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Tri An High School

Name:……………………………. 45’ TEST (Test No.4)

Class 12A:………………. Tiếng Anh 12

Câu 1: Life is getting______________.

A. more and more complicated. B. more than complicated.
C. most and most complicated. D. least and least complicated.
Câu 2: _________________become addicted to the Internet.
A. More people and people B. The more and more people
C. More and more people D. The most people
Câu 3: When you swim, you move _____________water by making movements with your arms and legs.
A. on B. above C. through D. by
Câu 4: Xaùc ñònh phaàn gaïch chaân caàn söûa deå trôû leân chính xaùc.
The oldest the children are, the more their parents expect from them.
A. the oldest B. are C. more D. expect
Câu 5: What time shall we leave? - ______________________.
A. Soonest and best B. The soonest the best C. Sooner better D. The sooner the better
Câu 6: Can you tell me some sports which are closely related _______________water?
A. with B. to C. in D. on
Câu 7: The athlete had tried his best to _____________his SEA Games title and records.
A. carry B. perform C. defend D. support
Câu 8: The delegation to the SEA Games was composed ____________top competitors of the country.
A. on B. of C. for D. among
Câu 9: Choïn töø coù phaàân gaïch chaân ñöôïc phaùt aâm khaùc vôùi caùc töø coøn laïi.
A. aquatic B. integral C. maneuver D. against
Câu 10: It gets ____________to understand what the professor has explained.
A. the more difficult B. more difficult than C. difficult more and more D. more and more difficult
Câu 11: In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of the wounded soldiers, civilians, and
prisoners of war.
A. mounted B. devoted C. excited D. interested
Câu 12: Xaùc ñònh phaàn gaïch chaân caàn söûa deå trôû neân chính xaùc.
The more you say, the worst the situation will be.
A. you say B. the worst C. situation D. be
Câu 13: In the 22nd SEA Games in 2003, the country _________the competition with 340 medals, including 156 golds, 91
silvers, and 93 bronzes.
A. defended B. cost C. topped D. ranked
Câu 14: Choïn töø coù vò trí troïng aâm chính khaùc vôùi caùc töø coøn laïi.
A. water B. football C. begin D. meter
Câu 15: How many ___________took part in the 22nd SEA Games?
A. competitors B. compete C. competition D. competitor
Câu 16: At his last attempt, the athlete was successful __________passing the ball?
A. on B. in C. for D. with
Câu 17: It gets ____________when the winter is coming?
A. cold and cold B. the coldest and coldest
C. colder and colder D. more and more cold
Câu 18: Choïn töø coù vò trí troïng aâm chính khaùc vôùi caùc töø coøn laïi.
A. personal B. defensive C. penalty D. vertical
Câu 19: Peter is ___________than John.
A. more young and intelligent B. more intelligent and younger
C. the more intelligent and younger D. younger and more intelligent
Câu 20: Xaùc ñònh phaàn gaïch chaân caàn söûa deå trôû leân chính xaùc.
The hotter the food is, harder it is to eat.
A. hotter B. is C. harder D. to eat
Câu 21: Thank to the progress of science and technology, our lives have become_____________.
A. more and more good B. better and better C. the more and more good D. gooder and gooder
Câu 22: Choïn töø coù phaàân gaïch chaân ñöôïc phaùt aâm khaùc vôùi caùc töø coøn laïi.
A. swallow B. below C. slowly D. allow
Câu 23: __________you study for these exams, ____________you will do.
A. The harder/ the better B. The more/ the much
C. The hardest/ the best D. The more hard/ the more good
Câu 24: My neighbor is driving me mad! It seems that _________it is at night, _________he plays his music.
A. the less/ the more loud B. the less/ less
C. the more late/ the more loudlier D. the later/ the louder
Câu 25: The ASEAN Para-Games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.
A. organized B. impressed C. participated D. defended
Câu 26: Water polo is played in _________pool 1.8 meters deep.
A. a B. an C. the D. no article
Câu 27: Choïn töø coù phaàân gaïch chaân ñöôïc phaùt aâm khaùc vôùi caùc töø coøn laïi.
A. sprint B. line C. divide D. ride
Câu 28: ____________players are not allowed to interfere with the opponent’s movements unless the player is holding
the ball.
A. Defend B. Defender C. Defensive D. Defensively
Câu 29: It took me a very long time to recover from the shock of her death.
A. turn off B. get over C. take on D. keep up with
Câu 30: Choïn töø coù phaàân gaïch chaân ñöôïc phaùt aâm khaùc vôùi caùc töø coøn laïi.
A. events B. spirits C. Asian D. silver
Câu 31: The bomb exploded in the garage; luckily, no one hurt.
A. put off B. got out C. kept up D. went off
Câu 32: Most referees often wears __________black.
A. in B. for C. with D. on
Câu 33: They decided to postpone their journey till the end of the month because of epidemic.
A. take up B. turn round C. put off D. turn up
Câu 34: Books are a wonderful source ___________knowledge and pleasure.
A. with B. of C. in D. about
Câu 35: In water polo game, only the goalie can hold the ball _________two hands.
A. at B. in C. with D. from
Hãy đọc kỹ đoạn văn và trả lời các câu hỏi bên dưới bằng cách chọn phương án đúng nhất.
Water polo originated in England during the 1870s and soon became popular in the United States. It was first
played in the Olympic Games as a men’s exhibition sport in 1900. In 1904 it became a men’s medal sport, but only the
United States fielded a team. In 1908 it was contested internationally at the Olympics. Over the succeeding decades, water
polo became especially popular in Europe.
From approximately 1920 to 1946 the United States departed from the international rules for water polo by
adopting for play a loosely inflated ball that could be gripped in one hand or carried toward the goal. Opposing players
usually attempted to seize the ball carriers, wrestle them under water, and render them helpless from loss of breath. This
rough style of play virtually disappeared by in 1946. Since that time traditional water polo has grown rapidly in the North
American, especially as a college sport. It is particularly popular in southern California and other parts of the West.
Women have played water polo since the game’s early days, but participation was not widespread until the 1960s.
In 1961 United States Water Polo established a national club championship for women. It has hosted one for men since
1890. Women’s water polo became an Olympic medal sport at the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia.
Câu 36: Where did water polo originate?
A. In England. B. In Europe.
C. In the United States. D. In North America.
Câu 37: When did water polo become a men’s medal sport in the Olympic Games?
A. In 1875 B. In 1900 C. In 1904 D. In 1908
Câu 38: When did the players in the United States follow the same rules as in Europe?
A. In 1920 B. In 1945 C. In 1946 D. In 1960
Câu 39: In what parts of the United States does water polo is very popular at colleges?
A. In the East B. In the South C. In the West D. In the Midwest
Câu 40: When did water polo become a women’s medal sport in the Olympic Games?
A. In 1900 B. In 1960 C. In 1980 D. In 2000

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