8e, 6h. tutword\y utrich he, who hft had dr for6iSht to
pler with e8ain8 tharched
'n mi. wilhour bFdIinS bring you l,ome.Id I .m hlp td, aldroughI cmot
his sFide,ULich nar.n6 up [o thc slldt iFn-b.ud dF yd. The<ti*a* is stin jqt taling hold md if @
oakdoo! dd bealson it with th. hilr or his .x. Fom tt ldl we dght yr b ahlero @tenct OE eItu
iEide the cotta86h6 the sohd 6l shumhg sieF, of tlE we@olt's s.liva-@om. I.mpFpm a potim

'^rL t@.1,'eF tlE q6dt6 a

r@ <t.w ydr bbd,
5fth4t b lr[rFr ny d.B @t,
tr a Lhb b dE rtawht r,,rFd. $jir
1ro,'th.hErba*.,sitintrht!t .s.iohemu2zte
ne wru*lr\t ,Ilft [r.. wolt In d!rp! clorhnst.

trtr L3 LlI
Asilverveaponv l ham tlp bndsjustasil would l03
oller weHFatue If you aP woddod norc Thebama'd ufre6 thelasilineolherspelL with a linal
thq thE tihes, add r ro you.sNcn voF. II you fiourish of her hdds starinStowa.ds the stabledoor
mmaSe to till all ihe of the savagcbnd.s, tum YouEalisethat sheca se you, but Fens onp.
turbedbyyou pren.e.'He coms,shesys,looking
prst you.'my braveInrd Luft.'
Blind whlle headsnudge at you hands you tunbk Hearing thc jmgle oI namss bsnind you, md thc
's n disgDsr
rboul in th sLire, nardng you shudder impaticntmod of a hoe, you hlm dud and cohe
Youi hMd.loss mud what fel6like theh'lt of t facetcfia, as it vF, wi0r Op Headlss Highway-
wc4on. Widdrawhg it you wipe tlre clnSinS slrme nd on@ again. The ghost of Lord Lucre ente6 the
fom $r objdl nowin yd hdds md aE amazdlo nableon foot,d.aM sabFm onehandand h6 own
discovcr OEt you de holdin8 a bautihlly trliAl $vord head ude. the othei w)thoui unenng r
sinSleword, the sFctre atracks
If you vant ro rakethe Silva Dagae4add this itcn to HEADLESSmGHWA\IrAN txu.3 sr^MrN^3
your Ltmr',z Sn..f md add dE crdevord Sr{ti,n
b your nd,n,ltrE SrftL You may E tne da88e. in U you defearyou Bh6tly oppont. hrm to fr.
combatbul you do $ you wi]l havc to fighr wirh
your Artact Shntth Educed by r ponl Injucs you Jq
causeany @ature qfi the wonl 'Wep' D its mnp Wnh .autious stepg kephg one had 6n th. wall
w l suiterinGed dadage(r sr MrN^poncraihcr to your left, you enter Or cy?L The silmt darkncs
ih& rhe 6uai 2) as the pw netal is inimical ro thetr swallowsydu up, but it dca not s,lenrfof
long. A AlEsdy hnsing somd altu'Ilain
you to the di.e
kind Thc silver Dag8erwil als lEm Undead and
naturt oI your situation. lh6 you feel |ne lirst oI hall
dcnonsbut only.a6es the usual2 sr^MlNApoinrs
r dozenpans oI filthy taloE seizehold ol you and, as
you strugglero readyyou veapon, th fist decayin8
lr tatrs a lev nomdts ror you to reali* that thereh6 reclhsink inro your flsh. you md you! adventu as
b*n i .osl b puttinA you hmd inl,othe slime,lor il r.'Ldah cou6e in a ghoul'shfeastfo! the undead.
is mildly acidic You lbd begim tobm dd the skin
rtdens, iusr as if you lEd bem bmed. In time the
prin wiu pds but you siill sufe. r srNrN point ol
danagecausedby the acidblm. Tlm to lr.

,to W-r[ yd n@, 6 ,ruirucd (tum to 35t), or
Pairg rh@gh tlE d6r you hb! whtt.PPor ro wiU you hh 6 th. brldd wha they N l43t
h. u arbJ@'s wo'Lrh4r. Th. h.d@.d 8!t ol dl .xFli^8 tt (t6 to ,oa)?
ffi of derworl dEapti@ s *rdvd 6d
*dib6dE al@t wi6 [r l@ls u.d lD cqrtud
rtEL Hdds, oe obi<r .ldds dr b.yod .n trt
od6 lr Ga liie*iz, b@ @li4 of. !E[ Th. bqbl LFrnqy: tte Ce 4,k watwtl wPlta ya
lErEqrit! d erquuE wor oa.n t|w ddoF b.6E h.r han opi.d @t by h44 @.h B
tns dy sft oaa!!lM,3r,i!dt iMobile, [r. nodnt't Fge of iniortutid b.glnning witft r 3initdy
s nudl a a antuft Pe.bL i$gu.tle Iughl dr inudruEd @DiEt LrE M(h of llE Dootrb 6lld
wrEE th.68wb h6n wodd b. i5. l.'BB l@yholIl wllh imtRt .rd .towi8ht ridicutoN trrllros,
mu hwe . Bns Ks hd wdt b nlh it in dE h.[.EutlE and utr.r [6 rb@t dE Etre of wbF
llrrde. tuh rD|'a i, tut, dBe i! rching eb. 6r tunJE,lydthFpy, ed how bMF*t dE@n<t-
tlu in dE .r66e15 m Md & y@ will h.w lo dn O{ whrt b Llr y@ i.l dEt Fu kFw dr6t of tt
er|n hodE iftrin.!d t 14 tlE dq th.r i! tw .!wly - thrt silvE L h.m{ul rr ltdtlulF .nd
.had 6l yd (t6 to st), d dr @ ttet b to you llEt dEy N io@d b Felhrn re w.ry ll|M
q& wha tlE i. tu!. H@e1 dE E orhd
lA. t Gro@ddtm'ubwolf. (le1(]d6
1lE I pity tu yd pEdi.Mal' th. |:u eF Fint) In tiru \do6 |latds lnl libr.ry.l\h
da*|, 'but I dbr Fmil. cuEd outuF of ltr.
nidr lo liv., md rirt rh. oLFion spEdinS,' Wth
thal, he his nis pbiol .t ln and in sPdu,
E lisin8 thar @nbar b lndlbbl., you wlElhe llil
Ivlth lh. tuina of th. M, $a le melt.gain rd dp
to|l.t i.6E m n@ ol dr.hqtiG of wlni.5
tu!@ TrE EE b.tin ro ilJn mtil ta @EEp h@
t woodr ard @. tus.*y lEtL dotEd qth {p
'PE{ty dings ide4 attE d! gdil
rtldnE doG Nrat of 5m ftiqt ad loU-
'$krdru, ny setin& ecdr!6| w!bl6 th. 6rto.i6 8i6.. Yu prth dcrds rhFugh tt'j! ps
fiEr, srching trE ih f@ you (ClB oli irq pl. lrd Ft btdsF ol hdfid lhict lEathbrd
you Psic-)'NM,b myNway. 't sul you.@eh rtthl of sothdvilln8e Thtoz5o.

ftont of tln towei, you enter a nr8h waned .ordyar.l.
Clihbing n bMd tught ol steps up to a gnnd
c^kancc,you knock on the Largedouble,loors Thc
do.F are opencdby a SamFlaced man, drsssed{
thcappiElofascFmt.You l,ellhin tlar you arehrr
t()scckthe help oI thc Costess md are usherodinro
i large,orculrr enbrn.c hal From tkre lhe mar-
klllert attcntionls rlnwn to Or n.* mival. Thowoll \rn int rakes tou up a p.lishcd stonc strk ase lo drc
8tr esroicc to its blood{udlinS Siowl ad ydu ir l()p oI ihe tove. Finally hc leads you inlo a 8rind,
runbling $rdgh lou body as Op weignt oI rhe hiFh-.e,lnged .hanber, omatcly dccoritcd with
b6t still pitu tou b fie .ol4 dmp noor of ihe loresr hpivy rellet undov draps of blacl nd icd, lhc
'I}lcrc is ddL\or shoui md dlh m agonisedyelpn8 d.'neolrts(eilin8pantedw,L\azodiac nrpollho
'I}lc weiShton rop of you it rele6ed. Heamg morher heavds. At tor abrupranral, a sb,kng, platinum.
howl of pain you manageio roll o.toyour rde But h.ftd wohm dressedincnnsona.dbla.l, hd \t,.
emething ,s { you fl w@zy and your head i5 h'lrilc as iroa ies Ircm a h,Bh brckcd ru){lcn
srartsto spm. Your visiongE s& you e a tall, (hln Hrr rawny Fnant reUsher you irc hci('
thi.kpt liguresl{dmg overrheBlackwolf, arkinS hd h.lp 'ls that n8hr?' LheCounrcs \rv(,
woodsnan's axin tus hed fte axed6cends aSiin iFpftchinB you. 'And holv can I hlP your' You in'
and the wolf gn6 a strd8led yowl. Tre axeman (,rp&nted by her beautv&d find youEellt,nsnrcd
ssangslxs makstuft weapona8ab,lmdinSanathcr
blow,and thevoll fles yelph& the 6r ol thr prk
loomingoveryou. Overomeby painandbl.od 16*,
youf liody.dnot tale any nore andyou bla.kotrr

Thc Towcr oI Mam, hone of the Countcss koldo,

(Mds on a blastedes.a.pmentoyerlookingrhe
ursloverandyou aresu.pri*d to 6nd rhegatehouse
unnannedCsss'n8ih bndgetlatspansachasm i.

1r5 3a6

Ih wEEwolt MF tu you thrudt ine Silvd Cffi oi

SnintCruo6i^io l$ fa@.Abrutat.lawed h.drashs
@t. sckinA the ms frm your hdd and rrkinq
rhfl6h of you ad. te 2 sr^MtN^ points aid lrm

Du&ing i6ide Oe wagonyou shut the door dfimy
behind you. You hold you beath 6 wnone'* yo;
head wa*s risnt psl the calavd dd arcund the
C.mival @p. lt is only alter their voiceshavetaded

nub4 Ard all lh. ehile .hi*ttd woodm ,aws

3rF :o
ckck cLk\.k& as tley Ey io b e you. You hav ta9
invaded the Puppetnastels rremost sachd 4d 'Ihe rcdidor leaG you doM a tight ol sbepsin[o the
now you nust Pay rhePri@ snoky hcdt of ihe castltirchss, bur the Sodsalone
know what foul meal 6 being prpard within A
.nne steds at a cauldrorl' bubblng ad steah,
WleF one puppet rals to your hacking blows, il hB over a rcaring iire blding h the 8iate, nutlerirg
*em thatdother talesitspla.ein anjnstantIlyou to herplt At hd let hop, httle md slitier all
hive not defeated dE luppels wiL\in ten atkck hmer ot toads,newls, o.ldoaclPs, sules, spjdels
RMds, md you d ltill alive, tuh to 3{4. If you win dd rats.she .otuedls a book opm on a sidd nxt to
this battle widdn te Atta& Fouds, all il neatu is hca bnds dowr! picrs up a dnssling el,nnd*
that you havnaaged to 68ht you way b..k [o lh. md to$6 it inlo the pot, sttrinA it in with a Sndled
doo. md socaneKpe hDn d]ecdavd (tm to t4) ldgth of w@d dut l6k like it could be a wdd. A
lilq acrtdsmellfills fie kitcho \,!iLlyou:
317 call out to orm, to attrrt her
vr4tha deli nde you or n uds th autonatonl
guard md flc(ed in locking dF ley oui ag.itr
SFai8htrway j6t 6 you hopd, {nlh a grindhg oI Leavetllt rnd4 and kte theoth.r
8c6 dk atrading aubodEtm baom6 sbll atair passsay l@ding tron the
(Re8ainI LU( poinl) Ih@ nothing d& oI inleEr
lo you in thr anili.d's mm's s you Enlm to th.
Lcavlh kichre ad asdd tlE grad
iun tion ed tak dle dw wni.l is now of you staira* ad pa$ thftugh OEdoubl
(rum to 4:3), or ihe 6nto yod rieht (tum to 496).
doo6 ar th l,op? lum ro 146
'Wht thals a dark plae. No @e g@sOrd my 6oE. 3ao
Ir's nore home io wild aninals no{ Of .ous il fte crt?t extnds beneaih ihe foudations of lne
wasn/t alwal,s like tlEt bui I wouldn't elen thlnt lower, th vaultd Fof suppolied by a eries oI stone
about goinS thele if I were you, The onry th{g lhal a(hes. Bef.r4n the colMns stand nmero$ sione
awaits dyone tlLer is nadne$ and a slow,lingelint sroPhasi. Movjng lowads you bdh{een Op tonbs
dath iI youft hlu.ty. A quick, brutal dcath if iF iour shaobling mrl'Fs, thet stting fleshcovered
youFm@ rorrlmte.No, l d steerwellclarot thar by filtly gravshrcuds. Y@ wil] be able to es.ape
a.dlsd Place.'Now hrm to t95. rrom L\e ct?t befoE dE zd$is ever read you, if

trtr F-t F-l

yd ldv imediaiely (rum ro 7). Howos, it you
wotrd d0E! faft th. undcrd i^ banle,in theconJine
of th cryFt you .$ fitht thn on..i, tim

6 bt lroua<l i! b thr toytr drm sF,

5 nhbd5 rf il i5 sdEr, bm io 116_
Third ZOMBIE 5 5
U you dele.t the ud..d al,pr statkE,add I ro you EEtuaUy you Ech 6. ofier sid. of rh cave ,nd
e^RM Eoe md tun [o ttr. tethe a 5ighofEli.t Yd du.t.rom rhetw sltdch

Yd dter a mahogrny-pmUd tuddor l6t@nd

with bL(l velvet dEp6, rhe spac beeq hu.
wiE| dr porlhits ol ilE rulhA hd* ot LuFvr. ads !l . drold erill.. ln hdr! beydd that, li6 .
A!ov. tlE r e th. rlrcuedodltd lE& ot dd brdrli, lrqFkdld .Gidd. Ir sag dE t@i.d
kild bo6r ad n@;dic ai6iL, iRtudirS. Mi- doie. Th to 141
ffi alrMR th@, hutinr noohiE of rhe Wulhn
hmilv Thtmmbe6 ol.h; W,iu.. to" at u.,'
uc;ly e*nbl're to 6e dothq, wirh ld, srs'"n
I.c dd rrugry. woubh 6plsrN Pshg iong
rhe odidor v@ @hr !o rhe BrE iE oI tu tuo
cutmt princs of thb.tek l.d liEt thft is Prin .
Gm4 the wwolt you fi6t dled. His Dolbail
m ro 3t E at yd with pim& EdUG,Mg
F, nAht our of 0F 6vE 't3 His 6My bt d lw
rEnAs dM nud hir shouirtG lit a lrl4, I
st6k of EFy mint thbugh it 6tu a widN,t
pot. Tha oE b rtE n.d pri@'s bFrhd, Cour Y@wal ptshed hoh . dr@re slep io 6nd Ot
vanolac He b a brbiddtnS mn ind.d, whft h6 !6 g&rstng w h d*, dE erund otd
brethd is.LnL ne i3 tEr slthoush he h6 th em. roq ald lne MorEri 8on.: onry $e btdn.d 6!E

or then cmplirt Idain. Mysliiied by 0E sFange lhe ouple e ld booold !o have a nry baby! Dut
behaviou of ora dpnciou Br?sis,you prepar ro Faha Ba@ poinls both cradle 'nElt right, ou
setor agd wlm uFthing abdt tle weight of your babyr,oy,M pri& andjot long wishedIor dd mw
backpackrok6 you stop m.t.he.l imide it Roll one hr with ds. A fohdling he waE mt th6e h{o
dice.On a Fll of 1-z hh [o t5] m. mll oI I 4, hrn nmths p^t. On day ru h(]@ dnd h(ft wd as
to 366;andon a rcll of 5-{, hm [o ]73. quiet dd 4 it ever had bd, sin.e we lost
oE Tom6 ths trenty sffi6 past, tlp rcxt dtft
h was on ou doustep, an l sud.lenly healdr md
124 h(re kw joy ed laughtsr on@again.'
Youbust thrcu8h thefamrhoE door and inio a fib
'riave a look why donl you,' ays M'shes Bana.
It kitcned Cowding in dre @I@ d d ldrly
ouplandnext[othd younote with $ne supri*
- a cmrtl. Seein8 then uious qpes:@tu ytu Your ainal 346 smrling at you lrm your
bhstd m apology dd mething about wbrnE to subsnrios, you ld ovd the dadle dd pu]l ba.l
shelte. Eon the ston On@ thy e re6s@d y@ lhe .ovB. It is dlr you .d do not l,ocry out in shcl
ae nothre to naJdd and re! rhn, theatqt fams dd mn ftom 6e .ot. Lyin8 theE wappd h a
m.l his wife rDlc yN,otrering you a *at wolm bl.nlet i. no haby - at leastm hmm .nnd.
by ih fre and a borl oI hmip $up/ wmin8 y@ fte thing lmls moe lire a nurvoidt imp, a ho16sh
irei& and out. Bring in nind what y@ have Fen spri[e 6v@d m dd.k 6r, wid] poinled ed, fdSs
$ Iar, you conveEewidl th @uPre.autiruly ad and claEs, ad a trcrsqe gdgoyre's snile splitring
tasE rheeup with sre tlepidatid. YN d PlezFd ils wdry lace lhe Chagelng fires you w'th ddkry
tjo6rd thar th@ aE no upleaut ingrdials indu bming ey6 md ils shisrer smile hdens, a guttunl
ded GestoE up ro I raMrNA points). You pfther 8rcwl rish8 irm ib thmt,
mtual seMsI you that dEre isnodu8 rul&ordt
'I$1he a bomy boy?'MisEes Baus eys lls sprite
about lhe couplebut thar someail qdmkndt hd
hasenchdbed the fand sd his wile inro beliding
the iafi fder its epe[. lou qu6Eore inenttbly
hrh to t1ledGtubi^g mture of the fam. 'A holding har t is what thy wdt it liobe,but its evn inltud
lik thb nat take mne work ro Mhhb,' you sy. has also sprad io the 6t oI tne fam. How long
beloreit inG*s in pMd and its innuac
]s tl@ dy@ ers{orking lo. you neE?'
to the l,n& betod? You oM chmghg stahen6
pchted the Charyeling's spelr iron @
No,' eyr larer Baud, 'ir6t msu, the sfe,
yoa dd only you cm do dydmg aboutit. Brt how
M'skes Bau* dd ou litde m.'uttle de? Sely
F-I E?
are you Sojng to re$lve thb situation? Will you moo4 d b@ne a weEwouyoureu'The IiBr of the
chalhge th ChanSelingdtnght (hrh to rzo) orqn bloodlim, but dratcouldbe theblack turEd wdwdf
you attenpt to se .tmin8 to a.hieve the me Soal thatinf{ted you in dE fmr place
Lrllich nas obuously mde the sme .ofttion. 'we
nut hury ny flad, iI we ft lo .ahn ],our *me.
Ahon8 L\e Vmpires' possBim ft a nhber of dd sve you sod,'Tm io 124.
items ttlat may be of value [o you, induding a Gilt
MiEo!, a brass teles.ops a lodestonemd Bold md
jewels l,oa v.lue of 20 Gold Pi@s. You al6o 6nd a You hold the nitur out in fmnt of you, Fn{ting
snalL teakch6t Inside,lyhg on a bd ofbla.( velwt Varcla.'s t mfdftd viege bacl arhin At ltrst the
is d omtu Silve. Daggei We@dI appers to Ecoil, yelov eyeswiddinS in
surpriE. Ihm tlp @aire lashesout with a taudy
If you wmt to take dp Silve. Daggr,add it to you mu&ld an, smslug fie silveEd Slds lrof, you
lr'rcrtur Srdr. You may w dE daggs in combat hdds, lt smashson the iod ol the .nubd as the
but, if you do so, you will lEv to 6ght with you. claw Sougeyou am. lN 2 srMNr poirts ard
Attac! SiEngth Educedby 1 poht Injun6 tou caue
my @ature with the wold 'lvere' in its name will
sufe. in@ard damge 6 srdtN^ poinis rather
tha the sual 2) 6 tl.e pE mla1G inimical to their
knd. The Snve. DaSigerwil also hdm the Undead
but wil only caue the sual 2 srMA points oI

TleE is nodinS lse id you h@ so you M bacr

down th lmg winding sF.ir6*. Tm l,o346.

Ilving heard rou out, Crddmother Zekova Eives
you he. onsjdred opinion. Thre ii or y oe
courseoi acuonlelt open to you now If you aF to nd
youFelf of dris leuible cu!F, you musi 6nd and kill
op rirst oI the werewoubloodl'ne belor the nex! tull
t-t F-] FN FN
JA mvestigadorehave uncw*d mmethin8 about t\is
Desprieirs smsationalisttiile, rhe HistoryaJtt' ont 8loup. Gf you wmi to ask him about th Cadre
Inlruar is a lather dry tone regardingilE debauched Lrfenal, tie nexl pangraph in whi.h you[er
activiti6 oI a gftup oI ambitiousaristocEis lron ihe the ftnobr, subkact 50 dd tm [o that new pan
prscipalities oi Mauristatia Thei! nain aims being 81aph.)As Veretic6 nd s6[ not hrmed, you
scial advm@ent ad conhrl oI Landsat the .enrre to skim ihrcu8h me of lle short r pads you hawe
oI the okl world, dE Cadrewd smething lik a cdt foud wI yod look at 4a"t tuW: Thecuts oI IE
for the idle ri.h. Tnftugh com{tiom with the Cadle wa@f lrvn b 3a3)ot Grlhhk FotkJateoJLvptdtia
ib nembers we able l,odang polilically advd
rageos tuia86, bugtdingb6ines allim6 dd
pdrtakeof dbstdfte patitu dd t4
plactic dEy .odd tunr( ot It was at ils height a Out in the open, ude! tie blind while Sazeoi the
hddftd yeds ago, &awing its memb6 frcm dE noon agzin,will you tle the strangeCdiv, Le(hh
nobl fdiLs of Mo.tvmia md Batnoria,6 wI d rD291,or p4isi jn }!ur rvestiSation (tuh [o 231)?
Lupraui4 but lcr popularity in tlp yd aJter OE
Wai of fie Four Kingdorc Howeve., the autlDr ,30
concludd by otating ihat drere are mor of tlE To read the olgs norlh or vdBenhol, yd pass
Ca.lE InlemL being sNed h{o decads ago by a th@gh a spu ol dese plft ro6t. ]\6 you p4ogEss
bdd oI luplavid distocrats Pelhals VeretiaJ tNu8h the unddgbwth yod noti.e tlEt the eas are
bcomin8f$tooned with dick d.ap6 of webs that
ove! lh brancheslile a sl@d The clGepacked
ph6 arin out atain md ]ou nnd yoseu at the ioot
ol a sund*d pearssteding befoE $e ddk slashoI
r slmting cave mouth. the wmds ft erny sl
*ithin OF vicinity ol the cave Pahals thi! iBa sign
lhat dE W@beast Id its lair lft? Nor t !.ing my
dd.6, you approa.h the mtrdce weaponh hnnd.
ft. warhed out 8rey liShr pe et at* dly a littl
ray mto ttle cavd byond. You listen inintly and
!.{ orly th o(dimal rtrip of qte. an.l the soun.l
otyou ow hdt tl|mphE in ]ou aE. If you are
tong hr etPlore whateva lies beyond this cave
|rulh, y@ R 8oi!g to Ed Yd ldren Yd dE {Et oaOld M8ht, M ruch d nyEU. Do}lDr
wdi to tuh brd nd 0E gaPrn8i|,tlad (d Uyd X.ll, rnd rt rm piirt Cod Eva dEr giei
dnnot r vou. lanEm) hrm to 2,; yr .rrt.&6 ehor.r lklric hd beotr a E le and
do wdt io at r lh @E h e(h of th Bdt ya hlmd hic ta.k o ol.t !.quint E MFlt, rhe
d.ftlE do $ rrnn.diarEty (tM io 7o),d e{t u Dotbr. d dF rri6r e in nd.I who tlmin oI the
nightldl to surpd* dE cEluE in itt jtit (th to {t} .@t fre of 0E Blal R6e .nd I h.E nd rEd
tord fi@ Cnr lor l@y ndth! nd. Dut it ir n6t
6ly tlp powq ot rh wbc tlEt tt@t@ dE n6rrrl
Ret ldrB yu ,tepe ihruBh ttE cLdliroPho &ul! of thi! hnd. TheE e odr.6 .fug the dstd
Gkr tru 6nd you way bacl to th. chmbr @9 ot rtE nidt who wodd * 0! popl 6r
{N.h y@ araed th ..v6 bffidr Sudetd P. LupEvt! 3ubjw.rrd b.Mth rh. yote ol ihln hbs-
Frehthecydh.t ytuwlydl,EraAinginlo fr*n1@oppEim. My @t tuid @
ddnnr b.ioE dE dv. l@th by which you aE ut dly @tuE thlt thfrtaE th. Fople ot
ad tlE rldlRqid. Tttr b:,r4 YrE rct lElf r da)/s io@y 6,* ol h* I6uld
E]. E of * Rrdr a yollFu. wi[ you iin re in
1t ny qu.rr!' If tfl .aR rDh.lp vd PjdE! tuh b
'I sI io nd dF l.ld ot ttl.tnl bc EEI wo !t9. U yd.LdiE his !.qEt, tuh !o a!9.
d.imdobiMno iL!dI tbbE scFYFU
a qsr 5rI 3 t@6,' dE M eF EhndlY 'L.l
3il .d trlt .rhde, fo. I u ale,F o tlE 1614l
.Iis in rh. tofil fi8hi .8Nt Ev ' Th ith ur zdbi6 dad td @ .bL to qploE dr
rbbr6 hb pistol .rd rit! dom o sunddd r wlth@r tuu of turrha hin&6c. AlMg dE
bed opF.fiE y@. 'Dut r u ldlpthnt ' 6ycu,' ra rmbs dd mldding you find a
g6 or! pF'lrnE N! h4d in @ad6NP ' crryood @fdn, Gnilhd with brrs fithngs, Eting
ide i5 ve Richra md I d. vdpiE liutd.' . Polbhd grdile plinth, Il i! opd dxl mpty,
two ot to! 8.t to t tBry .bo!l all 0E .tu! hnth Ed vlvel, but it hulr b lpE lor. @en
thfrb rh. rurv ud stiw of 0E @li ' rcu E o.tEor th.6ffin n.t a nor. ol dE
Whrehd lF Glfiy daes rdl dd truly .u* inro lhat v@ hnk d@ s d vdr,UMtrE 9,@l
Findp.litt oI LupEe.,' h. t & yo'l hn vo is norhing ot fy q io you uEl )ou @ t.r.
sddaly hu.hd 3rd dEPinto.itl. 1 l!.t Orl ay fi@ oE atpr, e y@ hqd b4r b tu 3pi6l
6mpdm n r .q intu lh n'ring HM irc .nd *r ahour clrnblnS trE w6 3teF lre
wulfa dd rha! !e DRioE few ofa t trbM
Ovd the od of tie emsed Basi you hd Lhe
twans ol a Gsbow tirinA,;d moth;r bou buies
rrself D rtre h@re1s shouldd. I}p you8 woM
ha Roverc.t heelf ad her weapon. Side-by-side
the h{o of you prep@ rolinish Lrebrudsh Aeasr.And
Lhs howling l*e a beaten dog. it is Bom, away
thrugh tlF w@ds to ekap iG end

intervatid! urBastwoujd havebq rhead

'ourme.' It is nothin& rcu rll he!, and introd!
tollEr. 'lt wa dyfiing buanorhin&, the womd
.n'd*, 'md L Karya oI rhe cri]rM ctoak sh@td
how, bmg a hmt. or wtrEahlq myseu. But
ve mcr beawat our qua!ry eludesus evennow we
emot let it Btaway!, (A.ld rh .odryord ,4ykt b

