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The group went to the Office of the City Prosecutor at the Makati City Hall, particularly to
the office of Assistant City Prosecutor Bernard R. Rosario, to inquire about the most recent
criminal cases he handled. He told us the story of AAA who filed a complainant for rape against
her own father BBB. He also discussed to us the pieces of evidence he gathered in order to build
his case and prosecute BBB. Since we were not allowed to get a copy of the Record for reasons of
confidentiality, the group instead drafted the attached the Information and other necessary
documents based on the details gathered from the interview.


AAA, 20 years old, is a call center agent currently working in Makati. She hails from Bicol
where the rest of her family members, including her father BBB, are residing. On 12 January 2018,
BBB visited AAA in her condominium unit in Dela Rosa St., where he raped her by inserting his
finger in her vagina. Apparently, this has been going on even when AAA was still 17 years old.
On 17 January 2018, BBB heard rumors that AAA already has a boyfriend. Feeling jealous, he
harshly grabbed AAA by the shoulders and threatened that he will burn her if she indeed has a
boyfriend. AAA suffered contusions as a result.

Having had enough, on 20 January, 2018, she went with her co-worker to the Makati City
Women and Children Protection Desk to seek help and did not go back to the condominium unit
anymore. On 21 January 2018, AAA practically begged the head of security not to let her father
in because he will definitely rape her once he finds her. Indeed, upon learning about what AAA
did, BBB proceeded to her workplace that same day at six in the evening. When the security guard
on duty refused to let him in, BBB remained persistent and even voluntarily handed over his mobile
phone in order to prove that he is AAA’s father. The security guard informed the head of security
that BBB was at the entrance. When the head of security confirmed BBB’s identity, he proceeded
to arrest him, acting upon the personal knowledge of AAA that BBB is attempting to rape her.
Moreover, it was found out that BBB’s mobile phone contained two videos of AAA: one while he
was inserting his finger into her vagina and another while she was taking a bath.

Thereafter, AAA filed a complaint-affidavit against BBB charging him with the crimes of
(1) rape by sexual assault, (2) slight physical injuries; and (3) two counts of voyeurism. BBB asked
for a preliminary investigation and signed a waiver of the provisions of Article 125 of the Revised
Penal Code, in the presence of his counsel.
After hearing both parties and reading the affidavits of other witnesses and the medical
reports during preliminary investigation, the prosecutor prepared a resolution finding that there is
reasonable ground to believe that the crimes charged have been committed based on the attached
pieces of evidence:

a. AAA’s complaint-affidavit;
b. Affidavit of AAA’s mother;
c. Affidavit of AAA’s other relatives;
d. Affidavit of the head of security;
e. Medical report of AAA’s contusions; and
f. Mobile phone.

Eventually, the prosecutor filed an Information before the Court charging BBB with the
crimes of (1) rape by sexual assault, (2) slight physical injuries; and (3) two counts of voyeurism.




1. AAA’s Complaint-Affidavit

2. Affidavit of AAA’s Mother

3. Affidavit of AAA’s Relatives

4. Affidavit of the Head of Security

5. Medical Report of AAA’s Contusions

CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE (will attach the actual certificate)