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Only One Answer to Ail
Questions Two Hundred Miles of Trolley Proceeds from the McKee Woman's Clothing That Puz-^^|
Against Accusations
Roads Extending
Change Hands. IntoNassau
Cottage Bazaar at Sea
zled Policc Belonged
tn a Nnrsr. vwiv. ^ «

PANTOL.AMBPA OL.PE3T COMPLETE.: mounted skeleton °fmammal
"Eastman" and
but Taken in Cus-
tody on New Warrants.
Dschargrd. IN EJaSTmCF,, 0!d Tunnel Under East R ver,
Eleven Years Ago, May
Be Completed.
Begun During the Monlh of July 2
Pounds of Ice Were
240,000 Silent,
Says She Put Clothing Be-
neath the and Kept
Fearing Suspicion.
Whitney Party F ind Rare Fossils More than two hundred miles of electric HERALD FREE ICE FUND.
American Ice Co

1,000 tons of ice


Through the story told last night by a

» railway, worth millions of dollars,
throughout Queens and Nassau counties, extending Previonsly acknowledged .$5,0354.56 . .
missionary, Inspector Titus believes that he
can solve the mystery of the finding of a
Declares in Court, Adding That He Has
a "Fishing" Alibi
for Uie.
Specimens of Four, Three and <Dne Toed Horses Now on
bition Here, and Also the Gly Petaliferus, the Only
Known Mammal of the Tc)rtoise-Armadilio Family.
Exhiptodon yesterday passed into the control of the
United States Mortgage and Trust
of Cedar street, Manhattan;
of the transaction became known in
Manhattan last night, and aroused interest
Itazaar at Mcliee Cottage, Sea
Iy. L. Fosdiclc lO.OO
In memory of Clarence
Rosalie Appelt
Mary L. Ivntner
Gate 3N5.17 woman's clothes beneath the northerly
of the Second avenue bridge, which
lO.OO were thought to be an important clew in the
4.UO Roxbury case.
.03 It was believed at the time of the murder
in railroad circles in the territory affected. Total #0,341.78. of Mr. Roxbury that the assailant was
David Lamar will not admit that he knows
"'Monk Eastman" or Joseph Kenny,. alias In striking comparison with the monstrous America of the horso, the elephant, the
Ever since rival tunnels under the East by a woman confederate, whom he assisted
"Brown," arrested for assaulting, "at his animals of the collection of fossil mammals and the rhinoceros mastodon
River projected by the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company and the interests
Ice stations are located at. afterward killed, and the clothes found
the bridge added probability to this beneath H
request," as alleged, Lamar's former
James McMahon, at Long Branch. coachman, placed on exhibition yesterday at the
Many of the new and important specimens
were obtained by the recent expeditions sent the subway rapid transit of representing
Mariners' Temple,
Oliver and Henry
theory. Now, however, it appears that the
Neither will he deny knowing them, for while
he submitted to questionings on the subject
Museum of Natural History is the