Ine injred weEbast lav6 a hail rhar ad one

lnskined nr tle ways ol the t.acle ould fo]low The

torg m? Ihe vlihEbtut nut haveFsued hmm

6n! caihEd broF you b th hdl aE tive md.
You luphe sws ndin& ],ou tnow rhatoneoI thm
F-'] IT_I
is th @hF v@ mw sl, but which tu? Yo and
kary! Fa th.n rrpli*d laG, d yo! Ey ro diffi
r'hich i! the nurddina nGrd yd *t

ver.q hsEr loh@?

Pioq, M4lEr oI dE HMd!?

GnndlErhq Zcldv. nb yd don 6 t ch.n dd
$a, withar mtina by gEl show ol whrt sIF it
donE, pulls up the slFve of i.rkh .rd puE .
k e to u eryoFd Your'ou
bl@d 5talb to oow hot
dd d.i( and dr collErs it ir . rlEtlN w@d6
howl. Tlp s/:FoM rEF dP wd!*l .fa ls
wdd hinu0e3 mEl you sr.n !o i*l li8llrtErt d
andsoozJa(Le 3 sMrN poinb.)Jut s n'inr
you c gol^t to pas out 3!E 3LsdE lh.
Ire' wtrh . podlie of ds drd ha quj.Hy r,nd!
rhwodd wiol. rEip ol
As y@ t t . ro @d ftd O! bl.edin8,
Grmdrnorhd Z.tova ul6 ! stoppsr<l pud-hotd.
lioa.6hU rnd wams lts@ntent! b r 6h.! caul&on
@ the fiE, Sh.drb ! bundl of drid hsbs 6d
th6 L. tlt.qrctim lD siffi, Ih .le u
side ihe 6ttr8e is 6lcd wilh m .crrd .m.
Aroth* h fl hou dd rhe potion i! Edy, Drint
thb,' C6dndn. z.rov6 m.b, .hovi.g .
hdetul ot vit.@ g-y-96 liquld in tont of yd

3r3 339_147
rhe buildng. No onecod.l sNive ,!ch a laUed dE
Msting of the nre ohbined. Y@ advenh!
is crexy an t abruptly ovei

ThdMe s CooI Bool isin ra.t a b@t of sFlb. M
ol th chamt realden on the crbHed pafnn
pa8sin a rpidery hnd e .les or spte ied
wizrd's love spells. HowEver thft b me
..tch6 yu eyc/ a T.aBfigualon SFn d paBe
a Porst cham a8.ict shn{n&86 Ta}jn8
ftne's C@t Bool witi v@, wil rcu] rbu roxowth. passe;i p*r sd rtuouBhabd-
smple some oi the .@mction she w6 6d oohs and ehpry epaces lhatapp& ro have
bDsybrewint? Tlmb n oe dracleristiG of d dimal e den hthr dE ,
lave the litchd .nd izle ih .rh.. lahily Rr. Ar lst you cone to rothr
Pasgsay le.ding rrDmrhe -blmdt
d of store rhEprdDr d*dd inro rheHtul ot th.
.L(. d whtch rhecasdeGbullt Do you wnr ro:
tave dd asq.l lhe grmd sFaiE* ro Condnredownrh*shpr:
0E d@bl d@B? Tm !o Tlmtoz
&tum ro the enhme halt and lakerhe
left-hddpa$aee? Tm
aetum to thehru md clnb thesrarrF
lothedoubledoBbyond? Thror!6

A rry fim tugson rhgraF heesjl hom rnemourhof

.Fttl|ftl.clambenns rhrouBh, yo! 5eroffalonE
rEger in@inated pasaBew.y A re yards tu;ther
vou (qe to a jucri@, ot $6. To vtu rert 6 a
- ed eU d@r, md yd do nor hrve a kr. To your
+nt dodE pasreay inb;dki*.
rnile .IiR.rly iicad dF ro(h-[r himl conbu.
EE tit F-l
TIEE rE only two vi$le ways mwr4 wll yd 43
fouow th. pasgryay io the nght (tuh b rlr) a Aedir8 ho dre auErd of Ttu F n oJ th. llo@ oJ
contink strai8llr alEad (hrm ro,t:1)? rv tr , tt'c rurinA fahny 6r LupEvia has a lmg
history ol tudl1s dd stran8t inbrd bchavioui
Onc .h:ptd tuMts a SEat baRl. bhvffi thc
WdlN, who aE dewnded froh a bcG*kd bilbdF
342 ian kihr, dd a vmpie bloodlin, lou8ht for conk l
Th. nl5h part and tou rind yo6elf in sighr or d
or thr prhcipaliry In thN daF th WuU6 fdnlly
unasuming etone-buntchapel,the slaresoI fi 60l weft sm aschanpioN of Good, but th. headol lhe
b.lhcd in the silvery light of the gibbousnoon aha vampiF cdt l]llsd the lamily with hie dyin8
h6l b. thc ahrinelo SaintCtucis, the laadon ol th.
lfu hDntispift of rhe b@k is dftor{d with the
heallrg wll you so d6perakly *k. Ih shriE
Wuu.n Imily Ee, whi.h sho$ tE lire ot ds6l
st,n<15ar the edgeof a wind-blom sPu oI ldrl, rlr toa DBgonir, fie frrsr lord ol Lupavh, thmgn b
woh tnat leaG ro rr, lollowing tie PRiPitos
thc @t Cout VaEot . ad h! bFthe PDce
lip ol Ely sa!?h6t thar dtuF away 1@ lerto
' CrEd And dmve.Etitu ltai.6llE Ubrry. TM
theundulati$ eipallgof F@dad byond.
A hid6c howl dts thrcuth the nght, difing to! to
thc rcE and sdjnS a thnll of dEDlin tuhin8 14
tnou8ll your body.Yd hm to taF th spot vh.F ,rs you st a8aid E pcssd pupFE, th
tE $ud ori8imhd dd * smethDg hig e.t bla.t rihaH 'rBSL
Mionetc lhtint frch your .ms ad
dovinS towrrds yd. It is a do& bul asb,t asa pon!: Frlin by drn chi*rrhzrp reth, the dd of rh
[s tur brisilina lit. a wildGts And yer n is lh.
.F.tuFt nlz?-lFface that hdilis you mcl. O!
dvbuhs Ed, while tlp odrd is white nd blind, I'k
iid orb ol thenoon. Thedog'sdavenn8jaws aE Inred
wilh, dagteFlike lan8s md ftob its h@yr-
paws sprout chws thd niSllt gut . md with N
powcrtul swipe Yoc wldth you swod Tk
horoEDuEhirhiSn$hct houd Etuwle mesuin!
you up with its ore tood e'. Roll hdodi@ rih toLl
Elled js ls tne or egual!o you
ro$9 Ir ir i5 SFarEr,hrh !or3
tit t+l Etr
cdavo opd md a diooPd old hd aleG H. ir t45
rtict-rhi\ s1di m ddly l. hld - not uUile r 'I\vo hid6u! wolfilh ft)@ Eud the .om ar the
dlalute jn nis prcportios - dd lE gl@r ai you od ot th. dtrel. Youfel rhat rhey e loping sEal8ht
&6 bdind a pa! of pitue@ 3p4rad6 'so, you towdrts yo!/ heds swayjnt IrDn sidl,osid,simng
would l* fo loow mF ab@t my PEious Pets, dE ail Thn oEy p6 you hdhg placq wltn@t
would vou?' h niss 'nM 30 be it,' With I Erctiry lo you pl@e. dd you h rlBr ln plaeg
surprisiiSlysuddensovhdt th. old 6s huls. lheir e.btu hi&s e hored md puled bel lo
h6.ln! ol spdtlina Ed povder !t you. Thtr Ls. e..l b@bol,8!en-aEyhtdrDlorsN, adndh,
nashed. p!.trof luid oiM stute. Ai th. raor. Lar db. Th. I^rwar8s - Bmtequ urdead w.e
cle.F ye 6nd youFr l@kbg up .r lh. mw wolva, E pp.d in a mi'llpip roF drepFd
rowdina PupFrndEr ln fd.r derFr nt .PP..6 b l8rin. Yoo let dt you bElt| in a sluddqDg ligh of
have 8tM in siz Nurd yd The old nr badr Wlh th. ihm.dialrd.ngsp.""d, y*p**d
doh and pi.l6 yd up in ft ndd Yd e @bk
.o l@e yu linrE fling stitr- ald6l woodd . . .
Wlb dp Cimitd d6 d b its rexl dtiMli4 6..t in ttl h,I of dE toe4 @ dlsd
FDL wi]l ffid ar EE tnrricie detail ol tl' (fld ttEr dE d@6 d rw oFr again&d y@ c ablero
;;6 6rllE i" d* p'.pp.r sIFw Fddcularly srb
&. this lDe ot rrotB nE is d v tP h6$r
Egatd io 6e dEr4tr or a *od-wi.ldin8 - @uty.d to <16 ud th6 wi! !. h.ydrd th.
F.gidlry d@'Ed h@. Ytu.dvotuF is dd. 'd
DqD.l! ot d* d.rt ro@'s 'u Fwd Il y@ h.v rhe
<ldaotd &!td qilEr m Jtu Aantut a,@,
nlh to 160.ItMl, hrm lo 32.

llt. lqurti. cEe's blood 5b]M8 d wrtr.
ttu+l, ib 6rp* sir&e ba.k into dE depth! Irm
*hid it.F*. Lugs rtraining 6r b butst it j! ths
tnrr yd 5kht6r whirnub6oI bonbetwa the
qrdSled w4& turd tlF glint oI
8old, YoD ruLc
arspin8 ror oryg6, taLing in hewhS lsatuld oI .lr.
HnvinSEcoveEd yN bFatL do you wat hodlve
bn.t down lnto th Doolto se wha

Etride (tuh to 4q), o. witl iFag yousU dt ot lclr, a SilvdclM, o a Silvs Dags, th ro t6a-
the clin6in8, sliny water md'@ ontjne yru way It you havell@ of dr aboE, $adj,l& then padere
ihough the eoods (ruh b 4s)? u&d up, thebrid6 starkiwa.ds you (tuh !o 3oa)

143 t5n
The third ilmr oi the towe! is sprtar y tumished .nd Youm niles lron Maur! pdsing tneu8h a
d<orated in ontiast ro the rcstoI theiwq Youp.$ rmBe of ln hils wrth the dly wdin3 on/ when you
what deed to b a ndbd oi ceu doo6 leading oL . rom in sight oI h{o ddk silhouetrd jutting up non
@Eidor tl'at lollows Lhedtside wal oi th lower the lmd*ape To rhe w6t yod cm 3e an uiden-
Reachlnga d@!, nbn udd which blws a chill nlghl tifiable rublilg !uin. Away to the eastthe Nlb riss
bFeze,you stop [o lbien ed d het a snkh'sctut.h l,owardsja4d Falcs thar bol lite the teethol sone
$und coning iiom or dther sid TryinB th. hadle sl..pingEarthDra8on.a oEoutlineoloreofths
you dihver ihat dr ddr i3 not ldted. If ]ou wanr Poak is obsor.t by a elid .itd<lel-LikeshuctuE sfU
ro open th dm. and ster or lm byond, hrh io she mil6 away the dd spll6 ar ihb juctuE ft
35r Ityo wond BtlElavekdlaltr, tum to7 main @d Mtin north duluth ln hills, whil a
ls well-trav.Id kacl winds away hto the hiBhr
v9 hius !o lhe c6t The is rc lmgr my .larly defined
'Ooh, pEny thin8s,' chu&r6 dp l,st of Or. wolt p,rh ha.ling io ihe lrlN ro lh w6L Mindtul of tle
wmh d you @F6my lfrd m artefactfEm your appGcn of nighth!, wil you Rt 6h.ltr ar rhe
b..kpa.k Bul what 6 y@ ofi. drem?If tou olf.r cri,del away ro rh edt (hh ro f), hv6rigrr. dE
the blidr a C.het Rrn& a Gilr Mi.oi a Bl@4to . ruiro ro dE w6t (hh to 5) or sihply keep6 .lont
Amllet, or. Morotjone Amulet, hm to lr:. Il yo! the Md you N touowinE iokdds vrBennof |nn
oltd them a SilwerMim., a Cham Ncklace,a S'lv.!

Under the hulting adlfs relenrl63 .ttack, you
nouder dd shdbl ba.lwrds ovtr tlE edBeoI
lne rcoI of th .niage. And ths you * falling,
Pltueting io tu death at 0E botton oi Cftu
GoiE,the sragdGcn, with 0E wEbdt E.in8 h
FMph atol it, r@g away into tlE ni8hl. Yolr

trtr E] FN
I]lF is nothing EoE fo. you heE At the Id md of
rhebbqueting hal, a mgniiicenlly .adcd w@ds
d.ircaF, sveFd with a ri.h dftt .ar?t, leddr up to
yercnoth!set oi double dooB, Ta!.inga decp bFith
in m nllenpl to sLeadyyou ndv6 md teep thebeaBl
within at bat4you akm.l thstaituse. At th. [op you
DauF bIoE th dolble dmrs. The familv.Bl ol lhe
Houe ol W Ian has bd laed aaos $.m both.
(Now is you.nfte t6 hatr my 6nal pp{atioc
vou may wbh to b.fon otEring dE hiah6r <hanber
oI Casrl. WuXa ) You Elllv oFn fi d@6 and

ItP cteler by@d E m eidple of opulmr

+rsdou. FE lapris Hek th vals, dttquc
ardhe ruEsda dE nq, aI lit by Lient+plftbr8
.r)Gr.l .h,rdlrB How@d, ae4t|n3 htu e air of
kgl.d ataut it. Th. t tsti6 ft tddd rd dav
$e rugs satd.d dd Fayd. ltre dDndli6 dulLd
by grift F|md bya tan winrtowdiftdy in frnr ol
vou is d omtdv .aNrd dEn, tlmelile in its
magnifeR. Sitting sloucnd,irR lg swingiry @er
de .hair .m, G me yd rgngni* ftoD th.
portrlit 8.Ury you p6*d tmwh. A tousle<lnoc
ofBEy han hbBs do9n totln shoDldeF,shotlhFugh
with a shEal or luboE blacl. He is wedlng
M unbulloEd jaclel, erposingaruffled shirt beneath,
md rlneblact trewswith lqeelencth bots, Thc han
is dfiklv hudrcFe, the visible skin olhis chcst.armr
md hands.ove@dwit! ffie blackhair r|e i! toyinS
with a pwtr goblet in ore hmq and on his middl.

ringer yd notic . Sold 5i8nl M& a lt 6kh6 th. 35t
Utht. In fidt ol lh..hnir ti. two huBewolve. Thy In th botloh oI ylu p*t ya flnd a hod. of tn.
w.r.hy@intd ry wilr| 6ld, urblulht yelN 95. 8r,Fn6' wdlo u d o!lb&d! dd dE
Fd hb Fit, dE lord of cai*le wuli6 wrldE you tuah lor 2 lrall (Artd lhe ihs to yd
Fi0l ldglid inrcGt a y@ rEide slowly, yd Addtrt Shat tnd EA,in I Lvcr Fnt,) Yo ruy
confidmdy, towardshih. drink the vodh wh6Evu vou wut, but olft e
or v tl@ tob in th. horoe lh*e ! note ol thir !r
't t n inboduc nyElf,' th. nobls|u sF. 'I m wdl). Th. vodL i! tbhs srlrf: adr tDt toE ,
CouI Vamla. Donl worry aboutinhdEing yoc rlxM poinl! Aut dE nqr dft yd e iBtu rd
!.lt I tn@ *ho tou @-' H. $ifE th. .L 3rE+ry. b T6r ldr 5b]|| .tt r &nhng
'Yd e ny bdths's k lq But let thrt not sbnd , you mEt redR
tru ssu by r polnt. Ho*@er, dE drink abo io.d66
btsa 6 dd hmdship M@ import nd, y@ y@ oru.g. $, id tlE durid of tlE 6r b.trb
t@f'aht.nadntllll& ydh6y i@t@Atbcl
sb68th by 1 !Dt\i Thoitisdn to be on you w.y

you aI that tru ajll h.s to o(.r y@.'

Inw.rdl, eEry woltuh 6bE 6l you b.6t howL dul Cr6.r' t rodld - rrE dlw 66ing th@gh tN
lhie i5 th. AEh.Lycsthftp., th. IiBt of th. w@olt blood ! porqt.nd Ft6ti6!y Ltri. As ytu
bloo<Uln, th. onewhoh you @k ed wh6e dmiF slowly b.Efotru inr,ottEt o1. wou vou @ wracted
wi! Ire yd &m yoE vile (w. Dut you cn ot by dippUis p.nq L@ a rurN^ pohie and ldd I
h.lp bah8 bld.b..t. ThlettE wh@ d6dryo{ trlm Finl to yd crrmsE. Uyq s@ive thit
hrve dslert 6om tlE@eti5 olt ringyou th..rDm boF%.nin8 h^fo'rutid, hur to rh. p.F
to pin witll him. And hjs a@Eam tuy hrve givd Shph with lh. 9m. nunhr u rhem yd re hll
yd th. pdfe.t opporhuiry rD rid ih edld of hi5 FshucH io EiE doM 6 yN A.rtuLuE std'.
b.lrgn, @in8 eil. rvtU yd bd, 6E rh. C@t
ir thc hoF that tru *dl b. abl ro rEiL whd hi5
Sudrrli5 dM (hrm to ttr), o! wll lou einply draw Y6u 'utM' (d 'e(' as you rry to rhinl uD a s-
your wrPor wl$ no suchpEk!4ce (tuh [o a7)? vinchg q(@ 6 O! sF;t l,lhlf r wMg wjrh yout
ihouldq?' Ktu <l rdd yblutb dL Youw4 rDr
6h aw@ ot 0c rhat y@ w4 frd'ht yru
Lt t_1 td Eit
156-357 353-t6o
wflhout ev6 a by you ldv, Kwad rips oFn your qanthnq: rh. Cte Eth? wruta Tlniorit
hut dd s you wouSile lor hire!. He gaF in ctt@\FolL btqLtp@ir2 nmbld
homr dd talA . c.p ba.Ic Surp.L*d by his Fa.iia
you glancesid.w.F at die shodd.r wMd yoleu. 3t3
Youcamol yd oM appaX.d .ry of db8cl 'Hav it you own wata the old wohm sa, isbry.
asyou s* th.t r.heltin 6dfu6dln8 the injuy i! now Taldg a sloppcrd boftl Imm a shell, shewarm itr
brttlinS wilh thl.k bla.l han (Add 1 cl,Nc! point.) conhts in d !tull .addm over the fire. Sheaddea
B.Ior ]ru know what is AoinAm, you m{d bbdl. of dn d habs .nd thd le.v6 lhe mccrtion
ro silfti Th. dc an icid lh. otta8e is fi!d
ard bMdld et ol dE im. You rin.t yaGU out C
f,ilh m aaid atrhr tubdrs h.]f s hou dd tlE
llk vilage squrE 4ain, sllru.led by a not' oa
vilaAh, pho aE spoiling for a fitht. Tum to 246. totim is rrdy. 'Drink rhie,' Giddmothd Zlova
olrmands Bhovhg a ladletul oI visoa 8Fy*M
Lquidin honl ol you.lips. Holdin8you Me yo!
356 swaUowdE po on in a single EDlp,hoping not to
Yourind youEelt in a cBnpd @h packedlo oveF
nowing vith bekcas, th shelv6 .rdnd witn ljste ii. Althou8h you Iel no imediat etrKts, the
dustt .m, l,rye lelnd+oud volLlrc ard rcUen Pohon will slow rhe bNfom.hon thrt dp lytr-
tkopy is wortin8 uFn youphFi.2r lod ($!hrr
slls lhe dGty an hels sEmSly oI mulderirt
paEhmmt .rd Fttin8 lerhr 'I1FE is anothd dd : hom you cHde *@) Now hrm l,o331
in a adja.enr wal betsa th lp.rrin8 bmkaK
Do you wmt to the mm by thir dd, withoul 39
dlayinS (tum ro 33), or would you Bthd 1in8d. fte old womn droP8 lo he! tne6 crying,
'Spd ne md I .m help you dcle.r the lod oI Castle
while in dl. abbet! arhiv to N wrDr you nighr
llulfa, dp ultitut vil Fwd in .! of lu?hvi..
6re.n frcrn its d6ty rer& (tuh ro ad)? ItEt G why you'F h@ iq't il?'wLll you lt lhe wikn
lN,in dE hop. th{ srF piU pbv. tsir. to tE eord
35? lhln io 16!) or will y@ 6tuh h- now, wNle ytu
The aft lour tom6 which hawepafiolarly autht
you. attenrion,but wh'cl onewould you lik io spmd h:ve tlE choe (tum to 5o)?

fir Fatlcfttt Hoe cfwtrtd, YouN hallwry.crN th.outyad whena sh.dryy
EvilNn E6: A Hinor! qfi. Ctnn Tdlal lod MEi:tser i! lrDnt ot you. Yd
I@ Thbrt| E%ni* EF teisnrc, baUit fdtu6 of 0E slud.

