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4/10/2018 Detailed Examination of the School Community and Human Resources - Google Forms

Detailed Examination of the School Community and Human Resources


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SUMMARY INDIVIDUAL Accepting responses

What is the greatest asset of the school?

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We have a good number of strong, motivated teachers and a high percentage of students who are in need of solid adult

There are a lot of teachers and staff whose genuine care for our students goes beyond the classroom. Teachers who go
beyond the call of duty to gure out what is happening outside of the classroom and provide help, love, and care.

The care we have for our students

The staff

The teachers and the counselors.

The students are the greatest asset. SSES serve a unique group of students that deserve educators willing to go over and
beyond to meet their holistic needs.

The dedication of the staff to the goals that are set

staff rapport

its teachers

The students, that despite what is around them, rise to be academic achievers.

The people 1/4
4/10/2018 Detailed Examination of the School Community and Human Resources - Google Forms

What are school's greatest accomplishments over the last several years?
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The school has improved academically over the last several years.

Our open house attendance has consistently grown over the past several years, as has our attendance of PTSA meetings.

In the last four years, I have seen a change in culture. When I visit other schools and see the things students are doing, I am
shocked and think "[that] would not happen at Southern." We have to keep a much tighter ship because the community
makes a lot of assumptions about the type of school Southern is, without visiting our classrooms or hallways. I think this
shift in culture has spilled over into the classroom and students are rising the higher academic challenges.

The ability we have to identify students who are having issues out of school and supporting the student and the family to
overcome these obstacles

More structure

The school scores has increased over the years, showing the quality of teaching has improved.

Meeting Growth for the 2016-2017 school year is one of the greatest accomplishments for the school.

the ability to rise out a negative de cit

Increase of EOC scores

Establishing the four schools within a school

Biomedical Technology exposing students to this up and coming lucrative eld of work. Direct to the job connection that
was provided in the past from the Construction program.

improve scores

What is the greatest challenge of this school?

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Student needs that are larger than the school is capable of dealing with.

Keeping students engaged, on task, and in the classroom.

1. Rigor- Students are still not being taught to the rigor they deserve because not all teachers are quali ed or believe that
our students are not capable of high academic rigor. Because they come to us with low expected pro ciency, we are not
pushing them enough for fear they will fail. This is a major disservice to our students.

2. Morale/Pride- Because of the community's perception of our school, our students internalize this stigma. They think
Southern is "bad," "lame," "ghetto." When our students have things to celebrate they cannot do it because of this false
message. As an advisor for SGA, instilling school spirit is so hard because of this! Our students also have little incentives
for doing well. They are constantly being told "NO" that there is little to incentivise. 2/4
4/10/2018 Detailed Examination of the School Community and Human Resources - Google Forms

3. Student Enrollment- There are so many students who get turned away from other schools, but sent here. Because
Southern is a magnet, all students are taken in and a lot of those students are the repeat offenders. Other schools in the
district turn students away because of district lines, but it seems we don't have the authority to do so. (I may not know the
extent of this issue, but just personal experience with individual student experiences).

4. Recruiting and Keeping Quali ed Teachers- I think teacher morale is in a better place than it has been in the past, but
teachers are constantly leaving after 2-3 years and then substitutes are lling those positions.

limited resources to deal with the exorbitant amount of issues that our students face. The main one is students who are
academically low performing. The challenge is how do you get them on track when they having been struggling their entire
academic career.

We are not given enough resources to appropriately handle the large number of problems students bring with them to
school. For example: attendance is a number one problem for my students being successful. Teachers and current staff
are already stretched thin with other work. We need dedicated staff for this issue.


Implementing standard-based grading practices in order to enhance teaching and learning so that all teachers and
students can grow and develop is one of the greatest challenges for the school.

The Parental Commitment

Teaching kids who do not have English as the rst language.

changing the mindset of students and teachers

1-High number of students that arrive each day without their families placing any value on their education. 2- Lack of
teachers that know their subject and how to teach.

the behavior of the kids

How can I help? What do you see as my role? ( or a leaders role)

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I need help with building more positive student relationships.

Continue to interact with teachers and students from a personal, empathetic standpoint. Maintain a consistent presence in
the hallways and at school meetings.

I would love for Administrators to be more on the ground. I think the rigor piece is the biggest factor in moving our students
forward. If (1) administrator turned off their radio to behavior calls every day for the rst (30) minutes of a certain period
and did walk-throughs with feedback, teachers and students would rise rigor, expectations, and do what they are supposed.
There are a lot of punitive measures like emails, a slap on the wrist, but the same teachers continue to under-perform
(behavior management, lesson planning, rigor) without consequences. I don't want teachers to get in trouble, but ultimately,
I care more about moving our students to positions for attainable success. I would love for leaders' to offer more
leadership to teacher leaders to empower peers. 3/4
4/10/2018 Detailed Examination of the School Community and Human Resources - Google Forms

Recognizing the issues that the school face so you can advocate for resources, and you can always have a discussion with
the higher ups about what the real issues are. I see your role as being a vital member of team, to bring ideas, resources and
solutions to the table as you ponder the issues

Leaders identify what's working and support that work. They identify what's not working and spend time among the people
it affects to nd the root cause and seek a solution. They propose and implement solutions when the problem can be
solved in-house and they advocate strategically out-of-house when the problem requires outside resources.

Continue supporting the teachers in the building and being a positive in uence for all.

I think you should continue to observe the overall operations of the school (processes and procedures) and provide
feedback to the necessary stakeholders. (Keep in mind you will not see nor learn everything). However, continue to work
with the entire team of administrators in order to learn as much as you can about what you will and will not do as a leader
when you do become an administrator next year (2018-2019).

Bridging the gap between Parents, Staff and Administration. Until we begin to raise the village together we will never be
able to get everyone on task at the same time.

translators in room

Get to know our students and staff, relationships are key

Leaders should be advocates for teachers and not "join in the group" of judging teachers. Seek out the students that are
doing it correctly and give them some of your time. Use your time to learn how to be a practical administrator and not the
one that the "books" describe. Lead by showing examples of pushing up the shirt sleeves and working alongside the

Help in 4 period behavior please. 4/4