to be seen near the entrance of the east

clumsyout at the expense of William C. Whitney.
In the alcove devoted to the evolution of
little skeleton of the pantolambda that is the horse the results of the Whithey
in Texas, Nebraska and Colorado are explorations
the possession of the electric
which have ramifications throughout
Queens and Nassau has been a matter of
railways Washington
No. 30
No. 431 West
No. 617 East Sixteenth street.
garments were the property of a youijg
woman who says that she was attacked by
two men on the night of July 9.
yesterday Lamar replied to each and every wing-. shown. Besides tho ancestral four toed cor.test. No. 23 Rivington street. Mrs. E. C. Taylor, who in connected with
interrogatory, "X have nothing to say." It is the oldest complete mounted mammal horse.- there representing the beginning Of the Eleven years ago the Steinway interests, No. 55 Columbia street. the New York Rescue Mission, went to the
Lamar would say one thing, and that very in existence. When its age is asked the Series, are shown also the three toed
positively. It was that he did not intend
"running away," because there was no
will mention a little matter of three
and one toed varieties.
The first named specimen was found in
the Wind tliver beds in Wyoming and is
wliich then owned the horse car system in
old Long Island City, began the building of
No. 26 Ridge street.
No. 445 West Twenty-sixth street.
Alexander avenue police station from her
home, at No. 701 East 137th street, last night
why he should. reason million years, but will also ask you t^
that geological ages are figures of
about the size of a fox. Its frame is not
unlike a tunnel under the East River, which came THE HERALD EMPLOYS NO
CANVASSERS and had a conference with Inspector Titus.
He was in his room, No. 1,026, in the
Building, in Broad street, when he Johnston estimation. It may be older or younger.
that of the whippet, the swiftest dog
of its size.
to a disastrous ending in December of that
year, when a dynamite explosion killed
TO THE HERALD FREE ICE CONTRIBUTIONS The story told by Mrs. Taylor was that of
Mamie Milltrum, a ward helper in Bellevu®
to an interview. This room is not consented It was found in New Mexico and presents
an impressive example of the possibilities of
While the Whitney expeditions were
for these fossil horses they found near hunting men and did damage to the extent of FUND SHOULD BE SENT DIRECT TO Hospital, who said that she had not spoken

Lamar's office, but simply a room he rents

in a convenient locality where he can meet evolution, as Illustrating the law of
increase in size.
the "Staked Plains," in Texas, the only
known specimen of the glyptodon
progressive petaliferus.
about $500,000. This tunnel franchise, which
has lain dormant, is said to be a perpetual
franchise and one of the best ever granted.
of the matter before because she feared that
the garments might be traced to her and
that she might therefore, though innocent,
financiers and other business men in This is a tortoise armadillo, an extinct
It is in the same building with consultation.
This exhibition of fossils, as rearranged South American edent allied to the living
and made public yesterday, represents the armadillos. It Is the only complete
With it is carried full municipal rights on Over the six thousand dollar mark jumps be connected with the Roxbury murder. She
the offices of Talbot J. Taylor & Co., only
five stories higher than this office, where
Lamar is a daily visitor. This was the
results of thirty-three years of exploration
and an expenditure of $250,000.
extant. Before it was found, all that
geologists knew of this animal they had to
deduce from one of Its scales found some
both sides of the river, in addition to all the
consents of property owners along the line.
the Herald's Free Ice Fund, more than
wav toward the next thousand. This onethird
had therefore asked the advice of Mrs.
who in turn thought that the wisest
course to pursue was to give all the details
"It has been said, Mr. Lamar, that your
The specimens include the Cope collection years ago.
and the collections made by the Museum of Near the fossil horses is a skull of the
Natural History in the Western States and large white rhinoceros of Africa, a superb
By means of this tunnel the trolley system
of Long Island could be made a part of the
places the fund in most excellent condition
for the opening of the second month of the
to the authorities.
"Mamie Milltrum told me," Mrs. Taylor
trouble with McMahon over the loss of a
pet dog was brought about by your belief in South America during the last thirteen specimen recently bought for the museum
in England by J\ Pierpont Morgan. It has a
subway system of Manhattan, and several Most gratifying are the large receipts of said, "that on the night of July 9 she lc-ft
that McMahon had given the dog to a years. times it has been reported that the electric $385.17 from the bazaar held Wednesday Bellevue Hospital, where she is employed, to
friend in the hope of a reward being offered. Each alcove contains a group of animals, perfectly preserved lancelike exterior horn systems of Queens had passed into the con go to the home of her sister, who lives in
Is that true?" placed so as to show the evolution in North three feet in length. trol of the Belmonts. These rumors were all
afternoon and evening at the McKee
in Sea Gate for the benefit of the fund. cottage 123th street near Second avenue,. She was