Et r
'Ih NdFrg specEo, rheCountessIsolde hascon. nir aacled @aking dws d dalding md the
[o st p you evr leaving he. doMin ot da.kns .nd bids d certairLlynot lEppy at you inhsion. How-
hdwisitu oly wenC@n@ uponyou.YouqiU havenr .ver you cd alsose sondtng eLe grhting in the
hiunph in one IiMl battle to *ape the Lady or tuodignt dmg L\eleatlEs ad mtr loveing oE
[@r Do you wat to t]F rav@'tust to
d.nn thi!'Ee6w'(hm !o 3?5)or wilr you ]sv md
VAMIIREWIAI]}I quit th bird noor t@ (hh to ,?
lf you win bur thewcidl wouded yd, tuh to 397,It
you ove!6me dre codtess sFct .l iom wid\our
s6rdi^hg dy injury, Egain I LUcx point md tufr 362
PE$hg on lhstrgh m windin8 thmls, yd tnally
@@ to a slonshire rhat leais up dd dt oI the
J6r r$bey 6t@hb6 It is obviN $at me nali8n
opding ih d@ yo @ agdtd by the srdEh ol pokrh.d in{5tdihA}hyof dr.Bla.kMd csand
8llfu and a sbrded bsrrint ot winF a dr birrls thit rhe pla.e is now rctr6 hodr. oF. At dre iop of
mn}jna then hme in dE clElrtq N distuled bt the sreF . tw pasg*ay l6ds away reft (tum lo
ytu srddo anival Ih mn opa ro tlE dd ..) dd riShl (tuh ro 106)-
Itmsh a large archd oPmin8: Mmchbne
's m@
liElt streE the lilthy 106r, ghdin8 duly lrcF rh.
srwp black b2l3and ob6idid tiloN of tle thMt ot tbl
huAenws tnat hawmde dE.hmbd thir honc Wthout krwinA how yd *n [o hawddelo?rd
e @nirg 3e of dift.tid! whi.his noth.hFrd
by OE p'tgd 6f th. din8ing fog dd d*p@t
8l(m. It E almdt a ir yd tu men yru way
['rcuth $ris tackra w dIcs. ar you mar you
w.y rlont spiE of &y gturt, lr1.eghg to std ot the N{ing swmps aI dound yd, dG
erie soud of a c{dn wa FadE you ds. OrLe
had on the hni ol you swod you ?Es on, lbping
tDreachthe stuine beloreyou net whatwq it i5 tnat
i, matjn8 that molhful noise.Tum to 342

F:t E--t EE
rq tffi
wdr the het morphos.d Bl*k Wdd d..d, toc Youcdmot bli.v. it yu pLE is hising! o'E oi
*.(h hd chanber Roll two rlie sd dd t1 Thir i! 0t gl?!l$ h!! rcbhGcl tou. CG 6ff rrr yw
rhe btal nhber of Gold Piar you 8l*n lrcd {h. nmrtr{rg Gold Pi*s ed le I LU.( p6r. Yd
tloor of thecave.tou alsofbd . ot p.arb, worrh hnveno ldo wh@ th. gypd6 n.v. gm, th@ ir tu
6 Gold Piec,. Silvs Cswn, worth 10cold Plec,
ad gmtond worh r c.ld PL@, Rlln I wd
poift. lodght th. s,pi.terQus in hd hn.nd
wd ror yooFff a hg'. tuolr' wt* *i[ yd go
frm h@? To bav dr. eideFini6tdl dv. Mteort
artoAedE |rd, tuh to ,ra r yd would nthd lFp
qplding ihe win y@ dE dM!.r vir
tE rblactE-hug'::@, tuFd (tM ro s) d lh! olr8'
nfiE rlftl (hrm tDaoS)? *7
'Y@ l6tlit yd ould do with mdlft to 6r
T.hrt ct thSilv6 h88a tu tdld in rheD&..
Pir tou w th. .tir86iinp drttlq holrciry
Nil ftDn iL This blade ol pc sdvd ha powa
06 th mgd md.tcr- If y@ chG. ro R$r 0E
ntuis, yd dulr do s with tou Ar[cr stEdlr
ndu<rd b, t poin(, but dy @ur<l y@ ..e th.
@tuFwinoeitlsM potnted.tut., Elhs
ftan |n Eud z !..tin8 thi! intom.don in nind, lft(.dd InMN poinrs).5o,' tE priesreF o@
Ftum to 26amd mnlr Mothd doic, t@ hrv. .E+'whar hd boq8hl yN hoEi4 3nrire
of s.hl Crudq m<l e ruler with th d66
lh!cl?'wn{ wul you teUthpri6r?
th.t you h.v bcn tukd with
Irrdnthrcpy &d sk a G?
that you .F 6. qu.t to rid tlE Lnd
ot dll .nd kk

trtr Etr
she t ro hd. Shemt suppEss her g,sp ol
You ft in a small cidbd, ils walls plastercdwil -d ad 'lhis is the cst oi the How of wuu6, rhe
the dust-covertdstuouds oI spiddl wb6 WIEie ine hoF of Lupr.via, sh aalau' her vorce
madeln* wtbs dusthavebeenvery largemd avtng 'l-up..via is a dsed lmd and theils is a
61 tre veF a great nmber of thm Ar you n sedbl@dline. ft storisslrcudD theWulIen
cautiously acmssth cnmber, you notice two v e e nml dd t6ble. tiles ot nightmarish
boud bundles. lmm OF look of it, the h{o bu rteE, ppl bebA bLq fom thei! homes,
eacn onbin a ua]l, humoid body and yd 8el urdd and madnes Casde Wdlen t-s ar the
rmpqsionof grRnskinandpointedears. youw e+pointofuupraviain theiooth sol thosov
to linge. a wh e longd md *arn dE boud bodi ourah' It is sid to be a sinislersnadowofwhat it
hm to 35. ]f you wodd ratlpr leave widr delai s in moE prcspercus tih6 Thft m stdies of
which ent will you ble out of ih cave? roters Ming the streE ol wdfdsie4 the
a8drat lies ho@th the c6tl, whre pople live
A hmel iron wnicn a ddp breeze constmt fea., asrhe howlnS or woN6 ad wo6e
blows? Tmtot
uts OFr 8hts Tle wfttched peopte oi tnat
A tumel with 6 obvio$ Fam oi ed placeraEly vmtuft Id 6om hone. fte des
NIad Prince Carcd oi OE Wulten lmily hare
Apudderood passagewayT
chedwm d ld as the w@ds. It is said that ne
feE the conpsy ot wid beatrs!orhatof hoan
in8sdd fm whatwe haveMtnessedthisnighfI
ivethat th tu* on the Wullen line is dE ar* or
You t[ Grmdmother Z4ova how Ltich hacted wrewolf. It was carcul who inJecredyou wiL\
the weFwolj s paB when tou were first atta
tlmPy. If ]ou ar to 6ape that tuse you nEt
how it Med into a hlnd hmd afteMards, md
t him <toM and finish what you startedlEF. You
Op Sigmt Ring you fomd d dr middle fingei
t dstroy the head ot the wecblod.lin beroF
me re it,' dE old womm demmds, so tou lalc it

ndmotlE Zlova hasgivm you infoqai:on rhai

do notldng but hlp yd h you qu6t bo .id
oJ the csed drsede you have @ntracled.
ite the codewdd Au*.i on tou Adwlr@ s/,ar

FJ F;I trtr
Iuggin8 ba& a pi{e of cmvar, you duck inside. You
rait, you nean racing/I'sidin8 as the oMd6 ol the
micd pa$ by md then disappd, 6 they .he&
eothdpdtof fiecdp It is then thatyou hd a drt
EPid ratile bhind you dd L\e sdaping of s.areson
tu n@. Biorey@ cd evm hm tuhd md pdl
Fu sword fron it! sabbad, you relsonething
ti& and mukdd sljd dun t y@r legsand Fap
Jouqthin ils Mki.tin8.oils. YouaE boddy puUed
bud ro fa.e yu 6saildt. A lanp F buming
mryhre so yd ce nake out the hid@us letuE
ot L\eGahft dEt hasNard ]ou. li is a gror6que
dal8d of mk and womd. lhe qlper half of he!
body is hmm, although ioblly hades, he! fhgr
eils lmg lalo6 and her facemsshapenby ophidin
!att6. rtun ih waisr dom rhe is 4riEly se+d,
tne, dd he! whole body is coveEd with mottled
rmwn m.l gEo *ales Ilie nostd f!\6 you wior
t o.angeyeUoweyesan.l a lofted tongre darts out
b.rten hd lps, her dy of disgGt at ytu inhui@ a
?itting h'ss. The irdo6 malewonm op4 he.
tudh, hdjaw strekninS hornbly wide a,l qpotng
thg. obra's fangs.Y@ gap 6 dF o' ls hghts .bout
F! with bdffihing 1orc. Y@ @ going ro have
b hght you way lre, and ldt.

Efc you.d rackleyou adve$ry in the slar wat

Fu ft Eoing!o haye !o ir yoser iim hd du6n-
nB coils. Fight this battle with yor Atta.r skngft

As wi0r my oiher bahle, you nave time ro use Lhc
tubow one befoE Varct'c E on vou len @!,
sri,t rr tou su<Ged,your csbow b;tr au$j the

on tne |able below b dtsrer vhat damge y6

AttockRoud Altac*nd Dotuge kordin8lt if you woqrt hin w*h a @$bow bolr
Cmtricting coib - l@ I srrMN^

cobra'sri$ herlaus delivera 371

pojenos bit. L@ 4 fl rrN^ As you pas bheatn thc gatcho@ and leave rh
Pomb tud 1 SKLLPoh!.
Tail-ldh - a swipeflom her tait tndtl
yoDoif you fot. LoF 2 5TAMNA
Poinrsdd Pdw you Ariet
ShEngihby 1 fo! the tutr A[act
Roundasyou snlggte to siad

Tearir8taloN le2s MrN^poinrr

ff you mmBe to slay rheSna].@onm, hln rot8r.

or tne tiR b@rs listed below,which woutd you I*.
to sPmd sore hoF rin FNing?
EDilrndEies AHklorya!theadrc

t4att hnpy Th ctq ol E w.tutfr

Crynn'CFolklort ofLtpttuid?

trtr trtr
374 t?6
Theleis a loud crctl 6 6e pistol fEs. A splil *cord tl rote of the bullei shikjng you Gels lite being
liler you gasp in pain a rh bulr* Nts yd (los ! dubH sih a sledgehamd dd you @l back
sr MrNApoinfs)! How .m Snosdy burbts injw I sa.ds. Pain burns thrcugh you shourderlile molld
living bein& yN {ddea lool.jn8 dom at the spla$ qui.Liilvei Youhave neverloom a ssation lt it
of rchopldm on yM leaor hric wheE lhe bulld dd howl in a8onyin 6poM Tle bullet nw lodged
shuck, feling a luhbing, i@-coldenetion h yoE in you! shodder w6 fashionedfron silvr, a metdl
ch.6t. You e draggedba& hom you nusin8s by . rhich is to you lynthropy drFd kind,
shdut of, 'Have ai youl'Eod dle pheton Highwrt &d will hava pemdmt debilitatinSefi.r on your
b..ty (Lo* 4 sraMrNApoinls, I sm point and l
rucx point.) tlrivm by pain indu.ed raBe and a
furioB ftd for vngedce agaitut you. agtesive
J75 .*ilmt you nr thm in (:Inbat. Tum r,o,93.
You aF not halfiaay a@s th @m when the bir&
htl ofi lroh |hn pEh6 dd sw@p at you, Fying t,
p{k out you ey6 dd sl.h you lre with thd 1n
hard blact t loG Youe loKd lo delmd yolNlf. Il|e blickmilh howls a l,ru shite hin, clutdjng hjs
.ight toEam wlEr you haw wounded hin (lGe I
ruc( point) Iha y6u lgr aother dredtul howl
Ii you defeatdEbids you.m rakeit oratthm rav6 tnn b6ide you md $meihq8 claws at you wirh
still aliv Fhm to drn pdns but continu. to car apdly xtending bl@. t e 2 flMrN poinls and
harsNy al you d mage LLuouShlne filth
covering L\e floo. 'ou r ro you soFl
Anmg ih &titu you 6nd a iohl of ro ^lM
Gold Pi.
a cloed silve. L.clet or a dEn, ad nost disoF J7a
cetugly of aU the skelet@ol a mo pi.ked .lean b_t OE or thc gypsieshas leit you a ppsot. Inside
|ne ouldemus birds Ii you wmi !o open the lock.t you. pa& you tind a Mlrmbdtu Afrulet. If you waht
bm to r94. li not/ you may tak the lcket and Gold io keep dr treasule/ yod plt it on arcund you!
Ph@swith you (addin8 thm to the Equipnent Lir neck.BewildeEd by the whituical behaviour of the
o\you AdMtutc Stuet)6elorebavin8 theloul aviary mFtenous Morlmi, yor go on ),ou! way again
lhmugh rheforst.Tm to 5oo.

Fn F-l F-l Fi-l

JN 33r
ito hed you saytlEt 61lsme with mwed hope,'vd 'r fhat do you 6ink yd aF doing?' screds dE first,
ftchten declc (Ad.l 1 LUd point.) 'ThE jr sde as you offr the brde Lhes ver objed. Thm, tifi a
fting elF I n6t yet do, so lor now M pa$r mrst snarl, she laps at you, biting your Mist md mking
pdi, but l@k lor ne a8ain [onomw ni8ht at llE you drcp your proljeEd Aft. bse 2 sreNA points
houseoi Doktor KaOn thesdrgeo4 in Mam. Wemd ad 1 srrlpointand hrrn b jo5.
go aboutou work d ou mdie6 do, dder coverd
dalloess, but at otr dt retina I slull fleal an 342
co!min8 os mutual qudl As a siAnof my faidl in 'so, ah I ord?' you ask the wzsed !:rewonm.
you I Sivyou tlris,'the VdpiEHmter says,lEndin8 'Have you nd me ofrhe Nrse ol the weieor?/Bfore
you hb Flintlo& Pbtol ad a leatid Fouchconbining Grddrnothd lova cd Nw., a cl'ling hwl cuts
six bmd Snver Bu]lels. Add theF iteG to yow rhrou8h tne ni8hh it .de iron oulside the cotage.
Adwtun Shod,a\N9witlr t\e codeod (lt 'Spirils p6ed 6|,she Basps,clulching the necuace
you wdt to find out more about hoq to ue ti. ol ch.m ftmd her throat. They'E backl' Ulrich
Ilintlo.k Pistol,you may hm io paEgraph 4ooat di huis io ddbl{he( that the iM-boud oal doo.
tims making a rcte of dp peaSrath you areon at tlE
tihe tusr) 'until tono'ow vd RichtenF s 'Ihe htul is joired by oOE! hpine, .omlng
by way of f3rewell,ed the ^iehr,'
heis gom. Youspdd L\e
Irom aI mDnd dE mtiage. Ihe wolves have
Et or tlp night in titful slep wha you wal. in r.\e
Crmdmoiher Zekda's cottaA sllftmded. T11eEis
nomnS !o a dull SEy mistydawi! you Ft od wid\our
fudEr delat Tm to 25o.

Wfth wnimying shrielc of te@r, the hors a6opr
to leap the 8ap in th broke bridgp. But they aE
fati8led after tlen Eddc dEse tlwugh the Io6L
Thei! hooles.latte. agaiGt the opport edge oI the
bridg ttut ca@t find purchde, md lulled dom bt
fie weight of the @ad bhjnd then, the hoF
Plhge after it inro the gap'ng .lEm You dd Katya
follow, pllrlMeting !o you deaths m th jagBed
tuckslar bdtr You advenh@dd5 hft.
F.I F-
a sud.len, drd totaUy uexF.rd lap .t the d6r, .guar k', your drmt .tuNc! m, tum to 416 If il
wriih ruks the old wom st rr dd Llrich tirhr.h
his g.ip o the de. And thd cm6 |n voie lh.i you
will nev* ioryet 6 lm8 6 yd live 'Utile pi$, Iittle
!33 kroe what's toing on, a larEflar store in
'Begone, ni8lt ft.tuft|' Grmdmlhr Zlov, thecenftof thecavefl@r qhichyouhadn'tnoti@d
s@tr. Id. m6mdt dronly $Dd i! the snutlint b.IoE - flips backlike a llapcler dd a huge,radnid
of @tu6pmwrinAtheFrirpt rof O!@ttaBe Tie rith tilthy, natid brcm nr kaps out of tie hole ad
relalive peae b violddy bstm by hEoE tut5 lrabs holtl oI you w'th po@rtul linbr. BeIoF you
6n fighr you way fte, the timr spi.l{ Fatdd
'lrt re i+you wFtclEd yin!'rh n levolot- y.l !@r skin with th tips of ils vmonM lMBr 0N 2
refiftd-nua-dinevoicff rinu6'MybDthe6rnd r^MrNA points).and 6En yd rE lre, sord draM,
Iwishtodirow fiyd.And yd won't kt E in,I ll
hu( dd I'n Ptrtrmd I'nbPal ny w.y in/ Thllllea GLANTTRAPDOORSPIDER sK!17 rdN 3
m's s{rPfl of .aa s !o tsNlom inro d Uyou slay the spidr,yd l6k lor a way out (tuh t)
undifily hql. The wor pad tat up th. .ry aid
dep i6ide emerhinS shiN !o Nwer deir
6ll. Roll h{o'rq
die md the loral reUcdis ls trd, or t34
'f whkh oI tlle lollmg b@ls fom V@tic'libEry
lould you like rosFnd sne bme ovs?
nnFd ofttEHo@ ofwdffl2 TmtoJ4s
t+d,thtryt Tlp Cu6eof El'vsaLriP Tllmbt1'
CryddbFotk-hreofLap@k? Tlntord

s.rpene the SEIwond li6 d@d .r you feet,he.
teprilid blo.<t saking irlo the packederln of tne
3@r (Re8aln r LUcx Fint 60r prevailing in such a
duUnginBiight d.l add thecodwordlterrt to your
tdunirls Sr.d ) Youarcrtain that oneof the circuo

folk mst have heald you sEaggling with L\e snar: You spdd the Est of dr night Dndd tte staB dd
womd so, d4ide io do rext, you nur ome tLe mming, by da-n 3 wm light, yo! d6dd
act quickly. WiI you leve dle tent and 4ee tl'. trcm LhetuIing mooE t6 tlE waley-lyinB setnmts
CamivaleimedialeLy (tuh !o 29),o! do you wad . rDthe a3t.As you do so you cahh siSht of a nock of
Farch rhetenttust (tm to {@) bLrckbirds cidr8 in th sky ove. a spot s@ nalf a
nile away to tlE nsth. Sach benaviou sutgBts Ore
bnds nave fNd $rething m d6 wild pl4e. Do you
fu wnd pnest jmps up i6n his sal 'BeBoE *dt to bre a .liveFon norfi/ to Fe whar you night
ftatue of ev l'h. r.laift, n6hing ba.t to thealE t romd rfieE (hm ro 243),oi w l you mtjnDe eat,
ad takin. !o *!e silwercs m mor! 'So that t rE& b the road (hm bo6r)?
how yN .ouid domimt theshd.k. Youad theded
dog e kindred spinhr H spits th worib out 6 it 367
they m poiM. 'Bg@, md nder ddtm my dd IrF WeEwa$ di6 on the end of you sword wifi a
againl' lMth tlEr he thtuts tlP fts at yd, whi.t SrEly m(h. You lap dom lrom you hoF 1o
shns b glN w'th holy li8ht. Ydu felits Pdd xa9a's aid - but you ft l,oolabe,The w@hhtr's
Fu would a reked flajm agajnstyou skia it bll6- opponot li6 dead in th dirt, Katya oI th Crimon
and you fel Epled by rt! You cmot bea. to strt coar ryin8 rext to ib stinlin8 @ Blood pD6
hre any longer Civingao'e to you oM llNl 6om ldible lahtiotu .ll ovr hd body and ashi
a8onyyou from $e dDpl np pn6/s brishi yelidsnid<eropen you alreadytnow that sheis not
'U a DhEical toUon vou aswell. Los t
ore has rako toing sflive hd wMds. '1 lne I'm mt mu.h
sr MrN points dd r rucr point, adding r to }! bn8d fo! dtis world,'sne sCuttas, gdglin8 d hr
ownblood,'butdo t let my dathbein vain. Thpp i!
a ituidioE sil Doted in this llace, one fiat nm
?ad irs nalicioE trlfluetre thrcugnout aI
Lupravn. Root it out, put a md to it - 6R Lupravia
fon 0P cu* ol *E llbr'And 6en srE E g@e.
B.rop you @ntinue wifi yoq qu6i alore, yd nay
tdre Katya's crc$bs, rI you wish. Sheale shll has
it s verdpprl quarels !o u* with t Having c6r
q a bnel ?hyd for KatFt dpaned soul, ro
rhatevd Sodsmightstillelisrening [o m astaind
6 yousU, you ate! Cstle wuuh T1n lo 5to.

trtr F-'I E':I

AnhoWI you .oMio6 mind lels you thre is
roilu8 to ld, dd that only you d Ee the
Daughtd lrm tneir itireld !di.ment, as they
srlnud you with their spilaling dd you $F
6Mi@s ftafu dut sometlringis de.ply ,rcng.
he wmings 6f ytu subcotrcious mtnd aE iod
sjron8 to Esist ad you ushatie you. swo.4 dep
belM th suface of 0F pool. You lash out at tlE
nysterious maids, who bpak ofi then sirging md
stuiek like barch4s, dartin8 away mto the sm
ddkar deptls of the p@l As aMrnes Fbru you
Eali* tiai }!ur lugs arebuming, despelabefo! you
io ta&ea bEarh of lresh aii lEtinctively you lick out,
in d efion ro each the surlace,asa cold, scalyh$d
dops alud you antle You loot doM 6d &on
thesreo Bl@n of the depthles p@l a houifi. visage
ri*.It appedeto besmj humdoid md fendlemd
y.t at the sne time it mjnds yo! oI a siniste!,
$aggletoothdwat.dwener Thewonm'sblrgin&
8la$y eysft e]@ oI a tro* whne lE gapingmaw
i5 nUedwfth ftdl+ha+ pike's tetl|' Youluv c6me
bcetcface trith the he elddtal powe. of dre
DoMing PooL lrr wabeFw'id. with you sword
dEdy lie of it scabbdd you fighl to free you*U
tom tie fish-wommt .lutds.

U td dereaiyou opponmt in fryer Aitack Romdt

lhm you cllmt s(LL roF, tum to 34?.ll not, you
lin .LoM !e6oE tru cd aa esale the .old
6$ra.e olth ?Edaborywatd w'Yd.

