Love Bites: Kiss of the Purple Dragon

By Coco D’Amico

“Are you going to eat that?”
“No. Go ahead and eat it, why would I want my ass as big as Brazil.” Diva
examined her blood red nails, thought best not to pick a fight with her hired help and best
friend ... too late.
“Oh calm down, Diva it’s not like you need another donut hanging around the
place tempting you, right?” Amber giggled knowing damn well that her friend had a
tough time resisting the Krispy Kremes she brought every Friday.
Diva stared at the white box, really who gave a rat’s ass about her ass anyway. It’s
not as if anyone looked lately, oh if you count old man Tindall, or was that his usual
drooling self? She didn’t know, hell he was older than the pyramids. Oh how she wished
someone would take a glimpse, she was horny and donuts were not cutting it! She was
depressing to be around and nothing seemed to pull her ass out the funk she was feeling.
And to top this off was that every Friday the woman from hell that she called “Mom”
would sure ‘nough be on time. And, every bit the pain in the ass she loved to be, but then
again Diva fought back and threatened to lock up the beauty shop she owned and her
mom would have to go down the road to the old fart she despised to ‘set’ her hair. Her
mother hated anyone touching her locks but Diva. Her only daughter had no choice in the
matter to please this woman.

She sure hated every bit of this day, for one her mother would be on that horrid
florescent green Vespa. And she’d be the only crazy woman wearing a dress and flowered
hat that coordinated with the two-wheeled ogre.
“Hey Diva come here, look at this nice hunk of a man in tight jeans,” Amber
fanned herself with a donut and salivated as she peeped out the leopard draped window.
“Wonder who he is? Never seen him around here before, have you?” Amber
nudged Diva and puffed out her chest, adjusted the “girls,” and made way toward the
Diva reached out and grabbed Amber’s sleeve, “look at that,” she pointed, “do
you see his arm?” They both stared in awe over the scrumptious eye-candy, with a dragon
that covered most of his arm. The dragon’s tail ended right at his elbow. The magnificent
dragon was a deep rich purple with piercing yellow eyes. The owner of the dragon,
clearly magnificent in his own right, flexed his biceps again as if knowing the two
women were very entranced by his dragon.
Without another word, Amber bolted to the door.
“Hold on a damn minute horny-girl, get your ass back to your station, remember
your appointment with Mrs. Rogers, she’ll be right on time and don’t use such a bluish
rinse on her this time – it scares Mr. Rogers to death. After all I’m the one who has to
hear about it because you won’t answer your cell phone when he calls you to complain
about it!”
This man is really too hot to walk the planet! Diva’s thoughts interrupted by an
annoying voice.

“You’re such a bitch, Diva, you know that?” Amber tossed the remains of the
chewed donut on the coffee table.
“Yes I do, thank you very much!” Diva closed the leopard drape and made her
way toward the front desk to make sure they had enough change for the day. Diva
wondered whom the fine-assed man was ... She heard a motorcycle rev up; she knew the
Harley-Davidson pipes made a distinct sound like saying sweetly: Potato, potato. She
loved that sexy sound! Oh my, to ride on that ... and him ... she smiled secretly to herself.
Diva’s mother, Dina had her share of boyfriends who rode Harley’s back when
she was growing up. She found them to be the ultimate turn-on, yep she would blame her
mother for all these naughty thoughts she was having about a man on a Harley when she
should be counting in the money and hoping she was in the “green” this week.
Diva felt one last tingle in her privates and smiled again hoping this gorgeous man
lived in town and wasn’t just passing through heading to a biker rally or some place and
she’d never see him again. She thought best to put her horny thoughts aside and make
some more coffee before her mother showed up with one of her large thermos’s in hand
demanding her coffee was “fresh” – this meaning not over five minutes old! Damn
woman who gave me birth!
Too late, here was the woman who managed to get pregnant against all odds –
meaning her oddities – and birth the great Diva.
“Hello!” she stormed through the door like a bull ready to fight and ready for
some fresh coffee. “Am I the only one here? Am I going to hold this thermos with no
coffee in it forever?”
Diva wanted to take her shears, which were in her drawer, and stab herself.

Biker grinned and flexed his dragon, after taking off his black leather jacket. After
all, he had to give the horny women what they wanted. He felt the women staring out the
window of the salon that was located across the street from his business. He could almost
feel their rapid breathing over his body and being a vampire, he had great senses. He had
been pissed at first about the whole vampire thing, but after a hundred years, well, hell he
was use to it and made the most of his advantages towards the mortals lusting after him.
He saw that the curtain closed at the salon and proceeded to strip off his leather
chaps. Not that he needed protection from the elements outdoors, he just like how cool he
looked. He looked up at the sky and thanked the weather gods for a great day to ride his
Harley into work. Not that he needed to work, but nonetheless he had to check on his
business every once and a while.
It was a cloudy day, so therefore he was in luck on this autumn day, to ride his
Harley Fatboy. He loved the outdoor air, sometimes he’d just ride around the curving
roads until his hunger reminded him that blood was needed, then he’d pull over, find a
person camping or a small animal and feed, and off again he rode. Since his vision was
superb day or night, it was no problem when he rose from his slumber to find a great
meal. He’d hop on the Fatboy and ride till dawn.
He remembered when he appeared at one biker rally out in west Texas on foot and
asked a man, that had a stand set up selling chrome and other accessories for
motorcycles, if he knew someone who wouldn’t mind teaching him how to ride a
motorcycle when the sun went down. He’d always been more comfortable in the night
hours than in the day time and this was long before that fateful night.

Biker, since this is what he called himself, after he saw his first Indian motorcycle
out in the desserts of Australia. He fell madly in love with the metal machine and the idea
of a cool name change. His real name was Allesandro Franco del Fabricio born in Italy,
but made in Texas, a small town along the Rio Grande.
He was fluent in Italian and Spanish, he made it a point to learn the Spanish
language in order to get the hell outta the small town – drove him mad to be cooped up
and nothing to do, thing sure did change for Biker.
The bald burley guy just had one thing to ask Biker, “What the hell are you on?
And who in their right mind wanna learn to ride in the fuckin’ dark, dude?” All while
chomping down on a cigar that looked as nasty as he did.
His new friend named Bud took every last penny Biker offered him to teach him
motorcycle lessons. And dressing authentically was important, so Biker coaxed Bud with
a little more green to teach him that, too.
After one night into dawn on the bikes, Bud decided to take Biker to the local bar
just outside of the small, littered with tumbleweed town and buy his new friend a beer.
After all night of drinking his ass off Biker felt pretty brave and decided he was
invincible and took the motorcycle for a spin back into town. He sped off and he saw Bud
through his rearview mirror shaking his head saying, “what a dumb fuck, he’ll be lucky
to turn that corner and live to tell about it, stupid asshole owes me another hundred
Biker ignored everything around him and sped off faster.
Biker failed to stop when the large deer jumped in front of the small motorcycle.
Deer won by a long slide and Biker ended up in a big fat ditch.

When Biker came to and noticed no deer or his motorcycle, which was mangled
and destroyed, all he noticed were a gorgeous brunette and her red lips coming down
right onto his neck. After this Biker knew nothing of what happened that night except
now he was fuckin’ craving blood!
From that day forward he knew he was different and knew that his life would
change, he just didn’t realize it would change for the better, because before this happened
he was a big loser with nothing to offer. I am invincible now.
Being a new vampire he knew nothing of “thinking” himself to other areas of the
world in a second of a thought. Oh, he mastered it all right and then some! Wonder what
the girls in the salon would think if I just popped in there for a hair trim and a meal? He
grinned wickedly to himself and thought best to wait on the delicious morsels waiting for
him across the street.
Biker signed and snapped his saddlebags shut after stuffing his leathers in one of
the bags. He knew it seemed ridiculous at times to go through the motions of mundane
trivial things humans do, like put things up and lock them in their cars, or in his case
saddlebags, but he amused himself and his partner Blaze, the werewolf asshole he called
a friend and asshole, of course. He hoped Blaze was up for a fight later on – he wanted to
kick some ass – werewolf ass! Just for the hell of it, of course ... possible boredom,
He thought best to get indoors before the clouds broke, if it came to that, he didn’t
really feel like catching fire in the middle of downtown, this would be odd for others to

Biker walked into the front door and noticed a few people staring at the man
behind the counter, funny he didn’t see anything wrong with Blaze, but then again he was
used to seeing Blaze “hairy.”
Blaze, werewolf a bit on the hairy side, but pretty darn handsome, so Blaze
thought. What’s wrong with a little hair here and there? Some women love a hairy back
and nice thick chops and beard, especially the woman at the biker rallies.
Biker spoke to Blaze through his mind: “what the fuck are you doing to these
people? Trance or what, or did you bite them – it’s too early for this shit, asshole!”
Blaze didn’t need to look up at Biker, he merely answered the same way: “no,
didn’t bite yet, I think they’re staring at the handsome sight in front of them.”
“Knock your shit off and leave the folks alone. Want to make some money for that
new Hog, or don’t ya, up to you asshole, but let them alone, for now.”
“Fine, for now ...” Blaze continued with the first person, he wasn’t too fond of
the bastard anyway always coming in to the shop with stupid ass questions any moron
would know.
Biker noticed one girl, maybe only just twenty-one, but still a nice little snack
she’d make, and proceeded toward her. He felt his fangs against his tongue and the urge
was strong.

Biker led his little morsel to his office, which was located toward the back, as far
away from doors or windows just in case the sun came out and wouldn’t burn him to a
crisp while conversing with customers.
“What seems to be the problem today? Please sit down.”
The sexy kitten stood in awe, but Biker was used to this and this amused him each time.
She stumbled in her pink stilettos and eventually found the leather chair to sit in. All the
while mesmerized and enchanted by the man she’d noticed a long time ago.
“Yes, sir, uh my father’s computer won’t boot up or nothing. It’s like it’s uh, not
responding to anything he does to it, and uh …
Biker rolled his eyes, and then turned to look at the young girl. He thought best not to
drink from this one for the “uh’s” she kept saying were too much to bear.
“Uh …shit, stupid bitch! “I mean, does your father run a business with this
computer you speak of? Or, is this a home computer?” Biker wanted so much to just
screw the bitch here or slap the “uh’s” right outta her. Either way he was sexually
frustrated and pissed off. Wasting his time really pissed him off. He rubbed his chiseled
chin, “bring your father’s motherboard into the store and Blaze will fix it up for you,
okay?” He waited for the glazed look in her eyes to pass … and waited.
He snapped his finger in front of her. After all these years I still know how to shut a
woman up even without trying. The girl sat up straight and ran her fingers through her
blonde hair, “uh, sure okay, sir, uh Mr. uh, what was it again?” Biker knew he had to put
this one out of her misery soon.

