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A Design Proposal for

Roosevelt Island Senior Center
The team
Team Member
Answer the question, “Why are we the ones to solve the problem we identified?”

Eva Mike Ike Sindhu

Connective Media Computer Science Computer Science Connective Media
To engage the entire
Roosevelt Island Community
including Seniors and Cornell

Step 3
Step 2 Minimum Viable Product
Step 1 (MVP) Testing
In-depth Interview
User Observation
Step 1
- User Observation

Life Stories of Seniors at the Senior Center Humans of Roosevelt Island

Step 2
- In-depth Interview
In-depth Interview

Age:85 Age: 82 Age: 100

Mondira Life on the island since 1976 30y in CN, 30y in HK, 30y in US
The Idea
To engage the entire
Roosevelt Island Community
through an intergenerational
What is the Moth?

“The Moth's mission is to

promote the art and craft
of storytelling and to
honor and celebrate the
diversity and
commonality of human

● The Moth has an enthusiastic

following for all of its content. The
Moth podcast is downloaded over
44 million times a year
The Value
Bring together generations and
for Roosevelt Island encourage bonding between

To be more engaged with the

community and demonstrate
for Cornell Tech the values we hold to the
Roosevelt Island community
Step 3
- MVP: Listening Club

1 2

3 4
Month 1 Month 24 Month 48 and on
- Organize events at the Lighthouse
- Listening club is - Humans of Roosevelt Island &
- Local food community sells food at events
established Monthly Storytelling events
- Market local retail products

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Month 12 Month 36
- Monthly Writing Workshop & - Beginning of the podcast
Partnership with the Cornell Tech
Fiction Club
Longevity: Podcast, Storytelling workshops, Clubs

1 How to make podcasts?

Expert: JenniLie

2 How to teach storytelling?

Expert: Juliana Mendez

3 How to keep the Cornell Tech Community engaged?

Club: Cornell Tech Storytelling club

The Budget

Month 1 Month 24 Month 48 and on

- Humans of Roosevelt Island & - Organize events at the Lighthouse, Local
Monthly Storytelling events: food community sells food at events,
- Listening club is
Providing light Market local retail products:
refreshments at community Renting event spaces
No Costs
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Month 12 Month 36
- Monthly Writing Workshop: - Beginning of the podcast:
Hiring a new teacher at the Costs associated with
Senior Center producing a podcast
Metrics of Attendance
Within every step of our process, there is a
different metric for success. Ultimately, we
hope to raise attendance at the Senior
Center and raise community engagement.
This can be tracked by:

-Increase in seniors attending the Senior Center (tracked through meals distributed at Carter Burden)

-Increase in course enrollment -Increase in volunteers at Carter Burden

-Tracking of blog and podcast consumption -Attendance at community events


Carter Burden Roosevelt Island Senior Center
Lisa Fernandez
Tapan Parikh
-High level vision
-background research
-next steps
-3-5 year vision

-Listening club as opposed to storytelling club

Storycorp app
Plan - need to do by Nov 29th
● Vision
● Value for Roosevelt Island and Cornell Tech
● User Research
● Storyboarding - video/graphics
● Collecting stakeholder feedback
● Plan and budget for initial pilot
● Metrics to measure success of pilot
● Long term vision / Impact
● ^^ Figure this out by Nov 29th
● ^^ Practice for 7 min long presentations on Dec 6th,
● ^^ Present on Dec 6th and 11th
Division of work
- User Research - stories from interactions, quotes on storytelling -- Mike, Ike
- Cornell Storytelling club (sindhu), Jenny Lee Brewster (get contact - Eva), The Wire (sindhu), Juliana Mendez (sindhu)
- Pictures - people listening to a story and Storyboard -- Mike, Ike
- Stakeholder - Lisa, Jenny Lee, President of storytelling club, restaurant (host) - , chapal board member - Eva,
- MVP - Writing and Storytelling class at the Senior center - ask Jenny, RI blogger (The Wire), Juliana Mendez
- Budget -
- Hosting a podcast
- Hire someone to teach the class
- Beverages at events
- Metrics
- Overall Attendance at the senior center
- Sign Ups to the class
- Audience
Show the audience you anticipated
their questions.
Leave room for Q&A, but use the Appendix
as a way to show that you both thought

about those questions and have solid
answers with supporting information. Let
the audience test their understanding of the
problem and the solution you’ve outlined -
questions give them a chance to talk
themselves into your approach, and give you
a chance to show mastery of the subject.