Et r
,39 ke of in nushedwhjlps at you laetneeting. Do
Umw@ thar you .e dotng it you lind you$elt u wor to l@k Io. the how ol this DotLor (alka,
Fowlina backat rh cE.he, Alrhe8h you shod ilh the inidEm of nelirg with Vd Ri.hh .gain
yourU, y@ shdt the<lhohi. dogdd hoF, ItE lDau), oailyou (@idd yM Mm.tdr.ljlg ows tEfo you, ralishg $at it ha @r be of dE uEl6r impq6ne, do yo! wdt to p.s
f@rcfa@ sidr a @rtuE hm rrible rhe iE lt thMgh Mah and stine ydn w.r (tuF to
Sizinatheinitiativ yd .kfte dp heFhourd wili
You sod befoF rt d Egain ib lmp6@. Nw
tm to whE you will 6Bht $e @l 6ire but
bIoE doing e }!u hay rEdue its 3eu $oE by I
Poirt dd itl sraMrNA by 2 poinLt. .hbrinA ovd a lfte, )@u bgir to cs the
a6i fiat th raln-sdds Dislw h6 brche,
ugh dE nearA nJr! .nd uder a oveEdt rty
390 t spEads iE pall ac! the bam tandsole lile
And *'a at tdt yd fin.t yourElf at the g. du5ry llude of njgnl ibeu, you ind it hErd to
of Cisde l4tltoL d6hl hone of tlre lord! .a d;shnr sh.G d the otnd si.te oI the 6eld.
Lupftvir Yu heiahtaed 6inal ffi a sd soing is hard, th thkt nd sutir|a al y@
dE Rk ot dE h,cc .bout rh plrc, md yd Eali* ts,Youe halfwaya@ eha yd IEr a 8tuf
dDl you ha@ loMd th Lir of tn lydihbp ya tin& ed thc cbntjnS ol d im bll and tln h
havbq hstinF, vr situ. the Blact WoUinledd e !o s a nmEoue bovi@ (EhE g.uoPing
s the field tow.ds you, dplffhr8 thDugn tre
!d,lou woul.t lave e.i.t lt was a cow, weF it tut
r the brd.hin& 6rbrlt. hoN, claw-splithow6
sva8e tuks pmtrudl^g hh betF@ ulceratEd
But whnl.vd it i!, y@ tuve b fight n.
'ter fd m aganr toht'@ rsh at thc h.@ d yd 6ght rhe @.4.rtE yd 6rd rhc suddnS
Dokror Kiei,' @ Ve RichFn's words !o yd, .rd ud htrFF tN @vmtr Unles h:ve ln.
now $at yd haw E dd Mau, y@ hav itr i.ft.rng s?@al ability o! Lr,erufll 'sVtgNL yo!
oPPo uity to s*r wuh rhe vdpiF Hdrer acd Br Edue yN ArEcr SMerh by 1?oinr f\.r rhe
Md 6nd our more .bo!r the clanderin q'ai L .tion of thrsbatd.. Ii you win, tum to 4!.
19t195 396
393 hto the water that has coU<bed in a stone bo-l
I8or's s(ond blow uibaLfts you dd y@ toppL tulside a shi^Blerlad bu ding witn a rruhed gold
ba&wads iioh the stais [o land in d ll@Mi@ 6im dohe fo! a mof, The p{ple nut!r !o rhen-
hap at tLe bottom. Lo* d additiqEl 2 sraMM slve dd hate cuios g6tuE with their h6ds as
rhey do m. Som. evd splash thhselwes uth the
rater soon it i! yd who b p.sing the bowl. As you
t94 do s, do yd wdt ro mimi. the vil.gds by dipping
?oppinEopd dE lo&t ,ou tu.l youFu gu the tip of you sword h ure wate. (tDm to 4o7),by
lpon tlE niniahrE porkait of a stdlin& platinu
haired yoms wo'lra It is so realisEcyou hav dashing $n of dle walr d yoff lac (llmto 43r,
or wiu tbu do ne rd md simply folow the othd
a.lmift tie skill ol the artist wlE painted n Ir lad, out of or rinage (hm to t97)?
@ble io tar your y6 auay lrch the hautug
beaxty pofta'd dEre, you begin !o fel as if tL
wona is l@[in6 bacl at yd. (Add r to you aL 796
A loud cncl IrDn abore you slus you on alory tl
scoE $d mke a not of the codqoI(l M1crtu tllrel dd tha, ufi a rha4 mp, a rccky rpea
yov Ad@twe Shed) VMeNe4 yd nd the lo.kt^ hFak fte of th tuml ceilng, The hearT stalactite
oui thrcugh the adled window and M lrom ti. dFps d the n@trou spider wom squezes he.-
sllhddeth. Thstmspedcrush6 0Emrrler's
dis'orted sklll? k n8 it istandy (ReSain1 lud
395 point.) Ii yd wht [o hm hothe @vebosfth the
As dwL fals. you lre the im wfth Kdad
Ftum!otheviUagesquft,wheagtuuporv a86 chdbd, hm to 364.rnot, t6 io 12,
has gathft4 Ihey d .med widr deryding 60r
bow dd aftws to ffi and shon swordi, evd
pit.hfo*6 - d'rning rhy.ould lay thn htuds @
The people oI Shtgbiva hav tm bel@*d by dEi
spckal a$Jrams for long @ough. T@tht ihey
going [o fight back ad lay their dmos !o 6t

l4hen aUe readyKwad ldds thebEv SaiSoiv

towards the suthm dg oi th vjIaSE. Ag
hutE lite our of dE sqltr they dip their wdp6

Ron orc <trc. U yd mI : 4 the ch inB, Bnctr
to!.h oI the Vampiresswrafth has a-lsodrainedt
s&tl poirl INh you. r you lol a 5 or 6, yo! h r
lortlebely,woidd thisetra .tam.g.Th lo 373.

'Th@ who eould dN chnrrdSe vm Ri.hta
VaDpireHuntrxtrdoldinaiEtud.hahpion of LL
light, will neet md in right.$ batde.Sodo I
drc!' As is e ot|m the way,@ld shelwill *tt!.
yourdieSRMt wfth oE pdddd vmpiF tlunid

VAMNRE HTJNIER Casrle,you will ontinue bosupp6 rhopopulae of

Luprivia b6.afi the yoke ol oppEs6ion, as mon
Ij you hiuhph in you shltgle agaist the vampiE *oc 6 tie lat. Your advslue s ovei

399 To u* you Flintlock Pisrol agaicr an oPPomt

Cout Varola.'s v@ @ry* E{ikn6, as yN
sbn.tdEE panbngto.bEath,youhuma awaM6 t fore mtagin8 in @vqhonr ombat you ri6t
raPidly being blcn over by rhe iclal istincts no$ havelo wort out whethq ]ou have lhe initiative bo
conhonmg you. chn8ed bodl. The co.p* spfG
and lalls linp again,ascnokin8bla.k nor bBiG b r Ir yod oppddt hs a luglq snLL scor dranyou/
pou out ot the Alch-Lycdthrope's sla& naw nE dEy d Looqui& io! you ad you c.mot $e your
snoke takcs on the fom of a sava8woli{reatrE pistol in tim.cmdud thbatdear nodal. If you
y6 8l@in8 red. The ituub6lzrrial ddoni. fom ;rLL ko6 e tlt. se you @ abteto Aetofl orc
rushesinto your own Saph8 mou$. Ihe lasl thought shot.Ifyou! snLL scoF b geater go to 2.
ihat pa$es lhough your baly di5$lvha coMioE 2 Subkacr you opponmt's s('Lr eoE frem you
n6isurEalt tid rhat rhed60n hd foud a ne*. rsLL sE- Ihis G hN mey shotsyN hav timc
st on8er hct, O,ough which to haintain ih crud to hre befop your oPPmontis on yoq as long d
grisP on thi6 .used ldd. A3 OE new lord ol Wulfen you havflough burlls.

I. lor ea.h shot tlsl yolr S^tl. If you e su.cesstul parchmentsstoEd th@. Unpleasat? Bley rrjoo4
you womrl yof oPPonet, go to 4.If you fa4 yod longbodiesnpplng Epulsivel, theSrdtbool$oltr
snitr you out md nove hun8rily towalds yd. Flght
4. RoI onedi.e ryoutul]a5,gobT.Ifyourollr-5,

5. Conventi@albullet! wi]l canF 2 srlMN! points fiTstT,'ERM6LIBRIS

of dmage. SilverBulletswill causeWePcEaturs
I srM! pomb of daruge and all ofie. oppo
nhts 2 srlMIN{ points. Howwe., Silve. Bulleb U you krl the iroo(woms, ye re able to lcave the
will alsorjur Undeadand DemoN. dcn,ve thrcugh theothr d6r Tnm t 33.
6 If you sh]l have moF shotsio fire (and you want
to) go to I It not you nust engageyour opponent
nhand tchddconbat 40!
Closeby ls the snal<ewomdt age, the baded gate
7 Youhavemadea kill shot You opponentis deadl hm8in8 open.SmMe }[s bem carele$ Inside the
Conhnuasyou would iI you won rhebatllehdd- .ageyou ft s!+rLd to rhd, anong ile nouldering
snaw, a bmdle of oilskins. Unwrappng rt you de
Now rellm to where you havejust .ome from. & enm@ surprisedto find a gleamingSnverDa8ge!
nth a ru@shaip edge. mEt aould a lreakhN
buFint bedoing with sucha finely claftd item?
40r II you wmt ro rake rhe silve. Da88enadd ft to your
Among all the oihers,you find @e siTll OEt bls ol
dE Me of one Saint Crucius. In @turi6 past he Equipneni List. You nay also use the dagBe! in
cdried out his holy work thrcughout the prcvnces of .onbai if you wjsh but b{as it is not 6 1on8N
jtur swont/ nor balancedjn the sde wat iJ yor do
N{auistatia, putring nght countle$ Mongs rd
bmisnbg the seNants oI Evil the scrcll claiN thai s you nut liSht with you Atta.! strcngth edued
su.h wasnis nghreousinnuencethat calling upon hF bt r point Howevd, jnjuid you o6e dy @ahft
kidr t\e word'Wft'h ik nd wil suffer incftased
nane/ 4en to this dat cd han corupt
dam8e (r srM^ pohts ratrer tim the usual 2) as
drc pE mr.lls to then {:Ned ktnd. Ilre
Yourpedsl of dr ar.hive is hteldpted by a tuioa SilverDaggcrwil al$ ham Urdead .reaturesbut rn
munchhg smd dd Buddeinyde boolca* .olap dns.asewilt on]y.aEe fte usul 2 STAMNAponrs of
sesmder the weight of th. .ieatws feastingon the
E] E? F-] tr'l
TheF F notnjnS else umg the snatewdd's fo. this bedil,le afiliction The malEgany?mned
posesioro thal $ oI inteEst {o you so you leavedE Don is iild with books, 'I have lemed much, but
tent.wiU you alsoleavetle Camivaie at dis jmtuF equalt I havebgu !o hlise how much mor $eE
(tum io 29)/or wix you exproEtuJther (hm to 231)? E yet trodiftvd about this naliSn mdition For
one thing, the most omm strain oI th dis@F in
403 qishen.q h Lupnvia .mor be c!ftd by the usul
Withnublnghmestyyou ftrate you oM retched netus: eatin8 spnas of Poimoa beladoma dd
story to veFtitr who list4 widr gbwhg inteNF i.nlik. But then I suspctyou havei(Md d\atnu.h
Wlen you hav 6nlsh4 it is the s.holals tu ts) out fo. yousu alEad).' You nod, .oniiming the
speL udhi! spdp su+nses yoD.'l @ h+ }!a rholai's assumphon.The eo of you Ord get bo
andI wdt roh+ you, evd riough I @ot help ny lalking aboutyour M eiperiflcs of tie diea6e md
own son,'he sayseamldy, rlatchn\C the WoUwec h lells you rhe $rry ble of how his son cme [o be
behhd tr.e ed as he nitht a pet huting do8, Y@
l@l< at the wolt-wft a8ainqrh nry tnil 'He was thirlenttars old I had sot him out inio or
t dfotud qeature Eally be 0E hm's sm? 'CoE
forert l,ocolet boadsloolsand othe! firgi fo. ne to
wilh he ad I wil explah werythhg,'v@tics sat6, chloSue but h wht much deepe. into the
as if ading you! md, and leds you inslde hb hearrw@& thm I had dticipated md war stil dt
hoGe.'I havemadetie study oI Ly.advoly ny lle s .ft{ ddk He wa on his way hone wnen he wd
work' Veleiicus explais as he ushds you inlo hir
.itacked. I hd.l set out [o look lor hin, wnen ne did
dturEive private [brary'alon8 with thatol tle n]+lE
not tum at smel ed hrd his cries,along with
dd legmds ol lupravia, ln d attm?t l,ofind a @ rhe savagEsndb of a woll I drov the Gatre olj
with omplrud of silver nihate md .adied Lheboy
hohe. I clemed ed dresed his wosds with aI Llrc
(ft a Iaiier mnrd gile hls .r\ild but, alftough he
appeded to Rove. hom oE attack, dt the nex! tull
nom fie lndr was aeald to me whd he trae
fomed in[o the @ae you s* hft for yoffilf. He
is neithq m ihing M the otier trappdh dIGWolf
w@ Iom I have been see.ning for a dre de!

ti t F-t tr Fi-l
"le. yea6,' ure s.hold pplie!, a sorcwtul ituawa) manyour @ NCFscore/rurn !o 336. ll L\e Loialis
look in Ns eycs 'Bnt t\is is Nt help'ng you TheE is cquaLro or greaterthm your cHANcEscore,turn
a. eti\ir I .a pppm for you, but i w takea little
while.Whih you m lvaiting,wh_r,.lon1youavan
yorFu of L\e iifomabon contained$it\h n!
library?Knoltedge N powe! alter all. 405
You ind yoreu in a wcb'draped passagsay. You
Vctuticusbu{les out oI the oom to prepatuhn eLu.
cmot hope to pmed vil\out brakinA mdny of
leavingyour.yourowrdevicesnrewealthof*now. then sdcky sha&. Ihe hugc wbs dr nome to a
lcdg. st..ed in this roon js ple omendlhd would
multihrde of blood-pd spideB, each no biAAer drd a
rival that of sometemp/esoI Hmas*is. Prrusing L\p
nm's 6si. Ihe a.aduids irnEdiately nome in on
sPincsof Lhebookson thshehcs*vcral alhact you
attcnhonir !:rtictdtu Ilyouhave w.ihm doM rhe loq d.aM io ile heaiofyourlodyin ihe cold.avc.
As you fighi your way thrcugh the lEgirgs webs,
c.deword ,4m*4 lrn hd134 If yon haye wlitren
L\e spdds sarm aU over you, salong out bN nesh
doM the codewordDrordot tlm to r71. If you hare
inio whrch they 6 srnl tho! bloodsuck\g rmgs.
boih of the .odewods ft.orded, M to r57. Ij you
Tlre .ampinc sliders de too snall to nghr wrrh your
nenher,rvhich of ftc followirg tom6 would you lke
weapon. All y@ .d do c hury thrcugh the web-
sbhg pdsaS.wat dsperately tryjng to brush then
Ly&rthtup!.Irt cu caJth.wrtdDof Tumhtr311 rion you dd dlsh thei bl@d blGte,l bodFs
Cry,"t\Folk trtuaJLrprdrinl Tm turor beneath you hNls Roi one dice ad add 1: this is the
rotal nffibd of sraMrNA poinh ye have to lo*. (ll
hve or horc spidcrs bitc you, add I polnt !o your
401 cNc. scor as weu.) If you saivc ddr vdPiric
'Is drrt right?' the p.iest *ys, his rone aLnosi chal
en.oubi you hnd yorelf at anodrcr juctim 1ndt
le.g'ng. 'But what ldnd of warior would w lngll
.laustrophobic spidft hmals. Will you now folow;
brave ilre perils of ldoor ad ihen pFva / He
reachesout a hhd towardsyou andcloseslls eyes,as fto sialagmite filed hlmen Tlm to 442
rr tryhg to seIR fte aua of power arcud you. Ine lhe hqel coveFd widr Ers algae? Tlm to r42
pnest'setdbiows *nit in consiemaiion.'l sme sone A tunnel wiih its walls Ning wiih
thing of Op darhes abouryou,' ne says. ls it lron
coaonhA widr &e evil onesyod l8ht a8aist, o! t ir A subteEea tumel leadinguder
sonrming eLe?' ll fie bral rol.d is lcs
he passagewayleads to m opd dciway whi.h, in
tum/ lead! hio a chml htue. Hulfu skuls f lrcp
upon row of ni.h6 ir fie walh, whne skeletalangels
ofdeth ga doM froh chiseled rcofboses. Several
6ised stoneslabsin tie cohe of thechambrbd the
decomposingbodi6 oI blactJobed monts But $ere
is oneor dE living anong the dqd. With a c@koach
hss, a nonkn*s, iuming lion tlE corpseovd wtuch
itqahuched ed lhatyou 6 Fe nN seethatit
wG atingl Ihe nonL's hary c@Lfalls bact l,orval
a headnishapen bysaege, berlelikemddiblG and
SrotsquelybulEinS.ompound ny's eys Appaled
by OF honilic appealace oI $e abominanonyou
srft aghasr as hdo extra pairs ol bla.l, chitin-
adouE.l leSs blold lrm bsath th nutal,ed
nhk s hahit.Jawsdd lihbs clc!.ing Fpllsively, tlr
nybrid scanpeE towardsyou, doshg h lor fie rnr
r you nmge to slay thi! gtuhesque
n ihe morbid chamelhos. Y@ nind awhirl vx!
qustionsdrt yd wmdd ify@ would dareio IqM
the aNrs to, you go ba& dreray you camealong

You plhg dE blade ol your wepon in[o tle icy
waterbut areuawaF ol ay effectit ni8ht havehad
Wi you n@ splashsomeoI lhe waberon your face
(hh to $7) or wiu tru just lollow Kotrad 6d the
othd willageF (tuh ro497)?
406 4ro
A sholt coridor rad6off Eom 6e sraice d &G YounaEwly avoid hUug rio ore of the may wolf-
level dding at a naftw w@dd door whi.h be6 haps tlut ri.ldle th6e woods bui 6 yd shn bofrake
he ihage of a chrli Opmhg tl doo. yd fhd you way back tojoin tnenain palty agaa you con
yourFu iside a lai8c, iorrn-lt .napI. A pilrrtd raetojace with oe oI the' dogs.nE wor-
lave lead. up io a dodldrapd alta. 6 wndr sl ds hou<l is d biB as thewolv6 ft hasbeenbEd ro hut
a golden.ndi.e set widr glittering pFooE ston6 andits .mh iells it that th@ is sonething ol
The fliclering l]afus of rushliglb End troD a ihe woli abodt you. sndlin& it bffi it5 beethdd
nuber orexquisitelypaintedstainedCas windows leaprat yoa rady to te.r out you thruL II you have
The most mgniEcenr of tPse js *r in m al@ved d,eCllofthe wild 6pe.iatabiJit!you.e abLeto terify
es abov 0E altar md shows a knielt r fu! the.log $ muctrdDt it m yelphg ba& to its naste.,
amou lqeeling in penane belore a wnilercbed iB tan betueo irs legs (tud to r51) If not you d
prnq6t.Thelaight hoLls hs sword our belor hin like
a @$. Thedapel atpe6 tiobe a placeoi pece ad
you @! w no obviou dagqr You appna.h the woLFHOUt{D
altai d.l tale a look a! 0E contenlsol the chaliei it If you h[ the do& you N ableto ehh to dE s.fely
aPpeaE to @ntain nothing nore tha walei yd or ihe rest ot the huting partt ar they aE pepdin8
want to drid< nom the chalice,tum to 424,If not yd [o renh !o VatSn\oI beIG m@dF (tum to r5r).
nust leave the .halel nd scend, or demd, the
staucse to &othd part of oE iowd (tum to 7). 4!
Youplmge you sword into |ne rcgae s ch6i, dght
up to thehilt. IrE HighwaFd's headlersdt a slunl
4d9 dath{y, it6 eF roling up inio ils head Pullin8
Ard then,wid\ a holrhg .ry theczd l]rfl barg6 you sword ji*, you staggd ba.t lrsn th rider as
pastyou dd out inlo the niBht.BefoE you cm foloB ln hose snorb dd stanps the Brchd with its
him Ulrich is sudderny Oltr b8i& yoq slming glowinAn6y6. But tie hol6m's waiLhg cry does
the door to tlp conag shut again md bolring ft not stop but hlrc into a gbte.que guSring c.Ke
F.rcly Edn the iside. You both imdiately M on.e mort. His dead ysfix dn you again md you
yotr atterti@ to rrleold woma 1yr8 morionles on Iftl OEblood in youwdft hm hoie-{a[er.'Oh dear,
the flooi ftsr yolr lrk If ]ou d lucl, hn h] 239 wlEi a slme,' he sats with mo& pgPt, 1t wonld
lf you ae UrrudT hm to 32 appan dut I m already dead, and you {]amot ljll
ftat which is not alive!' (Lce 1 LUd point.) 'I wourd
F-l ETI F;'] F3
su8g6r you ru. m SiE you a lPad stt4' ttu Kifka's qq6rid, @ve.t dE woftts you e ldking
Hi8hwayttu LuglE. !.lidDut a Eo'rEt . h6itrtid lor into a nuber ainB the.od A=r, B=, C=l . . .
vd sDtrt tor rhe eJetv oI rhe iN. Y@ hed ti. 2=26, iohllirc the in&vidMr tuibeE oI the letuE,
ind6h hoe's h@'s ;n therud bdud yon aeair and ola tuh !o tie paftgraph whi.h i! th sme as
but thnyou @ ar tl d@. to theslontsbdltoa.hht 0latiotal, theparagraphyou hm Lohdkes no selg,
im ed euddenlyboth ndd dd sledaF gone,lik 6r ifyou havno da what OEas@ i6,rothing you
mht d dE ni!ht+Il@. Th .cno of nei&.r ca sy witl pcEud rh old md or you Sood
lnughu tingE hr a rcn6r &d lna thar r@ ir inEnbm ad s you lfl no chotc oth.r lhfl to
pas m limEh M,s wirtnt reting 6te VamPiF
Hutr atain (tum lo t5o)-
Mau id not. laBe plae $d it d@ not tale you lont
to find whar you de l@king foi Down a mrrcw side Walking drcugh the v rage,seDt the ehbi4lact
shpetotr th vilage sqljd is a sto^. building bedint sd expFsioG ot its populae, your homualG
a b.a$ plaqu, o^ whi.h h4 ben khed 'Dokttr advmtuE's nat'e wish6 theE w6 enrhi^8 you
K.lta - 5urg6n'- ttavin8 tndtd at lh dd, you .odd rto b hele. But what is th erobld? Yd d
hr !o wair $ ldg tlEt you N .bout io tu away s a bkLqirir worring al his i".g. dd f"i."r
when rt 3udd6ly op6s a @d. Yd 6nd yolNlf doiry his oun<L' Do yd @t to lalk lo the " black-
I@ting <lo,n .t trE bgp<tacledmd heavily lned mifi (lrm to 46), the pri6t (tuh to rr), or wdnd
tae oi a stoopdord m His prre h bald, ehat litde you rader pca on .rd law Mam (hh bo!5o)?
hair he hs lft white, wbpy and wUd avhtt do you
wdt?' he adk in a 8ru4 @udgeorJy Lotu 'lf 414
you've at yo6er with that swod oi yo6, I'n not Takinga dep breathyod sllmerg.g6in dd sim
int6!ed,' DinE(*tuI io lep you voice do4 b4k dom !o rh t!@uGkM d@ttu EqEath
yd hun4 tlBt yd hiv 6h. tio met hrh vM tou, NEd by dr pdri.ic *.l*w.d, m dp
Ri.hter At mti@ of lh VdpiE Huntq's tt4., rrbbl tmiM ol rhr wah.Fbrd s PwiN
thsur8d'sey6llmws6pici$ly Gthardghr? vi.tim Chmjng up the silty H of tne P@l y@
h.ha.Uhgs, 'But how do I Intr ii you N Edy. ewer sh.t you d. Rolr{m die md add 6,Ilu is
6idd d sihply m aSst oI Old Ni8ht? tlu realy ihe robr ndba of Gold Piees yoDss.te ro con(t
have anm8ed to n@t with such . md, at this plae Yourlmgs a.hin& you Ed$ dEt it i5 ljme lo relM
dd lhb hou, tel ne, wtuch Od.r wa he a mbr lo dE $rfa... lbt you !r.t. II you d L(ky, tum to
df' If you thint Fu 160, the ftrer ho Doltor {99-ffyoudUr u.lry,hr !o43r.
a15 you way a(c the ..vm ot wondd ad cnoce a
Chbbdin8 ovd rl s?a of brcta sl,l,gaite,, you
nere ftom the .ave tunel lnto a widd 6vem, the Then@w tPisting tusd? Tuhtor4
si8hr;I which tals you brlth away.stalactik and Thehawilycobwebbedpdegwar? Tu !o 9
stala8nitee fome<t ovd tho@ds of yea 6.ll tlE lhe wide cleft in dE F.t with a
@ve Ure a lor In prr6 lhy evm join to rorn obvioE*dofbluedFral? Thro7o
dh&n ollll]E of Alislaning slme Th miroal
<lep6ite in ltE ut [oFatiN lEve @lqrEd
N.hdt hrPt|lEa ny.i.d ol olos, filn.lppry |rD
g:@ .nd acid yenow, thFu8l bFnzy @ge dd Somethingh the toneol theM's loie 5?ea:kio the
budt uhers, to wemillion,4ihson dd black.Ihec Priqul @t!F oEt is dw.ldhg wirnin you, Unable
aE venshdes or crm rd Puryle,and !o thint that, to qlop ylMelf, an t beroE or *E okt woMn
until nop, such beauty hd ben hiddq in tatal Ralisewhat ],ou ae doint, r if in a rldc you wal&
ddkr6s, As you sazein wonde!.1 lhe lo6toI stm, over lo ur dFshold, dr4w bacl fie bolts, and nhg
at the Fiphry ol Fu vlion you SlinP* nove opq lhe d(n. Standing in oE doMay is a wild-
hmt, ThE ftov you, Fthed berwd nahlal looLinAnm drsd b ody a shm dd lm brirh6
lin6rd. butrte5 md 3pi6, is a giSdtic s?ider HLe bla.Iq rruled hair hags doM Nund l|js
wilh a bulbos black Hy dd lm& tPindy legs rhoddGlik ahe Behindhim yd k oE wolv6 by rheralm at the endof its le86b a trmly s?u odinE in th nM rtht. The m 6rcs }ou with a
web. YouE rift what th spide! inldrts to do wh6, pir.ins Edyd strF dd a hu8ry Mne 3pF.dr
with a 0ick oI ils k, the daclhid Fle,s its silt .cmss his bl@rlslrired lips, revealing prctrudin8
?tsryd!,St/1. yotrecec4youevadeoETmgleweb ^et (ai ine teth Thm yd si8lt or tle shnp whee
Spider'sllap md draw your sword, Fady to deInd lhe mai left h6d shodd be.Ihe sho.r oI E.liebd
you*[. you lan, you becone smild by lh lnaps you out of you hdelite slat md yo! J6t
rBilifft wb-net.In ihe battlerjocomrt will tat you btug !o &aw yod sord bdoF |IE luahc lsps
wo Aita& Ilourts lo tut youFll 6e fion {p .i you, EyinA io d.w y@ widl dp .lit|lfured,
spidq's .6r wb, duinA whicn 6m you will not be dm-Ure Gng|nils ol hj5 ldainhg nght hard
ableto DiN dE Toglsb, Jlnd8n the s?ider wiu LTJ\IATIC
Ar you liBhr the crazedllebc on dE tluesholdto the
TANGLIWEBSPIDER oitaS, neither Ulrich rcr dE old womm cd do
U you hanage bokil lne web{piMe. yd ontirue to help, so you have ro lace the madnan

trtr -ything
al@e.AJie. tlR atia.l Rtuds, or if tbu rdu the arDthd part oI 6e hentwheE rclalinS b@ftt that
madr@'s srNNA to 6 or le$, whi.hvd cod6 6olm palt ol a loif*thrower's acl slrnds, You
shuSalwainlya tn.MastEr's si.tanls ffil you
to the board. Thd someft setsit rpiming dd dE
41? loife Eower Ete!np. H is a dead+hot and duing just dE bnefstnmqt tlEwoff his a.t d misshir asistant by ody a nair's bmdtll
iside BeLsthe bettd oI you lou only Etain contol To^i8ht, hNser, he d@F6 Nt to nis Coivale
ol you body aBainone lhe *hold is lyDC dead at jsli.e d@6 irl You adrmhE rsdr
you IeeLwnathav,udme?Ardwhai is b(onint
olyouT Yoube6inbowoldd iI it is iraihble that y@ 419
wil succmb bothe tu* oI the wegolf, (Lor 1 Thm I f@l that this is wh@ ou latls mEt pdt
noE LUc( FhL) IlMlinB in bortftd d8uish you aBain'Va Fjchte ets, obviNly moyed anl
nee lrom tle sme oI t{u brotal dime dd do ror disappojnled,ddsralkeofiagainhto ih Chr You
slop llming util you ft dep in th mbrae of the hl rnatldhap. youhavedade demrof judSenmt
ddkning fo6t aBai. Tlmio46. in lerdng the VdpiE Huter dorr, 8ivin8 in lo the
ddker sid of yru pGondity, which is beoning
shonSq alr the tift. (LoF 1 Lrn loint dd add 1 l,o
you (]I]Nc m.) Yd sldd thst ol tL. niSht in
6tnn shp, d.t in the gEy h* of moming m m
you way again.Tffi to 25o.