Diva wanted so much to just leave and have her mother suffer another bad hair
day, but looking at the woman she knew that her mother needed help and fast. She tried
to persuade Amber to do it for her, but was met with, “hell no, she’s your mother. Besides
I have Mr. Nasty-Man Tindall’s nostril hairs to trim – and that’ll take at least until
lunchtime.” Amber then proceeded to eat the donut that she threw on the table earlier.
Diva really wanted her day to get better, but it was beginning to look as if it
would end up being hell on earth. Just great, like I wanted my Friday to go this way,
maybe someone would come in and I could shave their head bald and like it! Grabbing
her mother’s favorite pink sponge rollers, she proceeded to doll up her mother – yippy
this was fun now. She wanted to stuff one of the rollers into Amber’s mouth in place of
that donut she was inhaling. I hate that bitch! She really didn’t hate her, just today. She
took a deep breath and waited for her mother to sit down.
“What’s with the huffing and puffing, girl?” her mother asked before plopping
down on the cushioned chair.
Diva looked into the large mirror, her reflection she hated at the time. She didn’t
know what happened to her. She used to be so carefree and anything would just flow off
her shoulders, but now even the slightest comment, especially from her mother, would
send her over the edge. What in the hell is wrong with me? Oh, yea, I know: I need a big
bulging man to satisfy me! To take me away from all this crap! Seriously, she did not
know what was wrong with her. She had everything: her own salon, car, bank account
that was usually flowing with some cash to buy the latest pair of three-inch heels that
made no sense to wear to work, and her Victorian house on the edge of town. So, with all

this good fortune she really knew it was that one thing about satisfying her needs as a
woman. Damnit she just had to get out of this small town!
Her mother cleared her throat. “Diva darling you are pissing me off, would you
put the damn rollers in, I need to go down to grocery store, I hear the new bag boy is
Diva wanted to throw up the Krispy Kreme on her mother’s head.
Amber was snorting over at her station, twirling around in her chair waiting on
her dirty old man patron to arrive.
Diva felt her blood boil.
The door chimed and in walked an eye candy that was so delicious it would take a week
to eat it all!
“Hey girls, anyone here wanna cut my hair?”

Diva’s mother rose to the occasion without any hesitation, “I’ll do it!”
“Back off horny-mother,” Diva managed to whisper into her mother’s ear.
Biker found this hilarious: If only they knew I could hear them …
Vampires weren’t known for their sense of humor, but the older woman was some sight
to see even the devil himself would shit a brick from laughter. He thought best to keep a
straight face and act cool. He sat his fine self down in an empty chair and waited. He
cocked his head to the side and winked at the old woman, who was still arguing with the
sexy woman he’d like to do wicked things to. He didn’t care for the scissors she was
holding on to. She looked as if she could do some serious cutting with those.
Diva shoved her mother down on the chair and walked toward the gorgeous man.
Amber rose to the occasion and nearly ran into Diva, both trying not to act too eager,
after all a gal has to maintain some type of restraint, but with their vagina’s having a mind
of their own in this salon – damn it was hard!
This guy just had no idea what he was doing to them!
Just as Diva stepped behind the chair, Amber bumped her with her hip, “outta the way, I
got him.” Amber would feel the wrath of Diva before closing time!
“So, what’s your name gorgeous?” Amber started running her fingers through the
luscious black locks. To her it felt as if Willy Wonka himself poured luscious dark
chocolate over the man’s head just for her to feel it. She was in total bliss and didn’t hear
a thing the hunk said. Amber opened her eyes and felt somewhat embarrassed that one
hand was on his head, the other roaming around the top part of her body. Oh, Diva will
be pissed, oh well, she snoozed she lost! “What was that again, gorgeous?”

“Just a little off the top and don’t touch the sideburns – want them to grow out a
bit more, got that?” Biker didn’t feel like debating anything about his hair or sideburns
with this sex freak, but wouldn’t have minded so much if the other one had taken over.
Seemed like a tug of war of estrogen around this salon. He knew one was dominant and
really didn’t think it was this one who was having an orgasm over the back of his chair.
He needed to find out more about the one called Diva. He rather liked that name. The
name in itself was somewhat sexual to him.
Diva went back to her station and tried to finish her mother’s hair so the woman
would leave the salon and go make someone else’s life a living hell for today. But, she
could not take her eyes off the purple dragon on his arm. It some how drew her into its
own life and she was fascinated by everything about it ... the person that owned it was in
a league of his own and something about seeing him once before just gnawed at her very
She snapped out of it just in time to decide that she would not let Amber
triumphed over this one! She clicked her heels loudly and pulled Amber’s red locks.
“Oh no you don’t.”
“What the hell!” Amber’s head swung back. Diva would not let go and led her to
the break room.
“What the hell, Diva, are you totally insane I was just about to—”
Diva did not let her finish defending her horny self.
“I am the boss, right?” She held up one finger to silence any opposition from her
nemesis. “Right, so that being I call dibs on this guy, besides you have Mr. dirty old man
coming in soon, so deal with that! I’ve got a hunk to do.” Diva left Amber with her

mouth open. Diva should have stuffed a donut in there while she was telling her off.
Damn all the good ideas come after I’ve won an argument.

“My dear child did you accomplish anything Daddy asked of you today, my sweet
pet?” The vampire felt his daughter’s neck and thought about biting it for a moment’s
pleasure, but maybe later. Right now he just wanted to know if his daughter did anything
right, sometimes he wondered where his daughter inherited her stupidity, sure wasn’t
from him. He had perfect vampire genes.
He continued walking slowly around his daughter, who sat there as if
dumbfounded by questions. He only asked her of one and it proved to be too hard for her
to answer. Any answer was sure to get her bitten or worse if Daddy was in a terrible
mood. He grew tired over the centuries of hunting numerous bloodlines and this latest
one would be such a pain in his old vampire ass. His father before him made the mistake
of turning anyone, everyone without moments thought, and now he’d have to kill
Allesandro Franco del Fabricio because this is what his destiny called for. What the hell,
nothing else to do in the small boring ass town he’d been hiding in for a very long time,
just waiting...

“Come sta?” Biker waited to see if this vixen understood him. He started to
think no because of the glassed look she possessed. His reflection in the mirror was a bit
fuzzy for her, he was sure of it, but she or the other one didn’t seem to notice whatsoever.
This was fantastic, for he didn’t want to explain this to them. He would slip into their

minds and wipe whatever ‘weirdness’ he left behind: things they just couldn’t explain or
This side of being a vampire pissed him off. He grew tired of mind control, he
just wanted to be a normal biker guy and ride his Harley in the daylight without bursting
into flames. This would matter if he ever wanted a serious woman in his life. Funny how
he never really thought about this until now, he actually cared if this woman liked him.
What the hell is that all about? He knew this one was different. He liked this feeling
though and wondered if she ever rode a motorcycle. He’d love to find out what made her
mouth water, he hoped it was him and from how they fought over him just now he knew
there was something – hope it wasn’t just his tattoo, but Dragon knew how to get the
ladies all hot and bothered, he too loved his dragon.
A nice gift from when he turned. One day he was mortal next night he had sharp
teeth, thirst for blood and a kick ass dragon. Biker sensed a warm and fuzzy coming over
him. What the hell!?
“Bene grazie.” The words were smooth and came out soft and sensual.

Biker was a little shocked that she knew what he said. What, all women are
dumb? What the hell, hey Blaze for shit’s sake get the fuck outta my head, dude! I’m
fuckin’ busy, what do you want?
Silence. Then, Biker’s phone vibrated, text message from Blaze.
“Would you excuse me for a second?” He started to get up but stopped by a pair
of long red nails.
“Do you want the hair cut or not? We are busy and you’ve taken up a lot of our
time, see that, more customers’ waiting on us to serve them, so what’ll it be, mister?”
Diva didn’t really know what came over her, it was like she didn’t want him to go, but at
the same time was pissed at him and she didn’t even know him! She really wanted to just
get a quickie in the back room not get rid of him. Don’t leave Mr. Hunk!
Biker stared at Diva for a moment and arched an eyebrow, then decided he’d
better go, but slipping into her mind was tempting, but at the same time didn’t want to
spoil any surprises in that gorgeous mind of hers. He felt Blaze try to read him, nasty
asshole friend and being that Blaze was half vampire half wolf and whatever freaks out
there – that was in Blaze’s blood, he could in fact read his thoughts when he had his
guard down, like now. He’d been at the salon way too long and she did have a point, not
that he should care, dammit he wanted a nice trim, but he’d return and maybe get this
Diva’s phone number. He didn’t like the tone she set though and when he thought more
about this, it did bother him. He knew Blaze wouldn’t give a crap about him being over
here and she did seem different from when he walked in, well hell maybe it was just
women in general ... he never could figure them out even when he was mortal, less now.

He stood and all eyes were on him, he didn’t mind, he was use to it now. He stared into
her gorgeous golden eyes for a moment and found a vibrant soul, but some sadness, too.
He definitely wanted this woman for himself.
He tossed a hundred dollar bill on the counter, “for you time. Ciao bella.” Biker
headed out the door.
Diva’s mother was having a big fat cow at this point, “oh Mister don’t leave now,
we were going to play a nice game of guessing everyone’s fantasy’s and you gorgeous
thing were first on the list, so how ‘bout it, huh?” Diva’s mother held out her plump hand
for Biker to kiss or lick (she hoped the latter), but he was a gentleman and kissed it
“You have a beautiful daughter, you should be proud,” Biker winked at her and
turned to stare at Diva who still had the scissors in her hand, she never let them go for
some reason, never relaxed. She’ll relax with me ... over and over for certain.
Diva’s mother blushed. Amber was still pissed off, she stood there by the break
room door the whole time seething with anger, and she wanted the yummy morsel for her
Diva yearned to be near him and his mesmerizing tattoo and hoped he’d come
back soon as he promised. She felt aggravated with him before, but at the same time
wanted to close up shop and hold him up in her salon as a sex slave, what the hell was
that all about? All the emotions, and yet when she looked into his soothing brown eyes
she was lost inside him as if her whole world stopped just for her to study his face. That
dragon was something she wanted to caress, but if she started feeling him off, he may
have thought her to be some kind of nymphomaniac, but that wasn’t her that was Amber.

She figured she best snap out of whatever trance he put her in and get to work and she
dreaded having to kick her mother’s butt out of the salon pretty soon. She had enough of
that woman already!

Biker high-tailed it out of the salon and ran across the street, stroked his Harley,
which was now cool to the touch since it hadn’t been ridden a few hours, he’d have to
change that soon. He hated cutting his visit short with all the women, but with any luck,
maybe later on in the week he’d try again. Patience he had, his dick had no patience,
he’d get his frustrations out on the bike, riding down the dark curving roads till dawn, and
this would satisfy for the hunger that Diva brought out in him. He kept thinking of the
dark red nails digging into his back while he drove her to ecstasy. Something I can look
forward to, now this was going to be a great ride.
Biker swung open the door to find Blaze staring at his computer and wouldn’t
blink or acknowledge that he was even back in the store.
“What the crap, dude? You text and said it was urgent, matter of life and my
death, what the fuck is that about, my death?
Blaze held up a hairy hand, “hey man, we got a serious problem and it’s not going
away any time soon, but I think if I kill this bitch we can eliminate one problem here and
then you can live your life and ride around like an idiot till the end of time.”
Biker wanted to bash his best friend’s furry head into the wall, but then he’d get
nowhere doing that. Of course, he could get him drunk off his ass and shave his head as
he did one time when he pissed him off for taking his Harley in the middle of the day
only to return it dented where Blaze suddenly stopped and dropped the bike going

seventy miles an hour. Biker grew angrier by the minute. He hated when Blaze was so
“Okay, if you would sit down for a minute and not stare down at me, you make
me nervous to the point I can’t concentrate, and you know what that does to me.” Blaze
kept staring back into the computer avoiding eye contact with a mean looking vampire
whose eyes were turning a light color red – not a good sign for wolf-boy.
Biker sat slowly, “show me the damn problem, obviously it’s in front of your ugly
face. He reached for the computer screen only to be met with Blaze’s long fingernails.
“Don’t touch my screen, dick head, I mean it, Biker.”
The two friends turned on each other. One fought with teeth the other with teeth
and long nails. Finally, Biker took out his large knife that he hid in his black biker boots
and threw Blaze against the wall. “Tell me what the fuck is going on, now!”
Blaze nodded, “okay, man just let me finish my order on Ebay. I found these great
set of Looney Tune mugs, hey they are hard to come by, dude.”
Biker wanted to cut the asshole from his asshole to his head.
“Hey, remember that blonde hair bitch that came in the shop today, I set up an
appointment with her and her stupid computer?” Blaze waited for Mr. Red Eyes to calm
down and turn his eyes back to the normal dark brown.
“Yea, what the fuck then?” Biker could care less and wanted to get the hell out of
this room with this freak.
“Well, you didn’t bother to read her mind or anything? If not you’re stupid.”
Blaze waited for the red “Okay, then well, she looks awfully familiar like

we’ve seen her some place before and it wasn’t a good vibe I got from her today, what do
you think?”
“What I think is that you’re the dumb ass here and you should have asked her for
more information or how about ‘where ya from, bitch’ or ‘did we fuck out in the middle
of nowhere on my Harley’ because I can’t remember from one day to the next.’ Would
that have worked for you, jackass?” Biker was so pissed and tired of dealing with
Wolverine and wanted to go home.
Ignoring his grouchy vampire friend Blaze thought maybe he’d wait until he had
that appointment with the blonde-haired woman, but thought something was up, had that
one hair on his back stand up and he didn’t like the feeling of it all. What the hell, he’d
fuck her ‘till she told him what her deal was, he wouldn’t mind, it was all in a day’s work.

As soon as Biker started to think of Blaze as a bad-ass wolf/vampire equal to his
own and called him ‘friend,’ he redeemed himself as a total freak of nature and above all
else he didn’t think Blaze could surprise him more than he just did with his Ebay order.
Biker rubbed his temples and helped his friend up, “you know Blaze sometimes
you do the weirdness shit and I just can’t understand you. You really ordered these
glasses you tried to kill me over? I really don’t know you, man.” Biker was ready to call
it a day, or ‘work day’ since they didn’t run their store in normal day hours, but
nonetheless he was ready to ride and ride he would. He really didn’t have the urge to
feed, he just wanted the breeze in his hair, then head to his sanctuary where he’d most
likely fantasize about that morsel from the salon he had the pleasure of scoping out
earlier. He felt his groin harden at the very thought of her underneath him begging for
him to drive into her until she burst. He grinned and thought soon he’d do that.

It was 7:45 pm and Diva was so ready to get the hell outta her salon, she’d had
enough of her mother’s crap and Amber’s, especially fighting over a complete stranger!
All she wanted was a nice hot bath. She’d soak to her heart’s content and then drown
herself in dark chocolate she had in her pantry. She thought of a fabulous plan just as
Amber was tidying up her station to leave for the evening. “Hey, Amber, you open
tomorrow and close up because I’m taking my ass off tomorrow and since I’m your boss
you have to do what I say.”
Amber’s face turned beet red, oh she was pissed off and after ruining her chances
with the hunk, she was really annoyed with her ‘boss’ and best friend.

“Well, then if you want me to open and close the salon, I want a raise, how about
that Miss Smarty Horny Pants, huh?” Amber tapped her high-heels on her rubber matt.
“Listen Amber, I’m really not in the mood to do this right now. I’m really tired
and Mom wore me out totally more so than every other day, so please be my pal and do
this for me.” Girl, I will fire your big butt friend or not!
Amber could sense her friend was in need of some wild sex and thought about
helping her out, because she knew if it were up to Diva she’d play in safe and never get
laid again for the rest of her life. “Okay, well, I do this for you and you come with me
tonight to the Twist & Twirl we may find us a couple of lonely bikers that just want a
little something for the road.” Amber winked and rubbed her hands together.
“No.” Diva was fast to answer and it even surprised her. She really didn’t want
anything to do with bikers right now, guess it was the good-looking biker’s fault that
waltzed in here with his fine butt and flashed that grand tattoo about. She had to stop
thinking of him if she were going to relax – he had her so wound up! I hate you, biker
guy whatever your damn name is!
After about thirty minutes arguing with Amber she was so flustered she barley
had the energy to drive herself home to the edge of town. Oh how she loved her little
Victorian style home. It had been a great find and every time some passerby came
banging on the door to see if she’d sell it, it made her that much more reluctant to ever
give it up. And since there was no man or children foreseen in the near future, well, she’d
stay here forever, it was better than the alternative: Living the rest of her life with her
mother. She would rather go out to the back pond area and drown herself in two feet of
water while the goldfish watched in horror.

She wanted to say, “Honey, I’m home!” like Cat woman did in Batman and she’d
have the same response, “oh yea, I’m not married.” Then she’d drown her depressing
pitiful self in Oreo’s and milk. She just remembered she had not eaten only that stupid
donut with no kind of nutrition whatsoever and felt a pang of guilt that she did that today,
but vowed to do better tomorrow on her day off. She started planning out her day and it
was a Saturday so hell she could have endless things to do. She was so giddy she didn’t
notice her kitchen window open. “What the hell?”
She went toward the cracked window, it was adjured just enough for a small body
to crawl into. She winced at the thought of whose “small body” had entered her humble
cottage. She peeked around the sink and didn’t notice any fur or anything to indicate a
visitor of creature form and shrugged her shoulders. She wanted something to eat. She
was famished and thought about a nice huge burger, no one was watching her figure so
why should she. But, she was so looking forward to that bath in her claw-foot tub and
eating herself into oblivion on dark chocolates. Life was good after all.
After grabbing a slice of cheese and piece of bread from her breadbox, she
decided to head up the small steps that led to her bathroom and soak for about an hour or
so then decided what she’d fix for dinner.
She started out of the kitchen with half a sandwich hanging out of her mouth and
decided best to lock her back door and window…funny how the unlocked window didn’t
really have her worried, she guessed she was just too exhausted to care tonight. She
grabbed her oversized tee shirt dress and started her lavender scented bubbles and away
she’s slip into la-la bath land with her cheese sandwich.

As she was swallowing her last bite she nearly choked on it for who was staring at
her really scared the living hell out of her. How in the world did you get in my house?

The cat, covered in black fur except for white paws, which looked like they were
dipped in white frosting, did not blink for what seemed an eternity. Then again, cats
could stare down a dead person. It sat there like it owned the place, the audacity it
obtained aggravated Diva a bit, it was her bathroom that she was held hostage. She felt
that way and didn’t appreciate this one bit, dammit she wanted to relax! Now she’d have
to figure out what to do with it: keep it, since it acted like it lived here; send its big furry
butt packing; find its owner, who by the way had a lot of explaining to do by letting their
feline roam the streets.
What a pain in the ass cat, I wanted some relaxation time, alone not with your
heart-shaped face staring back at me. The nerve!
Okay, she had it. She did not want to get out of her hot bath but didn’t want to be
stared at and she felt as if the animal judged her by the way it didn’t blink and eyes
followed her every movement. The little fur-ball really creep her out. She read
somewhere that this was all a dominance thing, so she’d try it and to see what that did. A
few seconds of that and Diva needed an eye exam.
“So you wanna play it that way, eh?” She thought about splashing water toward
it, but thought that would be cruel – cats did not like water, but she couldn’t very well
pick it up, it might scratch her to pieces. She didn’t know what to do or who to call and
this pissed her off.
Cat still staring...
“Who are you and what do you want? Do you live around here?” Diva felt
ridiculous... then...

“Meow meow.” The cat answered back and licked one front paw then its face as
if getting ready for a night out on the town.
“Oh, well, I don’t speak kitty-cat, but maybe you’re trying to tell me something,
right? Sure wish I spoke cat and knew what ‘meow’ meant right now.”
Diva noticed the charm dangling down around the kitty’s furry neck and dared to
try to get close enough to read it without frightening off the creature. Dripping and half
naked she knelt down while Kitty was still licking paws and face, “oh for pete’s sake, let
me take a looksie, be a good kitty, okay?” She peered at the pink bar & shield Harley
Davidson’s trademark charm and noticed that she’d have to turn it around in order to read
the darn thing, this was not what she wanted to do with a strange cat, and she feared it
would attack her and try to eat her face. “Just great, damn, okay cat I’m going to just try
and grab the little cute charm …”
The cute kitty hissed, baring all white teeth. The cat showed Diva who was boss
and then arched its back; this was bad for one individual, Diva!
Pretty kitty and her hellish attitude sprinted all the way down the stairs and by the
time Diva reached her all she saw was a butt of fur flying out the cracked window in her
“Well, good riddance you devil! And don’t come back or else,” Diva stared out
into the darkness and aside from her small porch light, she couldn’t tell which way the cat
ran, “hope you find your way home, I really do.” Still in her towel and still pretty much
tense from the day, she could think of nothing else but her little visitor. She remembered
having a cat when she was younger Granola Breath was her name. One day she came
home from school, her mother told her the bad news that her cat wanted to have an

adventure. Diva was young, but not stupid. One night after her mother went to bed she
decided she’d snoop around the garage, she just didn’t believe what her mother told her.
Determined to catch her mother in another lie, she found her cat’s collar in her mother’s
basket from her bicycle she rode around town in. She couldn’t believe that her mother
would take her cat anywhere, but knew deep down inside that all things were possible
with a mother like hers.
The next day she confronted her mother about Granola Breath and dangled the
collar in front of her face, “where’s my kitty! She was floored.
“Honey pie, I told you, she wanted an adventure, she told me so herself.”
“Mother, I know cat’s cannot talk, so where’s my kitty?” Diva stomped her Mary
Jane’s at her mother and crossed her arms.
Diva’s mother had to fess up or else she’d never have a good night’s rest again,
ever. “I took her for a ride in my basket to get some kitty treats for her and she flew out
of the basket, I am sorry, Diva. I tried to call for her, but she was nowhere to be found
and I even checked behind the Piggly Wiggly, that’s the truth the whole truth,” she held
up her had as if in court.
Diva was traumatized and vowed first never to get another kitty again and vowed
to never have children, for she feared she’d act just like her mother in her old age. This
was enough to scare even a nine year old to death.
Diva shook her head now all these years later because after all her and her
mother’s relationship had resumed this odd circle, but she guessed this is how some
relationships worked best, in their case, weirdly worked best for them.

