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Junior Primary Meeting

Date: Thursday 21st June 2018

Time: 8:40am

Minutes Taker: Helen Ouban

Apologies: Elimra

Attended: Dilshad, Edwin, Allyson, Nada, Helen, and Edma

Meeting Agenda Action

1.Review of last JP Confirmation of last meeting minutes.

meeting minutes

2.Eid Festival 2018 Elmira’s class (year 2) performing on the day. Helen agreed to support on the day

Awaiting for the day and time to send out the letters to parents.

3. Ideas on Flexible seating  Allyson made this suggestion to open ideas in the future. Could it be a whole
school approach?

 Based on the different ways children are learning in the classroom maybe this
might support the students who are struggling to sit on a chair for the task or at
the table.

 Allyson will send the link to all JP staff.

 Nada commented it’s a good based on past experiences in the classroom. She
has different arrangements in the classroom to assist the students.

 Helen mentioned children with diagnosed disabilities may require individual


 Allyson then added advice from an Occupational Therapist? Sr Nese maybe to get

4. Scope and Sequence Feedback for all JP

By implementing all subjects in one template creates an overview:

 It does not provide enough information one each subject area

 Not targeting the curriculum

 Consistency

 What about composite classes?

5. Review of efficiency of Apologies from Elimra. Topic to be addressed next meeting

PM testing

6. Homework Club For 1 teacher from JP to volunteer on alternate weeks to support the group, starting
next term.

7. AOB

BBQ BBQ was promised to the students in JP. Could it we have it in week 10? Wednesday?
Nada to confirm
End of semester 1 awards:

 Is the school having them?

 Suggestions: Academic, Most improved, Islamic, Arabic, Quranic, Art, PE. Nada to
follow up with leadership.

Reports Nada reminded everyone about the reports:

 Everything is due on Monday 25th June,

 Comments should be maximum 250 words

 Keep the language positive and simple

SRC Allyson mentioned some of the concerns students have brought up in the SRC meetings:
Play outdoor Lunch time play

 Kids sad as they feel left out

 Not sharing equipment

 Wanting to always win during the games

 To be followed by leadership/ Behaviour coordinates

Next Meeting Week 10 to be chaired by Allyson.