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The research done developed the basic communication skills such as

listening, speaking, reading and writing; the same as within comprehension and
oral expression competence are skills that teacher training have to have when
they graduate and practice teaching, just like that, they communicate properly
with their students to help learning. In this regard, the main objective was design
and apply a Reading program from argumentative and lyrical texts based on the
Intercutural, Reflexive - Critical and Competence Approaches to improve the Oral
expression in Spanish from teacher training students; this program was worked
taking into account Inductive, Deductive, Analytical, Holistic – Dialectical and
Systematic – Structural methods. These helped us to understand fully the issue,
the purpose and the scope action, therefore considerable improvements were
obtained at the end of the research and the main conclusión was the
implementation of strategies such as discussion, declamation, narration, speech
and so on after a consistent reading from narrative, argumentative and lyrical
texts; therefore these motivated and improved the lexical level, comprehension,
oral expression and written production; especially if executed with interactive
activities as recitation, declamation speech, narration and interactive reading; so
these contributed in the Communicative Competence achievement that all
bilingual student from education have to have in order to teach and stimulate the
learning from critical – reflexive point of view due language is an effective tool for
internalize and spread the culture as well as getting knowledges under a quality
framework in Intercultural Bilingual Education.

Palabras claves: artículo científico – expresión oral – teacher training

formación docente –IBE(Intercultural Bilingual Education) EIB – programa –

habilidades – competencia.

is an effective instrument for internalizing and disseminating culture as well as acquiring

knowledge. in the framework of a quality Bilingual Intercultural Education.

Keywords: scientific article - oral expression - teacher training - IBE - program - skills -