"I have nothing to say." I
"Mav I ask whether you know 'Monk
Eastman' or 'Brown,' the prisoners?"
unfounded, but last night it was learned that The nine young ladies who are entirely descending the steps of the elevated
responsible station of the Second avenue line ai railroad
the Board of Directors of the various electric for the great success of the bazaar 127th street when she was accosted by two
"I have nothing to say."
"Do you know Herbert Thompson, who
employed John Hoyer,Monk'
the discharge of the
a lawyer, to obtain
and four other
railroads operating in Queens and Nassau
counties have been requested to send in their
resignations to-day.
worn tVnumcohros! o etAnlcViorl
amount that they have turned over to the
charity, and are delighted with the results
of +H lifpo young men whom she thought she knew.
"They invited her to a saloon in the
where she had several drinks, which
she thinks were drugged. She
prisoners, on July 4?"
"I have nothing to say."
This request also applies to the prominent
officials on all the roads in both Queens and
of their labor of love. They are Mildred leaving the saloon, and her next remembers
"Did you meet Thompson at Bennett's
saloon prior to July 9, the date of the alleged
assault on McMahon?" 8! Ml INVENTION pniiinq
uuu i umu i unuuu
Nassau counties. Whether the trust
represents the Belmont or the
Railroad interests could not be
learned. In fact, the officers of the railroads
Eagle, Myrtle. Williams, Mary Martin, Marie
Despard, Estelle Despard. Helen Wing, Nell
Morrison, Gwendolen Noble and Isabel
During the month which closed yesterday
is that she found herself near the
bridge. Her waist was stained from injuries
to her head, and she had been robbed of Jj.
She went back to Bellevue Hospital, had
her wounds dressed and then came back up
"I have nothing to say."
"Did you accompany Thompson to the
who were requested to send in their
only know that the various roads
have passed into the hand of the trust
resignationsthe fund distributed 2,240,000 pounds of ice,
and what that means to the poor people in
town with her clothes, for which she had
exchanged others at the hospital.
meet 'Monk Eastman'?
Dr. Francis L. Morhard Killed Rudolph A. Witteman, Dealer company.
Jowe reast sirle to to the Crowded tenements few persons can "She decided that she had better throw
"I have nothing say." One of the officers in authority gave realize. This month more ice than that will them away as she approached her sister's
"Were you on the Long Branch boat on it as his opinion that the Pennsylvania go to the beneficiaries of the charity, for the house, and accordingly she crossed the
July 3, when the 'Monk' and four companions
were arrested on suspicion?" by Electrical Device in in Bottlers' Supplies, Placed
an Railroad had outwitted the Belmont
and acquired the roads. interests demands of August, when there is always
Increased illness among the children, are bridge and placed them in the spot where
they were subsequently found. The
"I have nothing to say."
"Did you settle the bills of 'Monk' and Staten Island Home. Under $5,000 Bail. The LiOne: Island Railroad is nlannine- one
of ihe biggest power houses in the world,
which is to be erected on the vacant block
greater than those of July, If the fund
to grow as at present every demand continues of a barge whom she recollects seeing
informed the police that fifteen minutea af-
captain 1
'Brown' and others at Dong Branch hotels, Will be met. ter the assault on Roxbury he had seen a
as the authorities say you did?" in Fourth street. Hunter's Point. It is said
this power house is to furnish power to woman with her head bandaged walking
"I have nothing to say."
"The charge is made, Mr. Lamar, by the
Dong Branch authorities, as you have seen
by the Pennsylv.ania Railroad, and
contemplated near the place where the clothes were
printed m the newspapers, that you there will be ample surplus power to operate Inspector Titus sent two detectives to
'Monk Eastman,' 'Brown' and others employed all the surface roads on -Long Island. THIRTY-FOUR ACCUSED trace the assailants of the girl, guided by
descriptions which she had given to Mrs.
to assault McMahon. Is that true?"
Popular Dentist Had Entertained Prisoner's Counsel Refers to
"I have nothing to say/'
This interview was had with Lamar after
the "Monk" and his companic...._. <wn had
occupied considerable tir-3 of _*Bjjj^arts and
had finally been held for examination at
Friends, ar.d Loses
After of His Client as "a
Little Difference."
the hands of the Trust Company are the
New York and Queens County Electric
Among the roads said to have passed into
owned by a PhilaielpMa
syndicate and of which \V. R. Shelmerdine,
Confession of Prisoner Implicates STARTED -RIOT DIES IN JAIL.
Railwas Savannah and Tampa Firms in, Who Caused Evansville Uprising