Biker reached his circular drive way and just sat there on his Harley, loving how
the bike felt between his thighs and hated to enter the dark, lonely mansion, but knew he
had to feed to avoid feeling like shit later. He kicked out his claw-foot kickstand out
from under the bike and decided he’d leave it parked outside; no one would mess with it
he knew his bad-ass cat would stand guard over it. As soon as his thoughts lingered over
his bad cat, she appeared from behind one of the tall shrubs that lined the pathway.
“Well you little tart where have you been, fucking around I hope.” He grinned
and the cat decided best to let her servant stroke her fur. After all fucking around took a
lot out of her. Tail flicked up and twirled around her vampire and life was grand.
Biker stared at the stars and thought about how many times he had the pleasure of
doing that, he was lucky in a way that most humans would never dream of being, he now
wished he had someone to stare up at them with. He stared down at his favorite pussy
and picked her up ever so gently, “well, my dear gatto let’s call it a night. Are you
hungry?” She purred and stared into his eyes, which meant yes, of course.
They entered the wondrous mansion together, but soon after Kitty wanted out
from the vampire’s arms and headed toward the kitchen. Biker decided he needed his
supper, too and took two steps at a time up the massive staircase. Kitty went one way,
vamp the other; house was large enough not to get into each other’s business – perfect
Biker reached his room, which was filled with large oak furniture that matched all
throughout the large bedroom suite. This bedroom (he had two) was meant for looks
only, if and when he had a lady friend over as his mid-night snack. The ‘real’ bedroom

was down below several feet into the ground … only that special ‘one’ would have that
access, he hoped it was this Diva woman he met today.
He reached in the small black refrigerator and took out a few bottles of delicious
red blood, “bottoms up!”
Biker couldn’t get Diva out of his mind, but actually he didn’t want to, something
about her and that she wasn’t the least bit afraid or intimidated by him, this intrigued him
further. He defiantly knew he wanted her and all to himself, this he could bet on and no
one better not even think of getting in his way; even if they did, all he’d have to do is kill
them, snap of a finger. Dead.
He grinned deviously to himself …
Looking around his room, Biker figured he’d sleep in this room, he didn’t feel
like going underground. He didn’t know for sure, but could bet on it that Kitty would
join him. That cat was something else … he remembered the first day he saw her, the
only thing Blaze, the asshole ever did right: Brought her here to his warm home after
Blaze rescued her from a blazing fire. She was on the verge of death, but Biker fixed her
right up with a little bite on her neck just enough to make her like him, he wanted to
vomit with all the warm and fuzzy feelings enveloping him, “what the fuck?” He
slammed the last bottle of blood down and slid on over to one of the windows.
He could almost feel Diva … he wanted so much to find her, she left a glorious
scent that his nostrils would forever love smelling, seemed as if she was right there, right
under him. His groin grew with every thought of her, “damn that woman!” He looked
down and found Kitty twirling about, purring ever so softly and smelling just like the

woman he wanted to bite and ravish until the end of time. He picked up Kitty and buried
his face into her soft furry tummy.
“Ciao, bella come stai?” He picked up his pussy-cat and his heart melted away at her
scent on his cat’s fur, “ma come?”
If he didn’t know better, he would say that his cat has been with his woman! He
took her with both tanned hands and held her up, “have you been to Diva’s and if I know
you, you have you little vixen. You must show daddy where Diva lives, si?”
Kitty blinked emerald green eyes at her daddy, which meant, ‘yes, I’ll show you
but it’ll cost you.”
“How about you lead me to her and you my furry new friend will get some tuna?”
Kitty’s eyes did not seem to flick with excitement as he had hoped, “oh, no, okay how
about some nice warm blood, eh?”
Kitty’s eyes eliminated with the answer, “Yes …”

Diva thought about some Oreo cookies, but then decided against it, believing
somehow the hunk she wished was lying next to her right now, would hate it if her ass
was as huge as Brazil. She sighed again and decided against the heavenly thought. She
didn’t know why, but her mind kept floating back to the mysterious new friend she made:
The intruder…Cat.
Something told her to keep her eyes out for her new friend and knew she’d come
back to pay a small visit. Diva noticed something else…that her senses were very
apparent to her. She was well in tune with herself since the feline’s surprise visit. She
wondered if by some mystic way her new friend put a spell on her. Then again Diva knew
she was probably just tired and was blowing steam up her own ass on crazy thoughts.
But, she knew cats had a very mysterious way about them so she wouldn’t scratch that
thought out completely.
Diva wondered, am I starting my fucking period again? She did not want that
visitor back for a while; she really must ask her gyno for some pill action to skip that all
together. Diva’s shoulders slumped as she winced about her period. What else could it be
if not that? All the weird ass events with a pussy cat, uninvited no less, cute though. She
tried to forget the days’ events but she didn’t want to forget the hot guy, hell no! If she
couldn’t have him she could at least fantasize about him…a girl must do what she must…
she dazed out a bit on that very sexy thought. She’d probably jump him if she ever saw
him again. She could feel her nipples harden at the very thought of riding his “bike”

She barely made it back to her room where she managed to slip into her flannelnightie, just as she remembered her Oreo…
…She felt a warm touch across her breast, making its way down teasing her tummy, then
below her belly button. She moaned, ‘don’t stop’ as if he were going to. Her back arched
as she felt a sudden wisp of breath against her inner thigh. She really wanted to explode,
but never wanted the feeling of lusciousness to end. Her body was responsive and she
knew her lover appreciated this by his own moans coming from her inner thighs. The
fantasy felt like reality, but more vivid and full of ecstasy that one could only fantasize
about. She wanted to have her lover’s lips all over her body all at once, she grabbed his
head tightly and pressured him into making his way back up to her lips, but all he wanted
to do was ‘live’ between her warm thighs.
…She never wanted him to stop, in her exotic fantasy his lips, hands, harden body would
forever be enthralled all around her for HER pleasure…She felt no remorse on being so
selfish, for this was her fantasy: He was Her dream and as she looked down at his dark
smooth hair, running her fingers through the lusciousness of it all, she felt a tiny bit
selfish, but once her body could not hold its explosive desire she thought, “fuck that!”
She moaned again softly and asked for a little more…of course her lover did as he was
told for he was HERS to do as she wished and demanded.
Just as she was about to ‘demand’ a little more, she felt softness…a touch so soft and
gentle slid across her cheek…
“What the hell…” Diva was face to face with that cat again, she was shocked at
first, but an odd feeling enthralled her. She felt as if Kitty was somehow trying to tell her
something or lead her some place; she just didn’t know if it was one or the other or both.

“Oh fuck!” Diva noticed, as she tried getting up, that the Oreo was half gone and
soggy. Kitty didn’t move one inch, as if owned the damn bed. Diva remembered how cats
were when it came to what they thought was theirs – damn cat! She couldn’t help but
smile at Kitty. Oh how she felt all warm and fuzzy toward the little shit, but cats have a
way of wrapping the weak human around their paws. As she went to pet the fuzzy kitty, it
nipped at her, just like the little demon she was…Cats…Diva’s heart sank a bit thinking
back on her own cat that her evil mother ‘lost’ or whatever.
“Evil woman,” as if the cat understood her, it nodded a bit and blinked twice.
Diva couldn’t help but smile at the feline; she had to admit there was a void filled with
her new ‘friend’ here. Mysterious as it was, she wondered how in the hell it kept getting
in and fucked around with her. She took a deep breath and decided to watch some TV
maybe she’d take her mind off her weird dreams, dreams that she could swear the cat was
controlling. How ludicrous. She knew it was, but each time she looked into the cat’s
mesmerizing eyes, those said different.
She padded out the room into her kitchen, grabbed the bag of Oreos and some
milk for her and her new friend and headed back to see what was good on TV. She knew
some channel would offer up some B movies since it was so close to Halloween. She ate
a few cookies, while being stared at by her new feline friend and decided, “What the hell
crazy cat I guess you could use a little snack too.” Diva placed the milk cap filled with a
little milk on the floor for Kitty. Both were in milk and cookie heaven as Diva finally
found one her favorite movies on a local station hosted by Elvira.
Diva had an overwhelming feeling of being totally content…

And as Biker watched his feline cheat on him with the luscious morsel, he couldn’t help
but feel content also. He rather missed this feeling and wanted to ‘feel’ even more…with
Diva’s help, of course.

“Ciao Bella, so you decided to grace me with your presence after all, eh?” The
vampire was a bit melancholy, was it the book he was reading…perhaps. Biker was
happy to finally have some company. In his huge house it did get rather lonely, even for a
The cat could care less what her vamp was rambling on about, she just wanted
loving pets and some tuna – she was quite famished for her night with a crazy Oreoloving woman.
Biker followed his feline down the grand staircase to the kitchen. Kitty was
practically pointing at the large can of tuna that was so conveniently on the counter.
Being a great vampire-dad, Biker knew to have a peaceful home is to have a can of tuna
ready and waiting. How in the hell did I become a slave to you, cat? Biker smirked as he
got the feast prepared for his cat. Oh, she was in charge and she knew it. He decided he’d
grab a blood-snack from the small fridge that he kept his wine in.
Both were pretty content.

Diva stretched like if she were a cat, it felt so fabulous to have a great night’s
sleep. As soon as she peeked out the window to take a look outside, and to take in the
fall’s fresh air, her mother was already headed into her driveway. Ugh, too damn early,
Mom! She wanted to run and hide, but where? All she wanted was a Saturday off to relax
and chill out maybe do a little shopping for a badass Halloween costume, but now this…
she would have to throw her mother out! Diva giggled to herself at the very thought.
The fantastic erection woke him up…

“Blasted to hell! Fuck.” Biker wanted to kill the next person or living ‘thing’ that gave
him grief in any sort of way. Just as the last thought crossed his horny mind the phone
rang. Cursing the idiot on the other end, “speak!” He continued to rub his crotch.
“Dude, are you awake yet? Am I supposed to go see that chick with the large
breast today or was that something I can put off?” A pause on the other end…
“Hey, you there asshole?” Blaze did not feel like messing with anyone today, so he hoped
Biker could handle the bitch himself, get him the piece of ass later on when his mind was
clear. Full moon and all that bullshit, Blaze just wanted to ‘hunt.’ As he started to ask
again what to do about the blonde, the phone vibrated. The soul on the other end was one
mad man.
“Who’s the asshole, asshole?” Biker’s voice thundered through the receiver, he
didn’t wait for Blaze to answer, after all he was pissed that Blaze called and woke his
vampire ass up…he needed some relief with his hard cock. All he could think of was one
woman who would suffice.
“Why are you calling, fucker when all you have to do is send me a mind fuckin’
read, huh?” Biker lay back down with his kitty, which showed up to ‘comfort’ him.
“Dude, these full moons are kickin’ my hairy ass, I need to get away and do some
running around know what I mean?” Blaze felt his heart pounding. He then felt a few
claws coming out as he continued to talk to Biker, who wasn’t really giving a rat’s ass as
to what he needed.
As Biker laid there wondering why in the vampire-hell he was friends with a
‘mental’ werewolf was beyond him. He couldn’t think straight, he needed some relief
from the overwhelming tightness in his pants, not this shit.

“Blaze, you already know what to do with the bimbo, just take care of this shit
and then you can go run off into the woods or wherever and chase your fuckin’ tail. Work
man, before pleasure, you know the deal.”
Blaze was busy typing out an order form from the office and remembered his
latest find on Ebay. He didn’t want to say anything to Biker he knew he’d have a damn
cow about him being on company time ordering stuff, not that he cared he was half owner
after all, but he needed to run his hairy ass off and feel the wind up his crack and fast!
“Okay, man don’t have a vamp shit-fit, I promise to be a good hairy wolf.” He giggled
and before he could add another colorful comment to his sex-starved vampire buddy, the
other line went dead. Drama queen…Blaze giggled again to himself as he continued to
order set of leopard plates for his kitchen.
“Fucker.” Biker looked down at his cat, “remind me to kick his furry ass, capisci
gatto?” Kitty decided she was full and bored with her vampire so she decided to sashay
out the door on to funnier, better things. Biker grinned to himself and thought, this is the
only damn female who’d get away with walking away from me with this attitude.
Biker needed to get out and feel the breeze. The autumn air felt brisk and clean.
Everything seemed colorful and lush – perfect for taking a ride, which he decided he
would do.

