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1 .0 DIRECTIVE : The over speeding of Turbine can result from : I. There are two emergency stop valves & six control valves for HP turbine and two stop valves & two control valves for IP Turbine. reheat unit with double flow LP Turbine. Failure of the over speed tripping devices. The combined critical speeds of Turbine Generator Unit are 1786 & 1987.0 SUPERSEDED DOCUMENTS: LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014.0 INTRODUCTION Stage-1 ANSALDO Turbine is a tandem – compound.11. II. 5.1 REV. It has nozzle governing which is of electro hydraulic type.0 SCOPE Applicable to 200 MW Turbo-generators (St-1).1 18.DECEMBER 2008 OVERSPEEDING OF STEAMTURBINES OF (STAGE-1) 200 MW UNITS 1.LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014. The governor failing to arrest the speed rise after the load is rejected. The release of stored energy to the Turbines . The excessive overspeeding will result in failure of Turbine due to increased centrifugal forces. It also results in Page 4 of 10 .0 REFERENCE DOCUMENT OD/OPS/SYST/003. IV. Valve Mechanisms sticking. 2.1994 4. III. DECEMBER 1993 3.

reheat stop valves.e. This is to be recorded in the log books of Turbine Desk Engr.1 DIRECTIVES FOR CHECKING THE HEALTHINESS OF GOVERNING SYSTEM AND VALVES: I.Once in a week full close operation. reheat stop valves and control valves are to be checked for full closing and opening and freeness of control valves. The tripping of Turbines on overspeeding is to be ensured in the following ways: I. (oil injection) III. HP control valves and reheat control valves are to be operated through their full range of operation. This is to ensure that sticking of the valves is not there. and UCE.LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014. over speeding shall be restricted to the absolute minimum magnitude. Required assistance is to be provided by C&I. Page 5 of 10 . all the emergency stop valves. During normal running of units. The load is to be kept around 95 % of the full load (190 MW).1 REV. By doing the over speed tests at regular intervals. Resp: UCE Frequency . After overhauls and after long shutdown. By checking the healthiness of governing system and the associated valves. So. Checking the tripping of the machine by actual over speeding of the prime mover. Resp: DGM(O) II. the operation of emergency stop valves. (Every Monday A Shift) other days partial closing. 0 to 100 %) – for checking free valve operation. duration & frequency necessary to ensure safety of the Turbines. A protocol has to be maintained. (i. 5.DECEMBER 2008 higher & undesirable stresses in the rotating assemblies. II.1 .

to avoid the freeing of the overspeed trip gear giving an artificial result Resp: DGM(O) IV. The observation is to be recorded in the Log Book. Before carrying out an over speed test. that should be brought to the notice of General Manager ( R ) and the problem should be sorted out before taking back the turbine in to service.0 I. approx 30 % of Boiler load (180 T/Hr). Before carrying out an over speed test on Turbine Generator precautions must be taken to ensure that the field breaker is open and the machine is in de-excited condition. Frequency: During planned shutdown / once in 6 months. This is to be recorded in UCE & SCE log books.1 REV. It is to be ensured that the turbine is not accelerating. Resp: DGM(O) III. In case if it does not happen and turbine is accelerating . If any passing is observed this is to be brought to the notice of GM ( R )and AGM (O&M) in writing.1 . precautions must be taken to limit the supply of steam to the minimum necessary. Resp: SCE III b) During shutdown of Turbine. The on load overspeed testing equipment (oil injection overspeed test) should not be operated immediately before the actual overspeed test. The machine should be warmed up sufficiently Page 6 of 10 .LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014. 6. Resp: DGM (O) II. OVER SPEED TESTING PRECAUTIONS: The persons doing the test must be aware of the maximum speed (3380 RPM) at which the prime mover may be run and the need to limit over speeding to the minimum duration. the steam tightness of the HP Control Valves and reheat control valves must be ensured preferably once in six months by charging the steam up to these valves in the presence of Turbine Maintenance.DECEMBER 2008 III a) During rolling of Turbine. the turbine should be unloaded fully by closing the HP control valves and reheat control valves.

