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With Oliver's trip coming to an end, the couple find themselves overcome with

longing and uncertainty. Elio's parents, conscious of the bond between the two,
recommend they take a trip to Bergamo together before Oliver goes back to America.
Elio and Oliver spend three romantic days in Bergamo, after which Oliver leaves and
a heartbroken Elio returns home. He encounters a sympathetic Marzia, who still
wants to be his friend, and his father, seeing how his son is, tells him that both
he and his wife were aware of Elio's affair with Oliver. He confesses to having had
his own love affair with a friend in his youth and urges Elio to find pleasure in
the grief, since true love such as Elio and Oliver felt, is rare.

Several months later, at Christmastime, Elio receives a phone call from Oliver.
Oliver tells Elio that he is engaged to be married, after which they call each
other by their own names and say how much they miss one another. Heartbroken anew,
Elio sits by the fire, eyes welling up with tears as his parents and the staff
prepare a holiday dinner.