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Peace of Allah be upon Her By Fazza

Eternal Light By Fazza

Peace of Allah be upon her and peace be upon her eyes and
They asked me for the meaning of true love,
her cheeks
Is it more beautiful than a soaring
She is the light which lights up the darkness
white dove?
Who is as beautiful as this Lady??
Is it more magical than the Eiffel tower In the midst of the
Time passes very slowly without her,
But, when I am with her, it rushes by
in true awe inspiring power?
I cannot describe her beauty; her beauty cannot be captured
Is it stronger than the might of a mountain?
Ah, ah, ah, – I sigh instead
Is it more romantic than a red lit fountain?
My body becomes weak
I smile and nod and say you are right
I am missing her arrival and her charms
Love is that true eternal light
I am bursting with the feelings and secrets of love
It will never fade and will always shine
In your hearts and also mine
All my wishes are in her hand
It may leave you but it will come back
I give you my intellect and my love, but
Its generosity does not lack
Give me my breath, my breath is for me
Entwining two souls it will once more

Working its spell from core to core

Drawing Love By Fazza
Ladies and Gentlemen By Fazza

I drew a picture of love and I coloured it while staying up dies and Gentlemen (and Fangirls)
in the dark night,
Be my judge and help me with the arrogance of my graceful
I missed you and your sweet voice. Where are you? beloved

Are you in the country or did you leave? And forgive me if my tear falls off my eye … Ladies and
You set people on fire when you speak, your voice is all
fired up – Warn her about the insanity of a man in love

Please go easy on me, the one who is deeply in love with And force her to read what my critics say
And tell her about the happiness of my heart
From loving you I felt happiness and sadness,
That she is the reason for that happiness
So I kept drawing our love story until the sun rise,
Since she left my city the city became dark
This is true love and I am declaring you to be my last
She seems to get happier and happier everyday
While I seem to be sad and upset as if that became my new

The walls of the city became sad

And a tear (of not having what you want) is on my pillow

OH AH AH (sigh over love and the beloved)

And what about those jealous of me – how am I going to

face them after she went away…
Innocence By Fazza
Your Test is Very Difficult By Fazza
My love, I can’t believe what just happened!
Your test is very difficult but the solution is easy
I am so disappointed and you killed the faith in me,
My love,
I believed in you. If anyone tried to break us apart I would
Give me just a quarter of the hour until my eyes collect the
stop them,
tears and cry enough,
and disbelieve anything bad they say about you
Tears are sometimes needed for courage,
I tried to hide my pain but I failed
Your gaze which studies the admirer is hard,
My love, everything has changed now. We’ve lost
My eyes did not sleep until the sunrise woke me up,
The Day, when the Crescents are peering from your face, is
To me you were unreachable, so high,
singing about love and its enjoyment,
It is hard to believe it with your innocent face,
What are you singing about yourself?
It is even harder after falling in love with you,
My fate is confused, after being so certain that it is my fate
You want to say Goodbye before the Meeting,
to be with you,
My heart does not want to be dominated,
I blamed every step on the longing, and I put excuses to my
mistakes, Help me, Allah, to protect myself from domination,

Until my excuses became my mistakes and got rejected, I cannot refuse you although I have a lot of proof,

If time took out its sword, and fate was sealed, no one can Every vein beats in your love, and that, you have to value,
fix it or do anything about it,
And you have to examine your conscience,
If the wishes and the flowers die, who can return the colors
and brashness to life? Loyalty lives in me,

I wrote you as my secret poem. Loyalty is being attached in my heart,

I am sick of hiding my pain. And it is being recorded in the Book of Innocence,

My love, when you are here, it is like heaven to me but

when you leave it is hell.

