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Jack Littleton

May 11, 2018


1) A) When Nazi’s came for Italian Jews they went into hiding in 150 church institutions

including the Vatican.

B) It is interesting to see that the Vatican was being used to hide Jewish people.

2) A) Catholic bishops in Germany spoke out on human rights issues, but protects anti-Jewish


B) It interests me to see what the catholic bishops perspectives were on this.

3) A) Priests played a major role in rescuing the Jews from Hitler.

B) This is a humanitarian act that shows how the priests put their religious differences aside to

help the Jews.

4) A) The Nazis were persecuting the Catholic Church in Germany.

B) This is interesting because all we ever hear about is how the Jews being persecuted not the

Catholic church.

5) A) Christianity could not escape some indirect blame for.

B) It is interesting because they were the ones being persecuted.

6) A) Converted Jews were taken care of.

B) This is interesting because they had an organized way of dealing with converted Jews.

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7) A) August Vongalen criticized Nazi racial policy and spoke through his homilies against Hitlers

theory of the purity of German blood.

B) This is important because he used his homilies to speak against Hitler.

8) A) August Vongalen feared that children would be confused to “their obligation to act with


B) This is important because Vongalen made this important through religious instruction to

teach moral issues through the curriculum.

9) A) August Vongalen criticized the cruel program of Nazi euthanasia and went further than just

defending the church by speaking of a danger to Germany from the regime’s violations of basic

human rights.

B) As a leader of the Church he is sticking up for everyone’s right to life.

10) A) Nazi’s organized mass demonstrations against Catholics and Jews in Germany.

B)All we hear about is the extermination of the Jews and they killed the Catholics too.

11) A) Nazi mob attacked Cardinal Faulhaber’s palace and smashed it’s windows

B) It is important because violence started to erupt which included the Catholics in rejection of

the pope’s statement that there is but one human race.

12) A) Father Bernhard Lichtenberg closed each evening service with a prayer, “for the Jews, and

the poor prisioners of the Concentration Camps.”

B)Catholics all over the world were praying for the Jews across their religion.

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13) A)The Jews suffered the most in numerical terms, while gypsies suffered the greatest

proportional loss.

B) The Nazi’s had little respect for what they considered “subnormal.”

14) A) Hitler’s euthanasia program caused great protest, finally being called murder.

B) It is important because this was the beginning of the Holocaust.

15) A) The words from VonGalan’s famous sermon had profound meaning for the mass

extermination programs yet to come and forced the Euthanasia program underground.

B) This was the beginning of Concentration camps.

16) A) Nazi Concentration Camps have been established in 1933, but it wasn’t untul the invasion

of Russia until the death camps opened.

B) This is where it all began.

17) A) Liquidation of the Jews did not primarily take place on German soil but rather in Polish


B) It was important because the murderous campaign was less widespread.

18) A) Adolf Wagner declared “Every word the Pope makes in Rome is an encitement of the Jews

throughout the world to agitate against Germany.”

B) It is important because everything the Catholics did to help the Jews was now making it

more of a sensitive issue.

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19) A) The Pope’s summer residence was used to shelter Jews fleeing the Nazi round-ups in Italy.

B) The Vatican went to great lengths to protect the Jews.

20) A) In 1942, the evidence of the mass slaughter of the Jews has emerged.

B) It is important because it got international attentention to block Nazi deportations of Jews in

various countries.

21) A) The pope’s direct influence was the strongest.

B) Many Jews found refuge in Italy.

22) A) Thousands of Jews found safety in Catholic networks, institutions, and homes across Italy

B) The Jews knew the Roman Catholics were on there side and the Roman Catholics were

trying to help them.

23) A) The deportation of Jews was offensive to the pope.

B) He did everything he could to protect the Jews.

24) A) It is sad for the Holy Father that here in Rome under the common eyes of the common

father that so many people should suffer only because they belong to a specific race.

B) Not only offensive to man but offensive to the eyes of God.

25) A) As in other nations Catholic networks were heavily engaged in rescue efforts.

B) It is important because Catholics played a key role in helping protect the Jews.

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Part Two

Bishop August Von Galen of Germany was instrumental in helping the Jewish people. He spoke

against Hitler through his homilies. He was the first to call Hitler’s euthanasia program “murder”. This

was significant because it accused Hitler’s regime of violating basic human rights.

Bishop Von Galen was most famous for three sermons regarding euthanasia at the hands of the

Nazis, including those who were mentally challenged. His sermons raised public awareness of the evil

things that were taking place and this news spread across Germany. He was eventually named as a

Cardinal, but will always be remembered by his Catholic protest against euthanasia and how he used his

sermons to speak out for the Jewish people.

Part Three

If you do not work quietly and independently (that means by yourself), then the substitute has been

instructed to give you a third part to work on. It will count for an additional grade. If you happen to

finish too early then this probably means you didn’t do a good enough job on the first two parts, so go

back over it. However, if you did, then sit there quietly. You’re not to be talking. Being disrespectful to

my substitute is being disrespectful to me. I take that very seriously, which I’m sure you realize by now.

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