“Darling, are you still in bed? Good-gosh, get up!” Dina screamed as she stormed
in the front door of Diva’s Victorian house. Dina’s hair looked pretty close to Medusa’s
hair-do, as she primped in front of the hall mirror she was just about to let out another
‘holler’ up to her daughter.
“Mother, please stop yelling I can hear you loud and clear – what on earth
happened to your hair?” Diva wanted to burst out laughing, but didn’t want to hurt her
mother’s feelings. “Want some coffee, Mother and there’s a hair brush in that drawer.”
Dina answered with a nod; she was too busy trying to tame the beast on top of her head.
Diva prepared a nice small brunch for her mother and set everything up in the
small, but cozy sitting room. The Victorian had some great features that Diva just loved.
When she found the place it had original furniture and little knick-knacks that made it
that much more unique, so Diva just thought she’d offer the old couple selling it a little
extra so she could keep the flow of the house inviting. As a small coincidence Dina
bought another Victorian across town from the same couple, apparently they had fixed
them up and decided their projects were done and moved on to another small town.
Dina decided the perfect spot for her was sprawled out on the soft pink settee.
Diva thought her mother sure did play the spoiled damsel well. She handed her mother a
cup of coffee in an ornate dainty cup and saucer. “So, what are your plans today,
Mother?” Her mother had stuffed a small morsel in her mouth and threw back a good
shot of coffee before answering. “Well, aside from hunting around the woods for a steppapa for you, I really hadn’t thought too much of it.” She winked at her daughter.

Dina was perfectly serious as she threw back another hefty gulp of delicious cup of joe.
Diva shouldn’t have been shocked at all, but the step-papa comment was a bit surprising.
Doubting her mother was serious she continued to jot down some things she needed for
her Halloween party (she was beginning to wonder if she’d ever get to shopping!) and
thinking of the places that would have a killer costume she could purchase.
She grinned to herself at the very thought of the hunk of man that was in her
dreams lately. She hoped she would spot him around downtown in order to invite him to
her party and his furry friend, if not Amber would bitch the whole time as to why in the
hell he wasn’t invited. She decided she would invite both, the more the merrier, right?
She was anxious to get started shopping.
Halloween was in a few days and she wanted everything to be perfect not like last
year when all hell broke loose. She wouldn’t invite old Man Tindall again, hell no! There
he was, old ass, dirty man trying to French kiss even the damn coat stand! To save the
party Amber took it upon herself to get the crazy fool even more drunk off his ass and
stick him out front to scare off the trick-o-treaters. It worked wonders and the party went
on, even though the next morning Diva ended up with her bra on backwards (she didn’t
ever find out who did that to her) and old man Tindall in the closet with red lipstick on
and a wig – yes, still drunk, and reeked of alcohol and cotton candy. Diva knew damn
well Amber played some part even though she swore up and down all around that she left
the party early with some hunk that happened to ‘walk by.’
Diva sighed, “Mom you want to go shopping today with me?” She held her breath
and hoped to the heavens her mother had some grand excuse to plant a tree or something.

“No, dear, I think I should probably give my garden a good once over, it’s the perfect day
for it.”
Diva let out a sigh of relieve and she was thrilled a day without her mother’s
constant match making at every guy that walked passed her, she could shop in peace.
Woo-hoo! Diva had her plans already twirling in her head.
Diva felt bad that her mother had an ‘untamed beast’ on her head, she decided to
put her pink sponge rollers in her mother’s hair, and wrap her head in a festive Halloween
scarf and send her on her way, ugly ogre vespa and all. As Dina waved to her daughter
she added, “Diva for goodness sake buy something super duper sexy so you can get a
Halloween treat at your party,” she giggled devilishly and winked at Diva one last time
and hopped on her vespa and zoomed down the street.
She knew her mother had a point; she winced at the thought of her mother getting
more ‘nookie’ than her! For heaven’s sake she was the young daughter not some spinster
everyone made her out to be. She wouldn’t let these thoughts go through her head and
ruin her perfect Saturday afternoon shopping spree. She thought about inviting Amber,
but someone had to take care of the salon today since she hadn’t really had a Saturday off
she wanted to enjoy the small luxury. Diva knew of a super cute costume store that year
‘round had anything and everything one would need for every kind of shin-dig and
thought she’d go there first. She really didn’t want to go the neighboring town of
Greystone, it was a bit creepy there and if it got late she’d have to drive back alone and
near the cemetery. She could have sworn that creepy town had ghosts and goblins and
the kind that would come after her with her luck!

Diva decided to pour herself another cup of joe and head to her room to finish
getting dolled up for her shopping day. Without really thinking much of it she noticed
her thoughts going back to her childhood and traveling through Greystone with her
parents. It seemed now that she thought about it every time they went through there she
was the only one that was spooked by the town. Oh, growing up in school someone
would always have a horror story or two about their weekend, whether they had to drive
through there because their parents had to go grocery shopping there they couldn’t find
the right meat or something crazy like that, so they’d have to venture to Greystone.
Another bizarre fact of it all was the damn cemetery that was located as soon as
you drove into town, what the hell were the townsfolk thinking. Put the cemetery on the
side of the town or outskirts, not right when you drive in. There to greet you: DEATH.
Ugh, as she thought more about this creepiness the more scared she got and aside from
that it dawned on her that she lived in an old Victorian house that many have died (she
was sure of it!) What she needed was a cheer me up outing. She decided enough of her
mind roaming all around her head she finished dressing. She wore a festive orange tee
with bling on the front of a black cat and black sleek capris and her favorite high-heeled
pointy black pumps. She looked good enough for someone to ask her out on a date – her
party date!
The autumn Saturday was typical of the season: cloudy, looked like it wanted to
sprinkle but it was struggling to do so, crisp air that cleared your nostrils of the summer
winds and the wonderful burnt orange colors and scents of the season.

Diva jotted down notes to get some things for supper and some things to bake
some pies with; she loved fall, it was her time to bloom. She also noted just how horny
she was…she wondered where the gorgeous hunk was hiding out at. She bolted out the
door and into her black convertible, top down and all – she was on a mission!
Biker decided since the weather was cooperating and he sent Blaze to the ditzy
blonde’s house to fix her issues – whatever they may be – he’d take a ride out to the
neighboring town he usually liked driving through the cemetery knowing damn well he’d
never be ‘laid to rest’ there. He felt a brush next to his leg; his gatto decided she was
feeling amorous today and danced around his ankles for a bit, then wiggled her tail a few
times to tell him she was there and giving attention so you’d better take advantage of it.
“Buongiorno, Bella, come sta?” He petted her tail and placed her ornate bowl down that
was filled with luscious morsels for breakfast. The purring began…
His cell phone rang with the ringtone of Bad Moon Rising, he knew it was Blaze.
“Yeah,” Blade could hear huffing and puffing and then a growl, “hey, wolf-ass and stop
fucking around! Did you get to the blonde’s house? Hey!?” Blade made a mental
vampire-note to beat the wolf hairs off his best friend when he saw him.
“Just a damn minute, I’m almost done, dude!” Blaze counted to ten and then let out a
yelp. “Okay, I’m done now, why can’t you wait until I’m done?” Blaze was irritated by
the constant vamp-grouch of a friend.
“Blaze, tell me what you want and don’t give me any stupid shit, I’m not in the mood. I
haven’t even had a fuckin’ thing to drink yet.” He grabbed a glass bottle from his frig
and took a gulp of the scarlet liquid. Relief…now he could deal with stupid crap and he

didn’t want to ask this jackwad what he was doing because it never fails, it’s usually
something oddly ridiculous for a werewolf. But, here it goes.
“Idiota dannazione, damn idiot do I even want to know what your stupid furry ass
is up to now, you should be working.” Biker waited for Blaze to finish again with his
huffing and puffing. He’d be okay if it was sex his friend was up to, but knowing him too
well, it wasn’t.
“Hey, dude, are you going out for a ride today, sure is nice weather,” one could
actually see the wolf-grin through the cell phone.
Deep frustrating sigh, “no, asshole not yet you want to know why, okay I’ll tell
you, because you decide to call me when I was getting ready to leave. What were you
doing and do I really want to know, fuckin’ weird ass?” More and more he wondered
how Blaze got so freakish.
“Oh, nothing much I was just letting you know I’m heading out to the big breasted
blonde’s house,” Blaze laughed wickedly and with any luck he’d be humping her in no
time! He felt a fang thrust out of his mouth. It was glorious to be a wolf! “I was trying
out my new yoga tape I found on Ebay, it’s awesome dude, wanna try it out?” He waited
for the roar that was coming.
Calmly stated, “no, crazy fuck, I don’t. ‘Click.’ Vampire hangs up on werewolf
and looks forward to kicking his ass outdoors some place just for the hell of it. Vampire
grins ear to handsome ear.
Biker heads out the door after one last pet to his pussy cat, which at the time was
in no mood whatsoever to be loved on, her rules, not the vampire’s.

Diva decided to drive by her salon on the way out to her favorite little boutique.
She left Amber in charge for the day so hopefully nothing would end up a catastrophe.
She loved her best friend, but sometimes all Amber thought about were her latest
conquest or one she was talking about pursuing, down to every detail. Diva thought
about her and giggled, because she did keep things colorful around Hallows Valley, which
could use some color, especially if all they knew is to gossip about old man Tindal and
his escapades. Dirty old man, Diva hoped he wouldn’t ‘crash’ her Halloween party. If he
did she’d have to coax her mother into keeping him company and that would cost her, she
was sure!
Biker recognized the gorgeous locks blowing out the top of the black convertible,
he hardened up quick. Basta! Avrò presto, stupendo. He would have her soon, he must!
Biker cut her off, sped around and parked in front of her salon, he knew that is where she
was headed.
Diva swerved and let out a scream, slammed on her brakes and wanted to kill the
asshole who cut her off! Before she could compose herself, she saw his lucious muscled
body standing in front of her sportscar, the purple dragon tattoo seemed to captivate her
with its yellow eyes glowing. She wanted to murder him and at the same time throw him
on the ground and ride him to Greystone. She was furious, she could have ran him over,
the gorgeous thing was about to get it and good.
“You big jerk! You need to learn to ride that damn thing, not try to kill yourself or
me, for that matter. I should just slap you into next week!” She felt her insides fill with
adreleline, she loved how he made her feel...BASTARD.

