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Welcome to MindUP™

Helping Children Thrive

in Learning and in Life. a product of The Hawn Foundation

We hope that this information packet will provide you with answers to your questions
about how to bring MindUP™ to your school or district.

Whether you are a Superintendent, School Principal, Teacher or a Parent, we believe

that you will find that the MindUP™ program delivers big benefits to our children as well
as the adults that surround them.

First, it’s important that you know that MindUP™ is more than a mindfulness program.
MindUP™ was developed through the unique integration of Neuroscience, Positive
Psychology, Mindful Awareness and Social and Emotional Learning. The result is a
program that focuses on developing the whole child and creating a positive influence
on the classroom and school culture, as well as improving the quality of life in general.

MindUP™ was developed by Goldie Hawn in response to the alarming statistics that
were surfacing about the state of our children today. Increasing level of stress, anxiety
disorders and ADHD in our schools, as well as the rising incidence of school violence,
bullying and increase in the number of child/teen suicides moved Goldie to take action.

MindUP™ meets you where you are.

MindUP™ can be implemented at the classroom,

whole school or the district level, in a variety of ways
that complement your objectives. At the heart of the
program are 15 lessons that are inspired by our four
pillars of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindful
awareness and social and emotional learning.

As a curriculum, MindUP™ can be implemented

as a step-by-step set of lessons, complete with
published guide and accompanying set of content
and activities.

As a framework, MindUP™ can be implemented as a way of teaching. In this case the 15

lessons are presented as topics, with the Hawn Foundation providing training and tools
for teachers to integrate their own existing lesson plans. This allows all the lessons a
teacher covers including testing and test prepration, to be connected to the science of
brain function and development as well as mindful practices and pro-social behavior.
This approach works particularly well for those teachers and schools committed to
changing their school context, learning culture or climate.
Of course MindUP™ provides a powerful program for students, but we’re pleased to report
that the benefits extend to teachers and even into family life. 67% of teachers who use
MindUP™ have reported a decrease in their stress and improved teacher satisfaction and
72% of Parents have reported that MindUP™ has contributed to greater family harmony
and improved relationships at home.

MindUP™ is highly flexible and can be adapted to serve private and religious schools, as
well as those schools or classrooms that serve children with special needs.

MindUP™ is scientifically oriented and an evidence based progam. For a complete

summary of our research, please click here. MindUP™ is a CASEL approved SEL program
and provides a powerful alignment with adopted curriculums like Common Core and
IB. Additionally, MindUP™ provides teachers with content guides including suggestions
for subject content in science, health, language arts and math.

Implementation of MindUP™ in a school or a district includes a full year of engagement

with the option to renew for additional years. We encourage schools to make a three-year
commitment to the program increasing their depth of engagement and competence
over time. For example:

Year 1: Provides a focus on shifting the classroom environment, increasing the comfort
and mastery of the teacher and administration and setting new benchmarks for behavior
with the children.

Year 2: Provides an expanded focus on the overall school learning climate and culture,
school initiatives, and overall behavior expectations of students - school wide.

Year 3: Provides an expanded focus on student leadership and the role of students as
citizens of a school population responsible for behavior expectations, peer support and
leadership of younger children and grades.
One of the major differentiators of the MindUP™ Program, is our approach to personal
training. Our introductory training sessions are performed utilizing professional
development allocations, and can be scheduled in 3 hour, 4 hour, or 6 hour increments,
with 6 hours being ideal. Follow up sessions are designed to meet the needs of each
school and can include classroom observation, grade level coaching, school or teacher
mentorship and followup workshops.

Dovetailing with the Introductory training for teachers and administration, is a MindUP™
Parent workshop, that introduces Parents to the principles of MindUP™ and provides
an overview of the lessons and practices that their children will be learning. We get very
high marks for our Parent workshops, with many parents leaving the evening workshop,
with tools and practices to manage their own stress and busy households better.

All MindUP™ implementations are customized for the challenges of the individual
school and all training is delivered in an experiential learning format that encourages
rapid trial, role playing, exploration and leads to higher levels of adoption. Our in-person
trainings are supplemented by our online learning tools including webinars and our
digital portal which is available to members 24/7 for convenience and impact.

For those individual teachers that are interested in receiving training, we encourage you
to contact us to find a MindUP™ regional training in your area which comes complete
with a 1-year subscription to our online digital portal and network of support.

And of course, MindUP™ works!

MindUP™ produces measurable results:

• 90% of children improve their ability to get along with other children

• 82% of children become more optimistic

• 75% of children have better impulse control and less reactivity

• 75% of children improved their planning and organizational skills

• Absenteeism is lowered, as are visits to the principals office and incidents of bullying

To obtain pricing for your school, please complete the School At A Glance form and
return to us at your earliest convenience. For additional questions please contact or 786-888-1705.

The Hawn Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. To find out more:

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