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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Teacher: Lingo

Date: May 6th

School: Denver East Grade Level: 11th Content Area: English

Title: Introduction to ​A Raisin in the Sun ​By Lorraine Hansberry; Hansberry v. Lee

Lesson #: 6 of 20

Lesson Idea/Topic and Before we begin reading this play, our goal is to see this text through the lense of our sustainable
Rationale/Relevance: global goals. Students will participate in a scavenger hunt to be familiar with due process and how
decisions are made to affect a larger community. This is why before we begin reading, we will
research together about the history and context behind thisplay: the lawsuit of Hansberry v. Lee
and how that effects us and our lives today.

Student Profile: 30 last semester juniors

50% free/reduced lunch

50% white, 50% other

English as a second language 20%

Content Standard(s) addressed by this lesson: (Write Content Standards directly from the standard)


a. Evaluate explicit and implicit viewpoints, values, attitude, and assumptions concealed in speech, writing, and illustration.

Understandings:​ ​(Big Ideas)

- We will research and discuss the outcomes and facts of the Hansberry v. Lee case in order to consider the various stakeholders and
power of various parties.

- We will use this information in order to create an understanding of the background of Hansberry’s play.

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Inquiry Questions:​ ​(Essential questions relating knowledge at end of the unit of instruction, select applicable questions from standard)

- How does race affect the agency one has?

- How can power be used in legal battles and law creation?

Evidence Outcomes:​ ​(Learning Targets)

Every student will be able to: ​(Create your own lesson objectives from the standard using student voice)

I can: ​research Hansberry v. Lee case facts and understand how race and class can affect agency and outcomes.

This means: ​I will research the case and complete a reflection on the ideas of housing, race, class, and agency.

List of Assessments:​ ​(Write the number of the learning targets associated with each assessment)


-Teacher check-in

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Planned Lesson Activities

Name and Purpose of Lesson Intro to ​A Raisin in the Sun; ​Hansberry v. Lee

Co-Teaching Which model(s) will be used?

Will co-teaching models be utilized in this lesson?
Yes ___ No X Why did you choose this model(s) and what are the teachers’ roles?

Approx. Time and Materials 50 Minutes

Journals for reflection
Technology-laptops/ipads/phones for research

Anticipatory Set The strategy I intend to use is: Langston Hughes Poem discussion
I am using this strategy here because: this poem is given by Hansberry prior to her play,
we will use this to spark interest and inform themselves in the play and its history.
(10 minutes)
Procedures The strategy I intend to use is: Jigsaw
I am using this strategy here because: I want students to talk outside of their table
groups and also become comfortable explaining their research and thoughts to others.

Teacher Actions Student Actions Data Collected

1. Post and read 1. Respond to Poem 1. Journal Entry
Langston Hughes with mimic poem 2. Check-ins with
Poem (10 m) a. Discuss individuals
2. Introduction to meaning 3. Discussion
Hansberry v. Lee with 4. Check-ins with
(20mins) group group
a. Why did this member 5. Journal Reflection
begin? 2. Begin researching
b. where do case individually
you look for 3. Table Group
information? discussion,
connect case

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

3. Read Hughes Poem information to

aloud again (10 Hughes message
mins) a. What
4. Jigsaw, Number would he
students off 1-5 (10) think
5. Bring everyone back about the
together in regular case?
table groups for 4. Get with your
reflection (10 mins) assigned number
group and
summarize what
your table group
talked about and
what you learned
about Hansberry
v. Lee in your
5. In journals, reflect
on your
understanding of
the case, Hughes
poem, and how
these issues
connects to the
sustainable global

Closure The strategy I intend to use is: Journaling Reflection

I am using this strategy here because: I want students to have time to consider how this
lesson and the court case relate to sustainable global goals

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CEP Lesson Plan Form

Differentiation Content Process Product Environment

Modifications: Research Aid

Extensions: Reflect in any

form; i.e. poem,
letter, drawing,
Journal Reflection: examples from case and poem

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