Amber was standing at the door sucking a huge lollypop when drama occurred
and dashed out to confront Biker. “Hey, handsome you okay?” Diva was livid! How
could Amber just stand there and ask him that when he’s the one that almost caused the
wreck? Oh…yeah, gorgeous hunk out-rules best friend. Diva was still livid.
“Amber please! He’s the idiot that decided to cut me off, what the hell, man!?
Diva crossed her arms and her boobs rose, Biker couldn’t help but noticed the beautiful
curve of her bosom. As he was just about to apologize and maybe ask Diva out for a
drink, here came a wad of stupid, covered in fur.
“Wow, Biker you trying to kill this gorgeous woman or what, you really need to
take a refresher course or something, dude.” Blaze figured he’d waste time picking at the
vampire, it was rather amusing, well, until Biker wanted to bite his furry head off.
“Fuck off,” Biker approached his furry friend, he wanted to throw down there and
then, but thought against it since the ladies were present. He was nose to nose with the
werewolf, “Blaze if you value your life, leave now. Besides you were supposed to have
been at the blonde’s house hours ago, remember that jack-off.” Biker stared at Blaze with
red eyes and his dragon stirred, “now werewolf!” Biker did not want to cause a vampirewerewolf scene; he knew that would definitely put a damper on things with Diva.
“No problema, dude, really cool the eyes and whole vampire thing, they will see
you.” Blaze tried to calm his friend down, he really didn’t want to blow it with either one
of the ladies, and he wanted his own action soon, too. “Hey, can you set me up with the
street-walker friend, what’s her name, do you know?” Blaze winked at Amber, who was
pretty much dressed as a street-walker: neon orange skirt, black tights with stilettos to
match and a top that was two times way too small for her bosom. Amber winked back

and continued to suck on her giant lollipop. Diva could not believe the exchanges these
two horny asses were making to each other, but then again she knew men couldn’t resist
the candy-sucking Amber.
“If you all are quite done whispering over there, would you kindly apologize so
that me and my employee so we can get back to work. Hello?” Biker wanted so much to
take her into her salon and ravish her…angry sex, oh yeah. He gracefully turned and
approached Diva, “how about a drink? A peace offering for my friend’s rudeness,” he
pointed to the furry friend still gawking at Amber’s mouth. “I can pick you up here at
eight, yes?” Diva wanted to, she was most captivated by his gorgeous lips, hair, and ass
and of course, his tattoo, but she had things to do, dammit. And she wasn’t that easily
persuaded, who does he think he is! She stared at his deep eyes sensing something
mysterious about him…what the hell, she can play hard to get and then invite him to her
party. Maybe by then she’d cool off a bit and let him take her out after that. She could
hear her mother now, yelling: “Really Diva, playing mind games will never get you laid,
remember that!” Diva heard the horrid green ogre zoom by and screech to a halt in front
of her salon. Doom.
Horrified to say the least, Diva thought she fixed her mother’s hair up nicely
earlier that day, apparently not. This was turning into a damn reality show and the star
was her mother! Dina barely put the green ogre into park and hopped off it like a
teenager hopping out of a convertible. She headed right toward the tall, dark handsome
vampire, who was a little taken aback by this forceful woman. He liked strong women,
but Dina was a handful even for a vampire.

He could read her mind, which was full of sex. At least the older woman knew
what she wanted. But, he could not read her daughter’s mind, this left him mystified.
Dina went over and started to stroke the tattoo before anyone could stop her, Diva
was shocked as to how flirtatious her mother was toward him. She wished this came easy
for her to do, but with her damn luck the man would run away. Quickly she grabbed her
mother to pull her into the salon and maybe fix the beast on top of her head. “Wait, I
haven’t said good-bye to him,” she winked at Biker and blew a kiss to both men.
“Ciao Bella,” he giggled and waved to them, damn if he didn’t get his ‘drink
date.’ He turned to Blaze who was leaning against his Harley, get off my bike, fucker and
get to the blonde’s house. Don’t fuck it up, hairy asshole.” Blaze nodded his handsome
head, thought best to play nice with the vampire; there was plenty of time to piss him off.
Blaze grinned and thought about the bouncy breasted female…well, both of them: Amber
was a nice piece of slutty-art in her own way. Blaze jumped on his Harley Street Bob and
sped off. The hairy horny bastard was in a great mood.
Diva shoved her mother into the salon after pushing Amber through the door,
“dammit to hell the both of you! I’ve lost most of my day because of that, that (she
couldn’t think of a nastier name to call Biker, but she did her best), that lunatic crazyman! Amber chimed in, “really Diva, that’s all you could come up with? You left out
gorgeous ass, wonderfully delicious biceps and oh, oh luscious lips, too: Yummy.”
Amber oozed on every word and to Diva’s irritation she couldn’t help but agree. She was
so sexually frustrated and needed to shop for her costume! Dammit, interruptions were
causing her time, she wanted to bolt out the door, but her mother plopped down on the
first chair she could find and reached for a mega can of hairspray. “Mother, let me do

that, where you going this time of day anyway? I thought you were headed home to do
something, “Dina looked up at Diva with a displeased look on her plump face, “well, if
you must know, child of mine, I needed some things from the grocery store to bake a
cherry streusel cake, I completely forgot about the ladies auxiliary meeting tomorrow, so
there Miss Cake Police, happy?” Dina waved the Halloween scarf to Diva to place back
on her head, it was quite festive and she had to be in order to shop, too.
“Okay, Mom all done, go shopping. I need to get my big butt outta here too.
Amber after you close today would you mind getting some of our old Halloween
decorations out of the storage room, pretty please?” Diva knew Amber just hated any
type of labor other than creating hair-masterpieces, but Amber loved throwing a party and
if there was anything in it for her, of course she’d do it. “Well, one teeny tiny favor and
I’ll do it…” Diva took a deep breath, “what, do your nails for the party?” No response,
oh boy, “what, give you an extra day off next week?” Still nothing.
“What?” Diva was ready to strangle her friend.
“Well,” Amber danced around her request, “I really want that hairy beast by my
side, or better yet under my skirt,” Amber threw back her head at the very thought of it.
Ugh, I’m surrounded by horny beast women! I could kill her now, but I need her help!
“And how do you propose me to do that when I’m furious with his friend, remember?
I’m not going into that store of his either, you are crazy. Besides you saw him ride off
like a bat outta hell, how would I know where to find him?”
“We could buy some invites and place it on their door, see all done!” Amber
danced around Dina’s chair and Dina smiled proudly, wishing Diva was more like Amber
when it came to sexy men. Diva looked at both of the salivating females and knew if she

was going to get any kind of help with this party she’d have to get Amber the hairy guy,
her very own ‘party-favor.’
“Fine, if it’ll get your ass in gear and help me, fine, I’ll do it! I’ll buy some cute
invitations today, too, there all set. Don’t forget and just place everything in our empty
stall behind the curtain. We can start decorating on Sunday, okay, everyone happy now?”
Diva kissed her mother on the cheek and coaxed her up to send her on her way. When
she looked up at the salon door she saw a black cat with white paws walk by, the cat
stopped, looked straight at Diva and then disappeared. “What the hell? Did y’all see
that?” She pointed to the door and hurried to look outside. But, there was no sign of the
cat she knew all too well.
“Really, honey, you need some ‘nookie-nookie,” Dina kissed her daughter back
and headed out the door waving bye to Amber, who was now humming.
Diva felt defeated by both women, but knew if she was going to accomplish her
mission today she best be on her way too. Her good mood returned, so she got in her car
and headed toward Greystone and to her favorite party store. She didn’t know why, but
she looked down the alley behind Biker’s store and there in the shadows was Biker
holding a black cat! “What in the name of crazy-shit, really, could it be my cat-friend?
Little shit’s a traitor…maybe it wasn’t, there’s other black cats in town, but what if it
was?” Diva was a little taken aback and tried to convince herself she was seeing things.
Biker’s eyes turned reddish orange and stroked Bella’s fur gently, see me…


Diva was too busy trying to figure out whom or what she saw when someone
screamed her name. She slammed on her brakes; it was old man Tindal waving her
down. Crap, now what, I swear I’m never getting out of this town!
“Hey missy, you’re in a big hurry there, pretty thing.” He winked his old eyes at
Diva and smiled with his tongue hanging out a bit. She knew he did this on purpose, he
had to know it. “What can I do for you, Mr. Tindal?” She dreaded the request he had for
her, but sooner she knew the faster she could high-tail it out of there.
“Well, I thought about getting this worked on for my big date tonight,” he waved
his jet black toupee at Diva’s face. To her horror it looked like a dead animal! “Um, yes,
but I’m not working today, sir or I’d be happy to work on that for you.”
“Oh, no, no that’s perfectly fine, I wanted your lovely assistant, and maybe she
would do it for me?” He grinned ear to ear. She knew his dirty old mind was working
overtime in Amber’s honor. “Why, yes, sir she’s there right now, just go on in. I gotta
run, bye!” With that she sped off passing her mother on her green ogre.
She made it to Greystone in a flash and she made a point to ignore the cemetery
along the way. It was Halloween season, but she didn’t want to be spooked all day and
night since she’d be driving back after dark. She parked her sports car in front of the
small boutique, owned by a very colorful young woman known as Glitter, a name she
picked out herself and stuck to it. Fitting as she worn nothing but glitter this and that, but
it was her thing. Diva looked around and the costumes did show promising even a little
sexy, which is fine since it was a Halloween party. She wanted to look ravishing to the
handsome ‘Biker,’ but he didn’t need to know that.
The mansion on the outskirts of town drew an eerie, but ornate feel to it…

Blaze circled around the massive driveway and parked his Harley facing the exit,
just in case he got bored and wanted to leave fast. He felt the urge to run around naked,
but then it may have been the thought of the big breasts that waited for him inside. His
canines grew a bit in excitement.
“What’s he doing here?” The old vampire asked his daughter, who was primping
in front of a gold leaf mirror. She peeked out the satin curtains and saw a handsome hairy
specimen walk up the stone steps. She didn’t care who he was just that he was here, she
had forgotten her father’s agenda and the meeting she had set up. The vampire had to
think of another plan to lure his target into his home, not this hoodlum that showed up on
his doorstep. As he finished his thoughts, he came up with a brilliant plan. This hoodlum
just might be helpful after all.
The old vampire motioned his butler to open the door, “show the hairy beast into
the study, Humphreys.” The butler moved like the slowest molasses known to man. The
blonde clasped her hands tight and then turned to enter her father’s study, “Father, may I
stay to greet the handsome man? Please?” She didn’t wait for his response; she hopped
atop the large desk and crossed her long slim legs. She turned back to see her father’s
reaction and all the vampire could do was roll his old eyes. “If you are to seduce the
animal you must not be so easy for him to have, child.” He took a deep breath and
decided to stand opposite his dumbbell daughter.
Humphreys opened the large golden doors and was greeted, “what’s up old man,
how’s it hanging? Oh, wait don’t hang no more, right?”
Blaze giggled, “sorry man, I couldn’t help myself, awesome day, eh?” Blaze tried
to shake the frail man’s hand, but to no avail.

“Walk this way, please.” The old butler’s hunchback, slow stroll into the office had Blaze
in a giggling mood. “Sir, Mr., um, um…” Blaze stepped in front of the butler, “hey, how
are ya, you can call me Blaze?” He extended his hand to the vampire, but was staring at
the blonde’s legs, which were now open in excitement. Blaze was hungrier now than
ever and his canine’s reminded him of the morsel that was right in front of him.
The old man walked towards Blaze, gracefully with his index finger running
along the massive table. “You sir are excellent with computers, I gather?” He stopped to
close his wanton daughter’s open legs. Blaze turned and walked to face a painting that
struck him as being so fascinating, like he recalled seeing this painting before. A grey
wolf standing just above a red wolf, with one paw almost on top of one another, you
could see the large gothic castle behind it and a wolf pup running towards the wolfcouple. An eerie feeling came across Blaze’s furry back, how can this be? If he didn’t
know better he’d accuse this old man of stealing it, how could he posses this painting of
his childhood. Blaze was creeped out, to say the least. The vampire stood beside Blaze,
how he got to his side so quickly was even creepier. Blaze’s ‘weirdness’ vibe was
working overtime, what was it about this man and his slutty daughter?
“You seem to recognize something in my painting, young man? Familiar to you,
eh? Speechless, werewolf?” The ancient vampire’s fangs flung out before Blaze’s vamp
radar could give him full warning. The last thing Blaze heard was the blonde morsel
asking her father for a ‘bite’ of the werewolf.


