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May 2009 - Online Newsletter

Beyond Voice - Future of Mobile VAS

• Weathering the Storm
• LBS-based Mobile Marketing
• New Opportunities in the SDP Market
• Innovation Drive
• Personalized Call Management
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Executive Message
Weathering the Storm 03
LBS-based Mobile Marketing 05

Industy Outlook
New Opportunities in the SDP Market 07
Innovation Drive 09
Mobile Marketing: Donning a New Hat 11

Product Focus
Personalized Call Management 15
Leveraging SMS to Attract Additional Data and Voice ARPU 19

6th Annual Media And Telecommunications Convergence Conference 2009 22
Mobile VAS Forum 2009 23
West & Central AfricaCom 2009 24
VAS Asia 2009 25
AfricaCom 2009 26
GSM>3G Middle East 2009 27

Press Releases
Telenity and Datatronics Expand Partnership to Latin America 28
Telenity and Life:) Sign a Four Year Frame Agreement 29
Eagle Mobile Selects Telenity’s Advanced Messaging Applications 30
Telenity Appoints Yogesh S. Bijlani as VP Sales APAC 31

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Executive Message
Weathering the Storm
By Gurol Akman, CTO, Telenity, Inc.

There is no doubt we are going through one of the agreements currently in place. Also, there is no better
worst global economic downturns. For quite some time time to pay closer attention to enhancement requests
now, we have been witnessing a large number of filed by our customers, as each one of these requests
companies steadily trying to reduce cost/expenses as carry the potential of generating new purchase orders.
well as re-structure/strategize in an effort to cope with While much of the credit in the above fronts goes to our
the adverse changes taking place. Many credible dedicated employees, our brand new issue tracking
sources predict that the current economic and market and knowledge management system (KMS) plays an
adversities are here to stay for an extended period, well integral role in coordinating their efforts and
into 2010. optimizing our internal/external
support systems. Investing into a
These unfavorable conditions seem state-of-the-art KMS was a choice
to present unique challenges and on the side of the executive leader-
opportunities for the executive ship of the company whereas
leadership/management teams as making it work in record time was a
well as employees of all businesses result of our talented staff. As of this
and Telenity is no exception to this. writing, there is hardly any doubt in
The mainstream challenge is being our minds that this investment will
what specific measures should be go a long way in ensuring increased
taken to weather this storm with the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
least amount of damage when one
cannot even predict how long it will Another highly effective measure
last. A more aggressive challenge involves cost effective and efficient
involves whether and how a Gurol Akman, CTO delivery of our products/solutions
company can emerge stronger from to our customers. Some of the
this storm. Commonly known reme- We thrive on the complex major recent initiatives we put in
dies include cost control, cost world of our customers to place on this front include better
reduction, increased productivity build the simplest products. prioritization of our customer
and efficiency. While these meas- needs (facilitated via business and
ures may be quite effective and technology consultancy services),
necessary, they are likely to fall short of addressing all staged delivery of product releases to site (employing
the above needs; hence, necessitate additional agile development methodologies), exhaustive testing
(custom-tailored) ones. Also, the way a particular and validation of products in our labs (using automated
measure gets applied may make a huge difference in its test frameworks), and advanced training of our local
effectiveness. partners (by our subject matter experts) for more
effective and timely product delivery and post-
In our opinion, one key measure involves striving for installation support.
increased customer satisfaction and nurturing of
existing customer relations during these times. This
includes providing them with premium support
services, regardless of the severity of the trouble tickets
or other queries issued by them and/or the service level

May 2009 / 03

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Executive Message
Weathering the Storm
By Gurol Akman, CTO, Telenity, Inc.

Speaking of cost-effectiveness, there is no better

time for us to take a harder look at all third-party
hardware/software costs incurred and try to
squeeze every bit of performance out of them in an
attempt to optimize our overall CoGS. Similarly,
comprehensive benchmarking and performance
optimization of company products/technology are
likely to pay off dearly. For the past six months or so,
we have been spending a good chunk of our time
and resources in measuring, analyzing, and fine-
tuning all third-party components that we rely
upon. We further have been working diligently to
create cost-effective alternatives to avoid potential
vendor lock-in.

As stated earlier, while sound measures like the ones mentioned above may prove to be sufficient for survival, they may
fall short of ensuring that we emerge from these difficult times as a clear winner. That is because growth in business
requires a never-ending quest for new business models whereas growth in technology requires constant investment in
R&D. Let me be the first one to hint you that despite all the bad weather we continue to invest in both areas by
evaluating applicability of latest business models (such as revenue sharing, managed services, SaaS) to our business
and expanding our canvas family of products (in messaging, SDP, VAS, and LBS domains) for further competitive
differentiation. Stay tuned for more news…

To sum it all up, our core strategy for these tough times relies on trying harder to improve our current ways of doing
business by delivering higher quality products and supporting them at premium levels, and continuing to raise the
technology bar for ourselves and our partners. Our next wave of growth largely depends on our ongoing exploration
and experimentation with emerging business models and continued investment in new product design.

May 2009 / 04

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Executive Message
LBS-based Mobile Marketing
An Interview with Yogesh Bijlani, VP APAC Sales, Telenity, Inc.

India is a booming mobile market on this by delivering advertise-

with over 15 million subscribers ments to the subscriber of their
being added every month and the interest, at a time convenient to
current mobile density almost him and possibly at the relevant
touching 40%. With the current slow location. The key growth drivers
down impacting all spheres, the enabling this service are first a
advertising industry is looking very viable business model that allows
closely at the ubiquitous mobile subscribers to receive relevant
screen that offers it both address- marketing information for free. (As
ability and personalization. Even of today, the whole mobile service
though it is still in a nascent stage in is a paid model where you have to
India, its potential is well under- first pay and then receive the
stood. Telenity Inc. being a market service.) Secondly, simplicity across
leader in Location Based Services all handsets in the bearers that the
and driving the solution develop- Yogesh Bijlani, VP subscribers are comfortable with.
ment of Location Based Marketing This means for the bulk of the users,
and Advertising is at the fore front in
APAC Sales
the service should be enabled on
addressing some of the unique voice, SMS and USSD that work on
needs of the India market. Below is We constantly listen to our all handsets. For the high end users,
an interaction of Yogesh S. Bijlani, customers to provide them it is enabled as MMS, WAP links and
Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific at with right solutions for their Video. The third key driver is a
Telenity with a leading telecommu- mechanism that enables the oper-
nications publication in India. growth. ator to easily capture the usage
behavior of the co-opted subs-
You have been very closely cribers and share it with the adver-
involved in the evolution of Value Added Services tisement owners. Successful services like free
and its success in India. What have been the clear subscription alerts provided by My Today or free CRBT
Mega trends and the reasons for their success? with Ad content being used by millions of customers
The two mega trends of VAS in India in the last few years are examples that highlight the above mentioned
are Caller Ring Back Tones and Infotainment Subscrip- growth drivers.
tions with the former having crossed the 20%
penetration mark and the latter slowly inching towards Could you elucidate on the various forms of mobile
the same penetration. The reasons for success are the marketing? What are the some of the global trends
same that makes us so optimistic about the success of specifically in US/UK/Japan?
mobile marketing in India – the vibrant music and Though various forms of mobile marketing have been
infotainment culture that is so visible across all media of introduced in different markets, we observe a universal
radio, television, movies, on the net and now the trend in all countries where the service has been
mobile. successful and it is all linked to FREE. Telenity recently
did a study of Mobile Marketing in 11 Countries and the
How do you see the Mobile Marketing concept in result was as follows:
India? What according to you are the key growth
drivers? ? 88% of surveyors were willing to receive m-
Mobile Marketing as a concept is very relevant to India coupons for free
as it enables subscribers to get information that is ? 86% liked advertising if it enabled them to keep
relevant to them, possibly at the right time, the right service cost down
location and for FREE. For the mobile operators and ? 51% were willing to receive push advertising of
advertisement owners, it is an opportunity to capitalize preferred categories

May 2009 / 05

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Executive Message
LBS-based Mobile Marketing
An Interview with Yogesh Bijlani, VP APAC Sales, Telenity, Inc.

