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STATE OF NEVADA Public Records Request Deliver, Mail, or Fax to: Lander County Sheriff's Office, Post Office Box 1625, Battle Mountain, NV. 89820 Attention: Public Records Officer Date of Request |__ Requestor Contact Information Name ‘Organization ‘Address ity, State Zip Phone: E-mail Records Requested: ‘Check all that apply: _[TPaper copies [] Electronic copies [J Certified copies [J Inspection (in person) Please be specific and include as much detail as possible regarding the records you are requesting. To completo an estimate, the agency will ned the following faformation: Torvill pick up| LI Please USPS] LJ E-mail TPlease send via: (format allows) | Billing Acct # Statement, TL undesiand there ira charge for researeh, compiling and copies of public records T understand will receive a writen estimate for production ofthe records indicted above. A non-refundable fee of 50% of estimated coss is required before record ae compiled and prepared. The remainder ofthe actual cost is due prior to release of records, Materials willbe hel for 30 days Requester Signature ae tice Use On Request status Estimate: ___Reguostsseive Estimate § Receip acknowledgement ssved Date deposit resved Regus filled Actua (if itorony: 8 stated completion Date inal payment reeened Eatmate provided Completed by Request dened in whole ote: