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Project Plan -- Part 1: Narrative Project Plan

Student Name (Tammy Hotchkiss):

MEDT 7467: Web Design

Element of Interest Narrative Description of How You Will Plan

for Element
1. Name of Website Introduction to Web Design
At this point, what would you call your

2. Organization Name or Type I am building this site for students interested in

What kind of organization are you learning more about web design, my target audience
building this site for? A homeschool, a will potentially be freshman students at either
Southern Crescent Technical College or Mercer
school, a district, a business, or other?

3. Anticipated Authoring The site was used on my personal server with Blue
Environment Host hosting as a subdomain on my business
Are you using a WYSIWYG in website. The files are created with the ability to
transfer the files to any college server should a
combination with your UWG web
professor at another college choose to implement it
server space, or are you using a at their facility. The tools used were Dreamweaver,
combination of outside tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, FTP, Quicktime, iMovie,
Weebly? Numbers, Pages, BlueHost hosting cPanel
subhosting under a dedicated IP, YouTube,
w3schools bootstrap.

4. Audience My audience will be entry level students interested in

Who is your audience? List all the learning more about web design. The target will be
types of people you anticipate will visit adult learners between the age of 21-50 years of
age. The audience most likely not have any special
your site. Does this audience have
requirements but compliance with 508 has been
any special requirements? If so, what considered in preparation for the potential to
are they? encounter a student with a disability. 90% of the
student population at both colleges use English as
their primary language. A consideration of
implementing a translator is in the design process.

5. Need & Purpose This block of instruction would prove useful to all
What does your audience need, and students, as technology in our society is used almost
how will this website fulfill the need all jobs. From the use of an online portfolio to the
website for a personal business, the information
taught in the course would be beneficial to everyone.
This website would fulfill the needs of the student by
providing the instruction on the basic skills
necessary to build a personal website or portfolio for
a position which they are seeking.

6.Conditions With 90% of the student population at both colleges

Are there any particular considerations using English as their primary language, a
to keep in mind for this site? If so, consideration of implementing a translator is in the
design process. Due to time constraints of this
please explain.
course, it may not allow the addition, but will be
implemented later before its official use with the
actual intended audience.

Also an implementation of a usability study is

planned to take place before release.

7. Scope of the Website This website will be used in addition to the

For what period of time will you use curriculum for an 8 week Introduction to Web Design
this website? What types of materials course. This is not a full 8 weeks amount of content
for the student, but is laying the foundation for the
and/or functions will and will not be
entire course module.
included here?

8. Maintenance Schedule The site will require minimal maintenance, but will be
How often will you update your site? periodically monitored for updates and new
What types of things will you need to information as the rules and coding in the
technological world continuously evolves.
update? How will you solicit feedback
from your stakeholders that the site is The feedback page will forward to a spreadsheet
serving their needs? sending an email response to the individual
monitoring the course content.

9. Other Comments About Your The code used for Bootstrap was not hand coded as
Website (optional) the use of Bootstrap is rather current and constantly
Is there anything else you would like to evolving to correct problematic areas as they arise.
note about this website?
The use of bootstrap was through a link to the
Javascript code from
Copyright 2011-2016 Twitter, Inc. MIT License. This
was the most time efficient way to use bootstrap in
the timeframe of this course and achieve
functionality without problems. MIT monitors the
code as errors are encountered they adjust the code
to correct the problem. The only issue is that we are
limited to the functionality of this code and are not
able to edit the javascript as it is locked.