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Implement two SCD-2 mappings to load data from S2_EMP and S4_EMP tables into T1_EMP

1. If data is coming from table S2_EMP, then Location should be India in T1_EMP and if data is
coming from S4_EMP then location should be Mexico
2. Empid values are different in both source tables. Means there is no duplicate Empid in either
source table and all the values of Empid are different in both of the tables
3. Whenever Designation or salary or both change in any of source then it should update in target
as per SCD-2 rule (means we want current as well as historical data in target).
Rules to implement SCD-2 as per client requirement:
a. When we insert a new record into target then StartDate should be current date and End date
should be Null and Flag=I
b. When we update a record then End date should be current date and Flag=U
c. when we delete any record from source table then it should be logically deleted from target
with Flag=D

Mapping names:



Session names:

s_ m_s2_emp

s_ m_s4_emp

Create a worklet named wklt_emp and link these two sessions to run in parallel.

Create a workflow named wkfl_tgt and link wklt_emp worklet to the workflow.

Schedule the workflow to run on every Saturday at 11 PM