EvmhraUyyou na.l(eit to rlre min MFud dd
mld 0E imyard. Two buildsgs of not standhs,
lhe fa4fiouse itseu dd a larEe,shinCle@G(l bu.
wh@ wi! yd shelter lron th dMpou: 0E
6mnDE (tum bo324)or dE bm (tuh to d5)?
'I ll !e[ you what /d d,' th diminutive CdivaL 424
Mdtr +l3, his voic &ipping withvm'You'Ea Ine @Eidor od. at a door of houldding gH
kiled Y@ fttdeEd ore of M om md cmiwal planke,whi.h op& into a 5quft tum ekin8 of
jstie dmds rtributim.' Yd ft draSBdrt damp strings of ribm6 pldt gbwthE hang iibm the
ETI E':]
eiling. The floor oI the dank cnamberis co!.Ed wjh toSelh.r md yet, ir plae, missingorgoic palls have
all name! ot tungi. tzrge yellw pufihalb trcw b Eplacd wi0l necnanicalapparalqs,AFud its
agaist brudrapped white tioadsloolsand bqlbo6 uSlyheadis a bad ofmetal seuEd Fith anhb{ oI
8rey nuhhons. flrere is not a squaE inch ol flod utuubile bolts Srardjng next ro a bank of sreellevs
that b not coverEd.On the othr side ot rhe rooi is i5 a tdl da waMg a long, orcwhfte lab-cdt, his
anoorerdoo. To8tto it you ft 8oin8 to haveto.6 y6 hidden behind thick lsd goS8les.Ciw.rin8
a.mssOF.arpetoffu8i.r,_r!yd: beh.indhim is rhehuchbacL 'Wel6ft, the r,1l116
eyt 0E x.iled lone of his voice su8astingboyd
Ru aft$ Or .hdbd? Tum to fia
Lhalhe $ totally u \in8ed. 'You d he ist in tiln
cep.afttuIy ados he ldgus Mm? Tum lo$r
to wrh6s dE cEatim oI a rew fm oI lif!'Th6der
Retuh to the lastjmction dd go tlt
otlErway? Td lo:3r ous onDously a@s the sl(y dd lighhing lral\es
l@ud llE rop of lh whdmill, 6 if lDving waid
lor the hGl dtua6. non6t io do e. EtoF
42 (h do dythi^8 to stop hin, dre a,zed Fmrisr
Wrh m6 ol, 'ttarhtel Marhrr!' rhe Hucnb.d dbws a ldd i6t 6 ri8hhdng sbit the top of the
lop6 amy up a wd night of shiF to lh rop or tir towr ils.r. T6t lddl l!.1- r you m Lud., hh !o
iowq. You lcDw n@ thar theE is enerhing sinirtr uo llyoudut u.ry, l|n tor5+
at@t her dd $ yd w6ie no tihe h pu6cing lgc
Youdire ot ot bErh in what d onty bed*rid 4l
s a mad kihrisr's laboarory The s?aceat de loP d h d Pl!e@ of the ArJl LyddroF hihe|f, yd
the lower is md tu! of dl mmer ol anos aE @bb ro @nrzh the b6st wihjn y@ dy lmtr
pi{6 ol equipmmt dd n(ndical otraptio6 You dve voie rD h agonisir8 hwt s yru body
Thc a spiming glob6 that with the stati( ont@ts bor6 EslEpinS, nEl6 ud int hrr
chae or the stom hging oulsid dd glaFclEd otBft Faljg r& the tuEy oI the wolf iippinS
8auB6, dF ftrue within thm quiveling aroud *. rh@gh you skir mtil yd e no imgd h6m lim. Ihicl budls o1.oppd wiF d6end but istad utlerlv dimal. Cout vdolac ofds lis
l6m fte topmostpart of OF windmnl ad @{t .n hhtt erl, hther thd bite it, you li.r it with you!
thevdious piecs of eguipmdt to a tilled betal tablc F!gh wou's longupayingyM lw n6lsrh@g.
d which Esis @e of dp mGt bizaft md monstroE 'Ihatt ri8nt' he pu tru d mire n@, ny pet.'
ftings you haveever sq. Ir is ai leasthau the heid. Torally hder Or comt's Mbor /ou will loin hjs
asain or a nd and alm6t asbrcad acoss. It aPPeaE Fck sd ru with Op oOE wolv6, wha the m@n
to benade lrofr slabsot dad grey fl6h sem b tulL pEyinB on dE rear. You advmha E ovi
F-] FI
Yousniff tle liqlid b!tcm still6nd noding to suggst
Lhat it is dydring otlrr thd watr md so yoD
swallw a ldg mouth6n. Shrtin8 in you stonadr a
wam pri.kling sdation Omughout you.
bodl, You.m felit Ritalising you asit spEads io
tie tips of you 6ngqs md OE very rcots of ihe har
on yotr head.You have jut.LuL a llj,n oI Life
Restoreyou sMrNa s(LL ad rrc( rcres to their
lntlrrJlevelsl Ihe elin alo d@ssonetllhg to conbat
ytu steadily worseMt lyc4thrcp, reduce you
GNoE scoF by 2 ponro. reling reinv8orated dd
rca.ty to face dythin& you hrm lmn $e altd dd
ehrt wa*int .lom the aisle But @ards such d
rlce tlEt you havejurt Eeived comeat a i! the
lajr of @e of the dislo(acy ol tlE nighl
'Ih fiEt waming you have rhat atahjng is wrcn8 is
wne! a shuddedng vjbration 6lb the cha?el,whicn
Putspainful p6sue on you ealdlllm. Thepmes or
lhe sbjne.lCas windows lattlhg behind yoq yd
hm to seelhe knight's window .oming apdt at it6
leadedsem - only now it shows th edio!, 6tand-
iry over the body oI th. slain pnest, sword bloodied.
Youwat.-\ s the painted segmmts haldng up tl
lniEht pull h! oI thewindow dd d6Md in hont of
you,mintahing theslape of d|epnesfs nulderer in
rheair in ftunt of you. Ihe .omption tlEt has taka
r@t within the Tower of Mam has de*cnted wm
rhism.e Fctified letuge. The loigh/s gla$ sword
hors paintully shdp, asthe chaFlt glardian swings
i about tharentrlrr debelnined not to lei you

It you are li8hting the knght with a ma@,whd yd
win d Arack Roud rcU ore die. IJ you olr a 6, th.
entiretyoi theknight's glassbody sha$eEudd you
blow datroyinS it in one Ie[ rwoop ]r tou win as6 and, as the ovflhelhint pu p6Fs, you
lh battLeyou e able l,o ent the dEFl wirnout b{one awft of afuthd fering iNide you, The
turthd obsttu.tim Add I to yru d.N xc and wate6 oi the n.ahg wel lEve slowed Ae spmd oI
lhe lycarhropic infction nddhg bodtr Rol
m die, divide by 2 (srnding 6actiom
''u up) dnd fid
add 1; this b how my points y@ ehodd rdu.e
yonr tuNc eoF by (but mat(ea nobethar .mot
+5 dsp below t. Regain1 lucx poinr boo.cone fircs
The pliesrs e463ion daG dd he olm nis y6
you with a s6picioE lmk 'l have never sd dE
agair '1 tue only godn63 dd a h n6n,' he
sy6, nilinS. He inhodue him*I as Codar! the blesed wahersallect uyme h hat way bdoF,,
he eys. ff you nare the codewoftt No,/d Eirt@
Suardim of OE spring tlat wd tusr breught lorlh dM^o ytuAn?dt E She.l,trnn b t55.Ifnor, tum
fron the gDmd t'y th bresed sint. 'And you m
worthy to partale of rL holy hearing 8ilr,' he saF
Colla ladsyou out of tlp saming ftdn [o a spinl
st@esiaruse ttEtwinds dmmto lhearth,leadinS 42r
you b@th lm@i At tne boitom, in a cirulai Despi[e jrs nsgiwe size dd mtainly bulk, the
stcnewaled danb* lit by snoldng warr {onct naEgot is able !o mow surprisingly quickly flE
stands the wel ol Saint CruciE, Corm dnw . @ahe is a t?uly hdific comption oi mture HoF
bucket oI dd waler iron dE weUdd d(ets em ere4 noE hffiJying OE rts #sly MtuF is the lact
into a gold6 chalie rhat sbnds at fts hp. 'HeF,'rr uut the @atuft yd m Eghting was on the Abbot
eys, ofierinSyou the cup, 'rlrint, ad my th sair/s of the Black Mmls, nN dEged beymd all6g,
bl$in8s pou doh upm tou.' ReveFntly you nitim. That sid, it is noi t}temct min8 oI dreis
aeept th .halice dd 8!rp downiE cmlenb ad s shouldn't @ve i@ much oI a .nalld@ [o h
aeonplbhed w;or $ch as]ouselJ-
Ar mn d tlE riqdid achd yd stom.h, you Srip
yM bny m agont hed md ied !fte MACCOT
ing hom yu ya. Th wab.r Orat .m GoE Thenagsot wil aHhpr ro bityou wfth irs perper
Cru.ia' pell hm bd bl*ed by the eint, which @lly manhg mddibla it wou<ts you, F! one
EE trtr
di@. on a rcU oi 6, ra$er thm biie you, the m.88ot another d@r which sErds sli8htly ajd, rh rcon
wilspita.idi.slimaty@,e6int,sraMIN Poinb bey6d lit by $e sfi yelow [8ht oi a Blttering
dmage. r you kil rhe AbboFabmjnaddt tum lo cedl, Pe|haps this b the rcm that dE mFtery
nidnight wed@ vaatd. Gldcing rnmuBh dE
op6 d@r you seee dpty Llllmde bd, a ndcry
c7 bedsidlabl, on whi.h stm.b 0 &ippina cmdle
T.iad,' ym sat but tlLeM's aim des not wavei ed a la$ w@.i.n.h6t a8airot om wall Ihe @m
hi! ey$ mwins, in .e yd should Ey dy0!ne, aPPe.E[o benPty $ win you 6h. ed ecoP Iu-
RoI two dice.]f the total ie l* tha or equal to you iher (tm to l49) o. ein ]6u.mti.De afr wh@vs it
.INGE sE, tlm to q. If d\e tolal rclld b Iteate4 wd who i6t left thii chmber (hm io 2:6)?

128 You whi|. ,way a quds or m hN wakhin8 the

Ophing rhe d@, you mb CasUe Wt tdCdLnsiv. Puppetnastd at wdL On dE s@U staB.olnis bmrh
liln+ R@ afis w ofb@k(* g:s urd6lh. . brave|cigh banl6 a dpnabbwiz!4 mqHin8
reighr of tFlreEble dcty ton6. WiUin liis 8E.l hj5 fiGEDN dEBo lo n bdutihrl princs
Epc'lory ot howldg, re b@k h.s bn Aivm .nd fre 0E kinedoh trm'@e n wil acltuhml It is
pnde ol plae, lying on a leFh @ruedto Mbl . a h_drtidal t lt that h6 ba lold a tholhd tim
dn8on Ih bmt is boud F black leadE md beaF over but yd find this parti.ular prfmrft dpti-
iE t a' . cnimlba."d Brnrdl@t ol DmE ratir& alrnGt s if yd re hder a spell yd*l[
The air aMd th took m sulirsad with a Srim This ir in pan due lo the lifalil qorliti6 6f th tiny
nalf,m dd tou e sw it is oldr ar this rPoI Mineit6 aid their Mtlrrlj6ti. lldds s. You
Ii yd daft l,oopd this iorbiddinB b@k lo * whil bs .!Mzd by th puppt show but yoDhave
aid it 6 offer yo4 tm bo1@. Ii you would athd ale ben BliShuyDl1lwed by it. (Ma!e s@ ind the
lavewI 6ough rlm, yd vacatine lbrary dd rcdword EF,r,s c anfid don 6yN Ad,dttr.
tzre eioE! fi. door tlEr is now to you left (hh ro SlEr.) Leavirg m equrlt dgrcssd mwd srill sjoy-
496),o. ih onediEny anEadol yd (th to 3ro), i^g the show,y@ nov on though r.\e tayre Tm

Peering aFud the door janh, and pah8 no orc
oursidein the corrido!, you set otf tMards lh. st iB
As you c@p alon8 ih da.lcned coridof you pds

You ldck out with you ret to Fhm l,othe languidlt
ripplng sulace but go nowheE- Youd lel a vice
lile grip tuohd you anlde.t oking down thrug!
the muly walr you se oBt you loot has bccor.
auBht in ore trapof a hmm nbcagelying ddg th. REGENEMnNGTENTACLE snlz srrlwA4
tahering we.ds. Youkick out atm, lungs fit to bGL
but still cmot iie yowlJ You ths tal. you Il you dele.t th tata&, you Eolm4e *atinE
sword to o 3!letal Me but th noF you hacl.r lh pit6h.Jt beforc ay more ol the cm
fie tbc8e, hMistingnd tuming in lne euPy 8M -oreter
wate., Op more yd be@e mrantjed in the Pmi_
doE wat.-wed yrclJ Ivmtually yo! can hold 4J1
you. bHth no longe. dd, involhtarily tasPing ,d Thep.sgryay oFns our inb a nudr tarBadvd,
aii y@ suck in cEt ld8fuls oI loetid walti The
waier-r 4Ed my not rEye.laimed you lor lts suPF!
bur rhe DMing Pml h6 }on itscff aother vi(hm
noerhls louradlah G oYd.
bone. SuEly tlE trt b th Seasrvou ft hmrm
It l@ks. and ftUs. hk it h6 hR; ly':ns h* t;
Keph8 a E!.hirl y on th ichor<ldded warg eme lhe rll fluid hawingheo &ain d fron dE
whft thehorbls dyenk- ist in.t*- you wa.t .Th6 yd hd th skrtrEring, slching
tntugh th Fol l@ljng for anythinA d* of valu esd or etutun8 mving affi dE ove tsads
you.CRpinB doq th vrr@l wal of tle @ve is ,
rhat miSht be lying tuBottn beneafi tnc surfae
an4 imrtiblt you do nnd weral othd ke.s!6 huge spid{. 16 body ,lone is ar lrdr 6we ier in
Tle is a Snvd Miror, d Ebm Wand,a Blmdstm i.ngtn, the spEad of its leEsnoF Ord double thar.
andet dd a Gdt RinB.(lf y@ ddde to takeant As if tlE si2r of th @irous dadmid wF n6r
of tn* obj&.]s,add drm ro you Ad|mttiz Shtd I
Now y@ a Eady to leave, but the abom'nttid
lurlmg in this placeis not pcpaEd to let you. An 0E
while you haweben *d.hing i6 wlltrlo$ed hn
the horc1s LMahIar physiology has begun b
Egenerate.You ar ab@t to slatt climbing th std GL{NTWOLFSPIDER snllg $.MNAT

431 a35_{15
Ii you slay ile lupne daclnid, th@ is nothir8 Iot d wll ya ral th ls wi-kavel.d Ea.k into the
you ha so@ haveno otnr dd lha !o le.v lne fo6t, the mbby dEkiJrs of whi.h li. a aile or so
iocrg chan6d. w[ you hI;: to thenorh east6r dE villaB(tum ro 3)?
a tuMel wiL\ d obvious sed oI blact
In a hall dte-@m otr tne tuin starase you cme
A subreraeu tufrel leading hdr to a set of black-lacquercdd@ble d@E Above rhn
is the m @st you saw on the fl@. oI 0F nhance
A 66ly-sheling tulftl? hdl - . skull slmouled by a bat with win66
outstEtchd.You ur ailtng sttth ffi belbyou th.t
434 you have loud th lair of the tady oi Mau. Boldly
Ko ad jr unableto hide his disppoint'Et rt yN you Pushopa thedoc, dd nnd yollNll at m nd
Ftuel- 11/eniI dDt's h@ tou fey h Fys obviNly oI a d@ny oEidor, a s@d Ft oI double d@6
dBgutl4 'rtt6 yd ,o t nind payirg fd rlEr shnds ar lh olhr m.l- Ro[ ft die. r th nmbd
real' lle ds abrupdy rd poinE at 0E bdl in Flled i! ls thd d qu.l to you rr {v sE, ftln
frRt of yd, befoP storEing or of the im Yd le.t loaal.It rhenubrm dis gEter dln ytu
o6li8d lo pay fu dE lEal yd hare icl cMd ^u.v
ad, .s dusk it alrEdy fa|lmg outside ?,r S!.*/','f
PA,yd d4ide ro pay tor a mn Io.lnc niahl d wl.
( a total olr Gold Ft@ lro yN Atlodtud 136
You sprirS lotuaid dd prmg you blade into th
d.ah@ Th. tip of ],@ soid piEe iE hearr and
Yd spnd a litnn ni8ht slepin8 m a lmpy, Lice the Wou-vlbn dis with a piieoE hwl Wth appap
dddo mattres in a old mm, tept as.r by d eri. endy no Fga.d for |.Is oM satety,th mn Ms der
howling that e<hc lrm stftwhft beyond 0\. to th da<t@ahrr ad, faling to his laRs, cEdles
edgeot the vila8e, *min8ly .artng l,osonethhg h hisshapen had in his hands, 'What have you
youbl@d (Add 1cIlNcE point.) Yor vdrually tall 'is
donz ih man trreds, leas glisbenjnSin his eyes,
asleep as dam is brakin8. Whe yoD wal you 'He wis no rh@t ro youl He did not tnow what he
di&ovd it is aiftady p6t Il@, and you f@l no beftr was .loing, He was only actinSon instin t, nd now
ror havhg paid fo. what you had hoFd would be . youhavehudeEdhim nv mn!'Ihe mn lixervou
demt EEt. leving shjgoiva, $dl you tolM th. iith a look of bminF hahea ad say3quite derriy, 'l
F.d to or ndth (tum to 160)or ole est (hrh to .73), oe you in the nme of Alho!, LDld of Wolv6, for
ITI J-']
tle lif y6u lEve takm.'You slin sud.lenly fc+lslile distenddknoty bolesed half?mtrudirg Mt3. Ihe
itk on fip and ]ou daw at your dothes ro tly to sbop sm tinks, leiled behind har1 grcy ddds dd the
tne pain as sme0ring b6rial claws at you IFh th. dalk silhouetles oI tE6. A cdim biJd
iNide - the eou in you hDtE lor fEdon. (Add : hoalply into the dusk dd lhs is omimuly sildt.
to @ac. re md le 2 er^MtN^ points,6 You wddd wheF you should mat cdp fo. the
wen 'ou 6 r Lux pojri.) RoU two dice, It the lotal is ni6hc a3 the air is 8ttin8 notieably coldd rodd
gEare! you mc! wre, you nh ed M fiom vou. In tact th d flsmoE like what vou worid
this hgic E6e, not sroppingutil you aE weU.way dP<t ot r Ddwintr ni8ht. Y@ ble Motls rhp
lrDn the 6r2te (hm !o 46) r the loral is ls th.n or foBar4 yu bmtd hal ftnchine @ a tlud liyer
elur boyN ff^NcE {oF, tuh to 417 of ErcDd frst, Hdin6 a pdeptible d.kring in tne
.it aoud you, you a fe.tlery tendrils of ice
+t tPead ac@ the Eunlcsdrl mked stlehl brand
YoupluBe a hdd inlo dE icy eat r but da a you ot tF tuld es, ovdin8 everltint in a hd
splashytu fae with il you d f.Iil bmint. Yd rct lciclelom d dE ielEvy bdgns ad tou
slioeaayolpainbul thebmingmtidontin6 misb in douds bfo your fae- This suFZE
(tm 2 srm points.) You b6r at yru hdd od s.ft sparu6, clitteE ad Clws udq the ah6dy
ft tiat dE sljn is h{ish.d 6 if it h.s ha pluted lbhgtft or a m{n nr tull. Somebanle oI rlE
iiro boiling wak You imgin dBr you lae hu5r ssG ir trting pl,e at rhis sIDr bur lllat is nor rhe
lmk lh ffi. Nm of th otn.r liIigd surleFd in onty dm8 EEr is @'ma at rh|s homt Wrile
dris wa, but rtE yd aM'r like orhq Fople oy thendbr rol n ydr r&dr@ Src, and drd ttm
moE The stme bowl lnhiN blsd holy wars
aid, lite it or mt, you m slowly but sNly tEonin8
a @ahE of themght Holy mrr js dathD to tlul 4!'
(I]p r LU6 poinl) Ths buing pain evmtuauy You ac wwe of th pm or th two Blacl
pass but you havben p@eady *drEd. ThE M6ls lying in wait lor you beyon t thearhway util
is Ndut you 6 do bui hu.ry afberth hutint itir foo lat llE h{o holyM laDdt of AEshadds
*ith pPlmhr6l speii dd *iz yo1' holding y@
in a griP of iM that surpris yor IavinB yotr in th
4ra hm& oi his bmthd, d. o{ the @nr5 ptudrc a
As you nale you way alonSth bely peEeptibk dalie IrDm !.'@hft dd brings it !o you. Yd
Eack,spindly bmched lEs 66a.h tufther onio havbm lrlry bl*$d,'he eys. Oozing slin h&gs
lhe patl'. ut you d picrin8 you wry beiw6 i^ srrings lrm rh lip or th .hdice 'fte Abbot has
F-'] ETI
.lemd you wdthy oI d audiae ed odE you ia nappemd Youexpecthe. to cry ot n horcr ad
this saoudt Tate the .up, dd drinL' Ihft is M ftming hom OP cottagat my momt, but
nothin8 you .d do a, betwa fte hro oI the4 the th old womm appe4 io ble n whai Ulrlch ir
BtackMmls Ire you moudt opn dd dpry the telhg he. with earm* commhation. Whd ne is
mllgs .mte l3 of the cndic inio you h@lll done slp hms to Fu. Wionut salr8 a word she
Sphftering dd gaping lor ai y@ cmot hlp but stnrb to prcd ud poke, l@rug in you eyes ad
salow a nouthfrl oI dE evolting !tud. RoI h{o Settinsyou to stick out your tonue.Shealso tales a
dic.. If oE total olld is les dld or quar to yod
cm^t @@ se/ hm tor9r If itis gatd, hrm
'Ly.othropy is a ledble dd qipplin8 .ure,' sne
Mts at ldt, 'but you are lutuftle !o have net
trush{orthy Ulich dris night, ed that he had $e
440 IoE ght !o bring you !o n Thedi*de wil stijl jst
as dE l6t oI tlle wolves hrrc b md nes, you be takjng hoL4 soif we ad last we mi8ht yet bableto
follok ftuich as he shrdesup to *E iu-boud oal couteract the etre.b of thewerewo!'s saliva voom
d@ of tlre coiiag,0E wood touged to stlnreE by I q give you a potion bEwed lron the beladm
Mvas clav ru.ts. 'G!mdno0E!' he l]'. 'It is plant,whichwil help, but,wi6 you cocdL I woDld
Ulich with a trimd jn needoI you h+.'Atnynakh like !o bleedyou fi6t so that the potid might nave a
in dE nd.Ue oline door slids opm ad rwo @'dac! Iarer, norelotal, (d+.'
blrred eFs Fr out beloF tIE hatch s shut I6t
again theE is theSrateoI boltsbeinSp tdld bact dd Will yd lEt dE wi3solr6 bled you before
tho 6naly the d@r ops Ahh.hed IiBft 6h6 adminbtrins he. potion (hm hr 3r5), o. wil you
you both into the wan Blow,mlttding smething rtu* dd sinply ble & potion wtiout bina bld
about 'Damed wolv6' bIore slaming the d@r
shutagaha d thbwingba& thebolts.
?eding out iron mdd a wmlldsrvtwl, t}E otl @ Appmching CoDt V@lac! thsre you l<neel
l@ts you up ad dowr! biinking myopi..l1y. shen6 befoE him, keping a wardJDl eye on the huge
a hmled no* dd .nia dd l@l.r every part the wolves *Et, in tum, keep a wary laud'ced eye on
witc\ with a .nain of silvd .nms ndghg ohd yd. the Cout extendshis signet ring s ihat yo!
ho Mk. 'So, irs you who needs dy help, i5 it?' night tiss it d4 frintsaining thepreto Io. aslong
c.diloother Zkova aslj. You listen in neFoE 6 you dd, yod touch you lips io the wdm 8old.
dticipahon 6 Ulnd teusthe old nsryqm whai 'TrE/s ridt, my pet' Vdolac BrMls. Now, rweal