But if there is no other choice but to leave, then my love for

you makes hell into heaven
Do you love me or the Dirhams? By Fazza

Go and tell the other girls about the people who died for you,
Do you love me or the Dirhams? You’re the heaven in earth for them and the star in their sky,
Choose one so I won’t be lost The media will publish all about your qualities,
you are sweetness whereever you go,
If there is no understanding in relationships,
And when you come, some people will get confused, don’t
Even under the moonlight they might get lost.
mind them
True lovers always encourage their feelings,
They cannot buy your friendship,
Even the youngest of them all will appreciate it, He will never sell
And if anything can be bought with Dirhams
it away.
I would buy the years ahead of me before they get lost.
Your love is planted inside my heart; It is all for your gardening.

In my eyes you’re not like anybody else.

If time was unfair with me and, If they want my tears to fall

down for goodbyes,

They should know, even when you are away, they will never be
like you,

They are so small in my eyes I can barely see them, because my

eyes only see the bright stars.

I’m both the sea and death.

I drown them and keep them away till I reach the land

But when I see you with them, I forget about them

It is like you cut your beloved heart very deeply,

You matter the most to me,

And the longing keeps increasing in me,

You are the moon and the sun,

You are the mellow flower,

Fighters will fight for you,

Musician will play their instrumentals for you,

And religious men would unite their prayers for

“ God bless you from their eyes”,

You’re the heaven in earth for them and the star in their sky,
“A Different Night” Poem By Fazza Tell her my feelings never changed,

A Different night, Different temperature, Different Poem and The first feeling was given away,
Different people.
The other one was captured,
Pray for the mention of Prophet Mohammed, pray for the
mention of Prophet Mohammed She is like royalty before she wears expensive silk clothes (for
If you want it evil, evil it is. if you want it good, good it is
(Meaning her manners and beauty are high class, while she is
Or should we just let the ladies decide and judge on what you not a royalty, she looks like one)
want and what you don’t want?
The previous line is dictated to the smart ones, not idiots
A different audience, different Bu Sh’hab (Brother Ahmed) , (people who judge others)
different Fazza’a and different Father (different here: being the
only one or the best), If you see her, Mohamed Bin Elmr, (Poet), I don’t know what will
happen, you will write the best poem in your life, my friend.
And if I let the Ladies judge, Please do excuse me, I would be
more relaxed with the Gazelles (Ladies) Than the Lions (Men.) And If Dhedan Bin Gada’an,( Poet) gets to see her, he will start
mumbling songs (from being amazed)
Poem evenings are not only about sharing a table with a Super
Star, And sing whatever she wants from the beautiful southern
And they are not about having an admiring girl or a boy,
And If Bin Al Theeb gets to see her, he will take out his sword
It is about a feeling that I have since I was a child, and announce love wars in the Arabic sea.

I feel it everywhere I go either east or west. And if Sa’ad Aloosh gets to see her, he would send a poem all
the way to Sa’ad Al Aklabi,
And my feelings are like I went all the way to Abu Dhabi (The
Capital), And If Hamad Zeid gets to see her, he would find the four
daggers in my heart.
And met the UAE president. (H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al
Nahyan.) And if Sa’ad Dri gets to see her, he will be brokenhearted and
start reading the Quran over her. (To prevent Envy)
I feel so enthusiastic I could fly to the highest sky,
And if Khalaf Hazal gets to see her with his prince like feelings,
With my friend and beloved brother (Ahmed). he will go Saudi Arabia (hometown) for a couple of hours and
And from the Knight, The Master of Glory and my Father I got come back to Dubai (to see her again),
the experience, And If You get to see her, Ahmed, You will forget all about
And If I would not be able to walk in the world of poems and the audience and ask me to end this evening.
glory/manhood I would crawl, My Sweetheart is,
My Sweet Heart who is rebellious and excites my feelings, my The prettiest human being,
needs and my tiredness.
The pretties horse
If she is present between you (Ladies Audience) Please do tell
me. I am in danger (deep in love), The purest fragrance,

Please, Please girls in Abayas and Niqabs (a face cover). And if she is considered a gazelle, she is the prettiest not doubt.

Either she hears me through the radio or watches me on Sama

Dubai (TV),
Thank you