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ARREST WARRANT STATE OF IOWA, POWESHIEK COUNTY, ss: Case Number: 08791 FECRO10822 TO ANY PEACE OFFICER IN THE STATE: Citation Number: Information upon oath having been this day laid before the District Court of lowa, POWESHIEK County lowa, that the crime of: 01 - 707.2(1)(a) - MURDER IN THE 1ST DEGREE has been committed, and accusing: CRISTHIAN BAHENA RIVERA a Eyes: BROWN Dos: 06/11/1994 Du: Hair, BLACK HT: s'6" Sex: M WT: 130 Race: 0 ‘THEREFORE YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED forthwith to arrest the said defendant CRISTHIAN BAHENA RIVERA ‘and bring said defendant before court or in case of the absence of the Judges of said Court, or inability to act, before the nearest and most accessible magistrate or the Clerk of the Clerk of the District Court in said County. Bail is set in the amount of $1,000,000.00 CASH ONLY, Given under my hand and seal this 21st day of August, 2018 tof E-FILED 2018 AUG 21 3:02 PM POWESHIEK - CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT BJWARR, IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR POWESHIEK COUNTY STATE OF IOWA, Plaintiff, Case No: 08791 FECRO10822 vs ORDER FOR WARRANT CRISTHIAN BAHENA RIVERA , Defendant. 01 - 707.2(1)(a) - MURDER IN THE 1ST DEGREE. ‘A Complaint and Affidavit of Probable Cause has been filed with the Court, and the Court finds probable cause to sustain the allegations. Warrant to Issue. Bond $1,000,000, Cash Only. 10f2 E-FILED 2018 AUG 21 2:39 PM POWESHIEK - CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURTIN AND FOR “Te Completa ites 86 [Bd Fase wan cout cite: ca) 7 susmeedo county atarney [E] Fast wih Jc0 - tenant is 2 Joven POWESHIEKCOUNTY ‘THE STATE OF IOWA Agancy Case Number SO120180204 ret Date 08/24/2018 OFFENDER RIVERA CRISTHIAN BANENA [acess ear fame Jaco No mea oo ace Eman oars996 MALE UNKNOWN -U HISPANIC ORIGIN-H ior rion Eyecoer ar came 06" 208s [BROWN -BRO lsuack-aux ‘OFFENSE Cy froz.2cnay IMURDER IN THE 1ST DEGREE aa E oa ca ee ee ee loner 13 HIGHWAYIROADVALLEY ert eseon 1900 BLOCK 386TH AVE aes lew Fame Papoose 1900 BLOCK s86TH AVE BROOKLYN a [szors saw ana Tee cinaen roan? [eaucibar or Lav Faye [UpperOue ange aden Tevecrtow Range [Upper Tie ange No lorenzo lornsote 1945 [zo:20 ‘STATUS OF OFFENDERJUVENILE. a oO a (Cian eves) [yp waar REUERTES Ty NegeNToRaeR Ty REEASEDTO NARRATIVE erate ot rence Conmea having malice forethought, wilfully, deliberately, and with premeditation kill Mole Cece Tibbetts. PineiAt POWESHIEK CNTY SHERFFS OFF