you he 6oh lio me!'At hb obnErd/ agonistng
Paire*'ze derymwl oryoubodt RoUdre di.
r thetotnlbl.d i! 1e6s
&rd o. equalto tou ctNc!
@re, tuh io 4:3. If it i6 gFate., tum tio247,

Beforeyou Eacn ihe end of the lwieting tufre1you
male out spa.kling lighr oming lron th cha,nber
rhat li* at its od. You emerSefm the pa$agway
behind a lae stalagmile dd d[e! a .ave Lt by
Bliftding crysralsset inlo the ddk limlotu sa]ls.
Tnie shange luifficm spdt]6 fron nyriad
web shmg ams the cnmbd - almostlike ontaire
dd .lnpes nahn8 th look like they have
bd spu frcmpw silver Thelight alsoEnecrslmn
Eenuine Eedll6. Golit pie.6 Ii scatieEd on 0E
flou ot the cnnn$4 along witn other,les valuable
obFdr batter.d helmls, rusty rwords dd axsi
mtrenbackpa.k md gtuwed pies of leathd amou
Tt@ you ned the voice it is &at oi a womar! but
sh.aindwift auiety md with a hising impe.liment.
'Whd is it?'the woiceis saying 'Wiot rakd ft?
r there'smy 6ne sharpnss, my glitteling silvftss?
Who hn it? l rhre rs ft?' 6e wom peah over

Roudin8 tlE edg ol the st laBnite you E6p in

adtumt dd hotor at what you se befor you.
Coverins the i& nd oi the .rystal-lit cave ; lhe
mGt intlicat, most beautituIy w@en, and largest
web you nave evd *d. It is deco.atedwith strings
oi pedls ad pre.iru stom, but did all this 44J
Gtotatios wallh squals m oi the hct hido6 At you fiel, hling stFk, the body oi 0E spaiEl
thin8syou haveeler 3m. At 6st 8lfte it apped [o @t@ wavels, diMlvinC Lqck into mist with qe
nave all theprcpdtioro oI a 6pidd only on a .olosar 6n"1, $ur-mdjng hwl But as their lack l@dr
*ale At 6dd glme, howevd, you s dtat it is depa.ts0E Eanhly Plde, s loo do L\eodrdphanlon
mucn wor* dta dEL The mGhou da.hnid body @tlre of the Hwling IlE l6t oi 6e woll Bhosts
appffi [o }[ve AmM Irom t]Et of a hlnd wolrrfl. notunS but [en.tns ol nighFmist, the .th.liul
Imm OE waist down tlE abddmm of th mtuter is a wailing ces rd a mmmt the vilagds look
swolk4 nairy blacl pulstinE ec ending in sill- eud in shrpefiedsnencedd then, N lhey F.lise
oozhg spimmts. Flrm tie waist up, howva fte what you hav dme for thm, a .he. 8es up lad
cEatft lek mm hlnm x.Dt OEt sne 16 a tobl 0E hmteB. You nave lanished the Howling dd
of sn a]rtr ad ko lss enic\;*D"gh tl*y' $ved the ?6pre oI strigoiva Gom oEir homenl
a6 hunDa b@ tlF lon& b@y black linbs of dle
spids, mding m cruely hdbed c.lutimus craws. He!
Youspad theat oi theni8htmalinS nerry wfift the
mtd nair js rho.r ed sp*4I*e spder ni, ad
ladvi agrsba& at ?tu s,.t ?r8.Ewehral, tu
lr p6ibly orce bautiJul tae hasben warped by '8 to bd in n of th
yt m@ alacl&d atEit'uies, An additiond sn ey6 dam is bhkin& you stmbl o(
im's BGt-oo@, d\e ue of whi.h you have b*n
tBve fomed on hd l@h@d abovher hmd ves,
rooEng like lipe black blislEs, dd hd noulh n6 6ivd fd fF iv h the Stri8oiviN'thanks, whm yo!
war again, trom a thanttuIy roghhnaefree slep,
ben srdched imlcqaly wid by the prchldm oi youdilcove.thai rsatpadywellpasr!on.Youreel
nuge spidd lan8e, eacnd b^8 6 yM sod .n. mDchbtterfor the et ed tuc! uro a bEe of wood
bug on fte sddy noor oI the .avm ft the pison @tecl lor you by fie ladlor.l's wiG (Regar
dFic.abed bodi6 oI advdt!6 - dwdf3 d we as
hffi suckd dry of all bodily fluirb. And drm 4 surNA poinrs.)Bur a great leeling oi uease sbrl
hm8s ovq you lour pesoMl qu6t dfleds that
rhe 8rcsly mutsntd spiderwom # tbu. you nove on ftoh Strigoiva.Sair tavin8theviUage
'Ah, the thiI Etllm [o tr.e s.ere ol the dimel' she dd iE graEnn populae, you @ ei$d lolop th
hi&s.'W6 ity@? Did you bk it, oypeooc sna+- Nd wheEit divid6, !o &enorth (ih !o o) orthe
nes?' If y@ have aE .od*ord Srilbrg rcordedon 6t (tuh lo 47),or you lale the les wel-taveled
yot Ahdtut Sh4l,ht^ro 2.lIrct,tldta 2\9, eack inro rh IoHt that lis a nile o. s [o th nordr-
6r oi striSoiva (tum io 3)?

Etr Fn E_ai
444 446
Ar firsryou lhinl you aE winnmg,thenyounisjudse Yo! inevilably .ruh ey nmbq ol putrballs and
lhebestlouteto taketo avoida boulderon theroadin oushmoms bdeaor you fet, tle nhgi releasing
imnl oiyou. ()rreoI thecadagewhels his fie mck, douds ol spoF6inlo thdmp air As yd could have
Fndh8 the stage.oachvling off the @d. With predi.ied, t}]espors ir.itate yor aisays dd lugs.
whlnnyhg ehriels oi terrcr,thehorss ae pulled over You btr$t Lhough Op door on dE other side ad
the dtgr of the gor8e as Lhecoa.h l,opplespast rhe (ollapp in Op corido. beyond,you body onvulsad
point of nd Ftun, md down oresideoi thecliff, taking by hackingcoughs.(L@ 3 sr NA poinb md add 1
tou md Katyawi0r dlem You advmtuF endshere, lo you .nNcE $oP.) T]m to {92
ydur bddicssnashedon Or fd below
Yourujudge you nrugs ad sufe! ihe aequen
'Who wi]l face L\e cnal]dge of tne Cagc? a bald .s zs lne heavy swin8ng blade slfes nto you. Rou
h! ed shongma dressedin a lcopardikh lNhrd oncdrceedaddz:thEistherotalnumberorer MrN^
.nd spo.ting a fine moBtacne .alL to tnc rcwd lrom pohts you husr l@. t tou suMve such a teriblc
i ruugl y edred siage.Tme the sragr crund. hrury youcouap* on then@r of themmdor on $e
.rd u Gold PieG ould be you6l StrdinS bchind orhrsideof thepndulm blade(tum ro:o3).
hrh, beloF a pa'nted backdFp, E a larye .agc lnsidc
i $e beasrhe speak ot. It is at leasta hcadtnllc' 44e
rhanrhesrronSma md asbrcadacrc$theshouldcF Assn rs y6u entr tie .oridor, L\edo6 dm shur
rs a Sonlla lrs ams are as rltrckas sh,p's.ables, hhind you dd som.L\ing begic to mdifFt Sone
coldcdsrrh mus.le,and end in club hke f,{s. l}c unholy phmtasm is dothinA itsu h shadows,taling
.FAluret slin is 8en dd pirted,jls r3cesuSSesbvc on a tlErtming fom. Ytu actioro wifiin Or Tower
ofa prihitive ogrebloodline. As you ar.onsideri'rE ol Mau hnv ale.Ed dp Lady to you prMnlt dd
tikinS up the .hand8e you se Lhata thickser, vour drival has bm mticipatd. The
beardedmd whom you ta(elor a blackmith F Lhatis the powe. m ihis plae nas bmuBhl forlh
being Ledaway fton $e stagholding a hand l,oh$ ntitiesthrt mnauy dwel on dE Spint Plm, stil a
bloodidd md btuken nre aim df dre gane is kl Prmtitioner of rhe Da.k Arts slljrmoN tiem lo thc
cnter ttu CaAt mamed md subduc this Ctndel If eidhly Ealn. Trailing smoky ie^l.ib, the raceless
ydu want to takeup L\c cnal]mgeit wil].osl you: shadowbom creahEs circle you, ready ro lake your
ColdPirccs(hrn toa53).Ifyou wouldritrr lcavcil noshwith .laws iomed oi jmpenetrabledarknes. II
io ene orhermug to ime thebeast,hm to 167. roL have the .odword Nerrcir Esrded on your

Aenture Sheel,nM b 4q.lfaor, you lEv no .hoic. dd ab@tq@d in uitling stdbols
but to tal.e up you @pon and dei@d yousff. h lo lve th* welt alm, .e thei! cmnd.tim to th
theEN conJin6 oI the oridd,6ght rh shadow- lhctie of witchd.Ir ir obvioa HoweE, 1bu rbo
rind a budle of lettes, tie.l up wifi pinl ilbd. a
qui.k glanceat rhF that tr\.y ft lov bft6,
Mifim dd ri8 .d by 'l!leg' [o 6one@ Mpry
efered !o s'Mylok'd 1i!{yntu gdddm/. Ils F
a orioB mit of pesim to find in a bmaid's
Third TENlBl,lX
bedrcon. Right at dE bofton of th ch6t you find d
Iortmtely cdld stl is jst a trktive a8aitut the omalely @ed woodd box se@d wfi a brds
Teebrae as silve. o. mgf. ( you nmg !o ddeal l(t, Thd is no reybutyou think you ould ioc the
th* (rutuE of darlm6s, tnm to 477. box opn with you sword. Do ],ou wat !o Iore the
l(k (hh to 43r), or w you lave the rom a d
449 mtinue in yc pNuit oI 0E pem who you now
A n@rb@d creak ominouslyu&r ]@ foot d you susPat i5 in fact MeA 0E landlordt daughtd (hm
ent. ihe Fon and you step siftly i6ide. shutting
the door,tou nake you srch ud$hIhed. I}EP G
nothhS uusual aboutihe bed or rhesmll tal'le ner 450
to rt, but the chest!s dotha matter ahogeihrIrE de Pietolinhhdyd tat aim dndii. Divideyour s@!
yd lind a nuber oi lolded dffis, wtucl l6ds you si@ by 4 reuding 6a.ri@ d(M: thjs js the nu-
to beliere 6at you ft actualy iNide thebdcnambq brofrim* you mayfiP the pistol befoE the Vdolac
oI the lddloid's daughter. Undehdth the dtss weFmu wil b o top of you, prdiding you have
yd End a sEdge olctim of obj*rs that includs mu8hbdrb l@ded in 0E p$tol. ft@ is no tihe to
bundl6 oI hdhs, &id powd6 in snari glas botd6 Eload nry, giwn you diE prdienqtr ?sr ,orf
Sr'?ld you woDLl nomally to rerclve wnethd yd
shots hit nE @oll, Col6tioml lmd bdGrs
cas* the@tE 2 loirls of srM dam8e ea.r!
Silvd t'!Iets, howad, rdl ah caue I srMA
pohls of dffiBe h4rd you ohe ro EBht tlE Arih-
Ly@ltuope in hdd-tGh.n l ftmbat, .lter tlE w@
wou's sm b6E d.or.ling bohow lhy bmes

4tt 453
"Ih6 y@ h.&d of my rtudi6 orehing the Th. vle@ hutEr cllFs a y6u stsilE ar hin and
p@s or darkB od wmt my help, th. n$ eF ducls out of you way Cd4 go up Jrod th orheE n
in a ncing lone. 1deu,I M srry lo dielrpoint you he h:J .nd you hdr a l.dbl tud whj.n tuks
bd lhe ffic ot veFri@ the S.hol.r e no lon6d y@ blood drdle - $herhin8 t& a ffi bnh,m
fd hirci I tw ny oh work n@ lhal lal6 up .ll lne Er ol t hear and lie hokl oI a woll You lln h
ny rim.1sugtEr r@ leavby th. ehe By lh.t notd b * whar is h.pDmq b A@l'Dsb
you arered my ra!e. wll y@ lar 4 veEritu Staub. Tlh b 6i
E9EE (tuh {) or ein y@ mke tlE m6t ol ln
opporrrfty ed do away hth rlt vid@r wb|lw@ 154

LErtrg rhkey in rhehole, you bd ir mril J@uher
a Rrchettirg dck Wlh a su<tdo lurn the auromlo
hk6 a sreptoeads yoq and Pithout h6tbtid tri6
ro srrike y4 wfth grurLt+.rd h,rds-
Youhare m choi@'rs.n6hing
blt to taL up ytu M wopd

CIOCKWORKAUIOMAION TmLg srru^9 wllte slod-light. Pj.kjrg yo@r up you PrepaF ro

As it wd the ry 6nr adiv.d tlp AutoElon, p.r r@ rrP @ut you d im8ie, md. brurrry Pat_
hnF @ing it *ourd shlt dom you dekwork
atta.tar asu. It y@ *dt to fry lo tnek our the r.y
yd mu5r fight nth tou Attack St6t$ Edu@d 15'
t'y 2 Finb tlqer, it y@ Pin two @tiv. 'l 34M th,r your hjsi@ io nd the land 6f wil is a
Arhck R@ds, fuhtnt m this w.y, hrm !o ,r7. Ittru
dfatthe autonaton, l@vi^C dquisits bodywork
baftecd md brek6 m rhe fl@r 't3of rhewdtl@m voo
quit ud Ftum [o rhe jhctin, lrn rhd you t k
lhe dmr whi.h is now lhad of yd (trn to r:l), d,
aheh.tivel, th ore thdt is nM lD yu nght (tum

453 459
tals up the lss tlEi standstheE md placesii into tro lack inho the roml Th woo&lld md wi*
you lmd''Tale this,'he eys,'and nay it gnard)ou wom staE at yotr girly. 'The ly.dd$py i5 6dn
a wel in you. qu6t as it Ia ploieded t]s shiine wilhin you,'Grandmodld kova sq?5.i(ou m not
th6e nay ],s.' Add 0E Silwer Cca to your cured.Tnm again about dE @bE liat atrackd
EquipmeniLisr dd hm b 434 y@,'ffyd navea Si8nd Rin& ftr to jE.Irlol tu

You d4ide tiat you ce work morc effec'ively with 453
out othe6 ffiud yd nalin8 a lor oI noire and A ymg wollu hl@ rlu bactpack md sword-bell
*ding yor wdLd beprey away dd set o( alone Im y@, @e you have hdded oE you 2 Gold
witlout turthd delat Once oulside th bom you Pic, ad dE& takng a depbuih b sleadyyN
mut the sdoundhg landrape, tring ro work otl ll.rc, you4Fr thecaS TheGhdel{BE 8@Io!
whr a mmter like L\e aeast ol vargdhol would you mediarEly Yd e nor Eyfi's to tnl yN
have ils hn DiRdy beyond th pedmier oI Ur op?olHt in O& co^lEst you lim ishrely b rubdue
lown lie he pdhrc, paddo.k6 dd pine foftLs tlp hesr, % .to this yd ned to win two atiack
whei the moNtel,s atta& have been.nh4 but Rouds in a M Roll foi Atta.t StrengilB4 nomal
to you! mind tlFse plac6 arc its hmting Arcmd5 (EducinSyN6 by 1 6 yd ft not uingy@ sword)
md nol its hme. Southof Vdgmhof lie OE blasted bDt do not emove s.WA poinb lor ita@ge @
heatns,wh@ you doubt my catu woDld l@k lor iahed, mrlylap ha.k of who haswd dE ioud.
stEltei That leavesthe wooded hils b fie eastof dre GRANDEL
toM ad &e aaggy pealGthat fm the foothils of
op o6ov M@nfaire to the norih Wlrere wil you Il yd win hro comnv Attacl( Rouds tust, tuh
to47o.rcEdlwi.Erwo con*.unre Anack Rohds

At yN liUrS blow, the dnon disolve into . sul
457 phNus blact cloud agajr, leaving yd ft to study
YounanaSe!o! out olth ottag theboot towhi.h it had!mbound. on page216you
and Ulri.h slam OE d@ snnt again, bolting it 6rd a ritual to bmi6h ddm. It involv$ mdkinS
*Mly m@ noE. Th wolvs h@l molrnJuly at ours pdlade- a fiEpointd 3t r-sing.l)Mad
the M, dr soud rekeahng 6 fie luati.leads arH.clr. Who ldbws whd sdch infomdon niSht
F-t E-=l
.one in usetul?Wifi tlds *nowledge elely stoled
aqy/ you leavdplib.arybefore ii s!treF dyndhr
denoni. viritatioE. Rehming to dE,uctim, wil
you tare OEdd nov to your lefr (tum b 496),o! pss
ihrough dE me dnectly alEad oI you (hn to 31o)?

Two forlom-lookin8 s@crows waki over d\efaned
crcP,stu8 up on po16 like ondmed hen on fi
Sauows Wadng you way beh{*n thc sttm stall.s
of wnear,you w how badly the omptid haset ir
hft. nE whole mp is blighftd. Youarenoi fa. hom
tlP pe meber of th fadydd wher yo! hear a
swislung shrt h the soddcnstens amud you and
8linps sha<towynovcnmt. sonedxng haschdged
- the h{o s.tuws aE missng fron ihetr posrs
Wiih a siJil bmhewail Op tuo s|Iaw ne bu6t
out of Ar houldemg .rcp h ftont oi you. wiLh .Laws
mde fnn slErp splnieF, rheS(a!4rows atta.l yoq
leaphs ad capelb8 with jerky, iNe..Llfte move-
lighi dremboth at thesde titu.

