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__________________Trabajo final_________________



Rosa Awilda Altagracia Suarez





___________________ENGLISH II ____________________________




Recinto: NAGUA, M.T.S. REP. DOM.

To introduce this final project we are going to see the most important topics from the book
stand basic 1, unit 5 to 8, in this project we have the medicines, the differences betwing can
and can’t, the verb need and other things.

Unit 5

Circle the correct answer.

1. Where do you buy clothing?

A. A supermarket
B. A clothing store. This
C. A pharmacy
2. Where do you buy medicine
A. A shoe store
B. A clothing store
C. A pharmacy. This

Write about Youssef.

I´m Youssef
I´m from Saudi Arabia
I live IN a house
I live ON market St. IN san Francisco

Unit 6

Write the medicines for the symptoms

1. Backache: aspirin
2. Fever: cough syrup
3. Cough: aspirin
4. Sore throat: antiacid

Complete the sentences

1. He has a headache. He needs antiacid

2. She has a stomachache. She needs cough syrup
3. Alicia has a cough. She needs aspirin

Unit 7

Complete the sentences with can or can´t

1. Carolina Can Type.

2. Emilio can drive
3. Emilio and Carolina can drive
4. Ahmed can´t use the computer
5. Carolina can’t use a computer
6. Emilio can’t count money and use he computer
7. Emilio, Carolina, and Ahmed can’t drive.
8. Emilio can´t type
9. Carolina can´t count money

Complete the sentences .use a cant or can´t and verb form the box

Drive Help Come Type Speak

1. Emilio is sick. He Cannot come to work today

2. Carolina is good driver. She can speak English well
3. Chen is a good driver. He can drive a bus
4. Hue is a good doctor. Lisa is a good nurse. They can’t help patients
5. Amy is a good receptionist .she can’t type very quickly

Unit 8

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb

1. john has exercise (exercise) every day

2. They sleep (sleep) six hours every night
3. He studies (study) in the morning
4. I study (study) three times a week
5. She work (work) in the afternoon
6. We walk (walk)to the park on Saturdays.

Answer the questions

1. How many students sleep 9-10 hours night? 2

2. How many students sleep 5-6hours night? 5
3. How many hours do you sleep a night? 8-9