Ensure ‘Locked out’ LED is lit on the ATRS panel.DECEMBER 2008 so that casing expansions are at least 80 % of full load expansion.1 REV. The manual emergency trip must be manned by U. REMOTE: a) Check that the Turbine speed is around 3000 RPM. shaft speed should be measured with Stroboscope. who can see clearly the speed achieved and who will trip the turbine if the maximum permissible speed is exceeded or if there is any abnormality in the turbine. Resp: DGM(O) 7. Maximum allowable speed is 3380 RPM. The test can be done either from remote or local.LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014. Stop pressing “Oil Trip” button.C. the overspeed testing should be done once in a month by oil injection method. I.0 TESTING PROCEDURES & FREQUENCY OF TESTING: A: During normal running. b) Press the ‘Lock out’ button so that the actual tripping of the machine does not occur. (Approx. d) Then press the “Reset” button so that the annunciation and MTD is reset ( MTD “Reset” indication LED appears) and the “lock out” is released (after 10 to 13 seconds) Resp: Turbine Desk Engr. 18 mm). c) Press the ‘Oil Trip’ button and observe that the annunciation “Hydraulic Overspeed / Turbine Emergency Trip” is appearing along with LED indication of MTD ‘Trip’.E. Resp: DGM(O) V. During over speed test after overhaul. Resp:DGM(O)/(MTP) VI. This person must be in direct communication with the person controlling the speed of the turbine. The indicator readings and stroboscope readings are to be compared. Previous overspeed trip values are to be examined for reference.1 . Page 7 of 10 .

Resp: UCE B. e) The local operator is to be positioned near the front pedestal to watch the speed. The precondition is that casing expansion should be at least 80 % of normal full load expansion. b) Slowly close the control valves fully.LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014. turn clockwise and hold the lockout handle in the turbine front pedestal. e) Release the lockout handle to its original position. turn the reset handle anticlock wise and ensure that the overspeed trip is reset. d) Pull.DECEMBER 2008 II. 18 mm) STEPS: a) Reduce the load on the unit to less than 10 MW after aux’s supply change over to station.(i.1 REV. f) Then the overspeed button in the ATRS console is to be pressed continuously and speed rise to be observed both in UCB & Local g) The speed at which the turbine is tripping with the annunciation ‘Hydraulic overspeed / Turbine trip’ is to be noted both in local & UCB. ensure zero MW on the machine and desynchronize the machine by opening the main and middle breakers of Generator. LOCAL : a) Pull. AFTER OVERHAULING: The actual overspeeding of the turbine is to be done after Turbine OR governing system overhauling. d) See that turbine is running at 3000 RPM by adjusting the HP / LP bypass valves position. c) Close the oil valve. (with Two Way communication).1 . Approx. Page 8 of 10 . b) Open the oil valve and see that overspeed trip is acting indicated by MTD lever coming out.e. c) De-excite the machine by opening the field breaker of Generator. Indicated by lever going in. Check for lockout indication in the front pedestal.

it is not possible or practicable to carry out an actual overspeed test at least once in every 12 months. the turbine should be taken out of service and an actual overspeed is to be done and is to be repeated once in a every three months till the on load overspeed testing is made available. Frequency: After every overhaul prior to turbine start-up.1 REV. Resp: AGM (O) 8.LMI/OD/OPS/SYST/003/014. D. or else trip the turbine at 3370 RPM. Resp: DGM (OPN) If for any reason.DECEMBER 2008 h) Incase the Turbine is not tripping around 3300 RPM (110 %) it is to be seen that Electrical back up protection is acting at a speed of 3360 RPM (112 %).0 REVIEW: HOD(O) will be responsible for reviewing this document on a 3 yearly basis.1 . Page 9 of 10 . i) If the Turbine is not tripping even at 3360 RPM trip the Turbine from push buttons on turbine desk or from local. the cause must be investigated immediately and if not resolved. At any time if the on load overspeed test device fails to give satisfactory indications. Resp: SCE / UCE ELECTRICAL OVER SPEED TESTING (Simulation) : During every overhaul the speed channel output of the turbine can be increased (by simulation) and it can be observed at what speed (in ATRS console) the electrical protection (112 % over speed) is acting. or as and when required. The turbine should be brought into service again only after rectification of the problem. The matter is to be brought to the notice of General Manager immediately. it should be brought to the notice of General Manager explaining the reasons for not carrying out the test and formal dispensation from Director (OPERATION) should be sought on each and every occasion. Resp: UCE All the three testings are to be recorded in the UCE and Desk Engineers Log books.