'Ihi. bodj6 stufi.d widl na, you bi@ a$ailurs

shouldn't car* you too mrch tonble o'r@you have
hacked thei! .obbted-hDgedEbodi6 ro piecer, tum

Fr-l F-l
4a Howvr, iI yd a(onplbh dle 16l, who you do
Wahhing wh@ you rut )ou r@t, takeyou 5Bl s@ ro fi8ht tlE T@bRe they sill be repulseddd
rieF htorhe tun8w ed rcon. T6t
'6u Ww sk rt@ weatned ly Op Lsht. (Redlce arr oI tha cfrt!fts,
tjmes. r you fan dy of dF i6ts, tlm to 4.{5.Ir yd snr rce by r PoDr dd rhen sreN s@s by 2
P6s 4ery sinSleone,tuh to 475. Ibinls.) Now Ehm to 443dd t e lou 106
standing you gtuund you unsheathe]ou vod, 464
ftady b la the appeching lidr nE phmbom Ihe w*wolf's nshsizzlsd.l bllm ar tlF touchor
reitu in his wild sred widr a shdr of, 'rvhe tiE, the silver.Del woudr opcni^gaUovs irsdpa
Banshla!' Th g6ry dowin8 appanhon hots BE butrti6not@ugh und4 dE innuo of rfed@n
last fe* pa@sbd@ .oni^g io a halt diEcdy in front psFsiry ir/ rhe&.n-Ly@nthFpe ib6 again.5n+
of you. IheheadbsndddroF theFis dd ddEs ling with restraind iiJemal raEe6e WoUDEmon
unde! its doak wid| lBth Aloved hdds l4ho it Go. 4ery s va Dagg6 yd havebRn able
wi0draws tle nght @ a8ainyd see$at it js 11@ to uk, y@ my id!.e the denon,s srMA *ore by
holding a cdted flindo.l pisbol.In ils bft ndd ir is 2 pojnls beJoreresrvins rlusba!de.)
holding a ntr's h@d by oE hair. lte ey6 in thehad
fix you with a reedlin8 stan, whne a frel mile WO]-FDEMON
sprcadsams its !F. 'Sl:nd dd dlivdf the had II you nea8 l,oovrore rhe vdola.-.looo dd
declares.'You noney atd you [fe!'and with that yd lEve the .odewo.d Delilaeb racoded m you
the ghosdyhi8hwatrunpulstlFtri94etTdt k ski AddtrE Srer, hm ro 2. llnor, tum ro 5r5
of theHeadle$ Hi8hM)r]rI, eho hasa sml of a. If
h p6s the !est, trh io 324. f he fails, hb shot
TIE whetkd edgeoI you bla.lrings 6 it slide from
463 its scabbard.It onlr tate a 5Dlit samd lo! voDr
"flE Tmebraed @atrE boh oI darlaEs ald s ddright-bla& clailmFd r,oF;ct Threb d;ther
tun Eftatst walnes tu light. Qurcuy, rignt you snarp c/d.t! as rh nd liFs rhe pisbolheld in hh
lantml'II you havea lanierD dd cd Ds ir (drcNigfrt ourskrrdpd hdd llsr rr, shlt ot 0E vdpiPHNt.,
C/e4trr specialabilirt wil not work as a substihre qho has a rhlr scoe of ro. he p6Fs rlE resr
heE), you murt spdd @ Afta& Roud liShting i, su@stull, tum io 376.ffhe tails,hem]ss ym, hm
dung which hme you wil be !o atr.clc

trtr Fl F-l
The cold dth is you be4 the ch nighi air your
blanlt. Despite su.h upleddt cddihons, wear!
nessior6 sleepupon you You wale ieelinE sone
thing tuBging at you l8 dd come bowith a siat'.
Ki.king fteq you povole whatver it is that was
pawinA at yon to sna.l h delimce. You lind yruFlJ
starhg into OF cold yelow eye of a magy cur/ a
huntin8 dog,but onetrt is bftly mort thd skh ad
bone,and mtting n6h. nF Chdl Homd should be
dea4 but L\esemoors retus [o let sleping.lo8s lie.
Youpull you swo.d hom ils rabbard d dE smrlin8 463
mdad dogbouds iowa.ds you. Sohehow you rhd the words to onpriment M6tEss
CHOLILHOUND Bade.on her lDndsome' son.You tole.ateih pat/s
If the houd wounds yd moF tl]d 3 times,add I to m*dotes about dEir babein-ams and bide you
your saNcr score.lfyou defeaitne do& 6 fd asyou tihe beside the fiF, you and Op Cha8eling eyeing
eachothe! warilti l-rrorr ax.t If you areLucky,tm
are conemed moming cmor cone s@n dou8h.
to13? Il you a, tu io 27o.
And when ir does you aE eagrio be @ your {al
4n7 Tre,S Your lenqes nave be.omesharpe4
As soonasyou tuh you bact on theold wonm, and you Ea.tion tims las!e!,dd you ft now asagile N
hcar hd muttdn8 thc words oI eother incantanon, a wou. Add r nore poinl lo yru Irltui a wI asyour
you roalbe that you should rever have trusted a ruFnt SELL scm. Reord th Out tl ,g on you!
wikh. BeIoft yd .d do m]thin8 el* l,o delend AdMrrE sret dd hln ro rhe pmgraph wiin the
yoset, yd lel d1e.hangyou have bm drcading samenuber 6 tne one you wef l6t instnrcied to
.ona ovd you, IEeing th wor ituid you lnn ts
fleshy prison. Howling in pain dd fi$Eatim, you
clothsan.l possessionsfallinE hom your tuw lupinr 47n
foq, you u lrom the wiicht kik-\en on alt fous, To the ulrotuious chdrs or the clwd you lorce the
oui of tnecastleand inborhenrght,in searh or a pack beasiinto a headlockad, with the rin8 of a bel are
toGllyou.on You.adventure E owi dedaredthawitud. Reluciantlyihe sEongmanhmds

overyourwnnnSs(abagconbnug locold Pr&s) 4?3
and hs.sslrnnr Fluft )our othrFssions lcadsyou ba.k to thespot wh.E you wrF fiEt
youlcavelltsi,Bc thestro8md rellsthe.nrwdrhrl nnackcd FEm theF it is not had lo pk* up tht trail
dFciBe k d@d 16rbsins lor thEr of lhc dat loir by rh wolv6 a they made lhir flighr Ay $e
1or .horusoI lghlhcarledb@s.Tumb 167. nickcnn8 yellow light of your lanten - ind $rnks lo
Ulrich's knowl.dBe of Orep oppFssivc woo& - ihe
two ol you folow OE animals' h,.clc dceper and
Warchingth rhythnically swhgrB blade,you stcf dccp$ inlo th foftst. Ihe tail you find youdelf
inro tl1t (rrido. n\r ldrr lr.ft II you are Lucky,hm followin8 lead! you a me.ry dancc indeed, and on
b 42.If yotrirc Unlucky,tum to1to. morcthanon e.4ion you findyoursclvs doubljng
backalon8patla ]ou havealreadytakn.And ihn
4?2 thc cerie howling Each6 your ea6 ngain,deadend
The dmr lo fie hole E suddedy fls8 oP!n, i by n mist Lhatis nsng fon rh darkend houows
middleagedmin srandin8n th d@N.a,vcJ',nl b.hlen tF ks Youqui<ko your pae, detemircd
$holirly robsanLlsilh a neaUvturl BQrt to c.t.h up wid, dE Blackwo[ rd is Lin beloR lhcy
berrJ H. ..mnmds lhe cFatuE ro be siill n^d, h
vour dn.zcm6i, rhcwolJ t4'eEbE,k offi6arr,rr
;d ril6a douchh8stepawavImm ] ou wnat d! You.r6t a E dd sud<tiLy6nd touelv6 l@EnB
down on a tton+uilt thakn-dfed cotla8r n6tl.d
lou lhint vou N dohB heF, k6ParstnSon m\ bc*en ilE l6mh8 trs at dE tbtrom oI a slop.
lin d ' l h c m i n d c n.u d s.i Io N rL i l !o u a n stcr hun'

sry thir younFon r qudt b nd L\e

Trllhim lhr ltulh lhrr youaF sehn8 a

curcluyo$lt.anrhrcPy? Tuhro4ol
Orwillyousrizcthcnomcntmd fhish
rhlwolf-wcrc? Tumb4r6

F-t F-]
By OF cold, silver moor ight you d sft rhe wolves 474
cirling dE rcttage, but fnnn tl sdring of the You! entir lhysical beng riles at ihe pBence of rh
minals, ad the saping of claws@ woo4 it $nds puts.ent slitu in you 6r6machand you vomir
very mu.h like the @ahlE m eying to forc rhen viobndy (lGe 2 sraMrN p.inrs md add 1 cr^NcB
way inro the cohage./By the spiftsl'UIJich Buddanly point). dle monls Eleehs dltr stftlv dD on vou.
qclams'Cradnothe! Gra.lnother toval'Ard Drained asyou m'sht be, th@ s m ui,i ri, er aa
then he is rusljn8 doM the rlope @dy [o met dE quprat without a mMmi,s respit, rie mdl6
wou pack with his de Youcamot ler him fight this are d you aBnin As they leap boahnct, ihe monks
battlealonedd so,despileyou wedh6s, spint robesrax opn boEveal mmtroG mqloid muta_
atd hio, swdd &am You will iight the'ou WoUPa.k EG. With a sharp inrale of brath you seerhar the
asiI it wre me aature. EveryAttdck Roud, asweU headof theIiEt isnalway betwm rhatof a m.rtucn
d rc ing Jo! yor Atta.l StrmBrn, abo lol lor dd a md. As the mmdibled m@k his6 ar vo, (he ha6a sm {ore oI 3) Duing a Attack m lromd pM stuppmg thes&ond reachGfo;y@
RlMd, if his Ah-a& ShnBrhis highd thm that ol kM wi in the vollllruos stae\esot hb hibrt ihe
the wolves, ticn hs als dclivers woud6 [ot IinB 2 sl&vs fall ha.t r,oFveal mdtielik clawswhere rle
srerNA Pointsto L\ei totalm. mo.xt ams shodd be. You lEve no choicebut to
fight thoBlackMo.ts ai rhsd rine

Kep a caEtul note of how mmy Attack R{Mds Lhe

batdelasrslfyou redu@oppackt sraMrN $oEto
zeF, tt nearu |.hat}!u have dnven them off. U you
an.l ULi.h Faage this in *vn AtEck Rouds or r younmge rodelearbori lnemuF,redmo.k, hm
les, rm l,o44o.r it tates you ergh'Attack Rouds or
moE rowin drebaltle, tum !o 436


F-I T;]
476 4n
Yourhed thunping d if you skul is 6t to buFl You know that you camot nsk h!rying h@ dy
you regain grggy colMioumcs l,o tind youelf longe. Ruming t6 Or other end of the.odd.r, you
mamcled io a bank ot arcao ne.hdical equPFent fbg open th. doors L\eE and burst into tie Fon
within what cd only be desribed as a mad *ienrisrs bdyond Youfind youEelf in a g!d4 hi8h,c inged
laboratorv which you judse to b lo.ated a he top ot chmber, odatcly dconied with healT velwetd.apes
the whdmill Budl6 oI rcpper cablhg d6cend trcF of black and ftd, ib eiling pajnhd widl a zortacal
the dbressd raners ab@e you, coMe.6nt all the rup of th hivens.The windows ol the .nambe! are
pic oi equipmmt in the lab to a tilt.d metal table &velcd by thc heary hanSinSdraFs. At your abrupr
on which Els o.e oI ihe nost bi2:n md doNtrous dival, a striking, pLtinm,haind wol@, dressed
thin8s you nave evd sn. Ii E at leasl haff lne heiShi F dilmn and black,her sth s white d rrcry ri*s
again oI a m ad alhcr 6 bGd amss, dadc rom trcm a high-ba.le.l woodm .han At n. sidesrinds
slabsold.adBryO6hswell6gleamingn*hekal a SaunGlacd nao dr*d in or appaEl ofa sepmt,
.ohp@ntg atud i6 uSly head 6 a bed of m.tal andwilh r leral lok abouthid.Io. a fleturg homent
*.utn in pla.c with a nhber oi @ubue bolts. thc nobheoman l@ks sradrd bur ihir q?tsim is
sdding IBt b a bank oI s'el lweF is a tall md sn Eplacd by a lmt of eAor superiori9 ard a
wdinA a lon& orcwhibe lab @t, hE ey6 hiddm sinisrrsnne loft m hE lps ,An, l6t!
behind tii&lsed g0gg16. And mwe g bhind 'lE-Ed
Cut.e w havonpry'she eF. add6inF her
hD is dE hDcnbackcd lgo. 'Wlcom,' rhe iall nd *tuant Sh ris rnd novs Snetully aGs &e
FF, his ddted tone of voio su8B6tin8 ro /ou thar mn towards you, hcr novm.ts e nuid rharyou
h s nobly uirlNged. 'You d her jusr n tlne to .ould alnGl belicveshcweF gliding a@s dE floor
uhs the @arim of a ne fom oI lile| Illudr a ls ibdve tr, he. fer n4er acfirally buding
rolls ominously a.ros Op sky ad liShtlnt hjts ih 'nchs nrble iil6. You are capdvatedby her
rhe polrshed
rop oI rhe iower, as if n had beo waitin8 lor rhe Fosr berury and find youRlf tNfixe.t by hd piaing
d.anaiic FoF@t ro shil. T6r law Lu.k. lf lou arc .oldyed staE. Il you have the codewordNdt.n
Luct, hrn to 3o3.Il you aF Unluck, hn [o,(9t. rccoldedontour,4dm,'rz sl'ee,,tlm io 49qimedl
arely.If not, mll tuo di@,subtrachnS2 non t}te roral
,r you have trp odryo(l Ddtur4townftm doM on
yolr Adrtnttft shel. ll $e litul toral i5 lessth$ or
cqlal [Dyou cs^Nc! *oE, tum hDio, ,( x is greater,
Taking tne well-hrdds rcad east out oI Skigoiva,
you dtinue undera leadnsky,wary of dy potendar
dah86 d thc rud in this my5reno6 dd sinEre.
lad. As rh3s sinls towardsth ho.izon behind rhe
srddily dartcut cloud @ve!, you stalt to rhinl
aboutIindint sonewneE b slep lor theni8ht, To the
nodt sone hila the brd, you cm de lhe foF
biddhg silhouetterl tr* lirc of b exptu. of forest,
but iust off thc road to the south, beymd unt.ndd
lields lrming not with goE and tlftd, srandsdE
tfuains ot a gnekepr's otlaBe. All dut i5 left now
is the tumbldown ruin oI thc chimey dd fiEpla.e
dd one sheltedn8wa]l You d*ide fiat Ois world
nake d ideal pla.e to np lo! thenight On Ea.hing
the ruined cotrag you *t a IiE in $e sdok.-
blackmed hearth b krep lne .hi[ of Ep nithr ar haj.
Having rten (6s ofi : Me6l of PrcqsioB) you
sctue doM to llcep, pulling you haveling .lek

You ft j$i driftint olt ro sl@p, the ni6ht breze

siShins rhough th lalls tDushs or a op*, when
you ha. rhe sh,rp Cu.*, ol a dry ki6 sMpFtrg
underfoor You aE on y@r tei in a mohenr A
shadowdetades iEeUiioh rhe envelopingrlalkn6s
and tak6 a step clcer l,owaldsyou. By th dull !d
Slow of the dying enbels of your fir you study lhe
inpGing figuE stan.lin8 at the thftshold to r.he
.otrage It is a md dJe<t ftom had holor in
His coatis lon8, the leathd durabb ne wears h.!y
leathe! glovcs and stuJrty leaiher lools, and on his
head is a rall, wjdebrimed hat, o^ which shiros a back @e! you shoulder,as th ho66 pull
silve. buctle tharholds a dlet ribbm ir place.orly away,you watch wth dep etbfaciion as or 3taB0-
lhe steelyorbs oI his eyesaE vilible beeath tle bih cach ves oif LheedSeor the roa4 t}\c wcmbcasl
oi rhe hat, the rest of his facebeinScovEd by a Pd raging in vatn atop il Dowi! down. doM it plungos
*arl. rnber-glow refl{ts ftun oE poli$ed ba@l ol into lhe Eapin8void oi Gtuou Gorge.Youhaveput dn
a nindo.k pistol that tle M lus aimed5t you Frcm md to rhe BeastoI Vargennofat lasl rcgain 1 LUCR
. swo..l-bel at his wsisr hmgs a gldin8 laPit Points. Unforhnately, you lel no difiercnt wiihjn
bldde.'Do not movel he colrnmds, hh voice ascold yourelf. TheWEbast.dld not havebeentheAfth,
as slpel. 'A@ you Eidd or foe?'How wll you rcacr Ly.anLhrcpyor sk. IEe of the that of the mof.
to L\is .h.lcnge? WiU mheathe your own ster ar last, yDu md Katya nde 04 tu.ther into ih
swud (tum to 45t or wiu you
'ou hold you hads uP hountains lowadr WuIeEtuiry in hope oI findinB
abovyour headin a g6Fa or non-aggFs'on (tuh your ilue quarry at Irst. M,le a rcie of the numbr
r4oon you,4dMtrr str md thm M ro 20

4n tf'
Wtul 6hg dF Silva Da88erin your hanle wnh tn. Youmtuaae to prip the box open and lind that ir h
AKh Lyqtl@F you m6t 6tue you atta.r I'nd with rd vlwt. Llang w hu a shaFd holloe is
Srren8rhby r point,6 lsual, bui wosds dclivdtd a Flintlml Pisrol. h E an exqujsire piee but ir is
wirh it will caue the W@olJ I sr vtN^ poinls ot Ml@dcd, md you cNot find ay bullts Ior n in its
dda8e. AGo il yN de sing a Silve. Daggrdur cas. (Ir you want to rind out mo@abourhoy t6 u$
you lohd hiddm rcIIwlEE widin Casdewuucq rheFlinrl(k Pisr,ol,mate a note of ttle pdaSiaph you
/ou nay redure vdolac's sml re by I Point for areon at the time dd tum to pegraph 4e.)
th duatio^ oi thebafrle.Now hm to 15o. You are .bout lo lave OE Mm when you nohcc
somethng hdkdt out h red.halk ddemeath thc
43o bcd.Movjn8 the bdasideyou *e m 6otri. starand
/hd tha a briel window of opportlmily Prents citl symbol ddwn on the floo.bdrdt wiL\ othen
itsclf dd you eize it wth boft hm&. ?luginS you! snaller runi. mdks at dE apexof eachsbFpoini You
blade doMwddr you slice thrcugh the letheN aF not su wheth{ it is a saJding sign, io guard
iecuring die hds6 io thei ha@s.Izaping onto lhe aaainsl th 'il eyq o. a wiich-ma.k Dred.| to
ba.k oI the hoe nxt to ktya's, wiih a 'Ya6nl you atrhct dil. Feling@dingly ueasy you leaverhe
setthmterheFd st dsSalopin8 lre of tlt cdiage.
442 hid6, althouBncoverEdwiti bdstly hair ft nor d
As you reach lhe p't severarlF.hwons lalch thi.kly turd tu boa6' The* aE somekind of M-
onro you qpoFd'nlo skin, dttinE yod n4h oFn with stsou mutatior lt E )ust asybu had thou8nr,ore i6
lh8s oI rdd$arp teth, broE engdBins lhn sae mtte mglc arwork at rhefnr4IEmNhoE
Flv6 m yorblood. Roll onedic hd le that my Pigshav caughrup wfth you e you tEve hodddd
srM poi s. lf you suriv the attdtic ol li yolltrlf a8aiEt their sl.inB n6ts, dd Enisr
hun8ry keheom, whn $ey hav eald drn fll
lney rle& tn grip ad drcp bacl into dE pit It is
or y thd OEt you rdli* the hili yon riekd you
heal0r to tuva is atlaci.d to a s, tutd 4
bla.le. Cmting tlp coroded daggerback mto O pil 5 5
you stom back doM 0E co..idor rrFirg you
light the dinuls tuo ar a time on rhe lam rrack.It
tou deleat tlp thre, bl@drhErt dihnls, do you
wmt [o Fhm ro rhe tam io inveriSale ndher (hr
a3t to {2o) or e you stict to you oriEintl pt n od
Tumg Ircn the derelct fah, you $t off lor the Enh [o va+mhof (tum ro r{at
roM a8ain thrcu8h the Ein. You have not 8on lat
whm you hed a slching and a splashingbnindyou.
Tuming, you s thR larSe@a@s Balropingdow. a0{
ihc mud sli.t Ea.l towards you. At li6t, Eom their Youspmd the6t of the ni8hr at d\c stuine ed h the
proportiom ad their vicious, sabE lik hGks, you nodin& with the sq shugglina inro a cloud lEZd
would hawctarm thomio! wild boar But tun wdty

435 435
diveEid nortir, l,o Fc what might be found dPE 436
(tln to 24r), or wil you conthu edt back io ih

Evn d you aE shdtsg at rhe ctufs Portnil, rt
rets 6 vdol.( l@lss rhtugh yd to ti'e
'I '5 mpld body oI a vNtehairn old woM ,cad
nothd!' tlricn di6 d.l @ hdring hi. voic, the

headsbrayin8ad hootlnEin respon* to tlP Pften.c

ol LheW@ imide you. Add I b your cNcB sore
D*peraLe boescapyoui lat dd brinS on ore finnl
.dlrcntation that you tnov h6l b @min& you
ra.e m alms the .ofido4 lh sniln8 loids or
hpravia dd AE hNling heads.Th to rt3
way ro fredon. Sndlin8 lit s dinat he Ei6 b
dlw you with rhe don-lit finFedEls oI hit
Fnuin8 dtht hm4 Rhiigly u.@ehed as ro
th ham your sword 6uld cae his spftdred
Afrer th@ Afiack Round!, or iJ yoq Edue rhmd,
M's s&N^ !o 6 or 16, whi.h@ @ffi fi$l

Fr-l l-l EE
437 ro46) Ho'sa, if you cb@sero tighi ad redue ae
DmpPins dom lron the brcken-mortaEd tiopoI rhe WoUWee's srAMrNA!o 4 pojnrs o! l6s, tum bo472.
war] you lmd in a pile oi luset leav6 dd sh@tinB
daning slam6 aU arcu4 you @p [owards the 463
house.You hezeonceon h@rin6 a cry but it is only fte Ctndl grabsyou wjth boti of its hu8e hanrls
tne (rukmg .ry ol a woodck and norldng l,obe dd lifts ],ou bodily ofi the grdd. With a grmt of
afraid or. You aE oily ta yardr frcm the dd whm dekht OEogrends you agaiGt thbd oI tlE Cage
vou hear rhe fudous scraphS oI paws dawing oF an l yo rau io lhe Bms4 daitlh8 btui.ed nbs ooF
smmd io get at you, the lattlin8 ol a lonS .hah and 4 srAMrNApoints). If you ft stiu arive, y@ siag8e!
thm a sna.ling bark that soudr lik it m6lblonE io Eom trp CaSe to rdaim yd pGessiore belore
eme nonskous do8. RmhB domd trle sideof dE djsappa.r8 jnio th. @ds [o hi& yN embmsi
ho@ is a .leatue that ati6t ]ru lrke to be a wolt A
moment/scoroiddatim later andy@ *e dEt, despih
ruhin8 liowaJdsyou on aI fo@, the wolf (tualy 439
ha thephyslcalpropo.tioG or a nd. It not unlike th people of oEse pa.ts have ben prorectin8 rhir
the WecwdJ you Il four of md yet looks 's like hd nocks,herdsed homeshom ihe predatim oI wild
ben trapp.d mid-tra$foffition ad night hd shll mimls ior ra! l@ger thm they have had to worry
aboui a w@beast, rc rheloBr pathse riddled with
WOLF WERE wor tlaF - whid aqut asefiectivea8aist hwary
hmffi. Walkmg alon8 a rminSiy littleced tra.k
lI tne Wollwrc wouds you more tha twi.e, add 1 aloneyd succub boonesuchtrap, dswnat you lEd
Poht [o you. @NeE scoF You may es.ape afte! lalm iobe fallm bracnF sEewingthepati giveway
thft Attact Rohds, iI yd wish, llmlng ha.! to dE mdd your rei8ht/ drolping you ln[o a deeppit lined
demce to 0E estah dd cLimbingba.kovd dE vaL with slE.poed sta(6. You.almt shopyouspu fron
6 fte wolf-WeE wiU bheld at bay by iB .hain (hn fanin8 in dd being spmd by dE mel pit-staks.
Roll one die, add on dd lGe this tuy srMNa
points (ryouhave TtuQri.*d,gspciaLabiry you
my dinde L\is dmage by ., tuding fracEG n! )
lr you arestil ali{d, you wmhuny stuggle out of rhe
pit-hap and do wlEt you (a to bind you wohds
before Ejoining tlp 6t of trF pa.ry 6 they d
prepalirg to rehm to VaesJDJ. Tum to 151.

447 ro,t6).Hovsq, iI you chmF io fi8hi ed Edue tne
DrcppinEdoM h!6 rh. bbkm moturEd ioP of Oic Wolf-WE'sreN^ lo 4 poinls or 16, hm to 4F.
wa! you rand in , pilc or Nl bav6 md, Cmting
ddtng gl,c rX .tund, you (EP bard! 6ic {34
ho@. You 6Ez od on h.dinB a 6t, hut r i3 only TIF Cqdel gnbs you Bilh boih ol its hug lBnds
lh cNkin8 cry ot t w@dct ard norhint ro b. md l 6 yu b.dily ofi rhe B6ud. With a gtut ot
aft'aidot You aF only td y.rds rmm the d@r whn d.light the oAr huls you ,S.iNt th ha6 ol the Cate
you hear th tunous saPin8 or Pas ciawint thP dd you fall to OEFo6d, aadlinS brusd ribs (lo*
8lound !o 8et at you/ rhe .adlh8 ol a long cnan md 4 sr MINApoinls). lf you iE sriu alive, you sra68e!
th6 a snarlingbarl thrt sosds like it must helont (o 1oo the Cage to klain your p6s6siotr belc
sohe nonstrous do8 Runningaroud the sideof rhe .t'sappearinghto dE cowd$ lo hide you! embarde
houseisacratrEthatdtfiBtyour,keto!eawoll A
momnt's.onsid.ration l.rq md yor* that,desPire
Mhine lowards yd on all tom, ot wo aciully 489
ha the pmponioN ol a lfu It is nol urnik The p6ple of the p.ns hav b.en prct.ting their
dF WhFwor yd lll fdl of md yet l6ks like it lEs nG!s, hdils ad hon6 Ircn ihe pFlatiN of wild
b.dtapFdnid t'.6lmton'dniShtrEsstill adhals for far l@ger rhan rhey had to {orry
abouta W@bedr, s the foEr parhse riddld widr
wolitiF wnich aF tsl6 effdivc agaitut mwary
hlllr1s. WaRmBalonSa FhinSly litdFusd kack
lI the Wor-wen wos& you hore tlE tuicq add I aloneyousucMb lo oncsu.htrap,aswhatyou had
point to you dNcs 8coE. You may evaPe att r taten tobefallen bran.hesstrcwing thepaL\ Eiveway
rhreeAth& Roude, ll you wish, ruMing bacl lo tlrc udd youwei8ht/<trcppin8 yo! inloa deppii lined
erhmce to ihe estaternd .limbnS backovr rhewau, wil}r sharymd staks.You.dnnot sropyousell from
asih wou-wep will b. hcld 6t bayby iis dEin (tum r.Uhg m dd behg sparcdbt lhc ml pit-srakF
RoI on djca add oft and lda this n&y sr MrN^
poinB. (tf you harc 17i.Q,rttarirj sFia] abiliy you
may drvide El'isdda8e by 2, 6un ting t.acriG up )
If you N stil aliv, tou ev6ball/ shg6]e at oi rh
pi trap dd do Ehir you can ro bind yu
bror Fioinins tlF 6l or lhe party 6 tney N
pEparing to Etrm rov.r8ennol. Tuh tio15r.