The cold cobblestone floor brought Blaze out of his half-ass slumber and next to
him was a milky-white ass staring back at him. He wasn’t in full werewolf form yet, but
he could feel his fur rising and his fangs getting quite long. He reached for the delicious
bottom, placing his long fingernails into the flesh a bit, just enough to leave marks on the
flesh. He was an animal and he wanted to ram every part of his body against it. Blaze
started to spread he blonde’s ass cheeks apart in order to lick every part of it, ignoring the
moans of his prey he pulled her ass right up to his furry muzzle and began to suck and
lick tasting the sweet luscious body of the female; she liked it, he knew it once she lifted
her body and was on four fours. She begged him in Italian to enter her calling him a
handsome rabid beast. His werewolf cock was huge, but he knew this vamp could take it
and he would give it to her good.
Blaze grabbed her hips, thrust his hard member into her, biting her neck with his
fangs, thrusting again harder each time, then biting her back drawing blood, which trailed
down her curvy ample ass. They both let out screams of ecstasy, his more of a howl, he
didn’t want to let go of the pleasure, but when he rolled the blonde over her eyes were
red, fangs ready to bite. He bent down so that she could bite him on the neck, if she
pleased and she did. She arched her back and spread her legs as far as they could go to
let Blaze in, as far as the werewolf could go into her body, she was not done with this
furry hunk yet!
“Fuckin’ werewolf are you quite done, man?” Biker kept getting flashes of pale
ass in and out of his mind and a woman with her mouth open as if in excruciating pain.
Biker needed to know if he ever met with the dumb busty blonde or not, he guessed he
had by the images he was receiving from Blaze.

“Werewolf, dammit!” Biker wanted to strangle his best friend, but without
knowing exactly where he was, he couldn’t, the vampire grew more angry and irritated.
Must be the no sex and then the fact that Blaze was getting laid and he wasn’t. Envy was
not something that sat well with the vampire. He ached to be loved…and fucked…
Blaze felt a razor sharp pain on his bare ass, noticed the blonde vampire sat up
quickly and then immaterialized in front of his face. “Where ya going, sweetness, wait
I’m not done yet.” Shit woman, what the fuck? Damn vampires here one minute gone
the next…love them, then they leave ya. I’ll teach her next time, little vixen. Blaze felt
the sharp razor pain again, this time it shot through his whole body, he curled into a ball
of pain, Biker…help me, this asshole is trying to kill me…
As Biker zoomed towards the outskirts of town, heading to the neighboring town
of Greystone, he received another fuzzy message from Blaze. He was confused as to
why Blaze was coming in his mind so weak, flashes of the ornate mansion and then of a
dungeon came through. The vampire cursed the day, “maledizione!” He turned his
Harley around grew more furious at the thought, his dragon tattoo stirred. He could have
purposely ‘bumped’ into Diva again and she’d have to spend time with him. But now it
was useless he had to find out what Blaze was up to. Biker sped full speed leaving dust
and leaves behind, he knew Blaze was at the grand mansion and had the address
memorized as always, but knew if Blaze was fucking the blonde he didn’t really want to
see that or interrupt the horny couple. He shuddered at the thought.

Diva was in costume heaven at Glitter’s boutique, she was having a fabulous time
alone and in no rush to get back home, she soon relaxed about the drive back home in the

dark. As she was waiting for Glitter to select a few ‘risqué’ costumes, Glitter made her a
cappuccino and had some lovely white chocolate macadamia cookies laid out on a festive
Halloween plate just for her. No one else in the boutique so Diva felt so spoiled.
Glitter peeked around the corner of a vintage dressing curtain, “Are we feeling
just fab?” She winked at Diva and continued hanging costumes in the spacious fitting
room. “Now, darling you’ll need mega fab (she loved the word ‘fab’) accessories, this is
much more fun than laying on my back waiting for Rupert to do his deed.” She jolted her
head back and let out a loud laugh. Poor Rupert, whoever that was, guessing it was her
unsuspecting lover or boy-toy.
Diva decided another two or three heavenly scones were not going to kill her or
make her bloat up by the party, so she engaged and enjoyed every last bite! She thought,
after the last bite of scone was devoured, she hadn’t really heard a peep out of Glitter
from the inside of the dressing room. Oh lord what if she’s playing with herself? Surely
not! As soon as the thought had entered her mind Glitter appeared, “Tada!” She wore a
cat-suit but it wasn’t black it was a dark purple so dark in fact it was almost black –
gorgeous – no doubt about it attracting a hunk or two! Diva secretly wondered if this
would work on Biker. Hell, old man Tindal would probably have a heart attack just by
staring at her ass; the thought terrified and disgusted her at the same time.
Glitter began feeling herself, mumbling ooh-ah, she was having a great time.
Alone. Diva stood up quickly, “You mind if I try one like that one on for my party?”


Diva prayed the damn suit could be dried cleaned (or fumigated) if that was in
fact the only one she had in stock.
“Oh, yes, sweetie pies I have one hung up for ya,” Glitter checked herself out in
all the mirrors she could hog up.
“Thanks, I doubt I look as good as you in it, but maybe something else too while
I’m in there?” Diva hoped all that time in the dressing room, Glitter had tons for her to
try on.
“Oh yessss, you will not be disappointed,” Glitter purred as she sashayed around
the corner. Diva could have sworn the woman had a canary in her mouth!
Eager and full of the best coffee and scones, Diva jumped up and went into her selected
dressing room. She felt bloated after devouring all the yummy snacks, “dammit, this
stupid suit better fit,” she fought with the tight spandex. Finally after a few deep breaths
and sucked it all in, she managed to pose for herself in the mirror. Not too disappointed
in the first outfit, Cat-woman was a top contender, she went on to the next laid out outfit
of a sexy tiger, she would have to get tights for that skirt – much too high on the thigh –
she wanted to leave something to the imagination. She tried on an Elvira outfit and really
loved how the black luscious gown flowed and Glitter helped her put the wig on and
added some Elvira touches, Diva was having a hard time deciding on a lot of them.
Glitter did know her Halloween sexiness that’s for damn sure!
Glitter threw open Diva’s dressing room curtain and squealed, “Honey, I’d even
date ya and take ya home in that dress,” Glitter took reigns on Diva’s push up bra and
proceeded to raise them up even higher, “there we go, sweet plum, you’re all set.”

Diva didn’t recognize herself in the Elvira costume; she loved the whole character and
decided she had a winner. Deep down she knew this would defiantly catch the hunk and
reel him in, with her boobs practically jumping out to say ‘Hi!’ even her ole mom would
be elated.
“Glitter, this has been a fun evening and thank you for the yummy treats too, I
don’t know when I’ve had so much fun and felt so relaxed,” Diva gathered up her purse
and things.
“Oh, puss, really you should get out more like Glitter and just let it all hang out,
no use and saving nothing just let it out!” Glitter winked and smiled devilishly, anything
else for my sweet kitty kat?” She purred, “Maybe some fake long nails to dig deep into
his back in the moment of passion, eh?” She slipped Diva a package in black and red,
“on the house, dearest pussy cat.”
“Oh, really you don’t have to, Glitter you’ve been so nice and helpful,” before
Diva could finish Glitter placed her index finger on her lips.
“No, Glitter insists, you just have a grand time, okay?”
“I will, most certainly! Oh, I almost forgot the invitations, oh no and it’s so late,
I’m so sorry…” Diva knew Amber would have a conniption fit if she forgot those.
Glitter read minds: She pulled out (from thin air it seemed) the most festive Halloween
invitations in all sizes, even sizes for Diva’s shop door and some for the downtown light
posts, along with regular size ones for individual guests. Diva was so enthralled that all
was going so perfectly, she totally forgot about how late it was. “Shit,” she whispered,
“Glitter, I better head out soon, it’s getting late on me and I still have some things to get
from the grocery store on the way out.

“No problema, juicy fruit, you have plenty of time to do that, just looks dark out,
but you’ll be alright,” Glitter patted her hand and took Diva’s credit card and sent her on
her way, giving her a bear hug and then patting her behind as Diva walked out and said,
“Meow!” And closed the door and locked it.
In the midst of it all she forgot to invite sweet Glitter to her party, but she thought she’d
give her a call, but quickly she got in her car, broke out the invites and made one out for
Glitter and placed on her door before speeding off toward the store.
At the grocery store Diva headed straight to the Starbucks located inside and
grabbed her a double Espresso with heavy cream, then feeling rejuvenated by luscious
Espresso, she went to her favorite aisle: Chocolate. The intercom indicated only fifteen
minutes till closing so one best hurry. She hated being rushed especially for chocolates,
but she noticed a gorgeous box of truffles on sale and some dark chocolate brittle, she
thought best to buy both. She sped down the aisle like nobody’s business, making sure
she got all her baking needs and some things for supper, pizza sounded great to her.
Her excitement didn’t waver one bit until she came to realize, as she was paying
for her things, that it was pitch black outside and she still had to go past the cemetery to
get home. Well, she thought best to ride with the top up on her sports car than to feel the
wonderful Autumn breeze against her face, better be safe than sorry…inside she was a bit
nervous, but she told herself the sooner she got home the sooner she would see Biker at
her party and her outfit was sure to bring him to his knees. Closer to the party day she’d
send Amber out this way or just locally to grab the party food, she purchased a few
awesome decorations from Glitter that were truly one of a kind, so they were pretty much
set for a night of frightful, but romantic and enchanting escapades.

The drive home was pretty smooth, but Diva kept hearing a ‘meow’ inside her car,
so she kept raising the stereo volume to drown it out. Spooky…a bit, yes, but she kept
her eyes glued to the road and didn’t look anywhere else till she passed the welcome sign
outside of town. Before she knew it she was back at her Victorian house, and on the
porch sat The Cat. The cat acted as if she had been there waiting for hours and was in a
bit of a tiff, so reluctantly Diva said her hellos and opened the door for the cat. Cat darted
up the stairs and Diva could have sworn the darn thing slammed a door.
Silly…cats can’t do that. Diva giggled, but felt uneasy all the same, best to pop
supper in the oven and relax with her new ‘roommate.’

Biker’s vampire mind was in overdrive, trying to find Blaze wasn’t easy, but he
had a pretty good idea where this mansion was. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but
something was amiss with this whole blonde and her so called ‘father.’ Biker was
frustrated and very disappointed he couldn’t catch up to his lovely morsel Diva, just yet,
but as the night grew he knew it wasn’t likely to happen tonight. When he finally
reached the mansion there was an eerie quietness that lurked about it, and his dragon
tattoo ached more than ever. He took note, cursed his arm, the dragon’s pointed tail lifted
off his tanned skin, swirled about, and then pressed firmly back onto his arm. He
commanded the dragon to recede for now. He had to focus on finding Blaze and find out
what the hell was going on here. His senses were off and with that he knew there was a
specific reason, he was never really off his game especially in time of a mysterious crises
such as this one.

Biker concentrated harder and followed the faint cries, most likely, Blaze. By the
faint sounds of the werewolf Biker knew he may be deep within the walls of the mansion,
possibly even a dungeon, by the age of the old house that would be assumedly correct to
think. He wanted to just materialize within the walls, but knew that would be risky to do,
since he really couldn’t see the flashes of scenes he was receiving from Blaze, all was
still fuzzy, this pissed the vampire off. He hated to be out of control and without precise
location and knowing what the hell was taking place. He tried harder to located and
communicate with Blaze, a flash of an outer door and stairs leading to his friend whisked
in and out of his mind, he proceeded near the back of the house to the prime location of
his vision. He found the boarded up old door and demanded it to burst open and open it
did. His dragon stirred tightly against his skin, “not yet, my friend, patience.”
Biker carefully entered and glided down the steps. He could hear the werewolf
begging for mercy, this stirred his dragon once again and more forcefully and he was
struggling to focus, he was so focused on his friend’s moans that he failed to sense the
vicious blonde vampire come up behind him and thrashed him to the ground with
unbelievable force. As soon as he threw her against one of the iron bars, that lined every
cell, he instantly recognized her as the ditzy blonde that was tempting Blaze with her
curvy body and big breasts. He cursed her again, grabbed his sword-life knife he had in
his boot, struck her once, then twice. Her eyes were blood red, fangs that were way too
large for her small mouth it was obvious she had been feeding on the werewolf as much
as she could. She charged Biker again with all her vampire force, Biker ducked, his
dragon reached out and grabbed her blonde head and snapped it, then swallowed. Biker

threw the dead blonde’s remains on the ground and proceeded down the corridor closer to
Blaze whispered, “watch out my friend the old vampire is near…where’d the
bitch go, damn!” Apparently despite all the ass-whipping they’d done to the werewolf he
was still a horny little bastard. Biker couldn’t help but shake his head and giggle. “I’m
near, buddy, just keep your mind clear…who’s there, the father?”
Faintly, “no…yes, he comes and goes got me so confused, old bastard almost ate
my fuckin’ arm off!”
“Okay, okay, shut-up, I’m almost there…shit, this place is huge. Who’s there
“Two fuckin’ weirdoes, contemplating what to torture me with next, hurry the
fuck up!”
Biker noticed two hunched- back half-man half something hoofed and hairy, whatever
they were they were ugly as hell. Biker reached for his knife, that he managed to put
back into his boot after slicing some of the blonde with, and threw it at one of the beasts
hunched back. The beast let out a loud cry and tried to fight back, but Biker reached for
him as he flew in a rage to take them both down. Biker reached for the other beast and
with the same torture device used on Blaze, he rammed it into the beasts stomach, out
spilled maggots, blood and slime green substance that reeked vomit.
“Biker! Behind you!” Blaze, barely alive managed to scream as the old vampire
came behind Biker in a fierce rage.

Biker turned around as the old vampire slammed Bikers gorgeous head into the
cement several times, but not before Biker could summon his dragon to emerge.
“Dragon, come!”
Biker’s tattooed arm was now a beast not to be reckoned with. Dragon was now a huge,
mystical beast his body took up most of the dungeon, the fire directed toward the old
vampire caught up to him, but not enough to do the damage that was intended. The
ancient vampire was far too powerful and quick to be taken out, but Dragon would have
his chance again, no doubt. To destroy this vampire there would be more to it, but his
revenge he wanted with Biker would drive this vampire out of hiding in good time, yet
Biker knew nothing and was perplexed with all this drama. Drama, as many find out,
doesn’t go away with a snap of your dragon tattoo.
“What the devil!” Biker stood up, shook his head, more pissed than hurt that this
damn old ass vampire still existed. And, to top it off he wanted to know why was this
damn fool torturing his friend and making their lives miserable, he couldn’t think of why
and that was pissing him off, he wanted to beat someone up, but couldn’t pick on Blaze,
who was half dead in the corner still.
“Okay, dragon, you best get back on the arm.” His dragon shook his massive
fanged head at his master and resembled a large dog being scolded by his owner. “Now,
now, come on beast, you know the drill,” Biker stood with is tanned arm extended and
tapped his foot, “now Dragon, I’m not joking, buddy!”
The dragon would play it coy and decided to turn his ample rear and pout, as if in
a corner and refused to obey.

“Dude, just let him be, he’s a lot bigger than you, dumbass,” Blaze managed to
say, pain and all. He slumped back down against the stone wall of the dungeon. He had
no strength left in his werewolf self, including, disappointing enough, and his horny
member. The stupid blonde surely put a damper on that for sure!
Biker finally relaxed a bit, after sensing no more crazy ass lunatics were going to
attack him and asked Blaze, “what in vampire hell just happened with these fucks, who
are they, what do they want with you, me?” Blaze sensed the tension brewing and really
just wanted to go home and chill out with his video games or some luscious ice cream
(yes, he loved the stuff). His insides burned from the ass-kicking and dreaded having to
deal with his bossy vampire bestie. He wanted to be brutally honest with Biker, but
cringed at the yelling match, he wasn’t up for it. He would try another approach, so that
he could just go home.
Biker was now petting his mega-sized dragon, trying feverishly to get it to go
back onto his arm. He felt weak and needed blood and soon!
“Biker, ole buddy of mine, don’t you have a ‘magic’ word or something to get that
thing back onto your arm, maybe a ‘pet’ name? Hey, maybe he’s hungry, like you. Guess
we could walk him into town, find those broads that work at the salon, bend them over,
have our way, what do ya say to that?” Blaze waited for any reaction from vamp or
dragon, then all the sudden they both turned toward him, dragon twisted and floated in
the air and then slithered gracefully back onto the arm of his master.
Biker was amazed while his hairy friend was yapping about something; all he
heard was broads and salon guess that did it. He couldn’t think of anything else but that
woman he longed to see, he wanted her for himself and didn’t want to spend another

lonely night without her, but as things went he still had to play it safe and chase her for a
bit more, unless…he just appeared between her legs one night. But, she’d probably have
a heart attack, scream her ass off, and call the cops. He could very well just pop in her
mind and in between her legs in the vampire way of things. He grinned at the sexy,
naughty thought. Cops couldn’t catch him anyway. He felt immortal…like his was. He
was in a great mood after all, decided not to dismember his best friend because of all this,
he would send Blaze off to run and chase his own tail, or whatever that wolf wanted to
do; to do ‘doggie’ things, no doubt.
“Thanks, fuck-head for being a good friend,” Biker helped his best pal down the
steep steps they found that lead to another set of steps, that finally led out another secret
door. “For what, Biker, you’re the one that came to save me.” Biker just nodded as they
found Blaze’s Harley on its side, but not damaged. Blaze decided he’d feel better once he
got on and rode through the woods, so he could get home fast, tend to his mending of his
wounds, then maybe turn into his hairy, handsome self and run his furry ass through the
woods again. But, he’d check on his Ebay listings first that way if anything he had his
eye on was at a great price he could buy it!
Before Biker turned, he locked eyes with his friend he could tell Blaze did feel
bad about the raw deal with these freaks that wanted them both dead.
“Hey, we’ll get our chance to get them, that old bastardo’s not getting away with
hurting you, you’re like my brother, you ugly hairy ass beast.” Before Blaze could
muster a sentimental response, Biker placed him on his bike, started it for him – with his
mind – of course, “Basta! Get outta here, beast.”
They patted each other and both rode off in different directions.

Diva sat petting the cat, which kept trying to steal Diva’s bowl of vanilla ice
cream, and could hear a faint, but familiar motor running. She really must find a name
for the cat guess she could just call her “Cat” she thought about other names, like
“Morticia” from The Adams Family, but as soon as she got the name out the cat would
bolt out of site. Diva decided just to not call her anything, for now.
“Who’s out there, I wonder?” Diva asked the cat, as if it knew…cat did know, her
vampire-dad was out there, must catch a ride! Cat jumped from Diva’s lap, sent the last
bit of ice cream flying across the Victorian living room. “Kitty, no!” Diva ran after her
as she dashed down the stairs right towards the front door. Diva tried to scoop kitty up,
but kitty had other plans, must leave now. Cat meowed and scratched at the door, tail
swishing about, “let me out, dammit woman!” Diva could have sworn the cat yelled at
her, “what girl, you want to just leave again, you gotta go pee, poop? What?” Diva
couldn’t take it and threw open the door before kitty tore the door down.
“Cat, kitty, Morticia! Come back, girl please. Be careful!” Diva’s heart sank, she
wanted that cat to stay with her, she felt a connection and not so lonely, but kitty had
other things on her furry mind. Diva walked outside her front porch, smelled the autumn
scents around her, then felt someone staring at her and then caressing her breast, she felt
so warm. She stood paralyzed with not fear, but with sensual bliss, she didn’t want it to
end. She opened her eyes slightly, fluttering to open, she could see the deep bronze eyes
intensely, and filled with desire. She felt her body floating back to her porch and was laid
upon her couch, tenderly.

Her lips were being gently kissed at first, and then with fierce hunger, she didn’t want this
dream to end. Biker could see from his view that she was enjoying his kisses from afar.
He so much wanted to just scoop her up and take her back to his mansion. He was
growing tired of pursing her the old-fashion way, it took so long, but he had to do it right
or freak her out and risk it all.
“Svegliare ora, il mio amore...wake up...” Biker would leave her now with
pleasurable memories, till tomorrow. As he sped off he saw one last glimpse of her
beautiful smile, that would have to do for the night.
Diva yawed and felt as if she had a restful night of sleep and thought how on earth
she got to her porch couch and her nightgown was up around her waist and one side off
her shoulder, if she didn’t know better it would seem as if someone did this to her
withouth her knowing. She shivered at the thought, but not as it would have scared her,
but she seemed to think of none other than Biker, who was there with her. She felt his
presence, she didn’t know exactly how but it was him, she was so sure of it and the next
time she saw him she’d have to test him. She knew he was different than any other man
she’d met, but what made him so unique was another thing she just had to find out.
She decided to be bold, like her mother (the gods help us) and march up to his
shop tomorrow and invite him to the Halloween party, oh and his hairy handsome friend
too, if she forgot about him there would be hell to pay from Amber.
Diva was enjoying the beautiful autumn night air when appeared out of the
darkness, Cat. She wanted to pick her up and cradle her, but this cat – so it seemed –
didn’t have that cradling gene. She thought better of it and wanted a snack and sure of

how kitty’s mind works, she’d want a savory morsel too. She looked down at the
perfectly fuzzy heart-shaped face and invited her in for that treat.
“How about some nice tuna?” Kitty wanted more options by the
unresponsiveness Diva recieved.
“How about warm milk or hey, I got some sweet cream, yeah, how about that,
puss?” Seemed as if kitty smiled just a tad bit at the cream option. “Meowwww,” the
tone lingered as if saying hurry up then, woman. Snap to it!
Diva prepared her some instant mocha, added some sweet cream to her cup and
grabbed a few lemon cookies and headed upstairs to her bedroom. She decided she doze
off well with something soothing. She placed a DVD of the old classic Hammer film:
The Kiss of the Vampire starring Edward De Souza and his handsome self. Diva sighed
deeply, with the cat on her lap and dreamt of a vampire lover.
“Gatto pazzo, crazy cat,” Biker sighed himself, shaking his head at his cat, that
would spend yet another peaceful night with Diva. He was a bit jealous that his cat got
more love-time with the love of his life than he did. But, that would all change soon. He
longed to cuddle with both females tonight and the thought made him giggle, for he was
some tough biker vampire all the while fantasizing about cuddle time. He headed to his
lonely mansion once again, well he did have Dragon, but he was hell to contend with at
times. And as for his hairy best friend, no telling where that horny beast ended up.
“Buonanotte amore mio, sogni vampiro dolci. Fino a domani.” With that the
handsome rider blew a kiss up towards her bedroom, and then rode down the lushfullness
of the tree lined highway into the darkness once again.