In western world, the concept of Bluetooth What role does VAS services play in accelerating the
Marketing has gained immense heights. How do Mobile Marketing space in India? How are these two
you see its relevance in India? interrelated?
Viral marketing has been successful in India but VAS and Mobile Marketing are interrelated. VAS in India
limitations of Bluetooth as a technology and issues of is defined as all services besides peer to peer voice calls
spamming will result in limited success. that the subscribers are willing to pay for. This includes
P2P SMS and all kinds of infotainment and entertain-
What are new technologies in mobile marketing ment services. Mobile Marketing on the other hand is
space? What are the various challenges associated any sponsored infotainment or entertainment service
with it? that the subscriber can receive for free and is paid by
Telenity sees the emergence of USSD as a very relevant the enterprise for his target audience.
and popular technology for mobile marketing. It has
various features and functionality that make it very What are your initiatives in this space?
relevant for mobile marketing. As mentioned, Telenity is a global leader in Location
? It works on all GSM handsets Based Mobile Advertising and technologies like USSD
? It is unobtrusive and appears as a flash on the that are very relevant in the Mobile Marketing space.
mobile screen We have already deployed the service with BSNL and
? It has a browser with a menu and sub trees would be launching similar services with a couple of
private operators in the next few months. The main
USSD services like subscription alerts, prepaid recharge functionality of this service is that it automatically
services are already being offered by all the operators in broadcasts advertisement, promotion information, etc.
India and browsing on USSD is enabled for free. Telenity via SMS/USSD messages to subscribers of their
being a dominant solution provider for the USSD preferred category when they travel within a defined
portfolio is seeing a lot of demand from the Indian commercial region. As the service is free and the
subcontinent. Location Based Advertising is another information is received via SMS/USSD it is accessible to
very relevant technology in this space as it enables the operator’s complete subscriber base.
reaching the right customer, at the right time and
location. This is a push service that is event driven What are your future projections for India market?
where the user receives a notification (IVR, SMS, USSD, Do you see any issues for operators/marketers?
MMS) based on his preference, location or movement. We all know that India is a prepaid mobile market
For example, a person who has chosen “restaurants” as where at any given time one third of the mobile
his interest area for mobile advertisements will receive subscriber base is sitting on a balance of sub Rs. 10. But
a mobile coupon alert giving him discount information even this 100 million base wants to consume
as he passes near a Mc Donald’s outlet. infotainment, wants to engage with the mobile screen,
wants to choose preferred categories, receive alerts but
For some consumers, Mobile Marketing is a breach for FREE. The issue is to enable an ecosystem that is
of privacy. What are your views and what needs to viable for all the partners in the value chain.
be done to ensure the privacy of consumers?
The fundamental basis of Mobile Marketing is that the Yogesh Bijlani is a seasoned telecom executive with over
service is offered only to those subscribers that have 18 years of business and technical expertise including
opted for it. Within that segment it should also work regional management, sales and marketing of telecom
only when you receive advertisements of products that network solutions in India and throughout South Asia.
you have an interest in and have chosen the same. In Having a mix of strategic insight, analytical mindset and a
the case of Telenity’s Location Based Mobile strong technical background, Yogesh Bijlani has an acute
Advertisement Platform, customers opt on a USSD understanding of the market needs for new services and
browser to receive ads from options like Movies, technology deployments and has been actively involved
Restaurants, Apparel, Food Items, Household Items or in the convergence of entertainment and Internet on the
All of the above. Depending on their chosen option, mobile. Having joined Telenity in 2009, Yogesh leads the
they receive push alerts when they are in the vicinity of business development and sales operations activity for
commercial shops or Malls as IVR, SMS on entry level Location, Messaging, Value Added Services (VAS) and
handsets and MMS and Video on high end handsets. Service Delivery (SDP) solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

May 2009 / 06

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Industy Outlook
New Opportunities in the SDP Market
Kristofer Kimbler, The Moriana Group

SDP Market 2009-2012 Drivers for SDP Market Growth

The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) market has There are several factors that will drive the growth of
enjoyed substantial growth, from just $0.1 billion in Service Delivery Platform market in the coming years.
2002 to nearly $1 billion in 2008. In the recently Communication Service Providers (CSPs) will require
published Analyst Report, SDP Market 2009-2012 more openness, extendibility and flexibility from such
Moriana ( forecasts that, service platforms to quickly boost their service delivery
despite the current economic downturn, this market capabilities and will be more alert in avoiding vendor
segment will steadily grow year-by-year and will lock-ins. This will also drive adoption of SDP for new
exceed $3 billion in 2012, as the result of increasing classes of services including VoIP, IMS and NGN rich
mobile saturation in the emerging markets and communications, IPTV, VoD, mobile commerce, mobile
growing penetration of broadband access services in banking, mobile payment, mobile advertising, as well
the mature markets. as convergent and real-time charging.

Not surprisingly, the SDP market segment has attracted However, the most important SDP market growth is
all leading Network Equipment Providers, System expected to be in the emerging markets. The global
Integrators and IT infrastructure suppliers as well as number of mobile subscribers will increase from 3.3
innovative Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and billion in the beginning of 2008 to over 5 billion in 2011-
Application Providers. Due to strategic importance of 2012. This will mainly come from markets such APAC,
SDP investments, large Telecom and IT suppliers LATAM and MEA. Due to the increasing saturation,
consider this relatively small market segment as key to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in these markets will
their business, because it is ‘added value’ driving the no longer enjoy rapid revenue growth from expanding
sales of their core offerings. This is also becoming subscriber base. They will have to find new ways of
apparent for relatively new SDP players such as Huawei. increasing ARPU through attractive service bundling,
mobile content and advertising and advanced services
Even after the intense period of merger and to their prepaid customer base.
acquisitions, including those happening among leading
Network Equipment Providers (Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-
Siemens Networks) and Enterprise IT suppliers (Oracle-
BEA-Sun), there is still healthy and intense competition
in the SDP market. The recent Moriana market research
has shown that there were over 300 SDP deployments
by the end of 2008. Several innovative ISVs, such as
Telenity successfully compete in this market by using
their unique capabilities and differentiators and by
focusing on specific markets and applications.

May 2009 / 07

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Industy Outlook
New Opportunities in the SDP Market
Kristofer Kimbler, The Moriana Group

New SDP Opportunities in

the Emerging Markets
Mobile content and messaging services, For ISVs like Telenity, there is a great
mobile commerce and money transfer, potential in providing a standard-based,
mobile advertising and real-time char- pre-integrated SDP with set of ready-to-
ging will be main classes of SDP appli- deploy services to Tier 2/3 MNOs in the
emerging markets. These types of pre-
cations in the emerging markets. Mobile
packaged SDPs can both simplify the
Network Operators (MNOs) will also look deployment and cut the CAPEX and OPEX
for cost-efficient alternatives to tradition- costs for these MNOs. This concept will be
al IN-based solutions for voice services obviously most attractive in the areas of
including both Next Gen IN and VoIP plat- Kristofer Kimbler value -added voice and messaging
forms. There will be substantial growth Executive Editor services, mobile content and real-time
charging. However, the flexibility of SDP
from data services over mobile networks
platforms will certainly allow agile vendors
because in many places in Asia, Africa or to provide many new attractive offerings in
Latin America wireless is, and for many the areas of location-based services,
years to come will be, the only access to mobile advertising or multimedia.

According to the Moriana forecast, APAC will be the

single biggest contributor accounting to nearly 50% of
all SDP investments in 2012. Africa and Latin America
are other geographical areas where the SDP market is
poised to grow. For example, once the basic mobile
voice service gets deployed, there will be demand for
personalized content services (prayer time alerts,
horoscope, etc.) and content download. Real-time
charging, advertising, content downloads and mobile
wallet-type services will have also significant impact on
the SDP market growth in these regions.

May 2009 / 08

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Industy Outlook
Innovation Drive
George Bevir, Deputy Editor, CommsMEA

With operators facing ever tougher competition and falling ARPU, Serif Beykoz, Telenity's general manager for
Europe, Middle East and Africa, tells CommsMEA how operators can boost revenues by offering next
generation services.