half-past ten o'clock this morning, when
witnesses from Long Branch are several of Philadelphia, was president. Jacob it. Serious Cigar Conspiracy. Succumbs to Policeraan's Bullet.
to appear before Magistrate Ommen expected Dr. Francis D. Morhard, a well known
Beetem was recently relieved of the vice
presidency of the road, and this is said to [speoal despatch to the herald.] JEFFERSOJTVILLE, Ind., Friday..Robert Lee,
in the Centre Street Police Court and
identify the prisoners as those who
were seen to assault McMahon.
positively dentist,Rudolph
of No. 291 Third avenue, was instantly
killed by electricity early yesterday morning
A. Witteman, a member of the
firm of Witteman Brothers, importers of and have been one of the movoj toward the sale.
This road operates branches extending all
Savannah, Ga., Friday..By the confession
of Judson G. Brlnsont thirty-four persons
a negro, who shot Louis Massey, a
at Evansville July 3, and started the policeman,
Friends of both prisoners, representatives at his summer cottage, Hillside avenue and
of the "Cherry Hill" and old "Red Light"
districts, crowded in the Centre Street Police the Boulevard, Gifford's, Staten Island, as
dealers in bottlers' supplies, at No. 18S
street, was arrested yesterday by
United States Marshals McAviney and
through Queens, to College Point, Flushing
and Jamaica and all through Long Island
City. They also control the New York and
connected with express companies, railroads
and leading mercantile houses in this city
riot that resulted in the death and Injury of
many citizens, died here in prison to-day
Court when the case was called. The told in a lote odition of yesterday's Herald. North Shore road, which extends through are implicated in a big conspiracy to from the ^affects of a wound in the lungs,
"Monk" displayed some temper when
Sergeant McCafferty stood near him Detective Dr. Morhard had been in the habit of
Kennedy and arraigned before Commissioner
Shields, in the Federal Building, on a charge
Jamaica, Far Rockaway and connects at
Queens with the Nassa'u County Electric Havana cigars into this country by way
of Port Tampa, Fla.
smuggle caused by/a bullet fired by Massey.
Lee's wife was killed by a train a few days
talking, and angrily exclaimed, "Take that spending his summers for five years at this of having made fraudulent entries at the Railway. Brinson was arrested in this city about after the riot.
fellow away from me." meaning McCafferty. which he had built near the river. Custom House. The tracks of this railway skirt the new three weeks ago. He broke down to-day and
When the "Monk" took a few steps Central cottage, The complaint, sworn to by A, Aubrey
$2,000,000 race track now being built tin the confessed. The smuggling, according to his
Office detectives pushed him back. State His family consisted of himself, his wife and Byrne, a special agent, charges the prisoner
line between Nassau and Queens counties,
to be known as Belmont Park and which, it narrative, had been going on for more than SPECIAL NOTICES.
Senator Thomas F. Grady and John Hoyer three children, two girls and one boy. and his brother with having, on June 11, 1901, is said, when completed v.ill be the finest two years and more than one million fine
were present to defend the prisoners.
After arguments by the State Senator and
On Thursday evening some friends from
Assistant District Attorney Johnstone the Manhattan were entertained at dinner by
entered at the Custom House thirty-seven
Cases of metal capsules, consigned to them
by H. Vetter, of Vienna, Austria, and in so
track in the world.
When William H. Baldwin, Jr., was asked
at his summer home, in Glen Cove, last
Havana cigars, that would retail at from ten
to twenty-five cents each, had been brought
in without paying duty.

prisoners were discharged, to be immediately Dr. and Mrs. Morhard. Soon after midnight evening
The cigars were shipped from Havana to
rearrested on a warrant issued by
Ommen on a complaint made by
Duggan and James McMahon, the
the party broke up. The family, with the
exception of Dr. Morhard, had retired, and
doing, according to the complaint, they
"wrongfully deprived the United States of a
portion of the lawful duties thereon, by
if he could say whether the sale was in
the interests of the Belmont syndicate or
the Pennsylvania Company he said:.
Port Tampa and f-"om there to some
address in Savannah by express. By
collusion between steamship, express and
fictitious BABIES
man. assaulted
he remained behind to shut off the electric means of false and fraudulent invoices." 'I know that it was not in the interest of railroad employes in Tampa and Savannah
When Judge Bischoff. in the Supreme light. He had arranged a portable electric
Court, was informed later of what had been light on the cardroom table. A long piece of
According to Byrne's complaint, the
value of the metal capsules was 2,711 declared
the Pennsylvania Road and more than that
I am unable to state. You will have to
inquire the duties were avoided.

confession.And Tired, Fretted

Seventeen prominent firms and persons of
done he dismissed the writs of certiorari and
habeas corpus, and "Eastman" and Brown flexible wire extended from a fixture on the
were again taken to the Tombs. side of the room to the table. While not in
crowns, the true value being 3,436 crowns.
Ten cases were taken out for immediate
and their actual value, therefore,
of the trust company for any this city are implicated in Brinson's
Most of these have made
with the Assistant District Attorney
is unknown.
"eastman's" denial.
It was while in the Police Court that
use the wire was wound around a nail in the
wall a few feet above the bracket, so as to
Witteman, when arraigned before the
declined to make any statement,
and his counsel,1, Abram S. Rose,
Commissioner, percentage Mothers
to pay the regular duties plus a certain
in consideration of having the
and I
said:."I don't know this fellow Lamar, be out of reach of the children.
don't care anything about
as I've got an alibi. Brown and me went Up
what is said, Dr. Morhard had disconnected the wire between the Custom House officials and
Characterized Vv[\L. CWIM
his client's arrest as "a little difference JTIIIM

ACHODC Duties on the smuggled cigars would
amount, it is said, to more than $70,000.
government has already collected about
from the bracket on the table and was

tr> Cnnnecticnf fishinfif on .Tulv 6. and we Witteman Brothers."
didn't get back until July 17. I don't even winding it around the nail, the current While nothing could be learned from
Men Entered for Long Island $50,000. Find Comfort in
know where Long Branch is. Those
he said, sneeringly, "are a lot of 'four on, so as to furnish light for him to being United States District Attorney
Houghton, who has charge of the case, it is
PLANTS MILLIONS n iirai Soao sind
tiushers' and are trying to 'even things up' see what he was doing. The wire insulation
with me."
understood the offence, as stated in the
is only one involved in a large comElaint, Regatta To-Day Have to
Battle for life.
Patrick Reynolds, who is "Eastman's" had become worn from the constant
bro-ther-in-law, was also sure of the winding.
and the bare wire, touching the nail airacu uy me Him. 11 is
of sinirtlar invoices alleged to have been
tnat the
alleged While practising for the Long Island
"Monk's" alibi, but Reynolds said the which the Doctor touched, sent the full
"Monk" returned to New York on July 9. current into his body.
government has been defrauded
$20,000 through the practices
out of about
which takes place to-day, Dr. Arthur
of the firm. regatta,
Thompson, Andrew Henderson, William Suit for Executor's Removal
Reynolds spoke bitterly
picture being in the Rogues'
"It ain't right," Reynolds said.
of his
Gallery. He fell from the chair on which he was
standing', and the noise made by the body
Jacob P. Witteman, one of the brothers,
is now in Europe, and, it is understood, is
Bradford and John Curtis, composing the ueciares i ncy uiviaca When All Other Remedies T
~* I r-x. I .

comes from as good a"

is in the city. Those detectives have been

family as there striking the floor was heard by Mrs.
who rushed down stairs. The light
to be surrendered by his counsel upon his
return to this country. of the Clifton Bt>at Club, of
Staten Island, had
$20,000,000 lilegaly. and PhysicmeS Fail.
morning from drowning in the yesterday
pursuing the 'Monk' for years, but he's never having been extinguished by reason of its Commissioner Shields held the prisoner in
escape a narrow
'done time' yet. Inspector McCluslcy is being short circuited on the nail, she $5,000 bail for examination on October 15. The lower HERALD.] DESPATCH
to get even with Lamar trying
because it was stumbled
over her husband's body. surety was furnished and the prisoner
bay, off Fort Wadsworth.
They all reside Clifton, S. I., and left
New Haven, Conn., Friday..Asserting that

Lamar who got him 'fired' out of the

Bureau." Detective Dr. Morhard was thirty-seven years old
and had a large practice in Manhattan. He the about half-past o'clock Morton P. Plant,
club house Margaret J. Plant Instant relief and refreshing
seven Mrs.
Tnspec+o:- McClusky, when seen last night was a Mason and a member of several
and 'cold what Reynolds said, replied:."I other fraternal organizations. MANY HORSES' DEATHS swamped and pulled off toward Port Wadswortn. and George I-I. Tilley,
When oft the Quarantine station
the boat. The
expert of Henry Bradley Plant,
of the
men estate

sleep for
babies and rest for tired, worried
never spoke to Lamar in my life. Mr.
was chief and saw fit to transfer me. Deverv SHEDS TO ORNAMENT THE DUMP ATTRIBUTED TO POISON reached the shore, quarter of mile
swimmers and after battle against the divided and wasteda the estate of mothers in baths with Cuticura Soap
currentnearly twenty millions and have become and gentle anointings with Cuticura

purest of emolient skin cures, toOintment,

a a
For his rcasonB -so and see him."
George Van Winkle, a Long Branch away. of executing the trust, Horace incapable be
who was in the Police Court, constable.
recognized Residents of the East Side Say COUNT VICTOR INTERPRETER. Hoadley and Charles E. Hoadley, of
by mild doses of
the "Monk" as the one who assaulted Painted White, with Green Glass
Mc.Mahon. Mr. Van Winkle said he caught and Decorated with Windows Animals Are Victims cf
followed in
sons of half brother of Mr.. Plant,
a Waterbury,sweetest, seTere cases
Cuticura Resolvent. This is the purest,
hold of the "Monk." but "I got a blow in
the bodv that doubled me up," Van
explained. Van Winkle said he had a Winkle Stucco Work.
Street Cleaning Commissioner Woodbury Miscreant. Unknown Italian Nobleman, Once Principal
in Sensational Story, Gets Figure
have brought suit for their removal.
Judge Cleveland, in the Probate Court,
has ordered that the respondents file
speedy, permanent and
for torturing, disfiguring,
woman witness who heard the "Monk" say
Int the time of the assault, "Give it to him
good, and 'put him out.' "
has devised a plan to screen the unsightly
dumps which are scattered along t^ie water
Residents of the east side are alarmed by
the deaths of many horses which, they say,
Count Victor de Visone, a member of an
papers thry may desire by August 20
and the applicants file their reply by
whateverand pimply skin and scalp humours, with
itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted
Charles Green, proprietor of the Lenox front of Manhattan Island from public view
Hotel at Long Branch, also identified
and Brown as patrons of his place. "Eastman"by covering them with attractive looking
were caused by poison administered by an
unidentified man.
Italian noble family, and who is known
here as a reader of monologues and an socially 1.
The complaint declares that the executors
loss of hair, infants and children,
adults, and is
of well
succeed when all
sure to

Senator Grady denied having been In the barns of Jacob Kleiner, at No. 131 author, has been appointed an interpreter in other remedies and the best physicians fail.
by Lamar. A lawyer who was
in the case at first said:."I do not
interested,Plans for one of these sheds have been
and as soon as Dock Commissioneraccepted,Allen street, were eight horses of City Mar*
snal A. Goodman. Early Thursday evening
the magistrates' courts of this city.
"well know that their acts and proceedings
in removing the estate of Henry B. Plant
out of the jurisdiction of this ccurt and
The agonizing itching and burning of the
Count Victor de Visone usually spends his
know how Senator Grady got in the case. Hawkes approves of the details
As I understand it, Lamar is a great friend
of Mr. Keene, and I would have thought Commissioner
Woodbury intends to advertise for
a well dressed man visited Kleiner, and,
him he had an interest in two of the trlling summers at Long Beach. His popularity
no account to this court since Feb-
ruary 14, 1903, are not only in violation of
skin, as in eczema; the frightful scaling, as
in psoriasis; the loss of hair and crusting of
with visitors there led to an embarrassing as executors, but are in
that Philip J. Britt would ordinarily have bids.
appeared for Lamar, if he is interested in It is proposed^to cover each of the thir-
horses, said he wanted to feed them oats.
He was allowed to enter the stables. story about him three years ago.
A Kentucky colonel, whose wife was
their duties
of the decrees of this court and the
laws of the State of Connecticut."
the scalp, as in scalled head; the facial
as in acne and ringworm; the disfiguremen
the case, for the defence of 'Monk'
Eastman.'teen dumps in -viannatian wun inese sneus.
Mr. Britt, I believe, is Mr. Lamar's They are to cost $37,000 each, making the
total improvement about $500,000.
Yesterday morning two horses died. In
the stable of H. Brettschneider, at No. 48
Delancey street, a horse died early
followed a man he thought was the
Count from Long Beach to No. 13 Borden
missing, It is also asserted that the executors do
not int >nd to recognize the right and
authority of the court to call them to an
awful suffering of infants and anxiety of
worn out parents, as in milk crust, tetter
Detectives Duggan and Kelly are Still These sheds are to be constructed of sheet morning, and a horse died in front of
Long Island City, August 1, 1900, account.
and salt rheum.all demand a remedy of
3, as tney
the "Monk's"
aooui to
companions, who
Doara a boat for
with numerous large windows of
were arrested at pier 8 North River on July green glass and a tiled roof. They are to
decorated with stucco work and covered
the office of Dr. H. Hanson of ivrr> i«n cm
dridge street. Deaths were also reported at
Nos. 36 and 33 Allen street. Last Sunday
where he broke down doors and caused such
disturbance that the police were called.
The supposed Count Victor escaped.
The Hoadley brothers have been in
before with these same executors. litigationcope with them. That Cuticura Soap,
superhuman virtues to successfully
Long Branch.
with thick coats of weather proof
uses in painting its lighthouses.
similar to that which the government
horse died in the stable of Mr.
attributed to poison. Many horses were
on the east side last year.
at No. 48 Delancey street. All are ti-,p colonel did not find his wife. He met
the Count at Long Beach the next day,
poisonedapologized. that he had made a mistake, and
Alice Clarke, five years old, of No. 464
and Resolvent are
beyond all doubt. Xo statement is made
such stands proven

