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RYAN Legion Panes EXP Dice 08-002 Hotes 006 7 spc ities som vwmbepawcom August 17,2018 VIA ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION “The Honorable Chases E. Grasley Chaieman US. Senate Committee on the Judiciary 224 Dirksen Senate Office Puilding Washington, DC 20510 do (Mr. Daniel Parker Investigative Assistant (Chairman Chatles E, Grasley US. Senate Committee on the Judiciary 224 Disksen Senate Office Puig Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Grassley, 1am writing on behalf of Adam Waldman in response to your leter of August 10, 2018 requesting certain documents to be povided to you and the scheduling of a trnsctbed interview. At this ‘witing, Mr. Waldman is out of the county and not espected to return to Washington for several weeks.” We have consulted with him, and we decline at this time to make any commitment for him to respond to your request In prot correspondence with you, I noted that Mr, Waldman i a practicing lawyer and the subject matter of yout inquities is likely co involve his professional activities for his clients. ‘Thus, his pirtcipation in an interview or providing documents in the event he were at some poi 1 agree to do so, would be subject toa reservation of al sights and al privileges to which he is entiled as a witness, as lawyer, and otherwise. If he agreed to schedule an interview, he would Not waive any such rights or privileges, aad he would specifically reserve the right to terminate his voluntary participation at any ime ae for any reason. Io addition, he would expect thatthe scope of any document production and associated protections around sch document production be agreed upon by you in advance of any voluntary interview, including confidentiality surrounding such a production and the transcrist of any interview. Although your letter of August 10 says that your staffs “willing to work on” these issues, there has been no substantive response from them. “The Honorable Charles P. Grassley August 17,2018 Page 2 Although your staff has mentioned that video interviews had been conducted with some other ‘witnesses and that such an arrangement might be a possibilty here, we did nor agece to a video interview, nor does our client believe sucha format would be convenient or appropriate, if he were toragree to an interview. Ina telephone conversation with your staff on June 2, after OFAC issued a license for Me. Waldman to cooperate with the Judidary Committee, if he chose ro do so, my colleague Mark Srere and T stated that we were not authorized to make any commitment for Me. Waldman wo provide documents or to pattcpale in an interview on the dates requested, or at all, and your staff acknowledged that position 90 our part. Unless and unl Mr, Waldman determines otherwise, there is no change in our position Sincerely yours, cc: The Honorable Diasne Feinstein Ranking Member CCommattee on the Judiciary United States Sonate Matk A. Stete, Esq,

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