COMMSMEA: HOW DID TELENITY We are one of the ten biggest SDP
DEVELOP AS A COMPANY, AND companies in the world. We have
HOW IS THE COMPANY contributed a lot to one of the
DEVELOPING IN THE REGION? largest Turkish operators, for whom
Serif Beykoz: Telenity was estab- we provided the main part of their
lished in 2001 in the US, and after SDP two years ago and it is running
that it came to Turkey and acquired very well. Since then, we have en-
a company called Telsoft. Telenity hanced our solution and made a
invested in Telsoft and enlarged the slight improvement to our SDP. We
engineering team and devised a have provided SDP solutions to
new roadmap for value added Nawras with a tier two solution. We
service platforms and applications.
Serif Beykoz, GM, have provided similar SDP solutions
Telenity EMEA for tier two and tier three operators,
Since then, over the last six or seven and we can also contribute a lot to
years, we have been generating and We stay committed to the tier one solutions.
producing our own platforms serv- success of your business.
ing wireline and wireless operators All our solutions are based on the
and we are developing VAS applications and platforms “Canvas®” platform. Canvas provides 60% of the
for them. We have four main offices, with headquarters functionality of applications, including distribution,
in the US, and offices in Turkey, India and Dubai. We fault management, statistics, error handling and
have several enlargements planned, the first one of database management. So whenever you want to
which is in the United Arab Emirates. We have opened a create a new application, you don’t have to worry
Dubai office to serve the area better; we have several redeveloping these functionalities.
operations in the region and supporting them from the
Dubai office will be much easier and faster. COMMSMEA: IN WHICH OTHER COUNTRIES CAN
COMMSMEA: WHAT ARE THE MAIN BUSINESS AREAS Serif Beykoz: We are now in 30 countries serving over 35
THAT TELENITY IS INVOLVED IN? operators globally. In the Middle East, we are working
Serif Beykoz: We have three main business lines in with Etisalat, and in Oman with Nawras. We are also
Telenity. The first one is the messaging group, providing providing solutions in Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia
very stable messaging platforms. The second group is where we work with both Mobily and STC. Also, we are
the service delivery platform (SDP) and the location working very closely with Zain Group; they have 22
group, and the third business line is value added service different operations and six or seven of them are
applications, like “Canvas PayForMe™”, which is a call working with us at the moment. So we are quite
collect application for mobile subscribers. We have powerful in the region and with the Dubai office I think
another product, “Canvas SmartConnect™”, which is a this should be reinforced giving better post-sales
personalized call management service which helps support.
operators realize new revenue streams by effectively
managing call termination.

May 2009 / 09

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Industy Outlook
Innovation Drive
George Bevir, Deputy Editor, CommsMEA

We are supporting all kinds of standards, that is very In crisis times operators prefer to work with us to stop
important for us. We are not producing just for one the decline of ARPU. For instance, our very stable SMS
country but for the world. We are supporting all system creates 10% of the overall revenue in
the communication and IT standards. many operators. And we have deployed
There is a lot being said about conver- over 15 SMSCs worldwide, so we can
gence and we are ready for this mobile claim that we are generating 3.5% or
convergence; telecommunication 4% of all SMS traffic through our
and IT services are coming together system. It's very stable and very future
and we are ready for it. wise, it is a very economical solution.

COMMSMEA: WHICH SERVICES ARE We also see increasing popularity of

MOST POPULAR, AND WHAT ARE location-based services, mobile mar-
OPERATORS’ ASKING FOR? keting and mobile payment services. The
Serif Beykoz: The main one is Canvas most important LBS services are buddy-
PayForMe, it’s very popular. Canvas PayForMe, finder, navigation, tracking and local search. We
Mobile Collect Call Service, allows wireless subscribers have had increased demand for our Canvas PFS,
to easily initiate mobile reverse charge calls without the Location-based People Finder Service especially in
involvement of an operator - through a simple USSD India and South Asian countries.
message followed by the target MSISDN, an SMS
message or a call - which makes the service available We also see increasing popularity of location-based
even while roaming. It works like this: If I don’t have any services, mobile marketing and mobile payment
credits left, I still can call you, and you pay for the call. services. The most important LBS services are buddy-
For example, when I call you, the sysytem sends you a finder, navigation, tracking and local search. We have
message asking whether you want to accept a collect had increased demand for our Canvas PFS, Location-
call from me. If you don’t want to accept the call, you based People Finder Service especially in India and
just select no, and hang up. If you accept the call, we get South Asian countries.
connected and you will be charged for the duration of
the call. It’s very popular in the Middle East and Africa

ARPU decline is a very big problem for all operators and

they still get their main part of ARPU from voice. What
we can do is stop the decline with targeted value added
services. This is the main differentiator for operators,
even for 3G operators. For 3G, the main service is data
plus video. We can provide 3G services like video
services and we have four or five of them already (e.g.
video mail, video ringback tones, etc.).

May 2009 / 10

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Industy Outlook
Mobile Marketing: Donning a New Hat
Jatinder Singh, May 2009, Voice & Data

The number of mobile subscribers is way exceeding that of Internet users. This is turning the third screen
into a personalized marketing device.

Business has only two functions-marketing and Watch this Space

innovation-the famous management guru, Peter
In February 2001, when London staged the world's first
Drucker once said. And if we analyze the ambit of
conference to discuss mobile advertising, not all were
mobile marketing, it seems to encompass both these
convinced about its prospects. However, as cellular
subscribers started to outnumber TV sets and
desktop/laptop population, operators and advertisers
In the bleak economic sce-
realized significant buoyancy in its effectiveness to
nario where marketers are
promote their products and services.
battling to get people to
open their wallets, utilizing
“With almost every third person in India being mobile
digital channels to reach
now, mobile marketing becomes the most effective
consumers, in an innovative
channel to reach the end user,” says Madhusudan
manner is gaining huge
Gupta, senior research analyst, Gartner.
In a recent survey car-
Currently, India boasts of over 370 mn mobile users
ried out by Telenity, over
(which is expected to double in the next three years).
51% consumers were
Approximately 30 mn of these users access mobile
willing to receive push
Internet-the largest in Asia.
advertising of preferred
categories. The survey
Considering this, the country offers huge potential to
was done in eleven key
marketers to reach their audiences in a direct and
markets which also re-
personalized way.
vealed that majority of
consumers liked mobile
Today, the number of mobile subscribers has surpassed
marketing if it enabled them to keep service costs
that of Internet users. This is fast turning the mobile
down. “When it comes to TV or radio, no one is sure
device into a vital marketing medium. Particularly
about the end consumer, however in mobile, we can
significant for operators in India as ARPU is relatively
identify our target consumers and can get the best juice
low and they are banking upon alternative channels to
out of the campaign,” says Zubin Dubash, AVP, VAS, TTSL.
increase ARPU in rural and semi-urban markets.

“The concept of mobile marketing holds the promise of The Problem

providing an additional revenue stream to operators So far, mobile marketing in India has not been able to
who are looking for ways to deal with continuously pick up as compared to the western world. The
declining ARPUs,” says Sunil Rajshekhar, president & approximate budget allocation for this medium as of
COO, Times Internet. now is 2-3% of the total advertising budget in India.

“Although cellular numbers are increasing, ARPU is “The main obstacle is that this is a very new media
declining as voice rates continue to fall. Mobile channel. And hence the advertising ecosystem is not
operators are looking at VAS to augment their ARPUs,” fully conversant about the technicality and
adds Vishwadeep Bajaj, co-founder and CEO, ValueFirst. functionality of this channel,” says Debasis Chatterji,
CEO, Netxcell.

May 2009 / 11

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Industy Outlook
Mobile Marketing: Donning a New Hat
Jatinder Singh, May 2009, Voice & Data

However, with easy accessible services and Internet on Trendy is In

cell phones, it is witnessing a growth rate of over 200%
Besides people in the metros, people in rural area are
per annum and is poised to reach greater heights in the
also recognizing the potential of a mobile phone. And it
years to come.
has undoubtedly become the single largest platform to
reach an individual in an effective and personalized
“Mobile marketing is a nascent but rapidly growing
manner. In the last couple of years, many new players
industry in India. In the last one year we have seen the
have mushroomed in this space. However, not many
market more than double, given the efforts of all key
have been able to generate significant margins.
components of the mobile media ecosystem,” says Anuj
Kumar, executive director (South Asia), Affle.
“If mobile service operators are to leverage this
opportunity they would have to rapidly provide wider
Aakash Moondhra, head, telecom and retail verticals,
spread mobile packet access. Also, they have to enable
Baring Private Equity Partners says, “At present the
interfaces that advertising value added application
market is small, somewhere between Rs 50-100 crore.
infrastructure providers can leverage to access
However, as the benefit per rupee spent is on the higher
subscriber profile and location information,” says Sajal
side in this space, the medium holds a great potential.”
Gupta, VP, Aricent.
The concept has already grabbed enough eyeballs in
“The prospects of mobile marketing are huge in India.
matured markets. For instance, in Spain 76% of mobile
However, it has yet to take off in a splendid manner.
phone owners receive ads; in France over 62%; and in
There has to be innovative business models, otherwise
Japan 54%. More importantly, the estimate suggests
RoI is not going to be a cakewalk,” says Krishna Durbha,
that as the concept of mobile marketing matures so
head, VAS business & marketing, Reliance Communi-
does the user involvement. In Japan, nearly 45% of
mobile phone owners are believed to click on ads they
receive on their phones today.
The company has recently implemented an integrated
carrier-class mobile marketing software platform
In the US, brands hold mobile property which is
termed Neon on its network as part of its tie-up with
urbanized along with data-rich network and hence, has
Flytxt, a mobile advertising and marketing technology
more prospects for advertisers. However, in the UK,
provider. Apart from using mobile marketing for
revenue generation is comparatively low because of
existing products, it also offers mobile advertising
lingual challenges.
solutions for other companies as well.
Says Anil Sardana, MD, Tata Teleservices, “In the coming
Among various mobile marketing channels globally,
days, targeted advertisement will emerge as a big ticket
SMS is the trendiest because of its ubiquitous nature
application. For example, the Big Bazaars of India want
Also, mobile coupons are gaining recognition as part of
to announce a sale where the customer will gets 50%
the overall marketing campaign; the coupons are
discount if he/she gets to the store within six hours or
emailed and then can be redeemed at specific vendor
so. We can offer such Big Bazaars an advertisement
machines. There is growing interest in location in terms
application that follows a highly segmented approach
of time, place and occasion where people shop, and
and which would be delivered to the customers living
experts believe that mobile is an ideal medium for this.
within, say, 5 km of the stores.”

May 2009 / 12

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Industy Outlook
Mobile Marketing: Donning a New Hat
Jatinder Singh, May 2009, Voice & Data

Other marketing media holding strong appeal include USSD services are another area gaining traction in the
MMS, Bluetooth, adver-gaming, full-screen interstices market. It includes subscription alerts, prepaid recharge
and audio advertisements that can take the form of a services, etc. Location based advertising is another very
jingle before a voicemail recording. While Bluetooth relevant technology to which enables reaching the
marketing has been around for quite some time, MMS right customer, at the right time and location.
is still in its early days and yet to make a strong
statement. “This is a push service that is event driven where the user receives
a notification (IVR, SMS, USSD, MMS) based on his preference,
“Bluetooth could be for a niche segment that can do
location or movement. For example for a person who has chosen
well at high foot-fall areas. But it would have to discover
methods where the interaction is continuous once the “restaurants” for receiving mobile advertisements will receive a
customer is out of Bluetooth coverage. It would have a mobile coupon alert giving him discount information as he
limited scope in India for niche segments,” states Rajiv passes near a McDonald's outlet,” says Yogesh Bijlani, vice
Madhok, director, One97 Communications. president, sales, Asia Pacific, Telenity.

"There has to be "Bluetooth could be a "Today most campaigns "In the coming days,
innovative business niche segment that can are in SMS, in English targeted advertisement
models otherwise RoI is do well at high foot-fall which rural India can not will emerge as a big ticket
not going to be an easy areas but interactions easily understand" application"
cakewalk" have to be continuous
when customer is out of C Mohan Ram, MD, Anil Sardana, MD, Tata
Krishna Durbha, head, its coverage" Lattice Bridge Infotech Teleservices
VAS business & marketing,
Reliance Rajiv Madhok, director,
Communications One97 Communications

Security is another pitfall in the way of successful There is also another business model where companies
marketing campaigns using the technology. “As people such as mGinger, mGarlic, YouMint, 160by2, etc, are pro-
tend to keep their Bluetooth off due to the fear of viding SMS advertisement services in which a consumer
transmission of spams and viruses, it really can't will receive ads of only those particular products or
become a mass marketing instrument,” says Tim services that he is interested in buying. Interestingly, it
Williams, co-founder & executive VP, worldwide sales, also pays the consumer depending upon the ad he
Flytxt. receives in a particular day. However, most of these
companies have not been able to succeed in a big way.
At present, companies like Cafe Coffee Day, Pantaloon,
Levis, Adidas and Pepsi have offered mobile content “Although it is interesting to see what the global trends
free of cost and discounts via Bluetooth in India. are, it is important that operators focus on channels and
needs of their own country. For instance, implementing
Among new segments, in-game advertising is one of a mobile email based campaign may not be suitable if
the fastest growing areas. According to the Yankee the majority of your subscribers are avid SMS users,”
Group, revenues are predicted to grow from $732 mn underlines Ronan Casey, CTO, Asia Pacific, Acision.
by 2010, up from $56 mn in 2005.

May 2009 / 13

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Industy Outlook
Mobile Marketing: Donning a New Hat
Jatinder Singh, May 2009, Voice & Data

Forward March
The success of any mobile marketing initiative solely “Today most advertisement campaigns are in SMS in
depends upon the end user who also expects to make English, which rural India cannot easily understand.
interactivity selections as per his decision. Voice adverts is the future, where this dependency
would be removed. But voice calls are still not as cheap
“User privacy should be the key concern for all service as SMS,” says C Mohan Ram, managing director, Lattice
providers. At any level it should not be compromised Bridge Infotech.
and an effective mechanism should be in place for the
same,” says Kiran Konduri, co-founder, Asklaila. In a country that represents over one third of the
mobile subscriber base with an average balance of Rs
Agrees Jagdish Mitra, CEO, Canvas M “Advertisements 10, there is still a huge demand for infotainment.
should be specific to consumer interests and People also want to connect to the third screen and
demographics mentioned during sign-up.” want selected ads and alerts but for free.

While mobile marketing does seem like a possible The major challenge is to build an ecosystem with
cause of the breach of privacy, it does not necessarily constructive partnership to communicate with highly
have to be so. The key to this in opting for DNDs (do- targeted and profiled users for mobile marketing.
not-disturb) and DNCs (do-not-call) registry which give
the option of not receiving promotional messages Jatinder Singh
and/or information. Therefore, to reach consumers
without breaching their privacy, companies will have to
look for more innovative models.

“Like all other forms of marketing, there are things to

keep in mind: online, which includes email spam,
display advertising, pop ups; offline, which includes
junk mail reaching your home. Hence mobile
marketing will also have its share of junk. Responsible
companies however rely on options when it comes to
direct marketing,” says Ashish Gupta, managing
director, Helion Advisors.

Further, rural segments also represent a vast

opportunity for personalized advertisement. As this
space is maturing, marketers can actually educate
farmers and villagers about the best quality seeds, ways
to keep crops healthy and so on. However, barriers
related to language and education would be a key
concern here.

May 2009 / 14

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Product Focus
Personalized Call Management
Connecting with Subscribers to Capture New Revenues
White Paper

Does Voice Still Matter? For years, voicemail and missed call alert services
seemed as the basic and standard value added services
With the slow down of world economy, service
for every telecommunications network. The revenue
providers are signaled that they will need to find new
benefit derived from voicemail comes from
tools and creative ways to offer new types of services
incremental uplift in voice/text (up to 10% ARPU from
leveraging existing investments in voice and
subscribers who use the service), missed call
messaging infrastructure. Based on industry forecasts,
notification or a ringback to the user. After basic dial
the number of global mobile subscribers will expand
tone in wireline networks or airtime in wireless
from almost 2.5 billion at the end of 2007 to 3.5
networks, voicemail and missed call alert should be two
billion by 2012, with the majority of growth occurring
of the most important services in terms of revenue and
in Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific (APAC) and
subscriber retention. However, most operators are not
Central America and Latin America (CALA) regions.
currently exploiting these services to their fullest
While this growth remains mainly through subscriber
potential and lack the right penetration levels to
acquisition, it is not sustainable in the long run for
generate additional ARPU. This paper articulates how
revenue generation. Carriers must adopt innovative
service providers can further boost their revenues by
service models to generate enough revenues from up-
offering personalized intelligent call management
selling to existing and new users.
solutions comprising both of these key services.
The voicemail penetration is very high (90%) in mature
“Still the killer mobile application, voice services are markets such as North America and Western Europe
expected to reach $734 billion in 20121.“ but very low (1% to 15%) in the rest of the world. This
results in low voicemail service revenues due to the
Clearly, voice services have been the killer application large number of non-voicemail users. In order to
so far as they account for the lion's share (80%) of total address this segment, operators should carefully
revenues - a significant revenue contributor estimated examine their customer behavior and understand why
to reach $734 billion in 2012. However, this growth is they are not using voicemail service.
slowing down due to the commoditization of voice
services. “Calls that do not connect subscribers immediately
due to unavailability of the called party or coverage
For several years now, we have been hearing that the,
“The share of voice revenues and average revenue
area represent a significant potential for new revenue
per user (ARPU) are declining while the data streams if acted upon with the right set of solutions. “
revenues are increasing”. This trend has forced
operators to consider different opportunities to
increase subscriber ARPU. In fact, this is statistically
true. However, the question remains whether the
operators have tried their fullest potential to capture all
the voice revenues. Calls that do not connect
subscribers immediately due to unavailability of the
called party or coverage area represent a significant
potential for new revenue streams if acted upon with 1 Portio Research, 2008
the right set of solutions.

May 2009 / 15

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Product Focus
Personalized Call Management
Connecting with Subscribers to Capture New Revenues
White Paper

Different geographies have distinct types of users. At Best practices in introducing a voicemail service with
first, it seems obvious to relate customer behavior to “ease-of-use” components include:
cultural differences and think that there is not much an
operator can do. Is it really the case? The simple answer ?
Familiarity: Forward all incoming calls to the
is yes, but in reality there is more to it than just simply voicemail, missed call alert or temporary voicemail
saying that the voicemail usage is low due to cultural systems free of charge on different conditions: no
reasons. There may be more fundamental reasons answer, out of coverage or busy.
behind low voicemail usage, including: ?
Choices: Offer friendly greetings such as “Record a
message” or “Hang up for missed call alert” to called
Most People think that the voice message will not
? party.
reach to the called party immediately ?
Connect: Create instant voicemail box for all users
People think that the receiver of the message will
? or send direct voice message.
not listen or pay attention to it ?
Simplicity: Eliminate long personal greetings and
Complex message deposit/retrieval practices are
? offer simple IVR menus, short announcements and
annoying for subscribers simple personalized notifications. e.g., VM to MMS,
Subscribers do not want to listen to long greeting
? SMS and out dial options.
messages ?
Immediate: Fast message delivery and retrieval
People think that they will get charged for listening
to the voicemail due to calling party pays These alternatives can easily be implemented to boost
People do not like to leave messages to complex
? call revenues immediately. The key is to offer customers
systems. Instead, they prefer to call the person “ease-of-use” with simple features that will increase the
back later. voicemail service adoption, usage and hence the new
call rates.
However, creating voicemail usability and habit, and
combining it with missed call notification is a This of course does not mean that the voicemail system
challenging, yet a rewarding task for operators to should not have advanced features. As Telenity, we
overcome. believe that Personalized Intelligent Call Management
encompassing voicemail and missed call alert type
The Solution – services is a very crucial component for operators and
subscribers. To this end, Telenity has developed
Personalized Intelligent Call Management
Canvas® SmartConnect™, Personalized Intelligent Call
Like in any system, most subscribers always prefer
Management Suite, which helps operators create
simplicity versus complexity. To create usage habit
usage behavior first and then introduce advanced call
among subscribers, operators should focus on
management and completion features as the customer
providing a voicemail service that is initially simple and
usage behavior matures.
easy-to-use rather than offering advanced and
complex features which are difficult to understand and
The key to success in introducing any new service is to
first appeal with basic features to create the usability
habits of mass users. With voicemail, enhanced features
such as increased message management options,
extended notification services, parental control, call
screening, time and day based call management rules
etc. can be alternatively positioned later to maintain
user levels, increase loyalty and service penetration.

May 2009 / 16

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Product Focus
Personalized Call Management
Connecting with Subscribers to Capture New Revenues
White Paper

Bringing Simple Service to Life – How Does It Work?

1. A Party calls B Party
2. In case B Party's phone is switched off or out of coverage, A Party hears the modified unavailability announcement
from the MSC at no charge. The announcement would be like “The person you have called cannot be reached at the
moment, please try again later or wait for 2 seconds to record your message”
3. A Party on his first attempt
? Slams down the call without leaving any message
? When B Party turns on the phone, he/she gets a missed call notification with the information on who called while
at the same time A Party gets notified that B party is now available
4. A Party on his second attempt
? Waits for 2 seconds and leaves a voice message after the beep sound
? B Party turns on the phone and immediately gets the voicemail as a multimedia message (MMS),
A Party again gets notified that B Party is now available.
5. A Party calls B Party who is not carrying a multimedia MMS enabled handset:
? Waits for 2 seconds and hears the beep sound and leaves a voicemail
? B Party receives this voicemail message as VoiceSMS and is able to listen immediately without making any call to
the voicemail system. A party also gets notified of B Party's then-availability.

As illustrated in the sample case above, these simple service scenarios of Canvas SmartConnect solution with effective
call management capabilities capture all those calls that would have been lost otherwise, and help increase airtime
usage and maximize voice revenues of the operators. The above use-case is fully customizable based on operators' and
markets' choice while the described scenario is already proven to be very successful. The possible add-on features can
be automatic connect on busy and automatic call back when available.

Revenue Potential
Subscriber Retained
Growth 20% Monthly % Voice Uncompleted Calls Increase Increase
Year Subscribers ARPU Revenues Calls Revenues Completion ARPU/Mon Revenues
Year 1 800,000 $10 90% 20% $86,400,000 10% $0.18 $1,555,200
Year 2 960,000 $10.18 90% 20% $105,546,240 10% $0.18 $1,899,832
Year 3 1,152,000 $10.36 90% 20% $128,935,287 10% $0.19 $2,320,835
Through a real business case example, we will now show how much additional ARPU an operator can potentially
generate from call completion services that can contribute to their overall revenues.

Operator X with $10 of ARPU has 20% uncompleted calls in the network and it generates 90% of its revenues through
voice services. This operator decides to provide voicemail and missed call notification services to all users and as a result
turns 10% of uncompleted calls into new airtime revenues.

When we do the calculation: 10% of 20% is equal to 2%

of total calls and 2% of 90% equals to 1.8% of total The solution enables service providers to capture
additional revenues of about 1.8% of their total revenues.
Basically Operator X can increase its revenues by 1.8%,
which is $0.18 increase in ARPU of $10.

May 2009 / 17

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Product Focus
Personalized Call Management
Connecting with Subscribers to Capture New Revenues
White Paper

As more users start benefiting from voicemail system, operators will start enjoying increasing revenues. This will also
bring an inevitable need for voicemail capacity expansion, which will be a key point for operators when they are
making their initial system selection. Operators should utilize a low-cost, easily scalable system with a proven success
for high capacity usage.

Case in Point
A leading GSM operator realized the importance of voice revenues lost due to non-voicemail users in its network is
significant opportunity to improve on. The operator offered a “Simple Voicemail” service but positioned it differently. The
focus was on “ease-of-use” and “immediate access” in order to increase service usage first by offering basic
voicemail service to all the users for free. With this “Simple VoiceMail” service:

Callers leave a short voicemail message (30 to 45 seconds long knowing that the called party will get his/her
message immediately)
Then the called party is notified via SMS to retrieve the message
Once the message is retrieved it is automatically deleted for good
Additionally, in order to increase the message retrieval rates, the operator delivers voicemail messages via MMS to
the called party.

As a result of this new service introduction, the voicemail penetration rates were increased by 5 times in 8 months. The
take rate was incredible but more importantly voicemail usage behavior was created among operator's users.

May 2009 / 18

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Product Focus
Leveraging SMS to Attract Additional
Data and Voice ARPU
Global messaging marketplace is growing at a rapid
pace and mobile messaging revenue is expected to
reach $212 billion by 2013. Short Message Service
(SMS) is still the predominant messaging service with
ever increasing short message exchanges among
subscribers and bringing the highest revenue to
operators. In their recent report “Leveraging SMS to
Attract the Low End of the Income Scale”, Pyramid
Research predicts that SMS revenues will far exceed the
revenues of other higher-end data services such as
mobile broadband for years to come especially in the
Middle East and Africa (MEA). The report also predicts
that this development will go beyond the revenue
opportunity coming directly from peer-to-peer SMS
and that it will create new ways for operators in the Key Findings of "Leveraging SMS to Attract the Low
highly competitive and usually low-income markets of End of the Income Scale" indicate that:
the MEA to capitalize on subscribers’ new familiarity
with SMS in order to increase not only their data ARPUs, ?
Catering to the low end of the income scale is
but their voice ARPUs too. inevitable, and so is the resulting decrease in voice
ARPU. Leveraging an already existing or a new SMS
“Our recent report covering the Middle East and Africa platform, coupled with USSD technology, to
(MEA) Leveraging SMS to Attract the Low End of the Income launch a slew of attractive services makes business
sense and can make the transition less drastic.
Scale looks at how operators in MEA can leverage the SMS ?
SMS-based initiatives can have a direct, positive
platform to boost revenue from the largest, lowest-income and quantifiable effect on operators’ KPIs such as
subscriber segments. In the region, Peer-to-peer SMS ARPU and churn, with prepaid ARPU rising as much
accounted for about 60% of total mobile data revenue in as 6%. These initiatives can also help with other
2008, and we predict that it will continue to be the largest important indicators, such as network congestion,
single contributor to data revenue over the forecasted CRM and brand identity.
period (2009-2013). The fast subscriber growth that MEA ?
While SMS-based initiatives have competitive
operators are witnessing — a 39% annual CAGR over the implications, the outcome is not necessarily a win-
lose situation. Low-cost services that make sense
past four years and a forecast 8% annual CAGR from 2009- to subscribers and respond to their needs have a
2013 — is posing some serious challenges related to potential to expand the total market as opposed to
network efficiency and declining ARPU. However, over the redistributing subscribers and revenue.
next four years, SMS-based services will be a powerful tool
that operators can use to target the large base of low- So are you ready to maximize your SMS revenues and
income subscribers and generate higher revenues from profitability from this most popular mobile messaging
both data and voice, adding up to a minimum of US$6bn in application? Will you be able to take advantage of the
largest single contributor to data revenues and address
new annual revenue by 2013,” Dearbhla McHenry, Badii
the largest, lowest-income subscriber segments in
Kechiche, Pyramid Research. MEA? Are you ready to launch new services with SMS
and USSD technologies?

May 2009 / 19

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Product Focus
Leveraging SMS to Attract Additional
Data and Voice ARPU
Or… Are you struggling with: canvas MMSC - Multimedia Messaging Service Center
?Frequent peaks of subscriber traffic volumes that ? Network agnostic, all-IP based multimedia
your systems can not handle
?High OPEX of legacy messaging servers deployed messaging
in your network that drain your resources ?
Advanced media adaptation, video support and
?Lack of next generation network readiness MMS routing services
?Inflexible routing, load balancing and geograph- ?
Full 3GPP standards compliance
ical distribution capabilities
?Revenue Assurance problems caused by non-real
time charging interfaces canvas UMS - Unified Messaging System with Voice, SMS,
MMS, Email, Fax, Video Mail
Don’t be alarmed! Telenity has the right messaging ? Scalable and reliable solution
solutions to help you solve all of the problems above
and move forward. Telenity’s Canvas® Converged ? Easy integration with other Canvas voice services
Messaging Solutions enhance revenues from P2P and ? Multiple subscriber interfaces for message
A2P messaging with a modular, scalable next genera- recording and management; WEB and IVR
tion IP based architecture designed for offering SMS- ?
Subscriber based settings, address books, and
based services and CAPEX and OPEX savings.
personalized messaging
Canvas Converged Messaging Solutions include:
canvas MSGW - Messaging Gateway
canvas SMSC - Short Message Service Center and ? Single solution to manage all (text, binary, multi-
canvas SMSR - SMS Router media) messaging services SMSC, MMSC and
? Next generation, IP-based, high performance and USSD connectivity
distributed short messaging ?
Uses standard network interface protocols with
First delivery attempt, SMS routing, IP-offload, flexible routing and charging capabilities
and advanced SLA management features ?
One-time OSS/BSS (charging, reporting)
One stop integration point for charging, integration for all messaging applications
subscriber database and third party service ?
Advanced SLA, congestion, and traffic control
management solution
Advanced messaging services such as Subscriber Telenity’s Canvas Converged Messaging Solutions help
based screening (black) lists, Message delivery operators offer innovative P2P and A2P messaging
settings (SMS Diversion/Forwarding), Message services, while helping them increase revenues and
Copy (Carbon Copy), Subscriber and Customer reduce/maintain costs.
Care Web Portals, Out-of-Office SMS, etc.

canvas USSD Service Center - Interactive Mobile Services

? USSD Gateway with pre-packaged service options
? Flexible, graphical service creation environment
with interactive menu service templates

May 2009 / 20

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Product Focus
Leveraging SMS to Attract Additional
Data and Voice ARPU
Canvas Converged Messaging Solutions – Value Proposition
Gracefully handle traffic peaks to assure additional/no lost revenues with a scalable and adaptive messaging
Modular design allowing flexible feature selection and deployment options
Increase your ARPU by enabling more applications without system overload or service outage
Reduce your maintenance costs with a standards based system that works on off-the-shelf-components that
do not require proprietary hardware or software knowledge
Get your network ready for next generation now with a future proof, network agnostic solution that supports
both legacy and next generation networks
“Add to” or “Replace” your existing messaging systems, with a solution that can co-exist with your current
investment and grow for future
Maximize your revenue assurance and minimize fraud with a high performance and fault tolerant real time
charging capability to cover the entire messaging traffic
“Green” solution supporting low power consumption with high performance resulting in lower OPEX

Canvas Converged Messaging Solutions Overview

Telenity’s Canvas Converged Messaging Solutions help operators offer innovative P2P and A2P messaging services,
while helping them increase revenues and reduce/maintain costs.

May 2009 / 21

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6th Annual Media And Telecommunications
Convergence Conference 2009
Amman, Jordan

The 6th Annual Media And Telecommunications Convergence Conference 2009 organized by the Arab Advisors Group
is taking place during June 1-2 at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Amman, Jordan

The 6th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference builds on the success of Arab Advisors Group's Annual Media and
Telecoms Convergence Conference held in Amman over the past five years.

The convergence of media, telecom and information technology pushes the hitherto disconnected players in the three
sectors towards operating in an increasingly merged segment. This convergence carries threats to existing revenue
and business models, but also bears new opportunities for new models.

Arab Advisors Group’s 6th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2009 is the ideal forum for networking,
discussions and debates on the convergence trends underway in the Arab media and telecom markets.

Date: June 1-2, 2009

Location: Amman, Jordan

Telenity will speak at the 6th Media and Telecomms Convergence Conference 2009. On day 2, at 12:45pm, the
presentation given by Mr. Serif A. Beykoz, General Manager EMEA at Telenity will focus on Growing Mobile VAS
Business in Arab World.

Come out and meet the Telenity team who will be available to discuss your needs for converged messaging, value
added services and service delivery solutions.

To arrange a meeting with the Telenity team at the 6th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference, please email us at

May 2009 / 22

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Mobile VAS Forum 2009
Miami, FL, USA

The Mobile VAS Forum 2009 organized by Informa Telecoms & Media is taking place during June 9-10 at the Sonesta Bay
Front Hotel Coconut Grove, in Miami, FL, USA.

Mobile VAS Forum is the exclusive event focused on Latin-America’s VAS experiences to bring together the key players
of the mobile industry. With decreasing voice ARPU in upcoming years, the strategic need for developing successful
VAS products to ensure a resilient and sustainable revenue generation has become critical in Latin & Central America
and the Caribbean. Mobile VAS Forum 2009 aims at sizing up this challenge and identifying which business
opportunities are being created or underused, and how the players could or should explore these alternatives.

Evolving from the well established Mobile Messaging & VAS Americas, this major conference focuses on the
alternatives and opportunities for revenue growth through value added services. Addressing the critical issues to
increase revenue for mobile operators and the whole value chain, this summit tackles acknowledged world class case
studies, winning strategies to develop and roll out new products, business opportunities and a deeply and
comprehensive networking driven agenda.

The agenda covers all VAS topics, such as SMS and MMS boosting strategies, business models for mobile marketing and
advertisement, mobile payment, content products, music, games, mobile TV, entertainment, 3G services and others
products available for the telecom market.

Date: June 9-10, 2009

Location: Miami, FL, USA

Telenity will exhibit at Stand 5 and speak at the Mobile VAS 2009 event. On day 1, during the VAS Services and Trends in
this Economic Times, the presentation given by Mr. Nitin Patel, VP Strategic Marketing at Telenity will focus on Gaining
Competitive Advantage with VAS and Messaging.

Come out and meet the Telenity team who will be available to discuss your needs for converged value added services,
messaging, and service delivery solutions.

To arrange a meeting with the Telenity team at the Mobile VAS 2009 conference and exhibition, please email us at

May 2009 / 23

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West & Central AfricaCom 2009
Abuja, Nigeria

The West and Central AfricaCom 2009 6th annual and the regions largest telecoms event is taking place during June 17-
18, 2009 in Abuja, Nigeria. West and Central Africa Com 2009 comprises a 2 day, 6 streamed conference agenda and an
exhibition floor.

West and Central Africa’s only communications Congress and Exhibition, the event hosts 1,500+ telecoms decision
makers. A panel of 50+ visionary speakers including 20+ CxO level operators lead a 2 day strategic conference featuring
5 streams and 4 keynote sessions while 80+ leading international vendors showcase their solutions in the co-located
exhibition floor.

Date: June 17-18

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Telenity will be exhibiting at Stand E02 with its partner CIS Nigeria/Rt2i and showing demonstrations of its converged
value added services solutions including Mobile Collect Call, Personalized Call Management, and Location-based
People Finder Service.

Come out and meet the Telenity and CIS Nigeria/Rt2i teams who will be available to discuss your needs for converged
messaging, service delivery and value added services.

To arrange a meeting with the Telenity and CIS Nigeria/R2ti teams at the West and Central AfricaCom 2009 conference
and exhibition, please email us at

May 2009 / 24

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VAS Asia 2009
New Delhi, India

The VAS Asia 2009, 5th International Conference and Exhibition is taking place during July 10, 2009 at the Le Meridien
Hotel, in New Delhi, India.

Over 330 million people in India now own mobile phones which are poised to reach 500 million by 2010. India is the
second largest and fastest growing cellular market in the world. With ever rising cellular subscribers, voice is
increasingly becoming a commodity. Service Provider's are experiencing low ARPU's and high subscriber churn rate.
Over the last 6 years, the Indian telecom industry has realized the importance of Mobile Value Added Services. Given
the declining ARPU and increasing competition among operators, it is imperative to focus on alternate revenue
streams. That is where there is a felt need for capitalizing on the Value Added Services (VAS) Market.

Propelled by the need to bring in service differentiation, operators are deploying new value added services in order to
satisfy the growing demand of Indian consumers. There is an increased transformation of business models with an
aggressive focus on VAS. Mobile VAS currently contributes 9% to the operator's revenue which is expected to reach 12%
by June 2010. This is attracting wireless operators, handset manufacturers, content developers, music & film
companies, cartoon artists, game makers and musicians for ring tones, music, gaming, sports, mobile imagery, WAP,
wall papers, logos, SMS based contests and streaming audio and video.

Celebrating 5th Anniversary of VAS Asia 2009 International Conference & Exhibition, the convention will create the best
forum in India for all players of the value chain where business is bound to happen!

Date: July 10, 2009

Location: New Delhi, India

Telenity will have a speaking session and exhibition stand at VAS Asia 2009.

In its booth, Telenity will have demonstrations of converged services solutions.

Come out and meet the Telenity team who will be available to discuss your needs for converged value added services,
messaging and service delivery.

To arrange a meeting with the Telenity team at the VAS Asia 2009 event, please email us at

May 2009 / 25

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AfricaCom 2009
Cape Town, South Africa

The AfricaCom 2009 is taking place during November 11-12, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. Now in its 12th year,
AfricaCom is the longest established and the largest annual Pan-African telecoms event. This event comprised of a
high-level conference and co-located exhibition is the best place to meet and build new contacts in the region.

Having evolved to reflect the current market dynamics, the event embraces the entire telecommunications landscape
in both its multi-streamed congress and accompanying exhibition. The conference provides both an overview of the
general trends of the market, and specialist streams on the key aspects of the telecoms market such as: technology
evolution, regulation, new business models, value-added services and marketing strategies. It is attended by senior
representatives of the continent’s leading operators, regulators, investors, telecoms solutions providers and analysts.

Year-on-year, the event continues to offer African telcos the chance to meet new and existing suppliers of the highest
calibre, discuss the future direction of their business and plan for their expansion.

Date: November 11-12

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Telenity will be exhibiting at Stand C12 and showing demonstrations of its converged value added services solutions
including Mobile Collect Call, Personalized Call Management, and Location-based People Finder Service.

Come out and meet the Telenity team who will be available to discuss your needs for converged messaging, service
delivery and value added services.

To arrange a meeting with the Telenity team at the AfricaCom 2009 conference and exhibition, please email us at

May 2009 / 26

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GSM>3G Middle East 2009
Dubai, UAE

GSM>3G Middle East 2009 is taking place during December 7-8, 2009 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

As the GSM Middle East and Gulf markets continue to expand, this event in its 14th year will provide unique networking
opportunities and set the regional telco agenda. GSM>3G Middle East 2009 event will bring together wireless
operators, vendors, developers and industry leaders from across the world to discuss future strategies, business
models, and the challenges and opportunities facing today’s wireless services. Attendees will benefit from a much
deeper and invaluable learning experience and understand in greater detail the key technological and commercial
opportunities within the Middle East & Gulf telecoms market.

Date: December 7-8, 2009

Location: Dubai, UAE
Stand: 108

Telenity will be exhibiting at the GSM>3G Middle East 2009 conference and exhibition. Telenity will have
demonstrations on converged value added services solutions including personalized call management, location-
based people finder service and video services.

Come out and meet the Telenity team who will be available to discuss your needs for converged messaging, service
delivery and value added services solutions.

To arrange a meeting with the Telenity team at the GSM>3G Middle East 2009, please email us at

May 2009 / 27

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Press Releases
Telenity and Datatronics Expand Their
Partnership to Latin American Telecom Market
Telenity and Datatronics to Offer Messaging and Valued Added Services to Latin American Operators

Monroe, CT – March 25, 2009 - Telenity, a leading “Combining Telenity’s global market experience and
provider of next generation converged services leading converged services solutions, and Datatronics’
platforms and applications for communications over 12 years of experience in providing systems
networks and Datatronics, a telecommunications integration to the telecommunications sector, this
value-added reseller in Spain, announced today that strategic partnership will bring next generation
they have expanded their partnership to address Latin messaging and VAS that much closer to Latin America,”
American telecom market. Under the new partnership, said Oscar González, Vice President of Sales and
Datatronics will distribute Telenity’s converged Business Development at Datatronics Telecom.
messaging and value added services (VAS) in Latin
America in addition to Europe. Latin America’s “Latin American mobile market represents a great
telecoms market remains among the high growth potential for messaging and VAS solutions. As we
potential ones. According to industry analysts, the total continue to increase our footprint in the region, it is
mobile data VAS revenues will rise from $4.5billion in crucial that we build the right partnerships to support
2008 to USD $6billion in 2010, CAGR 31%. VAS our deployments and to ensure the success of our
accounts for 9% of the mobile services revenues in customers,” said Enrique Gomez, Director of Sales,
Latin America. Short Message Service (SMS) traffic Americas and Telenity. “Datatronics has an excellent
continues to be the main component of data services, track record in system integration and in the region.
and today still accounts for 50% of mobile operators’ Joining our solutions, as well as, our sales and market
non-voice revenues in Latin America. development teams together with Datatronic’s system
integration expertise will offer an ideal solution for
mobile operators looking to enhance their services
“Combining Telenity’s global market experience and offering and increase their revenues.”
leading converged services solutions, and
Datatronics’ over 12 years of experience in providing About Datatronics
systems integration to the telecommunications Datatronics is a VAR and System Integrator leading
sector, this strategic partnership will bring next supplier of solutions for the fixed and wireless market,
leveraging more than 12 years experience in telecoms
generation messaging and VAS that much closer to networks and telecoms value added services.
Latin America.” Datatronics Telecom Division provides technologies
and solutions in the field of Signaling, Messaging, NGN
& VoIP, Roaming, Interconnection and Mobile Video
Services. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Datatronics
The extension of an ongoing cooperation, this has international business in EMEA and LATAM.
partnership will provide Latin American wireless
operators with access to Telenity’s converged
messaging and VAS solutions with experienced
localized support, system integration and maintenance
services from Datatronics. Telenity and Datatronics
already share a mutual successful history with Telefonica
in Spain and similar partner success is expected to
materialize in the Latin America’s mobile market.

May 2009 / 28

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Press Releases
Telenity and Astelit Sign a Four Year
Frame Agreement

Monroe, CT – February 16, 2009 - Telenity, a leading “We needed a flexible content management system
provider of next generation converged services capable of handling a wide range of enhanced value
platforms and applications for communications added data services for both of our prepaid and
networks, announced today that Astelit, Ukraine’s third postpaid subscriber base. With their proactive
largest mobile operator providing communication approach, Telenity understood our needs and offered
services under the life:) brand, chose Telenity’s Canvas® us a cost-effective and efficient solution that will help
CSP, Converged Services Platform including a content us support our subscribers now and in the future,” said
management system (CMS), common management Tansu Yegen, General Director of Astelit.
and provisioning framework, third-party access and
messaging gateways, and subscriber portal func- Telenity’s Canvas CSP, Converged Services Platform
tionalities. enables network operators and service providers to
develop and deploy innovative services in accelerated
In addition to Canvas CSP, the four year frame periods with little overhead. Astelit will utilize the
agreement signed by Astelit and Telenity also includes following components of Canvas CSP to offer content
voicemail system enhancements and capacity based advanced value added services to its subscribers:
upgrades on advanced messaging solutions including
SMSC, MMSC, and USSD Service Center. This multi- ?
Content Management Server (CMS) - Provides a
million dollar agreement is the result of long lasting secure, flexible and comprehensive environment
trust and strong relationship Telenity has built with to aggregate, host and deliver content from
Astelit over the years. With this contract in place, multiple parties/sources
Telenity now supports over 75% of life:)’s value added ?
Common Management and Provisioning
services (VAS) infrastructure. Framework (CMPF) - Centralized and flexible data
repository comprising platform, service, partner,
“With their proactive approach, Telenity subscription (personalization), identity, security,
understood our needs and offered us a cost- and policy management data as well as OAM&P
aspects of it
effective and efficient solution that will help us ?
Access Gateway (XSGW) - Allows secure and
support our subscribers now and in the future.” policy-controlled single-point of access to the
service enablers within the SDP environment
Subscriber Portal - Provides Web/WAP interface
to access content and services with enhanced
“We are delighted to have signed this agreement to personalization capabilities
provide Astelit with our service delivery platform
solution and capacity upgrades on a variety of About Astelit life :)
messaging applications, “ said Serif A. Beykoz, General The Ukrainian mobile services operator Astelit life :) is
Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa at Telenity. the leading operator on the market in terms of new
“Astelit is a growing operator with a customer base of customers acquisition, serving 10,7 million subscribers
around 11 million subscribers. With our proven (as of Q3 2008). Astelit life:) network covers the territory
advanced messaging applications and service delivery where 93,7% of population lives. Astelit life:) provides
components, Astelit will be able to differentiate itself roaming opportunities in 168 countries via 411 roaming
with innovative content services, supported by a reliable partners. The operator was the first in the market to
and high performance messaging infrastructure.” introduce EDGE technology and today Astelit life:) offers
large EDGE coverage – 64,6% of the current network’s
sites support EDGE. Astelit life:) offers high quality
mobile services for all segments of the Ukrainian society.
Currently the rational expenses for mobile communica-
tions are of great significance to any subscriber.

May 2009 / 29

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Press Releases
Eagle Mobile Selects Telenity’s Advanced
Messaging Applications
Canvas SMSC and USSD Service Center Ensure Capacity and Service Flexibility for Eagle Mobile

Monroe, CT – February 12, 2009 - Telenity, a leading Canvas SMSC offers a next generation, IP-based, high
provider of next generation converged services performance and distributed short messaging system
platforms and applications for communications with:
networks, today announced that Eagle Mobile, the
newest Albanian mobile operator, chose Telenity’s ?
First delivery attempt, SMS routing, IP-offload, and
advanced messaging solutions including Canvas® advanced SLA management features
SMSC, Short Message Service Center and Canvas USSD ?
One stop integration point for charging, subscriber
Service Center to handle its rapidly growing messaging database and third party service management
traffic and enable the introduction of new USSD and solution
SMS-based innovative services.
Canvas USSD Service Center offers a
Telenity’s Canvas Converged USSD gateway with pre-packaged
Messaging Solutions enhance services and a flexible, graphical
revenues from Person-to-Person service creation environment with
(P2P) and Application-to-Person interactive menu service templates
(A2P) messaging with a modular, and USSD Menu Browser capability.
scalable next generation IP “Telenity’s SMSC will significantly
based architecture designed for improve our ability to gracefully handle About Eagle Mobile
CAPEX and OPEX savings. SMS traffic peaks and offer higher Eagle Mobile is the newest operator
of the mobile telephony that entered
“As a new operator in the service quality to our subscribers. into the Albanian telecommunication
Albanian market, it’s extremely Telenity’s USSD Service Center will allow market on March 2008. Since the
vital for us to build a reputation us to enhance our offering with new signing of the Shares Purchase Agree-
as a reliable and innovative flexible and easy-to-use innovative ment between the Albanian govern-
service provider. Telenity’s SMSC ment and the Turkish Consortium
will significantly improve our messaging services.” composed of Calik Group and Turk
ability to gracefully handle SMS Telekom, the Albanian consumers are
traffic peaks and offer higher benefiting highly qualitative reliable
service quality to our subscribers,” said Ali Taskin, CEO at services, the latest technology and incredible service
Eagle Mobile. “And Telenity’s USSD Service Center will packages offered by Eagle Mobile. As of year end in
allow us to enhance our offering with new flexible and 2008, Eagle Mobile subscriber base reached 260,000
easy-to-use innovative messaging services.” representing over 11% of the total market. Eagle
Mobile made the fastest entrance to Albanian
“Since the launch of its operations in March 2008, Eagle telecommunication market by giving a wide range of
Mobile captured 12% share of the total market in services in such a short time of six months. For further
Albania and continues its solid growth. Their selection info:
of our SMSC and USSD Service Center applications to
support their rapidly growing customer base and SMS
traffic proves the solid reputation Telenity has in the
market for high performance and reliable messaging
solutions,” said Serif A. Beykoz, General Manager
Europe, Middle East and Africa at Telenity. “This is the
start of a new relationship for us and we are committed
to supporting Eagle Mobile on all avenues as they
become a leading operator.”

May 2009 / 30

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Press Releases
Telenity Appoints Yogesh S. Bijlani as
Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific Region

Monroe, CT and India – January 23, 2009 - Telenity, a Prior to joining Telenity, Bijlani was the Vice President of
leading provider of next generation converged Sales for South Asia at Bharti Telesoft. He has also
services platforms and applications for communica- served as India Country Head for Veraz Networks and in
tions networks, announced today the appointment of executive sales and marketing management positions
Yogesh S. Bijlani as the Vice President of Sales for Asia with UTStarcom, Lucent Technologies, Nokia, Star TV
Pacific Region. In his new role, Bijlani will be responsible and Digital Equipment India.
for broadening Telenity’s footprint in the region across
Messaging, Value Added Services (VAS) and Service Yogesh S. Bijlani and other Telenity executives will be
Delivery (SDP) solutions. available for meetings at Mobile World Congress 2009,
16-19th February, at Stand B151 in Barcelona, Spain.
“Since we established our offices in India in 2005, Asia
Pacific has been one of our key focus regions and to About Telenity
date we’ve had great success with strategic customers Telenity is a leading provider of next generation
like BSNL and Airtel,” said Roger Whitham, General converged services and applications for communi-
Manager for Americas and Asia Pacific at Telenity. “Asia cations networks. Telenity's market ready software
Pacific is a diverse and innovative marketplace. solutions include: integrated advanced messaging
Yogesh’s vast experience in technology and customer (SMS, MMS, USSD) applications, innovative value added
segments will be a tremendous asset as we further services (personalized call management, mobile collect
establish the Telenity brand as the preferred partner of call, missed call notification, voice/video mail,
service providers for next generation services.” multimedia ringback tones, location-based people
finder); and reusable service delivery components
(messaging gateway, 3rd party access gateway and
“Telenity already has a solid reputation in India, as location gateways) enabling rapid service creation and
well as, in Eurasia and Middle East and Africa (MEA) deployment. Headquartered in USA, Telenity's
for understanding customer needs and requirements worldwide customer base includes network operators,
service providers and application providers serving over
and offering innovative services. We will take that 300 million customers. Telenity partners with global and
message to the entire Asia Pacific region.” regional network equipment providers, system
integrators and computing platform manufacturers.
said Bijlani. “We plan to capitalize on our relationships Learn more about Telenity's Canvas® family of
with regional partners in extending our reach into the converged services solutions at and
region.” download a copy of Telenity’s online newsletter
Bijlani’s over 18 years of business and technical
expertise includes regional management, sales and
marketing of telecom network solutions in India and
throughout South Asia. Having a mix of strategic
insight, analytical mindset and a strong technical
background, Bijlani has an acute understanding of the
market needs for new services and technology
deployments. Bijlani holds an MBA from Indira Gandhi
National Open University (IGNOU) and Bachelors
degrees in Electronics and Telecommunications from
Pune University in India.

May 2009 / 31

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