Frank H. Zimmerman's Mind Gave Way Sixtieth street, South Brooklyn, was run regarding them that is not justified by the
$617,300 TO BUILD 71ST"S ARMORY. strongest evidence. The purityand
When Forced to Sell Property.
Warsaw, Ind., Friday..The loss of the
newspaper which he had published for thirty
Mr. Van Rensselaer Gets Final Decree Bids were opened at the meeting of the
down and killed yesterday by a trolley car of
the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company, on the
Fifth avenue line.
Several of her companions at Sixtieth street
the power to
the certainty of
afford immediate sweetness,
and permanent cure,
Armory Board yesterday afternoon for the the absolute safety and great economy have
years is believed to have caused the death
to-day of Frank H. Zimmerman.
Dissatisfied democrats forced Mr.
Marriage to Helen Frances marry again, but not so his divorced wife.
new Seventy-first regiment armory at
Fourth avenue and Thirty-fourth street, to was struckthem.
and Fifth avenue crossed the tracks in the
rear of a car bound f-or Coney Island. She
by a northbound car when she
made them the ^standardskin cures and
humour remedies*of the civilized world.
to sell his paper by threatening him
with launching an opposition journal. The
Zimmerman Elder Ga'indo Is John A. Van Rensselaer is connected with
one of the oldest Dutch families of this city.
He is a son of Mrs. John K. Van Rensselaer,
replace the building destroyed by fire followed
months ago. Seven bids were received, screams
of which that of the Fleischman Realty and
Mrs. James Clarke, her
mother, was attracted to the scene by the
of her daughter's companions.
Sold thronsthout the world. Cuti-ura Resolren',
r.Oo. (in form of Chocolate Coated I'iils. l'o.- pel
veteran editor bowed to the inevitable, but
soon afterward his mind gave way, and his
Dissolved. whose aunt, Mrs. Hoyt, of Newport, some Construction Company, for $617,300, was the YESTERDAY'S EIBE3.
vial of 00); Ointment. 50c.; Sosui. 2Sc.
27 Charterhouse square! Paris. 5 Rue <!e 1«
time ago published an advertisement that lowest. This firm is to.receive the contract l'aix: Boston. 137 Columbus at. I'otter ]_>ruz &
death was due to paresis. she would not be responsible for any bills if the Controller is satisfied with its sureties. Chom. Corp.. Sole Proprietors.
her niece might contract. Kires yesterday were:.
BETTER TIMES IN PHILIPPINES. documentary Carefully sealed are all the papers and Mr. Van Rensselaer's marriage was a 2:00 A. M., No. 143 Grnnd street, occupant Joseoh 'CTSpmI for "How to Cure Skin ToHnre*."
evidence in the action for
divorce to his parents. They knew nothing ofsurpriseSPECIAL ATTRACTIONS Lewis; damage $400.
12:0o P. M.. Xo. 79 Thomas street, occupant Max FOR 28 YEARS NEW ENULAN U S b A VURiXl
San Fraxcisco, Cal., Friday..Dean C.
brought by John A. Van Rensselaer
of the Philippine Commission, against Helen G. Van Rensselaer, a decree
has arrived here on his way to his home in which was signed yesterday by Judge
it until some weeks after the ceremony was
performed. They did not even know his
bride, who was Helen Frances Elder
a member of a Brooklyn family. The Galindo, IN DRY GOODS STORES
Kitts: damage $2.
12:05 P. M., No. 509 East Thirteenth street, owner
not given; damage trifling.
12:15 P. M., No. 57 Mott street, occupant Kosie
M. V. distributor. A. II Hlllman Co., H4 I'ark row
K. <;. 8UU.1VAN. A1FO.. MANCHI^STER N h!
Rosbere; no damage.
in Thetford, Vt. He reports that the cattle Dugro, of the Supreme Court, making final couple were secretly married on January 30, "
3:3ii P. M.. No. 229 West Sixty-sixth street, REYNOLDS'
J pest has been stamped out in the islands, the order dissolving the marriage. 1896. within a brief period after they had met.
It was after Mrs. Van Rensselaer had put
JAMES A. HEARX & SON, Nos. 20, 22, 24 7:15 P.Mrs.M.,Board; damage $10.
No. 231% Seventh street, occupant
r that cholera and bubonic plague are under The interlocutory judgment was signed 20 and 30 West Fourteenth street, are closed Isaac Plodaky: damage $2.
control and that the land tax is solving the three months ago. By the final decree just in ar, answer denying her husband's chargcs all day to-day, and on Monday ,will start 7:30 P. M.. No. 64 and 66 North Moore street, rwpfmm* need
be couflned bv GODT or
problem of revenues for provincial and that the case was sent to a referee. The
evidence Van Loan. MeGutre & Co.; damage $300. occupant if on the first approach of the
parosjsrn they have recourse to this temedj-: then
government. municipal
signed, Mr. Van Rensselaer has the right
taken before him has been carefully their annual sale of blankets, quilts,
linens and muslins. housekeeping
7:55 P. M.. No. 334 East Ninety-first street,
H. Goldstein; damage slight. single do«o is often sufficient.
R. FOUGERA & CO.. 26-30 N. William St., N T.

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