490 q,
Th eay thrcugh de s@d! th.t y@ hlve choe Youfolow theoddd ro eorha jucrio& wh@ rlE
widN 6 it pals betuq <lifts ot frllen lav6
betws the ns. ThDaledi$ ot the su sink l@.r
h a f@hlrels grcy eky, dE nmotono6 3ky*.p
bFkn only by th napping sp<k of budr chrmint
to thir lGts. Ihir h@E cEaling ai. eho ac@ lDsdre, bd.<uCftt h{diblq N fou IIB.
th l6n6s aopy Yu nid turu to dbwhts of @idi*<t E, ..h @ @s thc IEetin lagdl Th
elr@ yd shouLl ohp fd th night a the nM h*r8'hod! Loki6i tr. hm.d ht|m ehrl* IrE
apF.6 lite. luilEnt lalan.bov you.Wthdt
tuy wdina Fu e Fi4d by dippling pffi th.t
foctou toywl<lE, 6.spin6 fdbEth,Sodprihg
is happddng to fi vdy libE of tou bein6 $&ile dp
nu$d 214@ ytu,tr'r-rlr Srrr.nd tuh tio nBht-hrnd th .t tlE t'rErim (tuh te a) q witl
- yd Mtr@ sliitht .l@4 par th. fedingberl6
Eh d you @ grgging @ the pctest slift
you lel its met'@rphcint powa bt hol.l ot y@. 493
Th fk of ln nubgdic slinc @6blnerl wirh TlE Chrngeltrt li6 dad .t tue! IE etddly
th ly@duDpy nddrng 4qy fibE ol ]eu bdn& oupl t ? ln holM blr nor .r'turlE lho{gnt drt }e
lotE }!u !o udr8o a @rasEoplucFNlofutid. n w kjl.<l th.n ll Led it . Eil hd bdr lifid
Musl6 and twist, boc nlt.nd reIm,
stin b.ffi ditin. hair b.6n6 Er* 6u, udl wh.l
Lslft lehble d unholy oc b.n eena coctMdr
and a rcll. You 6Did Fstmtid, derbaled
by the lyntrlbpy, shdLr 6a rh ndts, Bur you
no lonSercc.b.ur 3ucn 6in8s or d6 mmber
you lif. b.lorc thb mmhr .5 all Op hmity you
mG had i. gde Yoq advmt@ 6& hE, 4 you
hnb d6kn hrd th ddl sctuiry of tlE dmg6c
btrarh lhe ahby, wh@ r@ begin yoqr @w lil Blddjr8 F.tfu Dnud ednis wile f'fuI yN l6v
ddg tlPv@ d @ of tlm. lam !o lind rhar rh Rimlod has pasd d

EE tr83
well. Disconslalc Lhrtyou havrct mdged lo ha.k theh. Th. hd'r ed h{@. evq FoF poind as
doM tne Baslor vargenhol but satislied that yoq Ni n6e be(@6 m u8ly sout, hi5 tursvEd body
havedoneEoodat BaurFam, you @tiae sleps bstin8 rr* ol ore rom of hjs cloth6. No
slop$ as
tlmugh lne hius, neSotiating the wooded'our lmger d M but a 'eMis
bat of unblivaue prcpor
dusk fals ed rhe toM cond in siSht atain. Tm 'w
tic, with a wingspd appra.hbg 12 let, the
VUDiB' !@ar sw@Ds on Van Richld fte
WEllb.lmkh6 hold of hnn with.lawed f.r d4
494 with two sttsg winrbdts, dEgs hih up hlo lhe
'Do rct fret hr ga4!' hea vd Ri.hl6 shout, vaurt oI the dohe. Youetci a dinr or sel md l.tu
ahhoug! his voie com6 'ou /ou * in . dcah Do
b tlE Wbeb6l sed ir pain' as n is sr bnbling
not l@t into hr y6l' yotr hsr him crt, loud.r lhis iow.r& one ol th relvelnEDd winrtoes. l ri0r .
tihe. You smehow MaSe ro bE t he of her splinl*irg aash, th VdpiE Hmtd ad dE WbF
bguiling pMd, teding ydr eys away kom he6. bat $asi thFuSn lhe Bla$ dd prung io lhen
ThE is m ddbt in your mird th3r thit is rhe datls FaPFd in a hutu.r hud6B db@.
CMtss lsold,bdy oI Mau, vdpiB dd n@
rr 3uddanly dawfu d yd rhnt yd m al@ again,
m. Aftr yoo t^oe what nusl tE don.But b.k)E
you cm et, ltE codt6' *fldt 4d dE VdDiK ha Fali!.d tlEt fad r@ llltth a
8jv6 a piercin& barstE s@ ol lE M srE thrys heEelf at you,
hiBh-pirhd dy and rhrcws hireu ar the vampiE
Hdter, ed * vd Ri.hbenis taking aih witn his clnE dd IanF fl.ald, Or d@pdve Blahou ot
pinol. rn 5|r@ to slow a th Eaut-la.d M's her aluint b..ury Fpla@d by her true bat-lile
My warps, degnE shaF drmticaly lG am udad lom. r v@ hrve a $lvr Cl6 md wdt !o
bon6 appearto @nhacrvd s hjs nrSar bms lng- r it, or a Prn ot Silvq Cm.l|6tclc wilh wnicn vou
thq, membnn6 ot leathrys}jn unfulirS bctwen .d i6prcvi*, tuh !o 17,If not, hrm [o 41

S..ued by !h ndacld !o what b elkiveiy r r sr
blel o, Nd, you bme the urlortutut r6s for
the elhqtat fury oI rheele.iri...l stom. r^]lth*vral
hhrlEd thoMd volts oi nw .lchicity pGsing
ihrugh you body you & 6ld lo a hazzle stil
.jl lh.t t lefi ir a hllm*rEped llmp of chaoal.
You opm ue .loor ud step tbrouSh rnb a vast
banqneting chdber ra,hat was obvidsly on.e a
luxrionslylajdtable with linsr !m cnim, gled
ing gili adery md m8nitcmt Blittelhg crystal
.dtEFeces b now nothin8 bette! thd a dogk
dimer Platbe6Di rohin8 ioo4 while with solidifid
8rs*, litber the soiled tabledodl, while th cdaFs
d.l bonesoi may ptuFd neals lje streM amss tie
tsnbleand ovr the noor Healing a cnomping,slaveF
ing $ud yd look l,owar& the fd md oI tie na]l
sitbng at th ofier nd of the table aE drR veiled
woma warina aowtu tiat were me m doubt
Iabulouse*mplb of dr drestrElel,s et, but which
aF now tom md disheveled. the noiseis dre sound
of drejr dilguting tablemmerr a d]ey pj.k at ine
remis of chicko.mass. Orp of thewomenstops
abtuptl, wm assheis suc!.inEthendrow lrom a leg
bone,md sills i1]ean sha.plj, 'We nave compd,
si6id6,'she mrls. Tle othe. iwo wonm bofr cease
then nessy ea1n8rhendd snifi the air, tuhin8 yotr
wat fieir iacesnidden behind their vens.MovinS 6
slealth y ascats,$e rtueewone 8!de towdrts yd
a.rossthe bdqueting chdber
'Vvhafs rhis,' aslc dothq, her l,oneidperiou dd
nmkrg, 'dothd 8ustior dimd?'
'Or aother co6e?' eys the thir4 8leetuny.1 do
hopeso I'm stillnmgry.'
'INlat haveyon bmugnt s, lreh neat?'fie tusr ask,
addresing you diPcdy. 'AF you th nexr couse or

Fr-l Ffl
197 49&.19,
do you have sorcihing de io dIgnr ud wirh?'at wolf-like @atuG, *id\ 3avagdaBgFhgrh f6ts
li.t sh. puus asr& hr veil dd you g.!p in @x- dd elongahrl claws. And aI dE whn., rhe hodor asFu Gtch si8ht ol dE f.e bn.!th. It rlE d hslirg cmtinu6. Ron tuo dia. Ir th total i!
i3 a hldous amalg,m of huftn bht 6d .nimol, lds than or equ.l lo you .tuNex smF, tum to 1?5rif
3omwhEbetuq dBt or a wosM .nd r shewolr
]h wolt-womn I'cks a lons pht |mtu. acro$
caMe fe8s ad sneirus Lr@a nile 3Pllt! het {93
honible vis8e. H@ *dl yDuEact to dn! p.l.d6? 'Don'r &l' th. spidarolrrm slEeks s you tlh tlil
will you Edy yo. wpm ed PlerE ro tlthl .nd M, sEy with ne and ny husbads,'sh.n6 .E
(t'h to r.6) d wil yd ofir dE wol'-wofun he- rri nttl afF. tou rc rhe /Arsted hEls of
thhg fimaMgyNP@@ (nm tot9)? lM .nd dw.rh dDt litE dE fl@ of ls dEnber
Youd h.rrhem@E clcing@yo dFu Ech
191 r hnuEl, 0E r@f ol whkh lhi<k wilh dE M-lib
nE battle@dy Stri8oivN srop ar th..dB. of th. port' orh{ry stw sfrla.riEs's YNf@tlallr dldng
filds bet6d tE $utlm FrilEta ot th.n vin g.. rtm th. b.<lrc<k y@ laonch dM EE
FE h:v.bdrlitinim-mu8ht brolE, th. s.&r iuM.l. S.<dds htE the SpideQr6 'orsdt sClle6 16
ftm th.6E driftin8 aw.y @ ttE b[dlrd fi.I.b. tEl b'rlk into tlE pe8qat and yd Shei5 not
So{ft ,o t ide .Ry yd ft}E our ih..brl CUF of. Sointbl.tto!6etawaythatasdy- I|.t prr LULll
w@d6 w.ldrtos.a Fitid.d in n6t o{. lip ol Fu @ L(ry, tum to 396 II y@ ft, tlP
sF.88lt h6. .nEy alweF @ thE w.t' I<ctrd n@terot h6 up eidrFu tum to:5E
s[.05 dimusly And lih]b! wait.
S.@r.l bdeNibing lM Li.r y@ h.!r rtr 19t
You clolhedripin8*ih dr. fdleninAst gdt
nuflled ioling ot a Dd, turjng ni<lnitht And dEn *.ls ol tl'. pol yd had ybur*rfdtdro
y@ har the Hwling fd dE 6at tim.: OE $urd rhb.r*
B.loE goin8d yod Hy you dop b dEl ovd your
Md!ach ol iewarE mina throuth,oE v.lN
cluipmdr ard rh dbts of you bacbek Your
A volcereds toh up in fte wrkntow.r, 'Th.y'E
.word .n.l leafi.r amou, apd from bug wt, aF
fhe, a! aF h@t ol th. tldngs srowediside you oil.
You eyes strainin& you Fff into di. d.rkresr .kin b6ckp.(r. H@rye!, a errain rmba of youl
lvilting bh{en the schggy E* you cd * whll Pbvilio$ hav ben sDoiled bv contact with th
aPFu to be writhin8 tndrils oI nisl Ar th. Lndlus watd (Rollondiaa tqove ip u)rhisnuhbrof
@ne d6d, they t le o the tom ol isubet ntirl Meab non youPrdisios ) Your ldFh is srill int ct


t6, but *1r d'y powdd arld kindlinS you l(ep itridc h:nd-iohard @mbat. REdy with yod M blade,
you tindeAox ha Bot wet ari will bke a whne b yd PFPaE ro dt6d ttursu.
dry dt. The nrr tim. you e l,oldyou hay onry do HEADLESSHIGHWAYMAN sxrlS r.m B
sonethiry if you liSht you lanlem, you may not
ch@sedut option.Thesubequent time you aF grven l/flile,ou are fighting, dE HighwryM maintaine
su.h m option the tindd wll bc dry dd you nay a grip m the head in his othe. hand, whi.h shdtc
make*Ei Fl<tion fbm fid on. Now tuh lo 46 mcouaSinS o.mnts to ib body rs ii fight9, whi.h
you 6nd ncl oltputtinSr lou mEt alsoEdue ydu
Aftack sE6dr by 1 poini bEu y@r oppolEt ir
5a still in EE eddL &d rc h6 d adveht ova you. V
As hn a you eire at dE shrll narkd tlrM oI you dlearrhePhmton feld, tuh to ru.
Vdgdnof you that ebethinS is wong. A pall
ol fed dd u.crlainty he8s orr the pbce like
a so0Fring shroud. A grolp of nen wirh spike-
.olaFd hutinS d.Bs de Sathered in font oI 502
Defyingd$ln, andgraviry thehotg makule,mp,
Vargs$dfl nNling hrll. A portly man the bovn's
dr.EginS *p naS6..h ovd trF brink of tlre brcken
bu$orusrr is ad.L6in8 thc pariy. (te! lhe
bndge bdind thm. Ar dE co.h Gal dM onro
ggPEl hubbubof dp tom e+ft, whcrc thd6 ply
lh @d on the orlpr side of Ok chash, Krtya rs
thei. hade your hightod hcarinB .al.h6 odd
rlNM iiom her pat at the fmt oI th caEia8eonro
rnaichesof theburSomasb! musingsPtc.h, ptua6 rh back of one of rhe holss. At the time the
suchas'plaguin8our lands',' nd'some-
rcad vee6 tjo the;ght 38ain ad cmr+s lrom the
d4epackd pins ro folltr e quolly p@arious
II you wml to avail youElf oI $e *ruics vara'fiof collr almg the edt ol rotlPr pRipitos Sorgeto
hs !o ofir, um ro 32 II rct, you can iLls join |ne the lelt The ceia8e slid6 $daaF, sdiry a 6
p.rry oI hqlc6 8lttFEd bfoE tlr nding IBI ede ol Fbbl6 tDh rhe ed sto L\c void. If you
(hrm to 2ol) oi quil lh tioM wrrhourd.Xyiry neF rr dont *iz. MFol ot the rering cmiaae - d.t
sml - you psuit of the WEbasicodd still ed
in alr you dcalh6.Vaulting intioih d.ivels seatyo!
501 Srabhold ol rh. rl..tcned Fins . T6l lonr Skill.ll yot
Sturhng the drrcharadpistol inlo lhe lather blt succed,tum ro (:, howv.,I you fiil, tuh !o 444.
l@Fd arcund hrs ro@, dp Hctdl6s HiShwalmr
lfthstls a baskelhdtd sbn, Frdy lo la tru in
5cJ dM or . we@olf's bite (tm to r1r), or wil you rtu
At rheheEht ofyou battlwitn th WzFwor, thc tull him that you rE on a prmal questio rid rhehd ol
n@n comesinto vjew beyondthe iall window .t thc Lupravia of OE mdy evils that bar ns reputali6n
end of $e chambeabathing dp Comtt.hdb.s in dnons thc principalitiesol Masistsatia(ium to rrl)?
iie mystical lumindcmce. Mmnlight washs over
you cnd il leelsasU theel4 white beamsaF saking 5.4
hto evely poF. Youweresoclo* b completingyour You ioumey ro. a nishl dd a day takinS th road
qu6r Ii only you cd tep ihe be4t conrained. littL no{h though rhe pinewoods, .ossinS a bridtc
lonS!mybe you sti! cfl Ron thE die. r you aE spanninga d,rk dEm, md onwardsalong the d8c
wearing a Mmtone Abuler, subtact 3 hom the oI dE p@ipto6 Ca]s Gorg, folowin8 siSns ro
dice oU. r the new Lot3lis Ls thd or qu,l ro you WulfeEiein. Male a rDte of OE nmbe. r4o on your
cHA\cEsoft,tuhto25 liitisSHtr/tumro23t. Srar and rh6 lrm b !.
501 504
Tdpp.r Soh d,6 m the md of swod wilh . As thc d.y Ftr on dd dF lrudows lagthd you
de on hE IiF (e 2 LDd !onb).
'd And ihd 0r pas 6e boGdary lhat mrk dppoint when tubby
fiauE shdu8 Bt to him is tufoninS inro . henlNed bftnrc loE! TlE paths n fiict lilh
noruter The duns dut wa mc 0r lan6 hav6, EE sLletal lolm of the ft sinGt' as
BuBonaster sl,sh ar tou hth lhlrhainr drws, 6cir shiltin8 shndos Ed to. with bl..t
dealing you a ewaSe eoDd t@ I r MN^ point! .lawing 6n96. You iave not tsavIed fa. inro rlF
r66t when yd cme upm a hiSh stonewall rharob
..ros bdwem dr ktc, mdking the iEnn'er d,
505 whai hNr b Op dmde of a huting lodSor sonr
Th Dath's Heads a sinGtr holow kndki.S
Kluded n,no. holE. Alittl turther on you rcBe io
sound thai mrmrifis as you mdi lbl rd!/
pan oI hrge, ruted iron galsthat arefimly lNked.
Lkr. It you aE Lucky,hn io rt6. r youd, '
'nre r.ack dEt lads up [o th6e gates is vn ler,
regulally used ad noF drsftM tha^ th path
506 you arefollowing. A wea0efaded si8n on o^e ot lhc
Slowly the md Lowds his pistol 'So, what tats rea&, 'B@are of the DoA'. IhbuBh the !ust'
a lonc t av0ld like you out m a ni8ht such flakin8 bd y@ cd R the ludown mmion lhat
in thse ..@d lmdr? he asks.Wi[ you the wal md the gar6 srro*. You (fuot tel hoy
she8d orc rturh, that you e sLjng a cw Gupied or othe@iF *E sbb my be - n uld be
FT F;']
liJ L !l
alicly npty lor ar1you know buryouNa@ 510
that 6 dny is drawing on dd thsiyd nayweU have Srddhg m the oultyaJd beyond the uguard.t
to 6pdd moE night mdd the srdrs TheF E no gaiehoce, you lmt bowardsttE ruin doos to th
obviosr way ro afta.t the attartim oI eym isde casdeat the bopoI a Fand er oI slon steps.Ahov
thrrlai@! sodo you wmt l,oEdbl ovq lhe waU the mhae ro th ctutle is nbluoned rh. ftrr.r
to invstigaretuIthd (tum to 437)d win you 8o on the ruring fdny oI Lupnvia - a howling wou'! lEad
you! way without hEPasing (hm to a5)? aSaiGt a tull wdjns n@. Rousin8yd .oungs
yod dinb the sbeF and pDsh opd lh main d@6.
509 You Jiqd yomell in a duty, didrly lt dkdce hatl.
'You plae B rct with s,' ds Mfter etE, ln fae a The plae sem dpnd. BMd pdegways lead
gtih mdk oI indrfeue 'So y@ d mt wercome away furthd inro oE casde/to left dd nghr whjle
heE' BI@ you d.speal, the litde ]16 l,o6s a <ti4^tly in lrdt of y@, a grmd, ft.abEly cded
hddful oI slduing poftdq in you fae md yod shonestai(ap.is6 to a balcmy md dothq Fr of
colapF u@ious ir d irutdt . . . cloFd doubb doo6. H@ do you wet ro pFSGs
Whd you ohe to againrt is sEUila* and wthing
tels you that you e a lqlg way tom wh@ yotr Arong th. pa$agryay ro thlefr?
srard. You e lyin8 at a cGsruds sl]rcmded by Down th.oridor !o 6e righr?
dse woodrandad you @ ufirly alone th@ is Up tle Brd.l stdEde ert thbugh oE
tu sign oI th Cdivale. A quick dEk of you ddbledoosbeymd? ThLoq6
bactpa.k eveals tLe thIt oI aI you Cold Pi(6 ud
my Silvd itens you fry havhad widl you. (]-os z
Lls poinls.) cNing you mkfdtu, althdSh 5n
doubtles you brughtit on )o$lJ, yd dftidewhat Kotuad sa.l that th Haling WeUoI Saint cru.ius
ro do nexr Asi$post ndked with fou Plac l1m4 li6 alss tle moo6 @rd| 6d w6t of Srrigoiva.r
studs at the csrcads: Balci to tle north-wst, you wmt !o setotrin sea(n of the shrine,tum ro 37.If
Shigoiva to 0E south-west,VdgnlDf to ut mrth- not, ym wil hav to mp our uder the fo. rlle
east ad l\Gu to the rcuthdt Havi^g havend
lron lhe wst alsdy, ad msing that you mward
path li$ to theeast,y@ areldt with two cho'c6. r4Dl
you head i^ the diEction of Varge!'hof(hm to 49o), Y@ clibl, sone waynhe. inl,owhat to! gcs musi
d folow the ls wel kodden path to Mas (hm beoneof UEc6tle'shrrers Thesrepsddatldtata
dak.oEirloi At its far end you cm out aothq
'E E
<loo.,butbeioE yd.d pa.h tha you must avoid the
huge axe blade that swines at the sd oI a iron
pidulm pole ba& md fonh a$r tlE passaSeway
r}!uwdrto pfted, t ying tododge theFndDlffi
bladeio Eaci the dmr at the endot the oEidor, tuh
to 4?r. lf you wodd rathe. nor risk it, you will have io
dqdd OEstaias again,rehm to fie Map R6m,
4{t leave thDugn rhe dtemdve qit fieft (hn

'Very well,' VaroLa. gmwls with bardy otained
rury,'I shal haveto dearwior you nlself Rjsjn8ircm
his chain the Comt Omrs back his hea.l giving
d uadulrerated howl of nimal dli8ht. with rh
hoEible da.!.ingtuching sqd of boneswaiphg
ad efomln& velact body grcws in sratuE, his
rib.age bftadding, spine aB\!r& ams bNmh8
loger nai16th4ting lrDn rhe flds oi ht iingds,
tuhj^8 to da4. ldrgs push thmuSh bleedingEum
asoE codrs sla.ll reshapFils[ be.onins a lupine
nude t'is eds shetchingto hairy amw poinh. His
feet ldtthq ud chhS shale, bnsting n of his
boots, until standin8 bef@ yd b tu lonser tlF
norhr rder oI this ffed lanrt bur a terilyins ccs
bh{a wolJ dd lm. It is ore l.rgedt, nost awF
impiling wftwdl you have ever su. You cm fel
p@ evil intentlouing off Or basfomed Vdolac
!! nusky scent,a nixhft of sayagpmirul ming
ed pre hmd m.levoleme.
Now is your moment to strik, while tlE Vftola.-
woff is gaihdngils wits following il6 suddm, violent
hsftm.tnn U y@ tnq of . {ex dDt ni8ht MovinB b dp whdow, yd var.h th tult m@ 6 it
wo.t .8aiNt rh. Adrlydthrc?e, y@ @ ty io otin6 iE path ffi the h6v6, no logs
@ il tw by tuming !o the pdttraph whidr G rhe ftuinA dE chiu rou.n of ib etn.E l liaht In lad you
en as th. p.8e nMber 6 whi<h y@ found n. r ldunh in lE silvry dow knowing th.r n d do
you do nol lnd of ru.h a rFll, or would Eihq tui you m h@, llrrdin8 fi n h4 no power orer yd.
@ it wh.i wil you r agaii, th. w@olt (it tlu By defarinA th AEh-Ly@th@F, bel@ $tuE
int io ihe wEE y@elt tlu hrve s.pd a laie
woe thand@d. Bul thrt i5nor.ll you a.niad
Thanrs io yd lh. hnd ol Lup6vl. h.s ben lrml
rron Comt vftoLds fld 5rdy, ire poplend
Ive in id ol th h@l of th weewolf rc lonSeadd

The 3pidd i! IybS in wail for you, v@m-dripptr6
mrdjblB.t tl|e r.dJr As s d td lEve dEsrdi.
6vd fm t,r. Tdpdd spi.Lr'r bn, AE ffiko6
afthnid porft rgdn. Thir tim it @t mis T1E
spida tru dd pul! you doM ilto its hol,
sinljnE huge fdEs deptnboyou n(k. Th thF
d@r clF'h ed tfie 3pld.r betN to f6r Y@t

Wjlh dE woll-moNE dEt ha terded Luphvia
for $ My F.6 lytng d..d .l ytu fr .t lnsr, yd
fel a dEnB. om ov.r you. YN lHi.g b.@
iuddd{y duLd, <olo@ cm l* }ilmt, ard $e
mFi'd lGE oI th. ch.mbd r Fdued lo m indi!-
rid, nuddLd sU. SdnelnLg has dHsd, th.
he,srwirhin i! gft Ye @6tLry hllr|Enasain.

tsBN 978 18401,61'l 1l{ ll




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