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Mt (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay Medium Slow 60's Folk/Reck Otis Reding Stephen Cropper It (ete) 2 | CG CB BA see Cc a ee rl be sittin’ when the eve - nin’ come, — Sit-tin’ in’ the morn - in’ sun, Left my home in Geor sia, head-ed for the Fris-co_ Bay. A G Le r — : f yk + > é Le SSS i ee eae ee to _ Warch-in’ the ships roll in, then I — "Cause I've had____ noth- in’ to __ live for, and look {ie 2 CBBA E Cc EIT BIG = Geert a ead Co me ee ee SSS Se watch ’em roll a- way a-gain Yeah! Tm sittin’ on the dock of the bay, noth-in's gon-na come my —_ way. So T'm just gon’ sit___ on. the dock of the bay, — (add 9) add) E G E watch-in’ the tide DA so oe = sit-tin’ on the dock of the bay wast : G D Cc ye a = Pe vt Look like noth - ing’s gon - na change. D ‘AI Right ; i 2 oe ee] sill re-mains the same eae seat