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Born to Be Wild ‘Words and Muse by Mars Bonfire Key of E Intro Moderately fas “ 6 ET E6 ET ei? vb) ey vd) a h\y Fao) 1 Bere EDTA oon Jugenige epee pea | msoston teens Tike smoke and light -ning, heav-y met-al thun-der, ES E E6 ET ES E E6 E7 Lookin’ for ad-ven - ture and .whet|-ev-er comes our way. l ao-in’ with the "wind, and the | feel-in’ that I'm un - der. Pre-Chorus G A NCAES) G A NCKES) Yeah, darlin’ go make it hap - pen, take the world in a love om - brace. Gin bs = G A NCES) G Fire all of your guns at once and ex-plode in - to space. ° G “ri vay ra fee Ait wee cry © 1008 UNTER AEE HEIRS, Dvn of UHTVRREAL MUSIC CANADA, ‘AL Rigs ue Ut guts cola ag y VIVERSAL MUSLE OO. 2 ‘Algae Hervad" God by formu