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1. What is the difference between system software and application software?

2. What is the difference between compiler and interpreter? [2M]
3. Find the eight-bit two's complement of -42. [1M]
4. Convert 1 Kilobyte into bits. [1M]
5. The following message is encoded in 7-bit ASCII code. Decode this message. [2M]
1001001 1001001 1010011 1001010 73 73 83 67 IISC
6. What is the difference between PROM and EEPROM? [2M]
7. Convert the octal number 536 to its binary and hexadecimal equivalent. [1M]
8. Convert the following hexadecimal numbers to equivalent binary and decimal:
i. F4
ii. AC
9. What are the two techniques by which the operating system manages devices? [2M]
10. Explain timesharing and real time operating system. [2M]
11. How are microprocessors classified based on the architecture? [2M]
12. What is cache memory? What are the two types of cache memory? [2M]
13. What are the main types of storage media? Give an example for each. [2M]
14. Name any two ports and give an example of a device that can be connected to
each. [2M]