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Vayikra (disambiguation)

Vayikra (Hebrew: ‫ )ויקרא‬is a Hebrew word, which is the first word of the third book of the Torah of the Jewish Bible (Tanakh). It
means "And He [God] called".

The third book of the Torah is traditionally called vayikraˈ. Its Greek name Levitikon, "things pertaining to the Levites", and its Latin
name Leviticus, are based on the termtorat kohanim, "instruction of (or ′for′) the priests" fromearly rabbinic times.[1]

When used as a noun, Vayikra might refer to:

The Hebrew title of the biblicalBook of Leviticus.

Vayikra (parsha), the 24th weekly parsha in the annual Jewish cycle of orah
T readings.
Vayikra Rabba is the midrash on the book of Leviticus.

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